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Is Sean Hannity a journalist? Role of hosts is key in Fox News lawsuit.

The issue could cut both ways for Fox, which argues that hosts who aired false claims of election fraud acted as pundits with the leeway to express opinions — but also seeks to protect their private communications with ‘sources.’

Of course not, he is an entertainer, a clown who performs for a crowd that needs a focus point for their #vitriol, #racism and #fascist idealism. just sayin


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My only disappointment is that nowhere in the news they're mentioning plans to throw away the key.

#Trump #Drumpf #fascist #Nazi #PoS

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A lot more, in a very long thread available here:

#AIArt #Trump #Drumpf #Fascist #Nazi #PoS

18 hours ago

My parents are #NativeAmerican #African #European #descent. My ancestors lived on this land LONG before a white person ever sailed. Yet my #humanrights are non existent because #racist #pedophile #misogynist #politicians claim I'm not entitled. The first woman to reach the #WhiteHouse as an #immigrant daughter argued in #world #court #tribunals to protect #nazis conducting a #holocaust against my entire #race #globally #TheWest is #fascist @icij @reuters @POLITICO @apnews_bot @hrw_fr @un @NPR

Joe Hill
1 day ago

#Schumer needs to open an investigation and find out why these #Fascist #Traitors haven’t been investigated for their participation in #Trumps #FailedCoup What is he waiting for?

1 day ago

Do you ever want to show up to a school board after they've banned some #LGBTQIA shit and ask them what they think the 2nd amendment is for.

You believe deadly force is the ultimate answer to government overreach and oppression. So maybe look around at how outnumbered you shit-spewing #fascist fucks are. And then ask yourself what you would do in our position.

If the government was hunting you? Trying to harm, or outright kill you?

It is not just right to defend ourselves, it is righteous.

Yusuf Toropov
2 days ago

Dear every Big #Media outlet trying to get me to click on an article on how 45 is "about to be #indicted" and the countless semantic variations on that:
"#indictment imminent/expected, rumoured/forthcoming," etc.

You've been doing this to me, and to the country, since 2015.

This #fascist was elected because you benefited financially from #clickbait pretending to be #news.

Time and again, you let us down. We do not trust your predictions.

When you have actual news, report it. Otherwise...

I'm too old for this shit
I Like Books
2 days ago

The following are all quotes from the post

“It’s very naive to think that there’s a peaceful co-existence today, and the bottom line is, it’s either us or them.” - Billy Falling, Christian Voters League

"When Pat Buchanan announced, “There is a religious war going on in our country for the soul of America” at the Republican National Convention last August, he was surrounded by GOP delegates who knew exactly what he was talking about.

Forty percent of those delegates came to the convention through campaigns orchestrated by members of the Christian religious right — a collective term for fundamentalist, Pentecostal, evangelical and charismatic Christian Republicans who believe in a narrow, literal interpretation of the Bible. ... "

#Christian #Fascist #Politics #USA #LGBTQ #Trans #Transgender

From @moira

Solarbird{y|z} :flag_cascadia:
2 days ago

I'm up to late 92 in my posts on #Christian #fascist #politics and this post from November really punches both policies - including the border wall - and political theory and social practice.

It's *always* been about eradication. They *said so*. The problem was always getting normies to believe they meant it.

“It’s very naive to think that there’s a peaceful co-existence today, and the bottom line is, it’s either us or them.” -- Billy Falling, Christian Voters League

2 days ago

If this happens, I'm outta here. #TrumpIndictment, #GOP #fascist #Military

Trump to be arrested...I hope

Why do #Russians not want to die a natural death? Why do they die, some from alcohol, some from poverty, some from the hands of #Putin regime, some in an unjust #war? Why do they allow themselves to be turned into meat in the slaughterhouse of #RussiaUkraineWar? Why is it more convenient for them to kill innocent #Ukrainians and defenders of #Ukraine? Why do they allow Putin's #fascist regime to kill the #freedom fighters? Why did they become cowards and scum, who are destined for dog death?

maeve harris
2 days ago

Just in case I have failed to make it clear to some, I am totally woke, and consider Florida governor DeSantis a #fascist

2 days ago

#Twitter owner #hypocrite #tyrant #liar #sociopath #fascist #racist #Elon not so
"free speech" #Musk needs free #gullible workers #developers #programmers.
Read his hypocrite #blablabla from Elon;

Our “algorithm” is overly complex & not fully understood internally. People will discover many silly things , but we’ll patch issues as soon as they’re found!
We’re developing a simplified approach to serve more compelling tweets, but it’s still a work in progress. That’ll also be "open source".
What he really means is volunteer work,
He hopes to earn your trust. Really????
Consider this;
Have you considered that you probably fired the people who understood it internally Elon "not so smart" Musk!?

#RIPtwitter #TwitterMigration #Congo #Tesla #slaves #cobalt #mining #childlabor #dictators #Neuralink #Followfriday #animalcruelty all to do with #psycho Elon Musk.

Charming Malcontent
3 days ago

Hey #MAGAts your Führer has ordered y'all to rush to New York for another violent attack on brave law enforcement officers... the #NewYork Boys in Blue are ready for you bubba!

Pack your bags there's gonna be some #fascist hick head crushing LOL!

3 days ago

Florida Bill Mandates Teaching ‘Benefits of Monogamous Heterosexual Marriage’ and Bans Girls From Discussing Menstruation

A Florida Republican lawmaker’s bill would require schools to teach the “benefits of monogamous heterosexual marriage,” effectively teach that transgender people don’t exist, ban young women from discussing menstrual cycles and menstruation, and would require students be falsely taught that HIV can only be contracted through sex.

#fascist #ignorant

4 days ago

#Federal 'ConservativeParty leader #PierrePoilievre has been caught in a very #awkward #situation with his #caucus . In trying to balance his appeal to both the #FarRight elements in the country while still hoping to appeal to enough #mainstream #voters to find a sustainable path to winning in the next #FederalElection, he’s learning that it’s a lot harder to do than he may have initially thought.

#CanPoli #Alberta #Canada #fascist #narcissistic #ThreatToDemocracy

4 days ago

Ron DeSantis' Media Crackdown Raises Free Speech Alarms

Ron DeSantis has been accused of seeking to turn his state into a "petri dish" of "anti-press freedom culture,"

Proposed legislation would make it significantly easier for publications to be sued for defamation, treat anonymous sources as "presumptively false" and require the registration of bloggers who make money writing about elected officials.

#fascist #freespeech #censorship #firstamendment

4 days ago

Today in #Republican #Christian #fascist insanity, Florida state representative Stan McClain has introduced a bill that would prohibit discussions about sex, gender, or human reproductive functions in schools prior to the 6th grade. Pressed on whether this bill will make it illegal for girls to discuss their menstrual cycles at school, McClain stated that it will.

Florida Republican's Bill Would Ban Young Girls From Discussing Their Periods In School
Ben Greenberg
4 days ago

#CultureWars by @jensorensen

> What we are experiencing in America right now is an asymmetrical attack on basic freedoms — a #fascist movement that thrives on targeting certain groups, erasing #history, and spreading dangerous falsehoods through a vast media apparatus. To call this a “culture war” is to legitimize the contemporary #GOP and its extremist counterparts as a coherent and authentic “culture” worthy of respect.


Comic in four panels by Jen Sorenson satirizing uses of the term "culture wars"
Dr Bob
4 days ago

This #DeSantis action is REPREHENSIBLE!

He is turning #Florida into a #FASCIST, #AUTHORITARIAN state!

Now is the time to fight this repulsive, evil person. Let's not wait until it is too late. We need to vote him out of office and ensure he does not become #President!

Today, bill HB 999 will be proposed by Governor Desantis. If this bill passes May 5, the following will be removed from Florida's college campuses:
- NPHC organizations (Alpha Phi Alpha, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Kappa Alpha Psi, Omega Psi Phi, Delta Sigma Theta, Phi Beta Sigma, Zeta Phi Beta, Sigma Gamma Rho & lota Phi Theta)
-NMGC & Latinx organizations (Lambda Theta Alpha, Alpha Psi Lambda, Lambda Alpha Upsilon, Sigma lota Alpha, Sigma Lambda Gamma, Sigma Lambda Beta, Theta Nu Xi, etc.)
-Jewish Studies courses, majors & minors
-Feminist Theory courses, majors & minors
-Gender Studies courses, majors & minors
-Centers & Programs for Black Students
-Centers & Programs for Latinx Students
-Centers & Programs for Asian & AAPI Students
-Centers & Programs for LGBTQ+ students
Tenured faculty will be eligible for review. Their tenure will be reconsidered by the board of trustees--who wil be chosen and appointed by the governor.
You can:
1. Spread the word.
2. If you're Greek, tell your brothers & sisters.
3. Contact your Florida House Representatives.
4. Encourage students to plan.
brad m
5 days ago

When Illiberal Forces are on the Rise, #Libraries and #Librarians Become Targets
Institutions that prize #pluralism and open access to #knowledge threaten #authoritarian dogma
“Of course, #thinking and #dreaming are activities that run counter to #authoritarianism: ‘Believe, Obey, and Fight’ was the #Fascist slogan. #Books become threatening objects” #reading #bookbans

Vic McFizzlesticks
5 days ago

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. It is the only thing that ever has."
— Margaret Mead

The #fascist minority in the US has taken this to heart and is planning on it working for them.


5 days ago

#DonaldRumsfeld taught the world's most #deviant to #scheme #grift #humiliate #lie to U.S. #gov about U.S. assets. His ENTIRE career he & cronies used #politics as a guise to commit #insurgency. Instead of #46admin stopping #corruption #predation #grift they #lie #scheme #manipulate to protect #predators & #predation. Where is #liberty in the #fascist scheme? @kamalaharris #Biden? Anyone claiming democracy should defend #democracy @icij @un @ap @hrw_fr @npr @reuters @politico@newsie.soc @hrw_fr

5 days ago

NEWSStormy Daniels Has Now Talked With Manhattan DA in Trump Hush Money ProbePublished

Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen testified before the grand jury on Monday and Wednesday.

“At the request of the Manhattan DA’s office Stormy Daniels and I met with prosecutors today,” Daniels’ attorney, Clark Brewster, said via Twitter, as ABC News reported. “Stormy responded to questions and has agreed to make herself available as a witness…..”

#trump #Stormy #fascist #Cohen

Kailee ♾️
5 days ago

Ho Wan Kwok, A/K/A “Miles Guo,” Arrested For Orchestrating Over $1 Billion Dollar Fraud Conspiracy.

Over $630 Million of Alleged Fraud Proceeds Seized by U.S. Government. #republicanCrime #fascist #traitors #sedition #coup

ppl like #ShadiHamid argue that the #GOP isn't #fascist bec #Nazis were more openly #racist/more openly genocidal/clearly more opposed to free speech/had totalizing control. I talk abt the book The Nazi Conscience, which shows that none of that is true.

6 days ago

@un @hrw @amnesty_digital_de @AmnestyDdorf @amnestyjugend @metoo The world watches #46admin teach all how to oppress, eradicate, pathologize, criminalize, propagandize, establish a nazi ss #fascist #regime. Nations globally are following the lead of what used to be a pretense of #democracy now there isn't even that. The sole purpose is to elevate #whitesupremacy yet #America is fighting for #Liberty? #NeverForget @kamalaharris #potus protect nazis
The #future remembers all, always #pandorasbox

KrissyKat 🏳️‍⚧️
6 days ago

#Florida #GOP wants to ban #LGBTQ Pride flag at Statehouse, but instead fly the #Confederate #racist #fascist flag

The Florida fascists are going all out to be racist and fascist these days.

I used to like Florida, but not so much these days.

6 days ago

What is Ron DeSantis's Presidential Platform you ask?

The United States of Florida of course!


David Golumbia
6 days ago

if you only saw the video that circulated on social media, you might think that "woke" students & an admin had gone way overboard in protesting a Federal Judge's speech at Stanford Law.

It looked like that to me at first. Stanford administration certainly saw it that way.

But read this piece by the great Mark Joseph Stern @msj_DC@Twitter) to see how the whole event & video was a Project Veritas-style con job to advance the #fascist judicial profile of Stuart Kyle Duncan.

6 days ago

Israeli Democracy Under Siege Benjamin Netanyahu’s power grab is fueling widespread protests.

Since late January, hundreds of thousands of Israelis have been loudly protesting an impending judicial overhaul by the nation’s new right-wing government.

Opponents say the changes, if allowed, will “endanger the entire legal system” and cement the power grip of the ruling coalition led by Prime Minister Benjamin C, who faces a corruption charge.

#Fascist #netanyahu #Israel

6 days ago

Marjorie Taylor Greene spokesperson throws profane tantrum when confronted by CNN fact-checker

Greene falsely claimed that Biden was to blame for a witness’s family deaths of two children from fentanyl
Nick Dyer responded by saying do you think they give a f*ck about your bullsh*t fact checking?'"

"I also gave Greene congressional spokesman Nick Dyer an opportunity to comment lies that Trump won Georgia" Dale tweeted. "His response: 'F*ck off.'"

#Fascist #ignorant

6 days ago

Ron DeSantis’ 'hostile takeover' could cost a Florida college $29 million in donations: report

the New College of Florida, has had a reputation for being liberal and diverse. But Florida's , Ron DeSantis, has made a concerted effort to give the New College a far-right MAGA makeover many Florida Democrats regard as a "hostile takeover" of the liberal arts college.13 donors have decided to cancel their contributions. could cost the College $29 million

#Fascist #DeSantis

🤔 🙄 . #DeStantis is a #fascist

People who think DeSantis is less dangerous than Trump are stoned. He is actively committed to politicizing the apparatus of state and creating a #fascist dictatorship in America.

🐦 🔗 :


1 week ago


The problem is that #twitter is run by a #fascist.

Sir Rochard 'Dock' Bunson
1 week ago

"Doing research, came across a letter from a 23-year-old reader to his small-town newspaper. It could be a summary of today's mainstream Republican talking points, but it's from 4 years before Fox News existed, 23 years before Trump ran.

Any guesses who was so ahead of his time?"

#GOP #Letter #Fascist #Terrorists #MPNCA #TTJ

Crime is so out of control. Criminals have no fear of punishment. Prisons are overcrowded so they know they will not be imprisoned long. This breeds more crime, in an escalating cyclic pattern.

Taxes are a joke. Regardless of what a political candidate "promises," they will increase. More taxes are always the answer to government mismanagement. They mess up. We suffer. Taxes are reaching cataclysmic levels, with no slowdown in sight.

The "American Dream" of the middle class has all but disappeared, substituted with people struggling just to buy next week's groceries. Heaven forbid the car breaks down!

Racism on the rise? You had better believe it! Is this America's frustrations venting themselves? Is it a valid frustration? Who is to blame for the mess?....No one is seeing the "big" picture.

What is it going to take to open the eyes of our elected officials? America is in serious decline!

Is a Civil War Imminent? Do we have to shed blood to reform the current system? I hope it doesn't come to that. But it might.
Leftist Lawyer
1 week ago

But the #MSM will tell us it's a #CultureWar, implying equal fault -- because, you know, they're run by #sociopath #billionaires who benefit from turning the #U.S. into a #fascist #state

Axios headline says All US extremist killings in 2022 linked to the far right.
David Golumbia
1 week ago

one of the worst mistakes in (esp but not only online) anti-fascism is to presume that fascism is a team, & as long as someone opposes the #fascist team, they are safe from engaging in #fascism themselves.

fascism is in part the embrace of death, aggression, & destruction. as such, fascists attack each other nearly as often as they attack "others." it's one of the reasons fascism has trouble maintaining itself over time. & you love to see it.

but all of us are susceptible to fascism.

@SmudgeTheInsultCat Shows what a clueless dipshit he really is. #Snowflake #Fascist

1 week ago

Ron DeSantis Poses 'Danger to Democracy,' Kirschner Warns

Political and legal analyst Glenn Kirschner on Saturday dubbed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis a "danger to democracy"

Kirschner, a veteran prosecutor noted for his analysis of Trump's various legal woes, echoed such views, calling him a "heartless aspiring autocrat" and specifically condemning the governor's busing of migrants to Martha's Vineyard last year.

#DeSantis #fascist #Democracy

1 week ago

Ron DeSantis' $100m for Florida "Private Army" Raises Questions

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is requesting $98 million in funding this year to boost the Florida State Guard, which one critic has branded "a private army",
Senator Annette Taddeo accusing DeSantis of establishing a "vigilante militia" under his command. Representative Charlie Crist went even further, comparing the plan to a "handpicked secret police."

#DeSantis #Fascist #dangerous #Militia

1 week ago

Long Before Silicon Valley Bank’s Collapse, Its CEO Helped Kill Tougher Oversight of Banks Like His

Greg Becker successfully pushed Congress to weaken risk checks enacted after the 2008 financial crisis.

The result: major losses at the bank and, on Friday, a full-on collapse—the exact sort of bank failure that the original regulations that Becker fought against had set out to prevent.

#fascist #Capitalism #GOP

1 week ago

DeSantis to run on 'We were right, they were wrong' COVID results slogan when Florida ranks among the worst

"We were right, they were wrong." But the Florida governor's "right" results rank among the worst in the nation.

"We refused to let our state descend into some sort of Faucian dystopia," DeSantis told supporters.

But under DeSantis' leadership, the Sunshine State's results were far worse than nearly every other state in the nation

#DeSantis #COVID19 #fascist

KrissyKat 🏳️‍⚧️
1 week ago

@DrALJONES Soviet style governance. Why does a governor have total control over everything that happens in #fascist #Florida?

1 week ago

Don't argue with Tucker Carlson. Say what he is

I'd like us to take a deep breath. Tucker Carlson has done this before. The Fox host will do this again. And again. And again. He's done this so frequently, so consistently, so intently that there should now be no doubt that he's a propagandist, a hypocrite and a liar. This has been so thoroughly established as fact that the reaction to his latest effort feels almost respectful….
#carlson #liar #propagandist #fascist #bully

1 week ago

'LEADER OF THE GOP’S GREY POUPON WING'‘Lazy’ and ‘Idiotic’: Nikki Haley Slammed for Suggesting Most on Medicaid and Food Stamps Are ‘Sitting on the Couch’

“We shouldn’t be paying people to sit on the couch and adding to the rolls of welfare,”

She also insisted cuts to so-called entitlement programs must happen but targeted “kids in their 20s,” saying, “those are the ones that need to go and know that things are going to be changed.”

#fascist #GOP

1 week ago

On Friday, a federal judge allowed Carroll’s attorneys do two things that will make it even harder for Trump to win.

First, Senior U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan allowed Carroll to introduce Trump’s damning “Access Hollywood” tape, which almost cost him the 2016 presidential election, into evidence, Trump admitted in the Access Hollywood tape that he in fact has had contact with women’s genitalia in the past without their consent

#trump #fascist #SexualCrimes

1 week ago

Why Michael Flynn’s new lawsuit looks like an audacious stunt

Michael Flynn is claiming federal law enforcement subjected him to malicious prosecution when they charged him with crimes he twice pleaded guilty to.
When we last heard from Michael Flynn, ..taking the Fifth during sworn testimony Among the questions he wouldn’t answer were straightforward inquiries such as “Do you believe in the peaceful transition of power in the United States of America?”

#flynn #fascist

Sir Rochard 'Dock' Bunson
1 week ago

Leonard Leo's new fascist group funded with billion dollar donation. A Federalist Society for all aspects of society.

Inside the “Private and Confidential” Conservative Group That Promises to “Crush Liberal Dominance”

Leonard Leo, a key architect of the Supreme Court’s conservative supermajority, is now the chairman of Teneo Network, a group that aims to influence all aspects of American politics and culture.

#LeonardLeo #Fascist #News

Screenshot from linked article of Leonard Leo video
James Finn
2 weeks ago

FL Gov. Ron DeSantis is an actual #fascist making #LGBTQ people his presidential-campaign bloodsport. Don't like the the term fascist? Case in point: FL HB991 exposes #transgender and #gay journalists and bloggers to crippling financial liability if we call out discrimination, especially if we criticize #Christians as homophobes/transphobes. That's classic #fascism. 👇

David Golumbia
2 weeks ago

#ElonMusk apologized to #Halli.

Lots of speculation about why he might have done that.

Of course I'm glad to see this, but Elon remains the #fascist asshole he has been for a long time.


Wren Birdie (she/her)
2 weeks ago

I’m curious about the opinion of the #histodons and their take on this article on Substack that speaks to the Nazi #fascist rise to power prior to #WWII and the strategy used.

In reading it, there seems to be an almost exact parallel to what’s happening w/ the conservative rhetoric that has been increasing toward #lgbt citizens.

But I’ll leave it to the experts. #Histodon, could you weigh in on this? Are there parallels? If so, how can we stop #fascism in the U.S.?

2 weeks ago


CPAC….he told reporters that there was no way he’d drop out of the 2024 race should he be hit with criminal charges from one of the many investigations into his conduct. “Oh, absolutely. I wouldn’t even think about leaving,” he said on Saturday, adding, incredibly, that one or more indictments would “probably...enhance my numbers.”

#fascist #trump #criminal

Kat ♾️
2 weeks ago

I propose we just call the #Republican Party the American #Fascist Party from now on. There’s no evidence that the #GOP is in control of this runaway train, barreling into our democracy, loaded with deadly toxins. ☠️

Danny Boling 🌈 ☮️
2 weeks ago

"#Fascists always start by declaring themselves the victims of others. Victimhood is essential to the #fascist worldview; it’s at its core "

"And we all must speak up, before it’s too late. We must call this what it is: #fascism."

#Politics #Republicans #Trump #DeSantis #Elections #Eradicate #Black #BIPOC #Women #LGBT #Lesbian #Gay #Transgender
What Will Happen To Everyone Who is Not #White, #Straight, & #Male If We Don't Speak Out? | #TheHartmannReport


2 weeks ago

"The Lemkin Institute [for Genocide Prevention] believes that the so-called “gender critical movement” that is behind these laws is a #fascist movement furthering a specifically genocidal ideology that seeks the complete eradication of #trans identity from the world."

Statement is from Nov 2022. Worth reading in full. Entire statement is a few hundred words.

Big Head Tales
2 weeks ago

@VPS_Reports I assume #CA27 #RepMikeGarcia will be attending this #Fascist extravaganza?

3 weeks ago

If you don't want to be called a #fascist don't act like one. This bill, if passed, would not survive a court challenge.

#policits #florida #desantis

3 weeks ago

"Nobel Peace Prize winner Ales Bialiatski sentenced to 10 years in prison in Belarus"

"More than 35,000 people were arrested, and thousands were beaten by police.
The charges against Bialiatski and his colleagues were connected to Viasna's provision of money to political prisoners and helping pay their legal fees."


Big Head Tales
3 weeks ago

@GottaLaff @jysexton We should be clear that the #GOP isn't calling for a "#divorce"; they're calling for a #CivilWar that will give them the excuse to suspend the #Constitution, overthrow the American government with their #RepublicanTerrorist brownshirts, declare martial law, and install a #Republican #FourthReich #fascist dictatorship.

Aral Balkan
3 weeks ago

Yep, because “woke AI” was the problem.

Do not use this asshole’s social network. Do not buy this asshole’s cars. Lobby the EU to regulate the absolute shit out of this asshole’s businesses. Do not let your governments give this asshole even one cent of your taxes.

#elonMusk #fascist #billionaire #douchebag

Leftist Lawyer
4 weeks ago

Anyone who says the #U.S. is a "christian nation" is dog whistling for #fascist #ChristianNationalism

Remind them that their professed "#patriotism" runs squarely in the face of the founding father's #revolutionary stance on separation of church and state.

Remind them the founding father's were largely #Deists, not christian.

And you might also remind them that #GodHatesNazis.

1 month ago

It's shameful. The most attacked on the gender spectrum because the #fascist bullies are not getting enough push back. Stepping it up here. #LGBTQ+ .

1 month ago

'Retaliation': Tesla fires Buffalo workers day after Musk was informed of union drive

Tesla fired dozens of workers at its factory in Buffalo, New York on Wednesday...

"These firings are the exact reason why we need a union at Tesla."

The outlet noted that "several of the terminated employees had been involved in labor discussions, according to the union, including at least one who was a member of the organizing committee."

#Autocrat #fascist #antiunion

1 month ago

Extremist Christian terrorists kill cops after luring them onto their trap-laden farm

An Australian family belonging to an extreme fundamentalist Christian movement murdered police officers in a bizarre terrorism plot — and the movement has a following in the United States

Premillenialism is an extremist Christian-identifying movement

Many of its adherents have ties to the "sovereign citizen movement," a largely U.S.-based extremist

#WhiteNationalist #fascist

DeSantis’s corporate donors under fire for ‘hypocrisy’ over Black History Month

For example:
"Duke Energy gave $2m to the Republican party of Florida, which has embraced DeSantis’s crackdown on “woke” policies on race, gender and public health."

#DeSantis #DukeEnergy #BlackHistory #fascist #revisionistHistory

Sir Rochard 'Dock' Bunson
1 month ago

Antisemitic text implying that Anne Frank's diary was a forgery was projected onto the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam this week, the museum announced in a statement.

"The Anne Frank House organisation has learned of this with shock and revulsion," the museum said.

#News #NPR #Fascist #Antisemitic #Nazis #MPNCA

івась тарасик
1 month ago

@cstross #darwin award nomination -- not sure though if this one can compete with that #russian #fascist who decided to attack a camel for no reason and got «awarded» instantly.

Sir Rochard 'Dock' Bunson
1 month ago

Eric Trump tourmate claims Jewish people are frauds and

“Hitler was actually fighting the same people that we're trying to take down today”

Scott McKay also claims Jewish people are responsible for 9/11, presidential assassinations, and child sacrifices

McKay is a believer in the "Khazarian Mafia" conspiracy theory, which claims that many modern-day Jewish people are fakes and have hidden behind Jewish identity to oppress the world. McKay is pushing “hatred of Jews, there's no other way to put it."

McKay is a featured speaker and a "big part" of the ReAwaken America tour, which features numerous prominent pro-Trump speakers (including Eric Trump). Its next stop -- as @willsommer recently reported -- is at Trump's Miami resort.

#ChristianNationalism is just #WhiteSupremacy and #Antisemitism in bible drag

#QAnon #News #Fascist #Racists #terrorists #trump

Screenshot from linked article ahowing Eric Trump on tour with antisemitic qanon podcaster.
Deborah Elizabeth Finn
1 month ago

Let's ponder this.

I believe in the value of #kindness and #compassion

However, I would never claim that they cost nothing. I would never claim that kindness and compassion always yield a desirable outcome, at least in the short term.

In a world where a #bully or a #fascist gains #privilege or #power, is there a place for kindness and compassion in fighting back?


Recently heard: 

'it costs nothing to be nice’ at a meeting. And | strongly disagree. Continuing to be nice to people with harmful/ toxic behaviors only creates a reward feedback loopencouraging them. And that is a heavy cost indeed.
Alistair Davidson
1 month ago

George square #Glasgow from 11am tomorrow counter #protest the #fascist #transphobe Kelly Jay Keen

@timforgot I've always seen #Russia as a #fascist state rather than just going through a fascist period. #Gorbachev was less fascist than the rest but he had a much #broader world view.

2 months ago

Weekly reminder to #Stop reposting links to #Twitville & encourage your networks to drop that #corporate #fascist controlled #SocialMedia platform. Stop feeding into #billionaires & #sellout enabler pockets. Stop bitching about fascists if you can't even dump their platforms online.

I don't want you having my back or any other activists backs, if you can't even gain courage to drop out from participating on Twitville. It just shows you like clout/attention more than anything else 🤮 #QuitTwit

Steve Silberman
2 months ago

Now that a prominent #fascist enabler and errand boy for white-supremacist trolls owns Twitter, it's time to get very strategic, say framing experts @georgelakoff and @gilduran.

Eric Puryear
2 months ago

Elon Musk's #Twitter has reinstated Nick Fuentes, the white supremacist and antisemitic #fascist who #Trump had over for dinner recently.

I will spend some time emailing companies whose products/services I buy to respectfully insist they stop using Twitter, as companies that choose to share a platform with such bigotry shouldn't get my money.

Stop the GQP & Fox News
2 months ago

Prosecution for having books in the classroom? The fascist crap by DeSantis the past month is more brazenly fascist than most banana republics.

#DeSantis #RonDeSantis #education #fascism #antifascism #fascist #politics #uspol #uspolitics #florida

(Picture of classroom library) Farewell, classroom library. We'll see you soon, | promise. @) & #SaveOurLibraries #TrustTeachers #readersareleaders #desantass #florida As an educator, | have spent the past 18 years of my life dedicated to providing students with quality literature. Helping them connect with books and develop of love of lifelong learning. Receiving notice today that classroom libraries are to be dismantled is a travesty to education, the future of our children and our nation. 7- .v ...,‘ 2 : g A\ ‘\\.‘ Y‘,‘ \\\ X‘ o et .l »'*:'m-’ ‘;’ 'fi\ W et g g 1§ RN e - 'Eii.fl'fl'fl‘! = p ;»,,. A ‘!‘A" \ ~m§‘§§"»'w" T ‘-0 :"; .‘ ‘)7 Q—«@ /’ig N e ol 5 — / \\ T \~\_ 3 %%& o i I %i\\ ) /}5«
Philipp Markolin ☑️
2 months ago

The active threats from @elonmusk
's Twitter are of course not limited to #science & scientists, but the #public good and #democracy at large

Promoting #conspiracy myths that feed into the current #fascist moment are a danger to us all, as I explain here:

Ricky de Laveaga
2 months ago

Here's #Israel gutting its supreme court, previewing what will happen here in the #USA if we don't stop #fascism exploding in government and face down the #fascist surge in our courts and our legislature. One hundred thousand people on the street in #TelAviv, more in #Jerusalem, #Haifa and #Beersheba. Fuck #Netanyahu and every coward who voted for him.

2 months ago

To understand #fascism in the world today, the first step is to use the proper tense. It is not a threat to #democracy. It is what happened to it.

Making change to a democracy wouldn't be this hard. Making change to an existing #fascist government is what makes it hard.