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children are coerced to work dangerous jobs for a pittance through extreme concerted economic warfare on the working class.
#Fascism #ChildLabor #Exploitation #KidsDying #USA #corruptgovernment #subhumanindustrialists #profitmotive #moneyisgod #capitalismisadeathcult

unofficial ZNet
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A flashback to 1937, as a reminder of the long history of #UAW

#union #satire #capitalism #exploitation #strike #history

a satirical conversation that exposes the exploitation of workers by those owning the means of production
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Billet de blog 💬 À qui profite l’Exil?

La journaliste finlandaise Taina Tervonen s’intéresse depuis longtemps aux #migrations et propose avec «À qui profite l’exil» le rassemblement de plusieurs reportages réalisés pour La Revue dessinée. Une remarquable synthèse qui fait le tour de la question de l’Europe, des frontières, des migrations et de l’#exploitation.

✏️ Par Sofiene Boumaza | En accès libre ›

À qui profite l'Exil ?

Express Scripts, f right off. No way I'm going to give you my personal medical data in your deranged "wellness" app. We've all talked about it. Please no one use these apps, especially related to women's health.

#Capitalism #Cops #Exploitation #Predation #Fascism #MedicalData

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Un article intéressant sur le mouvement social qui a lieu en ce moment chez #emmausfrance

Merci à @brouillonzero de suivre le mouvement depuis le début!

#racisme #exploitation

Janne M. Korhonen
4 days ago

In my view, #humanity is in the grip of a two-pronged problem:

1. unsustainable use of the #Earth and its resources
2. #technology constantly increases the powers of the few.

These processes feed each other: more powerful technologies enable more #exploitation, and exploitation increases pressures to compete with more powerful technologies.

As a result, the Earth-system's margins of safety erode, and cascading disasters become more likely by day.

5 days ago

Le livre 📖 est sorti en mai 2022, mais il mérite plus d’attention ❗
« La Machine est ton seigneur et ton maître » nous rappelle combien la fabrication de nos joujoux électroniques repose sur l’invisibilisation de travailleurs exploités chez Foxconn et ses usines de Chine 🇨🇳 et d’ailleurs…

#Livre #Foxconn #Smartphone #Apple #Chine #Exploitation #Travailleurs

Recension ⇒

Couverture du livre « La Machine est ton seigneur et ton maître » – Deuxième édition actualisée et augmentée, postface et traduction de l’anglais par Celia Izoard
Film Seizure
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Rob Zombie's Firefly family is here and we've got ourselves a really messed up grindhouse style horror film with House of 1000 Corpses on this week's Monster Mondays!

Listen now at

#podcast #MonsterMondays #RobZombie #SheriMoonZombie #horror #2000s #SidHaig #BillMoseley #exploitation #Houseof1000Corpses

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Ces petites mains humaines, précaires et exploitées qui rendent IA et robots plus intelligents

#IA #Exploitation

Une enquête de @bastamedia

"Le développement de l’IA se fait sur le dos d’une main-d’œuvre sous-payée, chargée de tâches répétitives pour entraîner les machines. Venus du monde entier, les récits de ces « microtravailleurs » racontent cette nouvelle précarité digitale."

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the greatest depression

In 1930, during the Great Depression, the average salary in the US was just under $5k. This is around $90k when adjusted for inflation. The average worker doesn't earn $90k. They earn less than half of that!
But, hey, at least we have Aquaman 2 coming out soon!

#greatdepression #impoverishment #greaterdepression #earnings #exploitation

Tim ☑️ 🔭🌃📷🚴🌳
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Loch Gynack: Landscape Exploitation

Nestling between the imaginatively named Creag Mor and Creag Bheag lies Loch Gynack, a shimmering pool of silver-blue on an overcast grey day.

All this could be 20m deep in Scots Pine. I wonder why it isn't?

Available as prints etc:

#scotland #photography #landscape #exploitation #environment #drone

Don't call it nature. It's a barren landscape exploited for human "gain". Biodiversity is limited to 3 kinds of tree, heather and bearberry/thyme in order that the rich can go shoot grouse. Maximum money, minimum nature, shortsightedness depicted. What do you benefit by owning the whole world if you lose the place's own soul?
1 week ago

Jann Wenner and Rolling Stone are boring racist old shit trying to exploit music and musicians, always has been... This is what white europeans do and will always do. They take stuff that doesn't belong to them. Then they mark it up and sell it. Just more capitalist bullshit #capitalism #racism #commercialism #slavery #exploitation #JannWenner #RollingStone #WhiteEuropeans #Europe

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We Are Not Just Polarized. We Are Traumatized.

The pandemic. The mass shootings. Insurrection. Trump. We've been through so much. What if our entire national character is a trauma response?

#politics #fear #manipulation #exploitation #corruption #mentalhealth #empire

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Eiffage va bien récupérer l’exploitation des ports de plaisance de Toulon

👉 La métropole va attribuer à l’industriel la concession d’exploitation de sept ports de plaisance de la rade. Le marché échappe à la CCI du Var, exploitante depuis 1971.

#toulon #port #exploitation #var

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In USA, in 2021, 24 children died injuries.

Working in a pig farm, paid 450$ for 3 months when she was 6, this happened in North Carolina.

#ChildLabour #Farming #Exploitation #usa #capitalism

A young girl from latin america witnesses on camera the way she began working in farms as young as 6 years old
Steve Dustcircle :rose:
1 week ago

Down With #Tipping!
The archaic practice is standing in the way of across-the-board reforms that are necessary to end the #exploitation of the industry’s #workforce.

1 week ago

Global Capitalism: A Resurging US Labor Movement [September 2023]

Global Capitalism Richard D. Wolff Wednesday, September 13, 2023 at 7:30 PM
#capitalism #exploitation #resistance #strikes #unionization #powershift

OpenAI made a thing, "But it was a difficult sell, as the app was also prone to blurting out violent, sexist and racist remarks." 😐

So what did they do?

OpenAI sent tens of thousands of snippets of text to an outsourcing firm in Kenya, beginning in November 2021. Much of that text appeared to have been pulled from the darkest recesses of the internet. Some of it described situations in graphic detail like child sexual abuse, bestiality, murder, suicide, torture, self harm, and incest.
""" 😬

Well, I guess someone has to view this shit so my doughy ass won't see anything shocking. Hopefully OpenAI paid these workers a generous rate for having to endure this mental abuse.

The data labelers employed by Sama on behalf of OpenAI were paid a take-home wage of between around $1.32 and $2 per hour
""" 😅

⚠️ Content warning time! ⚠️

One Sama worker tasked with reading and labeling text for OpenAI told TIME he suffered from recurring visions after reading a graphic description of a man having sex with a dog in the presence of a young child.
""" 🤮

"That was torture."

OpenAI signed three contracts worth about $200,000 in total with Sama in late 2021 to label textual descriptions of sexual abuse, hate speech, and violence. Around three dozen workers were split into three teams, one focusing on each subject.

[Workers] were expected to read and label between 150 and 250 passages of text per nine-hour shift

At least the workers got to choose. Do you want the sexual abuse, the hate speech, or a bit of the ol' ultra-violence today?

Then again, there are people who read Twitter for free.

An OpenAI spokesperson said ... that Sama was responsible for managing the payment and mental health provisions for employees. The spokesperson added: “we take the mental health of our employees and those of our contractors very seriously.
""" 🤥

But not seriously enough to do anything about it. They just kick the can of responsibility down the road and act shocked when they get caught.

Oh, it gets worse. Read the full article if you want to lose some more faith in humanity.


#CW #AI #OpenAI #Abuse #FuckCapitalism #Exploitation #Outsourcing #HateSpeech #StartupLife #CorporateEthics #UnEthicalAI #EthicalAI

See also:

2 weeks ago

What Jeep Doesn’t Want You to Know

Jeep relies on an army of temp workers who make half the rate of full-time employees, despite doing the same jobs. Some have been “temporary” for 5.5 years. If Jeep doesn’t offer a path to full-time status, thousands of auto workers could strike this week.
#Jeep #tempworkers #exploitation #profit #communitydestroyer #classwar #greed

John Colagioia
2 weeks ago

‘Facebook’s contractor forced me to work alongside my rapist’

She was taken to a hospital chosen by Sama’s in-house counselor. Once there, the counselor handled all the paperwork. Mandi claims Sama was trying to control everything and keep a lid on the rape.

#Facebook #Moderation #Exploitation

A dark-skinned face (nostrils to chin), with masking tape in an X-shape over the mouth, branded with Facebook's F as if scribbled on in marker
2 weeks ago


Mega Yachts and False Flags: Unmasking the Super Rich's Offshore Secrets

We’re on the high seas of the offshore world. Why are people – that is, rich people – throwing up flags for the wrong countries on their damn boats and how does this help them get richer and avoid rules (like, say, paying people and being held responsible for major ecological disasters)? How are countries capturing luxurious boats secretly owned by Russian oligarchs?
#Rich #ClassWar #theft #enablers #exploitation #secrets

A colleague of mine gave me this link yesterday:
I have tested a bitm and It does seem to be true that FSOP is possible again with GLIBC 2.35. No mitigation available yet.
The method requires strong primitives which are not seen too often (multiple arb. writes, libc leak and libc read), but it is possible.
I suspect that it will only be a matter of time before an easier method will be found.

#binexp #glibc #exploitation #infosec #fsop

Autonomie und Solidarität
2 weeks ago

Super Apps Are Terrible for People—and Great for Companies
"Apps that offer to "do it all" will subject users to even more exploitation and surveillance, while large tech companies profit."

#App #Surveillance #Technology #Capitalism #exploitation #Antireport #Privacy #Data #Musk

Natalie Sedacca
2 weeks ago

Rather than being human-free machine learning, AI technology “relies on the labour-intensive efforts of a workforce spread across much of the global south and often subject to exploitation” with around 2 million workers in Philippines “digital sweatshops”

#AI #WorkersRights #Exploitation #GlobalSouth

OutOfExile_IDR § Voice ®™️
3 weeks ago

Federally Sanctioned Exploitation Of Workers with Disabilities – Happy Labor Day:

On this Labor Day, Out Of Exile – Invisible Disability Rights gives thanks and honor to workers and the unions that protect them. Without unions, the experience of many workers may be similar to that of the disabled. This piece will focus on the exploitation and abuse of disabled workers by employers , and how it's perfectly legal under federal and state laws in the US. Section 14(c) of the US Department of Labor's "Fair Standards And Labor Act" (FSLA), has been virtually unchanged since it was enacted in 1938. Under the almost century old regulation, employers can apply for a certificate which allows them to pay workers with disabilities, an unspecified subminimum wage.

The average sub wage and the number of disabled people seemingly exploited by this legislation, seems to vary among the sources linked below. By any account, even one person with disabilities being preyed upon in this way, is far too many. The wages are inhumane. A 2021 Forbes article claims over 320,000 people with disabilities, the majority with invisible disabilities, earn an average of $3.34 an hour. A previous Forbes article put the figures in excess of 420,000 people being paid as little as $2.15, while others cite drastically lower wages. Some organizations like Goodwill, form their own "sheltered workshops", determining their own limits on sub wages for their disabled workers. There seems to be no bottom limit on how little individuals with invisible disabilities can be paid.

"The non-profits use “time studies” to calculate the salaries of Section 14 (c) workers. With a stopwatch, staff members time how long it takes a disabled worker to complete a task. That time is compared with how long it would take a person without a disability to do the same task. The non-profit then applies a formula to calculate a rate of pay, which may be equal to or less than minimum wage".

A decade ago, NBC reported that Goodwill industries, presumably by authority of their DOL "Section 14(c) certificate", paid disabled workers twenty-two cents an hour. The report claims that some were paid as little as three or four cents an hour. Think about paying your bills 10 years ago on a wage like this. Some nonprofits, even place Section 14(c) workers in outside, for-profit endeavors in restaurants, stores and even, "IRS centers". That sounds more like calculated exploitation, rather than accommodation and equality. Though the "NBC-Goodwill" article and figures are old, the problem is older and still continues today.

The theory of sheltered workshops is to prepare individuals with disabilities to transition to outside employment. In Missouri, disabled workers packaging T-shirts or sorting and counting dog treats to be sold for profit on Amazon, rarely "graduate" these workshops into regular paying jobs. Pay for sorting the $15 Amazon dog treats? $1.50 an hour while Jeff Bezos builds rocket ships. The title of the recent ProPublica article linked below, says it all. "Missouri Allows Some Disabled Workers to Earn Less Than One Dollar and Hour. The State Says It's Fine If That Never Changes". I say, show me change in the Show-Me state and across the country.

In a follow-up to that story by ProPublica, some participants of sheltered workshops said they approved, saying the alternative is to sit at home and do nothing. Are these opinion formed as a result of gas lighting or years of oppression accepted as "just the way it is"? It's time for new attitudes and alternatives for the disabled community when it comes to wages and employment. In some states, now there are.

About 16 states have changed or passed laws regarding disability subminimum wage exploitation but, nothing to speak of federally. A three year old press release from the National Council on Disability that "Applauded the US commission on civil rights call to repeal section 14(c)", seems to be the sum of that effort. Other states have actions in progress including: Connecticut, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York. If you live in any of these states, now's the time for activism and to let your representatives know how you feel. Follow the ""legislation watch" APSE link to track progress. The Alternative? Similar actions introduced in Kentucky and West Virginia died in committee allowing this despicable injustice against disabled people in those states to continue. Change is up to everyone. What will you do to help stop the exploitation and abuse?

OutOfExile_IDR © 2023

"Subminimum Wage: ...Why It Needs to End" – World Institute on Disability (WID):

"Missouri Allows Some Disabled Workers to Earn Less Than a Dollar an Hour…" – ProPublica:

More disabled workers paid just pennies in our – NBC:

"Paying Disabled People Less Than Minimum Wage: The Next Frontier for Disability Activism" – Forbes:

Some in Missouri approve of sheltered workshops:

Where Does Your States Stand – APSE:

NCD applauds USCCR:

#DisabilityEconomicJustice #LaborDay #disability #wages #equality #change #exploitation #DisabilitySolidarity #union #InvisibleDisabilityRights #unite #UnionStrong
@disability @disabilityjustice

Photo of disability activists protesting subminimum wage regulations. Numerous individuals with disabilities including several wheelchair user's in the forefront of the image, demonstrate as one is holding a sign that reads: "IT'S A CIVIL RIGHT".
3 weeks ago


Richard Wolff: How You Are Being Exploited

At the very heart of capitalism is a system of exploitation. That is not a pejorative label: it’s an objective definition of what work actually means. In order for capitalists to make a profit, their workers have to earn less than the value they produce, and that extra value has to go to their bosses. You’re being robbed – and it’s the system called capitalism that’s doing it. Professor Richard Wolff, the Founder of Democracy at Work, explains.

#RichardWolff #How #you #are #being #exploited #profit #is #exploitation #culture #universal #capitalism

Queer Satanic
4 weeks ago

But the more immediate problem is that it encourages members and lay supporters to prove their sincerity and commitment to #TheSatanicTemple by being on the lookout for “fake members,” who need only be identified by whether they have criticism about TST itself and are willing to speak up on it.

And what happens when that “negative commentary” is firsthand experience with #abuse, #exploitation, #harassment, or other harm within The Satanic Temple?

It's not like any organization is immune to it.

Caro S.
1 month ago

My cooking listen this evening: Work Isn’t Fulfilling Because Capitalism Is a Death March, a Movement Memos #podcast where @MsKellyMHayes speaks with Sarah Jaffe "about the manipulation, surveillance and criminalization of workers under capitalism, and what we can do about it."

#labor #work #CapitalismKills #labour #exploitation

Citizens of #Ecuador voted this week to halt the development of oil drilling in the #Yasuní national park in the #Amazon, the Guardian reported.

In what Climate Home News described as a “first of its kind” referendum, the Ecuadorian public voted 59%-41% to #ban #oil #exploitation in “one of the largest biodiversity hotspots on the planet”, which is “home to Indigenous people in voluntary isolation”.

OIL STAY PUT: The result will require #Petroecuador, Ecuador’s state-owned oil company, to close all of its active oil wells and remove all infrastructure from a portion of the national park within a year, reported Axios.

Petroecuador produces nearly 60,000 barrels a day from its current operations in the park, noted the Hill.

The advocacy group Amazon Watch said the decision would “permanently keep an estimated 1bn barrels of oil in the ground”.


The Spanish-language online magazine Climática reported that ethnic groups #Waorani, #Kichwa and #Shuar considered the referendum a victory and campaigners said that it was the first time Ecuador had “decided to defend life and leave the oil in the ground”.

Brazil’s civil-society organisations said they expected their country to follow Ecuador’s example, Brazilian newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo reported.

Aral Balkan
1 month ago

Hey, thanks to you and a billion other people whose work we’ve scraped and used for free, we now have a billion dollar company.

Ah, that’s great, so I guess we can scrape your work too and use it for free?

Fuck no! What are you, a communist?

#artificialIntelligence #ai #machineLearning #ml #llm #SiliconValley #extraction #exploitation #SurveillanceCapitalism #PeopleFarming

Amadeus Paulussen
1 month ago

Have you heard of the "Wörgler Schwundgeld" experiment? I believe that a #transformation of the #money system in modern #society could solve a number of #problems related to #poverty, #wealth, #economy, #globalization and #capitalism.
Partly because with this kind of #currency it would not be tempting for some to become #greedy #hoarders of money. 🫣
I believe that much of the #exploitation of #humans, #animals and #nature today stems from this #grief.

Harry Sintonen
1 month ago

I had a command injection vulnerability, but the target system didn't have netcat or other (obvious) means of getting a reverse shell. What to do? I wrote a minuscule "nc -e /bin/sh" in C + mips assembly, then wrote a small JavaScript stager that would encode the binary to a "echo -ne 'payload'" command that would then be used to drop the binary to /tmp, chmod it and execute with desired ip address and port. The nanonc tool supports both listen and connect back modes. The code calls linux kernel directly, doesn't use libc at all and has a custom startup code. The (low effort) stripped mipsel binary was 1372 bytes. I'm sure it could be made way way smaller, but this was well within reason already.

Was this total overkill and wholly unnecessary amount of work just to exploit this vulnerability? Yes. Did I learn a lot about mips platform, mips calling conventions and how to create tiny apps calling the linux kernel directly? Oh yes. #infosec #hacking #exploitation #tooling #reverseshell

readelf -e output of the stripped down nanonc for mipsel
nanonc minimal startup code with support for argc and argv.
Part of the nanonc main application.
Partial nanonc syscallhack.h showing the method of implementing wrappers for libc calls. In this screenshot only fork(2) implementation is visible.
Marco Ivaldi
1 month ago

I missed the exact date of the anniversary, but I've just noticed today that it's been #20years since I've got my first #CVE (actually it was a "CAN" back then).

The exploit is #25 on @exploitdb 😜​

Time flies when you're having fun!

#vulnerability #research #exploitation

Jo Jitsu
1 month ago

Wow. Watching this and for fans of Love Is Blind & Reality TV the sets sounds just horrendous.Completely abusive conditions. And it looks like Netflix committed tax fraud around this as well.


#RealityTV #LoveIsBlind #Strike #WorkersRights #SAGAFTRA #netflix #exploitation #union #lawsuit

Next up, do we get to undo the damage we've done and are doing? If not, then are we really addressing fascism? (2/2)

#Colonization #Exploitation #Fascism #ManyFaces #UsToo

Let's say all our dreams come true and we manage to corral fascism in the US. What next? Turns out we've been dealing out fascism and exploitation for centuries in the global south. Slavery, IMF, trade deals (NAFTA, CAFTA, etc.), right-wing coups, invasions. This is a bipartisan project. The results are obvs devastating. People fleeing economic, social, and political destruction. (1/2)

#Colonization #Exploitation #Fascism #ManyFaces

“You agree to grant and hereby grant Zoom a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sublicensable, and transferable license and all other rights required or necessary to (…) perform all acts, including AI and ML training and testing.” #digitallabor #ai #exploitation #data #privacy

Marco Ivaldi
2 months ago

In mid-2022, #ProjectZero was provided with access to pre-production hardware implementing the #ARM #MTE specification. This blog post series is based on that review, and includes general conclusions about the effectiveness of MTE as implemented, specifically in the context of preventing the #exploitation of memory-safety #vulnerabilities.

2 months ago

Had a dream last night where dead birds were dropping from the sky.

Woke up and remembered that in this timeline, this is reality now.

Yet most don't even blink twice.

Not when the sea boils.

Not when entire islands burn.

Not when people drown in the sea just because someone decided they can't relocate in a safe way.

Not when the poor, the disabled, the marginalized are dying from preventable diseases.

Not when no regulations or control of private ownership actually works.

Not when the bees die.

Not when wars escalate, wars that uphold oppression.

Not when fascist start to dictate the lives of everyone.

Not when birds die. This is the one we have written songs about, yet nothing.

When did apathy become the most popular solution to *points at everything? (This is a rhetorical question)

How has everyone forgotten where the power is, where is our #classconsciousness?

We, the people, can turn this ship around.

#ClimateCrisis #pandemic #capitalism #exploitation #FightBack

Bill Orcutt
2 months ago

@TCatInReality @GottaLaff

OccuWorld @OccuWorld

Anti-Intellectualism Is Killing America

Social dysfunction can be traced to the abandonment of reason.

Key Points
* Ignorance, or an aversion to reason, has allowed things like gun violence and racism to define American culture.
* Anti-intellectual societies fall prey to tribalism and simplistic explanations, are emotionally immature, and often seek violent solutions.
* Corporate interests encourage anti-intellectualism, conditioning Americans into conformity and passive acceptance of institutional dominance.

#chatteleconomy #socialmanipulation #classwar #psychologicalwarfare #indirectplutocracy #publicassault #exploitation #theft #control #corporatism #dystopia

Grateful Dread
2 months ago

Family of #HenriettaLacks FINALLY compensated, 7 decades later, for having her cells stolen to save mostly white lives (scientists never thought to help or inform her Black relatives) via one of the cruelest, most intimately dehumanizing forms of #whitesupremacist theft: #medicalracism. The US is HIDEOUS. #PlantationNation #Exploitation #JohnsHopkins #Baltimore #Maeyland #md

Aral Balkan
2 months ago

Silicon Valley has just one service they sell, available to the highest bidder: exploitation.

It might look like a phone, a laptop, a social network, or even a car but it’s always just the same thing, decorated differently: a mechanism by which to addict you, extract value from you, and exploit you for profit.

#design #decoration #SiliconValley #extractivism #exploitation #PeopleFarming #BigTech #VentureCapital #VC #surveillance #capitalism #humanRights #democracy

Natalie Sedacca
2 months ago

The number of modern slavery cases reported within the UK care industry has more than doubled in the past year.

A woman who came on a care work visa states when she complained about working for up to 20 hours per day for as little as £2 per hour, the company threatened to stop her work and cancel her visa - classic example of employer-led visa fuelling exploitation

#CareWork #Migration #MigrantsRights #MigrantWorkers #Exploitation #ModernSlavery

Natalie Sedacca
2 months ago

The Illegal Migration Act will dismantle modern slavery protections for thousands of people, based on un-evidenced claims of abuse of the system, leaving more migrants in precarious and exploitative situations given risks of speaking out

#Migration #MigrantsRights #humanrights #Exploitation #ModernSlavery

Natalie Sedacca
2 months ago

Increases in visa fees & immigration health surcharge will exacerbate migrant workers’ debt and reliance on their employers, with the risk of becoming irregular if high costs aren’t repeatedly met. This stands to drive many into exploitative work without protection

#Migration #MigrantsRights #ForcedLabour #Exploitation #Debt

Matthew Graybosch
2 months ago

Hi, @searls. Since you linked to an old Medlum post of mine in your @testdouble blog, I checked out the archived version.

I must have been really drunk when I bashed that out. It's got dropped words and typos everywhere. Nevertheless, I meant it and I stand by it, so I've posted a cleaned up version.…

Here's a fresh archive link you can use if you want.

#programming #coding #burnout #exploitation #passion #work #tech

Aral Balkan
2 months ago

Folks: why do you hate capitalism so much?

Meanwhile, capitalism: You shouldn’t have a place to live or be able to exist unless you mine people or the planet for profit.

#capitalism #extraction #exploitation #profit

Ricardo Harvin
2 months ago

#NeptuneFrost is amazing! A #dream, beautiful, blunt, and #surreal, touching on universal topics of #gender, #politics, #exploitation, #oppression, #economics, #technology, #love, #resistance, and more.

Great #cinematography, #primal #electronic #soundtrack, #poetic, #lyrical, razor sharp, #writing, stunning #costumes and #SetDesign combine to create something new in #cinema.

Why isn't this everywhere in #Nonbinary, #Trans, #Genderqueer, #Intersex, and other #communities?


2 months ago

#Capitalism is a cancer, and the deeper you dive into the rabbit hole, the more deception, lies, and ploys do you find at the core of the system that dominates our modern world. Recently I stumbled upon this great research paper of Dylan Sullivan and Jason Hickel (@jasonhickel), called "Capitalism and extreme poverty: A global analysis of real wages, human height, and mortality since the long 16th century"
(You can read the full paper here:

These two gentlemen methodically and rationally take apart the entire hoax about #capitalism having historically improved living standards for the people under its influence, demasking it as a blatant lie.


"As for the impact of capitalism on human welfare: data on wages, human height and mortality indicate that the rise and expansion of the capitalist world-system from circa 1500 caused a decline in nutritional standards and health outcomes. Recovery from this prolonged condition of crisis occurred only recently: the late 19th century in Northwest Europe and the mid-20th century in the periphery.

If one starts from the assumption that extreme poverty is the natural state of humanity, then it may appear as good news that only a fraction of the global population lives in extreme poverty today. However, if extreme poverty is a sign of severe social dislocation, relatively rare under normal conditions, then it should concern us that - despite many instances of progress since the middle of the 20th century - such dislocation remains so prevalent under contemporary capitalism. Depending on the subsistence basket one uses to measure poverty, as of 2008, between 200 million and 1.21 billion people live in extreme poverty[...]."


As the paper proves and going by many other indicators and research done on #capitalism, the system doesn't view poverty as problem to be solved, but rather as a desired state of people and countries.

#Colonialism (now #neocolonialism) was built on the premise of a few rich and powerful exploiting aborigines and their land to enrich themselves while catering to a lowly and vulgar superiority complex. This continues all the way into modern times, where colonialists (now in the shape of multi-national corporations) extort resources from economically-weaker countries to feed their shareholders. For colonialism poverty plays a key role to keep the local population on a tight leash. After all, those who struggle to make a living have no time to think of rising against their oppressors, right?

But, this isn't limited to international relations either.

Take the US, the land of the free which embraces the capitalist mindset the most, for example (of course the same applies to all other capitalist countries but sadly the US is furthest down the line when it comes to implementing the worst aspects of capitalism).

Here you have companies artificially keeping a certain percentage of citizens poor because those people can then be used as leverage against the working citizens. #Poverty is being weaponized as a threat and as a state to be frowned upon. But, because of the social shunning and capitalist outlet labeling poverty as proof of "laziness", the 38 million poor Americans (figure according to US Government for 2021) cannot fight back. They're busy trying to survive. In a land that can fork over 900 billion dollars for its annual defense budget.
And to make clear that the US isn't an outlier with this either, Germany (my current homeland) has 17 million poor people (according to the Paritätische Sozialverband) - a country that has no problem spending billions to subsidize big corporations during Covid.

As such, you can see that capitalists and the governments steered by them have no interest in resolving the issue of poverty. Instead, they artificially create it to use it as a tool to extort ever more money from other countries and their own citizens.

Thanks for reading all the way to the end. I feel addressing poverty is a very important topic because the poor (of which I used to be part at some points of my life) don't have enough of a voice in media, politics, or anywhere else.

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2 months ago

Even the $80,000/year is peanuts in many parts of the U.S. In San Francisco, with a family of 3, you'd still be eligible for "low income" housing.

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Job interview. Bosses, "The starting pay is $40,000. Later it can go up to $80,000." Interviewee says, "Ok, I''ll start later then."

#Solidarity #Economics

How do we transform #societal structures and pave the way to #economic #democracy?
Professor Jessica Gordon-Nembhard explores the potential of #cooperatives and #solidarityeconomics as pathways towards #economicdemocracy and #justice. Nembhard demonstrates how cooperative economics can counteract the #exploitation inherent in #capitalist systems.

Tucker Teague
3 months ago


I had heard of this famous 1960 documentary about migrant farm workers in the US, but I had not seen it until now.

Very powerful and moving.

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Karthik Srinivasan
3 months ago

A must-read on the humans that make AIs work!

"Consequently, there are no granular estimates of the number of people who work in annotation, but it is a lot, and it is growing. A recent Google Research paper gave an order-of-magnitude figure of “millions” with the potential to become “billions.”"

hmmmm... maybe I am an idiot who doesn't understand technology, automation, or intelligence, but this sounds a lot more like capitalism to me:

"Put another way, ChatGPT seems so human because it was trained by an AI that was mimicking humans who were rating an AI that was mimicking humans who were pretending to be a better version of an AI that was trained on human writing."

"... a recent paper found that GPT-4-trained models may be learning to mimic GPT’s authoritative style with even less accuracy, and so far, when improvements in AI have made one form of annotation obsolete, demand for other, more sophisticated types of labeling has gone up."

“I remember that someone posted that we will be remembered in the future,” he said. “And somebody else replied, ‘We are being treated worse than foot soldiers. We will be remembered nowhere in the future.’ I remember that very well. Nobody will recognize the work we did or the effort we put in.”

"Rather than let their skills go to waste, other taskers decided to chase the work wherever it went. They rented proxy servers to disguise their locations and bought fake IDs to pass security checks so they could pretend to work from Singapore, the Netherlands, Mississippi, or wherever the tasks were flowing"

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Kyle Memoir
3 months ago


No one should be boosting this unless they’re shopping locally and using #amazon only with great reluctance and only when there is absolutely no other viable source.

Otherwise, you’re just a massive fucking hypocrite and just as culpable.

Let’s not pretend this is some surprise or that it’s unexpected.

We know how these companies work.

It’s called #exploitation.

Antti Peltola
4 months ago

Real estate moguls need their money. Our duty is to serve the system even if that system is exploitative.

The system has centrally planned that we travel to work from an overpriced housing and that we buy that sandwich on lunch time in the #City.

I call this #Gosplan 2.0.

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Ingo Schramm
4 months ago

The "#AI" fraud is on par with the "#Mars" fraud.

Nothing of this is necessary or even helpful to solve the real problems of humanity, like #climatecrisis, #hunger, #war, #exploitation, #authoritarianism etc.

But it is *sold* as a solution, first of all to investors. And the main pressure to buy comes from an ideologically distorted extinction threat.