Chris Shaw
2 hours ago

Sophie finally stops feeding the calves milk and collects the 200th egg

#uk #farming #cornwall #milk #cows #chickens #eggs

GrrlScientist Ⓥ :verified:
5 hours ago

How Intensive Farming Practices Are Wiping Out Europe’s Wild Birds | via a huge @Natures_Voice collaboration & published by @PNASNews

by @GrrlScientist via @ForbesScience / @Forbes

#agriculture #farming #pesticides #herbicides #fertilizers #birds

Good Morning #Canada
Canada is big (duh) but only 7% of our total land area is suitable for farmland. That still leaves millions of hectares available for Soybeans, a lucrative crop worldwide, but Canada has less than 2% of the market. Why you ask? That question is likely keeping you up at night struggling for understanding. Thankfully this indepth article will provide all the science you need to sleep peacefully in the future.

#CanadaIsAwesome #Farming #Soybeans

Ana McKellar
1 day ago

“Average farming incomes fell by 11 per cent in 2022 due to Brexit, a new subsidy system and ‘extreme’ price pressure from supermarkets.”
#Farming #Food

1 day ago

"New figures collected by Defra on farm household incomes, which include any income unrelated to the main farm business, showed that the average income fell from £20,000 to £17,800" - a pittance #farming

Nick Ferguson
1 day ago

'Plough View', is what I am calling it! A really old plough filling in a bit of missing wall on a field boundary on the Isle of Mull. #Photography #farming #plough Mobile phone photo.

Photo of an old plough forming part of a field boundary fence.
Iain MacGilleBhràith
1 day ago

I love George Monbiot: bc he is thoughtful & enquiring, and follows things - scientifically - to their rational conclusions…

… and, in doing so, isn’t afraid to take on the “bucolic romanticism” fantasies of many Little-House-On-The-Praerie** environmentalists.

And he does so bc he is, I think, prepared to challenge himself & his own beliefs. Somewhat rare.

#environment #ecology #farming #GeorgeMonbiot #environmentalism

(**my term; you have to be or a certain age!)

I miss the fast-paced Gyala Delve in #GuildWars2. We were farming the map so effectively.

With the new mini-content patch, it's so hard to switch to a new Gyala Delve instance because most players are doing the new stuff that unlocks after finishing the new meta event.

And there's a 60 minutes grace period for that!

As long as there are a lot of players in the map, the only option to switch is to find someone in another instance of the map and use a “Teleport to Friend“ token.

Before last week's patch, the map resets after 10 minutes. Enough time to take a break, and start a new farming session.


#farming [[Guild Wars 2]] [[farming]]

Ana McKellar
2 days ago

“We’ve lost it, the River Wye looks so ill”
#ClimateChange heating river water plus #Sewage plus runoff from unsustainable agricultural practice means algal bloom and very unhealthy rivers #Farming

28 years ago, my Grandpa helped my parents establish a 50-bush blueberry patch on their farm. He passed in October, but he’s still feeding us. Pie and jam time!

#countrylife #farming #gardening #homesteading #self-sufficiency

28 years ago, my Grandpa helped my parents establish a 50-bush blueberry patch on their farm. He passed in October, but he’s still feeding us. Pie and jam time!
2 days ago

I am very aware of the problems associated with cattle, but this is a fascinating article about the efforts made by an Australian farm to increase the amount of carbon captured on their land. The processes have even protected them from drought and increased their meat yields whilst sequestering 9,500 tonnes of carbon!

#GoodNews #Farming #Carbon #Capture #Drought #Plants #Water

2 days ago

This is a fascinating article about enhanced rock weathering and carbon capture. Obviously it's not a single solution, but every part of the overall solution is important. I also appreciate that the company is supplying the basalt to farmers free of charge.

#GoodNews #EnhancedRockWeathering #Carbon #Capture #Farming #Crops

2 days ago

A new farm has been opened in Compton, California. Plenty Compton Farm is an indoor structure that generates up to 350x the yield of a conventional farm per acre using 'living walls' of salad plants. Each wall is nearly two stories high, allowing them to produce 4.5m lbs of greens annually.

#GoodNews #Farming #Indoor #GreenWalls #Water #Energy #California #Food #Salad #Efficiency

Dr. Nancy Wayne ✅
2 days ago

This BBC radio show is worth 30 minutes of your time if you are interested in or curious about regenerative #farming as a way to grow #food sustainably and save our #soil. Farmer and author of “The Shepherd’s Life” and “Pastoral Song”, James Rebanks takes us on a brief journey across the UK and USA to discuss with other farmers the success of their regenerative farming approaches.
Click here for the radio show, “Could I Regenerate My Farm to Save the Planet?”:

CelloMom On Cars
3 days ago

#Water shortage is never *just* about #ClimateChange:
In many places in Spain there is a history of water mismanagement, together with economic pressure to do intensive #farming mostly for export.

A lot of water use is illegal, and this practice has long been tolerated by successive governments.

Scott Matter
3 days ago

Mixed feelings. On one hand, factories not farms might be a way to keep up urbanization, and continue the (not inevitable, but definitely entrenched) long term trend of humans aggregating in cities.

On the other hand, our food systems are intricately connected with our wider economic systems. Why do we move to and live in cities? Because that vast majority of us need to work in jobs that provide us money to meet our basic subsistence needs. And we’re shackled to this dysfunctional system of wage labour and commercial consumption, which does far more to feed the accumulation of wealth and power by a few than it ever has or will to satisfy the fundamental needs of the rest of us.

So, sure, we may need concentrated food production (intensive rather than extensive agriculture) to feed people living in cities, but do we actually need cities? Is there no other possible future for humanity but one in which we achieve full separation from “nature” and live in two worlds on one planet?

#futures #regen #farming #cities #rewilding #conservation

t o d d w a r n e r
3 days ago

"Oh yeah? Well, you're as ugly as a bucket of nipples!"

... Things you think about as you prep the bucket o' teats for the orphaned lambs.

#farm #farming #farmlife #lambs #goats #ruminants #writingPrompt #writingCommunity

A white two gallon plastic cubical jug with artificial nipples (teats as say in the world of livestock) jutting out of the sides towards the bottom of the container.
Dezene Huber 🌻
3 days ago

Open-net #salmon #farming is an utter #environmental #catastrophe, and #consumers should be able to avoid those products.

But can you trust the #labeling? Are farmed salmon #lablelled at all?

Chances are the answer to those questions is no. 🍣


“Beware, most farmed salon sold at ALL grocers carry dishonest “eco-labels”. These labels imply that the salmon are sustainably farmed. The reality is these farms actually fail to protect wild salmon from disease and sea lice. 

(Photo of a young salmon with several sea lice.)
Erin Whalen
3 days ago

"Cultivating farmer prosperity: Investing in regenerative agriculture"

This report from the World Business Council for Sustainable Development on what the transition to a regenerative agriculture model looks like an interesting read. I appreciate that it looks at the topic from a farmer's perspective.

#sustainability #regenerative #agriculture #farming

Electric tractors could revolutionize farming, according to some innovators. Electric tractors are more efficient, eco-friendly, and cost-effective than diesel tractors. They can also be powered by renewable energy sources, such as solar panels or wind turbines.

#electrictractors #farming #innovation

t o d d w a r n e r
3 days ago

Milkweed NOM NOM NOM!

I'm not sure what it is about milkweed, but our sheep make a beeline (sheepline?) for it when I release them into new pasture.

#farm #farming #sheep #goats #ruminants #milkweed

A sheep, standing in tall grass, looking into the camera, with a mouthful of milkweed leaves.
JuneSim63 💚
4 days ago

"It’s now a year since I published Regenesis, a book that has incited levels of fury shocking even to me. I’ve spent much of this time trying to work out what makes people so angry. I think it’s because the book challenges what the cognitive historian Jeremy Lent calls a “root metaphor”: an idea so deeply embedded in our minds that it affects our preferences without our conscious knowledge"

George Monbiot on "storybook farming".
#Farming #Agriculture #ClimateEmergency

Flipboard Science Desk
5 days ago

A U.K. farm tests curbing greenhouse gases — by making sheep burp less.

Semafor reports from southern England:

#Climate #ClimateChange #Environment #Agriculture #Farming

Birds Books and Bullshit
5 days ago

A guest bird from my aunt's farm. I didn't know they made turkeys in black and white!

#Birds #Farming #Turkey #Dancing

A turkey dances back and forth on the grass, looking somewhat like a slow-motion flaminco dancer.
GrrlScientist Ⓥ :verified:
5 days ago

Air-Sniffing Technology Detects Sex Of Chicken Eggs | via @UCDavis & @SENSIT_USA, published by @PLOSONE

by @GrrlScientist via @ForbesScience / @Forbes

#chickens #Poultry #eggs #AnimalWelfare #farming

If you're in the UK, #Regenesis is now out in paperback!

An incendiary page-turner, Regenesis argues farming is destroying the planet and explores lower-impact solutions.

#Books #BookReview #Bookstodon #Scicomm #Food #Agriculture #Farms #Farming #Livestock #Vegan #Veganism #Vegetarian #Vegetarianism @bookstodon

Kent Brewster
6 days ago

Our first San Marzano tomato just self-harvested. Kaylee was curious, so I let her have a sniff. I'm going to regret that for the rest of the season. #kauai #farming #tomato #dog #DogsOfMastodon

A tiny San Marzano tomato, against a background of green tomato plant, monkeypod, mountain, and sky.
An elderly Australian shepherd dog sniffs cautiously at a San Marzano tomato.
An elderly Australian shepherd dog caught in mid-snarf, grabbing a tomato from its startled holder.
An elderly Australian shepherd dog bites into a San Marzano tomato and her owner's hand.
6 days ago

There is nothing but rice fields up north in Japan.

#TripReport #Japan #RiceField #Farming

Onboard Shinkansen, and just north of Sendai, it is nothing but rice field. And from looks off of it, most were just planted.
1 week ago

Beau on the Colorado river deal. States finally agreed to cuts. For farmers, normally conservatives, he points out that the GOP would cut the inflation reduction act which will help them cope with water cuts, meaning their farms would close.

A word to regular Dem political types out there, this is how you talk to red states. LEARN

Let's talk about Biden's Colorado River deal....

6 min video

#climateChange #ColoradoRiver #drought #uspol #farming

Kent Brewster
1 week ago

Germination test: will some of our 2019-vintage popcorn come up? Answer: Yes. Yes it will. (No idea if the wet and the pests out here will allow it to grow, mature, and dry, but we’re going to give it a go.)

#farming #popcorn #kauai

Two 36-cell Jiffy seed starter trays, each cell of which has one to three wildly enthusiastic corn seedlings bursting forth.
Charlie McHenry
1 week ago
1 week ago

Study on #livestock #heat stress in the #UK: "On the 18th and 19th of July 2022, the UK experienced a record-breaking extreme heat event. For the first time, temperatures exceeding 40C were recorded. Whilst this may seem exceptional or unprecedented, the progression of climate change is expected to increase both the likelihood and severity of such events." #heatwaves #climate #farming

Sharon Cummings Art
1 week ago

How do you do it? Are ALL of these artworks yours?

Here goes! I spend 8 hrs a day working on my art biz. A full-time job! So YES they are all mine. Note that I may list art from 15 years ago. I didn't create everything

I get a solid 8 hrs sleep.

I spend about 10 minutes on the news and another 50 on TV. 7 hrs are spent socializing/family, eating, garden, exercise, farm/house.


#art #artistsupport #artist #mastoart #fediart #life #fun #farm #farming #AYearForArt

Artist Sharon Cummings painting large abstract on the ground.
1 week ago

this reads like machine learning generated text to me:

what do you all think?

UPDATE: yea a human didn't write this: "This has a sensation of coming right into the skin. It is not uncommon for contact to cause redness, pain, dermatitis, and skin burns. With my eyes closed, it makes me feel really happy." kinky robot!

update 2: see screenshot. bing's useless AI "summarizer" picked the AI website as a top source.

#gardening #garden #farming #farm #plants #ML #AI

a screenshot of search results from bing. bing's ML summarizer has a big block of text before any search results. it says it was summarized from 5 sources and the web. under "learn more", the top source is, the useless ML-generated text garden site that this post is originally about. what a nightmare.
1 week ago

in my garden, we have very little soil (0-4 inches of organic on top of solid lava rock) & the soil tends to be acidic.

in the past, i've been told to spread lime to bring up the pH. i found a half-used bag of lime in my shed & started to sprinkle it as top dressing, but then i thought: is this harsh chemical going to kill the soil microbiology ecosystem i'm trying to cultivate here? it must, right?

so what do yall think?

#advice #halp #gardening #garden #plants #farm #farming #plants #soil

Flipboard Science Desk
2 weeks ago
Rick Gaehl
2 weeks ago

I walked through this burgeoning cornfield last week, and I thought - 'The Corn is Green' - which appears to be the title of a 1938 play by Emlyn Williams.

But also, I found this:
The corn was springing fresh and green,
and the lark sang loud and high.
And the red was on your lips, Mary,
and the love light in your eyes.
(Broadside Ballads)

#Photography #DailyPhoto #Farming #Spring #Countryside #Poetry #Psychogeography #Folklore

Young, green corn growing in a field, taken from a low point of view. The corn is in focus close to the viewer, and there is a blur of green and blue in the background.
JuneSim63 💚
2 weeks ago

"A year ago, British free-range egg farmers were, on average, losing 41p per dozen eggs. “I warned the supermarkets that farmers would go bust and they wouldn’t have any eggs, which is what happened. Now they can’t find any eggs & they’re paying as much as they can for anyone who has got eggs,” says Gooch. “The high prices now are because of a shortage of eggs since November, because farmers did go bust.”
#Eggs #Farming #Supermarkets #Inflation #CostOfLiving

The European Network
2 weeks ago

Europe has lost about one quarter of its bird population over the last 40 years.

A new study from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows that intensive farming is the key factor in this decline, even more so than global warming or urbanisation.

FRANCE 24's Science reporter Shirli Sitbon looks at the reasons why intensive farming has been singled out.

#Europe #Birds #Farming #Agriculture

2 weeks ago

it's always a pleasure to visit @saltphoenix at their #farm!

there were just-hatched #ducklings, so we got to welcome them to the world (by snuggling them).

the pumpkin patch this year is huge beyond all measure. we found (& propped up) 5 more pumpkins (on top of the 6 that were already found).

plus it's egg season, so i helped with the abundance & made a flan while i was there 🌞

#farming #garden #gardening #chickens #goats #tropical #TropicalAg #plants

various chickens in a tropical forest.
goats in a pasture.
a person walking past an extremely huge pumpkin patch.
mk30 with duckling!
JuneSim63 💚
2 weeks ago

A team of more than 50 researchers, analysing data collected by thousands of citizen scientists in 28 countries over nearly four decades, found that it is intensive agriculture, above all, that is behind the decline in the continent’s bird populations.
The use of pesticides and fertilisers was identified as the most significant factor behind the loss of 550 million birds from the skies over Europe.
#Birds #Agriculture #Farming #Pesticides #HabitatLoss #Environment #Europe

Kent Brewster
2 weeks ago

Macadamia nuts are coming along nicely! There's a flower to the left and a cluster of nearly-ready fruit on the right.

#kauai #farming

A spiky elongated macadamia flower, with a cluster of bright green nuts.

My home state of #Colorado is the first in the nation to put a "right to repair" law on the books... for agricultural equipment.

#SustainableLiving #Sustainability #Repair #RightToRepair #Agriculture #Farming

2 weeks ago

very nice video showing food plants that thrive in the shady understory in the wet tropics. i grow all of these except culantro.

#tropical #tropicalAg #garden #gardening #FoodForest #farm #farming #plants

Stan Carey
2 weeks ago

I haven't got the hang of scything yet (it's not mine, I'm just helping a friend), but when it works perfectly for a few sweeps it's intensely satisfying. Then I lose the rhythm again

#scything #farming #mulch #grass

Portrait-style photo of a field with long grass, some of it recently cut. My left hand, in a work glove, is in the top left holding the handle of a scythe, which angles down into the centre of the image, the blade facing away. Mature deciduous trees line the perimeter along the left and in the distance, beyond which is a glimpse of lake and a blue sky with puffy clouds over the horizon.
3 weeks ago

i am overwhelmed with how cute these little beans are!

these are from long beans that came in my #CSA veggie bag last week. i planted the beans and cooked the "long" part.

#plants #beans #farm #garden #farming #gardening @plants #food

a handful of fresh beans that are half purple/black and half white/green with purple/black spots.
Jordan Hill Photography
3 weeks ago

I'm excited to share that my "Old Barn" is now in the print edition of the "View from Woodall" a literary magazine of the Tishomingo Arts Counsil for winning the photography category of the regional Juried Art competition 2023.

#barn #oldbarn #barns #farmlife #rural #country #farming #outdoorphotography #landscapephotography #rurallife #photo #mississippi #photographer #sunset #art #farmhousestyle #farmhouse #outdoors #nature #photooftheday #BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt

A sunset at the old red barn in rural Mississippi.

Weeding and tilling the ground with a root-crop hoe.
#organic #sustainable #farming #gardening

Short video of a young guy (me) using a root-crop hoe to remove sprouting spontaneous plants from a bed of onions in the context of a synergistic vegetable garden.
JuneSim63 💚
3 weeks ago

"The average upland hill farmer on Bodmin and Dartmoor at the moment takes between 85% and 92% of their annual income from EU subsidies. All of these subsidies are going by 2028. People say these farms are viable businesses that sell food – they’re not, they’re nine-tenths funded through subsidies and grants. We’re looking at alternative ways of producing food that put nature at the forefront.”
#Farming #Agriculture #Environment #TemperateRainforest #Rewilding

Kent Brewster
3 weeks ago

New baby girl here today! #goats #farming #kauai

A one-day old baby goat, with white hair, blue eyes, and very pink nose.
Jordan Hill Photography
3 weeks ago

Sunset In Rural Mississippi

Sometimes simple is just better. As the sun was setting the heads of wheat were catching the last of the fading light. Interestingly, wheat is the most harvested crop in the world

#countryliving #nature #wheat #farm #pic #farming #mississippi #tupelo #mytupelo #photographer #outdoors #garden #photo #photography #outdoorphotography #art #landscapephotography #sunset #sunrise #wallart #homedecor #AYearForArt #rural #rural #art

Beautiful sunset in a Mississippi wheat field.
CelloMom On Cars
4 weeks ago

"The Biden administration will defend funding for #climate-smart #farming in the $430 billion U.S. Inflation Reduction Act (#IRA).

The money would provide farmers with technical and financial assistance to implement practices like planting cover crops or reducing soil tillage.

"We’re not hearing any complaints from farmers. We’re hearing complaints from Republican politicians," he said."

1 month ago

Put my hearing protection on, started my Mozart playlist and ground up all the tree limbs that came down in the last week to a nice pile of mulch to add to our sandy soil. I'll repeat that several times over the coming summer! #farming #storms #recycling

Councils and the dairy industry are failing to warn rural people of the reproductive risks of drinking nitrate-contaminated water when pregnant, despite international scientific studies and warnings from the New Zealand College of Midwives:

#nzpol #agriculture #farming #pollution #water #newzealand #greenpeace

A picture of a dairy cow urinating, with text that reads: New Zealand Agribusiness: - Denied evidence of harm from agri-chemicals. - Denied evidence of climate change. - Now denying emerging evidence of harm from nitrate contamination.  Big agriculture denying inconvenient science since forever.
Charlie McHenry
1 month ago

Upward Farms throws in towel ten years after founding vertical-farming business - It’s starting to look like this once optimistic growth sector is just not going to work - for anyone. It’s just too complex to manage profitably. #farming #VerticalFarming #aquaculture #hydroponics #foodfacts #FoodProduction

1 month ago

Great news!: #Colorado sides with farmers securing their #RightToRepair their -very-expensive equipment rather than wait for and pay for locked-in, proprietary services.

This is movement is gathering momentum: "10 other states have introduced similar legislation, including in Florida, Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, Texas and Vermont."

#Farming #JohnDeere

@pluralistic @eff

A Fool And His Fuji
1 month ago

Cloudy Day

Simple shot over some fields but the clouds made it worth while 😀

#aerialphotography #fields #photography #clouds #dronephotography #blackandwhitephotography #monochrome #fields #farming #openspaces #lakedistrict #cumbria @your_lakedistrict #your_lakedistrict

The warning sirens are sounding.

We are now literally ‘Off the charts’ and suffering rapid climate breakdown.

How bad it gets is still up to us.

We know what caused it, and we know what to do...

End fossil fuels and transform Farming.

#TooManyCows #keepitintheground #climatechange #climatecrisis #climate #greenpeace #globalwarming #farming #meat #dairy

1 month ago
Texas Observer Lives!
1 month ago

“Support for #farming is being cut all over the place, and I don’t know when it will end.”

Cotton growers in #Mexico say they are struggling under new rules which ban seeds that depend on the controversial, likely cancer-causing pesticide glyphosate:

Published in partnership with our friends at Global Press Journal.
(📸 Photo by Lilette Contreras)
#environment #health #agriculture #pollution #news #politics

A green and yellow combine harvester churns through a field of fluffy cotton plants, drawing the crop up into a hopper.
1 month ago

Life-Giving but Lethal: The Culprit Behind Dead Zones and the Threat to Our Water Supply

The unchecked flow of phosphorus into our waterways — often from farm runoff — contributes to “dead zones” and toxic algae blooms.

At the same time, as an essential ingredient in fertilizer, phosphorus turns vast swaths of land green, nourishing crops and animals. It makes life possible for billions of people.

#Water #GreatLakes #Farming #Agriculture #Algae #Fertilizer

The Conversation U.S.
1 month ago

Why does knowing the value of a #river's natural resources matter?

Think about this: When a company wants to build a #hydropower dam, it can tell politicians how many people will get power, and how it will help the economy. But often there is no count of how many people will lose fish they depend on, or how downstream #farming will be harmed.

#Nature provides many vital services that can easily be forgotten -- until it's too late #environment

2 months ago

This Slime Could Change The World | Planet Fix | BBC Earth Lab #farming #corn

Kent Brewster
2 months ago

Tinker Bell had her babies! Twins, both girls, tentative names are Crema and Cafe. They are a mix of feral Hawaiian ibex, which are small and graceful, and Boer goats, which are big and blocky. #goats #farming #kauai

Two baby goats, one white and one brown.
2 months ago

one of the things i love about gardening is how specific it is: you're taking care of specific plants, in a specific place. "now i take care of *this* tree. now i trim *these* bushes. i take care of *this* ecosystem."

i don't have to make generalizable solutions. i just have to help these specific plants grow :}

#garden #gardening #plants #farm #farming #ecosystems

Petra van Cronenburg
2 months ago

My new #podcast episode is out: When #Gardeners Run Wild! SEVEN hours of work only in the studio. Many more for researching and scripting. #Podcasting is HARD work.

I have to hurry for an appointment, and hopefully get to a supermarket this evening: the fridge is almost empty. Sleep!!! (Tomorrow I submit the time markers.)

You can listen to #NatureMatchCuts for free but also support my work/my fridge.😋 Find every info, platform and support button on #gardening #farming

wild robot gardener with a big red flower. AI-image in Comic style.
Giles Turnbull
2 months ago

Great to see this page appear on GOV.UK this week:

I worked for a short while with Defra's Farming and Countryside Programme team. I have some inkling of how important this page is, and how much work has gone into creating it. Bravo team! 👏

#farming #defra #govuk

Screenshot of the new "Rules for farmers and land managers" page on GOV.UK
Kent Brewster
2 months ago

Got to the very last step building the cute little Costco greenhouse (via Yardistry) and ... the door, of course, is badly warped. Have messages in to customer support but since we are on Kaua'i I expect a replacement will take longer than the growing season to arrive.

Attempting to straighten it out with tied-downs and wood blocks; will post results when I have them.

#farming #greenhouse

On a long plywood table rests a greenhouse door, hopefully being de-warped by a pair of truck tie-downs applying pressure to wooden blocks.
Kent Brewster
2 months ago

Twin baby goats, born yesterday! Currently known as Black and Tan; I am lobbying hard for Guiness and Bass as perma-names but expect to be overruled by the judges.

Please note correct kid-booping technique. With goats you don't boop the nose; you boop the top of the head.

#goats #kauai #farming

Ruth Watson
2 months ago

Feeding Tayside Through The Climate Crisis @BioregionTay

The choices we make today will matter for many years to come.


A room full of people looking at a chart about food and drink
A photograph of the schedule for the Bioregioning Tayside conference Feeding Tayside Through The Climate Crisis