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Going through a few older drawings for fun. It’s always amusing when you find an older artwork and go “right, I drew that! Well done, past-me!”

Some are really just such fun memories to encounter again~.

#drachenmagier #traditionalArt #traditionalMedia #MastoArt #angel #creature #fantasy #guardians #masks

Masked pan-like creature with antlers that look like branches and glowing owls sitting in them
Masked creature with antler branches, tied up with red strings
Armored floating figure with sword and cape
Warrior angel with glowing halo

I've added a sneaky bonus page to Skal, chapter 5 (my patrons and studio members know why 😂)

You can read the whole of Skal for free here:

#webcomic #comics #fantasy #MastoArt #TraditionalArt #gouache #comic #webcomic

A lady in fantasy garb (A hood and cloak), is sitting by a bar, filling up a small cup while looking thoughtful. She says "hmm."

Fantastic Adventures vol. 14, no. 11 (November 1952)

This cover brought to you by Joe Jackson's "Is She Really Going Out With Him?". He is at least being protective of her, though I have questions about where his hand is.

Original magazine:

#Magazine #MagazineCover #PulpMagazine #PulpFiction #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #Horror #Art #Illustration

Fantastic Adventures magazine cover from the 1950s; a hairy bearded man is holding a blonde woman; they are both reacting in fear of flying saucers in the sky.

Fantastic Adventures vol. 14, no. 11 (1952/11).

still need to add some finishing touches but big!Kerata jumping through the great praying trees, with nervous Fy-La in hand :shyplead:​ :dragn_crysmile:​

#sfw #fantasy #digitalart #digitalpainting #forest #trees #monster #monstergirl #demon #demongirl #MotherandDaughter #momanddaughter #oc #original #originalart #originalcharater #originalartwork #dragon #dinosaurj #Kerata #FyLa

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🐺The Realm of Kaerwyn has updated!🐺
Issue 20 Page 67

Kaerwyn's RP

⚔️Latest Page:
⚔️First Page:
⚔️Support Kaerwyn!
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Eric Johnson, Author
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58233 words for Days of Baromir. One or three story days left and I'm done with this book. After I finish Days of Baromir I'm going to focus on Streets of Destiny, which is a #kindlevella I've been working on for a few days now, and at four episodes. So then after that's finished I'm going to work on The Life of Baromir and see where that goes, and have to come up with something for that book too as I haven't a clue yet of course, so there's that.

#fantasy #fantasybook #writing

Hayley Stone
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Good news! 📣 All my audiobooks are currently on sale at Audible!

If you've been hoping to grab MAKE ME NO GRAVE, or any books in my Last Resistance series, now's your chance! 🏃

#audiobooks #books #scifi #fantasy

New weird ass blog just dropped. Come see.
Read Seagull and the Omniverse of Um, What? ( Awakening to Ascension part 9, but also Omniverse part 1). Seagull discusses basic terminology for how multiverses (plural) interact.
#ttrpg #mage #multiverse #magic #fantasy #scifi
Image Credit: Victor de Schwanberg

Astounding Stories vol. 6, no. 3 (June 1931)

No idea who are the good guys, or why that leopard looks like taxidermy being held up by someone out of shot.

I would say the gorilla is Copyright-Safe-Tarzan's ally and is protecting legally-non-actionable Jane, but it seems rather emasculating for C-S-T, he's all floppy and weak.

Original magazine:

#Magazine #MagazineCover #PulpMagazine #PulpFiction #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #Horror #Art #Illustration

Astounding Stories magazine cover from the 1930s; a woman is in a tree; an unconscious man is being held by a large ape which is fighting with a leopard

Astounding Stories vol. 6, no. 3 (1931/06).
Eric Johnson, Author
12 hours ago

The Trials of Baromir
In this fantasy story, Baromir spends two weeks out of his farming life visiting the continent he lives on.

Pre-order link:
More formats available after June 30

#bookstodon #selfpromo #SFF #booklover #fantasy
#Books #Ebook #Readers #readercommunity #Ebooks #fantasybook
#readersofmastodon #SFFBooks

The Trials of Baromir
In this fantasy story, Baromir spends two weeks out of his farming life visiting the continent he lives on.
Holland Albright ♫ 🌈
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Hello! I made a brand new Patreon page! If you like my music and want to support me in creating it, you can now for $1 per month (or more).

Your support for my work means a lot. Thank you!

✨​ ✨​

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Dark Sheep Arts
14 hours ago

I'd forgotten this one until I saw it in a random folder, but I do like the colours in it.

#Fantasy #Cyberpunk #Shadowrun #TTRPG #Horror #MastoArt #3DArt

A feminine being with transparent skin and a red body sits in an alleyway. You can see her bones through the skin, and her nerves glow an orange-yellow. A gun sits near her, lit by candles, as she reads a book. She is holding a staff in her hands.
Laurence Raphael Brothers
14 hours ago

Omnibus bundle available of the first three volumes of my romantic noir urban fantasy series!

PI Nora Simeon and her uncannily beautiful assistant Eyre investigate the secret world of corruption, intrigue, and sorcery at the heart of the world banking system.

A fourth volume, The Demons of Montmartre is coming later this year!


demons of wall street cover: images of wall street overlaid by a demonic sigil
demons of the square mile cover: images of london overlaid by a demonic sigil
demons of chiyoda cover: images of tokyo overlaid by a japanese demon mask
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#gayBookReview Faeries and werewolves and vampires, oh my! "Lost and Found" is a series of stand-alone #mmromance stories by Barbara Elsborg about fated love between #fantasy beings who meet briefly before being separated for several years. Set in contemporary England.
#Shifters #Faeries

Book cover art for "Double Trouble"
β Justin Mason 🤖
15 hours ago
Paul Wicks
15 hours ago

The lens from Mooncrest Models #SciFi and #Fantasy arrived today. This is a #model #PoliceBox not a #DoctorWho #Tardis of course (the door opens outwards) #WorkInProgress

Close up of lamp with lit bulb on roof of one sixth scale model Police Public Call Box
Unfinished one sixth scale model of a Metropolitan Police box
Beneath Ceaseless Skies
16 hours ago

Live in BCS #383: "Fruit of the Memory Tree" by J.A. Prentice.

"Above, the branches creaked. I climbed careful, wary they’d snap and come falling upon us. There was a weight to them I had not seen before. Though the fruit blooming between grey leaves were palm-small, they seemed to drag the whole tree earthwards. This close, our laughter died away and we stared up, caught in the shadow of the tree."
#sff #fantasy #shortstory

Hey, it's Nele!
16 hours ago

The girl had but recently joined the temple as a priestess. Yet, she was already one of the people's favourites. It was overwhelming for the young mouse and she decided to play a bit of hide and seek, doing her best to find the odd place of solitude to see how long it would last.

#ai #aiart #stablediffusion #kemonomimi #mousegirl #fantasy #priestess #robes #temple #unamused #nele

Nele with long hair in a fantasy priestess outfit
Munchbud Ink
16 hours ago
J. Martin
17 hours ago

Conan the Adventurer
by Robert E. Howard and L. Sprague de Camp

Lancer reprint, 1973. My own copy.
Original edition: Lancer, 1966.

Cover art by Frank Frazetta.

#REH #Conan #FrankFrazetta #coverart #pulp #vintage #paperback #fantasy

Cover illustration: Bare-chested barbarian resting on his sword on a pile of defeated enemies against a yellow-greyish background of fire and sinister looking skulls.
Pamela Merritt
17 hours ago

"“But I don’t want to go among mad people," Alice remarked.

"Oh, you can’t help that," said the Cat: "we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad."

"How do you know I’m mad?" said Alice.

"You must be," said the Cat, "or you wouldn’t have come here.”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

#fantasy #thankafictionalcharacter

A colored print of the original Tennile illustrations from 1865 shows Alice in a blue dress and stockings, with her back to the view and her hands clasped behind her, staring up at a large rounded cat on a branch too puny to support its weight and its broad grin as it meets her eyes.
17 hours ago

I'm not great at writing romance, and yet here it rears it's head in my novel.

"I take a quick breath, meaning to take a deep one and calm down, but I can’t calm down, not when he’s looking at me like that."

#AmWriting #Fantasy

Eric Johnson, Author
17 hours ago

#WritingWonders Day 6 - Does your MC have any nicknames? If so, how did they come by them?

I'm sure Kim has some nicknames, but I never thought to write them. Same with Baromir, he hasn't come up with or been called any nicknames yet, particularly because I don't think about them at all really. I never made any nicknames (I had a nickname in the military though) for my characters despite some traits that could probably earn them one.

#fantasy #MilitarySF #writing

Grand Admiral Shaun Duke
17 hours ago

Three works of Caribbean #sciencefiction #fantasy that you should read:

--Philia, Eros, Storge, Agápe, Pragma by R.S.A. Garcia
--The Jumbies by Tracey Baptiste
--How to Escape from a Leper Colony by Tiphanie Yanique

You're welcome. Go and read.

Andrew Knighton
17 hours ago


Pseudotooth by Verity Holloway - Fantasy that starts out as creeping unease in a modern setting, then shifts into something like a portal fantasy, while twisting those two strands together. It's an unusual story structure, with a well-written protagonist & an ending that caught me off guard in a good way, & if the whole didn't quite match its parts for me, they're fascinating parts. Read if you like interesting experiments with genre.

#Books #Bookstodon #Fantasy

Andrew Knighton
18 hours ago


Her Majesty's Royal Coven by Juno Dawson - Modern fantasy about witches in Hebden Bridge struggling with the aftermath of trauma & some epic government over-reach. I got 30% through thinking this was a light fantasy with characters painted too broadly for my tastes, then the point of the story kicked in & I was absolutely hooked. Read if you like fantasy to tackle big modern issues, or want the novelty of a Yorkshire setting.

#Books #Bookstodon #Fantasy

Andrew Knighton
18 hours ago

#ReadingThread holiday catchup time...

Witches Abroad by Terry Pratchett - Perfectly timed book club choice for holiday. Pratchett's writing is brilliant, & I always find something new in re-reads. This time, it was realising how unpleasant some of Granny's behaviour toward Magrat is, beautifully written but too far into not nice as a person. Still a great role model in other ways, & brilliantly crafted. Read if you want joy & humour in your life.

#Books #Bookstodon #Fantasy #TerryPratchett

Joanna Maciejewska
18 hours ago

Today, I have another Humanborn quote for you. Albert and Kaja talk about the Affliction: a condition that affects many humanborn.

Learn more about the series:
Get Humanborn in your favorite online store:

#books #bookstodon #fantasy #fantasybooks #urbanfantasy

The image contains a quote from Humanborn by Joanna Maciejewska.
It reads:
“You didn’t say it’s the cure.”
“Because it’s not. But it works better than anything else I’ve tried, and maybe, just maybe, it can stop the progress.” I didn’t think we really needed the cure. Before it destroyed us in the end, the affliction enhanced us. I wasn’t sure I’d give up my magic and the skills I’d worked hard to learn only to be considered “cured.” As long as I knew the affliction wouldn’t claim me in the end, I was fine with who I was… with what I was.
18 hours ago

i got commissioned to make the main theme for Wings of Atheria! it's a #TTRPG by Kyle Tompsett, and the art is made by Eryn Williams.

I REALLY enjoyed this one! it was fun conceptualizing a track centered around #fantasy, #space, and #western themes.

hybrid havoc :1m: :rm:
19 hours ago

Chirp Books has Robin Hobb's Farseer audiobooks on sale for $2.99 - $3.99 each

@literature @books

Worlds of IF April 1973 (April 1973)

This is a masterpiece, lines, colours, perspective, the over-exposure if that's the right word for what's happening bottom left; it's dynamic and expressive. Everything around the outside is sharp straight lines but what's going on in the middle is organic-looking with curves.

Original magazine:

#Magazine #MagazineCover #PulpMagazine #PulpFiction #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #Horror #Art #Illustration

Worlds of IF magazine cover from the 1970s; some radiating force is throwing people in space-suits around; a man in the foreground is clutching his head in pain

Worlds of IF April 1973 (1973/04).
Stephanie Burgis
20 hours ago

Huzzah! It's Day 2 of the Claws & Contrivances early readathon, Chapter Two is up now, and Rose Tregarth has decided upon a dragon-related plan that is only a TINY bit reckless... ;)
Subscribe to my Patreon to join the readathon:

Or preorder:

#Fantasy #FantasyRomance

The cover of Claws and Contrivances beside this text: "Warm, magical and riotously funny, this book is an absolute treat. And a Regency world with dragons? When can I visit?!" 
-Sangu Mandanna, bestselling author of The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches
20 hours ago

WIP map. Takes a long time to make a forest. I copy and paste and place each tree. Drew a town, a city, and a castle on the map. At this rate I should be done by next month.

#rpg #dnd #osr #map #fantasy

20 hours ago

Lester Del Rey’s 1950 novel When the World Tottered combines ancient mythology with sci-fi (it's definitely sci-fi not fantasy). In the near future a farmer meets a valkyrie and ends up in Asgard. Action-packed and imaginative. Recommended.

My review:

#sciencefiction #scifi #fantasyfiction #fantasy #norsemythology #pulpfiction #LesterDelRey

Grand Admiral Shaun Duke
21 hours ago

What is your favorite work of #fantasy from the 2000s? #books

Ellie Warren
23 hours ago

Mortal Follies by Alexis Hall is out today. I thought the fantasy side was fun but the romance was a bit meh for me.

Review copy provided by publisher. #books #bookstodon #fantasy #bookBlogger

Riza Bunansa
1 day ago

#writingWonders 6/6 does your MC have any nicknames? How'd they come by them?

Leda's name is a nickname of sorts. She probably got it from one of her brothers, who didn't want to use her given name, and she kept using it herself.

Icarius's name is already an alias; he chose it himself.

No real nicknames, I'm afraid.

#amWriting #writing #WIP #grimdark #gaslamp #fantasy

Sarah J Hoodlet
1 day ago

#WritingWonders 6June- Do your MCs have nicknames? If so, origin?

Other than “Em”, Emery doesn’t have any nicknames. However, Iron Wrights are collectively (and derogatorily) called Rusters by the Gold’s, so she’s heard that a few times.

Vince also doesn’t have nicknames. Any nickname would be longer than his one-syllable name. And similarly to Iron’s, Lead Wrights are collectively called Poisoners. Vince hates the term, while others embrace it.

#WritingCommunity #fantasy

1 day ago

you can now get the retrofuturism artwork in my kofi shop even if you're not a member 💜

i can send just one print with 2.50 EURO discounted shipping fee, but you have to message me first before ordering so i can set it up for you!

#artwork #art #scifi #fantasy #drawing #cyborg

A listing photo of an art print depicting a cyborg female being sitting on her bed and swiping away on her holo tablet. Her room is full of old TV monitors and cables which are also coming out of her back as she's charging. There's a huge window behind her with the view on a black hole.
JenJen :heart_sp_pan:
1 day ago

My shop SALE ends this Sunday! :ablobfoxbongohyper:

So if you'd like to grab some deals, here are the codes one final time! :ablobfoxbongohyper:

💫 Blobross15 💫
gets you 15% off my digital comics!

💫 Byeblobross 💫
gets you 10% off EVERYTHING in my shop! Prints, comics, the lot!

My comic/art shop:

#MastoArt #TraditionalArt #Comics #Freelance #SelfEmployed #Webcomics #Horror #Smut #Fantasy

Photo of me behind a marketstall table, selling my comics and prints IRL. I'm wearing little devil horns, an adidast tracksuit jacket and drinking a beer. I look quite happy :D
comic cover of my smutty comic called Artemisia. A lady in shibari is on the front, looking ever so surprised by the incoming tentacles!
Comic cover of my webcomic Skal. A veiled lady stares at us. Her hand is held up with her palm facing us. It has bodypaint on it that looks like an eye. She mysterious~
Comic cover of my horror comic Signatur: A woman is sitting by a messy art desk, her back turned. She looks like she's making comics. Something's under the desk. The mood is uneasy.
Jess Mahler
1 day ago

The Bargain (S3, E9)

Jahlene is meeting with an old friend at court. It's time to put their plan for Oeloff into play -- and if they can catch her interest, Collanne is just the gossip to do it.

#fantasy #kink #webserial #AmWritingFantasy

(Image marked sensitive for eye contact)

Image of Countess Jahlene n'Erida from The Bargain. Brown skinned fae with black hair in updo and green eyes. She's wearing a wide necked blue dress with gold decorations. She stares directly at the viewer while playing with a loose lock of hair. Text: “How you see through me so clearly and yet never understand will remain one of the mysteries of Dannu.”
Sean Bala
1 day ago

One of the things I've loved about being here is discovering new books I would never have heard about before.

Just picked up "Another Life" by @sarenaulibarri from @StelliformPress and while there, another book made its way into my cart - "After the Dragons" by Cynthia Zhang - looking so forward to reading both!

You can get them both directly from the publisher here -

#books #bookstodon #solarpunk #sff #fantasy

dance along the edge 💬
1 day ago

Happy #PrideMonth 🏳️‍🌈
Spotlight on the troubled genius that was Jeffrey Catherine Jones (1944-2011). Some treasures of mine along with an excellent biography and more artwork at the link.

#JeffreyCatherineJones #TheStudio #Pride #PrideMonth2023 #LeighBrackett #AndreNorton #AndrewOffutt #Illustration #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #SF #SFF @fantasy

Black Hawk of Valkarth - a Thongor 
of Lemuria adventure by Lin Carter

Science Fiction & Fantasy STORIES



and features by L. SPRAGUE DE CAMP and FRITZ LEIBER

the big jump

One man had come back- 
but he was neither dead nor alive

Postmarked the Stars

Genetic regression aboard the SOLAR QUEEN means trouble- alert for two planets!
A novel of heroic fantasy by the author of THE CASTLE KEEPS


SciFi/Fantasy Magazine Covers
1 day ago

Famous Fantastic Mysteries October 1950 (October 1950)

Well if she can't die, what are the stakes here?

Some classic middle-eastern harem-girl imagery of this period, plus a giant burning demon hand. If she's frozen, maybe a burning demon hand is just what she needs to get free; she and the demon can live happily ever after.

Original magazine:

#Magazine #MagazineCover #PulpMagazine #PulpFiction #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #Horror #Art #Illustration

Famous Fantastic Mysteries magazine cover from the 1950s; a women in harem-like clothing is sleeping, encased in a transparent substance, perhaps ice, while a huge red clawed hand reaches out toward her from the rear.

Famous Fantastic Mysteries October 1950 (1950/10).
John James
2 days ago

Last chance to get a FREE COPY of my debut novel, My Brother's Unicorn, a heartwarming fantasy about loss and grief, love and family, forgiveness and redemption, set in the lead-up to the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

#books #book #free #freebie #fantasy #fiction #kindle #amazon #ebook #sydney #australia #australian #olympics #unicorn #unicorns

How To Love Comics
2 days ago

Did you know there are The Witcher comics?

➡️ Find out more:

📁 File under: #Comics #ComicBooks #TheWitcher #gaming #fantasy #SFF

My interview with grimdark fantasy author, Michael R Fletcher, explores magic systems, faith & belief, social heirarchy in his books. And collaborating with other authors.

It's a great chat with a giant of the #fantasy genre.

#writingcommunity #interview #author

Catching Shadows
2 days ago

_Lord of the Black Mountain Chapter Ten_ In which the baby mages are absolute gremlins. #fantasy #webnovel #bookblr #books #writing @bookstodon @fantasy Read, review and comment on Royal Road!

Athena Andreadis, PhD
2 days ago

A swell of vielles for Melissa Scott's #fantasy-cum-#mystery The Master of Samar, which takes flight today! The atmospheric fantasy unfolds in a vividly-hued alt-Venice where power is based on perilous #magic covenants.

@blueterraplane #CandlemarkAndGleam #books

Stephanie Burgis
2 days ago

It's Day 1 of the Claws and Contrivances early group read on my Patreon! Subscribe now to read Chapter One in good company (with more chapters coming every day from now through July 3rd):

#FantasyRomance #Fantasy

You are cordially invited to join Stephanie Burgis's Patreon at the Dragon Ruler level to read Claws & Contrivances...
A madcap Regency-era romantic comedy involving a most determined heroine, a baffled scholarly hero, and a surprising number of dragons.
Posting 1 chapter per day June 5 - July 3
Valonia 🐉
2 days ago

Les protecteurs de la forêt🌟

#fantasy #mastoart #art #artist #draw #dessin

Des chats à la longueur de dragon asiatiques, dans une forêt bleue et violette. Une cascade et une rivière rose. Présence de champignons bleus géants et de petits renards bleus fantastiques.
2 days ago

Is a Tasty Nibble 🍪 the winning mood over a Huge Binge? 📚

#Sample for #Free
30 #IndieAuthors of #SciFi & #Fantasy 💫

#Novellas & #Anthologies Only!

Interested in "Carl Sagan's Hunt for Intelligent Life in the Universe" by C. Gockel 😁

Has a cute (and familiar) white ferret on the front! :blobcataww:

#ShortStory #Novella #SFF #Humor #Android #DarkFantasy #EpicFantasy #AlternateHistory #Dragons #Aliens @sffbookclub @scifi @sffbipoc

A planet rising above a shortline futuristic city with the sunset peeking behind clouds. Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Stories/Novells May 10-June 10, 2023
Alison Wilder
2 days ago

I plugged an #80s #fantasy-sized hole in my Plex library over the weekend. This was my absolute favorite sort of movie as a kid in the 80s. (Yes, I already have Labyrinth and Dark Crystal, duh.)

Screenshot of Plex action & science fiction library with covers for the movies Masters of the Universe, The Neverending Story, The BeastMaster, Willow, Excalibur, Return to Oz, and Legend
John Howes
2 days ago

#WritingWonders June 5: Names 4 - Yet more on names. Sorry, I'm really interested in this subject.

Has anyone ever used an online #Fantasy name generator for names in a novel?

I admit I have a few times. I have 280 named characters (most NPCs 🙂) in the Nifaran Chronicles, and all the names were starting to blend.

#Writer #WritingCommunity #AmWriting

Jim Jones
2 days ago

I was happy to find and pick up #GarethHanrahan's gritty #fantasy
city novel, #TheGutterPrayer, from the bookstore today. I had picked it up through interlibrary loan a few months ago, but wasn't able to renew it. Looking forward to finishing it. The Tallowmen are one of the creepiest fantasy creations that I've read about in a while.

#Bookstodon #AmReading


Photo of the cover of Gareth Hanrahan's fantasy novel, The Gutter Prayer. It depicts darkened city canal with skiffs poking out of the blue back-lit fog. Three figures crouch in the lower right. A series of bridges arch overhead into the distance.
Bogi Takács
2 days ago

The latest free reviews on Bogi Reads the World: a fantasy graphic novel that was a pleasant surprise, a small volume of queer prose poetry, and a vintage YA science fiction book!

#Bookstodon @bookstodon #Books #BookReviews #BogiReads #ScienceFiction #SpeculativeFiction #Fantasy #GraphicNovels #Iran #Mythology #Latine #Poetry #PoetryCommunity #Queer #YA

SciFi/Fantasy Magazine Covers
2 days ago

Marvel Science Fiction vol. 3, no. 5 (November 1951)

Marvel had a whole SF magazine? But wait, this isn't the Marvel we know and love, which had other names until 1961.

The woman, who was gardening in some rather inappropriate clothing, seems not upset enough about gravity suddenly inverting on her, but the dog seems almost too mad.

Original magazine:

#Magazine #MagazineCover #PulpMagazine #PulpFiction #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #Horror #Art #Illustration

Marvel Science Fiction Magazine cover from the 1950s; a woman, a dog, two cars and various objects are floating in a yellow sky, gravity seems to have inverted and they are falling upwards

Marvel Science Fiction vol. 3, no. 5 (1951/11).
3 days ago

Sword person...

#art #MastoArt #fantasy

A black and white drawing of a solider wearing chain mail and brigadine with a sheathed sword. They are grumpy...
Curus Creations
3 days ago

Court wizard, as originally designed by my partner
#wizard #fantasy #grubbylittlemeninsillyrobes

A man with a downcast expression and a scant moustache, wearing a long, purple pointed hood reminiscent of a wizard hat.
Ergative Absolutive
3 days ago

Have I mentioned before how much I enjoy the Tales of the Ketty Jay by Chris Wooding? I saw it recommended by @kjcharles, and because--to judge from her writing--she knows exactly what I like, I grabbed me a set and am now utterly hooked.

@bookstodon #Bookstodon #BookRecs #BookRecommendations #fantasy

Chelsea Mueller
3 days ago

My short story “Hibernation Heirloom” published today at Sunday Morning Transport. It’s both a bearskin story and a motherhood story, and I’m excited for people to read it.

#fantasy #reading #shortstories

Elizabeth Fitzgerald
3 days ago

The 2022 Aurealis Awards were presented last night.

For those of you unfamiliar with them, they are Australia's premier juried award for speculative fiction. I had the great honour of judging the Best Fantasy Novel panel.

Congratulations to all the winners!

#AurealisAwards #scifi #ScienceFiction #fantasy #SpecFic #SpeculativeFiction #Australia #bookstodon @bookstodon

John Shirley
4 days ago

Stephen Colbert to Produce ‘Chronicles of Amber’ TV Series Adaptation

[I've always said that Nine Princes in Amber by Zelazny, et al, should be adapted. And I see now it's been set up as of January. I missed the announcement. But that's great. Colbert will see it's reasonably faithful and high quality.]

Roger Zelazny and I were friendly and I am his fan.

#fantasy #scifi #streaming

🍌Lana Banana 🍌
4 days ago

Have a great Saturdey, #fediverse
Here is my favourite FFXIV commission duo from 2021. I was doing flat designs only back then and sometimes I miss intricate simplicity of these. :)
I guess both are very summer-themed. Which team are you? Team sun or team sea? :D

#art #MastoArt #fediart #FFXIV #fantasy #ArtNouveau

Art nouveau illustration of miqote (cat folk) girl. She has tan skin, peach hair and brown stripes on her face. She is dressed in a golden gown. She holds a rose in her hand and there are some sunflowers in the background.
Art nouveau illustration of au'ra (dragon/lizard folk) girl. She has lavender skin, iridescent white horns and scales on her face and neck. She has dark hair decorated with small flowers. She is dressed in a purple kimono with flowery pattern. She holds a blue pendant in one of her hands. In the background there's a sea and some seashells with corals.
Paul "Princejvstin" Weimer
5 days ago

Review: Master of Samar by Melissa Scott
Melissa Scott’s Master of Samar brings us a rich story of a secondary world Venice.
My NOAF Review:


5 days ago

#TheGuillorys: Three of a Kind

Seraphine knew that her two brothers were up to no good and decided to use her new talent to observe them. She wanted to find out what they were planning. So she made herself invisible and sneaked into a space in the wall, where they usually hang out. ...

#Mice, #SuperHero, #ForChildren, #Fantasy


Full Post:

Grand Admiral Shaun Duke
6 days ago

If you’re looking for an editor for your fiction, consider hiring me!

I provide #editing services via The Duke of Editing, including most levels of editing and more! I’ve worked with indies and publishers! #writing #sciencefiction #fantasy #horror

Nick Walker
6 days ago

New Weird Luck chapter launches in 2 weeks––watch for page 1 on June 15!

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Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
6 days ago

Went out to drink my coffee on the front stoop and saw that the faeries have been busy!


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Fairy apartment house. White curtains flutter at the windows. A rainbow star has been affixed to the roof. In front of the door are a pair of teeny pink flamingos.
A pink fairy door is nestled at the base of a huge tree in front of my apartment building. To the left is a yellow, diamond-shapes road sign picturing a seated fairy holding a butterfly aloft. The words below it say, “FAIRY XING”. A banner of rainbow flag pennants are strung along the pediment of the door. On the right is a rainbow-patterned You Are Beautiful sign.
Two huge red glittery hearts on sticks are staked to the ground. Between them are strung red heart beads. In front of them are two yard chairs, a teeny re-purposed pizza box table with two teeny glasses sitting atop it. In front of the chairs are two pairs of shoes.
Dr. Amy H. Sturgis
1 week ago

In my “Looking Back on Genre History" segment on Episode 647 of the #StarShipSofa #podcast, I talked about #TheHouseOfNight, #Watchmen, and how #SFF works have discussed and brought attention to the #TulsaRaceMassacre of 1921.

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From opening scenes of WATCHMEN, the text reads “Tulsa 1921” over a sepia-tinged recreation of the confusion, horror, and death of the Tulsa Race Massacre.
1 week ago

#TropesAndArchetypes: Aliens

I'm starting with one of the most obvious tropes of all: Aliens. Other intelligent species are at the heart of at least half of all sci-fi and a good bunch of mystery stories. Aliens are fascinating for us because they represent both, a threat and great opportunities. ...

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Nick Walker
1 week ago

The next chapter of the Weird Luck webcomic, "The Corvus Drive Caper, Part One," launches on Thursday, June 15th!

Get ready for a night of scheming, treachery, and mayhem, as Smiley meets with the Feral City mob bosses and makes an ambitious proposition.

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Stephanie Burgis
1 week ago

Happy happy book birthday to @marthawells 's Witch King! I absolutely love this epic fantasy and the wonderful found family at its center:

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Paul "Princejvstin" Weimer
1 week ago
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Christine Brösenhuber
1 week ago

My publications as Christine Munroe (fantasy):
- A Giant's Party
- The Witchcraft Exam
- What Has Happened To Santa Claus?
- The Mashed Potato Fight
- This Is What Happens - When You Catch A Cold (short story collection)
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Fantasy by Yolanda King:
- Adventurous Journeys
- Christmas
- Once Upon A Time In Africa
- Raspberry
- Gnome Wedding
- Memories
available on e.g. amazon kindle

1 week ago

#Introduction time! I go by Zalcoti all over the internet so you may have stumbled upon me before.

As a perpetually curious individual, my interests are pretty wide. It often filters into my artwork. It ranges from video game characters to nature to the sciences to science fiction and #fantasy.

My tools are just as diverse. Alcohol #markers, #ColoredPencils, #acrylic, #watercolor, #Krita, #Blender and #Inkscape are the main staples.

There's also a #SciFi graphic novel in the works.

A sea snail perched on a rock with ocean waves crashing around. Background full of fluffy clouds.
Totodile magnet designs. One normal color the other with shiny colors. It's mouth is wide open in a toothy smile.
A colored pencil and watercolor painting of a pterosaur portrait.
A watercolor painting of an ancient ocean with an elasmosaurus and ancient fish swimming around. Sunlight streams through the surface.
Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
1 week ago

Someone left a bag of tribute for the faeries! The “Faerie Manager” left Alyssa a thank you note.


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Pink paper bag full of unknown treats, set next to the fairy lawn chairs out front of my apartment building. In the background, a pink fairy door is visible.
Fairy loot on chair. The (koff) “fairy manager” hand is visible at left, holding a handmade envelope addressed to Alyssa.
Envelope to Alyssa is placed on the left fairy lawn chair. The lawn chair opposite has a rolled up towel placed on the seat.
Assortment of fairy tribute loot: teeny plastic toys and games.