Skora, Will
5 hours ago

great freelance contract open - UX/UI developer for the allmaps platform - (georefencing #maps !) #fedihired #gischat #ux #cartography #gis

golly josh darn
1 day ago

Okay, time to do a public post finally.

Last week Forem/DEV did a rather huge round of layoffs. My role was impacted, though in a way that means I am still employed for a short while there. I'm grateful for that and for my time there.

So, folks of #fedihire #fedihired, I'm going to be back on the job market soon.

Right now I'd like to prioritize contract and/or part-time (or maybe 4-day full-time) roles in systems, infra, devxp, and web backends. Open-source preferred.

Boosts appreciated! 🧵

Mike Blake
1 day ago

Love how folks boost #fediHired . Just want to add, anyone looking for work, is an innovative newer site that has some great roles, and good response rates.

Mike Blake
1 day ago

I'm looking for a role leading an engineering team. I've got several years both managing teams as well as an individual contributor. Strong recent #BigData and #DataEngineering experience.

#FediHire #HireMe #FediHired #jobs #python #sql #javascript #nodejs, #dataMesh #APIs #MasterDataManagement #Spark #dbt #starRocks

Avoid the Hack! :donor:
1 day ago

@apologies not aware of any but you can try the hiring hashtags like #FediHire, #fedihired, #fedijobs, etc

4 days ago

Seeing lots of boosts of people not using #fedihire or #fedihired for job posts or searches; coem on everyone this is a perfect use for a tag.

4 days ago

@chipperdoodles No recommendations, sorry. Except maybe use the hashtags? #FediHired #FediJobs etc

#GetFediHired #JobsOfMastodon #MastoJobs

Em :official_verified:
4 days ago

Obligated periodic reminder
that I am currently Looking for Work! ✨

Remotely from Canada 🇨🇦
(ideally, but flexible)

At a great organization 💚
(this matters more to me than the position)

Related to one of those fields:
#Privacy #Security #Tech #DigitalRights #HumanRights #Python

Check this post for more details:

#GetFediHired #FediHired #JobSearch #LookingForWork

Si hay frontends en la sala, os dejo esta oferta de la empresa donde trabaja mi mujer.
#Angular #Typescript #Frontend #JobOffer #Jobs #JobSearch #FediHired #GetFediHired

Chip Unicorn
5 days ago

I just had my first face-to-face interview. It didn't go that great.

The position as outlined is of a principal-level database engineer.

What they really want is a database admin.

If you live in Los Angeles, and if you have DB Admin skills, this job seems good:

But it is not for me. I have ADHD, and having to do lots of repetitive stuff makes me twitch.

#fedihired #fedijobs

5 days ago

Honestly critiquing your own resume is very difficult, and I don't think paid services are much better. As a manager who has seen plenty of bad resumes lately, if you aren't having much luck, ask some colleagues you would like to work with for a brutally honest review of your resume. Many resumes are pretty bad, actually, and many good applicants don't realize this.

#fedihired #getfedihired

Lunya :3
5 days ago

I guess it can't hurt to put a post here. I'm looking for a job, ideally something related to software development or system administration because that's what I have specialized knowledge in, although I'm fine with anything that has decent pay, really. I'd prefer a remote job but could relocate to a location in the US if necessary.

My work experience consists entirely of around a year at various fast food places, and I have no higher education.

I know a number of programming languages, listed vaguely in order of proficiency: C, Go, Ruby, Posix Shell, Python, Lua, JavaScript

I have experience with Linux, including managing/configuring desktop workstations, using UNIX-like development tools and build systems, and system administration. In terms of system administration, I host a personal server running Debian that includes an Apache webserver with a personal website, as well as various other miscellaneous services.

I have general knowledge of cloud-based technologies, including Docker and Kubernetes, although I of course don't any real-world experience to show for that.

#getfedihired #fedijobs #fedihire #fedihired

Rowan Pierce (they/them)
5 days ago

I’m once again looking for freelance copyediting, sensitivity reading or writing work this month! Please get in touch at if you’re looking to hire someone for:

* Up to 15,000 words of copyediting, or
* Up to ~80,000 words of sensitivity reading (from a transmasculine, nonbinary, disabled, autistic, bisexual, and/or polyamorous perspective), or
* Up to 8000 words of content writing (game content writing, or non-fiction topics including video games, TTRPGs, sci-fi and fantasy, health, psychology, and relationships)

You can find client testimonials and more information about my work at

Boosts very much appreciated!

#RemoteJobs #LookingForWork #ttrpg #writingcommunity #amediting

6 days ago

Kia ora Fediverse, I’m #OpenToWork! 👋

I am a Product Designer (UX/UI) with over 3 years of expertise crafting user-centric experiences ranging from native mobile app interfaces, to web-based dashboards.

I live in Aotearoa New Zealand and prefer remote, but I’m open to on-site opportunities in Te Whanganui-a-Tara 💨.

If you or someone you know is looking for a designer, I’d love to chat! (Links in bio)

Mā te wā! 💚

(PS: I’m available to start ASAP!)

#Design #ProductDesign #UX #UI #FediHired

Looking for a product manager / data / analytics role from the greater Chicago region. Any tips or channels to watch out for here on fosstodon?

#️⃣ #GetFediHired #FediHired

#AskFedi Does anyone know of any #remote #job or #internship opportunities in the US that will hire someone who has recently graduated high school? #Linux related job recommendations would be appreciated.

#FediHired #GetFediHired

Jared White, HTML Developer
6 days ago

Apologies for the crass link to LinkedIn, but I must admit I'm rather pleased with my First Post in 3 years. 🤓

Freshening up my profile there and figured I’d have some fun with it. 🪩

(and FYI, I have an opening for freelance work in #WebDev — hit me up if you're ready to migrate to a fresh design system using vanilla CSS & web components and bid Tailwind and/or React farewell…or just need some #Ruby programming. That works too!)

#FediHired #GetFediHired

LordPhantom (Mathew)
6 days ago

Just saw a post about #job seeking on Mastodon so thought I would throw out the fact that I know of a few awesome jobs going in #ipswich #qld

Mechanic / Accessory Fitter
IT Support Technician

So if you are one of those, hit me up :-)

#GetFediHired #FediHired #hiring

Em :official_verified:
1 week ago

Tiny Mastodon Tip for Job Seekers 💼​ :mastodon:​ :

If you too are looking for work
on the Fediverse, here are a few tips that might help:

1. Follow the account @hiringbot which does an amazing job at automatically boosting relevant toots (posts)! 👍

2. Build a List of companies and organizations that are here and where you would like to work at 🗒️​
Here's how to build Lists on Mastodon:

3. Include *at least* the hashtags #GetFediHired and #FediHired to your toots related to job search #️⃣

4. Include the location you want to work from to your toots related to job search 🌍🌏🌎

5. Follow *at least* the hashtag #Hiring 👈

6. If you are looking for developer jobs, follow: @jobsfordevelopers

7. If you are looking for jobs with open source projects, follow: @fossjobs

8. Good luck! ✨

#TinyMastodonTip #Mastodon #Fediverse #JobSearch

ꙮ ⚗️ pnathan ⚗️ ꙮ
1 week ago

discoverability hashtag #fedihired #fedihire

I'm a 10+ year industry experienced computer wrangler, something like 25+ year programming experience, with degrees. Lots of generalist experience, but mostly in the sphere of "cloud services running on Linux". Which, you know, is a lot of the web!

I'd like full time work.

But, I'd take interesting short term consulting work, e.g., advising for starting up cloud work or doing digital transformation.

Happy to get on a 15m call to talk!

Mx. Vero MLIS
1 week ago

@weelibrarian Is this my path to getting #fedihired? Seriously considering applying!

@Bwee I boosted here, and also reshared on friendica, with additional hashtags #FediHire #FediHired #FediJobs that are worth including. Best of luck to your friend, sounds like a pretty amazing person.

Sir Rochard 'Dock' Bunson
2 weeks ago

Can someone please help the amazing @DoctorDeathray get #FediHired?

Lily Cohen :Fire_Trans:
2 weeks ago

Come work with us! 💜

DM @ratwerks or myself if interested!

#Kubernetes #FediHired

From: @ratwerks

2 weeks ago

If you are writing a job-search toot it would be great if you could add the country you are in. Yes, it also matters for fully remote positions.

I spend so much time trying to piece together various clues about job searchers locations in their profile. 🥲

That would be awesome, thank you, and good luck! 🙌

#fedihired #getfedihired #infosec #jobsearch

Manager standing next to cubicle saying "That would be great". A meme from the movie "office space".
Amber Ankerholz
2 weeks ago

Percona is hiring - 145 jobs listed at Open Source JobHub:

#OSJH #fedihired #opensource #jobs

Em :official_verified:
2 weeks ago

People Hiring People:

What are your views on people doing general applications when there are no fitting job openings at the time?

#Recruiters #GetFediHired #FediHired

Dr. Sa-BOO-tso
2 weeks ago

Good Monday morning, Fediverse! I'm looking for my next role, hoping to get #FediHired.

Right now I'm a principal engineer and team lead for certificate infrastructure at a major US company. My day-to-day work focuses on PKI infrastructure/operations, Windows, and Active Directory. I get to help developers understand both the Why and How of the best practices for using certificates, along with keeping the certificate infrastructure humming along.

Working with Information Security, we've implemented company-wide multi-factor authentication for ~30,000 people. I've designed and executed migrating from on-prem PKI (Microsoft ADCS) to Certificates-As-A-Service, which reduced our total operating costs by about half. The includes dropping our datacenter footprint from multiple physical devices down to a couple of VMs.

Outside of the technical responsibilities, I'm mentoring and training junior/new teammates to build their skills and their confidence. Feedback from the management of our development and applications teams is that I've reinvigorated relationships and made certificate discussions something folks look forward to. And while nobody enjoys an outage, both managers and fellow individual contributors have told me that my calm, confident, and methodical presence is critical to both morale and quick resolution.

My current position doesn't offer much in the way of Azure exposure, but in my previous role I built out a Windows Virtual Desktop (now Azure Virtual Desktop, AVD) ecosystem from scratch when the pandemic first began and we had to send everyone to work from home on super-short notice. Nobody missed a day of work for lack of technical resources.

What I want from my next role is either a similar technical lead/principal level infrastructure/operations IC position or moving into management of a similar team.

If you're looking for a technical leader (with or without management responsibilities) to help shape and maintain your Windows/Active Directory environment, someone who can build relationships across a large organization, let's chat. DM me for email or Signal.

Current residence is in Syracuse, NY, but I'm open to relocation.

Boosts appreciated.

#Windows #ActiveDirectory #PKI #Certificates #CertificateManagement #CertificateServices #Operations #Azure #PowerShell #ADCS #Work #WorkFromHome #RemoteWork #FediHire

Dan Staples :donor:
2 weeks ago

I am in the job market for a remote red team or offensive security engineer role. I am seasoned full-stack software developer, a OSCP-certified pentester (currently working on CRTO), and system administrator with plenty of cloud experience.

Before my current role leading the IT & Cybersecurity team at NNAF, I did security research (including developing an improved reflective DLL injection technique [0] that helped inspire the widely used sRDI project [1][2] and has been cited by academics and other security researchers [3][4][5]) and performed pentesting and appsec for a variety of clients from global hedge funds to healthcare to aerospace engineering. Prior to that I did low-level embedded firmware development and experimental research for a wireless mesh networking platform.

For the last year I have been building an advanced, fully-featured red teaming/adversary simulation platform (which I am happy to demo for potential employers), including a web-based multi-user team server, scriptable API, a cross-platform flagship agent with novel evasion techniques, a variety of cross-platform payloads and stagers, relaying and pivoting, and an easily-extensible set of C2 protocols, both synchronized and asynchronous.

I am an excellent verbal and written communicator, comfortable translating highly technical topics for a variety of audiences from executives to engineers, and have consistently produced high quality reports for clients. I have experience programming in almost a dozen languages and am quick to learn new technologies.

Boosts appreciated!


#infosecjobs #redteam #redteaming #pentesting #fedihire #FediHired #jobs #jobhunting #JobSearch #malware #malwaredev #maldev #hireme

Em :official_verified:
2 weeks ago

Fediverse Poll! :geodesic:​✨

Do you think I can find a good job only from Fediverse networking without the need to create a LinkedIn account?

#Fediverse #Mastodon #GetFediHired #FediHired

Em :official_verified:
3 weeks ago

Asking For Your Recommendations!

As you might have read
in my previous post, I am now officially looking for work!

What are your recommendations
for great organizations to work for in the digital rights, privacy, or security related fields?

Tag them below
if they are on Mastodon! 👀

#GetFediHired #FediHired #AskFedi
#DigitalRights #Privacy #Security

Em :official_verified:
3 weeks ago

You might be surprised to hear,
disappointed even perhaps,
that there is no emoji in my resume :blobcateyes:​

#GetFediHired #FediHired

jenny from the bloc
3 weeks ago

Hi fediverse!

If you're reading this, I'm looking for work. I'm a ceramicist, photographer, and all-around craftsperson based out of the so-called San Francisco Bay Area.

Please let me know about any open positions for a:

🏺 production potter
🎨 studio assistant
🖌️ arts educator
🖼️ museum/gallery staff

I'm currently open to part time work and (paying) internships, ideally in the city proper but I'm also more than willing to commute to the east bay or the peninsula for the right position. If you have any leads on these or similar roles (or, tbqh, any open roles in the arts or arts management), please hit me up!

Thanks for reading this far; please enjoy some of my work as thanks. Boosts very much welcome and appreciated :)

#GetFediHired #FediHired #FediHire #Ceramics #Pottery #Photography #SF

a black and white photograph of two empty benches facing away from each other. the image is captured from a low angle to create a dramatic effect.
a photograph of a number of ceramic pieces sitting on a colorful blanket. there are bowls, cups, sculptures, and vases in the group.
a work-in-progress photo of a penguin sculpture. it is very cartoonish in color and proportions, and seems to be making mischievous eye contact with the viewer.
Em :official_verified:
3 weeks ago

Important Personal Announcement 👇✨

I am now officially actively:

Looking For Work!

Let’s see if I can find this with help from the Fantastic Fediverse! Please let me know if you hear of any open positions for a:

👉 Public-Interest Technologist
👉 Privacy Advocate
👉 Privacy Engineer
👉 Anything Privacy that isn’t lawyering
👉 Python Programmer
👉 Tech Writer

Remote from Canada (flexible) 🇨🇦
At a great organization 💚

For samples of my work
you can check:

📝 My Blog:

:python:​ My Code:

:mastodon:​ Social Media: #TinyPrivacyTip #TinyMastodonTip

► More code will be added to my GitLab in the weeks to come (I just need to clean it up a little).

► A personal landing page is in the making.

Thanks for your help FediFriends! ✨

#GetFediHired #FediHired #JobSearch #TechJobs
#Privacy #Python #Writing #Fediverse

Pseudo Nym
3 weeks ago

Oh, and on the topic of #fediHired since I've been getting some boosts and new followers recently for unrelated posts, it's worth repeating, I'm looking for my next career step.

TL;DR ideally I'd like to find a full time, full remote (hybrid in CA bay area ok), Senior Security Architect role, or similar.

Last position was Senior Security Engineer. I've got my #CISSP and a broad development background and ops history.

DM me if you think something would be a good fit. Thanks

#infosec #job

Pseudo Nym
3 weeks ago

While I'm still looking to get #fediHired I have seen an awful lot (both in quantity and quality) of LinkedIn recruiter spam, that appears to be AI-assist driven, or at least strongly templated. Let me try:

"Hi $NAME. I hope [this message finds you well | you had a great weekend] I was really impressed with your profile and experience with $THING and think you'd be a great fit. Please schedule 15 minutes with me to discuss this great opportunity!" (No details provided)

How did I do?

William Gunn
3 weeks ago

The University of Coimbra is looking for a permanent Team Leader (future ERA Chair holder) of the core research group in Meta-Research
#fedihired #jobs #science #research #metascience #openscience

Travis Southard
3 weeks ago

Hi! You should hire me as a #softwareengineer! I’m a #fullstack #webdev with 3 years of experience working with #geospatial and #civictech!

I work with React, Django, Node, Postgres, Mongo, and tools like Mapbox and Leaflet.

Check out my portfolio:

#javascript #python #gis #fedihired #fedihire

(renote OK!)

Hello! I'm a fresh grad computer science major, looking for my first job. I have plenty of experience with computers and software, from making my own homelab to writing an interpreter for a toy language. I'm willing to learn anything from web dev to kernels and compilers. Looking to work remotely.

Resume and references available upon request (gotta stay somewhat private on fedi).


Hey, frands. It's me, Julie. I'm back on the job market for an #IncidentResponse role though I could probably settle in to #ThreatHunting or #ThreatIntel pretty easily too.

I've got a few good leads and some great friends who are helping me look for a great fit, but I'd love to have an #InformationSecurity job thread both for me and others.

So, what have y'all got floating around your professional circles? There are a lot of #CyberSecurity folks out there looking to get #FediHired

Let's get some people some jobs!

#Jobs #GetFediHired #FediJobs

smartwatermelon :jose:
1 month ago

Get in early, beat the rush! I may be on the hunt pretty soon.
• over 25 years¹ of software eng experience²
• specialist in automating manual procedures³ and improving life for software teams
• ideal role: "write and maintain scripts that make everything else work"
• 100% remote; based in Spokane, WA (Pacific TZ)

¹ 1st support position in 1996; 1st eng role in 1998
² I know a bit about a lot, and a lot about a good number of things
³ e.g. making things talk to Slack

#FediHired #GetFediHired

Work From Home Cat GIF by JustViral
1 month ago

Get #FediHired

Our teams looking for a Cloud Engineer with Azure or AWS experience looking to move into a Security Role, or a Security Engineer with Cloud Experience!

Know someone who'd be interested? Apply!

Please Boost! #Infosec

Joe Cardillo (they/them)
1 month ago

Thousand Currents is hiring a Technology Manager, and Program Manager, Latin America and the Caribbean (both $92K):

Project Equity is hiring a Program Manager, Black Employee Ownership Initiative ($75-90K):

Some of the roles mentioned here are still active as well:

#JobSearch #RemoteJobs #RemoteWork #FediHired #GetFediHired

Joe Cardillo (they/them)
1 month ago
Joe Cardillo (they/them)
1 month ago

Pivotal Ventures is hiring a Strategic Partnerships Lead, US-based ($202-216K):

Common Future is hiring a VP of Impact Initiatives ($130-145K):

Promise is hiring a Product Strategist ($110-185K), Project Manager ($106-165K), and Engineer ($165-215K):

Novi Connect is hiring a Full Stack Software Engineer ($140-190K):

#JobSearch #RemoteJobs #RemoteWork #FediHired #GetFediHired

Joe Cardillo (they/them)
1 month ago

Hubspot is hiring a Senior Host/Multimedia Producer, The Hustle ($112-168K):

Teal Media is hiring a Web Developer ($90-125K):

Co-Impact is hiring a Digital Communications Manager ($100K, role open in Kenya, Netherlands, Switzerland, UK, or US EST):

American Oversight is hiring a Deputy Communications Director ($95-120K):

#JobSearch #RemoteJobs #RemoteWork #FediHired #GetFediHired

Joe Cardillo (they/them)
1 month ago

Beeck Center is hiring a Government UXR Program Specialist ($90-105K):

Rewiring America is hiring a Market Partnerships Analyst ($65-90K): ​​

Coda has several roles open, they are a remote-friendly Series D startup - Marketing Operations Lead ($140-190K), Marketing Project Lead ($130-180K), Software Engineer, Backend ($125-250K):

#JobSearch #RemoteJobs #RemoteWork #FediHired #GetFediHired

Joe Cardillo (they/them)
1 month ago

If you're a #JobSeeker (or know one), here are 20+ recently posted roles – all are remote and include salary/pay info 🧵

Swing Left is hiring an Analytics Engineer ($100-110K):

Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund is hiring a Digital Strategist ($82-85K): ​​ is hiring a Transformative Communities National Director ($110-140K):

#JobSearch #RemoteJobs #RemoteWork #FediHired #GetFediHired

1 month ago

#FediHire #fedihired #jobseek #tech #software #LookingForJob #hireme #readytowork #android #developer #frontend #fullstack

Figured I'd give this a shot

I'm seeking employment in the software space to start immediately after graduation spring 2024
I have a BS in software engineering already and will have a MS in computer engineering by the time I've graduated

I have had internships in Android app development and react/azure fullstack web development
I also have special interest in UI/UX, embedded C, and databases

My soft skills are excellent as well
I am extroverted and sociable yet easygoing and not overly competitive

I'm trying to escape Iowa's anti-trans legislation and move to Chicago where i have supportive friends and family, so I'm looking for a job there, but a remote job will do the trick as well

If anyone can land me a referral or point me in a good direction, I'd massively appreciate it!

Kévin ⏚
1 month ago

Also if you know of any remote jobs available that don't mind somebody based in France (I also have the legal right to work in Canada and the UK)

My experience is in running customer service teams in call centres and startups (internal / external) and happy to do a frontline agent job as well.

I can ping my professional site over with CV #fedihired #mutualaid

1 month ago

Asking for job hunt assistance from any folk in the Seattle area for all you in the PST.

I'm a #sysadmin / tier 2.5 IT tech of ten-ish years looking to relocate to Seattle for work. I've got A+, Net+, Security+, and CySA+ for certs and a Bachelors in IT. I'm just throwing this out there for anyone, mutual or not, for open positions or referrals. On-site, hybrid, remote, all good to me.

I'm looking to go somewhere where I can learn enterprise tech and escape away from Indiana. Any boosts, tips, or LinkedIn contacts/job posts/etc appreciated greatly.

Really trying to move onto the next phase of my life. #Fedihired #InformationTechnology #GetFediHired

1 month ago

I am looking for a job. It's becoming a little urgent, so if anyone has any leads whatsoever, please send them my way.

I'm a malware guy: reversing, detection, Intel, anything really related to defending and proactive research. I can also do system administration duties when it comes to Linux. I am able to quickly pick up anything I don't already know.

#fedihire #hireme #jobs #fedihired #malware #linux

keawade :ferrisdance:
1 month ago

Hey folks, I'm currently looking to #GetFediHired

I'm a software developer with ~7 years of experience. I'm primarily interested in backend with #TypeScript but I've done #FullStack as well and am open to other opportunities willing to help me learn.

I'm based in the eastern timezone and looking for #RemoteWork.

You can find an overview of my work history on my website which is linked in my bio here.

#FediHired #SoftwareDevelopment