manuelcaeiro ☕
7 hours ago

#federation #network is painfully #slow while #admins are #playing

There, I said it and I will not take it back. 😉

Nevis Island
23 hours ago

An active 2023 #Hurricane Season, which began on June 01, came to a quiet end on November 30. While the #Federation of #StKitts and #NevisIsland experienced some disruption in the weather due to the passing of some storms, there were no major impacts.

An active 2023 #Hurricane Season, which began on June 01, came to a quiet end on November 30. While the #Federation of #StKitts and #NevisIsland experienced some disruption in the weather due to the passing of some storms, there were no major impacts.

Me pregunto qué ocurrirá con X en Europa cuando llegue #Threads.
A mí me va a venir de lujo poder seguir a la gente desde aquí una vez implementen ActivityPub.

#federation #fediverse

5 days ago

My current personal wish: never have to touch anything that has to do with #federation again.

Federation is too difficult technically:
- code is complex and difficult to apprehend
- nobody agree on technical standards nor implement them the same way
- people don't update their instances
- servers takes time to respond because (this happens) of load and then appear as unavailable to others

Moderation sucks. Everyone waste resources, money and time running stuff that barely work and/or keep them up at night.

Mutualization of resources on a common platform is the way to go.

David Megginson
1 week ago

@timbray #Federation might be a hard sell for the early majority, just like blogging was.

The social media giants fenced in the commons by gamifying it, so that people could compete for meaningless scores (followers, reposts, comments) from an authoritative — if not entirely trustworthy — source.

Technorati tried gamification in a federated (RSS/Atom) environment, but didn't achieve the same illusion of authority.

I like the #fediverse because it's not very gamified, but I'm in a minority.

Amarna Vimes :welp:
1 week ago

Something is wrong with instance on #lemmy. It has been down all day, and it's not the first time it happens either.

I've created an account in another instance but I really hope the slrpnk guys get to fix whatever is wrong as the community is quite nice.

#Slrpnknet #Slrpnk #Federation

Norz T
1 week ago

@pseudo cc @testfediverse

Super état des lieux, merci 🙏 !

NB : l’import d’une publication est aussi impossible il me semble. (Je ne l’ai pas vu dans ta liste.)

Et bravo pour le néologisme « rempoter »! 😁 C’est absurde, mais j’aime bien. 😋

#Lemmy #Pixelfed #Federation

Robertus Cognoscens
2 weeks ago


I suppose one important reason is a lack of sufficient understanding of federation. If/when so, there are users who think they'll necessarily have more interactions by having profiles in larger instances.


Christine Hennig
2 weeks ago

@NFDI @nathalie_hartl


at Q3: What extra value could #EOSC offer in addition to NFDI?

In the consortium @NFDI4DS we take also care of source code/scripts/algorithms which are an integral part of the "data" in #datascience.

EOSC will provide infrastructures for software source code.

NFDI could use this infrastructure and/or connect to this.
This brings the #federation into practice for our developers.


Christine Hennig
2 weeks ago

@NFDI @nathalie_hartl #NFDI3questions3hours

at Q2: How would you like NFDI to be involved in #EOSC?

Join our forces

... in the action areas:
#PID identifiers, #metadata and #ontologies,
#FAIR metrics and certification,
#AAI authentication and authorization structures,
user oriented services

by ...
interchange about best practices,
reuse existing solutions,
connect to the #federating core


2 weeks ago

Props to @mike and the folks over at @Flipboard for embracing #federation #decentralization and a more open #Internet A long journey begins with small steps! 🌐

Consider checking out #Peertube as your next step! ▶️

#Flipboard #tech #technology @FlipboardCS

Børge A. Roum
2 weeks ago

Can someone explain to the UK government what "federated" means?

Also: What "fundamental rights" are – because giving the health records of every citizen to Palantir is fucking insane!

Via @YorksBylines

#Palantir #NHS #privacy #UK #surveilancecapitalism #federation

A screenshot from the linked article: "What is the NHS Federated Data Platform?

The FDP is a government project to centralise NHS data, with a £480mn price tag."

The part that reads "to centralise NHS data" is marked
ITX Mike
2 weeks ago

On the plus side, I fixed a weird issue where my #Federation admin panel wouldn't load. Logs showed a "materialized view instances not populated" error. This issue ( had the steps to fix it. Had to go into Mastodon console and refresh the view.

Now to figure out why I can't get the Cloudflare to Backblaze S3 stuff working...

#MastoAdmin #Mastodon #Cloudflare #Backblaze #SysAdmin

irb(main):002:0> Scenic.database.refresh _materialized view(' n:t:nces', concurrently: false, cascade: false) => #<PG::Result:0x00007fcfI7eaba’8 status=PGRES_COMMAND_OK ntuples=8 nfields=8 cmd_tuples=0>
FOSS Android :verified_twtr:
2 weeks ago

all-in-one toolkit for the Disroot platform

@disroot is a platform offering online services grounded in principles of #freedom, #privacy, #federation, and #decentralization.
For more details, visit:

If you don't have a Disroot account you can still use this app to access all the Disroot services that do not require an account:

Private bin


#FOSS #Android #OpenSource #Disroot

Screenshot of the Disroot webpage
2 weeks ago
Bertrand Marne
2 weeks ago

It's already the last part! @imarfisi is focusing on what's coming next. And it is about #forges #federation #OpenScience #opensource #OpenEducativeRessources.

@edutooters @sgeorge @siksal @lpoisson @framaka @lelibreedu

Komit GTnum Forges mascot, it is a beaver, talking loud to everyone with a megaphone

@signalapp #signal is expensive because it is a single monolith service which has to handle all users alone. #redecentralize #decentralization #federation #matrix #xmpp #OpenSource #ProtocolsNotPlatforms #Interoperability #FOSS

Sir Rochard 'Dock' Bunson
2 weeks ago

Are you a #Writer looking for a collective or collaborators?
What would collaboration among authors even look like?


#ArtFED #Collaboration #Artists #Federation #Author #Writing

Hendrik Weimer
2 weeks ago

It's a bit ironic that you go to a decentralized platform to complain about the costs to run a centralized platform. You have deliberately decided against #federation with other servers (, saying that it "no longer ha[s] a place in the modern world". I'd say that the success of #mastodon and the #fediverse has shown otherwise.

Jennifer Morency :bc:
2 weeks ago

X rival #Bluesky hits 2M users, says #federation coming ‘early next year’ "Bluesky is working to make its own service more accessible, which includes launching a public web interface later this month. This will allow anyone to view the posts on Bluesky, even if they don’t have an account." I know it's not exclusive because they let me in 😉 where I'm (and have 2 invite codes)

#XMPP Community

In today's XMPP #Vision & Strategic #Workshop we had folks present from 🇦🇹 🇧🇷 🇨🇦 🇫🇮 🇫🇷 🇩🇪 🇮🇹 🇺🇸
Let us know where else the XMPP community is present?

#jabber #chat #rtc #standards #interoperability #world
#federation #decentralization #OpenSource

A world map showing the location of the workshop participants
3 weeks ago

Is it possible to put something in the ToS of my mastodon instance that would legally prevent people with access to my API from mining the data of my instance? I.e. some kind of clause stating you can’t use the content/daya on my instance to train AI/algorithms without my written consent

#legal #mastoadmin #mastodon #federation #meta #mastoadmin #admin #law #ai #chatgpt #privacy #data

#XMPP Community

The XMPP #Vision & Strategic #Workshop tomorrow is around the corner.

We intend to find common ground around shared interests, views & activities across the community.

Date: Tue, 14th November 2023
Time: 6:00 - 9:00 pm UTC

#jabber #chat #rtc #standards #interoperability #standards
#federation #decentralization #OpenSource

Ereignisse von vor 5 Stunden erreichen mich jetzt von Sidekiq scheint dort viel zu tun zu haben.
#Mastodon #Federation
3 weeks ago

So as of 14 hours ago, it looks like they have about half the #BlueSky use base “federated” off the original “instance” & expect to have it done by Monday, which is solid work.

I’m using quotes for the pedants out there as this isn’t full #federation, since it’s run by the same org, so it’s properly distributed infrastructure, since “federation” implies separate entities.

But it’s still the base work for federation so congrats!

#XMPP Community

Reminder to consider to join the upcoming XMPP #Vision & Strategic #Workshop

We intend to discuss our organization and future of the technology we use, develop and thrive across the XMPP Community.

Date: Tue, 14th November 2023
Time: 6:00 - 9:00 pm UTC
Online & in English

Everyone welcome - spread the word!

#jabber #chat #rtc #standards #interoperability #standards
#federation #decentralization #OpenSource

3 weeks ago

Because of the antenna issue on firefish I spent the last few days testing other software...

What I discovered is basically I didn't understand how federation works and it actually works a lot worse than I thought

I thought it was something like: if your server is connected to, your server will pull

It's actually that if your server is connected to, it will only pull posts from people that are followed by people on your server from, and posts boosted by those people.

This makes the antenna issue a lot less important because realistically if I want to discover other artists and other esperantists who aren't already known to me, I basically need to have an alt on to follow those hashtags to identify new people for my main account to follow.

Why not just move to mastodon? Well, *key instances have the feature set that I am interested in using for my actual posts. Aspects of fedi-culture which stress other people out like alt-text do not really bother me... needing to keep my posts within 500 characters, and being unable to react with an appropriate emoji is what stresses me out

I guess this leaves a question: why not a better federated misskey instance? Well, I feel comfortable here.

Also tbh learning that this is how federation works makes the constant defederation drama on here even more inexplicable. Users receive posts from awful people in timelines because someone in your group is following awful people or someone one of you follow is boosting awful people. Awful people find users to harass thru well federated servers like same as I will find more artists to follow thru there. The only way out of that is allow-listing rather than block-listing is my guess.

#federation #fediverse #mastodon #firefish #misskey #lang_en

@bontchev @briankrebs That's what I also dislike with Discord and Telegram.

I've been preferring @matrix, @Jami, @RocketChat, @MattermostFR, @zulip, @xmpp, @snikket_im and many, many, others.

#OpenSource #privacy #communications #decentralization #federation

Matty Kmas everyone
4 weeks ago

Moving on from GoodReads to BookWyrm
BookWyrm is the good place for people who like books. You should join me in this part of the fediverse and here's why.
#activitypub #Books #bookwyrm #decentralization #federation

4 weeks ago

So the #university of #amsterdam is having a contest to choose a new interdisciplinary elective for next year. The idea I submitted with a friend, [_Healthy tech for social change_](, just made it to the next round! :apartyblobcat: Of course, #foss, #enshittification, #decentralization, and #federation are also covered.

Reboost to have #uva faculty members and students click the link above and vote for their favorite ideas until November 15th.

A poster for the "Healthy Tech for Social Change" course idea. It reads "The SOFTWARE you use SUFFOCATES you. Are you a UvA student/staff member? Vote 5. Healthy Tech for Social Change as next year's new elective before November 15th, 9:00 am".
4 weeks ago

🗝️ A new #eduGAIN constitution was approved in September 2023.

A milestone for the service that within 12 years grew from taking its first steps into interfederation to what is now the foundation of many services in the T&I space.

Read more 👉

📰 This article is also featured on #CONNECT44, the latest issue of the GÉANT CONNECT Magazine:

#TrustAndIdentity #Research #Education #IAM #Federation #FederatedIdentity #IdentityAndAccessManagement

New Constitution further strengthens eduGAIN - From CONNECT 44, the latest issue of the GÉANT CONNECT Magazine
4 weeks ago


And, right on cue, this appeared on Github Bluesky-social atproto Discussion:

[bluesky-social/atproto] Migrating to Multiple PDS Instances (Discussion #1832)

"As part of our operational work in preparation for federation, we are starting to migrate PDS accounts away from the existing monolithic instance to several *.* PDS instances. As part of this work, we have implemented a new "account entryway" service as a "virtual PDS" which will continue to operate at

These changes are expected to roll out on the main network the week of 2023-11-06 (aka, this week, starting today). Every Bluesky-hosted account will be migrated to a new PDS, which will involved updating DID PLC documents with new PDS service locations and new signing keys. The roll-out may take longer than a week"


#Bluesky #Federation #Fediverse #Mastodon

cc @rolle

Roni Laukkarinen
4 weeks ago

Bluesky going to be ”too complicated” soon? 😂

#Bluesky #SocialMedia #Federation #ATProto

Bluesky post: this is a big step toward the open network. we're now *internally* federated (a good way to test things). if you keep hearing from Dan, the protocol is working

Reply: "Federated" makes me nervous. Mastodon is federated and I did not like it!
1 month ago

Mastodon seems to be a lot more fragile than USENET; the whole PubSub thing seems to assume better connectivity than old-style distribution permits

This blog has been offline from ActivityPub / Fediverse for a few days, due to a bug in the WordPress Supercache plugin regarding (not) honouring the HTTP Accept header.

Back in the days of USENET, a node going offline for that length of time would not be a huge problem; the articles would be pushed or offered downstream to other peers, and dropped if they were deemed too stale (generally 1 week, often more) and all that would happen is a brief spike.

In this case with ActivityPub on WordPress however, an example Mastodon server has dropped everything posted in the past 4 days with the exception of the first thing I posted this morning, after finding a workaround for the bug.

Yes, it’s a different world with different choices Alec, blah blah blah blah blah, but I am not impressed. If the ActivityPub architectures are not tuned in the expectations of delivering robustness of communication in the face of outages, it is going to (for instance) lose all account of protests in <some oppressive regime> where the in-country instances can only achieve intermittent connectivity in the face of state attempts to block communication.

It could be WordPress at fault, it could be Mastodon, it could be the ActivityPub spec or the recommended timeouts or who knows what cause; I cannot say and I am also not going to be the one to fix it because I also have bigger fish to fry.

But nor am I going to leave this issue unobserved. We need to talk about weakness in order to have it addressed.

#distribution #federation #mastodon #usenet

1 month ago

Nextcloud-Serie: Teilen und Föderieren

Dateien und Verzeichnisse teilen: dafür bietet die Nextcloud viele Wege. Manche funktionieren.

#Nextcloud #teilen #Sharing #Filesharing #Föderieren #Federation #Linux

The #XMPP Newsletter for October '23 is out!

Read about the latest XMPP universe updates and the latest updates on our #standards!

Enjoy reading! 📰 ☕

#jabber #xep #interoperability
#federation #decentralization #chat

XMPP Newsletter Logo

Les internets sont petits.
Partant du partage d’une trouvaille sur Lemmy, le camarade @sebsauvage me partage des éléments factuels bien utiles pour compléter, qui renvoient à un moment sur ce billet de blog toujours intéressant de @ploum :blobreach:

J’aime cette intelligence collective :blobnomcookie:

Bref, et si nos comptes numériques disparaissaient demain ?

#souveraineté #fédération #privacy #opensource #fediverse #web

1 month ago

“The reason I'm posting on Mastodon is because the future I want is one that's based on interoperability.”

Same with us, @mfowler!

#fediverse #mastodon #federation #indieweb #interop


From what I was able to gather from

* #BlueSky #federation through the #ATprotocol will be enabled sometime in early 2024

* The #IndieWeb service #Bridgy is ready to handle bridge AT protocol and ActivityPub protocol posts and replies once federation is enabled in production (already working in sandbox test server).

The format will be:
1. To follow a #Fediverse account from BlueSky / AT protocol: <username>.<server_domain>


2. To follow a BlueSky / AT protocol user: <username>


This allows users from each side to see new posts and to reply to these threads.

What is more interesting is that, if you have IndieWeb support on your website or blog, you will see comments from BlueSky / AT protocol appear as a comment, thanks to #Webmention. It is already possible to do this with Fediverse / ActivityPub. ^_~

#SocialWeb #SNS #MycelialWeb #Mycelium

My FediWatch tool is still in very alpha stage, but if you feel lucky, try out and watch our instance communicate with the rest of the Fediverse :)

(server-to-server communication only - user data is not analyzed!)

#fediverse #federation #realTime #metalheadclub

Thijs Kinkhorst
1 month ago

Hoe houden we controle over onze digitale identiteit? In deze video zie je waarom we doen wat we doen bij #SURFconext #SURF #federation #IAM #identity

1 month ago

I ask, are there community run multi-protocol-servers?

I mean the way that i could set up an chatroom on them that is accesible for #XMPP users on an XMPP address,
for #MatrixMessenger user on an Matrix address,
perhaps also for these who prefer Telegram to connect to an Telegram bot an be part of the same chatroom,
perhpas also accessible as an #IRC server channel as well

#Interoperation #Federation

1 month ago

@punkonbus1701 & I have been debating whether an image in the sneak peak approach view for #LowerDecks S4E10 is a #spacestation or a #starship.

Looking at these preview publicity images, I’m still not sure.

The opening seems overlarge for a #spaceship but there’s also a #Federation-style mushroom-shaped station behind.

Views? Speculation?

@allstartrek @StarTrekChat

jan Anja :toki:
1 month ago

What websites allow me to use self-hosted federated identity (OpenID Connect, OAuth2)?

#AskFedi #AskMastodon #Federation #OpenID #OIDC #OAuth #OAuth2

#XMPP Community

Join the upcoming XMPP #Vision & Strategic #Workshop to discuss and understand our #community better, but also ask for your input on different topics around our federated network and #technology.

Date: Tue, 14th November 2023
Time: 6:00 - 9:00 pm UTC
Online & in English (details will follow)

Everyone welcome - spread the word!

#jabber #chat #rtc #standards #interoperability #standards
#federation #decentralization #OpenSource

The XMPP Logo

#XSF Announcement

Once a year the #XMPP #Standards Foundation holds #elections for its Board of #Directors and for the XMPP #Council.

If you are interested in running for Board or Council, please add a wiki page about your candidacy to one or both of the following sections until November 5th, 2023, 00:00 UTC. (Board application does not require XSF membership.)

#jabber #chat #decentralization #protocol #opensource #interoperability #federation

XSF Announcement logo
1 month ago

Ich habe mir nach langer Zeit mal wieder die Federationsstatistik meiner Instanz angeschaut und so sieht es jetzt aus:

Derzeit kennt dieser Knoten 21.401 andere Knoten (mit 1.287.485 aktiven Nutzern im letzten Monat, 3.314.185 aktiven Nutzern im letzten halben Jahr, 10.681.915 registrierten Nutzern insgesamt) von folgenden Plattformen:

Am 3. März 2019 sah es noch so aus, das Fediverse ist also ganz schön gewachsen:

Momentan kennt dieser Knoten 4.273 Knoten mit insgesamt 2.120.886 registrierten Nutzern, die die folgenden Plattformen verwenden:

#Fediverse #Federation #Föderation #Statistik…

1 month ago

Puh, a really controversial topic that seems to cause strong emotions by many people on Mastodon.

I am not one of the big fish involved in the discussion. But I think it is important because how our community interacts depends on ourselves.

First, I want to say that shared blockslists can make sense. Basic lists to filter out the really bad shit. And maybe some stricter versions with keywords to facilitate new instances the creation of a safe space for certain groups (ok, here we could discuss why not blocking ALL kinds of harrassment, but in practice -and in the spirit of the fediverse as a community of distinct, but federated instaces- different people have varying levels of tolerance and set the threshold differently).

Currently, I see many posts about TBS, both in favour and against. 
Here I wanted to share my thoughts about TBS. I see basically the following problems:

- The trusted instances are hard-coded and not independent from each other (correct me, if I am wrong). I think that a lot of controversy about TBS comes from concerns about the influence of one of the persons at, both directly because they are used as trusted source but also because of indirect influence on the other instances via their moderation-discord channel. Everywhere are power dynamics. Also informal hierarchies don’t disappear if we don’t call them out.

- There is no appealing mechanism (TBS-banned instances would need to go begging on their knees to the “trusted instances” power circle). There is usually no “defederation will last for 6 months” or similar.

- There is no mechanism to resolve the issue of binarity of defederation: It is the nuke of moderation tools. However, the problem is that there are no intermediate tools to separate real nazi/pedo shit from “many months ago there was a disagreement regarding moderation style”. TBS was announced to be for the really bad stuff, not for more controversial/personal decisions.

- Blocklists are a *huge* responsibility. It is really easy to fuck things up (on purpose and by accident), especially if the blocklists are widely adopted. It is crucial to have very, very good mechanisms in place to avoid power issues. Therefore it is important to be open to (constructive) criticism.

Just to try out, I looked how (the lovely anarchist instance I call my home for almost a year now) scores on TBS.
 Currently, is suspended by 4 and silenced/limited by 2 of the “trusted instances serving as reference for the The TBS blocklist. If TBS would be widely dopted by the fediverse, this would mean adiós to my beloved instance*

I have to admit that I lost a little bit of track of the multiple blocklist projects:

- The Bad Space

- GardenFence: (significant overlap with TBS, a predecessor?)

-’s blocklists (discontinued, the author’s reasons are totally worth reading)

- Oliphant’s blocklists (developed on the base of’s lists, not sure whether it is continued)

- FediSeer (maintained @Db0 by right now, my favourite!)

- And the good old fediblock hasthag

Pesonally, I see Fediseer as a promising project. It has the optionto select the instances you “trust” and get their blocklists. It is really not necessary (and inefficient) that the mods of *every* of the 10-20 k Mastodon instances have to dive through all the really, really bad places to block them. There is still the issue of structural power dynamics of the instances that are used by default, but I understand that you have to begin somewhere and with the really, really bad instances, there should be less of a controversy.
However, seeing the current heat of the debate, it is important for me to make also the following statement: 
The level of harassment and personal attacks that the person most visible behind TBS ( @Are0h ) is receiving from many sides is totally out of place. There are unclear power dynamics that should be addressed. Maybe this person is not the best at taking criticism, but a human being enjoying some privileges while suffering also discrimination. And also yes, Mastodon has definitevely a whiteness problem (and harassing a prominent black person provides exactly their point). Listen to black people when they talk about discrimination. Listen to queer people when they talk about discrimination.

But please, folks. Try to take a few breaths before writing an outrage post. Destructive group dynamics don’t seem to be what we need to resolve our problems. Maybe some of you will hate me for this. My apologies. I don't want to dismissing your experience, but to bring us back to the table to find ways to first keep the really bad shit out while trying to make the fediverse a more welcoming place for all.

sorry for the hippie speech. English is not my first language, s

* Of course, a very valid question is also: why is considered by such a considerable proportion of the set of instances that some people consider “trusted sources” as worth of being defederated because of “Moderation issues, Poor moderation, abusive/harrassment behaviour” (on’s ‘about’ page even “racism”). I recall a complex conflict *last year*. However, whether is currently a place for abusers/racists, is not really an assessment that can o should be made by a privileged white person like me, I guess.

#TBS #TheBadSpace #Federation #Defederation #Blocklists #SharedBlocklists #FediSeer #Outrage

Graham Downs
1 month ago

Incidentally, it's the same with #hashtags: if you search for a particular hashtag on your instance, you will only see posts from people on your instance, or on instances your instance knows about. #fediverse #federation #FediTip #FediTips

Graham Downs
1 month ago

Here's a #FediTip about discussion threads, that may not be obvious to you when you're first starting out:

Suppose I post something to my account, and someone on a different instance replies to it.

Now, if you were to visit my post from my instance, you'd see that person's reply.

Similarly, if you were to visit my post from that person's instance, you'd see their reply too.

But if you were to visit my post from some other instance, you may not see their reply. In fact, it's more than likely that you wouldn't.

That's because of the way #federation works. Not all instances are created equal, and not all instances know about each other. So if the instance you're viewing my post from doesn't know about the instance of the person who replied, you won't see the person's reply.

Just something to keep in mind, if you want to have meaningful, multi-party conversations on the #fediverse. :)


Johnny B. 𓅇
1 month ago

Quote: "Facebook, for brevity, takes the same raw material – all the people in the world – and finds the worst in it. Facebook manages to winkle out things we didn’t know we were capable of – levels of vitriol, gullibility and hysteria – in between a scare ad for dark politics and a mesmerising video of five types of mince baked around a kilo of cheese. (I am paraphrasing a bit; I don’t think civic tech gurus dwell much on the cheese.)"

#Stop #Threads #Federation

Cory Doctorow
1 month ago

You either live by rules made in public by democratically accountable bureaucrats, or rules made in private by shareholder-accountable executives.

You just can't solve this by "voting with your wallet." Think about the problem of #robocalls. Nobody likes these spam calls, and worse, they're a vector for all kinds of fraud. Robocalls are mostly a problem with #federation.


Silver Huang
2 months ago

My #writing has never been easy to #SEO, but I no longer trust #Google anyway; its search has become a joke, and it was shocking to learn it wasn't my imagination.

Now that I'm more comfortable with #federation, I am enamoured with how much more natural it feels to share and connect on the #fediverse. Hence I'm considering migrating from Squarespace to a federated blog.

I know of #WriteFreely. I also just saw #PostFreely. Any recommendations from other writers/bloggers?

#AskMastodon #AskFedi

2 months ago

@GameDeveloperDotCom It wasn't long ago I read some reddit thread about how people should support Bandcamp because it was the best way for artists to distribute music and the people at the company really cared about the product. Guess it's time to develop an open source, federated replacement and abandon Bandcamp.

#federation #bandcamp #diy #oss

Victor Bjelkholm
2 months ago

Hacking on a small #Mastodon #Federation test bed, so you can run N instances with N users locally, and see what happens when various actions are performed.

For example, image is showing memory and bandwidth usage if you have 10 instances with 10 users each, and they each posts 100 status updates

grafana dashboard + snippets of code from Mastodon federation test bed

This tool lets me monitor the #ActivityPub federation traffic from/to my Mastodon instance

You can clearly see the other server locations - mainly in the US and Europe.

The tool is not ready for the public, but once it's finished and stable, I'll let you know :)

#golang #federation #mastodon #fediverse

Video is showing a 3D globe in a web browser. Colorful arcs across cities in the globe show active ActivityPub connections.
2 months ago

I seem to be having #federation problems between my #Firefish server and #PeerTube & #WriteFreely servers. seems to have this problem too. It works fine following #Wordpress on the #Fediverse though and #Mastodon servers have no trouble following any of them. Do other fediverse servers have issues like this? Is this a quirk in #ActivityPub. Genuinely curious because I don't code. My sysadmin knowledge fails me here.

2 months ago beta launch is right around the corner 👀

#pubKit #activityPub #federation #developers

Martin Holland
2 months ago

Regarding ☝️
I think, it's "only" all accounts my #instance knows, but that seem to more than just the sum of all accounts someone on my instance follows. But how else does my instance know about other accounts?
Maybe one of you can help?

#Mastodon #Search #federation

2 months ago

I've found a few perf issues in @pixelfed accounts with 1k+ followers

Fanout and audience delivery are two tricky aspects that require more work, I'm working on this, and exploring ways to make pixelfed <-> pixelfed federation even more efficient!

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As one of The Premiere™️​ instances that faces defederation based on our policies, we feel like we're in a unique position to discuss the harms of defederation and blocklists in general.

For a long time, there has been a growing faction which has increasingly sought to regulate what content people connect to on their fediverse servers by issuing "blocklists". These are spreadsheets with known bad actors that server owners can import and instantly block dozens (sometimes hundreds) of servers. The factions that push for these blocklists do so under the guise of protecting marginalized communities such as the LGBTQ+ community, people of color, women, etc. They contend that the servers on these blocklists are run by abusers and nazis who seek to harm already marginalized people.

The issue with blocklists is that one must assume that these lists are made in good faith. They must trust that the creators of the list are telling the truth. Unfortunately, most of the major blocklist creators simply wish to push regressive ideology by dressing it up in social justice speak.

How do we know? We've been the victim of this song and dance since we created the instance. We're the canary in a coal mine, so to speak. We're a progressive-led creative community that understands the importance of allowing fiction to flourish. We allow for fiction and kinks that the mainstream deems taboo and problematic but we do this in a safe consenting environment. We're led by victims of sexual assault, and we strive to do our best to create this safe space.

With the onset of other social media websites causing groups of people to harass each other over fictional content, examples of which are in this article from Vox, we decided to create our own space. People can share their kink fantasies without limits as long as they understand consent and don't advocate for the violation of it! We allow everything from fluffy cute pictures all the way to art depicting noncon age gap fantasies. We understand that fiction is fiction and we understand that victims of sexual assault also engage in this type of content to process their own trauma. We understand that sex and kink is an extremely complicated place but people can engage it in as long as they have a deep understanding of consent. Those are our founding principles and our steadfast commitment to them has landed us in hot water with those who don't hold these values close.

Creators of blocklists soon caught on to the type of contact that Aethy allows and were quick to label us abusers. Calling us vile things and accusing us of things you should never accuse an assault victim of. We've been labeled "pedophiles", "rapists", "degenerates", "abuse apologists", etc. Nevermind that our instance is one of those that are at the forefront of removing abuse material from the internet (anything from child sexual assault material to revenge porn). Nevermind that we have zero tolerance for those who wish to espouse abusive beliefs (so called "pro-contact MAPs" or "pro-contact zoophiles"). They accuse us of real life crimes simply because we choose not to ban fictional kink play and drawings. We choose not to ban the types of art that people produce unless it causes direct abuse.

We ban hate speech, we ban abuse material, and we ban abusive people. Our crime? Drawings and kinks.

Anti-kink rhetoric has seen a massive rise in left-wing spaces. There are those who repackage conservative ideology with a leftist hat, so to speak. They consider porn to lead to a rise in degeneracy and that fictional desires map onto real life desires in a 1:1 fashion. Since we don't put limits on kinks here on Aethy, we're often the first to be targeted with this rhetoric. We're lumped in with "the bad people", often being punished with worse defederation than instances which host actual nazis (hi mastodonDOTsocial).

There has recently been a rise in attacks from leftists who are attacking Furry and Queer instances for not fitting into a puritanical mold. Queer instances have been facing rampant defederation for allowing kink content on their instances, and furry instances are being labeled zoophiles. Those who are speaking out against this are also being silenced into submission for fear of being added to blocklists and being silenced as well. The (not so) shocking thing is that the creators of these blocklists are the same bad faith factions that have attacked Aethy from the start.

The Bad Space, Oliphant, and MastodonDOTart. MastodonDOTart has since started to backdown after blocking and spreading misinformation about multiple instances that had simply had enough of it. However, The Bad Space and Oliphant have simply double downed and joined up to form a new group called the "Federation Safety Enhancement Project".

The Bad Space, run by a single person, has constantly come to blows with the queer community, furry community, and the kink community at large. It's a large blocklist that consistently goes after queer and furry communities for allowing kink content. They're labeled "abusive" for allowing this content. When these communities push back, they're labeled "racist" as an attempt to negate anything negative said about The Bad Space. The Bad Space then goes on to label all these instances as "racist, abusive" and that they allow "hate speech".

Oliphant also has a history of attacking queer spaces. In a similar manner, they push back against any form of expression of kink as "abusive". When called out on this, they simply state that they're trying to protect people. It's similar rhetoric used against Pride in the United States by the far-right.

Do these factions sound like the sort of people who should be trusted with who you're allowed to talk to on social media? We really don't think so.

We think blocking is a powerful tool and it should be used with the utmost care. We ask ourselves "What does this instance stand for?" and "Who is its primary audience?". We ask ourselves if it has a pattern of hate and abuse. We certainly don't block instances for hosting queer folks, furries, or assorted kink content. We love our kinky queer furry brethren. We love anyone who understands the deeply important rules of consent and strive to be good inclusive people. We'd rather have more awesome folks to communicate with, not less!

It's sad watching the fediverse devolve into high school clicks where communities are cut off from speaking to one another. We do our best to limit this only to instances founded on hate and abuse. Our hope is that others do the same and put real thought into how blocking affects communities of people. However, with these factions at the helm, the future looks a bit bleak and communities are going to find themselves more and more insular.

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version 1.0 des sehr guten wordpress plugins "activityPub" von ist erschienen. 🎉

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Is there any surveys or similar over actual governance in fediverse instances? How does run for example? @ntnsndr how is governed @maiathecyberwitch But also how does all the other instances govern? #Fediverse #governance #mastodon #federation #research