26 minutes ago

This is especially concerning when seeing how many Republican-led state legislatures are passing laws that weaken tenure, so they are able to use state power to intimidate and fire even tenured professors now.

This is going to be used to suppress accurate teaching of history and to hide the racist past and present of this country. #fascism rises.

30 minutes ago

Republican-led gov in Texas took over a democratically-elected school board.

Interesting second segment on common factors (19 mins) where school boards get taken over:
- schools in communities of color
- schools where there are Republican majorities
- underfunded schools that successfully use courts to get more resources

So yep, Republicans sticking to the brand of racism and #fascism (using state power to override democracy)

Also they're getting rid of librarians.

івась тарасик
1 hour ago

@evancarroll yes, there is a difference:

#communist regimes have murdered tens, maybe hundreds of times more people than #fascist and #nazi combined.

moreover, at least some of the victims of #nazism and #fascism should be attributed to #communism followers since it is often forgotten or shamefully omitted by modern communists that the start of #ww2 was a joint operation between nazis, fascists and one particular empire led by a #communist party.

so, please, read again my first comment.

3 hours ago

A Pall of Hate Darkens Pride Month

"Just as massive plumes of sun-dimming smoke from wildfires now raging north of the border billow over the eastern half of the United States, darkening the sky and driving people indoors, so too has an epidemic of discrimination and hate targeting traditionally marginalized LGBTQ+ communities swept the land, unleashed by demagogues, cynical politicians and bigots. State and local governments from coast to coast are passing repressive bills, banning books and criminalizing people."

#LGBTQ+ #SocialJustice #pride23 #fascism #democracyindecline

🦄 Maddy Stylo 🌈
9 hours ago

Leaders of Fascism

If you look at the leaders of the contemporary #fascism, they are old ugly outdated white narcissistic men, with 1st interest in busyness or Mafia. They spread contradicting lyes, which they can barely believe in, cause it's just a tool to steer the masses for them.

This is very contrary to the historic leaders of #Nazism and #Fascism. #Hitler and #Mussolini would have well believed their own lies. Their were strong followers of their own religion. Both became kind of polit-religious pop stars in their country. Ppl. wanted the same hairstyle, gave kids their names and exercised the correct salute in front of the mirror.

Funnily, we don't see this today. It's not only, that the current leader material is shit, but ppl. cannot identify with these leaders anymore thanks to a narcissistic consume society. Leaders get abandoned, as soon as they don't suite the personal dress or style anymore 🤭 The consume-narcissist cannot establish a relationship to the outer object world.

This #psychoanalytical part of fascism inability to regain the 'old' (historic) strength, is little forgotten these days.
#Psychology #Psychoanalyse #Freudomarxismus

Elon Musk is the most dangerous antisemite in America | Opinion

- Antisemitic messaging has doubled since #Musk takeover.

- Hate speech as a whole tripled.

- Extremists see Twitter as fertile ground to recruit, with a goal of mainstreaming hate and antisemitism.

#hatespeech #ElonMusk #Musk
#racism #islamophobia #homophobia #transphobia #GOP #fascists #fascism #Republicans #violence #terrorism #terrorists #extremism #WhiteSupremacy #farRight

#democracy #Democrats

Caro S.
15 hours ago

Disappointing that people shared that ableist and ageist article about there not being any smart fascists. Calling them not smart or toddlers is still using values of the systems that breed fascists.

I also don't see how this works against fascists.They really don't care what you write about them, they only care about power. And they have it and wield it, while you share an article calling them not smart?

#fascism #ageism #ableism

The more science-denying Christofascists like Pat Robertson die, the more the world can begin to heal. Its them and their billionaire benefactors that are killing earth, not all of humanity.

Until we reach that critical mass, Earth's fever will continue to rise.

Act accordingly

Reduce use, Vaccinate, & Wear a Mask

#Fascism #ClimateChange #CovidIsNotOver

Peter Relph
17 hours ago

Alexander forgot his concession card on a train, a mistake which ended in his arrest and hospitalisation

#fascism #sapoli

Christofascist aka modern Nazi Pat Robertson dying means all else considered, its a fucking great day for Earth & Humanity.

#fascism #ClimateChange #Nazism

Matthew Graybosch
18 hours ago

#PatRobertson bears a share of the responsibility for the #Republican party's drift toward #authoritarianism, #fascism, and #Christian #Dominionism. His death was long overdue, and not nearly painful enough to atone for the harm he's done.

If this offends you, you're welcome. If we were less reluctant to speak ill of the dead, perhaps the living would take greater care to avoid giving those they leave behind cause to condemn their memory.

Ricky de Laveaga
19 hours ago

Top elected officials in Butte, Montana pressured the public library to cancel a trans writer’s talk, saying it might pose a legal risk given the state’s new law against drag performers reading to children.
#fascism #library #trans #drag #Pride #LGBTQ #Butte #Montana #USA

19 hours ago

Poland Isn’t the Friend the West Thinks It Is!

Poland’s support for Ukraine is no sign that now, after nearly a decade of democratic backsliding, it’s coming around to the importance of democracy. What the government is defending, really, is sovereignty and the right to self-determination — an existential rather than a political commitment. In the rush to acclaim Poland and present a united front, Western politicians have overlooked something at their cost. Far from receding, Polish illiberalism is alive and well.

We know, by now, what that looks like. The government, led by the hard-right Law and Justice party since 2015, has taken over key state institutions such as the public media, curtailed the independence of the judiciary and instituted draconian abortion laws. To neutralize opponents, almost all political tricks are allowed: wiretapping, denigration and even outright lies. With crucial parliamentary elections coming this autumn, the electoral process has been tinkered with to favor the incumbents and a new bill passed that could remove opponents from political life on the pretext of acting under Russian influence. In its bid to secure a third term, the Law and Justice party is leaving nothing to chance.

#Poland #Ukraine #Russia #Politocs #NATO #EU #Fascism #ChristianTaliban #Europe…

Mx. Kit O'Connell
22 hours ago

Anyone else get excited to see a new episode of Manclan come across the QAA #podcast feed?

#Fascism #extremism #antifa

Fox News gave Tucker Carlson a legal warning for breaching his contract with his Twitter show.

So now all his fans are making comments, "The left are such babies!" and "What is the left so afraid of?"

So... Fox News is now "the Left"? LOL!

The Left just means anybody who is doing anything they don't like. Textbook #fascism.

Alice Marshall
1 day ago

#uspol #fascism

Black women don’t vote Democratic in the low to mid ninety percent range, or Jews at around 80% because they’re thinking about things like marginal tax rates. They vote like this because they view Republicans as an existential threat.

Joshua Holland
1 day ago

I'd bet good money on this guy getting hired by DeSantis's voter suppression force or some other police agency in FL...

"'Martin Looter King': Racist posts get cop fired 2 days after being sworn in"

#police #fascism #whitesupremacy #acab

MsDropbear 🌈♀
1 day ago

@misanthrope I use #ArchLinux #KDEPlasma & i assertively decry #Fascism.

1 day ago

Listening to MAGA Uncovered (MAGA gets UNCOVERED as Trump faces greatest THREAT yet.):

Join Ron & Anthony discussing Trump’s former Chief of Staff giving Grand Jury testimony. The hidden power of Casey DeSantis and Lauren Boebert caught lying about skipping vote, and much more on Episode 2 of MAGA Uncovered. Remember to subscribe to ALL the Meidas Media Podcasts: MeidasTouch: Legal AF: The PoliticsGirl Podcast: The Influence Continuum: Kremlin File: Mea Culpa with Michael Cohen: The Weekend Show: The Tony Michaels Podcast: American Psyop: Burn the Boats: Majority 54: Political Beatdown: Lights On with Jessica Denson: #politics #Podcast #maga #trump #markmeadows #GrandJury #fascism #refusefascism #jacksmith #jacksmithdoj #doj #lockhimup #IndictTrump #indictment #GOPLies #gopliars #GOPLiarsClub #jimjordan #desantis #Boebert


They don't think of it as fascism; they think of it as "what's right."
Ignorance is fascism's favorite playmate.

undergrowth-feed 🍃
2 days ago | Outrage as anti-LGBTQ+ protest at California school board turns violent |

"Democratic politicians across California condemned a volatile anti-gay protest outside a suburban Los Angeles school board meeting on Tuesday, as the school board heard public comment on whether to officially designate June as LGBTQ+ Pride month." | #lbgtqia #PrideMonth #California #LosAngeles #education #fascism

2 days ago


They say the rest of us were - for a million years - simply too stupid & lazy to conquer & pillage the earth the way they have

They're saying the poor are "useless feeders" & that only rich lives are worth saving:
"Even if billions perish in the coming climate catastrophe, we shouldn’t be too concerned"

These fascists got our votes & clicks ($). Time to take them back.

#USPol #UKPol #CdnPoli #AusPol #Fascism

Shawn in Montreal
2 days ago

"Far-right extremism within the Latino community stems from three sources: Hispanic Americans who identify as white; the spread of online misinformation; and lingering anti-Black, antisemitic views among U.S. Latinos that are rarely openly discussed."

#farright #fascism #uspolitics #latinoamerica

Alexander Karn
2 days ago

EXTREMELY important reporting on the ongoing assault on truth and the (threatened) role of academic scholars in the production of reliable knowledge. University administrators MUST step up to provide support and legal backing.

#politics #highered #academia #fascism #science #knowledge #democracy

These academics studied falsehoods spread by Trump. Now the GOP wants answers.

KrissyKat 🏳️‍⚧️
2 days ago

Judge uses Florida legislators' comments against them in a scathing rebuke of their bigotry against trans people in enjoining fascist legislation.

#law #florida #uspol #transrights #humanrights #courts #fascism #GOP #liberty #freedom #1A #freedomofexpression #constitution

Bob the Traveler
2 days ago

The Lateran Treaty between the Vatican and Mussolini's government was ratified OTD in 1929, bringing Vatican City into existence and compensating the Vatican for the loss of the Papal States in 1871 #Fascism #history

Matthew Sheffield
2 days ago

Tucker Carlson sub Harris Faulkner is talking about Satan controlling people on national TV.

This is where January 6 came from.

Fox is poison. It brainwashes gullible Christians and has to continually ratchet up the vile lying to maintain the ratings.

Video via @katabu #fascism #ChristianNationalism

2 days ago

It's wild how every time someone on the Right uses "freedom" as a noun in some completely nonsensical sentence you can directly replace it with "white patriarchal dominance" and the sentence suddenly makes perfect sense. #uspol #fascism

2 days ago


SO MANY powerful, compelling, informed ATL commenters!

> “It’s not surprising to me that the corporate-funded APF would push for more police in attempt to protect their property interests... Rather than putting money into solving the causes of criminal behavior, most of which clearly revolve around the growing income inequality in our country, and poverty.”

Lorraine Fontana, public comment speaker

#StopCopCity #Corruption #Fascism #WeekOfAction #DirectAction

At this point, if you told me in 10 years that Adderall, Ritalin, Vyvanse, etc were actually banned and taken off the market Id believe you.

The amount of systems-based barriers to treatment of ADHD/narcolepsy is ONLY surpassed by the implicit & explicit harassment, judgment, hyperscrutiny, and obstinance observable in society at large but in the healthcare field in particular.

#ADHD #Neurobigotry #Fascism #MentalHealth #MentalHealthStigma

From @ErinInTheMorn:
#transphobia #fascism

Excellent article on an excellent ruling, which eviscerates the fatuous "arguments" behind these laws. Good news. It remains to be seen if it affects rulings elsewhere.

Florida Judge Blocks Trans Ban: 5 Scathing Remarks That Will Be Cited Everywhere

An excellent post on just how dire the threat against trans people is in the US.
#transphobia #fascism #ProtectTransKids

2 days ago
3 days ago

Conservatives when you point out that despite all their talk of protecting the children from imaginary bullshit they say is trying to take advantage of them, that they want kids in the labor force:

#USPol #GOP #Labor #ChildLabor #Fascism

Two-panel meme of a crudely drawn human face with a blank stare in the first panel, and in the second, lines are drawn above the eyes to indicate a nonverbal change from indifference to anger.
Mx. Kit O'Connell
3 days ago

The season finale of @MsKellyMHayes's must-listen Movement Memos #pdocast functions as a miniature #StopCopCity audio #documentary, clearly outlining why this is a struggle we all need to get involved in.

#ACAP #FTP #Police #Atlanta #CopCity #Fascism #activism #protest #CriminalJustice

Mx. Kit O'Connell
3 days ago

Lately my favorite episodes of #KnowledgeFight #podcast are the ones where Jordan sits down to chat with a guest like Jeff Sharlet. Sharlet is wise twhen it comes to the state of things, and I appreciate his view that we are currently moving through #Fascism, as opposed to the common idea that fascism is something that will take place in our future if we don't stop it.

It's here, now. What we have is the opportunity to prevent a far-right fascist regime from fully taking over.

(In before someone says "But the US has always been fascist. Yes, yes, but we need to be able to have conversations about the ways things are getting worse and more dangerous for everyone right now).

#Extremism #Republicans #Antifa #politics #news

Texas Observer Lives!
3 days ago

"'God did not intend for the human anus to be a sex object!' he blurted.

"I thought to myself, 'That’s the money quote.' Too bad #NPR will never let that on the air."

Freshly retired @NPR reporter John Burnett reflects on four decades as a journalist covering #religion and #politics—and the messy intersection of the two—in #Texas:

#news #politics #Christianity #extremism #WhiteSupremacy #racism #fascism #JournoLife #journalism

Mx. Kit O'Connell
3 days ago

“You have to ask yourself why it’s so important for politicians and figures with large cultural influence like #ElonMusk to try to either ignore this or suggest it’s not true,” Michael Edison Hayden of Southern Poverty Law Center said. “It should be a no-brainer to want to distance yourself from things like incel misogyny or a purely hateful ideology.”

.@TexasObserver's #extremism correspondent @stevanzetti has done important work here, reaching out to #Texas #Republicans and demanding they disavow the nazi beliefs of the #Allen shooter. Not a single one would do so.

Stories like this are vital as they force us to confront the fact that key tenets of #fascism, such as hypermasculinity and extreme nationalism, are becoming mainstream GOP positions. Also, highlighitng the dangerous idol worship of figures like Tim Pool. Great work by Steven Monacelli that should be widely shared:

#TimPool #MassShooting #nazis #racism #WhiteSupremacy

Texas Observer Lives!
3 days ago

“We invite all elected officials … to speak out against #racism and extremist ideology and all forms. We think they have a real responsibility to do that.”

On the one-month anniversary of the #Allen shooting, Special Investigative Correspondent @stevanzetti reached out to the 15 elected officials who represent constituents in the town. Not one Republican would condemn the shooter's beliefs:

#Fascism #news #Politics #guns #MassShooting #Texas #Republicans #Extremism

3 days ago


"Fascism says nothing’s true… All that matters is the myth… of one nation together.

"If we don’t have access to facts, we can’t trust each other. Without trust, there’s no law.

"Without law, there’s no democracy.

"If you want to rip the heart out of a democracy directly… & kill it, what you do is you go after facts.

"That's what modern authoritarians do"

Timothy Snyder

#Fascism #USPol #UKPol #AusPol #CdnPoli

Trump, Goebbels, Stephen Miller, Hitler - hateful propagandists
Antti Peltola
3 days ago

Its a disgrace how many "liberals" still keep posting there now that the #Fascist agenda have been exposed in mainstream media.

#Nazis #Fascism #Nazi

Kat ♾️
4 days ago

If Trump somehow makes it back into the White House or DeSantis wins the day, I plan on leaving this country (even if not forever) because :yikes:

How about you?

#USpol #fascism #USA #elections

From @ErinInTheMorn:
#fascism #transphobia #ProtectTransKids

They're not hiding their hate, and I hope that's enough to overturn these hideous laws.

Idaho Lawmaker Statements Used Against Them In Gender Affirming Care Court Fight

Joshua Holland
4 days ago

It’s only #fascism if it comes from the fascism region of 20th century Europe. Otherwise it’s sparkling authoritarianism.

From: @JamesWNeal

Caryn 💙 🌻 🖖
4 days ago

Here's a link to historian Heather Cox Richardson's post about Putin, Orbán, and recent efforts toward fascism in countries around the world.

#Putin #Orbán #Russia #Hungary #USPol #fascism

christina d-h
4 days ago

Terrifying but recommended read on extreme right militias stepping into the breach in disaster situations:

#ClimateChange #Disaster #RightWing #Fascism #FEMA

4 days ago


They say the rest of us were - for a million years - simply too stupid & lazy to conquer & pillage the earth the way they have

They're saying the poor are "useless feeders" & that only rich lives are worth saving:
"Even if billions perish in the coming climate catastrophe, we shouldn’t be too concerned"

These fascists got our votes & clicks ($). Time to take them back.

#USPol #UKPol #CdnPoli #AusPol #Fascism

4 days ago


Yes, agree.
see, eg, Timothy Snyder:

"Fascism says nothing’s true… All that matters is the myth… of one nation together"

"If we don’t have access to facts, we can’t trust each other. Without trust, there’s no law.
Without law, there’s no democracy"

"If you want to rip the heart out of a democracy directly… and kill it, what you do is you go after facts... that’s what modern authoritarians do"


Steve Silberman
5 days ago

Good news: Chuck Todd, who came to embody the failure of mainstream journalism to track #GOP's descent into outright #Fascism, to yield #MeetThePress chair to the show's first-ever Black woman host, Kristen Welker.

Queen Valhalla
5 days ago


#RubyBridges was more progressive at 6 than #Kamala will ever be. I voted for the neolibs because #fascism.

Kamala is a cop at heart. She pandered to #cannabis users. I use it for #PTSD, #autism, ulcerative colitis. I DESPISE her for mocking me. Joe #Biden is a corporate #Delaware (tax haven) ghoul. He won with a promise of helping with #studentdebt, medical cannabis. I paid off my child's loans 42K and they got #creditscore hit.

Why do YOU think poll numbers are low?

Joshua Holland
5 days ago

A concise definition of "wokeness" is "having an awareness of how historical and structural inequities lead to disparate outcomes in a society with equal protection under the law."

Just plug that into every iteration you see and everything that's going on in this country becomes a lot clearer.

#fascism #woke #uspol #media

Joshua Holland
6 days ago

New podcast!

Heather "Digby" Parton says evaluating the debt limit deal requires some nuance, which most people on social media hate.

And Evan Urquhart calls out the media for obscuring the right's terror campaign against the LGBTQ community with benign descriptions.

#lgbtq #fascism #DebtLimit

From @ErinInTheMorn:
#fascism #transphobia #persecution #ProtectTransKids

Musk: “I Will Lobby To Criminalize Doctors” Providing Lifesaving Care To Trans Youth

Joshua Holland
1 week ago

Looks like the cops let these bigoted thugs beat someone unconscious.

"Violence Erupts at Anti-Pride School Assembly Protest in North Hollywood"

#fascism #lgbtq @GOP

Joshua Holland
1 week ago

Remember the Martin Niemöller poem and go to a #Pride event this year.

#transphobia #lgbtq #fascism

Joshua Holland
1 week ago

What a vile scumbag. No wonder his kids won't talk to him.

"Elon Musk Personally Elevates Transphobic Video Originally Flagged as Hate Speech"

#elonmusk #transphobia #lgbtq #fascism

Mx. Kit O'Connell
1 week ago

The Proud Boys claim they're "taking" #pride month and the #Texas GOP say they are "reclaiming the rainbow" and it's all a bullshit distraction. Do not fucking fall for it.

Fight the fascists in the streets where they arise but our symbols are ours and can't be taken from us. If the rainbow and pride inspires you, they'll always belong to you.

Focus on organizing to keep your communities safe and thriving.

#PrideMonth #LGBTQIA #Fascism

Aral Balkan
1 week ago

There’s No Such Thing As a Smart Fascist

“The ideology itself is about as clever and complex as a rock to the face … Fascists, and their larval form, conservatives, simply do not give one single lonely fuck for rules or conventions or the system in which they flourish.”

1. Read this blisteringly powerful article.
2. Shout it from the rooftops.
3. Follow @catvalente and support her work.

Should be required reading in schools.

Please boost.


Mark Wyner :vm:
1 week ago

This @ProPublica interactive guide on SCOTUS is phenomenal. It’s a comprehensive guide on where each judge stands on our rights. And it’s well-designed overall.

Spoiler: the ones you think are biased, are. And, of course, Thomas is the worst.

#SCOTUS #Rights #CivilRights #VotingRights #FederalJudges #Fascism #StackedCourts #Legislation #SupremeCourt

From @ErinInTheMorn:
#fascism #transphobia #persecution #ProtectTransKids

The cruelty is the point.

15 Days Since Florida Banned Most Adult Trans Care: People Are Suffering

Joshua Holland
1 week ago

Going to my local #Pride parade on Sunday to show those vile bigots that we have the numbers and recommend that all decent people do the same. #lgbtq #fascism

Courtney Cantrell
1 week ago

#Fascism is "not a coherent belief system, it’s just government by narcissistic personality disorder. A narcissist is never wrong, never a hypocrite, never at fault. A narcissist changes reality around them and bulldozes others into agreeing with it to save their sanity and their skin and then turns around and changes that reality on a whim to avoid ever having to feel anything at all, least of all the dreaded responsibility....


1 week ago

Today in Labor History May 31, 1927: Fred Trump, father Donald Trump, was arrested at a Ku Klux Klan rally in Queens, New York. The Long Island Daily Press reported that all the arrestees, including Trump, were wearing Klan robes. During his presidential campaign, Journalists asked Donald Trump about his father's arrest. He claimed "it never happened."

#trump #kkk #fascism #racism #MemorialDay

Ku Klux Klan members being confronted by police in Queens on Memorial Day 1927. By Brooklyn Daily Eagle -, Public Domain,

Look how deep in we are already?!

From Jason Stanley's Fascism.
#fascism #autocracy #maga #deSantis

1 week ago



The new law also (surprise) makes it harder to vote in Florida, via:

* new restrictions on mail-in ballots

* efforts to make it easier to purge voting rolls

* limitations on third-party voter registration groups that could gut community registration drives

DeSantis now faces 3 new fed lawsuits arguing violations of right to vote, free speech & association

#USPol #Fascism

1 week ago

5-30-23 Nicole Sandler Show – A Post-Holiday Weekend Update with Will Bunch


The first day back after a long holiday weekend is always tough. But here we are.
News was made while America was using the day set aside to remember those lost in battle to
#NicolesBlog #DeSantis #fascism #guns #HollywoodBeach #Kissinger #Trump #WillBunch

Alice Marshall
1 week ago


A Far Right Moms Group Is Targeting Students. These Women Are Fighting Back.
“We treat Moms for Liberty like the KKK. If you knew that a KKK meeting was happening in a church down the street from your house, everyone would be alarmed.”

1 week ago

@GottaLaff #Trump #Justice #Fascism The fact that this effort was conveniently leaked while the investigations are underway could reasonably be interpreted as threats to the agents and prosecutors, as well as active interference with those investigations.

1 week ago

Via Noah Shachtman:

NEW: Team #Trump is scrambling to uncover the names of the #FBI agents and #DOJ prosecutors who are investigating the former president. The goal is to target them for an "immediate" purge, should Trump win again. #fascism

1 week ago

Via @emptywheel:

How did we decide to call the targeting of vulnerable people by the far right "the Culture Wars"?

No one is calling up Target and making physical threats bc they sell shirts with crosses on them.

How did the #media come to give sustained attention to a bunch of far right wingers yelling "woke! woke! woke!" rather than the fact that their only policy proposals are to beat up Disney and undermine sound health guidelines? #fascism #Republicans

Conservatives going after #Target for their #Pride merchandise is just one part of their overall plan. The LGBTQ+ community isn't their only target; so are Muslims, people of color, people with disabilities, etc.

The goal, of course, is #genocide, leading to a white ethnostate.

All of us have to stand together, and fight MAGA fascism. #USPol #fascism #PrideMonth #MAGA #Republicans

1 week ago


The far right is increasingly using this term against already marginalised groups, eg, transppl & homeless ppl

As on the 1930s' road to genocide, neo-Nazi oligarchs & their puppets are using yet another big lie to have us accept that these are "lives not worth living" & hence accept their murder

For Nazism, any life that dissents is a "life not worth living".

Remember, a small protest can become a critical mass for resistance. Think Thunberg.

#USPol #Fascism #NeoNazism