According to the Hacker News front page, there are ...:

313 things that suck.
18 things that will fail.
116 things that rock.
157 things that are awesome.
0 things that are bollocks.
685 things that are great.
75 things that are terrible.
1 thing that is both terrible and amazing. And it is you.
28 things that are horrible.
22 things that are a list of some number of things.
33 things that are a list of some number of reasons.
0 hot takes.
3,101 things that are how to's.
6,434 things that are "hows" but not how to's.
98 things that are how not to's.
21 things that are silly.
86 things that are clever.
318 things that are smart, none of which are phones.
58 things that are brilliant.
147 things that are stupid.
20 things that are terrifying.
19 things that you must do.

Edit: Hashtag surgery (whitespace in hashtags is a thing that sucks).

#HackerNews #HackerNewsAnalytics #TooMuchFunWithGrep #Suck #Fail #Rock #Awesome #Bollocks

Kevin Decherf
5 hours ago

« Computer simulations done in advance of the landing attempt did not incorporate the terrain of the new landing site »

When you deploy code written after QA tests went green

🔗 Crash of private Japanese moon lander blamed on software, last-minute location switch

#Space #Fail

Todd Lyons ⚔️
7 hours ago

Lawyer suing an airline submitted half-a-dozen precedent cases... that were made up by ChatGPT #AI #Law #Fail

Todd Lyons 🪶
7 hours ago

Lawyer suing an airline submitted half-a-dozen precedent cases... that were made up by ChatGPT #AI #Law #Fail

Daniel Dočekal
9 hours ago

😡 Reklamace byla zamítnuta. Tak až si příště za 11 000 Kč koupíte sluchátka od Sony a po deseti měsících používání primárně doma prostě upadne levé sluchátko (a je to evidentní únava nevhodného materiálu) tak zapomeňte, že vám to uznají jako reklamaci. #fail

14 hours ago

@Apple @AppleMusic The @Shazam app on my iPhone says 1,188 tracks. The *new* re-sync'd "My Shazam Tracks" playlist on my #iPhone has 1,652 tracks. SAME playlist in Apple Music on my Mac has 882 tracks. Can you please fix this? Are you not the same company!? I pay for this. #FAIL

Lewis Dexter Litanzios
22 hours ago

😳 It's 2023 and [this] complicated to create a recurring/repeating task in #Notion #FML #DoBetter #TheMindBoggles #UX #Fail #YouHadOneJob


Jim Spath
1 day ago

"May 13 00:51:10 corblimey /netbsd: [ 268080.3874482] proc: table is full - increase kern.maxproc or NPROC"


1 day ago
Julià Minguillon
1 day ago

la web del ministerio del interior para las elecciones locales es simplemente una basura #fail #28M

Ottawa police Const. Yourik Brisebois returns to force after guilty verdict | Ottawa Citizen #ottnews #Crime #OttawaPolice #Corruption #Police #YourikBrisebois #Fail #Ottawa #EpicFail #onpoli @onpoli

parabéns pro algoritmo do Youtube #sóquenão: depois de um belo vídeo da BBC Earth sobre fungos parasíticos em Bornéu... ele abre um vídeo sobre "Elon Musk revelando a verdade sobre as pirâmides do Egito"

reportei e bloqueei, claro


Alan Pringle
1 day ago

"There was just one hitch: No one — not the airline’s lawyers, not even the judge himself — could find the decisions or the quotations cited and summarized in the brief.

"That was because ChatGPT had invented everything."

A Man Sued Avianca Airline. His Lawyer Used ChatGPT. - The New York Times

#AI #fail

Patrick Krawczyk
2 days ago

Sorry, ich versuchte hier nichts über Twitter zu schreiben oder zu teilen. Aber heute Nacht wurde ich gesperrt, weil ich eine Sperrung umgehen wollte. WTF?!

Und ich wusste nicht Mal bis 23 Uhr, das ich gesperrt wurde und von ~23 Uhr bis jetzt geschlafen.

#Twitter #fail

Zeigt eine Screenshot vom Twitter mit einem Hinweis darüber, dass der Account gesperrt wurde
Zeigt ein Screenshot mit einer E-Mail von Twitter wegen einer Sperrung.  

Grund: Verstoß gegen unsere Regeln für Umgebung einer Sperrung.
2 days ago

¡Hola @youtubemusic! Y'all's 🔍 overlaps with the 🍔 dots when using @FirefoxNightly on @Android. #UI #FAIL

2 days ago

@DoubleTreble @harriettmb

I went all over my house to find something interesting.


Socar Myles
2 days ago

The first novel I wrote was so aggressively boring, I let a friend read it and he told me the inciting incident needed to be in chapter one.

It was.

It just wasn't a particularly exciting incident.

(I wrote the "Seinfeld" of books. A book about nothing.)

#writing #silly #fail

2 days ago

Definiere "Optimismus" #dab #fail

dab+ outdoor kurbelradio

#Шиндошс #Fail #soft
Дано: #Windows10, портабельная софтина Font Detect. Не открывается, не запускается. Права на файл, папку для всех установлены.

При этом, если тот же файл открыть по сети с другой машины — всё работает.

Вопрос: какого @#$%^ и в какую сторону копать? 😠 @ru @rf

Ivey Janette McClelland
4 days ago

The Newsmax Comedy Festival had a #fail tonight during its DeSantis interview.

How ironic.

Thoughts and prayers... NOT 🤣🤣🤣

Good job failing to promote education, Marlin, #Texas According to an audit from the district, 28 of 33 seniors at Marlin High School did not meet the graduation requirements due to their attendance or grades.
#education #fail

Joey deVilla 🪗
4 days ago

That’s what happens when you choose a technology based on whether its owner is “on side” vs. whether it’s well-run and working well.

#Twitter #ElonMusk #RonDeSantis #DipShantis #fail #SouthAfriKaren

Alan Rycroft 🇨🇦 ✊🏼
4 days ago

Twitter glitches plague Ron DeSantis’ much-hyped presidential announcement with Elon Musk

#fail #PR #leadership #fascists

Thank you #Max for absolutely destroying your app on my Roku TV.

Never had streaming issues until now.


4 days ago
A movie poster for Failure to Launch mocking DeSantis’ presidential run announcement flop, using his face for the son and Elon Musk’s swapped in for the mother
5 days ago

Befreundeter #Windows #Dev klärt mich gerade auf, warum er volle Adminrechte braucht. Achtung festhalten! Damit er alles an #Security, Defender und AV Gedöns ausschalten kann. Der Build geht dann viel schneller. #Fail

5 days ago After firing most of the workforce and running Twitter on a shoestring, it fails Musk at a crucial moment #ElonMusk #twitter #FAIL

Moare 💚
5 days ago

Neue Serie gestartet! Elon DeSantis geht baden.
#elonmusk #rondesantis #twitter #fail

Alan Rycroft 🇨🇦 ✊🏼
5 days ago

For some reason, the gang of 450,000+ there to listen to Ron DeSantis' announcement, was kicked out of the Twitter Spaces

Still, it was cool

I did get a chance to hang with Elon for a few minutes anyways, and now we're bros

Check out the cool photo snap with me and The Man

#birdsite #Twitter #Elon #Musk #fail #satire

Hey check out this pic of us new bros, Elon Musk and Alan Rycroft, hanging in Twitter Space! Just chit chatting about social media and stuff. Awesome!

I have been testing a Grammarly AI plugin and its suggestions to improve my writing often change the purpose of the statement.

For example, here is the AI's suggestion for improvement of the paragraph above:

"I always make sure to proofread my work before submitting it. It's important to catch any errors or typos that could negatively affect the quality of my writing. By taking the time to carefully review my work, I can ensure that it is polished and professional."

#AI #Fail

Joey deVilla 🪗
5 days ago

Another one of my regular reminders to double-check your work (or better yet, have someone else double-check it) before putting it out there.

#fail #mistake #mistakes #LoremIpsum #sandwich #sandwiches #quality #QualityControl

5 days ago

Opposed to the #dyson vacuum cleaner itself, their support is worthless... Not being able to cancel an order before it's shipped to my address is such a waste... #fail

Neil Craig
5 days ago

EBay emails are interesting today...

Screenshot of an Ebay email in which the message body is a load of CSS
Reboot Kid
6 days ago

#hamradio #raspberrypi #ardop #fail #winlink #pat/winlink

I'm really struggling with current kernels and getting piardopc to get a live ardop session going for PAT/Winlink

I'm finding links like this:

Which basically say to go to an older version of Raspberry PI, on a old kernel.

There are suggestions on how to configure dsnoop, although I have no clue how to invoke it.

I just find myself not knowing where to go to work on this, while still staying up to date on kernel and patches.

6 days ago

#Tesla plummets 50 spots in a survey of the US's most reputable brands. It's now No. 62 — 30 places below Ford. #TSLA #fail

6 days ago

After moving to a new house with a new network setup and spending days trying to understand why my local Mastodon server no longer showed any traffic, I figured it out. I was pointing all traffic to the wrong IP instead of my proxy. #networking #fail

#Mastodon #FAIL
Everyone: will close down on June, 16th 2023 23:59 CET. Please migrate your accounts in time to avoid losing content and followers. Thanks.

Ну и ПОДЕЛОМ, мва-ха-ха, агрррх!

6 days ago

That was very strange. I opened up #NYTGames and it told me I wasn’t subscribed to games. I have an All Access account. So I asked for help from their chat system. My god, how awful. The enter key either puts in new lines or it sends the message and you never know which, so you end up sending pages and pages of tries. LOL. How very awful. But it does prepare us for the dystopian nightmare to come. This, and more of it. SMH. #NYT #fail #funny

Spin D'Accord
6 days ago

4.3M views and 29 hours later, they're still nowhere close to 150K retweets.

🤔 :thinkerguns: :pika:

#Niantic #PokemonGo #Fail

PokemonGo post showing 74.6K retweets, 43.5K quotes, just 31.3K likes, since 29 hours ago.
Gil Friend
6 days ago

Well, Microsoft Edge is not so edgy after all. I asked it for the top five stores from last week about a topic I'm tracking, and it gave me ten stories from 2021 and 2019. #ai #fail

6 days ago

Ernsthaft? #LinkedIn zeigt keine QR-Code an, wenn man #2FA aktivieren will. Man soll den 32-stelligen Schlüssel per Hand eintipppen. #infosec #fail

#вело #maps #GPS #навигация #FAIL лихо и ничтоже сумняшеся строит маршрут через перекресток со сплошной линией. #Soooka. #лытдыбр

1 week ago

I am not totally convinced.
#AliExpress #fail

AliExpress product page with shoe insoles, advertising "stepping on shit feeling" and "upgrade boost".
konsensor :mastodon:
1 week ago

@nico79 Wenn es doch nur die Robustheit wäre. 😬 Haben den T6 und seitdem sind wir fast ununterbrochen in der Werkstatt. Alles nur noch billig, so viel Plastik und noch schlimmer: alles unfertig und fehlerhaft. Fürchterlich. Dazu noch die Diesel-Geschichte (Klage läuft noch). Ein absoluter Fehlkauf und eine bittere Lektion. Eines ist sicher: Nie wieder VW. #Volkswagen #VW #T6 #BulliT6 #Fail

Peter Mount
1 week ago

Oh, Slack have removed Split view - that's a great decision... NOT!

I used split view a lot so I can be in a thread whilst checking another channel - being in DevOps I need that as a lot of things can be happening at the same time.

Now they have changed it so if you move out of a channel the thread is automatically closed.

You now have to open another window to keep it open...

#slack #UI #fail

Slack popup notice about the column automatically closing if you move away from a channel.

It reads:

Content in this column, such as threads, will now automatically close when you move away from a channel.

To multitask easily and keep them in view, use the window button for Ctrl and click to open them in a new window.
exiltoaster :breadified:
1 week ago

@t3n ernsthaft? Eine Art Werbung für Vibrationsmotoren gegen Geräusche von Kindern??

1 week ago

"Over and over and over again, she told him that... there was no evidence for the lies he was disseminating on stage.

"The election was not rigged, Mr. President," Collins told Trump at one point during the event. "You cannot keep saying that all night long."

Yet, he did.

...And CNN aired it all. On and on it went. It felt like 2016 all over again. It was Trump's unhinged social media feed brought to life on stage.",+2023&utm_medium=email&bt_ee=Lb7h3rCaCYUg8siHqowQ5H7AiLq4e2XsnLQSGBcj3Nb6rARK3HujVfGHI2kotMFbn1uQKxmjQCJLO3C2klnUPg%3D%3D&bt_ts=1683779684526

#Trump #Lies #CNN #Fail #Journalism #News #Media

Text from article (edited for length):
It's hard to see how America was served by the spectacle of lies that aired on CNN Wednesday evening.

Kaitlan Collins... fact-checked Trump throughout the 70-minute town hall. Over and over and over again, she told him that the election was not stolen. That it was not rigged. That there was no evidence for the lies he was disseminating on stage.

"The election was not rigged, Mr. President," Collins told Trump at one point during the event. "You cannot keep saying that all night long."

Yet, he did. Trump frequently ignored or spoke over Collins throughout the evening as he unleashed a firehose of disinformation upon the country, which a sizable swath of the GOP continues to believe. A professional lie machine, Trump fired off falsehoods at a rapid clip while using his bluster to overwhelm Collins, stealing command of the stage at some points of the town hall.

Trump lied about the 2020 election. He took no responsibility for the January 6 insurrection that those very lies incited. And he mocked E. Jean Carroll's allegations of sexual assault, which a jury found him liable for on Tuesday.

And CNN aired it all. On and on it went. It felt like 2016 all over again. It was Trump's unhinged social media feed brought to life on stage. And Collins was put in an uncomfortable position, given the town hall was conducted in front of a Republican audience that applauded Trump, giving a sense of unintended endorsement to his shameful antics.
Ulf Dittmer
1 week ago

@VQuaschning Die TVO wird im Osten Berlins dringend gebraucht. Dort leiden Wohnviertel unter extremen Durchgangsverkehr. Ich frage mich wie viele Unterzeichner mit der Thematik vertraut sind, oder selbst an Orten wohnen die nicht im Durchgangsverkehr ertrinken. Und wie schon angemerkt wird der Rückbau der Rudolf Rühl Straße mit keinem Wort erwähnt. Sorry, aber so ist das ein #fail mangels Sachkenntnis. #TVO

Marcus Rohrmoser 🌍
2 weeks ago

#DHL will keine praktischen Links für Neuzustellungen | heise online
"… Die haben nämlich die #URL gewechselt …"

😡 Cool #URI don't change. #Packstation #fail

shrimp eating mammal 🦐
2 weeks ago

I want to think this was done on purpose but I don't think this was done on purpose

#linkedin #fail #succeed #fail #succeed

Screen capture of a LinkedIn post with text "Edward Shehab on Instagram: "The fastest way to succeed is to fail even faster".

The image above the text is a terribly-cropped picture of a bald white man's head. Only the dome is visible.
Chris Hubbs
2 weeks ago

Wow, #YouTubeTV is crapping out on the TNT live stream in the fourth quarter of an NBA semifinal game. And apparently it’s system-wide, because when I downloaded the #TNT AppleTV app and tried to login, Google tells me that the TNT app login request has been rate-limited. Big #Youtube #Fail.

Dub Nation 🏀
2 weeks ago

Youtube TV lost the feed during Miami Boston game 1 #fail #nba

Web Axe
2 weeks ago

So why is IAAP supporting an overlay product?! #a11y #overlays #fail

H.Lunke & Socke
2 weeks ago

und Darmstadt so:
„Bezogen auf die im Energiemanagement erfassten Gebäude wurden schätzungsweise 10 MWh Wärme und 1 MWh Strom eingespart.”

und weil die Energiesparmaßnahmen so erfolgreich waren, lassen wir das jetzt wieder ...

#darmstadt #Energiewende #fail

Pratik Patel
2 weeks ago

I want to say something about a new #accessibility feature being implemented in a thing I'm testing which fails the most important test: Is the thing being tested able to ensure that *everyone* can perceive the information the thing is supposed to convey? I mean how do you design something specifically for accessibility without making sure of this fundamental precept? I want to say I'll give up on this project. But I can't. The Cluelessness just amazes me.


2 weeks ago

Nie, nikt mi nie powiedział, że popsikałam ranę na ręce sprayem do czyszczenia ekranów, a nie środkiem odkażającym. Bo po co #fail

Mike Kuketz 🛡
2 weeks ago

Der Mähroboter Landroid Vision M600 (WR206E) der Firma Worx sendet offenbar Fotos eures Gartens an den Hersteller. 🤦‍♂️ 👇

#datenschutz #teamdatenschutz #dsgvo #fail

Amy Fountain
2 weeks ago

I did an 'easy' 'diy' project today, and everything involved *except* the new install stuff broke.

It's half fixed and functional, and tomorrow I can fix the rest, but dangnabbit that was supposed to be an 'empowering' 'win' for my handiperson self-esteem.

instead, it was two trips to the ACE Hardware store with broken stuff in my hands and a sorry expression on my face.

#diy #fail #dangit #luckilyItsAChickAtAceHardwareAndSheIsNice

🔧 😪 😱 🔨 😩

2 weeks ago

Just found this HTML in the wild ☹️

<td role="rowheader">

#webdev #HTML #a11y #fail

Nicolas Hoizey
2 weeks ago

Nice sort of these tens of currencies, Packt Publishing! 🤦‍♂️ #UX #fail

See it there:

Screenshot of a selector in a list of tens of currencies where they’re sorted in an apparently random order
Dr. Victoria Grinberg
2 weeks ago

Preparing for the coming work week and well... Guess who forgot both her external keyboard and her external trackpad in the Netherlands and will have to work on laptop only, without properly using the external screen for the next three week? #fail 😑

(Of course I forgot because I did not directly travel here but first spent a week on a work trip to Geneva where I did not need the peripherals. And "luckily" I'll be travelling for a part of these three weeks again...)

2 weeks ago

I'm so glad CNN is asking the vital questions that all Americans should understand.

Like who Ron DeSantis is more scared of? Trump or Biden?

I can rest easy knowing CNN is on this important topic.


Matthew Campbell
2 weeks ago

@liamerven @soundshadow87 @devinprater Maybe they are, but the website still says 10. Meanwhile, Google is testing Android 14. #fail

Matthew Campbell
2 weeks ago

@devinprater It's also running on Android 10. The bloody thing is brand new, but it's running android 10. #fail

2 weeks ago


I think Hell must’ve just frozen over. Better late than never? Sadly, most will still not heed this advice because it’s coming way too late — not because Covid is gone, but because people are tuning out CDC advice, after 3 years of poor responses to the pandemic. #Fail #covid #CovidIsAirborne

@BleepingComputer: Yet another reason why I don't own cars with builtin internet connection. #Toyota #FAIL #databreach #datasquid #unnecessary #privacy #PrivacyFAIL

3 weeks ago

@GottaLaff @JanisKay @Rakielxx71

"They thought that by covering for Trump they were tapping into his power, but they were actually giving away their own—mortgaging themselves and their reputations to Trump’s lies and depravities."
~Sarah Longwell

#Trump #Journalists #Media #Journalism #News #Fail

3 weeks ago

@kuketzblog Datenschutz by Design and Default sieht anders aus. Webkoll zeigt eine kaputte CSP, die Inhalte von Dritten durchlässt. Es ist dahingestellt ob Schludrigkeit (Copy&Paste von einem anderen Projekt), Unfähigkeit oder Täuschung (weil man auf externe Inhalte nicht verzichten mag, es aber in der Datenschutzerklärung nicht nennen mag). An die DSK setze ich erhöhte Anforderungen und eine gewisse Vorbildfunktion. Daher ein #Fail

Screenshot Webkoll mit kaputter CSP
3 weeks ago

@kuketzblog besonders peinlich ist das bei diesem Artikel. "Du musst gefragt werden" steht dort dick und fett, was aber bei der Einbindung des Youtube Videos auf der gleichen Seite genau nicht getan wird. #Fail #Datenschutz

Adrian Fry
3 weeks ago

@ChrisMayLA6 A global image for a company on Brexit island? What a load of arse. #fail

Dan Bowman
3 weeks ago


I used to have a measured bit of respect for #cnn & #chris #licht . After tonight's #tfg #fiasco, you can be sure I will avoid this #unforgivable extension of #unchallenged #gop #propaganda.

Abetting the continued slander / crimes of the disgraced twice impeached, sexual abuser, and indicted former president is just horrible.

#epic #fail #kaitlan #collins #cnndebacle #abetting

Matthew Slowe
3 weeks ago

When too much information is actively wrong... #geolocation based on IP is so incredibly broken at a sub-country level.

#amazon #fail

Pop up on my phone from Amazon warning me I've signed in from Caerphilly, UK except I'm not in Caerphilly
Adrian Fry
4 weeks ago

@seatsixtyone This is basically about travel from London to <destination>, completely ignoring the fact that some people might not live in London.


4 weeks ago

JFC Google Bard: "Braille is easier to read when the ink is dark" #Brl #Fail

Nicolas Hoizey
4 weeks ago

Dis Decathlon, c'est quoi ce tri de pointures ? 🤦‍♂️ #ux #fail

Screenshot partiel d’une fiche produit de Decathlon avec les pointures triées dans l’ordre 46, 41, 45, 42, 39…
Phillip Upton
4 weeks ago


Looks to be heavily influence by Perl… #snark #google #fail

Google search result for “who wrote the mojo porgramming language”

The snippet claims "Mojolicious is a real-time web application framework, written by Sebastian Riedel, creator of the web application framework Catalyst.”

Mojolicious and Catalyst are Perl web frameworks.
Andy Carolan :prami:
4 weeks ago

I just burned my thumb on a tortilla wrap that I was heating in my Air Fryer.

Because of the heat I threw it towards my plate, frisbee style, but it fell short, landing on the floor instead.


1 month ago

OMG I'm ganna lose it. Found in wild: <div class="arrows prev"></div>
#webdev #html #a11y #FAIL

Joseph Quigley
1 month ago

Me: 3 star review. This USB-C device does not charge unless you use a USB-A-to-C cable. I tested with with a tester and it is is not USB-C compliant.

Amazon Vendor support message: Our device is USB-C PD compliant.

Me: No it's not.

Amazon Vendor: Please look at this image where the device is charging from a PD battery bank.

Me: You're charging it with a USB-A-to-C plug, not USB-C. 😑

#Fail #USB #Hardware #Amazon #CustomerSupport

1 month ago

So out of all the reasons to not keep many many tabs open in your browser, I just discovered one more.
Close your tabs when you're done, folks. Otherwise... you might end up bookmarking 114 pages instead of the 1 you had intended.
Now if you'll excuse me... I need to spend fifteen years figuring out which bookmarks to actually keep.
#Tech #Technology #Internet #Firefox #Fail #Humor

1 month ago

Obviously Fox News is not to be trusted. Apple, why do you continue to put their misleading and treasonous headlines in the iOS and OSX news sections?! #foxnews #apple #fail

Austin Kocher, PhD 🌎
1 month ago

Elon Musk's rocket SpaceX Starship explodes after launch. 🤣

#elonmusk #musk #elon #spacex #tesla #rocket #failure #fail

the trouble with mia
1 month ago

@lowqualityfacts Also from Littlejohn (I know) this morning in the Mail (front cover - I didn't actually read it):
"Shirking from home will turn our cities into basket cases like San Francisco" 🙄
#WFH #Fail

1 month ago
S. L. Crane
1 month ago

Apparently, hospitality company Accor does not consider women to be people. 🤨🤨🤨

#fail #Accor #GenderEquality #MenMenMenMenManlyMenMenMen

Screenshot of the "Hotel Development" section on Accor's website. The header reads: People – Recruitment power and training expertise for your hotel people. There's a giant background image that fills almost the whole screen, and it shows 7 men in chef's whites smiling or grinning at the camera. Not a single woman to be found.
Web Axe
1 month ago

"This is a notice that your app - Web Axe - has been suspended from accessing the Twitter API." Due to this, latest tweets on my blog will be removed. #elonTwitter #twitterAPI #fail