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#Russia: Supreme Court Bans “#LGBT Movement” as “#Extremist

#Russian LGBT Community in Dire Need of International Support

November 30, 2023

(Berlin) – "Russia’s Supreme Court ruled today that the 'international LGBT movement' is an 'extremist organization,' jeopardizing all forms of LGBT rights #activism in the country, Human Rights Watch said today.

"In a closed hearing, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Justice Ministry’s lawsuit accusing the 'LGBT movement' of inciting social and religious discord. Russian authorities should immediately end this perverse persecution of LGBT people and concerned countries should support LGBT people and their advocates facing extreme risks and persecution in Russia.

"'The authorities’ move apparently serves a dual purpose,' said Tanya Lokshina, associate Europe and Central Asia director at Human Rights Watch. 'It is meant to increase the #scapegoating of LGBT people to appeal to the #Kremlin’s conservative supporters before the March 2024 presidential vote and to paralyze the work of rights groups countering discrimination and supporting LGBT people.'

"Under Russian criminal law, participating in or financing an extremist organization is punishable by up to 12 years in prison. A person found guilty of displaying such groups’ symbols faces up to 15 days in detention for the first offense and up to four years in prison for a repeat offense. The authorities may include individuals suspected of involvement with an extremist organization in the countrywide 'list of #extremists' and freeze their bank accounts. People deemed to be involved with an extremist organization are barred from running for public office.

"In a November 28 submission to the Supreme Court, seven prominent Russian rights groups said that a decision to support the Justice Ministry’s lawsuit would be discriminatory and violate a wide range of rights. Since the organization the government sought to outlaw, the 'International LGBT Movement,' does not exist, human rights defenders fear that the ruling will allow the authorities to arbitrarily prosecute anyone for any activities related to LGBT rights.

"Russian authorities have long misused Russia’s broad and vague anti-extremism legislation to prosecute #peaceful critics. In 2021, the Moscow City Court banned three groups affiliated with leading opposition figure #AlexeyNavalny as extremist. The authorities then brought new charges against the already imprisoned politician, accusing him of organizing an “extremist community” and inciting extremist activities, which resulted in an additional 19-year sentence.

"At least four #Navalny supporters were sentenced to prison on a range of #extremism charges. Dozens of his supporters across the country were fined and arrested over old social media posts mentioning his anti-corruption work and other projects.

"Additionally, for over a decade, Russian authorities have exploited Russia’s pernicious 'gay propaganda' law to target LGBT people and activists. In December 2022, the parliament toughened the 2013 'gay propaganda' ban by extending it to cover all public information or activities supporting LGBT rights or displaying non-heterosexual orientation.

"The legislation does not provide any exclusion for art, scientific studies, or education and perpetuates a false and damaging messaging that tries to link LGBT people with pedophiles, repeatedly referring to 'propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations and/or preferences, pedophilia, and sex change.'

"On November 13, during the fourth Universal Periodic Review of Russia’s human rights record at the United Nations Human Rights Council, Andrey Loginov, Russia’s deputy justice minister, claimed that there is no discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity in Russia because the prohibition of discrimination is enshrined in the constitution. At the same time, he described 'gay propaganda' as “alien to spiritual and moral values of our multiethnic and the polyconfessional Russian society.'

"Since 2021, after lawmakers included a ban on same-sex marriage in Russia’s constitution, authorities have designated 17 LGBT organizations as 'foreign agents,' a term that in Russian has connotations of spying and engaging in sabotage. This designation subjects the groups to a range of stifling and stigmatizing requirements.

Earlier in 2023, Russia’s parliament adopted legislation that violates a wide range of transgender people’s rights. It bans health care needed by trans people, changing gender markers in official documents, and dissolving marriages of trans people. It also prevents trans people from adopting or taking guardianship over children.

"With Russian LGBT rights organizations and activists already in jeopardy and the risk of prosecution exacerbated by the Supreme Court’s “extremism” ruling, countries around the world should provide safe haven to those forced to flee Russia in the face of criminal prosecution or other grave threats, Human Rights Watch said.

"Other countries, and the European Union member states in particular, given their geographic proximity, should also enable activists who continue LGBT rights work in Russia to obtain long-term visas in case of emergency or to attend international events and meetings with colleagues, along with providing other support to Russian LGBT rights activists working inside Russia or from abroad.

"'The assault on LGBT rights has become a symbol of Russia’s rejection of universal human rights, as the government positions Russia as the defender of so-called traditional values in opposition to ‘the collective West,' Lokshina said. 'Russian LGBT people need support now more than ever.'"

#LGBTQ #TransRights #GayRights #Fascism #HumanRights

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“It’s a strange alliance that has run its course,” said Israeli historian Adam Raz, who has made a study of the relationship between the prime minister and the militant group. “Hamas will not be the government of Gaza. And I think we can assume that Netanyahu is nearing the end of his political career.” #Hamas #Netanyahu #Israel #terrorism #extremists #EthnicCleansing #genocide #warcrimes #CrimesAgainstHumanity

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'Think you’re not an extremist? Think again, those of you who mock Tory MPs'

'Cruella Braverman’s last batch of anti-protest laws already made it illegal to SAY you don’t like the government (in any numbers or any volume, at least); these proposed new laws will make it illegal to even think mean thoughts about them.'

#protest #democracy #FreedomOfSpeech #Tories #Conservatives #Conservative #UK #extremists #politics #SuellaBraverman

Marco van der Heide
1 week ago

Slap in my face, stupid Dutchies vote for extreme right. Putin is happy, his plan worked.

No money for climate crisis
No money for refugees
No money for Europe
Islam is going to be forbidden

I’m ashamed for being Dutch.

Good night, trying to get some sleep.

#ClimateDenial #Refugees #PVV #extremists

#Maga_cult #MagaMike Johnson insurrectionist and chief whip for defendant Donald Trump

This is the House speaker, #magaMike has to go. This type of extremism has no place in public office.

He tried to steal our election. Refused to answers question about his efforts to steal our election.

“Mr. Johnson,” she began, “you helped lead the effort to overturn the 2020 election results —”

Johnson began shaking his head, a disappointed look on his face. His colleagues around him began to groan.

“ — do you stand by—” Scott continued, but by then the conference members had decided that no such line of questioning would be allowed.

Loud boos. Steve Scalise (R-La.) laughed. Republicans would not answer. Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.) told Scott to “shut up” more than once.

Republicans: no such line of questioning would be allowed.

#autocrats #fascism #extremists

Paranoid Factoid
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Heidi Cuda @HeidiCuda posted an interview with #propaganda journalist Peter Pomerantsev. He wrote the book, *Nothing is True and Everything is Possible *about tactics of #RussianPropaganda.

He makes the commonly understood point, #Russia plays to both extremes. In #Europe, it's inciting both migrant immigrants and far-right anti-immigrant #extremists. In #USA, it's #MAGA and far-left anti-war #tankies. A #chaos strategy.

His proposed messaging to MAGA is very smart:👇

David O'Brien
1 week ago

「Nasty business: Jewish companies weather #boycott campaign

[...] anti-#Israel #extremists in #SouthAfrica chose to target #Jewish-owned businesses in November 2023.

[...] they vandalised stores, threatened Jewish businesses via anonymous phone calls and social media, and attempted to create a reign of #terror


A woman called to say, “You Jews are filth and scum. We need to wipe you out. We know you live in a Jewish area,” recalls Sarah.」


2 weeks ago

“Aside from his own rhetoric, #Musk has opened the floodgates to hateful #content by reversing bans on anti-Muslim #bigots, #WhiteNationalists, & #antisemites. His company has also financially rewarded #extremists, including apparently paying $3k to a pro-#Hitler & #Holocaust denial account through X’s ad revenue sharing program. (Even after criticism, #X has not suspended that openly #antisemitic account, which has nearly 100k followers.)”

#ElonMusk #antisemitism #birdsite #twitter

Dr. Steve Thompson
2 weeks ago

"Man Who Attacked Paul Pelosi Says He Was Radicalized by Gamergate"

"The man told jurors he spent hours listening to far-right podcasts before breaking into the Pelosi home and attacking the then-Speaker’s husband with a hammer."

#gamergate #pelosi #extremists

Yusuf Toropov
2 weeks ago


#MTG sent a letter to her constituents tonight to humiliate the 8 #GOPHouse members who wouldn't vote for her stupid articles of impeachment against #Mayorkas. As if their constituents were as dumb as hers.

The economy and inflation must not be as bad as #Republicans say. These #GOP #extremists have plenty of time to play games in #Congress.

#Democrats #DemocratsAbroad #BidenHarris2024

Marjorie Taylor Greene: 8 Republicans Just Joined Democrats to KILL My Articles of Impeachment Against Mayorkas 

Tonight, 8 Republicans joined Democrats to KILL my Articles of Impeachment against Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas Here are the Republicans who voted to KILL my articles to impeach Secretary Mayorkas: 
1. Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) 
2. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) 
3. Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) 
4. Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC) 
5. Rep. John Duarte (R-CA) 
6. Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC) 
7. Rep. Cliff Bentz (R-OR) 
8. Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH) Immediately after tonight's disappointing vote, | went live directly to my constituents to discuss where we're at and how I'll be moving forward.
3 weeks ago

There wasn’t much to remember about Tim Scott’s sad, lackluster campaign that lit millions of dollars on fire to not even make it to Iowa. We know his constituents must be glad to know there’s one less excuse for the Senator to miss yet another vote.- DNC spokes.
#GQP #GOP #Republican #extremists #national #abortion #ban #gut #SocialSecurity #Medicare #TimScott2024 #LOL #lit #millions of #dollars on #fire #campaign #quit #presidential #election #Biden2024 or #fascist #rule #fascism #regime

SubtleBlade ⚔️
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'Hello, #MichaelGove? I’d like to report a gang of #extremists who are undermining #BritishValues

Destroying national morale, attacking #democracy, inciting #hatred … By its own definition, this government is so extreme it should be reported to itself.'

3 weeks ago

#UK's #conservative hardliner Home Secretary Suella #Braverman sparks furor saying “there is a #perception that senior police officers play favorites when it comes to #protesters"

She called #Gaza #ceaseFire demonstrations “an assertion of primacy” by #Islamic #extremists, in apparent reference to demonstrations by #Irish #Republican groups.

She's not the only one trying to drag #IRA into #Gaza.

A #Scottish gentleman tried to do the same earlier today in my timeline.

Steve :verified:
4 weeks ago

GB News Gets Owned By Journalist Michael Crick!

#GBNews #FarRightBullShit #Extremists

4 weeks ago
As if dealing with terrorists and pro-Hamas supporters isn’t enough, we also have to deal with our extremist government ministers intent on both undermining our moral position in this war and inflaming our own radicals

Not A Bird
4 weeks ago

@TCatInReality When most of #media platforms are consolidated by big companies, they are ripe for being taken over by rich people with agendas. This is getting gloomier by the day.
Yet, the right's playbook of screaming bloody murder, while doing the murdering will continue. They have been complaining of biased media, while enjoying all kinds of #bothsidesism and normalization of #extremists.

4 weeks ago

If you have an ideology that promotes radical change in the #UK's governmental system, you MIGHT BE an #Extremists:

#Extremism is the promotion or advancement of any ideology which aims to overturn or undermine the UK’s system of parliamentary democracy, its institutions and values,” the document says... ...Civil rights groups have warned the move would “criminalise dissent”"

'#Israel-#Palestinian war: UK seeks to brand anyone who ‘undermines’ country as extremist'

1 month ago

During a Trip to Israel, #Johnson Connected With Far-Right Extremists

first major initiative as GOP House speaker, Mike Johnson pushed through a bill to provide $14 billion “#Israel doesn’t need a cease-fire,” he declared before the vote. “It needs its allies to…deliver support now.” As the legislation heads to the Senate, it’s an appropriate moment to look back at a 2020 trip Johnson took to Israel, where he hobnobbed with #far-right #extremists.


Speaker Mike Johnson
1 month ago

A Prayer, Chant and Protest Song: Faith Communities Must Resist Their #Extremists

by Sunita Viswanath, 30/Oct/2023

"It has been 23 days since the #Hamas attack that took at least 1300 #Jewish lives, and since then, more than 8,000 #Palestinian lives have been taken by #Israeli bombs. Half of them are children. The United States, along with many world powers, have given #Israel their blessing to 'defend' themselves against Hamas by bombing Palestinian civilians indiscriminately.

"In fact, the blessing of the #US has come in the form of over $ 3.3 billion a year ($ 370 billion dollars since 1948.

"The US is now proposing to send $ 14.3 billion more in military aid.

"I am a #Hindu American living in New York City, and my husband Stephan Shaw is a #JewishAmerican. We are active in Jewish Voice For Peace and Hindus For #HumanRights, both activating faith communities to take on their respective extremists. While we see an increasing alignment of #WhiteNationalism in the United States, #Zionism in Israel, and #Hindutva in the Indian context, my husband and I are part of inclusive movements of people working together in diverse coalitions for justice for all.

"One of the chants that echoed through Grand Central Station was, 'Never again for anyone, never again is now.' This, for us, is the most basic lesson of the Holocaust that many Jews seem to have forgotten.

"My pain as a #Hindu has been that Hinduism has been hijacked by #HinduSupremacists, led by the likes of #NarendraModi and #Adityanath. They are entrenching the Hindu community in #India and abroad with a false sense of victimhood and danger from our #Muslim siblings, and increasing #Islamophobic sentiment. Under the current regime, India is being transformed into a Hindu rashtra (nation) where Muslims and other religious minorities are neither welcome nor safe. Protesting with thousands of Jews calling for a ceasefire in #Gaza made me dream of a day when thousands – or even hundreds – of Hindus will gather to say ‘not in my name’ to violence committed by Hindu #supremacists."

Full article:

#JVP #JewishVoiceForPeace #HindusForHumanRights #ReligiousExtremism #ReligiousFascism #IsraelPalestineConflict

1 month ago

Here's a perfect example of a bullshit article. The #headline makes the claim that "The Internet™" backs #MarkLevin in his criticism of Judge Tanya #Chutkan reinstating the #gagorder on #Trump. But when you read the article, it's clear that "The Internet™" is comprised of #rightwing #Twitter #trolls. As if the handful of angry #extremists curated for this piece represent the entirety, or the bulk of the Internet. This is classic #propaganda.

1 month ago

(2/2) It makes me nervous to post things like this, because I know #extremists are waiting in the wings to immediately equate the pro-#Palestine position with terrorism after something like this.

I would remind people that extremism of any kind is not the solution. The pro-Palestinian position is one of humanitarianism and humanity, plain and simple. People injecting vicious ideology into it from any angle, are wrong.

1 month ago

"These types of actions #normalize & #incite #violence against our #political figures, & only serve to shake our faith in our values & our institutions.

"This tribute will further encourage & embolden #radical #extremists trying to sow discord & harm public officials or law enforcement," LaRouche added.

#RachelleSmit #Republicans #PoliticalViolence #Extremism #WhitmerKidnappingPlot #GOP #MAGA #militia #Michigan #GretchenWhitmer #Whitmer

Rachelle Smit

"He is a self-described evangelical Christian who is staunchly anti-abortion, anti-LGBTQ rights, anti-union, and anti-immigration. He has close ties to the Israeli right wing, and he opposes further aid to Ukraine, saying such money would be better spent at home, but he has also called for extensive cuts to domestic spending programs. …

On the floor of the House, every single Republican voted for Johnson."

#MikeJohnson #Republicans #MAGA #extremists #BigLie

Heather Cox Richardson on the new House Speaker, who is 3rd in line for the presidency:

"Johnson was instrumental in Trump’s attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election. Routinely in touch with Trump, he rallied his colleagues to object to counting the electoral votes from states that Democratic candidate Joe Biden won."

#MikeJohnson #Republicans #MAGA #extremists #BigLie

Steve Dustcircle 🌹
1 month ago

New MEGAVIRAL Video finally EXPOSES INSANITY of #GOP #Extremists

2 months ago

President Biden’s warning against reoccupying #Gaza amounted to one of his firmest efforts so far to impose a limit on #Israel’s actions in retaliation for #Hamas attacks. He added, “Going in but taking out the #extremists is a necessary requirement.”

Asked whether he could foresee sending American troops to the #MiddleEast, #Biden said he did not think it was necessary, adding that Israel has “one of the finest fighting forces" & the #UnitedStates would “provide them everything they need.”

2 months ago

Horrific. Unjustified. Morally Wrong. But 'Unprovoked'?
'Nothing about today is "unprovoked"'

Horrific. Unjustified. Morally wrong. But 'unprovoked'?

After the Palestinian group Hamas launched the biggest attack on Israel in years--with many killed, hostages taken, and fighting raging--many US elected officials released statements Saturday condemning the "unprovoked" attacks.

#Netanyahu #israel #Palestine #War #rightwing #extremists

2 months ago

Israel’s ambassador to the #UnitedStates, Michael Herzog, hailed the call between #Biden & #Netanyahu & expressed confidence that the WH & #Congress would be able to provide any needed support to #Israel.

“Right now we are assessing the situation, assessing our needs, &, to the extent that we will need some support, we will not hesitate to ask for it,” he said.

The #House is operating w/o a #speaker after #fringe #RightWing #extremists ousted #McCarthy bringing the chamber to a standstill.

2 months ago

The phrase “abortion tourism” has also made its way into #Republican talking points. This makes it sound as if women traveling to get abortions were taking vacations rather than fleeing their home states for #healthcare, sometimes emptying their bank accts or staying in shelters in the process.

The goal is to paint #Democrats & #ProChoice grps as the #extremists. The #GOP wants to trick #Americans into believing they’re somehow softening on #abortion, even as they pass ever more dangerous laws.

2 months ago

The #extremists, however, warned Joe #Biden last month that they would oppose additional #assistance to #Kyiv. The list of signatories to a Sept 21 letter to the OMB is a roster of #shame, incl’g the new America Firsters in the #Senate (#JDVance, #RandPaul, #MikeLee, & Tommy #Tuberville among them) & the #grotesque caucus-within-a-caucus of some of the most #unhinged & weirdest members of the #House, incl’g #ClayHiggins, #HarrietHageman, #AndyBiggs, #AnnaPaulinaLuna, &… #PaulGosar.

2 months ago

#Republicans are trying to cloak their #opposition to #military & #humanitarian assistance to #Ukraine in a lot of codswallop about oversight & budget discipline. But the opposition to aid for Ukraine among #Republican #extremists on the Hill is not about money.

Most congressional Republicans are in favor of helping Ukraine.

Accept Uncertainty
2 months ago

I think this is the week where a lot of people realize that #Trump is not going to take the presidency again.

This will make the #extremists that much more dangerous.

2 months ago

Excerpt from President #Biden's speech on #democracy scheduled to start 2:45PM ET:

“…there is no question that today's #Republican Party is driven & intimidated by #MAGA #extremists. Their #extreme agenda, if carried out, would fundamentally alter the institutions of American Democracy as we know it."

Pres Biden will announce federal funding for a #library & community facility at #Arizona State University to honor the late AZ Sen #JohnMcCain.

2 months ago

The suggestion is clear, & it comes from a man who has one of #America’s loudest megaphones—one that is directed squarely at millions of #extremists who are well #armed, who insist that the govt is illegitimate, & who believe that people like #Milley are part of a “deep state” plot against the country.

#Academics have a formal term for exactly this type of #incitement: #StochasticTerrorism. An influential figure w/a large following demonizes a person or a group of people.


"A small minority of extremists are threatening to shut down our government. Such a shutdown would have global as well as domestic repercussions: the Pentagon warned that a government shutdown would disrupt U.S. military aid to Ukraine, including training for military forces."

~ Heather Cox Richardson

#Republicans #Congress #extremists #shutdown #MAGA #NationalSecurity #military

Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
3 months ago

@marcelias "Sturmabteilung"-like partisan goon-squads intimidating or even terrorizing voters, election officials & assisting staff are absolutely intolerable.

#RuleOfLaw #DefendDemocracy #DefendTheConstitution #FreeAndFairElections #SecureElections #YourVoiceMatters #YouMatter #RaiseYourVoice #ProsecuteVoterIntimidation #Extremists #Terrorism

3 months ago

#Romney calls, & #King informs him of a conversation he’s just had w/a high-ranking #Pentagon ofcl. #Law enforcement has been tracking online #chatter among #RightWing #extremists who appear to be planning something bad on the day of #Trump’s upcoming “rally” in #DC The president has been telling them the election was stolen; now they’re coming to steal it back. There’s talk of #gun smuggling, of #bombs & #arson, of #targeting the #traitors in #Congress who are responsible for this travesty.

Zhi Zhu 🕸️
3 months ago


The parallels between the actions of the #Taliban and the actions of the #GOP in the #USA simply begged to be pointed out... again.

Religious extremism is harmful no matter which religion it's associated with. I do not understand why more people in the USA are not fighting against the #ChristianExtremists that are openly trying to destroy the #freedom from religious oppression the USA is supposed to support.

Do they think the #extremists will never come after them/their loved ones?

Dr. Steve Thompson
4 months ago

"Several far-right conspiracy theorists with a history of spreading falsehoods and hate online are now earning thousands of dollars from X's new ad revenue-sharing program, alarming extremism experts who say this initiative is being used to incentivize hateful messages." #Musk #Twitter #birdsite #extremists #advertising

P Gurgel-Segrillo
4 months ago

Anti-LGBTQ protests at Cork City Library aim to promote misinformation and fear and are not truly peaceful, according to a Cork City Councillor. #CorkCity #StandUpToFascism #cork #library #lgbt #books #FarRight #extremists #misinformation

Dick Smiths Fair Go Supporters
4 months ago

The goal is to produce as many #refugees as possible, and extract natural resources.

The people who talk like the #USA "failed in <INSERT_COUNTRY>" either don't realise the basic bezzle. The #militaryContractors and #weaponsIndustry and the rest of the securocrats are huge winners.

Julian Assange is quoted as saying these wars are less for winning and more about "#moneyLaundering".

They are also #humanTrafficking ops — often by giving #extremists weapons and assistance.

#Rightwing #politicians are #stoking #renewed #moralpanic about #HIV.

— As the #Trans community has been saying they won't stop with us, the #FarRight #extremists goals include the eradication of the entire LGBTQ community. They just see the Trans community as the easiest to target.

#Women #Transgender #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #RepublicanParty #Hate #Bigotry #Violence #Genocide #Discrimination #Transphobia #ThePartyOfHate

Luca da Firenze
5 months ago


Since #Musk took over #twitter
the platform was flooded by #fascists and #extremists
(which is intentional)

i wouldn't take that # seriously
consider that 10% are 'our' European extremists
the remaining 90% are #Russian boots and trolls who aim to destabilize EU governments by giving space to racist fascists and psychopaths in general.

@QasimRashid EXACTLY!

#Texas under #Abbott wants #StochasticTerrorism by reactionary #extremists as a means to commit #facist #terror against the opposition and marginalized people.

After all, it's easier for him to deny state-sponsorship if they ain't in party uniforms...

Same vibes tho...

Berlin Police Officer with SA brownshirt as deputy patrolling the Streets of Berlin on 5.3.1933...

MAGA-Hat wearing "Proud Boy" greeting a police officer next to him.

8 months ago

“America’s “doomsday” #extremists are getting serious. They’re recruiting veteran and active military personnel. And they’ve begun attacking critical infrastructure.

The US intelligence community’s recently released 2023 Annual Threat Assessment is blunt in its warning: #Nazis and other racist groups are now the “most lethal threat” faced by the United States.”

Nazi tattoo on back of a man’s head
Zhi Zhu 🕸️
9 months ago


If you think that there is far more right-wing linked violence in the US than left-wing linked violence. You are correct.

"Over the past decade... 96 percent of incidents in which extremists killed someone were committed by people motivated by right-wing ideologies. More than three-quarters of the resulting deaths — 335 of 444 — were linked to right-wing actors."

#Extremists #Extremism #Violence #RightWing #GOP #Republicans #USPolitics

Text and graph from article:

Text: Data released by the ADL last week shows the reality. Over the past decade (the period included in YouGov’s poll), 96 percent of incidents in which extremists killed someone were committed by people motivated by right-wing ideologies. More than three-quarters of the resulting deaths — 335 of 444 — were linked to right-wing actors.

Graph showing Extremist linked deaths from 2013 to 2022.

One circle shows "incidents" which is almost completely red (for right-wing extremist) with a very small slice of orange (Domestic Islamist extremist) and an even small slice of blue (Left-wing extremist). There is a teeny-tiny sliver of gray (other).

The other circle shows "Killings."  A little over 3/4 of the circle is red (right-wing extremists). About 1/5 of the circle is orange (Domestic Islamist extremist). There is a very small slice of blue (left-wing extremist) and sliver of gray (other).

Source: ADL analysis
Zhi Zhu 🕸️
9 months ago


If you think that there is far more right-wing linked violence in the US than left-wing linked violence. You are correct.

"Over the past decade... 96 percent of incidents in which extremists killed someone were committed by people motivated by right-wing ideologies. More than three-quarters of the resulting deaths — 335 of 444 — were linked to right-wing actors."

#Extremists #Extremism #Violence #Graph #RightWing #GOP #USPolitics #USA

Text and graph from article:

Text: Data released by the ADL last week shows the reality. Over the past decade (the period included in YouGov’s poll), 96 percent of incidents in which extremists killed someone were committed by people motivated by right-wing ideologies. More than three-quarters of the resulting deaths — 335 of 444 — were linked to right-wing actors.

Graph showing Extremist linked deaths from 2013 to 2022.

One circle shows "incidents" which is almost completely red (for right-wing extremist) with a very small slice of orange (Domestic Islamist extremist) and an even small slice of blue (Left-wing extremist). There is a teeny-tiny sliver of gray (other).

The other circle shows "Killings."  A little over 3/4 of the circle is red (right-wing extremists). About 1/5 of the circle is orange (Domestic Islamist extremist). There is a very small slice of blue (left-wing extremist) and sliver of gray (other).

Source: ADL analysis

@MichiganCJ While I agree there is a #teacher shortage, there is a more critical shortage of RESPECT, REMUNERATION, and RESOURCES teachers need to be successful in today’s classrooms. What’s more, teachers are tired, weary as a shoe sole worn thin on sharp rock of “American” #radical #extremists engaging in thought policing children and penalizing, soon prosecuting, teachers who work to create a loving safe space. I don’t blame teachers for not casting pearls before…well, you know. #education

Ms. Legalese
11 months ago

Holy shit. Is #Jimjordan going to be speaker? Not an auspicious start to the new year, my democracy loving friends.

#uspolitics #extremists #MAGA

Elon Musk was never a liberal, and his plans for Twitter were never benevolent

"Musk’s actions are fully consistent with the worldview that dominates among far-right #reactionary #extremists. Yet, many observers seem reluctant to acknowledge that what is happening is exactly what it looks like....The New York Times recently declared Musk’s #politics “tricky to pin down”, and said that “what he stands for remains largely unclear”."

#musk #elonmusk #twitter