I'm stuck between the green & brown one, any thoughts? #fashion

I need 'something' for day-2-day wear with the coming heatwave 🌅

Dresses in various colours
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Elle Mag: Everything You Should Know Before Getting a Dip Powder Manicure #Elle #Fashion #Fun #Beauty

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Autostraddle: The Vesper Is a Vibrator Doubling as a Necklace Doubling as the Wingman I Didn’t Know I Needed #Dykes #LGBT #LGBTQ #Trans #Lesbian #2SLGBTQ #Podcast #lesbiansextoyreviews ##affiliatemarketing #sextoyshoppingguide #SexToys #fashion

Geek Native
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Priced at £475, these pirate skull cufflinks from Deakin & Francis are potentially amongst the most expensive skull cufflinks you could possibly buy! #fashion

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Elle Mag: Jennifer Lopez Continues Her Furniture Shopping Fashion Spree in Abs-Baring Cropped T-Shirt and Corduroys #Elle #Fashion #Fun #Culture

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Elle Mag: The Never Have I Ever Ending Isn’t Just About Who Devi Ends Up With #Elle #Fashion #Fun #Culture

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Happy IU Day Vlog 🎂 - watch how she prepares for her birthday celebrations with UAENA, photo shoot, and the Gucci Cruise 2024 Fashion show 👜

#KPop #music #IU #Uaena #dlwlrma #아이유 #지은아 #李知恩 #LeeJiEun #드림 #palette #아이유인나 #gucci #fashion @kpop

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Highland Games in Falkensteinsee this month, wait and see which fashion abominations appear there...

#life #fashion

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Mind you, I've seen people so large their wraparound kilt wouldn't stay up, and hung well below the knee. That was bad fashion sense.

#life #fashion

5 hours ago

I'm not the fashion police, but when your belly hangs so low over your belt it almost bangs on your knees with each step, tracksuit trousers are not really the right thing for you.

#life #fashion

🚨 My article "From Monitorul Oficial To Calea Victoriei: Decoding 1930s Bucharest Through Women’s Fashion" published in Journal of Romanian Studies in @soc4rostudies at @livunipress is free to read for a limited time.
Find it here:
#histodons #romania #bucharest #interwar #interbelic #bucuresti #women #fashion #femei #moda #monitoruloficial #officialgazette #caleavictoriei

Secure, in Style 👞🗝️
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I’m grateful today for one more day that isn’t too terribly warm so that I can wear another jacket. 🙏🏼 .. I hope you enjoy Wednesday’s #OOTD and daily #SecuriTea from Starbucks. #fashion #style #fashionstyle

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M word shield label sample display #fashion #sample #labels

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Elle Mag: Austin Reaves’ Brother Has a Telling Response to Those Taylor Swift Dating Rumors #Elle #Fashion #Fun #Culture

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Okay, 5.11 has great pants, but I think the #MOLLE compatible BBQ grilling #apron is a wee bit much. Useless without MOLLE compatible beer bottle holders and a MOLLE compatible BBQ spatula holder, and MOLLE tactical bottle cap opener? #tacticool #fashion

Tacticool BBQ grilling apron with MOLLE straps
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Louis Vuitton Set to Launch $42,000 Physical-Backed NFT Trunks - French luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton has announced its first non-fungible token (NFT... - #non-fungibletokens #metaverse #nftnews #fashion #nft

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Mandy May
2 days ago

This still is from a #Bravo reality show about spoiled people in the Hamptons or something BUT what caught my eye is the women's hair and make up. They immediately made me think of characters from #StarTrek! The original series, all the alien women had weird updos and matte makeup, lots of chiffon... #fashion #60s Tell me it's not just me that sees this...

A still from Summer House, with two heavily made up women in pastels
2 days ago

Can you be you for free?

Imagine to begin every day
by covering yourself without
regard for convention or opinion.

To represent, without filters,
the finest, most exalted,
vision of the nature of the you.

Now that would be a liberty,
a daily celebration of the self.

Of note, in this imaginarium,
a thing to keep in mind,
such an exhibition of the truth
would be more revealing
than only skin.


Are you where you want to be?
Plan to Change

#comics #comicstrip #change #life #space #poetry #medium #fashion

The Alien Life, one panel Comic. An alien is wearing awful, big and blocky boots.  The caption reads:  Nobody had the heart to tell Gus that his new boots were not cool.
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Elle Mag: Your Cheat Sheet for the Governors Ball Music Festival 2023 #Elle #Fashion #Fun #Culture

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Don’t you just hate it when you’re in a perfectly “meh” mood, and someone comes along to bring out of it? Oh, it’s so infuriating .. 🤪 .. I hope you enjoy today’s #OOTD and #SecuriTea from Starbucks. #fashion #style #fashionstyle

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Elle Mag: Taylor Swift Reportedly Wasn’t Swayed by Matty Healy’s Controversies in Breakup Decision #Elle #Fashion #Fun #Culture

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Elle Mag: Jennifer Lopez Wore a Denim Dress With Two Nearly Waist-High Leg Slits #Elle #Fashion #Fun #Culture

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Louis Vuitton To Release $42,000 Physical-Backed NFTs - According to a Vogue Business, the collectibles are being sold as soulbound tokens, meani... - #louisvuitton #fashion #web3 #news #nft

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Retro Librarian
2 days ago

1993 Fashion Plates Commercial
#toys #fashion #retro #nostalgia #tvcommercial

2 days ago

Twenty years ago, we began our partnership with UN Environment Programme to promote sustainable #fashion. Not everyone understood why back then—we hope it’s obvious now! #UNEP #Lucire #sustainability #ecofashion #mode #moda

Catherine Ivers Norton
2 days ago

Work the alchemy of what we wear on the outside to transform the experience inside.

Today's mindfulness challenge is to select something different (e.g., color, texture, style) and notice the effect this has on mood. How do others respond?

#ReadTheStain #writer #coach #psychology #spirituality #mindfulness #mentalhealth #intention #awareness #fashion #style #mood #creativity #play #fabulous

Jessica Quillin
2 days ago

This is 48. I started my birthday off right with a 4am 5-mile run.

Now onto a lot of spa things and #fashion #writing because that’s what I decided to do with the day.

#running #happybirthdaytome

3 days ago

New fashion - cuts for the brain
By Meister Jeder 6/23
#dada #dadaism #dadaismus #fashion #brain #photography #collage

O. Inha
3 days ago

The Seven Steps Of Oneironautics, Op. 10 № 5911. An imaginary film. #movie #fashion #byproduct

LM Little
4 days ago

“We really need to slow down our consumption. We buy too much stuff. We buy 60 per cent more clothes today than we did 20 years ago. We keep our clothes for half as long.”

#greenwashing #clothing #fashion #Canada

Here are some stills of the beautiful queer community that I grabbed today at Bangkok Pride! There were so many fantastic looks. I love the detail & variety in the costumes. They ran the gamut from very traditional to very modern. #BangkokPride #BangkokPride2023 #fashion #drag #LGBTQ

a lovely Thai woman wearing a gold dress with a high slit and a traditional gold pointed Thai headpiece with very large matching golden wing like ornaments on her back, holding a Pride flag and making a wai with her hands
Three pretty Thai women wearing feather headdresses and sequined dancers outfits with tights and high heels, one is in red with gold and the others are in blue with yellow and red feathers
a Thai person with short blond hair and dramatic blue eyeshadow, wearing an asymmetrical puffy sleeved cropped jacket with checkered, pink, yellow and black patches, and reflective lightning bolts on it, over a black leotard, fishnets and knee high boots. they are fierce as fuck.
a Thai person with long black hair styled in an updo, wearing a black bodysuit with holes in it under a metal strapless bodice with silver trim, red bra cups with yellow flames on it, a circular midsection and blue trim along the thighs, over thigh high red platform boots. they are giving high fashion chrome realness and it is amazing

The biggest problem we need to address in society’s relationship with the car is the “#fast #fashion” sales culture that has been the commercial template of the #car #industry for decades.
Currently, on average we keep our new cars for only #three #years before selling them on, driven mainly by the ubiquitous three-year #leasing #model.
This seems an outrageously profligate use of the world’s natural resources when you consider what great condition a three-year-old car is in

Andrew Browne
5 days ago

As you may know, some of my drawings end up as graphic T-shirts.

Take a look—I added several new designs today.

#MastoArt #art #fashion #artist #SupportArtists

A screenshot showing some of the T-shirts available on my store:  AndrewBrowne.Store
Dr. Dani Sanchez
5 days ago

Hats! Hats! Hats!
#TCMParty #TheWomen #Fashion

Four pictures of the all female cast wearing all wearing fashionable hats of the era in the 1939 comedy “The Women”.
William Kretschmer
1 week ago

Interesting fashion idea
#Interestingfashionidea #fashion

1 week ago

The second you realize that you’ve worn the wrong outfit to the baby shower.

#Funny #Fun #Humor #LOL #Humour #Fashion

Jared Leto at a celebrity event wearing a full length, red, robe/dress that is draped in strings of crystals and hanging jeweled pendants, and he is carrying a realistic replica of his own severed human head.
colorblind cowboy 😷
1 week ago

It was a Glenn plaid and hat sort of day.

They say dress for the job you want… but I don’t know if this job exists anymore, whatever it is.

#Vintage #Fashion

A person’s chest clad in a mustard-colored plaid suit with brown tie, yellow shirt, and pocket square. Brown fedora partially obscures the right lapel.
Jessica Quillin
1 week ago

OK, all, what’s your all-time favourite summer trend?

#fashion #luxury

Justin Myers
2 weeks ago

An assortment of work outfits from the past few weeks as I get more familiar with wearing skirts!

It's so nice actually feeling interested in clothing rather than boxed in by the norms of men's office wear.

#genderfluid #clothing #fashion #skirt #enby #nonbinary

A person stands in an office. He mostly presents masculine, wearing gray-rimmed glasses and short-ish dark hair. He is wearing a long, light blue skirt with buttons down the front, with a pair of red leather flats. Above that, he's wearing a lavender button-down shirt with long sleeves.
The same person from the previous photo is smiling and standing near the entrance of a public bathroom. He's wearing a dark gray polo, a long skirt with alternating panels of fabric that are black-and-white and yellow-and-white, and dark gray shoes.
The same person is standing in front of a mirror in a different public bathroom. He's wearing a button-up shirt with vertical stripes of white, teal and orange, and he's wearing a black half-circle skirt that comes down to mid-calf. He has the same gray shoes as in the previous photo.
Trash Robot
2 weeks ago







njamster :godot:
2 weeks ago

Oooooh, there's also a #PacMan one. 🤩 Well, shit... Now I'm in a quandary. Maybe I need... both? 🙈

#Fashion #Gaming #RetroGames #RetroGaming

A male model wearing a suit with black buttons that looks like a giant Pac Man maze, complete with colorful enemies and golden pellets. Pants and necktie share the same pattern.

Today’s nervousness stems from something completely different: what will @sashag think of my outfit, especially today’s color combination..? 😂😂😂
#Trainabout #EnbyOnTrain #Trans #TransJoy #TransPride #Fashion

njamster :godot:
2 weeks ago

Somebody please talk me out of buying this. Quick! 😂

#Tetris #Fashion #Gaming

A male model wearing a black suit with purple buttons, that is studded all over with colorful Tetris blocks.
2 weeks ago

a hybrid crochet-sewing dress i made, is blinding my eyes as i post this. sometimes i don’t know why i use so much colour 💚🧶🌈🧵💖

#crochet #sewing #fashion

a very colourful rainbow dress with puff sleeves, combining a crochet bodice made of many squares, and colour blocked patchwork fabric sleeves and skirt.
another shot of the very colourful rainbow dress with puff sleeves, combining a crochet bodice made of many squares, and colour blocked patchwork fabric sleeves and skirt. in this shot the skirt is held to see the flare.
Jack Yan (甄爵恩)
2 weeks ago

Found this among Lucireʼs old posts on Mastodon, going back five years. I think the coverʼs aged pretty well. Our fashion ed. Sopheak styled this. All done in #Aotearoa #NZ. #Lucire #FashionMagazine #ArtDirection #fashion #publishing #NZTwits

Texas Observer Lives!
2 weeks ago

“I think protecting our #silk is important because it’s produced differently than in other countries.”

Published in partnership with our friends at Global Press Journal, a look at a traditional textile that's been a cornerstone of culture in this region since the 1500s:

(📸 Photo by
Ena Aguilar Pelez/Global Press Journal)
#Mexico #Oaxaca #fashion #culture #news #politics

Daysi GarcÌa, left, weaves silk on a backstrap loom while her grandmother, Margarita Flores, spins silk thread at MoisÈs MartÌnezís family workshop in San Pedro Cajonos, Mexico, on Nov. 13, 2022. Their building is a simple wooden one with big windows, and another loom is visible outside.
2 weeks ago

Less than a week left for the chance to have your #FashionTech idea made into a real product with the help of #fashion #entrepreneur @KittyArtPhysics! Incorporate #ASCA organic #solar films or #nLiten #NoCode #LEDs for the opportunity to be featured in #Make: Volume 86 this fall! Submit your #TechFashionDesignChallenge idea before the first round closes on May 31st! ⚡👗✨

Join the #TechFashionDesignChallenge on!
Petra van Cronenburg
2 weeks ago

@UnconventionalEmma For all who search hashtags or subscribed to them: #FastFashion #waste #clothing #fashion #environment ⬆️

Devorah Ostrov
2 weeks ago

Three images demonstrating "The #Art of Dressing." #fashion #warhol #PopArt #AbstractArt

A woman wearing a bright red coat & a dress printed with images of Campbell's soup cans is standing in front of a wall of Andy Warhol's Campbell's Soup canvases.
A woman wearing a plain white top & a colourfully printed skirt in oranges, blues, yellows & pinks stands in front of the matching abstract art painting by Hilma af Klint.
A woman wearing a bright yellow dress covered in rows of small, medium & large black circles poses next to an enormous yellow pumpkin covered in the same pattern by Yayoi Kusama.
Paris Marx
2 weeks ago

A new group called Shut Down Shein has launched a campaign against Chinese fast fashion retailer Shein, arguing it’s “the biggest national security threat you’ve never heard of.”

But it looks more like an effort to use anti-China sentiment against a major competitor instead of pushing for legal and regulatory changes that would address data privacy and the harms of fast fashion.

#tech #china #shein #fashion

2 weeks ago

🌈 rainbowcombo 🌈

wearing 2 pieces from a couple outfit i sewed sometime back, rainbow shirt + rainbow jacket. when 2 becomes 1.

the jacket pattern is from Nani iro and the shirt pattern is from Lulu works everyday.

trying to make it a habit to post more pics from my phone! :)

#sewing #fiberarts #fashion

chinese female with hair in a bun, wearing a blinding rainbow outfit. the inner layer is a rainbow striped shirt and the outer layer is a rainbow patchwork jacket made from the same material.
Jarosław Dzedzej aka DJ
3 weeks ago

My mousedeer drawings are now print patterns on my wife's hoodies. She's really great at sawing! So proud of her !
#diy #hoodies #PrintDesign #mousedeer #fashion #PatternDesign

Mousedeer sketches
Photos of casual models in hand made clothes (hoodies and backpacks) by Dzedzejowa (my wife)
Darcy :verified:
3 weeks ago

Since I have some free time I’ll give an #introduction 🖤

Hello #Horrorhub & #mastodon my name is Darcy, and I’m your friend to the end 👻

I enjoy all things spooky and horror. Some of my favorite horror films include: The Ring, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Audition, The Orphanage, The Conjuring, Annabelle, X, and The Hills Have Eyes.

Interested in:


4 weeks ago

wow everything in this is so stunning. just the costumes alone are stunning.

#music #pop #fashion #style #concert #beyonce

Sterling Ericsson
1 month ago

Fungus clothes is today's topic.

You can already turn mycelium into a form of leather, though the normal process of doing so outright kills the fungal cells in the material. Not so much living clothing that could heal itself.

Now, Newcastle University scientists have developed a new leathering process that keeps the chlamydospores alive.

Tada, living fungus clothing with self-healing

#Fungus #Mycelium #Clothing #Fungal #Newcastle #Science #Biology #Fashion #Scicomm

1 month ago

"It feels impossible to reconcile these two narratives of the fabric—one as symbol of resistance to empire and another as empire’s continuation. Why does one feel like reclamation and the other like appropriation?"

Hard to choose a favorite quote from this stirring essay on the global influence of Madras cloth and what it means for anti-colonial solidarity by my colleague Raksha Vasudevan:

#India #Mali #Fashion #Decolonization

I don't really know which kind of style I like; I just don't have much experience, only a few ideas and constraints:

- I hate jeans (this just doesn't work sensorially)
- It should be comfy, preferably also on a bike
- I love the colours black and green :eco-anarchism:
- It should be simple (no too complex patterns, no brands, ...)
- It should of course fit me (I'm very slim and around 175cm tall)
- I've never tried garment types that are commonly associated to femme, but I'm eager to experiment

@actuallyautistic #actuallyAutistic #NonBinaryFashion #fashion

I'm becoming very uncomfortable with my clothes. I hate to wear most of my old clothes, which are predominantly masc. I really want more femme ones, preferably androgynous.

(Yes, my parents used to choose and buy my clothes, but I really need to find a new style, also because of gender... My clothes lasted many years, but it's time to get new ones that I want to choose myself.)

So I need to divide the problem into two problems.

1. Finding a new style (see next toot)
2. Getting new (or, perhaps even better, second-hand) clothes

Advice is appreciated for each of these steps :)

Being #actuallyAutistic doesn't make either of these steps easy. Regarding step 2:

- Visiting stores causes very high anxiety before entering. If I manage to enter, I get severely overstimulated by the many ads, people, and garments. I twice tried to visit the local free-shop, but I just was too anxious 😐
- Trying new clothes is very stressful
- Some sensory issues (see next toot)
- Online shopping is also stressful and complicated since I don't have (and really don't want to have) a credit card; I only pay via IBAN
- Getting used to new clothes or even an entirely new style is also difficult; I usually only make small changes

@actuallyautistic #NonBinaryFashion #fashion

Carlo Zottmann
1 month ago

Like #fashion? Better watch "5 myths Fast Fashion brands want you to believe". Suggested to me by my wife, and it's a good but infuriating video.

> Exposing 5 myths that the Fast Fashion industry would LOVE you to believe... Looking at the facts behind the greenwashing, from the likes of #Shein, #Zara, H&M, #Primark etc.


Flipboard Culture Desk
1 month ago

In Central European countries, there's a centuries-old practice, which is called Blaudruck (blue-dyeing) in Austria and Germany. It involves printing a paste called Papp onto cloth before dyeing over it with indigo, and was so significant to German culture that it's influenced idioms (apparently the phrase "blue Monday" can be traced back to it). The craft almost disappeared in the 1980s. Here's how a new generation revived it.

#Fashion #Textiles #Art #Culture

⚪ Ein Modefoto... ein
🟤 A fashion photo... a
Favorite photo. 👡
📷 by Artist: #JasonFulford in Loc.: #Scranton PA USA 🇺🇸 - Title: "Cacti are people too" - (Kakteen sind auch Menschen) - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Cactus #Kaktus #Fashion #Shoes #Fotografie #Photography ➡️ #APhotoLove

Photography. A color photo shot of a green spiky cactus on top of which someone has put a purple patterned tall lady pump. Now it looks like an unshaved leg sticking up in the air. The background is blue sky and some green tree.
Jason Fulton Fulford is an American photographer, publisher and educator based in Brooklyn, New York City. His photos are often random shots with a lot of humor - hindsight and delight in the banal are his specialty. This photo is a fashion shot for ZEIT magazine.

If I have nothing else to contribute to the #metgala conversation-- I leave you with these.

Me and my cousin talking about Serena William's outfit. Mind you I also love SW. (And my cousin knows I'm posting this conversation).

ETA: Y'all make sure you boost this mf so others can maybe get a chuckle or two. This is how we grow.

#blackmastodon #blackfedi #blackfediverse #fashion #humor

Screenshot of serena williams met gala outfit
Flipboard Culture Desk
1 month ago

The Met Gala, one of the biggest events in fashion, takes place tonight. However, its theme — Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty — has attracted criticism and even boycotts. Here's a look at why.

#Fashion #Lifestyle #MetGala #Culture

Delia Christina
1 month ago

People of a Certain Age Who Prefer Jumpsuits!

My girlfriends have been sending me links to jumpsuit sites now that I've declared my love for them. (I'm wearing my jumpsuit right now.)

I give you: TheKit. Fashion-forward, size-inclusive.

Totally going to get a couple so I can be that unbothered middle-aged woman in shapeless clothing. Feeling UNBOTHERED about not showing off my bits. I'm comfortable, ho.

#menopause #GenX #BlackWomen

Steph Matuku
1 month ago
Texas Observer Lives!
1 month ago

Someone on #birdsite (@bostonandbaby1) just pointed this out to us and well... 😂

The #Simpsons' Richard Texan vs. #Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller (of the infamous 'dress code'):

So many unanswered questions like... why does someone who dresses like a Simpsons character get to tell anyone else how to dress?

#agriculture #queer #LGBTQIA+ #transphobia #trans #news #memes #cartoons #fashion

At left, the Simpsons character Richard Texan, a parody of a Texan wearing a pin suit bolo tie, belt with a big buckle, huge white cowboy hat and holding twin six-guns. At right, Sid Miller in his broad suit, and massive white cowboy hat looking remarkably similar.
Retro Librarian
1 month ago
Avocado, shaggy green carpeting for bathrooms 
1 month ago

Rotes Kreuz 2 Hand Shop #fashion #altona 👔