Philip Kreißel
2 weeks ago

Update for #fedifeed :

Fedifeed is my project to build a customizable simple algorithm for the Fediverse.

Now it is running 100% in the browser, without the need for a backend server:


All of this is now based on a package, that can be used in other projects as well, it should even support React Native, and thus mobile apps:

Maarten Schenk :mastodon:
2 months ago

This is pretty neat:

Basically a "for you" feed based on your #Mastodon timeline, with an algorithm that you control the parameters of.

The best part? It doesn't cost $8 and it pisses off #ElonMusk.

#twitter #twittermigration #foryou #fyp #algorithm #fedifeed #elon #twitterblue

Screenshot of a fedifeed algorithmic Mastodon timeline, with the algorithm settings open.
6 months ago

Chocolate & petrol, an uncanny fragrance for night air to meet you when you go outside. Do you start a #MolotovCocktail stash for the unspeakable worldwide swell of hatefilled violent right-wing fascist cretinous intolerant scum, or do you grab some chocolate & continue zombie scrolling your #fedifeed?