A nice nerdy father's day today. Filled with Star Wars, Lego, transformers, a trip to the movies, and a board game.

A great day indulging in the interest I share with my son. #FathersDay #StarWars

3 weeks ago

i cant help but feel envious on dad's day ... ive been trying to be one myself #fathersday

3 weeks ago

A very happy Father's Day to all the dads, or at least those in Australia, Fiji, New Zealand and PNG! But what has that got to do with a coin issued under Gallienus in the year 267 AD? Read more here: #Rome #FathersDay #FathersDay2023 #Stag #Animal

Stag Walking Left
officina mark X below

Script: Latin


Translation: Dianae Conservatrix Augusti - to Diana protector of the Emperor
Image of Virtus radiate head right with lettering around edge

Script: Latin


Translation: Gallienus
Some Geek Told Me
3 weeks ago

Happy Father's Day! Nominations for Father of the Year are now open! #FathersDay

Darth Vader. Credit: Disney.
Magneto. Credit: Marvel.
Firelord Ozai. Credit: Nickelodeon.
Deathstroke. Credit: DC.
John S Russell
3 weeks ago

Went to Bunnings. While wearing sandals. #FathersDay

Jeff :verify:
3 weeks ago

Delivered by courier this afternoon.


3 weeks ago

It’s that time of the year #fathersday

Screenshot of text messages with my dad, with only messages for happy Father’s Day 2021, happy new year, and happy Father’s Day 2022
Paul Caggegi
3 weeks ago

Kinda over all the "days" we do. We act as tho there's only one dad in your life, and you gotta make fathers day all about that one person. But I'm a dad. I have a dad. The partner has a dad. There are friends who's dads are no longer with us. There's those of us who'd rather not talk to our dads. There are some of us who don't want to BE dads.

Today feels like I gotta perform extra hard, but really I just wanna sleep lol #fathersday

3 weeks ago

Good Morning. Reading and taking tea. Remembering many such mornings with Dad in companionable company #silentSunday #FathersDay

Pretty china cup of tea on a tray with a white jug, teapot covered by a knitted red ladybird cosy. Few plump mulberries in the foreground waiting to be devoured
Kevin Sweeney
3 weeks ago

A pleasant Father's Day to all the fellow dads out there. #FathersDay

Gabriel Viso ☕
3 weeks ago

Happy Father’s Day! #FathersDay

The picture shows a book on a green table mat 




The triumph and tragedy of 

'Reads like a thriller, gripping and terithing by turns.: John Carey, Sunday Times

Happy Fathers' Day to those who celebrate.
In our family it's also known as Pun Day - the extended family compete by sharing the worst puns they can find.
#FathersDay #PunDay #DadJokes #Australia

3 weeks ago

A bit o' Sunday Morning Chill for the dads, the non-dad's, and the no-dad's.

Dave Earley
3 weeks ago

This year's #FathersDay preschool portrait is the best yet, hands down. More special memories created.

Ian M. Mackay, PhD (he/him)
4 weeks ago

Happy #FathersDay this weekend to Dads in Australia and New Zealand. Mine started early thanks to Master18 baking me a cheesecake which will last for four dessert nights!

Baked cheesecake for Fathers day 2023
Slices of the baked cheesecake.
Alex Kidman
1 month ago

Trying my hand at a tech-centric Father's Day gift guide with a difference; they're all products I've tested and reviewed (and that I wouldn't mind getting myself)

#Technology #fathersday #giftguide

A father and daughter in a park
Man of Many
1 month ago

Cheers to the men who shaped us. When was the last time you thanked your Dad?

Discover Glen Moray’s rich legacy in every sip: a 12-year-old Speyside treasure crafted on the historic banks of the River Lossie. Toasted oak meets creamy vanilla, encapsulating their tradition since 1897. Now available at Dan Murphy’s for $68.99 in a 700mL bottle.

#GlenMorayCelebratesDads #fathersday

1 month ago

For Fathers day the only gift I want is time with my kids. [in response to seeing fathers day adverts]
#Dad #Father #FathersDay

Lynn Dee Salazar ✅
1 month ago

Feliz Dia dos Pais Somente No Brasil, gente.

It's #fathersday only in Brazil.

Hriday Das
2 months ago


Need a custom T-shirt? Let's design your story.

#tshirt #tshirts #tshirtdesign #father #fathersday #fathersdaygifts #fathersdaygift #fathersdaygiftideas #daughter #daughterlove

Hriday Das
2 months ago

Father's Day t-shirt design / Best fathers Day t-shirts. Need a custom T-shirt? Let's design your story. Email: #tshirtdesign #custom #fathersday #design #tshirt

Tucker Teague
3 months ago

A dear friend of ours going many years back today sent us a little #painting she did of me and my son. I’ve always loved her slightly goofy whimsical style.
#portrait #fathersday

A painting of an old bearded guy and his thirteen year old son.
Karthik S
3 months ago

Lovely idea by Ogilvy for Dove Men, on Father's Day 2023, focusing on fathers of newborn babies and framing it as their moment (when the focus is usually—understandably—on the mother, and the baby)!

I gather this went out as billboards, featuring 10 fathers, across 1,700 billboards including Times Square!

#advertising #marketing #creativity #fathersday #fathersday2023

Tin Bee 🥫🐝
3 months ago

I never go 'round to posting my #FathersDay goodies. Here are some, there was a t-shirt, some jeans and some Daddy Pig (Peppa Pig's dad) lounge wear bottoms.

The controller is a USB playstation style one to plug into my Pi so I can play #PS1 games. I used to be quite good at Matt Hoffman BMX. I'm not any more.

Pizza topping socks. A dark coloured Dad ring. A "World's best farter" mug. 12 Rockstar energy drinks. PS1 control pad. Some handmade cards with terrible drawing on.


Look what my ex-uni class mate posted on his FB timeline for Father’s Day (he is now a father himself) 🤣🤣🤣 #FathersDay #LOL #Fedibird

A postcard with wording that reads “Happy Father’s Day to My Mum”
Kit Irving
3 months ago

Today for #TropeTuesday, we've got single dads!

I feel neutral leaning toward good about this one…

How about you? Like/dislike? Seen it recently?

🔗 : Monte 2019:

#Census #ReadingCommunity #SocialScience #WritingCommunity #Writing #Father #Dad #FathersDay

Three panel image. Top left shows books and the text: "Trope: Single Dad." Bottom left shows a computer monitor with the text "Facts: About 1.5% of biological fathers who have children under 18 years-old live with their child & are not living with a spouse or partner (1.8 million fathers out of 121 million total fathers). 5% of these single dads are married, but their spouse doesn’t live with them, while 30% were never married. All stats from Monte 2019 based on 2014 data.” The right panel says "My feelings on the trope" and has an array of emojis. The smiling emoji with open eyes selected with a purple outline.
3 months ago

Bre Tiesi Calls Nick Cannon a ‘Superhero’ Dad for Father’s Day

Check it out! 👇

#Lifestyle #FathersDay #MusicNews #Music

Master Scorp
3 months ago

My #daughter always sends the best #fathersday gifts lol she knows me so well🩷

Fred Markle
3 months ago

Went for a hike yesterday for Father's Day.

#fathersday #hike #Outdoors

Landscape picture of a creek

My wife made taters and my son cooked NY strips yesterday #Blessed #fathersday

Red and white Dinner plate with steak, mashed potatoes, and a Caesar salad. The steak was cooked with garlic and rosemary.

Why my wife do me like that? 😢🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

#fathersday #pets

Toughest Dad Ever 💙 with the #FathersDay inspired cleats 🥹

Iain Clark
3 months ago

My #FathersDay present this year...

The Mimicking of Known Successes by Malka Older.
m. libby
3 months ago

Missed posting this yesterday. Always sends chills down my spine.

Saul Williams, "Our Father"

#SaulWilliams #FathersDay

3 months ago

I made a Father’s Day comic featuring my scifi ocs, Rigel & Lyra! To give some background on them, Lyra was an orphan who was used as a human experiment. She (along with Gamma) was rescued by Altair and Rigel and she now sees them as father-figures. I might end up drawing a short comic like this with Altair too!

#ocs #originalcharacter #myocs #characterdesign #comic #webcomics #writer #artist #drawing #painting #digitalart #scifi #fathersday #spacepirates

A young teenage girl (Lyra) approaches a tall man with purple hair (Rigel). She tugs on his sleeve to get his attention. Concerned, he leans down to ask her if everything's okay. She tells him yes and reveals that she just wanted to wish him a happy father's day. Shyly, she thanks him for all he's done for her despite not being her real father and gives him a pencil holder as a present. She's worried he might think it's ugly, but Rigel is delighted and tells her that its a wonderful gift and that she is a wonderful daughter. Lyra beams happily back at him.
3 months ago

When Dad was a Babe


Sepia-toned photo, circa 1930s-1940s, of a man in his 20s or 30s standing against a dark wall with one knee bent, foot against the wall.  He is wearing a long-sleeved white button-up shirt, dark belt, tan jodhpurs, and dark knee-high boots.  His left hand is behind him; his right arm is down and right hand is holding a pipe.
3 months ago

When Daddy was a baby.


Slightly damaged, sepia-toned photo, circa 1914, of a child of about two years old sitting on a wicker bench, holding a ball in both hands, wearing a white dress and spats. He has straight dark hair in a bowl cut, and is staring at the camera with large brown eyes.
Brad Johnson
3 months ago

I needed this workout after "carb loading" over the #fathersday weekend.

Screenshot of fitness app showing 685 calories burned during a 57 minute workout
Flash Mob Of One
3 months ago

Today, and well... every day... is the greatest holiday of the year: Not a Fathers Day.

Feels good, man.

#FathersDay #Childless

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
3 months ago

This past weekend was one of the best weekends I’ve had ever!

My heart has been filled with so much love from the community here and from my family that I’m just overcome with joy!

#FathersDay was beyond amazing being able to spend the day with my son and #Juneteenth I’m celebrating the fact that he wants to follow in his father’s footsteps as another Black content creator!

I’m so proud of the progress he’s made these past few years and can’t wait to see the young man he’ll become and the impact he’ll have on the world!

#BlackMastodon #BlackJoy #BlackFedi #AutismDad #DadMode

A picture of my son and I. He’s wearing a white shirt with Minecraft Creepers on it and I’m wearing a black shirt with the PlayStation logo on it. We’re both smiling and making eye contact with the camera.
David Perris
3 months ago

This Irish poem often comes up on Father's Day: Subh Mhilis (Sweet Jam) by Séamus Ó Néill.

#Irish #Gaeilge #FathersDay

3 months ago

Strong coffee...strong arms.
You have taught me how to be
a kind, loving person.

#haiku #fathersday #foozma73

Adam Fields
3 months ago

Father’s Day, we brought out the folding grill and biked to a nice spot by the river for hot dogs, sous vide bratwurst (140F for a few hours), and sous vide scallops (speasoned, with garlic powder and paprika, 140F for 30 mins). Served with white bean and cherry tomato salad, homemade sauerkraut, homemade fermented pickles, and BBQ chips. Delightful. #dinner #cooking #sousvide #grilling #fathersday

My Father’s Day was really great. My eldest kids came over and we all played board games for hours. Then we ate super yummy vegan food that my wife made with love. Finally we finished with some Crawl on the PlayStation before watching my favorite Miyazaki movie, Princess Mononoke.

Interestingly, my son shows up wearing the same t-shirt that I was wearing (for the Crawl game). 🤷🏻‍♂️

#FathersDay #Family #GoodDay #Fatherhood

Pile of board games on a table with a colorful tablecloth: Catan, Clue, Exploding Kittens, Pandemic, and Minecraft
TV playing scene from Princess Mononoke with the Great Forest Spirit walking near the Kodama
TV showing gameplay of Crawl: battle in a room with ghosts and a human with scores and stats for players on the bottom
My son Milo and me standing and smiling, wearing our marching Crawl t-shirts (black with a ghoulish creature rising out of a grave), me with teal glasses and a long beard, Milo with short hair and an open gray button shirt over his t-shirt

@grumpygamer Hey Ron, Hi!
In the hypothetical case that Guybrush and Elaine had a daughter, what would be the names you would choose? I was thinking of "dot" for the "dot brush" extension. But maybe I would like more pirate names of the time. Things like Mary Anne or something. I seriously need your word here please!
#fathersday #monkeyIsland

Alex Moore
3 months ago

#fathersday shoutout to roy erskine- no.1 dad who always keeps his cool and has in absolutely no way inflicted any psychological damage on his children

#comic #comics #illustration #oc #indiecomics #CreativeToots #MastoArt

Tucker Teague
3 months ago

I found an old and very faded color slide of my #father and I hiking in the #Oregon #Cascades sometime in the early to mid 1970s. I tried to take a picture of the slide with my phone. It's the best I could do. This picture would have been from a #backpacking trip either in the Three Sisters Wilderness or the Mount Jefferson Wilderness.
Happy #FathersDay

A faded slide photo of a man and his son on a hiking trail surrounded by alpine fir trees.

We went to see the A's play at the Coliseum in Oakland for Father's Day, and got to run around the bases with the kiddos at the end 😍⚾ #baseball #FathersDay

My two young boys holding their dad's hands on the A's baseball field.
Pauliehedron ✅ :donor:
3 months ago

My oldest made s'mores cookies and my youngest made me a flag.

Solidarity with UA Dads past, present and future.

#Ukraine #RussiaIsATerroristState #FathersDay

Green table placemat, with blue/white polish pottery plate on left with two s'mores cookies (graham cracker, with chocolate chips and marshmallows then covered with cookie dough and baked, and on the right of placemat is hand made envelope with the back flap adorned with 3 red hearts and "Happy Fathers Day!" and with in was a hand made blue over yellow Ukraine flag, with mini UA flag on pole atopped with a hear and the pole in the yellow "ground" and on the flag written SLAVA UKRAINI!
3 months ago

A close friend of mine had his first child about 20 months ago. He told me his "Dad Goal" was to be like Bluey's Dad (Bandit).

So I decided to find a 3D model of Bandit and a trophy pedestal, get them printed. I then sanded and glued them together and printed a banner to go around the base. Finally, I shipped it to arrive just in time for Father's day.

My friend really is the most like Bandit of anyone I know so he totally deserves this award.

#Bluey #FathersDay #3DModel #Trophy

A 3D model of "Bandit" (Bluey's dad) as a trophy. 45 degree view.
A 3D model of "Bandit" (Bluey's dad) as a trophy. 90 degree view.
A 3D model of "Bandit" (Bluey's dad) as a trophy. 10 degree view.
Blake Patterson
3 months ago
Justin Ferrell
3 months ago

It’s up! The last of the local #FathersDay news stories about our family’s kidney search. And maybe the first time that anyone on Mastodon hears my accent? 😂

Vic McFizzlesticks
3 months ago

Alzheimer's is like what they say about bankruptcy: it happens gradually, and then all of a sudden.

Today will be my dad's last Father's Day. After a 10 year struggle, hospice advised recently us the end is days away.

Please be thinking of us as we say goodbye.

#alzheimers #EndofLife #FathersDay

Chris Pirillo
3 months ago

#FathersDay: Part One

Ham on Wry
3 months ago

Happy Father’s Day, dad. You’ve been gone since I was 3 years old and I gotta say it’s taking you an awful long time to pick up those cigarettes and ice-cream.


Ivan Sagalaev :flag_wbw:
3 months ago
Two color clay mini sculptures of little dragons sitting each in its own gaiwan cup.

Father's Day Powwow at the Stewart Indian School, Carson City, Nevada (6/17/2023).

#PowWow #FathersDay #NativeAmerican #Native #Indian #Indigenous #Dance #Photography #LinuxPhotography #Darktable

Several images of Native-Americans dancing in colorful regalia at powwow.
Several images of Native-Americans dancing in colorful regalia at powwow.
Several images of Native-Americans dancing in colorful regalia at powwow.
Several images of Native-Americans dancing in colorful regalia at powwow.
Mike Lendvay :veritrek:
3 months ago

So, sensing a theme with this year's #FathersDay gifts.

Grey shirt. Text says "Number One Dad". But A in dad has been replaced with the Star Trek Delta
Grey shirt with image of Space Invaders game pieces have been replaced by Klingon battle cruisers and the Enterprise respectively.
Jordan Hirsch :vbike:
3 months ago

Spent #FathersDay clearing out closets and other space in the house in preparation for our move. Also put together a backyard composter and did a Peloton workout. I sit now?

His & Hearse Press
3 months ago

Not feeling like it’s a day to celebrate? It’s okay to be sad, angry, jealous, disappointed, or a mix of multiple emotions.

#HisAndHearsePress #FathersDay #Bittersweet #GriefAndLoss #MixedEmotions #FathersDayIsHard #UnhappyFathersDay

A text filled image with colored hearts and highlights, written by Self Love Rainbow. The texts reads: Sending extra love to those who... Don't have a relationship with their dad, Grew up without their dad, Have a complicated relationship with their dad, Never knew their dad, Have a dad who struggles with mental health or addiction, Were disowned by their dad, Have an emotionally unavailable dad, Are still processing trauma from their dad, Have an abusive dad. Hope you know you were always good enough. SelfLoveRainbow
The Conversation U.S.
3 months ago

How a camera connected a son to his father battling Alzheimer’s, over 16 years and thousands of photographs taken:

#FathersDay #Dad #Alzheimer's

A black and white photograph of an adult man with his arms around his father, both looking at the camera.
Chris Pirillo
3 months ago

fair and square #FathersDay

Dropping my daughter off at daycare has been traumatic. She would cry when we arrived so I would cry on the drive home. However this week she didn't cry at dropped off, success! But I still cried a little on the way home.

#Parenting #ToddlerLife #DadLife #FathersDay

Jack Taylor
3 months ago
a camel-colored satyr in jorts holds his son on his shoulders as they run downhill. the satyr is looking fondly up at his son and the son is pointing forward with excitement. on the satyr's back is a soft pink backpack and fishing polls. pigeons scatter away from their approach. white clouds, rolling hills, and a blue sky are in the background
Kevin C. Tofel
3 months ago

Great 5 mile family #hike in #Philadelphia for #FathersDay. 1,800 acres of nature, water and trails in the Wissahickon Velley Park!

The Fordidden Drive trail under a bridge in Philadelphia
An old bridge across the Wissahickon Creek in Philadelphia.
Swimmers and jumpers in the Devil's Pools

Every time my dad falls asleep in his chair I’m taking a shot.


Thomas Broyer
3 months ago

As I don't like shopping, #FathersDay is a good pretext to renew my wardrobe (which is why I (very?) regularly wear father's day themed tshirts).
This year I got a new pyjamas: "Do not disturb, Daddy works from home…" I'm not sure how to interpret it
(and yes, the cat already laid down on it)

"Do not disturb, Daddy works from home…" (written in French, so "Ne pas déranger, Papa télétravaille…"), with a bear (dressed like a human) sleeping while fishing.
Emily King
3 months ago

First Father's Day for my partner. It'll be a while before he gets handmade cards covered in glitter, but I figure ones about farts are good enough. And a big jar of sweets seemed like a good gift choice.


On the left: A Father's Day card with a slice of toast covered in baked beans, festooned with the greeting "Happy Farter's Day". On the right: A close up of a large masonry jar of sweets with a colourful label saying "Super Dad!".

My first one without one


Dr. Zalka Csenge Virág
3 months ago

It's #FathersDay so I wrote a blog post about adoptive fathers in folktales and legends.

Because caring adoptive dads also need good representation in stories 😊

Read here:

#folklore #folktales #adoption #father #storytelling

“Happy Father’s Day. Don’t worry, you’ll never be old, you know how to properly use electronics”
— homemade card to my husband from one of our kids today

#FathersDay #truth

Dwight (DB) 🤔
3 months ago

We had pancakes for breakfast today, but left out the single raisin that my dad always added to his batter.

There would supposedly be a prize if you found the pancake that had it. I don't ever recall a prize, but we ate a lot of pancakes.

Miss you Dad. #FathersDay

🎉 Happy #fathersday to all the #women who are responsible and taking care of their #families 🥳🥳🥳 💃🕺✨

Leon Paternoster
3 months ago

Shout out to all the mediocre dads out there #FathersDay

In today's BirdNote Radio Father's Day episode (less than two-minute podcast), I learned the male Emu of Australia is a top father.

The female Emu lays the eggs and then abandons them, to start again somewhere else.

The male remains alone on the nest for nearly two months, never leaving the nest for any reason. Eating and drinking almost nothing.

#birds #birding #FathersDay

Science Blue :trek_tos_spock:
3 months ago

Happy Father's Day to all who celebrate! :trek_ds9_sisko:
#FathersDay #StarTrek

Collage of four photos showing Ben Sisko and Jake Sisko engaging in father and son time.

🥥 On #FathersDay, thank YOU #PresidentBiden! 🥥

Photo: Facing the camera President Biden seated in a bar holding up a pint of beer. Caption: "I've got 99 problems but espionage charges ain't one."
Ron Gilbert
3 months ago

Happy Father's Day. If you haven't played Return to Monkey Island, now would be a good day.

#fathersday #MonkeyIsland

3 months ago

Remember, it's doceratops or donotceratops. There is no triceratops.

#FathersDay #DadJokes

Happy Father's Day to all the other dads out there!

#happyfathersday #fathersday #sunday #ProudDad

My Bitmoji avatar holding a giant mug that says #1 dad. Happy Father's Day is written above.
Tim Chambers
3 months ago

Happy Father’s Day everyone!

To all the Dad’s out there - and those taken on the roles of a Dad - struggling to do right, more strength to all of you. May you be a good one.


3 months ago

Grandson (14 months) painted me this for #FathersDay

Lydia Schoch
3 months ago

I have a wonderful dad.

When my siblings and I were kids, we’d ask dad what he was making for lunch or dinner.

“Little ones and big ones on rye,” he always said.

Which was his way of telling us there was food on the way soon but he needed to look at what we had in the fridge, freezer, and cabinets before deciding what to make.

Happy Father’s Day, @Opa. Thank you for bringing so much humour and playfulness to everyday life for your kids. 💜