Jon Roach
6 hours ago

Today's conundrum: how can I follow a hashtag so only the toots I actually find interesting show up in my feed 😂 #FediTips

6 hours ago

I like that there's a lot of alt text here, but it discourages me from posting more photos because it's twice the work. I'm not against doing it, It's just a minor pain point. Any easy way to generate alt text?

Owain Williams
11 hours ago

Not sure if this is common knowledge (probably is) but if you go to https:// you are redirected to BUT you can go to and it hides the "getting started" column. #FediTips #Umbraco

BeAware :verified420:
14 hours ago

Mastodon is straight popping off the past few weeks! Loads of new sign-ups. Don't forget to do your introductions and tag them so they're easier to find!

#mastodon #mastotips #feditips #fediverse

21 hours ago

@ErinPtah the manually created webfinger is a rigid solution; it only works for the webfinger of a specific author contained within the webfinger.

By deleting the manual web finger, I experienced the ActivityPub plugin generating a dynamic webfinger successfully in its place!

The dynamic webfinger will allow you to use multiple authors and the “whole blog” functionality as well.

#fedihelp #ActivityPub #webfinger #Wordpress #fediverse #feditips

1 day ago

@ErinPtah You might want to look in the direction of your 'webfinger'.

When I was having troubles finding my blog profiles in Mastodon Search - it was a problem with my own webfinger.

Use this online tool to see if your webfinger is accessible and working correctly:

In a pinch, you can follow this tutorial to create your own webfinger manually.

#fedihelp #feditips #activitypub #wordpress #fediverse #webfinger

Metin Seven 🎨
1 day ago

View all available emojis of your Mastodon instance:

#tip #tips #MastoTip #MastoTips #FediTip #FediTips #information #link #emoji

Erin Ptah
1 day ago

Tried the new #ActivityPub plugin on a #Wordpress comic site. All the settings look fine on the WP end...but so far I can't find or follow any of these links from my Mastodon account. Anybody know what the deal is?

Copiable URLs:


Screenshot of ActivityPub settings with profiles that should be followable
1 day ago

Owners of small servers, if you want to expand your server's view of the Fediverse you can use relays.

General relays tend to use a very great amount of resources, so you may prefer to use topic-specific relays such as those provided at FediBuzz:


There's more info on how admins can add relays to Mastodon servers at:


#FediTips #FediAdmin #MastoAdmin #Mastodon #Fediverse

ArtBear on Firefish
1 day ago
Various devs working on posts import.
#Firefish already can import from several #Fedi platforms including Mastodon, next planned import is #Twitter I believe.
#Pixelfed is working on Instagram posts import.
I think the
#Mastodon devs are working on posts import too?

#MastodonContentMover as mentioned:

BeAware :verified420:
1 day ago

Mastotip of the day:

If you're home feed is getting to be a sort of "same content, different day" kinda feel, consider looking at the Federated timeline every now and then. There is lots of variety there and you might find yourself enjoying different topics and views across the Fediverse!

#Mastodon #Mastotips #Feditips #Fediverse

2 days ago

Just an FYI. If you are dealing with spambots DMing you, you can easily stop their attempts.

Go to your settings, then Notifications, and under "Other Notification Settings", check the box for "Block direct messages from people you don't follow".

#FediTips #MastodonTips #SpamBlock

Dominik Janiec
2 days ago

hey @pomoc! chciałbym jakoś zaszerować na #Fediverse link do #YouTube, tylko tak co by widzów nie śledził

jakiegoś proxy używać? #FediTips


a dobra, #Invidious: - znalezione na:

2 days ago

Ok, #FediTips people. Is there a place I can go to see where I have pending follow requests?
I asked because twice in the last week I’ve seen reposted articles by people who I thought “hey, didn’t I follow that person” and I look at their profile and it says “follow requested“, so I undo the request, “follow” and boom. I’m following them.

What’s the dealio?

Janis La Couvée
2 days ago

Test post of photo to see if my own posts have blurry images. And, voilà - getting a 502 error when trying to upload. Anyone? #FediTips

Janis La Couvée
2 days ago

anyone else having trouble with images in your feed? I'm getting the alt-text but the actual image is blurry. #FediTips

Krazy Kitty
2 days ago

Do you know if it's still possible to crosspost *from Mastodon to Twitter* with all their API changes?

And if yes, are there any tools you recommend?

(Please refrain from telling me to stop using Twitter, it's for a professional thing and I'm not the only one deciding.)


★ Σταργαζερ ★
3 days ago

Nice overview of the enhanced #search function in the new #Mastodon update. This #wiki is a great #resource in general 👍
#fediWiki #FediTips

Searching [The Fediverse Wiki]

Paul O'Malley
3 days ago

How would you like to ace your next presentation in #MicrosoftTeams? 🚀
You can do it with the help of #PresenterCoach, a smart tool that helps you improve your presentation skills by giving you instant feedback on your speech, pace, tone, and more. 🎤

You can use Presenter Coach not only in PowerPoint, but also in Teams meetings. Just turn it on when you are presenting using #PowerPointLive and get private tips on how to make your presentation more impactful and captivating. 🙌
The best part is that the feedback is visible in real time but is private to you. And you even get a full report at the end to help you develop your skills.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to enhance their confidence and wow their audience in Teams meetings. 💯 Check out my short video to see how to set up and use this great feature!


#PresentationSkills #PublicSpeaking #TeamsTips #YouTube #Boost #FediTips

YouTube Thumbnail Image featuring the Microsoft Teams logo with the caption "Speaker Coach inside of Teams?!"
3 days ago

#mastodonmigration #feditips #lists
Oh dear lord, it's a big #news day and I don't have time to read it all. Just as well I have a list called "core news" that just gives me the breaking news and no chit chat, made out for just such a day.

Martin Holland
3 days ago

So, regarding the new #search on #Mastodon: Are there any informations on what exactly is searched by me?

It's not all accounts (with search activated¹) in Mastodon, because that's never how it works here, right 😉

Is it all accounts (¹) on all instances that my instance knows (because at least one here follows at least one there)?

Or is it (only) all accounts(¹), my instance knows because at least one here follows them?

#FediTips #MastodonHelp #Tipps

David Usharauli
3 days ago

How to make reply window bigger? it is too small to see what one is typing.

#mastodon #feditips @feditips

Sharing a few hashtags with @hamlin81

These are great ones to search for content and people you might be interested in:

#Mazeldon #Jewdiverse #Jewish #Judaism #Vegetarian #Buddhist #Humanist #HumanisticJudaism #Autism #Neurodiversity #Tennessee

Also, #Feditips is always good to follow.

3 days ago

To add a bit more to this, if you're being harassed or something similar and your instance admins/moderators aren't responding in the way that you feel they should be, then that could be another reason to find another instance that works better for you.

Nobody needs to be harassed or deal with toxicity, drama, or anything similar if they choose not to. You always have options of other instances and it's a very easy process to switch!

#FediTips #MastoTips #Mastodon #NewInstance

3 days ago

There's a lot going on around the #Fediverse here lately with regards to block lists, admins fighting back and forth, instances blocking/defederating from each other and more.

If you're on an instance that is involved in this stuff, and it's not something you enjoy or want to be a part of, always remember you can move to another instance.

Do your research, see what instance will work for you and the things you need or want from an instance, and make the move.

#Mastodon #MastoTips #FediTips

An  image that has a brownish like background and has the words random thoughts in a peach colored bubbly font.
Metin Seven 🎨
3 days ago

Search tip:

To get generally more objective, often research-backed results, add "site:*.edu" to your search, yielding results from educational domains.

Google search link:*.edu+query

#google #search #SearchEngines #tip #tips #advice #MastoTips #FediTips

4 days ago

hitting the favorite button on #mastodon is very important actually because it makes me feel good and i like it when people are nice to me #FediTips

Gabriele Pollara
4 days ago

In the absence of #quote posts on #Mastodon (yet), I think we should all be boosting replies more.

Feels to me like an alternative way to promote a discussion around a particular post (news story or article) that was shared -
encouraging the #social side of #SocialMedia !


Jey Dee
4 days ago

Ist Mastodon for #iOS bei euch auch so langsam? Ich breche echt häufig ab, weil ich nicht so lange warten will. Bin im W-LAN. Am PC läuft's schnell. Danke für Tipps. #feditips #fedihelp #fediadmin

4 days ago

Another nice thing from the Mastodon 4.2.0 update:

You can now export and import Lists, and take your Lists with you when you transfer accounts to another server! 🎉

There are instructions for the export and import process in steps 5 and 6 of the full account transfer process:


(The Lists import feature is only on servers running 4.2.0 or above, so you can't do this if you're transferring to a server running an older version.)

#FediTips #MastoTips #Mastodon #Lists

4 days ago

If you follow someone on mastodon and they make stuff and host it somewhere else. FOLLOW THEM THERE, LIKE THEIR STUFF, WISHLIST IT ETC.

Mastodon is supposed to be an extension of our lives and prioritize different parts of us and be non-intrusive. Support the work of people you follow!


4 days ago

For anyone new here (probably on Mastodon) who's still working out how the fediverse works, is a PeerTube account. But you can follow it the same way you follow any account here, and each video posted to the channel will turn up as a post in your home feed.

Depending on your app, and your settings, it might appear as a title and a link, or as a page preview with an image and a link. Or, as an embedded video you can watch right there in your app!

#PeerTube #FediTips #WelcomeWednesday

Josh Burke
5 days ago

The more I'm using mastodon the more I'm falling in love with it as a platform. Definitely still some things I need to get to grips with though.

For example, I follow a lot of hashtags, and despite filtering my language to English only, I am getting plenty of toots coming through in foreign languages. Is there anything I can do about that?

#mastodon #mastodontips #fediverse #fediversetips #feditips #techtips #mastodonhelp #fedihelp

LCWebsXOXO [mod] #NYCCPirates
5 days ago

How to make sure you're opted in to be searchable on Mastodon 4.0! #ofmdtwt #twittermigration #feditips #mastotips

5 days ago

Starting in Mastodon 4.2.0, you can filter your searches on Mastodon by language.

As no one else has done it, I've written an easy-to-use list of all the language codes used on Mastodon:


Combine these codes with the operator language: to filter your search results.

For example, if you only want Mastodon search results in French you would include language:fr in your search alongside the keywords or hashtags that you're looking for.

#FediTips #Mastodon #MastoTips

5 days ago

Testing out posting to Mastodon directly from the command line, using

#mastodon #feditips

Shawn M. Jones, PhD
5 days ago

When we create a #Mastodon #thread, do we post the thread as:


(i.e. every post is a child of the previous post)

- OR -


(i.e., every post is a child of the first post, but temporally posted in order)

I’ve tried both and I’m concerned that some folks don’t see the whole thread when they view post 1. I also assume it varies per client.

Thanks in advance.

#MastodonHelp #FediTips #MastoTip #MastodonMigration #TwitterMigration

Sean Bala
6 days ago

Heading back to the US and I've observed how differently my #Mastodon experience has been being in a new timezone. It has been so great to see new voices in my timeline (many whom I follow but did not hear much from). I heard some welcomed non-North American conversations. I go back a little more confident in the promise of the #Fediverse. Be sure to follow a range of voices around here. There are many cool corners of the Fediverse and it only takes a little effort to find new people.

6 days ago

> Following more hashtags instead of people helps with this

Hmm, good point. Maybe I'll try setting up an alt and following only tags, see how the experience compares.



Mastodon Migration
6 days ago

Just a shout out to Fedi.Tips, an account that has done, and continues to do, an incredible service here helping people with Mastodon and the Fediverse.

Thank you for your tireless efforts @feditips!!! 👏

#MastoTips #FediTips

RS, Author, Novelist
6 days ago

@s3thi Thank you for sharing that insight and I hope you find the people of your mind here.

i hope the melon man bankrupts Twitter ... [so] Microsoft can buy it up and make it boring again.

It's bad when good is boring. I can't help but agree. I'll stick with Mastodon, though.

On the bright side, there are plenty of #writers and #authors amongst #theWritersOfMastodon that form a #writingCommunity. There are also #developers and people who #code. Lots of #art, #artists, and #artistsonmastodon doing #fineart, #watercolor, #sketch, and #photography.

Follow some of these tags. Posts will suggest further tags and people to follow. If you find someone particularly interesting, you can always investigate their follow list.

#boostingIsSharing #feditips

PJ Coffey
6 days ago

Quite useful.

I found several people I _thought_ I was following but clearly am not.
@metin - Find people to follow:

I.e. add http:// and your server


#tip #tips #MastoTips #FediTips #mastodon #MastodonTips #fediverse #FediverseTips

PJ Coffey
6 days ago


Hey, welcome to the Fedi! 😀

I don't know if you've seen the #FediTips but it's kinda cool. I'm hoping that my pinned post will become out of date soon!

Anyway, you can have up to 5 pinned posts and you can edit everything! You probably need like, 200 people to follow for an interesting feed so just follow anyone who seems cool and unfollow when they get dull.

You can also use # fedihelp when you need to and that seems reliable.

Hope this helps!

6 days ago

Agora, por que é uma prática melhor descrever as imagens de avatar e capa em tutes, e não nos metadados?

Textos dos metadados são difíceis de copiar. Assim, por exemplo, é difícil os traduzir se for necessário.

Em geral, os metadados também permitem menos caracteres que os tutes.

No mais, manter as descrições em um tute permite que os demais usuários consultem o histórico de edições e, assim, possam identificar imagens anteriores e nos reconhecer mais facilmente.

#MastoDicas #FediTips

6 days ago

Sabemos: é fundamental descrevermos quaisquer imagens que publicarmos aqui.

Nossas fotos de perfil (avatar) e de capa não são exceção.

É possível descrevê-las nos metadados do perfil, mas uma prática ainda melhor é descrevê-las em um tute, então fixá-lo em seu perfil.

Se faltar caracteres, basta criar um fio de tutes com as respectivas descrições do avatar e da capa, e fixar o primeiro deles em seu perfil.

#MastoDicas #FediTips

Shauna GM
6 days ago

Instructions on how to opt-in to search! Note: you can't follow them unless your local server has updated to 4.2. To check if it has, try these options:

1) look in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen, if you're using the default Mastodon client + don't have advanced mode enabled

2) go to {your instance's domain}/api/v2/instance and look for "version" (3rd item from the top)

3) @ your admin and ask

4) follow Eugen's instructions. if they don't work, assume you're not on 4.2


A post from Mastodon founder Eugen Rochko: 

"If you'd like your (public) posts to appear in search results on Mastodon, remember that you need to opt-in. Edit Profile → Privacy and Reach → Include public posts in search results. 14K people have opted-in so far!"
Firehorseart lives!
1 week ago


Rather than follow instances,
I follow subject matter tags.
These can be followed individually or grouped together.

Here are a few to check out if you like sketching on location:

#usk #UrbanSketching #PleinAir

General tags
#art #MastoArt

Useful artist accounts
See pinned posts for tips and #CuratorPrompts

@WatercolourCurator for watercolour work

#FollowFriday #FediTips

A collage of layered red, blue and yellow tissue paper on a white background.

Gabriele Pollara
1 week ago

Will there be a way to track the number of #Mastodon accounts that turn on the new #search functionality on v4.2?

I'm wondering about the tipping when it'll be safe to stop using lots of #hashtags to make my post content discoverable! 😉
#FediTips #mastotips

Darren Di Lieto
1 week ago

Yay! I figured out the hashtag bar! The hashtags need to be on their own line at the end of the toot. 😄


Solarbird{y|z} :flag_cascadia:
1 week ago

A little Mastodon 4.2 list functionality I just figured out:

Say you've got lists (e.g. "News") and you still want to see most of the accounts in those lists in your Home timeline too, but _not_ all.

The answer is to create a new list that consists only of people you want removed from the Home feed, but still want to see in other lists. (Name it, say, zzzQuiet.)

Set _this_ list to hide posts made by its members from your Home timeline.

Then add the members you want to see in lists but _not_ see in Home to zzzQuiet.

Leave all your other lists alone.

I was just able to re-follow a very active news feed account this way. Search is nice, but for me? This is the best 4.2 feature. <3 Love it. Thanks #mastodev team!

#FediTips #MastoTimes

get rid of bullshit the new mastodon added with ublock, and adding the following to your "My Filters"

! 2023-09-22

(change the URL as needed)

Or you can add it to your userstyle/Stylus etc with display: none to hide it (which is probably what sensible me would have done, but angy me fixed it)

Or i'd guess admins can add to the instance css!

Cassey Lottman
1 week ago

I see folks at #strangeloop who are going to use Mastodon like one might have used Twitter at a conference long ago. I'm curious about what workflows or tools might help fedi do that better?

On twitter I could go to the hashtag and see anyone's reactions, even if I and no one I knew already knew them. Is there a way to get that experience for specific hashtags?

(This would realllllly help my local politics/organizing use case too!)
#FediTips #meta #FediMeta

1 week ago

RSS fans, you can follow hashtags via RSS using the address:

(server)/tags/(hashtag without the #).rss

For example if you want to follow the hashtag #dogs on you would add this address to your RSS feed reader:

This will show all the public posts with the tag #dogs that can be seen from, including posts from other servers.

(Thank you to @hunkabilly for pointing this out!)

#RSS #FediTips #MastoTips #Mastodon

1 week ago

And one more thing! Your home feed doesn't just have to be accounts that you already know about. You can follow the hashtag directly, and you will see posts with that hashtag regardless of whether you follow the user.

#FediTips #FediHelp #UserExperience

Screenshot of feed for #FediTips hashtag search.
1 week ago

While we're on the topic, if there are topics that you absolutely do *not* want to see (or would rather be warned first), please make good use of the filter feature.

#FediTips #Safety #Accessibility #UserExperience

Screenshot of Mastodon preferences feature Add new filter, features fields for title, expiration, contexts, filter action (i.e. warn or hid entirely), and keyword or phrase.
1 week ago

While hashtags are indeed helpful in apps like Instagram and TikTok, on Mastodon they're absolutely critical. Hashtags dramatically increase discoverability of your posts across the Fediverse. So if your goal is to reach everyone who might be interested in the thing you're talking about, make sure you pick relevant hashtags and use them liberally.

#Tips #FediTips #Hashtag #MastodonMeta

1 week ago

When you follow someone on Mastodon, you will see their replies in your Home timeline only if:

- They mention you


- They mention someone else you follow


- They are replying to themselves to build a thread


- Someone you follow has boosted their reply

This applies to replies with public, unlisted or followers-only visibilities.

You can browse their replies to people you don't follow on their profile page in the Posts & Replies tab.

#FediTips #MastoTips #Mastodon

2 weeks ago

As you might have noticed earlier today, I accidentally reset the poll from yesterday 😳

So, here's a warning for poll creators:

If you edit a Mastodon poll, changing the options at all will reset the poll to zero, even if people have already voted on it. It will do this automatically without warning, so only edit options if you're okay with resetting the poll.

To see more advice on creating polls on Mastodon, click here:


#FediTips #Mastodon #MastoTips #Polls

Jennifer Moore
2 weeks ago

PSA about alt text, for anyone relatively new here:

There are people here who are either visually impaired, or on slow connections, or otherwise benefit from having alt text on graphics.

Therefore a lot of us have a policy of _not_ boosting posts with graphics & no alt text.

This means that with promo graphics, if you haven't got time/ energy/ knowledge to add the alt text, you might get more boosts if you skip the graphic altogether!

#access #FediTips

2 weeks ago

The Fediverse has an event organisation platform called @mobilizon, find out more at:


#Mobilizon servers let you create event pages where people can sign up, even without an account.

Mobilizon accounts can be followed from Mastodon etc, and followers will see your latest events appear in their home feed.

It's made by non-profit @Framasoft, who also make @peertube and provide all kinds of nice free open source online services.

#Fediverse #FediTips #Events

Here's a quick reminder that you can mitigate some of the effects of a defed nuking your connections by exporting your following list now, which you can import into your current account if a defed gets lifted or a new account if it doesn't.

edit: ( little︙by your profile in the top left → preferences → import/export, and export your "followers" csv. Just toss it in a folder you'll remember somewhere with the date, and you'll have backups of relatively recent following lists. )

Yes, now. Go to your settings and download it just in case.


2 weeks ago

If you have a WordPress-powered blog, you can turn it into a Fediverse server and people will be able to follow the blog from Mastodon etc.

More info on how to do this here:


This works through the AcitvityPub for WordPress plug-in, which has just been updated to version 1.0.0:


The plug-in is by @pfefferle in association with #Automattic, one of the major players behind WordPress itself.

#WordPress #Fediverse #FediTips #ActivityPub