Pete Prodoehl 🍕
3 weeks ago
Pierre, aka Ra-Mon
3 weeks ago

Amatrices et amateurs de belles #photos, avec #Vivaldi, pensez au clic-droit > Propriétés de l'image...

#Desktop #EXIF #Métadonnées #SansExtension

Panneau latéral apparaissant au clic-droit > Propriétés de l'image, dans Vivaldi Desktop, pour afficher d'éventuelles données EXIF par exemple.
Jim Easterbrook
2 months ago

Just released v2023.4.0 of #Photini, a simple #photography #metadata (#Exif, #IPTC, #XMP) editor.

This version adds "image regions", allowing the user to label parts of a picture. See for more about image regions.

PS Photini also includes a #Pixelfed / #Mastodon uploader that reuses the metadata that's already been set for each picture.

2 months ago

@alcea (Android) Allows editing the #EXIF information and resizing - might be useful for you.


Thats why I screenshoot images inb4 upload xD

Then again..
Who looks at #exif ?

(Hello dear scammers.)

TildalWave :toot:
2 months ago

#Canon today released new #firmware for their #mirrorless range of interchangeable lens camera bodies (#MILC) incorporating In-Body Image Stabilization (#IBIS), with some very useful new #features:

● Sharpest shot (burst mode): This feature will select the sharpest image from a burst when IBIS is enabled. All photos from a single burst will also be placed in a separate folder on your card and the image #EXIF data will carry additional IBIS data for later review and filtering.

● Sharpest moment (single shot mode): This will buffer images while you're holding your shutter fully depressed in a single shot electronic shutter mode and then only write onto the card the sharpest moment, when IBIS detected the least camera shake and was able to correct for all the movement while the sensor was read from.

● High resolution sensor shift photos: All Canon camera bodies that are capable of producing higher than sensor's native resolution photos using sensor-shift method will now gain this feature even if they previously didn't come with it.

● Panorama mode (sweeping or stacking): All Canon bodies that were missing this shooting mode gain this ability with the new firmware update. It comes with automatic metering, calculated over the entire panorama shot, or let the user select metered position that doesn't have to be at the starting position of the panorama shot.

● Ultra-wide video mode: On top of standard 4K resolutions, Canon is now including an option to select user-defined and narrower than 16:9 aspect ratio. As data will be read from the sensor faster with shorter vertical reads, this will also improve rolling shutter and high shutter speed performance in videos. OIS and IBIS will also be able to correct for more vertical movement without vignetting.

Additionally, Canon has updated its Digital Photo Professional (#DPP) software to support hardware acceleration and utilize multi-threading, making #RAW photo editing more than 10x faster than previously, and have finally published an #Android version of DPP Express.

You can #download these updates today only from

2 months ago

So I read a bit about EXIF specification and I have to say I'm disappointed by how lackluster the spec is.

There is an ImageDescription attribute - so I thought, cool In didn't know we could embed alt text directly into Jpegs - but's encoding is specified as #ASCII (why not #UTF8?!) but also apparently ImageDescription is apparently defined as the image's title....

So I found that there exists another tag UserComment but while that one is specifically said to be a tag that a user can use to describe an image, it's encoding is not specified at all - it is basically a blob of data that the user can use however they want... Cool cool but I wanted an actual alt text.

I wish we had an actual image container that could be used to store it's description - and easily shared.

#AltText #Exif

2 months ago

Dis mastodon, on m'a demandé de récupérer des fichiers sur un disque dur qui déconne.
J'ai utilisé photorec, mais la personne à qui je rends service aimerait que les #photos récupérées soient un tant soit peu rangées.
J'ai pas trouvé de #script et j'ai pas le temps d'essayer d'en coder un.
Tu aurais ça sous la main ?
Un bout de code #bash ou #python qui pourrait trier les photos dans une arbo année/mois en fonction de la date de prise de vue des données #exif ?
Repouets et boosts appréciés.

3 months ago

Adding: for content creators it would be nice to respect the copyright info in EXIF and/or IPTC, since it's been put there for a reason. Happy to have the other fields cleared (esp for privacy, location, serial numbers) but I find it offensive the default is to strip the copyright as well.

#privacy #exif #iptc #copyright #mastodon

Jim Easterbrook
3 months ago

I like the idea of an image "focus point" in #Mastodon / #Pixelfed being used when cropping an image to ensure the point of interest is likely to remain visible. Every image will have its own preferred focus point, so it would make sense to store it in the image #metadata (most likely #XMP rather than #Exif). I've not found focus point in any XMP schema I've looked at, which is a shame as I'd like to use an existing standard if I knew of one.

4 months ago

BUT! Some of the .MTS files don't have that exif tag, and all the other dates in those files are scrambled to 0000-00-00.

So now I'm just using #bash to extract the date from the filename (yyyymmddhhmmss.mp4) and set the DateTimeOriginal #exif tag correctly.

Gomez :baner:
4 months ago

Anyone know of a WordPress gallery plugin that can extract the GPS co-ordinates from the EXIF info and display the photo location on a map?

#WordPress #Gallery #EXIF #AskFedi #AskMasto

4 months ago

@colinsmatt11 @shaman @Hyolobrika @gabriel

I recently saw a request from someone describing themselves as a prolific photographer in the #Fedilab #Matrix support room, asking if the devs could add a feature to use the EXIF data for the alt tags - they cited extremely non-trivial effort to do that manually.

It obviously issn't for everyone, with most folks preferring to fill out the alt data for the images they upload themselves, but it made a lot of sense for a #prolific_uploader of images in #Fediverse posts.

I'm glad you brought this up, because it's exactly what I was thinking when I became aware that stripping the EXIF data was the default on #Friendica, and disabling that feature is an "opt-out" option.

I don't even know if there's still such a site as #Foursquare, but about ten years ago it was a popular "check-in" site that integrated with #Faceplant.

You would basically do a check-in wherever you were and people could track you via lat/lon or physical address or the business name IIRC, and you could include pics too I think - that's one use case.

Another very good one, snapping a pic and then later uploading it as a Fediverse post in #Friendica (there's an OSM geolocation plugin), which I gather could generate a map based on the EXIF data in their photo.

I can't tell you how many times I've seen pics and wondered where the photos were taken. #Pixelfed should have such an option (does it?) w/OSM mapping toggle on upload.

I don't think any other Fediverse server platforms have that.

Extrapolating that EXIF data for the alt tags in photos uploaded as part of posts (with corresponding maps even) sounds like a great idea - but preferably not as a default setting lolz.

On another note, there's a shitload of really stupid dope farmers here in Humboldt county posting pics of their weed fields on #InstaSPAM, and then wondering why they're getting helicopter flyovers and "Abatement Letters" from the county, followed by the caravans that roll up the mountain, raid, and destroy their crops lolz.

That's what apps like #ImagePipe are for (stripping EXIF data before posting publicly). ImagePipe is available at F-Droid, BTW. 😜

@Laurien (pls pass on to Sir Spencer - he'll get a kick out of that!)

#tallship #FOSS #privacy #geolocation #EXIF #check_in


@nerwin personally I favor #Flickr because it is very #photo focused, there is a great respective culture amongst the users and usually there is no debates on politics or other topics than #photography. But there is one killer feature at Flickr that #Instagram and #Mastodon lack: #EXIF data. For me it‘s interesting to see, what #camera and #lens a photo was taken with, which #aperture, #shutter speed and #ISO was used. I think these things matter.

I can't tell for certain if the colors are simply the iridescent nature of the metal, or some noise introduced by a long shutter speed (13 seconds).

Rest of the #exif – ISO 100, ƒ16, 300mm & I want to say the flash was fired at 1/128s. The other images are mostly stacks (focus and hdr) at various settings, which I'll gladly pull up if anyone's curious.

Rest of the images:

Alex Wild
4 months ago

If you are interested in *where* I took a particular photograph on my website, click on “photo details” and you’ll get EXIF data and a little navigable map at the bottom.

I have been automatically geotagging my photos since about 2014, and am working through the older ones to add that information.

#insects #geotagging #exif #smugmug

Screen grab of a picture of a gray and red bug above a map with a pinned point.
4 months ago

#ExifEraser is now on @accrescent!

I've been using this app for a very long time, and also added it as a recommendation in my time as a team member at @privacyguides, so I am extremely happy to see it on the app store I prefer to use.

For anyone who's not aware, it's an app that removes Exif data from pictures, and it does so without requesting any permissions; not even storage permissions like most other options. Give it a shot!

You can download Accrescent from and install it from there.

#Accrescent #Android #AppStore #Exif #Metadata #Privacy #Security

Rui Carmo
4 months ago
Boiling Steam
4 months ago

ExifTool – Read, Write and Edit Meta Information: #linux #foss #update #release #exiftool #exif #meta #editor

Since I was curious about this today, yes #Mastodon does strip #EXIF metadata from uploaded images, so you don't need to worry about location information from your photos leaking onto the web. See

By the way, I *love* that when I want to know how Mastodon does something, I can just search the #GitHub repo!

#MacOS peeps!

Is there any lil app or doobrie that can add #EXIF date taken as a column in #Finder?

It's so annoying that Date Created is just when the file was created, not when the pic was snapped.

I haven't used Windows for years but I seem to remember Date Taken was a stock column you could add/delete to Explorer?


Aurin Azadî
5 months ago

Just searching: How to find out whether a JPG file actually has #EXIF data, using #Python3 and #PIL. It's easy to find out how to read them. It's easy to find out how to remove them. Even how to manipulate them. But to check on their existence? 🤔

Kennylex Luckless
5 months ago

@shelenn It did not work, #mastodon remove all #EXIF information in uploaded images for privacy and I think apps need to identify 360-images through a EXIF-tag.
You can upload and see 360-images to Flickr.

Dan (phrawzty)
5 months ago

I'd sure like a #firefox *for android mobile* add-on to strip #exif data before uploading photos.

Use-case is literally #mastodon. I happily use the excellent native web interface but I don't post photos from my mobile because I don't want to leak location data.

Any ideas?

5 months ago

I'm starting to understand why no-one writes #Exif parsers, they just wrap Phil Harvey's work.

Evelyn :grape_heart: :donor:
5 months ago

Is there a decent #OSX app to just strip #EXIF data from media files? I know that with images, I can do a "convert image" quick action, but I'd like something in that menu to just strip an existing file with one click.

есть время для приложения
которое удаляет #exif
и есть время для приложения
которое его добавляет

Don Watkins
5 months ago

Mastodon removes exif data from all images for security reasons #infosec #infosecurity #exif #images

TildalWave :toot:
6 months ago

Why nobody ever mentions Canon's third-party manufacturer lock out in their camera reviews?

Disclaimer: This will be a #rant!

We all know #Canon is the ONLY major #camera manufacturer that doesn't license their #mirrorless mount technology, but, to add insult to injury, #Canon is, since this summer, now also threatening legal action against third-party RF mount lens manufacturers for IP rights infringement and, as an immediate consequence, you might have noticed your favourite #photography equipment supplier had since removed all such products from their shelves. You might have also noticed that Canon is now aggressively #marketing their subscription and cloud-based image processing solutions (#IPaaS?), and otherwise locking their users into "Canon || GTFO" culture.

Well, guess what, as an #adaptarian (vintage lens adaption enthusiast), I guess that leaves me no other option but to take the only road offered and GTFO ASAP, before I spend a fortune on what other #MILC manufacturers consider worthier of supporting off the shelf and, more often than not, free of charge or at least for a reasonably small fee (with income of that directly supporting development of those features).

Canon has been, and still is, by far the slowest and most hesitant to include even the most basic modern digital camera #FTM (full-time manual) features into their cams and probably only do include some of it to appease indy filmographers and documentarists (to which they will shamelessly offer insanely niche products that cost more than your house and still not make use of their so precious IP to their full potential). And this latest "vendor lock out with a vengeance" means that I can't look forward to things like focus confirm chipped adapters, auto-focusing helicoids, ability to load lens correction data into the cam or even something as simple as writing the darn focal length (that you need to put in for your #IBIS to work correctly anyway) into your file's #EXIF data. And just forget about your camera's ability to hold a list of such vintage lenses that you might own so you could conveniently select from when changing the lens and then writing that info into EXIF. Or, better still, that it would offer that automatically when an unidentified lens is mounted. Or indeed any of that jazz that is readily available with other manufacturers, is trivial to implement should they choose to and would be much appreciated by their enthusiast community.

And do not think Canon is doing this to protect you either. This has nothing to do with assuring qualitative or reliability requirements are met and up to Canon's standards. It's all to do with profits. Ever wondered why your Canon lens below a certain price threshold doesn't come with an AF/MF switch, a lens hood,...? Or why it took so many years since introduction of CR3 #RAW format for other SW vendors to support it (and many still don't)? Or why there's no way nor I expect there ever will be to convert CR3 RAW into CRAW? Or why a Canon original battery costs 10x the price of a third-party one, and those 3rd party ones won't let you shoot at FPS your cam can handle even if they're fully specs compliant or even surpass that? Or, to heck, even why it takes Canon themselves so long to fix some easily fixable issues with their firmware? That's right, overzealous IP protection will encumber even themselves with insanely laborious deployment procedures, and their reaction time will suffer. Self-inflicted, really.

So, TL;DR and with Lenny Kravitz's "Are You Gonna Go My Way" playing in the background: Canon is, systematically and methodically pushing out its #enthusiast user base and killing #creativity (and #innovation) in the process. And all those photography review sites failing to acknowledge that in their final ratings or at least mentioning it with a single line in their lengthy and "thorough" reviews either don't know what they're talking about, are being sloppy, or they're simply in on it. But hey, nice "Clash of the Titans" #vlogs!


Thanks for reading and have a nice Saturday!

A #photo uploaded to #Facebook:
1080x810: 92.25 kB
On #Mastodon:
1663x1247: 433.73 kB
4000x3000: 3.19 MB

Both Facebook and Mastodon erase #EXIF #metadata. I want to hack my personal server a bit to leave the metadata, and maybe make the #photos a bit larger.
#photography, #SocialMedia

Jim Easterbrook
6 months ago

Released version 2022.12.0 of my "Photini" photo metadata editor this morning. This adds "alt text" to the metadata you can edit, for improved accessibility when you publish photos on those platforms that support it.
#Photography #Accessibility #VisualImpairment #Metadata #IPTC #Exif #XMP #OpenSource

6 months ago

@DismalShadow yea, they are good 🙂 Ive never used #twitter so can't compare, One thing I want to check before I start posting images is to make sure #exif data is stripped, specifically #location info

6 months ago

I installed exiftool to try and put #EXIF data in the photos. I like data like the size of the picture, the model of the phone, and whether I used a flash, and I will try to make sure data like location are not in the pictures. My exiftool decision was based on In #Manjaro, the package appears to be called perl-image-exiftool.

Pierre, aka Ra-Mon
6 months ago

#Astuce #Vivaldi #Desktop :

Amateurs et amatrices de #photos 📷 , vous pouvez obtenir des #informationsℹ️ détaillées sur certaines photos 🖼️ (contenant toujours leurs #données #EXIF), en faisant un 🖱️ clic-droit > Propriétés de l'image...

6 months ago


That is interesting, I have tested ExifEraser in the past. It had some bugs on my old device and didn't randomize filenames, but that's good to know. Seems that feature has been added!
#metadata #exif

@rrwo Having set up a server I believe that is a decision the admin makes when setting up the #instance. I don't know what the @fosstodon guys decided but... You may need to be posting your #photos on another server to keep the #exif data
There are photo focussed instances as well as #pixelfed of course

Mads Skydt
6 months ago

Is #exif and other #metadata stripped when posting a picture (or any file for that matter) to Mastodon? #osint #opsec

6 months ago

Still learning about #Mastodon, but it *appears* that it strips the #EXIF information off of your pictures (a good thing for security - as with the ol' bird app, this means things like GPS location will not be seen by others.)

Fratm :archlinux:
6 months ago

I was just thinking, after I posted the pic of my cats, does #Mastodon strip #EXIF data from photos, mainly GPS Stuff?

Dan VanBeek
6 months ago

@Aphrodite maybe this is #steganography and no one got it. Silly me not checking if Mastadon obscures #exif data before posting...

@fack I like one of the comments about #EXIF and #AltText. #Mastodon new feature idea: when uploading new pics, ask for Alt Text and which/if EXIF info is retained. #photography #LocationSecurity

@kolossus Was meinst du mit: " automatischer Sortierung nach #Exif "? Meinst du nach #Aufnahmedatum ? Oder, sogar nach #Geolocation ? Stehen ja einige Daten im Exif

Just did a quick check: Mastodon automatically strips #EXIF data from photographs and renames them, which is great for #privacy because otherwise people might accidentally expose personal information (e.g. their location)

It would be nice if this was an option though -- I imagine some photographers might want to retain information like camera model, shutter speed, etc. or include a #copyright notice in the #metadata.

7 months ago

Does Mastodon strip #EXIF data from images during upload? I have photos to share but wondering if I should remove location, etc. first.


Fiete Stegers
10 months ago

Finally, millions of stick-to-tradition research guides have to be updated.
#OSINT #exif

"Jeffrey's Exif Viewer is unavailable at the moment."
tobi :thisisfine:
11 months ago

Anyone knowledgeable in #exif who can help me with a problem?

It's for

Currently the library removes exif data from images by writing empty bytes where the exif data would normally go. But from now on I wanna write all empty exif bytes EXCEPT for orientation data, but I'm not sure how to encode just one value from one group into the image.

Boosts welcome. I know this is a long shot cuz it's some pretty arcane shit.

On my phone, ScrambledExif is the most used #privacy tool, bar none.

A helper app that strips out all metadata such as EXIF, location from photos or images. It even rewrites the filename (usually a timestamp) with a random string.

#Android #ScrambledExif #exif #DeGoogle #location
1 year ago

@danie10 Exactly what I've been doing since...uh... way too long now. In short what I found is that both Photoprism and Nextcloud are looking at supporting IPTC / Exif tags, but neither does just yet.


#Nextcloud #Photoprism #Interoperability #Tags #IPTC #Exif #Selfhosting

Una cosa molt bona que té #mastotuit és que les fotos que publica a Twitter no tenen informació #EXIF perquè mastotuit les agafa del tut de #Mastodon.
El programari de Mastodon elimina automàticament les metadades EXIF de les fotos que hi pugem. No se sap si Twitter ho fa.

Le Alternative
2 years ago

Se state cercando un modo per eliminare i metadati da video e foto siete nel posto giusto! Vi presentiamo infatti il meraviglioso progetto MAT2!
#alternative #mat2 #metadati #foto #video #exif --> LINK -->

2 years ago

#Exiv2 is an #Exif parsing #library for #Cpp.

Exiv2 is a library and command line program which can create, read, update, and delete Exif, IPTC, XMP, and ICC metadata from files. Exiv2 can modify any data fields, and can read and write to many common image formats. Exiv2 can also operate with sidecar and thumbnail files for simpler operation.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: exiv2 libexiv2-dev

#free #opensource #foss #fossmendations #programming #sysadmin #photography

2 years ago

Raaa, vous connaissez un logiciel qui permette de modifier facilement et de manière graphique les dates dans les données #EXIF des photos ?

2 years ago

Back in 2018 @KelsonV wrote a command for adjusting the timestamps of photos from cameras where you forgot to adjust the DST time for, on in an article on his blog, which he recently [reposted on his gemini log]( gemini://

Basically it is: exiftool "-DateTimeOriginal+=1:00" DIR or

exiftool "-DateTimeOriginal-=1:00" DIR based on whether you go into #DST, or out of it.

I would suggest to perhaps combine it with find to only apply the command to files with a last-modified-time within a date-range.

For US-based DST date of this year, that would for instance be:
find . -iname '*.jpg' -type f -newermt "2021-03-14 02:00:00" ! -newermt "2021-11-07 02:00:00" -exec exiftool "-DateTimeOriginal+=1:00" {} \;

(Note, this command is untested, so perhaps first run it without the -exec argument to see which files would be affected, and make backups appropriately.)

But let's hope the world does away with #DaylightSavingTime, sooner rather than later...

#CLI #EXIF #exiftool #GemLog

heise+ | Programmieren lernen: App-Entwicklung mit Xojo

Wir zeigen im Detail, wie man eine App in der einfach zu erlernenden Programmierumgebung Xojo schreibt. Heraus kommt dabei ein nützlicher EXIF-Viewer.
Programmieren lernen: App-Entwicklung mit Xojo

I just finished writing my first useful #bash script! It sets the "modified" date to whatever the "created" or "taken" date is in the #EXIF data of JPG images. Now I can finally sort by date correctly in #Nextcloud Photos!

However, it's kind of slow when running it on hundreds of photos. Any ideas on how I could speed it up some?


# a script to copy the date a picture was taken to the "date modified" field
# (currently only works with JPG images)
# Yipten 2021

# loop through all files specified
for file in $@
	# echo file name
	printf "$file"

	# get original modified and created dates
	dateModified=$(exiftool -d "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S" -FileModifyDate -S -s $file)
	dateCreated=$(exiftool -d "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S" -DateTimeOriginal -S -s $file)

	# store original modified date for safekeeping
	# set correct modified date
	touch -d "$dateCreated" $file

	# get new date from modified file
	dateModified=$(exiftool -d "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S" -FileModifyDate -S -s $file)

	# indicate whether date was successfully changed or not
	if [ "$dateModified" = "$dateCreated" ]
		printf "\t\tsuccess\n"
		printf "\t\tfail\n"
		touch -d "$prevDateModified" $file
3 years ago

#ExifTool is a #metadata manipulator.

ExifTool is a library and program that manipulates data embedded in images, videos, audio, documents, and various other formats. ExifTool supports many metadata and file formats, including #Exif, #MP3, #Matroska, and #WEBM. ExifTool can view all tags and corresponding values, view the value of a specific tag, modify or remove a tag, or add a new tag.

Website 🔗️:

#free #opensource #foss #fossmendations

Homer S.
3 years ago

Dringende Leseempfehlung:

Nicht verfolgte Spuren im Mordfall #HalitYozgat – Verbindungen zwischen dem #NSU-Mord & dem Mord an #WalterLübcke#Exif


Christian Paul
4 years ago

Wouldn't it be handy to have a read-only mount of your photos where all #Exif data was cleared, so it's a bit more private when sharing photos online?

You wouldn't need to open an extra program and delete the duplicate afterwards.

If someone finds a maintained project offering this, please let me know.