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I get your point, but most people are NOT feeling good about 10000 dead #Palestinians. Most are looking at this with horror deserving of this crisis, and most are powerless.

#Netanyahu is not beyond reproach ➡️

But this is beyond one man or even a few.

The present #MiddleEast crisis is an #existential struggle between #Israel and #militant #Antisemitic forces

Antonio Lieto
1 month ago

The video of my keynote talk at BICA*AI 2023 is now available:

I show how, based on the framework of the Minimal Cognitive Grid introduced in #book "Cognitive design for artificial minds" (2021), it is possible to show how a cognitive approach to AI systems can play its role in the era of #LLM & #GenerativeAI revolution by providing a framework able to avoid the behavioristic trap leading to unjustified claims about #existential #AI risks

Plume 🪶
1 month ago

You know, we often think about the implications of us not being alone in the universe. But I think the implications of us actually being alone are far more interesting.

Can you imagine if tomorrow, we found irrefutable proof that we were actually a lone anomaly in an otherwise dead and silent universe? The crushing existential weight of that revelation? How people would react?

I am convinced there would be a massive wave of suicides if that were to happen.

#space #alien #aliens #existential

Ricardo Harvin
1 month ago

@indiewire That #ItFollows is getting a #sequel is #meta to the power of #infinity.

(it also cheapens and dulls the perfect #existential #horror of the original)

Don't be shocked by the backwardness of your neighbors. They're products of #existential fears just like you. The fear you feel is their #power and vice versa.

1 month ago

The only 'alignment' going on is that between the fairy stories about existential risk and elite interests in diverting us from the real harms of AI.
#alignment #existential #risk #AI

Jason Kautz :mastodon:
1 month ago

Your ephemeral narrative of equality bias is why you depict a caste system as a #meritocracy. A caste system is composed of responsibility and #existential debt; life is a struggle for every living thing.

#narrative #struggle

1 month ago

The aporia or obstacle to Louise Banks’ eventual learning-to-use such 4-dimensional logic is-&-was, in the film, her own worded world—and especially (in her own worded world) her sense of herself as a particular and particularized/particularizeable ‘ᴘᴇʀꜱᴏɴ’ (rather than, instead, something or someone in #flux, in perpetual #progress or #process … that-is-to-say as an ongoing ‘#individuation’ rather than straightforward ‘#individual’). … Once her sense of straightforward self is discerned as something ‘porous’, the aporia disappears—or is at least overcome (…she becomes, as such, #over·human, #über·menschlich as Friedrich Nietzsche would have said, and she “opens up her theatre-eye—the great ‘third eye’ that looks out into the world through the other two”). This entails a kind of passivity, I suppose, since it necessitates a sort of letting-go (or what Meister Eckart, prior to Nietzsche, called Gelassenheit and Abgeschiedenheit: the ‘letting-go’ that is itself a ‘letting-be’ allowing something like the fullness—maybe the excess—of ‘be’ing its place, its play, in time).

Since in this 3-dimensional world I am currently out-of-time (having reached the maximum time-allotment for the ᴍᴏɴᴏʟᴏɢᴜᴇ part of this Babson-College session), perhaps I’ll close with reference to another film—one that wasn’t included in your readings-or-screenings (which you can view at your leisure or pleasure later on, if you feel so inclined or enlooped) followed by one last nod (one final reference) to the Illegibility readings [[love that phrase]], acknowledging-of-course (with respect to the reference to yet-another film) that I’ve made reference to a number of films that weren’t on the reading-or-screening list: films like #Dune and like #Tenet, in addition to the reading/screening-list’s #Arrival. … The other film to which I want to refer is that of Guy Ritchie’s #Revolver, which also deals with a situation wherein its protagonist (a con-man by the name of Jake Green rather than a linguist by the name of L Banks) has to overcome particular/particularized ‘personhood’, individual/indivisible ‘identity’, in order to escape the confines of his own ‘con’. In #Revolver (a film released in 2005), just as in #Arrival (released in 2016), ‘fixed’ rather than ‘fluid’ notions of ‘the self’ (—understanding ‘selfhood’ as something altogether ‘individuated’-in-the-present rather than always in-the-process-of-‘individuatɪɴɢ’—) keeps everything ‘fixed’-in (and ‘fixated’-with) the ‘ɴᴏᴡ’, inextricably ‘pinned’ or ‘bound’ to what we now think that we know, closing-off the outside, the unknown, or what I jokingly called the monstrous ‘Not-Yeti’ in my uploaded #Future_Philosophy videos. … Overcoming the self, both in the overman/overhumanism of philosophers like Nietzsche and (at least in the case of #Revolver) director/cinematographers like Guy Ritchie, opens in its negation a kind of Keatsian ‘ɴᴇɢᴀᴛɪᴠᴇ ᴄᴀᴘᴀʙɪʟɪᴛʏ’ or Meister-Eckhart-like ‘Gelassenheit’, allowing in this weird undoing—this abnormal abnegation/‘Abgeschiedenheit’—a glimpse at the surreal theatre-qua-theory of futurity ‘in formation’ (quoting William Allen, “the form-without-form of negativity’s exteriority in all its evasion-of-relation”). … The future ‘in formation’, the future in its becoming, is basically—from our 3-dimensional perspective—what the future ‘ɪꜱ’: it is #larval, both in the sense of still-#unformed (still-in-#formation), and in the more strict etymological sense of #shrouded, #clouded, covered-over or #masked.

When the philosopher René Descartes wrote (just prior to publishing his 1626 #Rules_for_the_Direction_of_Mind and 1636 #Discourse_on_Method) that he was entering onto-or-upon the great stage or theatre of World Philosophy as all actors do: that is, #masked—(his words were “larvatus prodeo”: “I advance #masked”)—he was acknowledging that his public #persona, his public #identity, was a #cover (a cover-story) underneath/behind/beyond which, in truth, lies ꜱᴏᴍᴇᴛʜɪɴɢ ᴇʟꜱᴇ. Descartes admitted that such a mask, such a masking, allows him to cover-over his shame—again, as ᴀʟʟ ‘actors’-or-‘performers’ do. In his book #Illegibility, William Allen touches upon this when he writes about what he calls “ontological shame” and explains (on page 3 of our readings) that “shame would then be the corollary of futurity.” When we speak of, or theorize, futurity—at least from our limited 3D perspective—there is (or there should be) a feeling of shame, a feeling that something is being lost or glossed-over, abandoned—perhaps because every formulation of the future denies the future its status as not-yet-formed/Not-Yeti, as if we are tired of waiting for (or ‘awaiting’) the future, and abandon the wait (the waiting) altogether. Perhaps theorists-of-futurity should be more like Didi and Gogo in Beckett’s #Waiting_for_Godot (here referring to the most well-known work of the novelist/playwright Samuel Beckett), who, even when they think of doing it (or resolve to do it) never actually stop waiting. The Irish writer Samuel Beckett and the French writer Maurice Blanchot have—or rather, had—much in common, including a fine (refined) sense of #waiting, and, in waiting, of #boredom (which the philosopher Heidegger called “the ground-mood of Being”): boredom to the point of #dread (or if you prefer, as Heidegger himself may well have, of ‘#existential dread’—for isn’t that what life’s all about?, what life really ‘is’?: a #waiting?, an #awaiting?). More to the point: isn’t this what ‘the future’—futurity—is all about? As William Allen puts it in the quotation from Blanchot’s #Awaiting_Oblivion on page 7 of our readings, “the source of all waiting [is] the future.” … This does sound very much like a 4D statement (“the source of all waiting [is] the future”), and one that throws the question of waiting into a whole new light (again from page 7 of our readings): “It is thus not a question of waiting for the event to happen … but rather of waiting as a mode of experience of that which does not take place” but nevertheless allows everything to take place (and take time). … There—thanks for allowing this little talk to take place (and take time).

* [[ᴇɴᴅ ᴏꜰ ᴍᴏɴᴏʟᴏɢᴜᴇ / ʙᴇɢɪɴɴɪɴɢ ᴏꜰ ʜᴏᴜʀ-ʟᴏɴɢ ᴄʟᴀꜱꜱ ᴅɪꜱᴄᴜꜱꜱɪᴏɴ ᴀɴᴅ ᴜɴᴘᴀᴄᴋɪɴɢ]] * :-)

beforewisdom :vegan:
2 months ago

Giving yourself anxiety or depression with #Nihilism is free.

Therapy so you can hang on is about $200/hr.

Then there is the cost of pills and the side effects.

Mind as healer or mind as slayer.

The way you think is the way you become.

#Nihilism #Existentialism #Existential #Nihilist #Depression #Anxiety #Philosophy #Philosophical #Psychology #Therapy #Therapists #Stoic #Stoicism

Bjørn Sætrevik
2 months ago

#Existential philosophy and psychology assume that strong negative thoughts about #death influences many aspects of our lives, often #unconsciously.

In an article just published in #Collabra: Psychology (n=803), we found that "death" was seen as less negative and more positive than "toothache". We found little to indicate #DeathAnxiety or #DefenseMechanisms. Article and dataset are #OpenAccess. This is Sina Storelv's first first authored paper!

Front page from article in the journal Collabra Psychology titled: "Nothing Is Certain Except Taxes and the Other Thing: Searching for Death Anxiety in a Large Online Sample"
Jason Kautz :mastodon:
2 months ago

Social scale requires new existential narratives and the dissolution of old ones. This process doesn't have to involve violence, but, historically, it always has.

#existential #war

Jason Kautz :mastodon:
2 months ago

A caste system is composed of responsibility and #existential debt

#debt #responsibility #society

Jason Kautz :mastodon:
2 months ago

If #existential narrative is dependent on social scale then the bigger population has a more sophisticated narrative, yea? This is despite contemporary technological bias.


2 months ago

@rdmc @curlygrey

#Trudeau's #Liberal #government exists because it was #elected with the same first-past-the-post system #Canada has had from the beginning. Multiple times, in fact.

In your opinion, is the current Liberal government #legitimate? If so, then why would the same system electing a different #party be illegitimate?

The government of Canada has alternated between a small-c #conservative party and a small-l #liberal party for decades. Why is it an #existential #threat now?

2 months ago

@BackFromTheDud @therightarticle

Like most #American #Jews I live in a state of #Existential crisis

on the one hand, what #Israel does is wrong and unjust

on the other hand #NeverAgain we won't go back to the gas chambers without a fight and Israel and its army, and its nuclear weapons is part of that

I don't say I am right or wrong

Trent Boswell
2 months ago

—an excerpt from my book, Not Long for This World - The Twisted Poetry of a Climate Apocalypse - The Unimaginable Horrors of Our Approaching Collective Nightmare; The Total Collapse of Human Society, by Kevin Trent Boswell - coming soon to Amazon

#climate #climatechange #climatecrisis #extinction #collapse #globalwarming #existential #doom #doomer #doomerism #existentialism #NTHE #extinction #doomers #neartermhumanextinction #nihilist #death #poetry #poem #poet #darkpoetry #climatecollapse

“Doom Bingo” from Not Long for This World, by Kevin Trent Boswell
Not Long for This World, by Kevin Trent Boswell
Nemes Content
2 months ago

You've ever wake and be like like:
#existential #existence #funny #existentialism

Aw man I gotta exist to day. A deep fried man stares off.
Florian U. Jehn
2 months ago

#Neoliberalism decreases trust in scientific findings. Human caused events need #regulations to not be harmful for us and the #environment. However, the idea of neoliberalism is to have a small, non interfering #government. This often has lead to neoliberal governments ignoring, defunding and even distorting #science. In my newest post on #Existential Crunch I explore the history of this #ScienceDenial and how it relates to #ClimateChange and #NuclearWinter.

A purple background with the name of the post and the blog.
Michael Hurt
2 months ago

Just staggered by the amount of super shitty synth news from the last week... MOOG... What the actual fuck. I am so sorry... I literally had been banking on a semi forced moved to Knoxville, and Ashville's relatively close location gave me hope for place that could feel like home... Ces't la vie? I Guess. Bob, I'm sorry. I know this is making you do corporeal backflips. No reason not to grab that #behringer NOW!!! #Synth #moog #capitalism #liarsandthieves #inmusic #existential #depression #bleep

2 months ago

'The make-or-break moment for the #Republican Party': #CassidyHutchinson talks #GOP loyalty to #Trump

Hutchinson talks w/ #Maddow about why #Republicans stand w/ Donald Trump despite his many shortcomings & the #existential #threat he poses to the traditional Republican Party as long as he remains its leader.

Ricardo Harvin
2 months ago

"...we are past the point where the actions of individual countries can move the needle on #ClimateChange."

Doing Everything, Everywhere, All at Once is the only viable #climate change mitigation strategy that can possibly save #human #civilization and our #species.

On national and international scales, we must all work together on projects like building #HVDC #SuperGrid connectivity.

#Decarbonization is both a #security and #existential necessity.

Ricardo Harvin
2 months ago

"I've long said, when I think #climate—not a joke—I think jobs." – President #JoeBiden

That lack of insight into and appreciation of the literal #existential threat to #humans of our ongoing and worsening #ClimateChange disaster is a clear indication that #Biden is too removed from reality.

"It's humanity, stupid."

The Everything, Everywhere, All at Once strategy can't work if key solutions are #monopolized.

A #solar #monopoly by any entity is a global threat.

Kriszta Satori
2 months ago

#UNGA live coverage:
President Biden told world leaders that they must stand together against #Russia :"We have to stand up to this naked aggression today and deter other would-be aggressors tomorrow"

On #climate , Biden says he's treating it as an #existential #threat , the world needs to reduce its dependence on #fossil #fuels

French Pres Macron, China's Xi Jinping, Russia's Vladimir Putin and UK PM Rishi Sunak are not there

Rat Can't Read (she/her)
3 months ago

I finally saw the #BarbieMovie, and I'm kind of glad I saw it alone, because I cried a lot.

Art and literature after the flu #pandemic didn't directly address the flu, but it was there in the background, and #Barbie feels like that with #covid19 and with #ClimateChange—who are we and what does life mean now? What does it mean to be human when the parties, popularity, validation and shiny, fun distractions are stripped away? Yes, there's a lot of privilege to having those things to lose, but we still have to #grieve the loss and build not just a new world but new selves. We're in a very #existential moment.

Also, okay, yes, the movie is very #Feminism 101, but given that the point is that we haven't even achieved that, I think #feminist films are worth celebrating.

And the soundtrack is great. I'm going to go listen to "What Was I Made For?" and feel my Feelings™️ for a bit and then listen to #Aqua's "Barbie Girl" because it's fun!

#BarbieMovie2023 #existentialism #CovidIsNotOver #Grief #Mourning

3 months ago

Today in BoneQuest History for September 10th 2002 "JUST A BUNCH OF FAGGOTS" #bonequest :pants: :deuce: #deuce_ozone_pants #dicklicking #existential #gay #philosophy #zen_boners

Dave Mackey
3 months ago

"You've just noticed the #abyss. The #adults in this #community have been balancing at the edge of it for more years than you've been alive."
- Octavia E. Butler, Parable of the Sower, pg. 66.

#quotes #quote #existential

Mark A. Rayner
3 months ago

So, what does an existential crisis smell like, exactly?

#existential #existentialcrisis #candles #humor #humour #satire #funny

photo of a hand holding a candle with a label that says: a candle for What the Actual Fuck? Smells like an existential crisis - Who am I? Why am I here? Why is this candle talking to me? Whisky River Soap Co.
Cees Grootes
3 months ago


What makes a good life? Existentialists believed we should embrace freedom and authenticity.

In the 20th century Jean-Paul Sartre was a key figure in existentialism:


#existential #exisitentialism #Philosophy #jeanpaulsartre #aristotle @philosophy #thomasaquinas #Sartre #micheldemontaigne

Jean Paul Sartre

Seven #Existential #Movies That Will Make You Go Back And Question Every Single #LifeChoice You've Made

brandon lucas green
4 months ago

As a product person, I sometimes wonder:

Do the people working at [insert company] think their product(s) are good for the world?#product #pm #existential #values

Eugenia L
4 months ago

We take it for granted that humans ask "who am I, and why am I here". But in reality, it is NOT normal to ask that question. By asking that question, by definition you know deep inside of you that you're not "from here" or "that" person. In fact, even dogs have asked that question ("why dog?", look at Bunny the Talking Dog videos). This tells me that something's up with our origins as beings of #consciousness. Maybe #reincarnation is not a total fantasy.

#existential #philosophy #life

Rat Can't Read (she/her)
4 months ago

Or is it just that despite anyone's best efforts, #therapy and #SupportGroups are inadequate to deal with the multitude of #existential crises that currently face us all, from the on-going #covid19 #pandemic to #ClimateCollapse? Even in the #SupportGroup I'm in now where we talk about those things, it still feels so theoretical and abstract, even as we're literally living through the hottest summer on record (so far). The people in it are great—this is nothing against them! I just still feel very alone within the group in a way that no one else seems to. It's very weird.

*Cue angsty playing of Green Day's "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"*

#MentalHealth #ClimateChange #Ecocide #anthropocene #ClimateJustice #ExistentialCrisis

Brent Pruitt :: Artist
4 months ago

i think we're calling quits this #caturday morning…

is it #existential contemplation, or #depression ? is there a difference?

half-awake #CatsOfMastodon #cat pix scrolling & espresso nap forthwith ☕️😴😽

tabby cat dexter fishpaw lies on his back with on arm stretched out to a feathered toy on a string. he looks a tad sleepy, bored or deep in existential contemplation.
4 months ago

@Mgellis "some incredibly powerful clockwork brain will be asked to solve certain problems, decide that certain solutions are the best, regardless of any collateral damage, like the small issue that doing it this way will kill everyone"

In "The Two Faces of Tomorrow", a #ScienceFiction novel by James P. Hogan (before he became unreadable), a construction crew is building the second mass-driver on Luna. A ridge on the planned path has to be removed, but it's too big for the equipment on hand, so the crew put in a request for bigger equipment – so they think. Titan, the #ArtificialIntelligence #computer system for the project, asks some questions, which Paskoe, the driver in the lead earth-mover, answers.

Titan: Priority requested?
Paskoe: Absolute best possible.
Titan: Any restraints?
Paskoe: No. Just get rid of it.
Titan: Priority A1 assigned. Estimated completion time 21 minutes.

And so it happened. Titan redirected an outgoing ore container from the first mass-driver to blast through the ridge. Task accomplished. No one had explicitly told Titan not to kill the crew on site…

After a few similar occurrences, the rest of the novel is about trying to grow a self-aware, self-programming, general-intelligence #AI with judgment on a space station, one which will understand that killing a bunch of people just because doing a job that way is more efficient is not a done thing.

#existential #extinction #SciFi #sff

A very sobering TED talk...

Of course, being a retired English professor, there isn't much I can do about this problem, except spread the word and hope I get more folks aware of the danger.

(My own take on this is I don't think AI is going to "wake up" and decide to kill us all. I think some incredibly powerful clockwork brain will be asked to solve certain problems, decide that certain solutions are the best, regardless of any collateral damage, like the small issue that doing it this way will kill everyone, and mindlessly pursue those goals because it thinks that is what it is supposed to do. But do you know the difference between being killed by an AI that hates you and one that doesn't hate anything? Nothing. You're still dead.)

Yes, as you can tell, I'm having a bright, cheery day today. 😱

#mastodon #computers #ai #artificialintelligence #existential #extinction #yudkowsky

Ricardo Harvin
5 months ago

Watching #ToEndAllWar: #OppenheimerAndTheAtomicBomb has left me with the aching void in my heart I get from profound sadness borne of #existential #dread.

I don't feel our end is imminent, on a #human timescale, or that it will definitely be caused by #nuclear #war or #disaster, but I do feel we're on track for that at a speed which the overwhelmingly majority aren't recognizing, or are willfully ignoring.

We always ultimately choose the more destructive path, rather than the most cooperative.

5 months ago

that's the thing about #humans that claim they aren't #human, #mortality still exists even if you yourself think you aren't human, your dna tests say you are human, your #alienation you received by assholes on this #earth make you think you are some space fairy from far distant #galaxies, cool #story, but I can bet anything you and I have a lot more in common that you just refuse to #believe or #accept... you already know this but if you see this I just hope you understand that your #existential #reality #crisis must be overcome to move forward! I #love you as you are as a human, but love as in have my heart? you lied and you will never deserve that.

that's the thing about humans that claim they aren't human, mortality still exists even if you yourself think you aren't human, your dna tests say you are human, your alienation you received by assholes on this earth make you think you are some space fairy from far distant galaxies, cool story, but I can bet anything you and I have a lot more in common that you just refuse to believe or accept... you already know this but if you see this I just hope you understand that your existential reality crisis must be overcome to move forward! I love you as you are as a human, but love as in have my heart? you lied and you will never deserve that.
Haelus Novak
5 months ago

Like the falling bud
From a withered tree,
My family name
Shall end with me--
As I settle, as I rot,
This alone will set me free.

#micropoetry #survival #childfree #poetry #existential

6 months ago

Do any of the long term #ChronicallyIll who keep getting worse ever wonder how it got to this?

This is the #existential road I’m on atm and don’t recommend it because most of the reasons for worsening didn’t have to happen in my case.

Life is peachy.


Mark 🏳️‍🌈
6 months ago

Every time I hear yet again about the coming AI apocalypse—two, no five, no at most ten years from now—the paper clip metaphor, grey goo, and other fantasies of AI and nanotech destroying the world, I am reminded that pundits, poets, politicians, prophets and priests have been warning us of technological hubris for over two millennia.

#Ai, #Apocalypse, #Doomsday, #Effectivealtruism, #Existential, #Intelligence, #Machines, #Sciencefiction, #Technology

6 months ago

@mckra1g I loved this show. It's so good, a child (not mine) became despondent, cried, and had to be escorted out by his grown-up. #Chicago #art #existential #ArtInstitute #Dali

Available now: New "Observers" episode, entitled "AI".

You can watch the normal flat-screen version, or the 360 VR 3D version on the website here:

#animation #scifi #aliens #vr #3d #existential #ai #cartoon #intelligence #xrisk

GIF loop of the title screen. "Observers, Ep 10, AP" and a round space-ship pod. You can just see the aliens dancing though the windows.
Stacey Cornelius
8 months ago

Anyone feeling extra tired lately? Pretty sure it's not just me.

#DaylightSavings #Existential #NapTime

9 months ago

Oh, well there's your problem!

*furiously smashes "Send Feedback" button*

#existential #joke

A screen shot of Google Earth, with the entire planet in view. The status bar informs the user that "You are currently running an experimental version of Earth." with the options to "Learn more" or "Send feedback."
Jason Gardner
10 months ago

Do philosophy?
I'd love to discuss:

(meta-, normative, environmental, biomedical)

(ontology, value, constructivism, naturalism)

(theories of art, aesthetic value)

(Crit. Philosophy, esp. 2nd&3rd Critiques)

(method, bio, psych, medicine)

(history, justice, phil law)

(Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, Hellenistic, Skeptics, Medicine)

(Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, Beauvoir, Fanon, Sartre)

And the rest!

4/ “Life has to not seem, feel, like a never-ending #existential battle, in which everyone’s out to get you; fuel[ing] the paranoid fantasy that subhumans are coming for your kids or master race or family or job… A sense of confidence, optimism, & trust has to reign again—not in a vague, feel-good way, but in a very real one; as in people must begin to feel that in & for one another. They can’t do that in stagnant, depressed #economies [in which] life feels like a brutal, existential struggle.

I have a woman's hands.
But they are not thin, elegant hands
They're stubby, thick, puffy.
My fingers are short.
They not 'womanly', but they are a woman's hands.

I knew a woman with hands like mine.
Puffier than mine. Darker than mine.
I watched her run them over piano keys, I saw them hold a cello bow
I observed them during the mundanity of doing laundry
They became a magical curative when they were run through my hair.
I held them countless times.
And they withered. As did she.
I was holding them when she died.

My mother's hands.
I have my mother's hands.
I'm gonna make good use of them
Before they too wither.
#poetry #poetrycommunity #storytelling #mother #existential

Darrell Z. Grizzle
11 months ago

DVR Alert: Blast of Silence (1961), a recent addition (last year) to my list of favorite Christmas movies. It's one of the most darkly #existential films I’ve seen in a long while. The second-person voiceover narration takes every #filmnoir trope and throws it at you without mercy. I love the way the Christmas music gives way to the crime #jazz soundtrack at several points in the movie.
This Wednesday, Dec. 21, 2022, at 4:15 pm Eastern on #TCM #TurnerClassicMovies

Eggmont 🐘
1 year ago

#Existential angst is navel gazing through a metaphysical microscope.

As you grow, if you grow, you will find your now seemingly profound ramblings are not new nor particularly insightful except to you.

Infants find their own toes to be fascinating for awhile, too.

A list of #authors to pull self-absorbed angry young men out of the Slough of Despond:


Trevor Flowers
1 year ago

Ok, if I stay sentient to ~70yo then I have ~7k more days. What should I do with them? #existential

Matthew Hambrick
1 year ago

In a little while, I will have won
The battle will at once be done
Then I can rest in a hall of roses
and ceaselessly
speak with my Jesus.

"Halleluja! Jeg Har Min Jesus Fundet," 622, Danish Hymn Book

Written on Kierkegaard's grave.

#monday #hope #existential #kierkegaard #hymn #grave

3 years ago

#Australia urged to take in 3,000 Pacific Islanders each year to offset impact of #ClimateChange

The paper urges the Government to do more to help neighbouring countries, with several #Pacific #island nations facing an #existential #threat from rising sea levels.

#ClimateCrisis #SeaLevelRise

"What we do know is that because disasters are likely to increase, both their intensity and their frequency, it means that people's normal adaptation capacity is being almost overtaken," she told the ABC's Pacific Beat program. 
"Things are happening too quickly for them to be able to respond and avoid displacement altogether.