If there was going to be a #federated short-form video platform, would you want it to be more like #TikTok or more like #Vine, in terms of UI/UX?

#fediverse #peertube #reels

For the first time (that I recall), I #blocked an entire #federated #Mastodon #server. The #topic of that server was #dubious from the get go and appeared anti-science to me.

That place was pro-queer, anti-racist, etc. but if you spews #nonsense, I block you. I'm glad you have other #virtues but I don't want to hear the #drivel you #peddle.

This is better for my mental health.

#antiscience #queer #lgbtq #lgbtqia #bipoc #antiracist #MentalHealth #SelfCare

3 days ago

Quick review, from our friends at Movim...


Discover and explore all the existing public Movim servers and add yours to expand even more the federated network 🌍 !

The servers list is refreshed each hour.

Visit to discover and explore this exciting new tool. Enjoy!


#tallship #FOSS #federated #DeSoc #XMPP #Fediverse?
We can haz #Cheezburgerz! 🍔


4 days ago

I want to find more people using #Owncast, but it seems like it's just as hard (if not harder) as finding new #PeerTube channels! :blobcatsadlife: #Discovery is a difficult part of the #Fediverse and #Federated platforms in-general.

Todd Nelson
5 days ago

@Todd654 look at me, being all #Federated!

Lori Brown
5 days ago

@isotope239 Again, so very helpful and I cannot say thanks enough. I really love the way you broke that down for me. Good stuff. SO I suppose it's daring when I click into the #federated part of this platform. Lol Yes I shall venture into it carefully. Thank you again and glad to have your knowledge, Side note: are you a bot? I am besties with bots accidentally all the time. #bot #love

6 days ago

The difference between, Mastodon,.. and Discord, #reddit and #Aminoapps, etc. Platfomrs that let you make communities in there ecosytems. Using Discord as an example, since it's popular and easiest for most internet using normies to grasp.

While #discord will let you create your own "server" with your own rules, moderate however you want, sure there are some exceptons to that. What seperates something like Discord from #mastodon is the servers you make on discord are on Discord's servers, not your own. they're just letting you use them. At anytime a server admin can get booted off even, by Discord themselves. Their server torn down, and forever lost except for memories and remaining screenshots archived.

Mastodon is not like that at all, similar concept though. When you make a server on Mastodon, *you* own it. No corperate interest will shut down your server. Now if you use your instance to break laws and law inforcement decides to go after your d*mb **s I can't tell you what would happen to your server at that point. But, if your server is legal, you should be good to go as long that you can afford to keep the server going.

another thing, while federated means other instances can see your server, to my knowledge you're free to make your instance private and only people in the server can see your posts.
Other instances are free to block your server from being seen by their users through the #federated within their instance if they feel neccesary to block you viewpoints, or lack of rule enforcement or any other reason.

In the case of mastodon, I think the #section230 law works better for people, but on Twitter, reddit, or discord one day they could turn against lgbtq and boom banned off them entirely, while mastodon it purely is a server by server dispute when it comes to your beliefs, rather than platform wide.

Published papers at TMLR
6 days ago

Federated Learning under Covariate Shifts with Generalization Guarantees

Ali Ramezani-Kebrya, Fanghui Liu, Thomas Pethick, Grigorios Chrysos, Volkan Cevher

Action editor: Yaoliang Yu.

#federated #generalization #privacy

6 days ago



protip: Remember to change the default server name from: to:

#marimoko #chat #community #matrix #federated #encrypted #element #technology #canada #cannabis

6 days ago

Hey @mastoblind and other #blind and #a11y folks: are there any #accessibility focused #lemmy instances or communities yet? Do we know the status of Lemmy with a #screenreader? The mod team over at /r/blind has been discussing the way forward for us if the #Reddit API closes. We have no firm plans or anything, but it would be good to know things about where the largest #federated Reddit alternative stands, and if moving the r/blind community to the #fediverse is even a workable proposition at the moment.

1 week ago

Is there a #libre #federated #Reddit #alternative out there? If yes, what would be its name? TIA!

Drew Naylor
1 week ago

Google keeps telling me I have to switch to #Google Analytics 4, but I've literally never used it and never plan to. The most analytics I have on my website that is of any use to me at all is what Google Domains tells me, plus what #YouTube shows me on my channel I guess. Of course there's #Disqus on my blog posts for comments, but that's not ideal and I wish there were a #federated #FOSS alternative that had all the features but none of the weird ads and data-selling.

1 week ago

You can see that #Sidekiq tasks have been slowly going down (fewer users using #Mastodon/#Fediverse?). Then I had this massive drop early May (not sure why, but likely a relay that stopped working).

I've now added a bunch of new relays and seeing the number of tasks going up massively (to the point Sidekiq is running 4-6hrs behind in my #Federated #timeline -- maybe I need to QA and remove some relays?)


sidekiq tasks over the past 6 months. Clearly slowly dipping down with one massive dip early May
Current list of relays

Yes, the Free Software Foundation and Defective by Design are on Mastodon! Visit us at and and please help us spread the word by boosting this post! #Federated

Anders Borch
1 week ago

Fixing your mastodon reply count - now with easy deployment for those who want to self-host. is now a github org, so it should be even easier to self-host.

#Federated #MastoAdmin #SelfHosting

2 weeks ago

I see significantly less content in my #Federated timeline. I also see less activity/tasks in #sidekiq since May 11th… What happened?

#mastodon #MastoAdmin

Sidekiq processing less tasks since May 11th
2 weeks ago

'A First Look into the Carbon Footprint of Federated Learning', by Xinchi Qiu et al.

#privacy #federated #carbon

2 weeks ago

The "Federated" feed at the side of the screen shows all the public posts by all the accounts that people on your home instance follow, including accounts on other instances.
source: @feditips

Visit the Mastodon Federated feed to see posts you'd otherwise not typically see.
- Find new accounts to follow.
- See topics that you normally might not see, find new interests.
- Get a diversity of viewpoints on topics you do follow.


A little farm and garden update for the homies:

One of my favorite things about the #farm is that every day is pretty much a different experiment.

The mason jar filled with flowers is my attempt at making lilac oil using the #enfleurage technique. After steeping for a few weeks, it should be ready to go.

The meat photo? #capicolla! It's going to be vacuum sealed for a week, and then it shall go hang in my cellar with the #bresaola I've had hanging for two weeks now.

And the garden-- I've got everything in this photo planted except those buckets along the back wall. I'm building a raised bed for watermelons back there, but right now the buckets are back there as storage because I don't know what I'm going to use them for (or plant in them) yet. They'll probably end up going between the back fence and the big bed in the middle. If you have any ideas, let me know!

The next step aside from the watermelon bed is to finish laying cardboard out to kill weeds, and then cover it with wood chips and level everything, so it doesn't look, well, like it does in the photo.

Also, if you havent figured it out yet... I'm in my cottage core era now.

#gardening #gardens #homestead #homesteading #homesteader #dailyexperiments #experiments #experimenting #foodscience #food #selfreliant #selfreliance #selfsufficient #selfsufficiency #howdoesyourgardengrow #foodforest #wisconsin #southeasternwisconsin #farmtotable #healthy #growyourownproduce #growyourownfood #knowwhatsinyourfood #supportfarmers #supportyourlocalfarmer #supportyourlocalfarmers #federated #fediverse #outdoors

2 weeks ago

Save-the-date on 20.06 for a webinar on new #health calls for proposals under #DigitalEUProgramme: #federated European #infrastructure for #Intensive #Care #Units#data and #Genome of Europe and forthcoming procurement topic related to #virtualhumantwin
RT @DigitalEU: 🆕⚡️New calls to invest over €122 mil in #digital technologies & competences ac…


@profcarroll ‘course if #skybridge talks #mastodon, then how long before #bsky just gets #federated…?

3 weeks ago

Hi again,

since #migration to a self administered single-user instance in January 2022, I'm now happy to find a home here again enabled by @freiheit. 🤩

Though I'd like to show that you can easily run a #federated instance :fediverse: yourself, #Pleroma with #PostgreSQL seems to take all the memory @ubernauten over time disrupting my other private services. ⚙️

I switched to @gotosocial, but due to the #ActivityPub design it seems like I've "burned" my domain with Pleroma already. 🔥

#New #NewHere #Newbies #Welcome

Slowly but surely, my garden for this year is coming together.

There's still a lot of work to do, but we're getting there!

Those two trellises along the back wall have been the bane of my existence for... a couple years now. I've tried them a few different places and never really liked how they looked.

My garden has always felt like it was lacking In height, so I'm hoping that training the cucumbers and tomatoes planted in front of them up, I'll get what I've been looking for.

Ignore the weeds... I'll deal with those last.

#selfreliant #selfsufficient #homestead #homesteading #garden #gardening #summer #spring #fediverse #federated #foodforest #smallgarden #happiestinthegarden #ihateweeds

When to Trust Aggregated Gradients: Addressing Negative Client Sampling in Federated Learning

Wenkai Yang, Yankai Lin, Guangxiang Zhao, Peng Li, Jie Zhou, Xu Sun

Action editor: Yaoliang Yu.

#federated #distributed #aggregated

How do you do the narcissist's prayer in regards to #meghanandharry, #dukeandduchessofsuck?

It did happen.

It happened, and it was tWo HoUrS of being chased in MaNhAtTan.

It was tWo HoUrS and it was a BiG dEal!

Wait, it didn't... and it wasn't? That's not my fault.

And if it is, I didn't call #backgrid .

And if I did call backgrid, I absolutely meant for it to harken memories of #princessdiana .

And if everyone saw through me, I WANT PRIVACY!

#worldwideprivacytour #neverdiana #dukeandduchessofmonteshit #liarliarpantsonfire
#liar #liars #federated #fediverse #federation #twexodus #megxit #staygone #begoneheathens

3 weeks ago

Aaaaand here we go!

First #spammers hit all the open-reg sites. As you read this, #mastoadmins are already restricting or closing registrations again. This will resolve with lots of effort, and most will #defederate any site without effective #captcha. It weakens the network, but we're still mostly OK.

The next steps are *BAD*.

After the network is #captcha and admins (or their automation) are handling complaints, the next escalation will arrive. A little work turns one of the cool, minimalist servers into an automatic spammer. Suddenly every new #federated server is a spam hose and we can only #federate if the #mastoadmin gives up showers and only sleeps every other evening.

A week later, when the obvious holes are patched, the spammers reappear, acting like real nodes and relaying messages around a while. THEN it will start spamming like mad. The only prevention is to close registrations AND #defederate and bam, we're back to the email problem..

#spam #spamwave

3 weeks ago

Does mastodon have a way to configure "subscribed" or prioritized instances for my feed? Similar to "topics" in other sns. (Seeing as most instances are based around shared interest)
The federated timeline being "everything" is kinda overwhelming.
#mastodon #fediverse #federated

4 weeks ago

New hobby: wondering who on my instance is following various accounts that pop up on the #federated timeline.

I could look it up of course, but this is more fun.

Steve's Place
4 weeks ago

#Federated servers could use a standards & practices committee and it could use a subcommittee on spam filtering with effective tools.

Meow.tar.gz :verified:
4 weeks ago

I'm now beginning to learn just how challenging it is to run a #federated and #decentralized platform. I definitely made some mistakes while migrating from #debian to #freebsd. One of those mistakes was not doing any database cleanup like culling accounts no longer active. Then I learned the hard way that I had to do a complete media refresh when I didn't copy the cached images of all of my followers avatars. This is a good learning experience!

I want a #Mastodon client that #mutes EVERYTHING by default.

Instead of filtering *out* posts that contain key words, you filter *in* only posts that contain key words.

Everyone is #muted until they say something that you are explicitly interested in hearing, and even then only for a short time.

It'd be okay if this was just how the #federated TL worked. #Fediverse #moderation

I don't know about you guys.... but I'm so fucking angry with the state of things.

We need to do something, and whatever we've been doing isn't fucking working.

#federated #fediverse #done #overit

1 month ago

At #JoinJabber we aim to grow sustainably. As part of that we put high standards for inclusivity and safety to all of the communities we collaborate with. You will never see us at a police conference asking for money for example. ;)
If that sounds like what you want you can join in or host an #xmpp server next to your mastodon server

#privacy #messaging #decentralized #federated

Hey #Fediverse - If I were to build a chat server for my business that's fully encrypted, using data I own, without requiring out-of-office storage of data, which federated service would you use?

Happy to run open source on our network here. That's reasonably *easy*

#OpenSource #Secure #Federated #Chat

1 month ago



protip: Remember to change the default server name from: to:

#marimoko #chat #community #matrix #federated #encrypted

Koen de Jonge - SynQ
1 month ago

@jwildeboer @evan the thing is that I would prefer for everyone to use @matrix for that instead of something bolted on to your telephone number. #matrix is so much more #federated and yours than signal.

@arstechnica 🥥 Does this #testosterone only occur in #mammoth tusks, or is it also present in #mastodon and other pachyderm tusks? Asking for a #federated social medium. 🥥

Anders Borch
1 month ago

From "It Works" to "It Scales"

Recently, I have has a bit of an influx of new users to (yay). I am super excited that I am able to help people out with making Mastodon a little more user friendly.

The service has gone on a journey from "functional" to "likable" and now to "scalable."

I think there are still a number of features that it would be cool to add, and I hope to add them in a way where nobody even notices the complexity that went into building those features - this was the whole thinking behind creating a hosted service.

And now I am (slightly better) prepared for even more users, and I move from "likable" to "lovable."

You can read about the scalability journey in my latest blog post:

#MastoAdmin #SelfHosting #Federated #MastoDev

Anders Borch
1 month ago

@ZoDoneRightNow if you feel like you aren’t getting all the context in conversations on other instances, then this might be the service you’re looking for:

#Federated #ShamelessPlug

1 month ago

Just how is that #BlueSky TOS consistent w/ a #federated type of protocol??

I don’t care if they have QTs & asinine “celebrities”, it’s run by white supremacist Dorsey, who is either an enabler of Elmo’s fascist bird propaganda or too stupid to see what’s occurred since the bird acquisition. JD also was main obstacle toward better anti hate moderation on #twitter. Fck that guy

@NoraReed I think all #ActivityPub - #federated systems work best as one can choose and change instances depending on their policies / rules and features...

I've posted about my #Etsy once before, but I'm posting again today because I added more stickers!!

This brings me up to about 50 different designs, and I really hope you guys will go check them out. I've linked the shop below for your convenience.

I feel like I'm finally getting some of my groove back in this post-covid world, and thats a good thing. I hope you all are too.

#etsyshops #supportsmallbusiness #shopsmall #shopsmallbusiness #shopsmallbusinesses #federated #fediverse #lockhimup #postcovid #checkmeout #checkitout #supportyourfriends #keepitlocal #keepitsmall #homestead #homesteading #homesteader #homesteadbusiness #homesteadcrafts #homesteadcrafting #selfreliance #selfreliant

1 month ago

When viewing Mastodon, which timeline do you find yourself spending the most time looking at?

Please BOOST for maximum exposure to the #Fediverse

Comment below 👇 if you view something other than the three choices listed or how you view Mastodon in general.

#Poll #Polls #POTD #Mastodon #Home #Local #Federated #Timeline #Feed #AllThingsTech #Tech

erin mikail staples
2 months ago

Alrighty - setting up a #federated #blog archive on #microblog

Who has come up with a good personal #fediverse tech stack for someone who’s dabbled on and off in it?

Sebastian Lasse
2 months ago


well, so so.
What we do is
- a generic ActivityPub server incl. federated geocoding
with diverse clients where one
- is to order cabs (taxis), couriers or bike cooperatives etc.
These transmit their locations via a Raspberry and it has OSM and wikidata integration.

To make it a #federated #strava alternative you would need to
- copy some TS models and change some decorators (for JSON-LD context, validation, forms, database all in one) and
- write some simple converters to convert the device API to the ActivityPub Place inputs.

We also did an ActivityVocabulary cache of 1.9 mio. well known Places incl. their knowledge, images etc. pp

On my page you find the #ActivityPub Conference where 1 talk was about IoT …

Rhinos Worry Me
2 months ago


Re: Is there anything like a #federated GoodReads?

That's BookWyrm :)

itgrrl :donor:
2 months ago

Does anyone have any recs for good #books-related instances in the #fediverse? What’s out there in #bookstodon land? Is there anything like a #federated GoodReads?

You want to help #Monal but you can't code?

Just help out translating the app! We have many unmaintained languages only half translated right now:

Every contribution welcome :)

#xmpp #ios #macos #federated

Anders Borch
2 months ago


If you want to see replies to other’s messages in your home timeline, and want full control, you can now easily self-host

#MastoAdmin #Federated #SelfHost #MastoDev

We are looking for a kind, experienced #SwiftUI Developer from within the #EU. We are an advancing open source #XMPP client for #iOS, lacking a maintainable #UI.

If you are interested in the challenge to rewrite major parts of our Chat UI, please drop us a mail:

#Funding available, if required.

#Monal #xmpp #ios #macos #federated

Anders Borch
2 months ago

There is some significant work to get software from "it works for me" to "it actually works".

I recently went through that exercise. And I did it in my spare time, for fun.

#MastoDev #Federated #MastoAdmin #OpenSource #Software #WebDev #API #ReplyCount

Jason's Future Self
2 months ago

I've had my new #Mastodon instance running for about half the day and starting to get comfortable with things. Although...

I added a Mastodon relay, but I'm still not seeing much #Federated content at all.

For example, if I search for #FOSS or #Linux, I might see only 1 or 2 posts total.

Frustratingly, there are hundreds of guides detailing how to install Mastodon and get your instance online, but almost none on tuning and administrating it...

Yes, the Free Software Foundation and Defective by Design are on Mastodon! Visit us at and and please help us spread the word by boosting this post! #Federated

Ericka Simone
2 months ago

Wow. Not #federated, #decentralized #socialmedia being the new wave. I kind of don’t want the regulars to find out about it though. It’s still in a peaceful, beautiful time.


Anders Borch
2 months ago

Due to popular demand website has been rewamped.

It now includes a description of how it works, what data it collects (basically nothing), how it uses the data (it reads the stuff, extracts message URLs, asks your server to load them), and who it might disclose information to (nobody).

The website is significantly prettier (IMHO) and should alleviate any concerns anyone mights have before signing up 🙂

Go out and tell your friends on small or single-user instances, that there is an easy solution to missing replies and empty account pages.

#MastoAdmin #SelfHost #Federated #ReplyCount

2 months ago

I've long been critical of social media, corporate heavy handed oversight and centralized power and influence. With FB and Instagram randomly blocking and unblocking my access due to their ineptitude (as I don't really post anything there), I decided I can't rely on their convenient services even for keeping in touch. Back to email, phone calls, open web, federated services (ie all of the above) and Signal App for where it counts. #hello #federated #freedom #opensource

Anders Borch
2 months ago

Don't you just love it when a software update has clearly measurable results?

The latest update cut worker idle-time in half! If you are a user, you should see replies and profile backfills show up sooner 🙂

#MastoAdmin #SelfHost #Federated #ReplyCount

A graph showing idle time going down significantly after a software update.
Anders Borch
2 months ago

A #relay for a specific #follow #hashtag is a really interesting concept!

This might be a more scalable solution than what I had in mind 🤔

#MastoAdmin #Federated #SelfHost

From: @feditips

I joined #HipstamaticX to claim my username but not sure I’ll stay on there if it’s not federated.

It’s unclear if once I stop paying I will lose access to my username. That would be unfortunate and would actually encourage me to stop paying sooner because otherwise I could lose it in the future and links will break.

I prefer #pixelfed but don’t have any followers there really lol

#fediverse #federated

Anders Borch
3 months ago

Feature and performance updates:

* Fetch recent messages from accounts appearing in notifications
* Increased fetch frequency

You should now see latest messages from new followers, and replies refresh more frequently.

#MastoAdmin #Federated #SelfHost #SingleUserInstance #ReplyCount

Anders Borch
3 months ago

Still working on tweaking the refresh rate for replies to messages.

You may notice that remote replies are missing for the newest messages in your feed.

Grab a cup of coffee and reload your feed a little later.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

#Federated #MastoAdmin #ReplyCount

Anders Borch
3 months ago

There are a number of issues with the decentralized nature of the Fediverse. One of them is that we are not seeing replies from people we do not follow.

If you are running a single-user instance or a if you are just a user on a small instance, and want to see other remote users replies in a combined timeline along with local users, then I have a solution, and it's an easy one:

1. Enter your mastodon instance name in
2. Authorise the application.
3. There is no step 3!

#Federated #MastoAdmin #LikeCount

Anders Borch
3 months ago

Re: Fixing the reply count

There are a number of issues with the decentralized nature of the Fediverse. One of them is that we are not seeing replies from people we do not follow.

I now feel comfortable letting in friendly user testers.

If you are a brave soul, who want to see who actually replied to messages in your home timeline, then now is your chance 🙂

If you are interested in how this all began, then you can see the original blog post here:

If you want to know what you are getting yourself into, then you can see the source code here:

For the first wave of users, I will let in people who follow fewer than 500 people - I am not entirely certain about how this scales yet 😉

If you want in, then reply here or send me a DM and I'll hook you up with a signup link.

#Federated #MastoAdmin #LikeCount

Nika Shilobod
3 months ago

Next time #Reddit is down, check out the #Federated alternative called #Lemmy.

There's even a #science instance:

Anders Borch
3 months ago

So… it’s definitely in a “works for me” state.

It’s running, and anyone could - in theory - sign up for a service which magically fixes reply counts, today.

Before I unleash it on the world, I need to see how it performs over time, though. It did queue up ~120 messages to process for me, and I only follow ~60 people.

After a few minutes, it had processed them all, and were back to idling, waiting for someone to post or reply to something.

I’ll leave it running for a while and see what happens next.

I’ll keep you posted.

#Federated #MastoAdmin #LikeCount

Where's the social #search engine where we can rank things ourselves and customize our own search views? Make it #federated, if not #P2P too please.

Anders Borch
3 months ago

There are a number of issues with the decentralized nature of the Fediverse. One of them is that we are not seeing replies from people we do not follow.

I'm trying to come up with a solution to the problem of not seeing replies from people you aren't following.

#Blog #Federated #MastoAdmin #LikeCount

Sir Rochard 'Dock' Bunson
3 months ago


👋 Framasoft

How do you like the #Fediverse? Are you #federated

Are you experienced SURF?

#BigSocial is BS #BigSocialIsBS

Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
3 months ago

If you are using #mastodon and things are quiet on your feed

* Go to #federated feed and follow fine folks
* You can #follow hashtags - this is your key to your own 'algorithm'
* When you post / #toot use hashtags liberally
* Boost and reply to cool things

Your feed will come #alive

Richard Millward
3 months ago

I'm at a loss - how do others consume the "Federated" feed...? On my prefer clients (Ivory/iOS; Mastodon web app via Safari/MacOS), it updates with several/many posts per minute, so just "reading it" is too much for my old eyes. What are your best methods for making sense of "Federated"?!

#Mastodon #Tools #Federated #LocalIsMoreMySpeed

Federated timeline - Universeodon Social Media

stark@ubuntu:~$ █
3 months ago


Also, just browse the #federated #timeline and "for you". Just read a person's bio and decide if you want to follow them.

Your timeline fills up quickly and people also follow you back.

I have many conversations daily and I am also seeing locals in my timeline even though I am not following them.

Some people say choosing an #instance isn't important, but I think it is and you should definitely join one that suites you. You are not limited to it, but it will be your first impression and introduction.

3 months ago

If there were an #OpenSource, #federated alternative to #LinkedIn, it would be called…

Noel Lopez
3 months ago

"If it moved forward with this plan, Flickr would be the latest larger company to commit to joining the ‘fediverse’ — the interconnected group of independent servers across the globe running free, open source software that allows their users to communicate and connect with one another.

"The concept presents a challenge to modern-day social networks controlled by corporations — or billionaires like Elon Musk."
#Flickr #ActivityPub #Fediverse #Federated #Mastodon

Noel Lopez
3 months ago

"Tumblr will add support for ActivityPub, the open, decentralized social networking protocol that today is powering social networking software like Twitter alternative Mastodon, the Instagram-like Pixelfed, video streaming service PeerTube, and others."
#Tumblr #ActivityPub #Fediverse #Federated #Decentralized #Mastodon

Cainmark 🚲
4 months ago

In a good way, this federated instance of Mastodon reminds me of the early to mid 1990s BBS forums. With @stux being like a responsible and good Sysop with just enough boundaries without too many restrictions.

Probably because I've been watching Jason Scott's "BBS: The Documentary"

#federated #BBS Sysop
#movie #Documentary