Colin B.
6 hours ago

So today is Google's 25th birthday. That translates in my mind to about 7 years of trying to not be evil, 10 years of pretending to not be evil, and 8 years of 'fuck it, we own you and the market both.'

#google #evil #bigbrother #littlebrother

Casper Weiss Bang
17 hours ago

On this #25thanniversary of #google I realize that google is just a 7 months older than I, and if something like that can grow from nothing to what it is today, I know that I can, even with my good intentions, turn into an #evil #dystopian #overlord.

1 day ago

Shadow Peach from The Thousand-Year Door

#MastoArt #princesspeach #evil #mario #papermario #fanart #videogame #anime

Fanart of Princess Peach being controlled by the Shadow Queen so she is going through her goth phase.
Steve Faulkner
1 day ago
3 children wearing crocheted face masks and clothes. All of them look evil 😈. The one on the left with the white mask looks like they have no head behind the mask.
Howard Abrams
2 days ago

@BigEatie @mitchmarq42xyz Have you found #evil lacking in this regards? I'm using straight to install my packages, but you can easily see how I use Evil and General to create a #vim -like environment within the #emacs infrastructure:

3 days ago

#HumanKindness #Evil #PeopleAreNotThings

If there is such a phenomenon as absolute evil, it consists in treating another human being as a thing. -John Brunner, novelist (24 Sep 1934-1995)

Sampath Pāṇini ®
3 days ago

The banality of #evil-related


The Homespun Days
3 days ago

Just resizing drive partitions using the gui Gparted today on this glorious Sunday. Accidentally made the new drive 666 GB. I'm going to leave it.

#church #evil #Daemon #Demon

R0B0 G0D
3 days ago

More fallout from the Unity debacle: the developers of the incredible Wipeout-in-everything-but-name racing game, BallisticNG, have made the tough decision to cancel their upcoming Switch version because Unity's new licensing, combined with Nintendo's requirements for Unity on the Switch mean they'd fall foul of the new ToS.

This also has a bearing on their current game as they're anticipating a 400% increase in licensing fees. Any new games will be built in other engines.

Just fucking shit all round, really. My enormous sympathies go out to the developers. BallisticNG is still selling for peanuts on Steam, as it always has, so if you haven't tried it now is a great time to show them some support.

#Gaming #Unity #Evil #BallisticNG #FuckUnity

4 days ago


more #evidence to #proof my statements.

situation: #leftist #looney tried to #weaponize her audience to #cancel mean #rightwing youtuber for hurting her #feelings.


#evil rightwing youtuber's conclusion:
fuck banning. let the #court of #public #opinion decide which one is more worthy of supporting.


Gregory B Sadler
4 days ago

Here's the last of the Sadler's Lectures podcast episodes on book 2 of Plato's Republic (for now). This one focuses on one of the most famous thought experiments, the Ring of Gyges
#Podcast #RingOfGyges #Plato #Philosophy #Power #Evil #Injustice #Ethics

5 days ago

Έχει ο #Θεός τη βούληση να εμποδίσει το #Κακό αλλά δεν μπορεί; Άρα δεν είναι #Παντοδύναμος. Μπορεί αλλά δε θέλει; Τότε δεν είναι #Πανάγαθος. Έχει τόσο τη βούληση, όσο και τη δύναμη να το εμποδίσει; Τότε από πού προέρχεται το Κακό; Δεν έχει ούτε τη βούληση ούτε τη δύναμη; Τότε γιατί τον λέμε Θεό;

Επίκουρος, 341-270 π.Χ., Αρχαίος φιλόσοφος —

#Epicurus #Επίκουρος #god #evil #religion #θρησκεία

Hmm too hard to blame myself... I know, it's not my fault, it's the fault of the #evil!

#Abrahamic #society #dichotomy

The Warlock
6 days ago

@bstrange I know what you mean. My wife has no idea how I can possibly listen to something like Mercyful Fate while I'm falling asleep (I have a nightmask / headphone combo that is AWESOME!). She listens to waterfalls... not my cup of tea unless they are on fire!

#Occult #Darkness #MercyfulFate #BlackMetal #DoomMetal #Evil #IMightNeedHelp

The album Don't Break The Oath by the band Mercyful Fate.
Jonathan Mesiano-Crookston
6 days ago

No. You're an idiot and this is not what to say right now.

"But I think that somebody who’s working and busy and engaged at 92 is a great message for all older Australians actually.

“We used to step away and think we had to not be involved in the workplace or the workforce after 65, as I was growing up.” "

#Murdoch #evil #NotHelping #Disinformation

6 days ago
Surveillance is #evil
1 week ago

It's not really ironic, because #homophobia is objectively #evil.

John Linton Roberson
1 week ago

We are in, and have been some time, an #AgeofImpunity. Normally revolutions follow such periods. I don't think that would help in our case (here, in such a situation the right wing would clearly win and a lot of people would die) so I guess we're trapped #elonmusk #evil

1 week ago

#Evil cannot be trusted. Ask #Prigozhin if one bets on #Putin’s promises,” #Zelensky said….

He sought to connect global #FoodShortages & rising #energy prices to #Russia’s aggression against his country, drawing a link between the conflict & some of the problems that leaders of less wealthy nations say are being ignored as the #UnitedStates & #Europe focus on dealing w/the conflict.

WIST Quotations
1 week ago

A quotation from Euripides:

Doth any man assert that there are Gods
In Heaven? I answer there are none: let him
Who contradicts me like a fool, no longer
Quote ancient fables; but observe the fact,
Nor to my words give credence. Kings, I say.
Kill many, but rob more of their possessions.
And violating every sacred oath,
Lay waste whole cities; yet, tho’ they act thus…

Full quote, sourcing, notes:

#quote #quotes #quotation #atheism #evil #theodicy #problemofevil

Howard Abrams
1 week ago

@xenodium I've been using #evil Surround for this feature. Quite useful.

Per an article in the NYT, the aggregate debt of developing nations is about $200 billion. Elon Musk could pay off that debt and still be worth $69 billion. (Musk's net worth is a range, depending on source and calculation. I used the Forbes number that appeared at the top of my Google search.)

#Musk #Poverty #IncomeInequality #greed #Disgusting #criminal #evil #perspective #scale

People are talking about #ai right now. Rightly so. It's a powerful #technology that has already brought new paradigm shifts to #humanity

While it offers amazing benefits, it can also be used for #evil - economically, politically, and artistically.

Add in dangers to our #privacy and #security and you've got all the makings of #tech that can scare the world.

I don't think you should be scared: you should get educated and take action.

May I suggest you start here:

Kevin Russell
2 weeks ago


So the new far right game is get your villains found not guilty at your arranged show trial for evil. Lets call it being Muellered

Paxton has been Muellered. Now he has super power to be evil, approved by Republicans evil. Like Trump was Muellered.

Trump rode being Muellered till Jan 6th.

No one could understand why the evil AG was being put on trial by fellow republicans, now we know why, to hang a sash on his chest, "innocent despite evidence"

#Evil #gop

#Security (data branchs and how to secure your data)
Data cannot be secure, if you share it.
If you don't share any information,
about you and don't leave your house,
You are almost secure.. from what.. tell me, from what?
#Evil Intentions, the root of all #religions principles.
So, since we live in a world that we share information,
we know that any kind of information can be used for any kind of intention.
If there is no "evil" intention, data can flow without being secure,
And all security repositories and articles, always share the evil approachs,
while mostly they hide the "angelic" approach. (defensive)
Like the Military problem without computers, is in where they are focused in. (main gold)
Military like to control, while they find problems in every road. Is their skill, their intention.
They focus on the probability and therefor they find it in Time. (dream high)
When someone cannot find what he/she is looking for, they try to create the condition in reality.
Therefor, most countries in the world, train the persons who are against them (mostly)
Since most countries are "stoped in time" in the techniques they use, to teach or reach. (the gold)
No, I am not military and I didn't had a second experience about it, but I can imagine it,
using what I already know, by what I can see and read.
So, if I say stupid things, I have that right, because I don't know!! #logic
So, if you know the main intention to use military actions and you do stupid things, you shouldn't! Logic
They are like "bad lovers",
always fighting to own what is from all. They forget that, we can only possess our own life in Time. Stay in your countries. Fight against your self, while educating..
so better to not fight against! ;)
if you wish to educate, and guarantee they will stay. Prisonairs can learn, they are not stupid.
Like Bart from Simsons, he need to repeat the lesson he need to fix, several times, until the information is saved in memory.
Then, memory is what control actions. For that you don't need, guns and any kind of military intention. Only self control.
Isn't what you dont' speak? I think everything is very secure, while I see the source of insecurity in the security subject.
Now that you have so much control of everything, we can choose some deserts in mexico for example, so you only soldiers fight against each others.
No civilian there, and maybe all soldiers can have a lucky moment to see ETs ( all at the same Time )
Which event, would create union between all, and #war would be forgotten.
But since you like to report all, Roman inspirations see that super fair as a #justice approach. Full of Ethics and Moral values. A demonstration where warriors fight only other warriors who wish to fight. Same intention, same objective, excluding everyone else. Perfect! #Russia #China #USA #Ukraine #palestine #israel
Needed to all kind of societies in the #world.
The security path in the red team way, is like a life that knowns and talk with the "criminal" ones,
They use #tools to #exploit, "criminals" use them too. But the funny part is:
both do the "criminal" action, so both are "criminal".
While developing new tools and share them publicly, can be even more "criminal".
I am not sure if "criminal" groups who have real #weapons, did knew how to build them from scratch,
So guess who gave them those :) .. or sell, it doesn't matter.
But the #truth is, that each need to feed their own illusion, to create what they wish, in reality.
Considering using a term that every children like: #Fantasy
Monkey Fantasy aims to create good mood to all, not to fight against anyone. Sometimes I think that, it looks that many others, deny that possiblity, so yeah, that will never be possible, because many deny that possibility. Which is #funny!
- #monkey #music

2 weeks ago

Y'all... Somebody tell Luke Sywalker... Mark Hamill...

It's our Patriotic Duty... And high time...

To Blow Up The Death Star Twitter X...

Along with the Evil Empire of Elon Musk...Elon Skum...

It's time to burn Anti-American Anti-Ukraine Pro-Putin Pro-Apartheid MAGA NAZI Elon Musk and all his financial assets to the ground...

And just sit back and watch it all burn....

With smiles on our faces...

And our Love of Democracy and our Constitutional Democratic Republic forever burning in our hearts....

Burn Baby Burn!!!

#MarkHamill #LukeSkywalker #Twitter #X #ElonMusk #Musk #ElonSkum #Skum #Evil #Empire #EvilEmpire #DeathStar #BoycottTwitter #BoycottElonMusk #BoycottX #BoycottMusk #BurnBabyBurn

Y'all... Somebody tell Luke Sywalker... Mark Hamill...

It's our Patriotic Duty... And high time...

To burn down twitter x...

Along with the Evil Empire of Elon Musk...Elon Skum...

It's time to burn Anti-American Anti-Ukraine Pro-Putin Pro-Apartheid MAGA NAZI Elon Musk and all his financial assets to the ground...

And just sit back and watch it all burn....

With smiles on our faces...

And our Love of Democracy and our Constitutional Democratic Republic forever burning in our hearts....

Burn Baby Burn!!!

#MarkHamill #LukeSkywalker #Twitter #X #ElonMusk #Musk #ElonSkum #Skum #Evil #Empire #EvilEmpire #BoycottTwitter #BoycottElonMusk #BoycottX #BoycottMusk #BurnBabyBurn

2 weeks ago

I believe this recipe is my greatest culinary creation, and quite possibly my greatest gift to mankind.

#cheese #CheeseSauce #recipe #evil

Yisrael Dov :emacs: :nixos:
2 weeks ago

so I installed #DoomEmacs on my work machine, disabled #evil and it works pretty well, lots of sane defaults. I still don't like that I can't `C-x e` on a config line and get it live, but the `restart-reload` command is pretty convenient. I think I could recommend it for someone who doesn't want to muss to much with their #emacs config, but only on the condition that you disable evil.

#Quote of the #day


I am the #Spirit that #denies
And #justly so: for all #things from the #Void
Called #forth deserve to be #destroyed
'#Twere better, then, were #naught #created
#thus all which you as #Sin have #rated
#Destruction,—#aught with #Evil #blent,—
That is my proper #element "

@izaya "Everything that doesn't maximize suffering of #WageWorkers and marginalized people for the profite of #AmericanOligarchy is #Communism and thus #Evil"

- A guide to U.S. politricks!

2 weeks ago

You know you want to... 😼

Commission I got from of a cat girl trying to corrupt you into doing naughty things and going full Dorner. Plus a version I colored~

#cub #female #feline #cat #horns #multinipples #nibbles #swimsuit #evil #devil #pitchfork

3 weeks ago


OR, disable Google's new anti-user features following these instructions here:


#Google #evil #Chrome #antiuser #ads #advertising #platform

4 weeks ago

Here's my understanding of #Christian theodicies.
1. Free Will: Humans with free will do evil and/or cause suffering.
2. Justice: Evil humans deserve to suffer.
3. Broken World: As a result of free will(Adam & Eve), creation is broken and produces evil and suffering.
4. Utilitarian: Suffering has a purpose (to draw us near to God, to not do that thing, or Joseph taking one for the team).
5. Irenaean: Evil/Suffering exists as a contrast to reveal God to us.
6. Mystery: Some suffering we'll never know
#Theodicy #Evil #Suffering #Pain #Religion

I solved a cool #Emacs problem today. I have a feed in my #Elfeed feed reader, where for what I suppose is some sort of anti-SEO motivation the titles are littered with cyrillic and greek characters. I want to be able to search this text, so some sort of transformation is necessary! The string replacement part of this is uninteresting, but how do I quickly find all of these non-latin characters quickly so I can map them?

1. Use highlight-regexp to find the feeds with non-latin characters
2. Paste them into a scratch buffer and ran replace-regexp to be left with only non-latin characters.
3. Use a macro to split each character linewise
4. I ran sort the #Vim / #Evil way with :sort u.

Job done!

@Tinu They are #PRISM collaborators and thus are #irredeemable - level of #evil!

#AllGAFAMsAreBad #AllGAFAMsAreEvil

1 month ago

@ellane @briandesmond

Thanks for checking in! There are some things that I don't think #obsidian can do as well, and maybe won't ever.

- working with embedded source code (#org-babel) and data (json).
- spitting out customized #LaTeX and creating a PDF on the fly.
- TABLES. I use lots of tables in #orgmode just because it's so easy to do.
- Navigating the page. I use #evil mode because I used #vim a lot for a decade. This is a killer feature.

woodrat :successKid:
1 month ago

@rlux it's really just the same ol' bifurcated #Abrahamic #karma, ain't it ...? 😉️ ...but projected differently

#good vs #evil
#democracy #ThirdOption #WeNeedANewStory

@rail personally, I'd rather block #Chrome but then again I hate #DRM and don't want to weaponize it for #ads but rather inform people that #Google is, in fact, #evil!

I wished @BNetzA and @verbraucherzentrale would aggressively go after sites violating #NetNeutrality :loading: and doing #discrimination against users for using specific (still maintained!*) #WebBrowser|s.

[*Otherwise they'd force #WebDesigner|s to still support #InternetExplorer 6 / #IE6 aka. "#InternetExploder" to this day…]

This post is the repetition of my #introduction. First of all. You can ignore all other accounts, since this one give me everything I want.
Sometimes if not, many times, I like to write a lot, trying to explain few little things of reality, using words.
Reality is so beauty that we can only #enjoy it, because we know how #complex is each #fragment of #simplicity. The #key is always in our #ability to #imagine.
The focused subject is as well what create the necessary #tools to #find the expression of it in #reality.
Is curious that subjectivity is for each self, objectivation of reality, which makes things more #funny. The #Solipsism is the condition.
Is like to #imagine that we are #Universes and there is no other thing that can deny your absolute notion of reality.
When I #follow you, it mean I may like the content that you share, but when I interact with it, is where I wish to learn more and create a possible and natural conversation, where two persons try to explain their own interpretation about the subject in causa, so that condition, #lead both persons to #grow. Is the #psychologic aspect of those who #dream, which if you think, even #dogs or #cats do. :D
Thank You #GOD to giving #CONSCIENCE to all simples animals that doesn't #TALK or #READ text, but I am not sure about the #Free will of #Choice that you gave to human kind, while I cannot deny about mine. In fact I cannot deny yours, which is the condition that declare solipsism a false theory. But is #true at the same Time. And all of it is only #data (objects and functions) that are in #memory.
#Theories are like myth's and illusions.. which is our inability to intercept correctly, reality.
Ah, I had other account here in this #mastodon #instance, but I got a strike for giving tips to someone to hack reality. Sometimes, those reactions, lead me to think that no one like to have new suggestions to learn how to deal with reality, which is #strange.. and not.. we go again to our eternal positive and negative condition when dealing with reality, which is solipsism..
I like what is possibly #True. But When I do, I try to care it. Is like trying to care flowers to make them grow #stronger. They will be like many others, but better in upgrading their personal #skills.
Even then, we always need to point into some direction, which includes #intentions. I think reality is fine as it is, but you know, I am just a #Monkey and I like to imagine a better world. That world can be only possible if others agree with it. I don't care who you are, what cultural base you have. You will be persons for all eternity. People have the ability to create what ever they wish to. So, I join this instance because in fact give me everything I need to possess to feel #good. I can write a lot :D Monkey #style. I can explain.. GOOD !!!
Sometimes I have this style, which can be a bit provocative, but what can I do, if not, being my self even if here, I am nothing more than simple text. I am nothing.. I am just data.. only useful if you wish to do something with it. But that is not me, just the data that is here, #impressed in #electrical #signals that our #brain can #process, like #machines do. As you can see.. I am nothing than #text. So since text is data and data can be organized in #onjects and with them we can create #functions, I always like to tag everyone is the #world and talk about #education approaches.
A #lamp is only a #lamp .. if I am the expression of #Yang.. is only light. #Music is #light for my #mind. I don't know about you but I always like to think about #China.
I have a crazy illusion that I have the #mission to talk with the #Dragon. Some #old knowledge says he will help me to dream in a safer way. But I cannot prove that, because that is my illusion. In my illusion, there is the other side of the coin, which is the #Tiger. Even if the Tiger can be good, like all cats, they have that skill that prove to be #brave, while sometimes, #evil.
Dragon have different approachs, and normally, dragons are more respectful, while abcessive with perfectionism. I don't know the Dragon or the Tiger, but here I am talking to them. #USA #ASIA #AFRICA #EUROPE #INDIA #RUSSIA #AMERICA #Galaxy
I am just a peaceful monkey that likes to write and produce music and nothing more.. is what #develpers or #educators do, most of the #Time.. even #Scientists, #jornalists, etc...
But you know.. I am in this shell of Time, that can repeat it self, every time that the conditions to happen are true in reality, else they couldn't happen. :D #activism or #artivism is what some call.. I don't know.. but #rationaliy is in my way of being the self.. that is why I need to give a plent of congratulations to Jerry.
I can dive into the Scientific research that is based mainly in #documents, created by "us". :D ..
I think "God" did like me, but I don't understand why. I cannot explain how thankful I am, but you know, he gave me this mission where an #Eternal #license needs to be accomplished and here, with you, we can solve many problems together.
Is what #technology is doing for years, but we need to focus technology to something good and #healthier for all. #Japan try that, putiing robos as workers. That is good. They have a lot of others #crazy things.. good imagination with #math .. what they cannot ? but hey, USA or SouthAfrica is the same. is Knowledge in the brain. :D
#dance and #enjoy #life and #leave all things that create bad #moods. I like #animals too. all kind. I like #Linux. #Terminal with #Black background, where I can write something and create light, even if doing something wrong. :D

1 month ago

A new Google evil: YouTube no longer presents a selection of things you might be interested in unless you activate your History setting.
I have never had the History setting on, and that never prevented them from serving suggestions. If you want to have a personalised experience they want to record your every move. If you don't, you have to curate your own experience all by hand.

Most people will just click on the one big button presented on scren.

#YouTube #Google #Evil

1 month ago

Fucking DINOs.
If democracy goes down next year, it will largely be on them.
#evil #PureEvil

Joe Manchin eyeing Kristin Sinema's ass, captioned Manchin: I'd hit that. Sinema: I'd let you.
The Warlock
1 month ago

@elaine Hmmm... I don't see sacrificing virgins on the list. I guess I'm OK then!

#Pagan #Witchcraft #Warlock #Evil #666 #Satan #Devil

Meme of an old man. Caption reads "Back in my day, we fought climate change by sacrificing virgins to the sky gods."
Vito C.
1 month ago

Einen wunderschönen Sonntag wünscht Euch dieser freundliche Rockmusiker… 😅😁😇😉

Pics.: @cynthia_sharpshooter

#guitarface #guitaristsface #musiciansface #grimace #evil #bad #böse #grimmig #grimasse #gibsonflyingv #guitarist #longhairedguitarist #jbolive #livepic #concertphotography #jboonstage #vitoc

2 months ago

I don't.
I think that there're varying degrees of humanity and self interest that can be measured in an X axis that looks a lot like #Empathy ranging from none to consuming. The problem with labeling things as #Evil (way on the None side) is that there are pathologies that make it possible to do things that are on the None side, #Sociopathy is one and #Narcissism is another.

I hypothesize that most humans can't go all the way to None without causing injury to themselves. #LtCalley

Danny Boling 🌈 ☮️
2 months ago

"The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men."
-- Plato

man, I wish I could get more people to understand that. 😒

#Politics #Apathy #Evil #Plato


Yet another reason why for #profit health care is #evil

Paolo Redaelli
2 months ago

Has #Google realized that they have been too blatantly and manifestly #evil recently?😈

2 months ago

#Google (の中の人たち)も #Evil な雰囲気になったな…(昔にくらべて


"Users want to know they are interacting with real people on social websites..."

"Users playing a game on a website want to know whether other players are using software that enforces the game's rules. ..."

"Users sometimes get tricked into installing malicious software that imitates software like their banking apps..."

These are not the for the browser to decide, they are the websites' moderation and security responsibilities.

#Google #Chrome #Software #Evil

2 months ago

Revealed: How major US banks are funding anti-LGBTIQ groups

Goldman Sachs and Bank of America foundations gave over $600,000 to ultraconservative groups fighting to roll back civil rights for the queer community worldwide.

#fascism #fundingfascism #followthemoney #LGBTIQ #humanrightsviolators #evil

3 months ago

@ItsGregory @stux I remember the first #IRC split in 1990; #Eris was the #evil #server then. Next #Undernet split off, then #BT & #Europe split from the #USA in 1996.

There are always baddies, but they don't always turn out to be too dangerous when they're behind decent fences and #Policy.

That being said, #Microsoft #Comic #Chat was pretty dire! Not because MS was evil like #Meta #Threads but because the product was so crap, and they used a completely different protocol on #public #channels.

3 months ago

Ever thought of working for Elon Musk?
#Evil #Ideas

3 months ago

So many people have made so much $$$$ terrifying American parents.

Our society is now crippled by fear, despite the fact that crime is at 50 year lows, and our kids have never been safer.

#Evil #FearMongering #Hansen #ChrisHansen #Terror #Terrorism #Crime #Rape #Fear #Murder

3 months ago

@MarkRuffalo Stephen Miller also said he wants to “gas Hispanics like Hitler gassed the Jews”. What is he doing now? Investing in freight trains?

#hispanic #jews #holocaust #hatred #racism #evil #stephenmiller #murder #genocide #america #insanity #drones #immigrants #refugees #gop #republicans #rondesantis #border #florida #trump #texas

Anders Borch
4 months ago

CEOs of insurance companies should be fined $10m personally every time a customer files a complaint.

Sitting here unable to get the money I am owed is super frustrating.

#BigCo #insurance #evil

Antti Peltola
4 months ago

It probably comes down to accepting #SocialMedia being a crap show and selecting the lesser #Evil.

#Mastodon #Bluesky #Twitter

Gigi 🥚
4 months ago

Yesterday in The Guardian:

As a child, Mike Africa was a regular visitor to this row house on the west side of Philadelphia, spending time with his great-aunt and uncle, cousins and friends – all members of Philadelphia’s Black liberation group known as Move. He remembers gathering with the other kids on the roof of 6221 Osage Avenue, eating fruit as the sun went down.

It was on that same roof, 38 years ago on Saturday, that one of the worst incidents in America’s long history of racial atrocities was perpetrated. At 5.27pm on 13 May 1985, a state helicopter commissioned by Philadelphia police flew low over the property and dropped a bomb made of C-4 plastic explosives directly on to it.

The device ignited a fire that turned into an inferno that was then notoriously allowed to burn by Philadelphia authorities intent on driving the Black radical organization out of the city. Eleven people trapped inside the Move house at 6221 Osage Avenue died in the conflagration.

#MOVEbombing #evil #PoliceDontKeepUsSafe #BlackHistory

Screenshot of a news article, headline reads:


He was six when police attacked Philadelphia’s Black liberation group – now he’s making a memorial

🧚‍♀️ Artist: #NEAL in City: #Hamburg Germany 🇩🇪 - Title: "This World is fucking evil" - #Art #Streetart #Mastoart #Mural #StencilArt #Artwork #Evil #Fee #Fairy #GoodMorning ! ☕🥐

Streetartwall. On a beige street wall next to a scrawled door is a small stencil of a Fairy, sprayed in black and white. She flutters around with a short dress and wings and looks at a lettering that is right next to it. In block letters it says: "This World is fucking evil".
5 months ago

Just #recently I've seen #people #claim that #PoleDancing is not #sexual. #Twerking too. #Kissing?

and the #simple #fact is, that it doesn't matter.

There is #nothing #evil about #sexuality.

It's ok that #BarbieDolls have #boobs.

5 months ago

So many people have made so much $$$$ terrifying American parents.

Our society is now crippled by fear, despite the fact that crime is at 50 year lows, and our kids have never been safer.

#Evil #FearMongering #Hansen #ChrisHansen #Terror #Terrorism #Crime #Rape #Fear #Murder

WIST Quotations
5 months ago

A quotation from Lincoln, Abraham:

The true rule, in determining to embrace, or reject any thing, is not whether it have any evil in it; but whether it have more of evil, than of good. There are few things wholly evil, or wholly good. Almost every thing, especially of governmental policy, is an inseparable compound of the two; so that our best judgment of …

Full quote, sourcing, notes:

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What always bothered me about James Bond movie villains was that they delighted in being #evil. They explicitly chose to be evil, announced it, bragged about just how evil they were.

I don't know who said it, but I read someone once "Everyone is the #hero in their own story". The people doing evil, from their own POV, are doing #good, for the good of the world.

See: missionaries, moral crusaders, drug laws, politicians.

#007 would be very different if this was followed.

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Only for spineless fools - [the proverbial] you must do what's best and works for you, and to hell with #miscreants shaming you... Just block them forever. They're not your friends and they never will be and they've proven their insignificance with threats.

I'm a big fan of #Elon - he's a great guy, but I still want #Twitter to die. Disenfranchising hard working people from their market is not the way and pressuring them to do so is pure #evil.

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Don't amplify the bullshit of the professional liars on #FoxNews. Just don't. People like Tucker and Hannity will inevitably go down in history as enablers of great evil. They're just trying to buy time until future generations are shitting on their graves. #crime #politics #Trump #evil

@peculiarjulia Thank you for your thoughtful response. It made me think.

I'd say evil is not just a verb[, evil] 's a choice.

Emphasis mine. By "verb," I mean evil is expressed by individuals through their actions. "Choice" implies reasons to take action, and that's tied up with culture and quite a bit more. You've given me the opportunity to address that. What follows, I think, is important for #writers and #authors of #fiction as well as #nonfiction. It may be philosophically relevant.

CW: TL;DR, relative evil, cultural evil.

Before I start, I will self-identify as a cultural relativist. I've studied non-western cultures, and have visited and lived outside my parent western culture. Most individuals in a culture see theirs as right, good and moral, some even as the best—assuming they have anything to compare to and have the inclination to make that comparison. With training, I can put aside my cultural biases and understand (to an extent) how other people feel about their own culture.

The actions we take are predicated on many things, but let me list three: Inculturation, experience, and held principles.

Everyone is taught what's right and wrong for their culture. One's experiences, good or bad, including peer pressure, determine how you implement what you are taught. Last, you form principles that conform or conflict with your culture or peer pressure, and act on them.

So, do you wear male or female clothes?

What clothing you wear is profoundly influenced by your culture. Think kimonos and sari, business suits and red dresses. Clothing is an identity as well as armor. It's also gender affirming.

In the news as I write this, in some places in the US, if the clothes you wear do not conform to a cultural norm, people in that culture are willing to label you as evil. Excuse the reductionism here, but I'm making a point that you can expand.

Think about what it would feel like wearing the clothing of the opposite sex. Think about performing your daily routine, work, shopping, socializing, dressed that way. Take it one further, what about not wearing any clothing?

What you would feel doing as I asked is the effect of your inculturation. At its core, inculturation is programming to force you to conform to cultural standards. Repeated exposure to cultural dissonance (what you feel violating the norm) can lessen the effect of what you feel, even allow you to feel no effect. It could become a principle that anyone can wear whatever they want, if you go that far. Further, if you choose to accept the principle, to ignore your inculturation, much of the negativity you feel ignoring your inculturation disappears. Note, this could leave you labeled as perverted or immoral or a criminal.

We live in a society with lots of subcultures (assuming, for the moment, the US). From our own subcultural perspective, other subcultures can seem anything from ridiculous to evil. Again, reductionism—I'd do better given days to think this essay through.

The truth about inculturation is that it exists to allow us to act without thinking about it.


This is necessary. It allows people to predict the actions of people they don't know and those they do know. It allows people work in harmony with often similar goals through shared agreed upon principles. It allows us to recognize us and differentiate from them.

The not thinking part is significant. Not having to think negates choice, or the need for it.

So... is evil a choice?

No sane person goes outside saying to themself, "I will perform evil today." (They may recognize that they are doing so, but that's a different topic.) They go outside and do something their culture says is appropriate. Whether another culture, or person, considers this action evil is a relative thing.

At one time it was culturally appropriate to own a slave. Actually considering the implications of this statement from an historical, modern, and culturally relative perspective will likely break your head. It is sobering to realize that slavery still exists:

The complexity here is enormous. As a novelist giving advice for authors, keep in mind the concept that evil is complex. I advise you not to minimize. Exploit these perspectives to make your reader think about their own biases, and whether they perform evil themselves.This is the function of literature.

When people act evil or do evil things, they don't do it in a vacuum.

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#WritingWonders 3.28 — Does your antagonist have any redeemable qualities? My characters are rather complicated. For reference, read my essay on writing about evil:

Rainy Days, my antagonist, simply wanted to find her #autistic brother Harvest Days a job performing miracles. Born a hundred years after the destruction of human civilization—at a time when all knowledge was stored electronically and consequently lost—she was raised in a xenophobic society of post-humans where women were isolated from men, except from their father, brother, or husband, covered in public, and considered baby-making machines. She only consented to learn to read because she had to teach her brother. After she discovers how to perform the ultimate miracle, while trying to support her brother, a man schemes to the point where she has the choice of marrying him, becoming his slave, or being executed. She escapes with her brother and an adopted sibling, then spends the next years of her life destroying what little remains of our history, gaining absolute power, and wiping out the last dregs of patriarchy by any means necessary. How she became immortal (but not invulnerable) is another story, but her one and only goal is to keep a re-engineered humanity alive on a vastly altered, very hot earth.

My MC considers Rainy Days her enemy. Rainy Days, the "Director of Home," is responsible for her parents' death (sent them on a mission from which they never returned) and has done everything to hone my MC into a very sharp tool for purposes unknown. She's convinced that Rainy Days is evil, though she knows none of the above history because Rainy Days, the victor, has written history to suit her purposes. She would be happy to see Rainy Days dead and might be the one to see that happen. She does not under stand that the ultimate miracle is what prevents humanity from going extinct, nor that Rainy Days is the only one who knows how to perform it.

So, what's the definition of evil, again?

[Hmmm. This might work as a jacket blurb, but it is a bit long... -RS]

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My weekly #SundaySermon from a #ScientificRationalist perspective -- aka -- a #Religious #Rant #thread

Were I to believe in a #devil, I'd venture a guess that it's a #white, #male, #christian #sociopath whose #hunger for #power knows no bounds.

And based on my #survey of the #demographic #landscape, he's winning the #battle between #good and #evil hands down.

Consider: a recent PRRI survey still finds that 71% of #americans identify as christian. Make no mistake, #christianity is evil on multiple levels. My #argument follows

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@reconbot @thomasfuchs Yes and the conservative solution to that is to weaken child labor laws. #evil