4 weeks ago

#excalidraw is really cool.
I saw someone use it and though I might give it a try expecting to have to jump through some hoops.
But I go to the website and no signup, no subscription, no email, no bullshit, just "here is your canvas, have fun". I was in awe

Black Mercury
1 month ago

I’ve recently started using an #iPad and #ApplePencil along with #Excalidraw to quickly prototype apps. So far it’s working well and suits my workflow.

Using a matte screen protector (Bellemond) really helps the feel of the pencil on the screen.

Mark Albers
2 months ago

Die Idee ist sicher nicht neu und daher hoffe ich auf Erfahrungswerte aus dem #fedilz

Zum kooperativen Lernen und/oder Bereitstellen von Tafelbildern lässt sich #excalidraw in #moodle einbinden. Meine ersten Versuche waren sehr vielversprechend.

Wer hat schon Fehler gemacht, die ich nicht wiederholen muss oder Tipps, die ich bedenken kann?

Freue mich über jeden Hinweis, Link, …

Matthew Skelton
2 months ago

Thanks to @sarahjwells for shape templates for Excalidraw for the @TeamTopologies modeling shapes 🙏

#TeamTopologies #Excalidraw

This short demo shows how to use RemarkPy with #excalidraw.

Pour les utilisateurs de #whiteboard, est-ce que vous avez testé Excalidraw ?
Je l'utilise pour remplacer #Miro (qui deviendra un jour un outil avec un modèle pourri ou rempli d'IA)
#Excalidraw est open source et qu'il est possible de l'installer localement, c'est une grosse différence. L'équipe est en Europe aussi. Je vous partagerai mes retours prochainement, si vous l'utilisez je suis intéressé d'en discuter.

Caitlin Rowley
2 months ago

This #ProceduralBlending diagram for Haydn Space Opera is beginning to terrify me - & it seems it's beginning to terrify #excalidraw too because when I save, some of the longer arrows bounce back on themselves & stop being attached to where they should be - anyone else found this/found a fix for this? (possible solution: don't make your diagram so damn enormous, I know). So much clarity going on here though... #PracticeAsResearch #PracticeBasedResearch #obsidianMD #ArtisticResearch #phdlife

A complex swirling diagram of coloured shapes and flowing lines. We can't read the text because it's so tiny (the original was 8 times this size) but we can note many curving blue-green lines going from the left side of the diagram to the right - this represents the direct use of documentation from the start of the project in the final form of the piece - no documentation from the later stages of the work has yet been used directly - something I need to address!
Caitlin Rowley
2 months ago

Just discovered #excalidraw in #obsidian and O...M...G. Currently using it for my early explorations using Iris Garrelfs' Procedural Blending to dig into how Haydn Space Opera came together. Amazing. It's a complicated piece to grasp all the bits of (& this isn't complete yet) - finding PB VERY helpful & loving being able to develop the diagram & have that embedded in & linking to my notes. (apologies to Iris for any PB errors here - early days yet, still working out the nuances) #phdlife

A multicoloured diagram showing various ovals, rectangles and lozenge shapes connected together with arrows. The style has a hand-drawn look. Some items are designated i/p (inputs), some are BN (blend nodes) and some are o/p (outputs). Different colours designate people (mauve), places (pale orange), portable studio locations (green) and icons allow for quick recognition of whether documentation was as audio or video. Two photographs at the top left remind me of the specific ideas sourced from an exhibition (Phyllida Barlow's cul de sac at the Royal Academy) which influenced this work.
Sebastian Voß
3 months ago

Immer wenn ich #excalidraw kollaborativ im Unterricht einsetze, beklagen sich einige SuS, dass ihre gerade erstellten Notizen oder die gesamte Fläche wieder gelöscht wurden. Von den Schülern will es keiner gewesen sein und da es wirklich jedes Mal auftritt, glaube ich ihnen so langsam. Hat da jemand Erfahrungen oder Tipps?

Uh, I guess I also should have used #excalidraw in my last toot. And mention @excalidraw as well.

Generally I can say I like the approach of the tool a lot and after a little bit of testing and doodling I also find the usability quite good, even on my fairphone.

And I think I'll try it out in one of my courses and will also report back on how well the sharing scaled. But I guess other people already tried that and might be able to share some insights.

Working on a virtual "play mat" and/or "scene HUD" (the pale, wordy one with big character portraits) for a hack of the #CortexPrime #TTRPG. It's part DM screen, part player cheatsheet, and part #VTT, all done in #Excalidraw and inspired by (the brooding "Sin City" one)!

Screenshot of Satchel's own Excalidraw scene HUD showing dice, character portraits, enemy pools, scene assets and a few player guides.
Screenshot of GhostlightRPGs "Future Reign: a Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game" twitch stream scene HUD showing dice, scene assets, and characters.
3 months ago

I love the interface of #excalidraw and the quality and look of drawings it produces. I don't love the hassle of file management with the free version, or paying $7/month to store graphs in their cloud. Are there any similarly straightforward #graph #drawing programs with better local storage? is great but not really the same.

Artem Anufrij
3 months ago

@macandi Ich bin ein großer Fan von Whiteboards. Egal ob digital oder analog. Derzeit nutze ich @excalidraw und bin sehr beeindruckt.


Artem Anufrij
3 months ago

@nextcloud @CollaboraOffice 👍
I hope that @excalidraw will work directly in #NextCloud some day 😌

#excalidraw #collabora

3 months ago

Was planning some stuff with for our #NoDeck program made in #GodotEngine today and wow does the start of some #Excalidraw #planning

Doesn't at all betray the crime scene evidence board it will become lol.

Btw, for anyone who doesn't know about, it's seriously worth checking out. Great free collaborative planning tool.


A gigantic crime scene evidence board esque planning page for NoDeck made in Excalidraw
A new very empty planning page for NoDeck made in Excalidraw.
3 months ago

Lastly I tried out #Excalidraw as a whiteboard to throw some pictures on in case I needed it. However as we ventured into a dungeon one of my players started using it as a mapping tool and it worked exceptionally well. The other players chimed in and collectively filled out the dungeon as they delved deeper and really helped with the engagement plus it really looks pretty good

Will McGugan
4 months ago

Been creating diagrams with #excalidraw today.

This one depicts the relationship of virtual size and scroll offset in #Textual


4 months ago

#excalidraw needs a 'reset scale' button which takes everything and makes it fit into your screen at once at 100% or something

4 months ago

Salut les libristes de l'ESR !
Si vous cherchez une instance de l'excellent #Excalidraw — du dessin dans le navigateur orienté schéma « fait main » — totalement hébergée en université, avec le mode multijoueurs, il y a la nôtre :
(Serveur modeste, pas de persistance réelle des données).

Faites nous savoir si ça vous plairait qu'on y mette plus de moyens ! #ESR

Capture d'écran d'un séance collaborative de dessin sur l'instance
4 months ago

Notre comité stratégique d'hier portait sur les #logicielslibres. Nous l'avons tenu dans un #BigBlueButton puis nous avons migré sur un #WorkAdventure pour travailler en petits groupes reconfigurables avec #Jitsi pour communiquer et #Excalidraw pour dessiner / poser des post-its. Ça fonctionne !

Et un grand merci à @CodeGouvFr pour sa participation !

Capture d'écran du replay BiBlueButton avec le chat et un partage d'écran d'une fenêtre de navigateur ouverte sur une salle workadventure (un terrain de jeu 2D en vue du dessus) contenant deux cadres (i-frames), un avec une visio sous Jisti et l'autre ouvert sur une page Excalidraw qui permet de dessiner à plusieurs.
Artem Anufrij
4 months ago

@thelinuxexperiment it would be great to have #excalidraw support directly in #nextcloud 👍


Equipo Nibö :niboe:
4 months ago

Ahora puedes hacer usar nuestra instalación de #Excalidraw para tus tormentas de ideas o diagramas 🟪 🟢 🔶

Código abierto

Disponible en

Captura de pantalla de Excalidraw donde se ven distintas figuras conectadas por flechas. En las figuras se leen:, organizar, compartir, colaborar.
dodothedev :arch_linux:
4 months ago

I'm working hard today (or should that be "hardly working"?) On working out the steps my JS needs to cover on my newest #scrimba solo project. I'm making a flowchart in #Obsidian via #Excalidraw, and I'm loving it.

But am I procrastinating, or doing the work? Meh, bit of both maybe.

#webdev #CodeNewbie #learninginpublic

the magnificent rhys
4 months ago

I love my current desk set up. Combating my hand and wrist pain with the Lily58 split #MechanicalKeyboard, while using the Wacom Intuos to improve my workshop calls (by sharing screen while drawing in #Excalidraw's #Obsidian plugin).

My typing speed with the split keyboard is nearly proficient now after going from basically being unable to type at pace at all.

My one frustration left is that the Teams app for Linux doesn't seem to be able to do screensharing in #Wayland, so I'm stuck using the webapp in Firefox (which has its own quirks). I *think* this is probably fixable by getting Electron to work with WebRTC and Pipewire, but I haven't dived in yet.

A photo of my desk, featuring a Wacom Intuos graphics tablet between two halves of a Lily58 split keyboard with the Vilebloom DSA keycap set.  A cup of black coffee, a Fuji X100V, and a Stream Deck are also visible.

I spent some hours working on a diagram in #ExcaliDraw in #Obsidian & suddenly when working on it, it just disappeared & ctrl+z had no effect. It was totally gone 😱😱😱😭
Luckily, I had created a copy about an hour beforehand as I wasn't sure I was happy with the new direction, so I was able to save something, but there was a lot I had to redo & it has made me VERY nervous to rely on it again.
A little Googling said it could be because I removed the date stamp from the title of the Excalidraw this a possible cause?
Anyone know any other reason for this??

#Excalidraw is a #VectorGraphics #Collaborative whiteboard tool that lets you easily #sketch diagrams that have a hand-drawn feel to them. It's not really #CAD but it's great at what it does.


Excalidraw screenshot
5 months ago

@tais_ei お返事が遅れました。情報を共有いただいてありがとうございます。バックリンクやアウトゴーイングリンクに表示されるようになると便利ですよね。

ただ、個人的には自分の知識ベースが #Obsidian に依存しすぎるのは避けたいので、できればMarkdownのノートリンクを拡張するような形で実装して欲しかったな……という思いがありますね。 #Excalidraw プラグインはそのような実装なので。

その意味ではおっしゃる通り、Graph の機能向上があるといいですよね。Juggl プラグインなどのようなイメージでしょうか。

5 months ago

First actual session of my new #UnboundRPG campaign went off wonderfully.

My Little Mermaid gang of ship thieves made the mistake of choosing a drug smuggling hub as their secret planning location, and were attacked by crazed pirates high on demonic ichor.

I used #ExcaliDraw instead of Miro for the first time, and Excalidraw was fantastic. The tactical side of the game was smooth as butter.

What a delight. Hat tip to the team at Rowan, Rook, and Decard for such a fantastic #TTRPG

5 months ago

The new whiteboard feature of #Logseq looks nice but it won’t be a replacement for the #Excalidraw integration, which is still very buggy that it is almost unusable. We really need a good way for quickly drawing some shapes with arrows and lines between them.

the magnificent rhys
5 months ago

So yeah, you were all right about #Obsidian.

I'd been putting off using it because I love #vim (specifically #NeoVim nowadays) and I live in my terminal (#kitty) so tend to avoid graphical apps for stuff like this when I can.

I don't have complete control of my work environment though, and now I'm reliant on a graphics tablet for diagramming I found the search for a cross #Linux/macOS app that works with local files difficult. Xournal++ looked like the best, but due to macOS's restrictions on signed apps and my corporate-managed device policies, I can't use it.

Obsidian with #Excalidraw is absolutely perfect though. Local filesystem for storage, everything in discrete, open-format files, and the Excalidraw plugin is just wonderful.

Lars Fengler
5 months ago

@Papeleo Ich bin bei Obsidian mit Excalidraw-Plugin. Funktioniert gut bei mir, ist plattformübergreifend und erlaubt auch Zusammenarbeit (Letztere nutze ich derzeit aber nur sporadisch.) Kostet nichts. #obsidian #excalidraw #FediLZ einfacher: #cryptpad

5 months ago

Just tried out #ExcaliDraw for the first time. In about half an hour I was able to bang out a perfect map for my #UnboundRPG campaign.

A couple hiccups but overall a much smoother experience than #Jamboard or #Miro.

5 months ago

@groak #obsidian for design, notes and task management with the Kanban plugin, and hopefully also replacing #miro for visual exploration now that it’s getting the Canvas plugin.

#excalidraw on desktop and #concepts on iPad for sketching and figuring out logic problems visually

Artem Anufrij
6 months ago

@excalidraw Love it 😍. Thank you for your work! I use a lot of arrows in my concepts...

#excalidraw #opensource

Artem Anufrij
6 months ago

I use @excalidraw for planing business tasks for my whole team and I love to work with this great app 👍. To have a function like auto save would help me a lot 😉!


Mark McElroy
6 months ago

@wimlepage @TfTHacker I'm still working that out. My current solution is to to do output the mind map as a PDF and place it in my #Obsidian attachments folder, and link to it as needed from there.

Some people prefer #Excalidraw for mind mapping within Obsidian, but I'm very attached to #MindNode for sentimental reasons. (I've used it a long time).

Anarchy How
6 months ago

#Obsidian and #Excalidraw make virtual whiteboards easy to prep and share.

Thinking up a character I'm playing in a Kids on Bikes one-shot. #excalidraw works well for marking up character sheet templates!

Character sheet for the roleplaying system "Kids on Bikes", pasted into Excalidraw and marked up there, then embedded into an Obsidian note.
Anarchy How
6 months ago

Reworking old lecture material and came across this old chart of "The Classic Gnostic Myth", abstracted from the Secret Book According to John.

Reworked in #excalidraw in #obsidian for future teaching use.

Now looking up and entering in the citation info that was hand-written back in 2009 and mostly survived the transmission process.

These things always remind me of the charts of my youth.

End times charts.

Had books of 'em.

re-creation of the chart mentioned
original chart from notes
End times chart
Jörg Kantel
6 months ago

Logseq: Pimp mein zweites Gehirn

Auf den Beitrag »Logseq, mein digitales, zweites Gehirn auf deutsch erklärt«, den ich zu Beginn der Woche veröffentlicht hatte, gab es einige Reaktionen und Ergänzungen. Zum einen war meine Vermutung richtig, daß die Tutorialreihe von GedankenBalance noch nicht abgeschlossen sei. Denn heute wurde das nächste Video hochgeladen: #Logseq #Zettelkasten #Mermaid #Excalidraw

Carlos Vidal
6 months ago

Customising #Excalidraw using #CodeSandbox for #iOS 🤓

#webdev #iosdev #iPad

A screenshot of CodeSandbox for iOS - a web development IDE for iPhone and iPad
6 months ago

@mguhlin @edutooters
Unfortunately nothing I could share without doxing myself!

I do have a recent #excalidraw diagram I made to try and work through a python database interface I've been working on recently though: Excalidraw is another excellent suggestion.

Olivier Martinez :grue:
6 months ago

Je découvre #excalidraw, il est génial cet outil. 😯

6 months ago

@logseq Is #Excalidraw in #Logseq supposed to have keyboard shortcuts?
Even the usual ones like Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+Z don’t work for me.

Athul Sudheesh
7 months ago

@ericsfraga Yes, I use it all the time when teaching. If you use Chrome or Brave browser, you can create an app from the #ExcaliDraw website. They also have VS Code extension.

Tip: if you save an excalidraw file in .png extension, you will be able to see the image using your computer's native image viewer and no need to export every time you make edits. For example, you should save files as "yourfilename.excalidraw.png".

7 months ago

Décidément j'aime bien #excalidraw pour du brainstorming à distance c'est top

Athul Sudheesh
7 months ago

Since I'm on a #FOSS instance, I thought I'll share the top 5 #foss tools I use & recommend:

1. #JuliaLang:For Computational Modeling & Data Science

2. #ExcaliDraw: For Digital Whiteboarding

3. #MarkText: WYSIWYG Markdown Editor

4. #QuartoPub: For technical publishing (presentations, blogging, WiKis, Textbooks etc.) & computational notebooks. #Quarto + JuliaLang + #ExcaliDraw = 🔥

5. #DrawIO: Diagramming for publications.

Artem Anufrij
8 months ago

The concept drawn in @excalidraw, some parts designed in @FreeCAD and the result (not finished yet 😏)

#excalidraw #freecad #server #diy #opensource

DansLeRuSH ᴱᶰ
2 years ago

#Excalidraw a « collaborative and end-to-end encrypted virtual whiteboard for sketching hand-drawn like diagrams » />

Libraries />
Git />