4 hours ago

#ThrowbackThursday to 2015 at my friends’ wedding (somehow I’ve got no pictures with the brides, well done me!). They had a festival themed wedding called “Wedfest” with a lovely ceremony in the woods, hotdog and ice cream vans and alll the djs! Absolutely amazing day, still wish we’d camped out in the field after but a bit too much vino had been had 🤭
#seflie #eyecontact

My friend Sara looking hoootttttt, me stood next to her in a suit jacket and shirt with the top buttons undone. We’re in a field with a gate behind us
Me and Sara again, this time quite drunk. I have a shirt on, Sara has a light hat on
Festival VIP lanyard for Wedfest with my name on
Back of the lanyard detailing the lineup 
1300 gates open
1400 the main event
1445 vip bar
1545 the big bbq
1700 Bratchley-Clark and the papas
1745 let them eat cake
1830 the big chill
1900 disco mania 
2000 the first dance 
2100 perfect pizza 
0000 acoustic after party
Jo (she/her)
5 days ago

Good morning gays!!
I'm working one of my regular markets today.
Wearing some
#Pride gear. A rainbow light saver t-shirt, and a rainbow heart necklace, that I got from a fellow stall holder here this time last year.

#selfie #eyecontact

Tony Cava
6 days ago

#SomethingBeautiful Bellingham Spring Archive- Another shot of Aoitori. Eye contact- amirite @ct_bergstrom? (I suppose she’s just as likely to be checking out her 3 and 6). May 27, 2023. #AmateurBirding #BackyardBirding #LazyBirding #Spring #StellersJay #AoiTori #EyeContact #BellinghamWA #ThePhotoHour

Jo (she/her)
6 days ago

#Selfie #eyecontact Me in my LBD, ready to host tonight's Trans Pride Australia Friday Night Social. The meetup link, for TPA members, is now up on the event page. Starts very soon, 7PM AEST.

#trans #pride #australia

Me, an almost-50 yo woman, in my little black dress. Making eye contact with the camera.

Heard you liked cute fat girls with messy hair.
Quote this post, add your own photo, reshare!
Let's share cute fat girls across the Fediverse!

#selfie #eyecontact #fediverse #fatpositive #messyhair

It's me, I'm the problem. And cold. 
Selfie of me wearing a light brown beanie, rose-framed glasses and a dark grey hoodie.

Yesterday was the first beanie and hoodyroo day of the year, despite it still being late autumn.

This morning I had two of my cats under the blankets with me and two on top. There was a sheet of ice on the windscreen that needed to be removed.

#selfie #eyecontact

It's me, I'm the problem. And cold.
2 weeks ago

>10 years ago I drew a short one shot comic about a grizzled guy and his precious tamagotchi (Chamametchi) and after looking up tama news, I felt compelled to draw them again 🥺. I'm probably going to buy the new wifi tamagotchi...

#mastoArt #eyeContact #fanart #tamagotchi

Rough digital drawing of 3 panels that create a sequence of images.
Draft digital drawing of 3 panels that create a sequence of images. The first panel shows a glasses-wearing man, smiling and looking downwards at the tamagotchi (Chamametchi) in his sweater's chest pocket. The text "Strawberry Picking" is written in this panel.
The second panel shows Chamametchi holding up a big strawberry to show the man. The third panel shows a close-up of Chamametchi sleeping, with some hands holding a blanket in the foreground, as if Chamametchi is going to be tucked into bed.
2 weeks ago

Look at my beard. I can’t believe I was clean shaven when I joined this lovely social media platform 6 months ago and now, through peer pressure, I have this constant itch on my face.
#selfie #eyecontact

Me talking a selfie in front of a fridge. I have a red T-shirt on and my beard is splendid. I am not smiling with my face but I am with my eyes.
Selfie. Looking up the corner showing off my fabulous beard.
Selfie of me looking down to expose all my chins with all my beard.
2 weeks ago

Cat delivery! Who ordered the cat?
#EyeContact #AltText

A white cat with gray at her ears is sitting inside a cardboard box and looking straight at the camera.
Yale Divinity School
2 weeks ago

Congratulations to Marquand Chapel dean Awet Andemicael '10 M.A.R., who graduated Monday with Yale's Ph.D. class. Dr. Andemicael is the first Black woman to complete a Ph.D. in Theology at Yale. Here she is with her mentor, YDS Prof. John Hare. #YDS2023 #Yale #YDS #yaledivinityschool #Yalediv #eyecontact

Two people in a library or room full of books. On the left is a tall older man with white hair, glasses, a navy blue sport coat, white shirt, and blue neck tie. On the right is a shorter woman with black, shoulder-length hair, an da bright smile, wearing graduation robe, hood, and sash.
Yale Divinity School
2 weeks ago

Your humble social media manager is sorting through hundreds of photos from graduation, but this one is really striking.
Photographer Samara Sorce ’24 M.Div.!
[We put halos on our mortar board "hats" for graduation. Other professional schools on campus do their own thing.]
#Yale #YaleDivinitySchool #YDS #Graduation #YDS2023 #Eyecontact

A graduating student in mortar board, robe, hood, and sash, giving the happy "V" or peace sign gesture, while holding flowers, outdoors, smiling with excited expression.
3 weeks ago

I was using normal colours then made a last minute decision to burn it all down 🔥 so shiny...

#mastoArt #eyeContact #fanart

Digital coloured fanart of characters from Yona of the Dawn, including: Yona, Hak, Gija, Jaeha, Shinha, Ao/Pukyu, and Zeno. The background is white.
Digital coloured fanart of characters from Yona of the Dawn, including: Yona, Hak, Gija, Jaeha, Shinha, Ao/Pukyu, and Zeno. The characters are surrounded by flames in this version, and there are spears/flags in the background.
👦😺Sagan and Loki
3 weeks ago
Dis mai video frum last Sunday on TikTok but I do not know if it will show embed or preview or anyfing. (I not comfurtable using donated server space on mastodon fur video so I not gonna anymoar, but I would like to avoid YouTube if I can.)--Loki💛 😺

#eyecontact frum a puppet. Me. I is da puppet.

#stuffiesofMastodon #plushiesofMastodon #stuffies #plushies #wholesome #puppetsofMastodon #PlushieLife #socialmedia

An orange cat plush in a screenshot from the video. Caption: "Howlo, Hoomans! It's Loki! I made some Pawsitive Purrogress" and a yellow title card saying "Social Media Pruning". TikTok credit reads @saganandloki
Caryn 💙 🌻 🖖
3 weeks ago

Been trying to get our kitty comfortable in her carrier for trips to the vet. She was using it as a bed for a while but stopped, so I tried putting it in...

...a box!

Happy Caturday!

#Caturday #CatsOfMastodon #cat #BlackCat #MiniPanther #blep #EyeContact

Picture of a black cat with green eyes looking up at the camera with her tongue slightly sticking out. She is sitting in a blue soft carrier with the top open. The carrier is inside a cardboard box.
3 weeks ago

Watched some of the Yona of the Dawn OVAs and shed many tears, then ended up drawing this. I haven't figured out what to do with it.

Drawing this reminded me of my past when I drew the following things regularly: m-bangs, mullets, giant iris to sclera ratio, see-through bangs, and no nostrils...✨

#mastoArt #fanart #eyeContact

rough digital sketch featuring 7 loose placeholders for figures and faces
digital sketch of 7 characters from Yona of the Dawn (Yona, Hak, the 4 dragons, and Ao the squirrel). The characters' linework are each colour-coded to help distinguish overlapping characters.
digital linework of 7 characters from Yona of the Dawn (Yona, Hak, the 4 dragons, and Ao the squirrel). Yona is in the foreground, holding her arms outwards as protecting someone. Hak, Kija, and Jaeha are in the midground, while Zeno, Sinha, and Ao (the squirrel) are in the background.
digital linework of 7 characters from Yona of the Dawn (Yona, Hak, the 4 dragons, and Ao the squirrel) along with some preliminary dark flats and hatching for clothing, hair, and shadows.
Yale Divinity School
3 weeks ago

[1/7] Since late March, we have been sharing profiles of graduating students. The series wraps up today with our student government president Tamara Fore-Ravelo ’23 M.Div. Congrats to her and all this year's graduates! #YDS2023 #eyecontact

A woman in a purple blouse wearing Native American necklaces and beaded earrings. Her hair is pulled back. She is smiling brightly with her hands raised.
👦😺Sagan and Loki
3 weeks ago

Dis mai lunch. Our shakshuka is purrty heavy on da peepers🫑. Meowby I should share recipe when I grow moar peepers 🌶 . --Loki💛😸

#lunchtime #plushies #stuffies #puppets #puppetshow #wholesome #AminalsWifGardens #eyecontact #captionedImage #PlushieLife

#stuffiesofmastodon #plushiesofmastodon #puppetsofmastodon

An orange plush cat with a spork, sitting next to a plate of shakshuka, a Mediterranean dish made of an egg poached in a pepper and tomato sauce.
Yale Divinity School
3 weeks ago

Part of our new "YDS Past/Present/Future" podcast series—Prof. Laura Nasrallah discussing the history and future of New Testament criticism and interpretation. #YDS200

#NewTestament #yale #YaleDivinitySchool #eyecontact

A vertical photo of a woman cropped outward to fit a horizonal format with two grey bars on either side of the central image. The woman has salt and pepper hair, is waring a necklace, an orange scarf or wrap with butterfly designs and a grey blouse.

@ada wanted to see me in cat ears more often, so y'all get to see me in cat ears. Oh and there's a #catearswednesday tag! I love the serendipity of that. 🩷🩷 #catears #selfie #eyecontact

Me, middle aged woman wearing white cat ears with rainbow coloured bangs

trying to push myself to be better at drawing characters in environments 🥺

#oc #art #artist #queerartist #ffxiv #ffxivart #characterart #sunset #DigitalArt #mastoart

cw: eye contact // #eyecontact

A digital painting of Tio, an effeminate purple-haired miqo'te. The scene is a harshly-lit sunset over a field of long grass. The sky is bright yellow with very few clouds, and the sun is bright white in the background. Tio is wearing a white summer dress, his hair and skirt blowing in the breeze. He is holding one arm out to brush against the long grass, while his other hand keeps his hair out of his face.

another clothing study with tio as the model bc he is so cute and deserves it

#oc #art #artist #queerartist #ffxiv #ffxivart #characterart

cw: eye contact // #eyecontact

A slightly rough digital art piece of Tio, an effeminate purple-haired miqo'te. His skin is light and his eyes are a vibrant, saturated purple. He is wearing a pastel blue dress made up of many layers of sheer fabric, as well as long black gloves, black tights, and pastel blue heels to match.

"Motley" -- video game mascot from the very, VERY bottom of the bargain bin. 😂
How many instances of plagi---er...I mean, completely coincidental video game references can you find??? 😇
#originalcharacter #characterdesign #videogames #sonic #sonicthehedgehog #eyecontact

Character design of a weasel-fox lookin' thing, drawn in the style of a 90s animation cel. He's got Link's hat, Pikachu's ears, Sonic's gloves, Crash Bandicoot' torso, Mega Man's shoes, Tails' tails, Sans' jacket (yes, really), Crash Bandicoot's smile (stole a ton from this man), Sonic's eyes, and Bowser's unspoken need for therapy.

I'm hosting tonight's online Trans Pride Australia Friday Night Social in an hour. Sometimes I turn up in a dysphoria hoodie and sometimes I like to dress up as if I were going out. 💅
#trans #selfie #eyecontact #transwoman

It's me. Late 40s in a pink top.

Stockholm. Waiting for the subway train.

#selfie #eyecontact

Subway station. Subway train im background. Middle aged man looking into camera, over round glasses, smiling. You can't see it, but he's got s guitar case on his back.

🎧 Irishman in #SanFrancisco, 1993.

Photographed on the veranda of Notre Dame Plaza in #TheMission. Neglected negative, scanned in 2003.

#portrait #photography #eyecontact #BlackAndWhite #photo #Photography #monotone #FediversalPictures #90s

headshot of a white man in his mid-20s. long dark hair, prominent chin. he's wearing a dark tee and open leather jacket and is making eye contact.
Yale Divinity School
1 month ago

In a new podcast, Professor Joel Baden talks with faculty colleague Jennifer Herdt about the study of #ethics at Yale Divinity School and where it's going over the next 25-50 years. #YDS200

#podcast #Yale #YaleDivinitySchool #YDS #EyeContact

A diptych photo montage of two people. On the left is a man with reddish hair, oval glasses and a full beard wearing a blue dress shirt open at the next and a dark sport coat. He is smizing at the camera. On the right is a woman with should-length auburn hair, large glasses with clear plastic frames, and a turquoise blouse with embroidered beads around the neck. She is smiling at the camera.
Alejandra M. Pickett
1 month ago

Woah... have you seen this??

NVIDIA Broadcast AI Eye Contact
#AI #EyeContact #CoolTool

Yale Divinity School
1 month ago

It's the end of the semester. You have points left on your dining card. What do you do? Stock up in the Refectory! (and gift your humble social media manager with an iced coffee, thanks!)

#Yale #YDS #YaleDivinitySchool #Eyecontact

A bunch of packaged food items in the foreground. Two students, slightly out of focus, in the background look as the items are tallied up.
Three students smile holding fully laden paper bags filled with their bounty!
Yale Divinity School
1 month ago

Watch live! The ethics of artificial intelligence with YDS Professor John Pittard on stage in Chicago tonight at Yale's "For Humanity Illuminated".

#Yale #YaleDivinitySchool #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #ethics #EyeContact

A man smiles at the camera. He has blue eyes. He wears a grey sport coat and a blue checked shirt open at the collar with no tie.
Yale Divinity School
1 month ago
A man with silver hair looking at the camera with a serious expression. He wears a navy blue blazer over a light blue dress shirt and blue necktie with paisley designs.
Iain Clark
1 month ago

Saw this Ncuti Gatwa headshot back from when they announced him as #DoctorWho and it already feels like a million years ago.

Funny how, even not having seen him in the role, this very generic pic utterly fails to capture his energy.

#NcutiGatwa #EyeContact

A clean-shaven, short -haired Ncuti Gatwa in a plain white t-shirt looks frankly at the camera.
1 month ago

“A Weak Heartbeat”

An experimental Honkai fanart piece.

-Will likely be up for a week or two on my shop.

#HonkaiStarRail #FediGiftShop #MastoArt #Fanart #EyeContact

A digital painting of Caelus and Dan Heng holding each other in an S-composition, their hands gently weaving through the other's hair.
Yale Divinity School
1 month ago

‘Illuminating the unseen’: Alum uncovers forgotten Black and Indigenous histories. Read our new story on Jaimie Crumley ’15 M.Div., ’16 S.T.M. and her research at at Boston’s Old North Church.
#YDS #YaleDivinitySchool #Yale #EyeContact

A woman in a red dress stands in the balcony of an old New England congregational church. Behind her are the boxes visible that the congregation sat in on the ground floor and more box pews in the far balcony. She smiles at the camera.
Calamity Caitlin
1 month ago

I need about a dozen new friends on here I talk to every day before I can really wean myself off the other place where all my old friends still hang out.

Free #followback Saturday from THIS GIRL, who needs a friend? 🥰🥰🥰

#Introduction I'm a writer, an artist, a huge Supernatural fan. I'm an Old, I'm #neurodivergent, and my humanity is very nearly ripe. I have two degrees in computer science, I'm a huge nerd, and I am a squee enthusiast. It doesn’t matter to me what your special interest is, I love that YOU love it.
I'm pan. Been married for ages. I support human rights, and I almost always choose kindness.

Warning: #selfie #eyecontact

Most of my face. #selfie
Yale Divinity School
1 month ago

"Real change happens incrementally ... and then there's a tipping point and it explodes."
Episcopal Presiding Bishop and YDS/Berkeley alum Michael Curry '78 M.Div. expounding on the bridging of racial divides in churches, part of his interview in the new episode of the YDS "Quadcast." Listen here:

#yale #YaleDivinitySchool #eyecontact

A man in an Anglican white collar and purple shirt and black blazer. He smiles at the camera. Stained glass windows are in the background and a pillar candle.
Yale Divinity School
1 month ago

Between now and Commencement, we are sharing profiles of graduating students. We continue today with Noah Humphrey ’23 M.Div.! #YDS2023


The day Noah Humphrey was born it rained so much that his mom changed her mind about naming him Moses. “As she saw the rain pour down, followed by a rainbow, she said, ‘This is it.' She named me Noah.” 🧵 #eyecontact

A young man in a black hooded sweatshirt leaning against a brick column. He smiles warmly at the camera. He wears a metal Christian cross pendant as a necklace.

Workdesk selfie #2. 🥰💗 :heart_trans: :heart_trans: :heart_trans:
#writing #selfie #eyecontact #work #Trans #Transgender #Transwoman #Translife #Body_Positive #No_Shame #Love_Yourself

Workdesk selfie #1.🥰💗 :heart_trans: :heart_trans: :heart_trans:
#writing #selfie #eyecontact #work #Trans #Transgender #Transwoman #Translife #Body_Positive #No_Shame #Love_Yourself

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
2 months ago

Metallica weren't allowed to make eye contact with Mick Jagger when they supported the Rolling Stones
Lars Ulrich's dreams of partying 'til dawn with Keith Richards when Metallica played with the Rolling Stones were somewhat wide of the mark

#Metallica #EyeContact #FourDecades #HeavyMetalSuperstars #RockLegends #LarsUlrich #JamesHetfield #KirkHammett #MegaSuccess

ChatGPT making things up about the article:
In this article, the band Metallica is discussed. It is revealed that in their early days, Metallica was not allowed to make eye contact with each other. This guideline was established to prevent arguments and personality clashes between band members, and it was attributed to a key member of the band's management team. The article also mentions that, despite the guideline, Metallica was still able to become one of the biggest bands of the '80s and to this day.
Yale Divinity School
2 months ago

Dr. Almeda Wright is Associate Professor of Religious Education at YDS. Professor Wright’s research focuses on African American religion, Womanist spirituality, adolescent spiritual development, and the intersections of religion and public life. Wright will be giving a lecture at our Learn, Lead, Inspire Summit.

Register at

#YBS #YDSCCE #YDS #LLISummit #LearnLeadInspireSummit #Prayer #God #Faith #eyecontact #YaleDivinitySchool #Yale

A graphic with two photos. The first on the left is a woman smiling at the camera. She is wearing a black blazer and black, orange, and white blouse. She has circular earrings. The image on the right is outdoors, showing flowers in the foreground, a brick building with arched windows and slate roof in the middle ground, and a white steeple with gold dome top in the background against the blue sky. At the bottom of the photo are the words "Learn, Lead, Inspire Summit" and a url, that is already included in the text of the post.
Yale Divinity School
2 months ago

Between now and Commencement, we are sharing profiles of graduating students. We continue today with Karis Ryu ’23 M.A.R.! #YDS2023
She has straddled multiple cultures all her life. Born in Boston to Korean immigrants, she’s fluent in Korean but is more comfortable with English. Her father is a U.S. military chaplain, and Karis and her two younger siblings grew up as Army brats, living in and near Washington, Kansas, South Carolina, the District of Columbia, and South Korea. #eyecontact 🧵

A very close-up photo of a woman  in three quarter profile, eyes looking at the camera. She has a slight, enigmatic smile. The background is blurred.
Yale Divinity School
2 months ago

Between now and Commencement, we are sharing profiles of graduating students. We continue today with Mark Dingler '23 M.Div.!

Mark is all about community-building. He’s gotten involved in student affairs and student government to rebuild the community lost to the pandemic isolation. His goal after graduation is to become an associate pastor in a church where he can foster relationships. “Life is too hard to go through by yourself. You need people to walk on this journey.” 🧵 #eyecontact

A young man smiling at the camera. He is waring tortoise-shell rim glasses. He has wavy brown hair. He has a small nose ring.
LadyIcepaw (Linda)
2 months ago

Character commission for @MaskedAlice! Thank you again for having me draw her :blobcathearthug:

#art #digitalArt #mastoArt #illustration #eyeContact

A cute doll with button eyes and bright red yarn hair. Her clothes are shades of purple-mauve, as well as an orange band that was tied around her arm.
2 months ago


Toronto. July 28th, 2022.
A rare portrait, because sometimes safe-for-work is the crunchy granola that your bowels crave.


#portrait #EyeContact #photography #photo #photographie #photographer #freckles #portraitphotography #blue #purple #orange #face #torontophotographer

A portrait of model Liz, with wind in her hair. She is cast in blue and orange light, and wearing a rather hard to look at black and white striped blouse.
2 months ago

4*Town 4*Real book is coming out this month (April 25)!

Viz has a free preview for you to check out some of the first chapter's pages—😍 Kaifee's glorious artwork and my weirdo story!

Caveat is that the pages are meant to be read LEFT to RIGHT despite how they may be displayed in preview

#4Town #TurningRed #eyeContact #comic

Screenshot of interior page of 4*Town 4*Real's first chapter title page, 4*Town's in Town. The title page includes a flip phone in the foreground, pointing its camera towards the 5 4*Town members, who are posing for the photo.
Screenshot of interior page of 4*Town 4*Real's first chapter, that shows many panels of screaming 4*Town fans waiting outside a building.
Screenshot of interior page of 4*Town 4*Real's first chapter, that shows 4*Town introducing themselves to Toronto, and speaking to a SuchMusic video jockey.
Screenshot of interior page of 4*Town 4*Real's first chapter, that shows 4*Town introducing themselves to the viewer.
Yale Divinity School
2 months ago

YDS professor Willie James Jennings will give Oxford University's Bampton Lectures for 2023.

He is the first African American to earn this distinction since the lecture series' inception in 1780.

Congratulations to Dr. Jennings!

#YDS #YaleDivinitySchool #Oxford #OxfordUniversity #Bampton #EyeContact

A bald man with round glasses with heavy black frames, sits with his head leaned into his left hand. He is wearing a blue blazer, a striped shirt, and a bright blue, white, and black bow tie. He looks serious and stern.
Yale Divinity School
2 months ago

Between now and Commencement, we are sharing profiles of graduating students. We continue today with Countess Cooper '23 S.T.M.!

As a child, Countess Cooper ’23 S.T.M. used to join her mother on Tampa street corners on Saturday mornings, registering people to vote. “We would go where we knew people passed, maybe on a corner where there was a church. She would talk about the importance of voting and try to get them to register.” 🧵

#YDS2023 #YDS #YaleDivinitySchool #ClassOf2023 #eyeContact

A woman seated at a table, smiling at the camera with kind eyes. She has salt and pepper hair. She is wearing a loose fitting, purple and white sweater over a black blouse. Her left hand is loosely crossed over her right wrist. In the far background a marble bust is visible on a plinth and afternoon or morning light is throwing the image of an arched window on the white paneled wall.
Niele 🦖🦕 Subtile
2 months ago

There are many things in life you can do without, but not cats or literature.

#SchönerWohnenMitKatzen #EveryDayIsCaturday #MastoCats #FediCats #AdoptDontShop #eatREADsleep #eatCATSsleep #ec #eyecontact

Black and white cat Mitra looking pissed, behind him on the wall there is a poster with a cat sticking it's tongue out, with the text "There are many things in life you can do without, but not cats or literature" in german
4 months ago

#Caturday Bonus #1: Sometimes you can really tell when Primrose was feeling overwhelmed.

#Cats #CatsOfMastodon #CatEyes #EyeContact #Kittens #Tabbies

Primrose the mother cat buried under only four of her kittens, but each one alone is nearly as big as she is, but they're all still nursing from her. Her eyes are wide and she's on her back with her legs all sprawled out.
4 months ago

Some #Caturday classics of my kids back when they were kids.

#Cats #CatsOfMastodon #CatEyes #EyeContact #Tabbies

Two kittens on a chair. One is literally on top of the other, with his butt on her head, and is turning around with his tongue out.
Big sister Sumie curled up with a little sibling on their grey cat bed. Sumie is curled with her belly up and the kitten is snuggled up against her belly and looking toward the camera.
Primrose the mother cat buried under three kittens that aren't much smaller than she is, on top of a table. The kittens are crossways across her, on top of an open catalog.
Primrose napping on the bed with four of her kittens, all stretched out to show how long and lanky they are. One kitten is nursing on her.
4 months ago

I don't like that new Goblin Mode thing, I go Full Morlock. But old school Morlock, from George Pal's 1960 masterpiece: H. G. Wells' The Time Machine.

#PixelArt #Morlock #hgWells #movie #monster #book #GeorgePal #sciencefiction #EyeContact #caricature #DigitalArt

Pixel art caricature of a Morlock, a cave-dwelling monster evolved from humans in the far future, as seen in the movie H.G. Wells' The Time Machine. He's partially covered with white hair, his face and torso a blueish-greenish skin. Glowing yellow eyes. Not handsome by any human standard, but who are we to judge?
David Revoy
4 months ago

More studies from photos to improve my digital painting skill (reference links in the replies).

#krita #MastoArt #digitalpainting

Digital painting portrait of a woman from side view. Curly half long hairs with a contrast between her bright pale skin with frekle and a dark background.
From a photo by Mart Production, src:
Digital painting portrait of a woman with curly hair smiling. The sunlight bath her face partially.
From a photo by Gary Barnes, src:
Digital painting portrait of a black woman making eye contact with large earings and afro hairstyles.
From a photo by PNW Production, src:
Digital painting of an asian young woman in yellow dress meditating eyes closed, she joins her hands like for praying but both hands hold a roses this way. The sunlight is intense and reflection of light suggest she is half in a river.
From a photo of Faris Munandar, src:
4 months ago

Petunia was enjoying the afternoon sunlight in my office window, but then Vincent wanted to join in. When he first settled down next to her, she started licking his head, but that was just to get him to drop his defenses. Petunia proceeded to bite his ear, and when he complained and reared back she started smacking him.

Note that Vincent is literally twice as big as Petunia. Poor boy didn't stand a chance. 😿​

#Cats #CatsOfMastodon #CatEyes #EyeContact

Petunia, who looks like a sweet girl sprawled in the sun, looking away from the window into the camera, with one paw (and claws) extended trying to grab my phone.
A big Vincent stepping up on the pile of books on my desk, with Petunia, still in the window, looking on from the background.
An animated clip that moves really quickly, but Petunia bites Vincent's ear, he hisses and rears back, but she's already bapping him with her front paws. A well-timed bird flies past the window in the background.
In the aftermath of their quick spat, Petunia is reared back on her side with paws and claws extended, while Vincent is sitting up and leaning back. However both of them have tongues extended.
4 months ago

Primrose and Petunia were discouraging me from moving, but then Vincent came over to really pin me down.

#Cats #CatsOfMastodon #CatEyes #EyeContact

A view of a person on a recliner, from above. There is a large tabby cat standing on their chest looking up into the camera, another tabby cat between their legs on their lap, and a third tabby cat up against their right leg. All cats have nearly-identical coat patterns.

Hey y’all! I’m #Jeremy #Nuckolls, I’ve recently moved from over from .LOL. I’m 36 and I’m from #GarlandTx. I’m usually talking about #Handbags, #dogs, ways to dismantle #Racism, and how #DoubleJawSurgery changed my life! I’ve been married to @jamesn since 2012 and it’s been a blast! I believe #cannabis is #medicine, and #Music is the #Cure. I always use #AltTxt in posts bc I believe in #Inclusion💜Feel free to ask me anything! Did I mention I love handbags? Let’s chat! 😝#Gay #GayMastodon #GayMasto #Black #BlackMastodon #texas #AskMeAnything #Introduction #IntroductionPost #mastodon #mexican #texas #dallas #queer #lgbtq #lgbtqia #intro #introPost #Weed #Stoner #GayGamer #pothead #chat #CurlyHair #Curls #NaturalHair #eyeContact

Non-binary person with shoulder length curly hair wearing a white Britney Spears T-shirt smiling into the camera.
4 months ago

New AI tech gives Twitch streamers constant, creepy eye contact

Nvidia's latest streaming software update gives you weird, always-staring eyes, for better 'engagement'

#Nvidia #EyeContact #Twitch

Sample video where AI modifies a person talking and fakes eye contact regardless of the head position of the speaker.
4 months ago

If I'm not careful this account might just turn into a daily accounting of how the cats have claimed the couch. They're getting rather predictable.

#Cats #CatsOfMastodon #CatEyes #EyeContact

Four tabby cats spread across a couch, all sleeping. The closest two are cuddling.
The same four cats except they're all now awake and glaring into the camera.
5 months ago

Nvidia Broadcast can now deepfake your eyes to make you look at the camera

Isabella Sharp
5 months ago

On the positive side there are a few I do like. #AIAvatars #HistoricalClothes #EyeContact

Brunette woman wearing make-up in asymmetric neckline with her hair tightly coiled and over one shoulder.
Smiling brunette woman with brained hair round the back of her head and one side of her face, against a red background.
Face-on portrait of brunette woman with a curtain of vertical coiled hair behding her head.
Black and white portrait in a 40s style if a Brunette woman in Agent Carter makeup with lustrous waves of hair over her shoulder.
Harald Huxley
5 months ago

I feel the lack of pride
I see the things that might
I let the thoughts collide
I am the devil inside

#selfpic #mypic #photography #eyecontact #distress

Man hiding his face behind his hands, leaving a hole for one eye.
Isabella Sharp
5 months ago

Good morning to everyone except trolls.

#EyeContact #SundayMorning #Sunday #BedHead

Selfie from above of a middle-aged woman lying on her back on bedsheets, straggly brown hair sprawled around her head.
Selfie from above of a middle-aged woman lying on her back on bedsheets, straggly brown hair sprawled around her head. Her eyes are closed.

@thekimmy @actuallyautistic #masking, like being in the #closet, is damn hard work! Especially when #eyecontact and #sensory #processing can be among our biggest #challenges. #actuallyautistic

Yale Divinity School
6 months ago

We continue our #YDSCallings social campaign today with Wai Wa Wu '22 M.Div. Share your calling with the YDS community today! #WeAreCalled #yale #yds #yaledivinityschool #eyecontact

A young woman in a red dress with small white polka-dots. She is smiling, holding a sign. The sign is printed with "I Am Called'. Under that, handlettered is "defend human dignity in a torn world".
6 months ago

Here's the comic Michelle and I did for the Lupin/Zenigata zine: "Love & War"
#LupinIII #LupinTheThird #Comic #MastoArt #EyeContact

Comic page done in a limited colour palette.

Panel One: Extreme close up shot. Lipstick is being applied to a pair of lips.

Panel Two: Extreme close up shot. Lupin rubs his lips together to get an even coating and full coverage.

Panel Three: Lupin puckers his lips with a smack, lipstick now perfectly applied.

Panel Four: Wide shot, rear view. Lupin in drag is standing in front of a mirror admiring himself. He's pointing at his reflection with confidence and smiling.

Lupin says "You look hot!"

Panel Five: Full boy shot, front view. Lupin exits the bathroom with a wiggle and sway to his hips. He is confident and convincing in his disguise.

Panel Six: Medium shot, rear view. We see the back of Zenigata from the waist up as he sits at the bar. Even from behind we can see that he is tense.

Panel Seven: Wide shot, rear view. Lupin has laid a delicate hand on Zenigata's shoulder as he pulls out the chair beside him. He's flirting and laying on the charm like Fujiko would, but much worse at it. All of his interactions are uncomfortable and embarrassing.

Lupin says "Hi handsome, this seat taken?"
Comic page done in a monochromatic colour palette.

Panel One: Extreme close up shot, side view. Zoom in on Zenigata's eyes as he looks over at the woman with disinterest.

Panel Two: Extreme close up shot, side view. Zenigata is looking away and back at the bar.

Panel Three: Medium shot, front view. Undeterred, Lupin has sat down and has a finger up as he orders a drink.

Lupin says "A sex on the beach please."

Panel Four: Medium shot, front view. Lupin is looking over at Zenigata flirtatiously, long eyelashes fluttering as he rests his chin on his hand.

Lupin says "Oh, and the drink as well."

Panel Five: Wide shot, front view. Lupin is leaning on the bar counter, maybe twirling his hair, any kind of bad 'look at how cute and sexy I am' type moves. He's making eyes at Zenigata who is determinedly ignoring him. The office looks very uncomfortable and unhappy about the situation.

Lupin says "You look lonely - a good looking man like you shouldn't be lonely. Or maybe you were just waiting for the right woman to come along and keep you company?"

Panel Six: Medium shot, 2/3s view. Zenigata finally turns to look at the woman, complete disinterested obvious on his face. He does not want to be having this conversation.

Zenigata says "Ma'am, I'm sorry but you're aiming at the wrong target."

Panel Seven: Medium shot, front view. Lupin does not take this response well. His face is frozen in a mix of shock and anger, and looks doofy and unattractive.
Panel One: Wide shot, front view. Cut to the hideout, Lupin back in his regular clothes. Jigen is in the foreground lounging on a couch, barely listening as Lupin loudly rants about his perceived injustice. Lupin is standing behind Jigen and the couch, arms moving animatedly in his rage. He has the same expression as the last panel of page 2 to add some humour and continuity.

Lupin: "I can't believe he would turn me down like that! Do you know how hot I looked in that disguise?!"

Panel Two: Close up shot, front view. We zoom in on just Lupin's face, still angry but a different expression from the first panel. He's really not getting how he sounds right now.

Lupin: "Pops is over here acting like he's getting hit on all the time and being too good for me."

Panel Three: Close up front view of Jigen's face. He's frowning, annoyed at having to listen to Lupin complaining.

Panel Four: Medium shot, front view. Lupin continues to rant, arms up in the air in outrage. Truly no one has been more wronged than him right now.

Lupin: "And what the hell is 'aiming at the wrong target'?! Who does he think he is, saying cool lines like that?"

Panel Five: We see Lupin and Jigen again. Lupin can be positioned however works best and we don't need to see either of their full bodies. Jigen continues to lounge but has leaned up just a bit to deliver a truth-bomb. Lupin is scowling, annoyed to have his ranting interupted.

Jigen: "Lupin, I think he was saying that he's gay."
Comic page done in a mostly pink palette.

Panel One: Wide shot, front view. Lupin is standing stunned in the center of the page. Around him in a gauzy haze are various daydreams of Zenigata. The panel should have a shojo manga type feeling with lots of sparkles, and everyone looking just a bit more handsome than normal. There are several daydreams floating around at each corner of the panel. At the top left a crying and smiling Zenigata is looking at Lupin with fondness, reflecting the way Lupin felt the first time he realized that Zenigata does actually really care about him. At the top right a dominant Zenigata is lifting Lupin's chin up. They are both blushing and tension between them is high. At the bottom left corner the two of them are sharing a kiss. At the bottom right is a mostly full-body of Zenigata in a swimsuit, looking very well-defined.

Panel Two: Close up shot, front view. Lupin is blushing at his fantasizing catches up to him. He doesn't know how he actually feels about this situation, but it does make his heart and stomach feel strange. Of course, to everyone else his emotions are very obvious.

Lupin says softly "Oh."
6 months ago

As mentioned, I generated a bunch of ML avatars using Lensa. It made 100 of them so it was tough to pick 4 to share, but these felt like they'd go over well here. If you want to try it out they have apps for iPhone and in the Play Store. The ML/AI thingy costs about $5.99 to generate the 100 images. It does a pretty good job, though, if you have some spare change to throw at it.

Edit: almost forgot my image captions!

#AIart #selfie #eyecontact #machineLearning #AI #art

Cartoon selfie with raised eyebrows and strange blueish eyes when mine are brown.
I'm squinting into the distance as wind tosses my hair. The lighting is vaguely vaporwave and I have some glowing circles on my chest. Rainbow diamond background. It feels like Beyonce for some reason.
Anime-like caricature staring directly at camera. Full white beard, black hair, and my normal round glasses. A space-y round window behind my head like a halo.
Dramatic lighting with high contrast and a vaguely realistic painted look. I'm staring directly forward and some mechanical shapes are above me in a sort of canopy like an umbrella. Blue shirt, round glasses, good likeness.
Isabella Sharp
6 months ago
Smiling woman in a woolly rainbow coloured hat closely fitted around her head, with brown hair sticking out underneath.

I haven’t shot so many selfies as after I came out as trans. One reason, of course, is that I finally enjoy how I look. The other reason is to document my transition journey.

These six selfies sum up my 2022 perfectly. I finally got to wear lipstick more often because the mask mandate in Germany was softened.

#trans #selfie #yearinreview #eyecontact

Six different selfies of Chrissie from 2022.
System 108
7 months ago

Um. Loving that a regularly used CW for #photos (etc) here is #EyeContact. Thank you to everyone using that one.


#ActuallyAutistic #Autistic #AuDHD #ContentWarning #EyeContact

7 months ago

Not been posting much art here so these are two of my recent #Inktober pieces: Yasmin Khan from #DoctorWho
These are black ink applied with a scratchy paintbrush on 250gsm paper. #MandipGilll #FanArt #DoctorWhoFanArt #EyeContact

Close-up of Yaz's face enclosed in a spacesuit helmet.  She faces left and looks around at us, her face lit starkly from above.  In the background are sinuous light and dark stripes.
Ink drawing of Mandip Gill is side profile shedding a single tear down her cheek.  Her hair is pulled tightly back, a plait across her shoulder.
7 months ago

#neurotypical people on #Mastodon may be challenged by this long list of #cw recommendations. I was challenged when my friend @Janetgunter put a #cw on a picture of a dog. When I asked why she replied: animal #eyecontact. I joked that many #dog owners seem to be very aware of this as I saw MANY dog pix in #cw, whereas #cat owners just LOVED posting pix of their feline staring you down (I personally love #fedicats looking at me😍 )

7 months ago

In #Mastodon, #cw goes beyond the traditional definition of #contentwarning; it includes a lot of other #triggers that the people who created this #fediverse want to be able to anticipate or better still, avoid. Here’s a great video from @vantablack explaining what these triggers could be (they may not all be obvious to #neurotypical people: #politics #mentalhealth #anxiety #death #food #eyecontact #religion…)

Mar del Valle
1 year ago

So you're in this room now
how still with bones
You know the question
you tell the stones

("Commiting Love" - Lynx & Kemo Feat Kate Whitmarsh & Mika Doo)

[Marked as sensitive for bare torso, scars, eye contact, only one arm]

#Mermay #mermaid #illustration #MastoArt #nsfw #nudity #EyeContact

Illustration in black, white, grey and red portraying a one-armed mermaid with her chest bare. She holds a crescent moon staff in her left hand, and one of her eyes is blind. She has scars, medium-length wavy black hair, dark almond-shaped eyes, and some red tattoos or body paint. She looks fierce, wise and serene. 
Ilustración en blanco, negro, gris y rojo retratando a una sirena con un solo brazo y el torso desnudo. En su mano derecha sostiene un báculo con forma de luna creciente, y uno de sus ojos es ciego. Tiene cicatrices, media melena ondulada y negra, ojos almendrados y oscuros, y tatuajes o pinturas rojas. Parece fiera, sabia y serena.
Mar del Valle
2 years ago

Hi, I'm Mar, a queer nonbinary illustrator from Spain! (she/they)

I love to draw powerful women and queer characters, often with a dark, occult, mythological touch. I also have a soft spot for paganism, witchcraft, vampires, angels and demons.

I'm new on Mastodon, and I'm so happy to be here! 💖

✨Shops and more:

#intro #introduction #illustration #art #paganism #witchcraft #MastoArt #EyeContact

Ilustración en blanco, negro y tonos amarillos/dorados representando a Ariadna, heroína griega. Aparece frontalmente como una diosa o una carta del tarot, sostiene en sus manos una madeja e hilo con gesto delicado y sonríe suavemente. Viste una túnica griega y una capa blancas y negras, tiene pelo negro y ondulado, lleva pendientes, collar, tiara y brazalete dorados, y una espada en la cadera. Muestra tatuajes ancestrales amarillos en toda su piel, el hilo se enrolla también en torno a sus hombros y pecho. Una constelación adorna su cabeza, y tras ella hay un laberinto dorado.
Black, white and yellow/golden illustration of Ariadne, Greek heroin. She is depicted hieratical, almost symmetrical, like a goddess or a Tarot card. On her hands she delicately holds a skein and a yarn, and smiles softly. She is dressed in black and white tunic and cape, wears golden earrings, a necklace, a tiara, and a sword on her hip. She has ancient yellow tattoos all over her skin, the yarn also wraps around her shoulders and chest. A constellation adorns her head, and behind her we can see a golden labyrinth or maze.
Ilustración de una bruja, mujer blanca de pelo rizado y negro, con un perro negro a su lado y una serpiente rodeándola. Hay abundancia de tonos negros y rojos. Flotan elegantemente en el vacío. La mirada de la mujer es frontal, poderosa, sonríe levemente. Lleva un traje de vestir de chaqueta y pantalón rojos, un top negro de encaje, guantes largos negros, una gargantilla gruesa y lujosa, zapatos de tacón. En su mano derecha tiene un puñal o athame. Sobre ella, cartas del Tarot y símbolos ocultistas. Tras ella, una constelación y dos triángulos.
Illustration depicting a witch, a white woman with curly black hair, with a black dog beside her and a snake surrounding her. She looks at us directly, her look is powerful, she smiles slightly. She wears a red suit, a black lace top, long black gloves, a luxurious choker, high heels. She holds a dagger or athame on her left hand. Above her there are Tart cards and occult symbols. Behind her, a constellation and two triangles.
Ilustración lineal en blanco y negro tipo retrato de tres mujeres como si fueran diosas hermanas, las Parcas, Mornas o Nornas. Todas tienen tatuajes/pinturas y coronas de laurel, y entre las tres sostienen y manipulan hilos rojos. Su expresión es seria, poderosa y serena. La mujer de la derecha es negra, tiene peinado afro rizado. Lleva gafas redondas, un gran collar, pendientes africanos, pulseras, vestido negro. La mujer del centro podría ser latina o nativo americana, tiene pelo negro largo y liso, pendientes de aro, un abrigo blanco de pelo o plumas, uñas muy largas. La mujer de la izquierda es blanca, tiene pelo blanco a media melena con media cabeza rapada, lleva piercings y un top gris con encajes.
Black and White lineal illustration of three women as if they were sister goddesses, the Parcae, Norns o Moirae. All of them have tattoos or paintings, and laurel wreaths. Their expression is grave, powerful and calm. The woman on the right is black, wears an afro, round glasses, a big choker, African earrings, bracelets, black dress. The woman in the middle could be Latina or Native American, has black long straight hair, hoop rings, a furry or feathery white coat, long nails. The woman on the left is white, has white hair with an undercut, and wears piercings and a grey lace top.