@tokyo_0 I feel that. Very much. Especially posting a private response to a pixelfed post seems broken so far (as in "never arriving on pixelfed"), and comments to comments are ... "special" too. Same coming from Hubzilla to Pixelfed. Yes, I really like the idea of the #Fediverse being all open, but the idea to focus on technical aspects (such as extensibility and being able to build your own idea upon a vaguely standardized protocol) rather than focussing on something at least somewhat concise to the users seems an increasingly weird idea. Another thing I just learnt: There's, which is a rather neat service for hosting, well, micro blogs, and it supports ActivityPub as well so you can follow users there in theory, and also respond to their posts. Unfortunately, so far has no idea of "favourites" or "reshares" of posts, so if some Fediverse user chooses to "like" or "boost" content there, the original author never will notice this kind of interaction. This feels utterly and completely broken, and it's not even the individual platforms fault. 😑

@dynamic don't think it exists (I co-maintain the #Fediverse-related lists at )

I once found a Github #FOSS project that had built an almost complete #Stackoverflow alternative. Unfortunately couldn't find it later. It would be a great app to offer federation support. Your idea is good, and it can be generalized as a kind of themed PubSub fedi service.

There's a new #FediverseIdea initiative where you could post about this..

#Mastodon #Statistics 2023-06-07 10:00 CEST
Number of active instances: 15 647
Number of users: 8 015 948
Number of statuses: 907 461 298
Number of new users last 2h: 865
Number of new statuses last 2h: 65 915

56 minutes ago

And we do include a discussion about what the evolution and increasing adoption of #Fediverse might mean as a model for thinking about this stuff.

But that’s a thought that will need to be developed further at a later time. We had word count limits and deadlines. But Elron’s antics were on my mind when I was drafting that but.

Pauline von Hellermann
1 hour ago

The #TapestryOfAlternatives is this actual existing, fantastic project I learned about at the workshop, but I was using it just now in the wider sense of people joining up and building #Transition networks across the world. I see #Mastodon and the #Fediverse very much part of this - thinking of all the wonderful people i met here quietly living alternatives, possibilities #Permaculture #Degrowth #SolarPunk #Indigenous

Michael Pfeiffer
1 hour ago

Guten Morgen #fediverse ein weiterer trockener Tag steht an in der Region #Stuttgart.Abgesehen von einigen Quellwolken scheint meist die Sonne.Max 24-27°C
#wetter #ludwigsburg

Lady of Ashes
2 hours ago

Good morning! All of you shall now have a great day! ❤️ 👋 🌈

#fediverse #mastodon

2 hours ago

Hallo zusammen! Ich wünsche euch einen schönen guten Morgen und ein tolles Bergfest! Hälfte ist geschafft, chaka! ❤️ 👋

#mastodon #fediverse

Attn Fedizens..

In the past several great #Fediverse conferences were organized. The last one was in 2020 and the great talks are online on #Peertube at

Now there's another call for volunteers who'd like to organize the next #Conference 💥

An initiative started by @strypey that needs your help and involvement.

Please respond to the #SocialHub forum with your ideas and participation.

Boosts appreciated 🚀

#FediverseFutures #ActivityPub #AskFedi

#GutenMorgen liebe #Mastodonier und #Fediverser,

es ist Mittwoch, der 07. Juni 2023.
Wir befinden uns hier auf

Wir haben aktuell 98 User. Diese haben bisher 7443 Tröts geschrieben. Das sind 75.95 Tröts pro Rüssel.

Es folgt die Weisheit des Tages:

Barbarische und unzivilisierte Völker haben übereinstimmend, unter
verschiedenen Namen, einen Gott angebetet, dessen Modell sie selber
waren; rachsüchtig, blutdürstig, kriecherisch und launisch.
-- Percy Bysshe Shelley

#mastodon #fediverse #stats #statistics #lsbt #lgbt #weisheit #weisheiten #weisheitdestages

0815 Nerd
2 hours ago

Die #Twitter­ifizierung des #Fediverse schreitet voran: Auf die Frage, wo man gute Gartentische findet, bekommt man direkt mehrere "bau doch selbst einen"-Antworten. 🤦‍♂️

2 hours ago

Can any #fediverse #artists recommend a good alternative to #DaviantArt? 🎨 #drawing #illustration #artwork #art

The #fediverse is not made for the passive lurkers that belive they're entitled everyone else's attention. Here you have to contribute.

It's a bit like offline life.


Mastodon Statistics
3 hours ago
#Mastodon #Statistics 2023-06-07 08:00 CEST
Number of active instances: 15 647
Number of users: 8 015 083
Number of statuses: 907 395 383
Number of new users last 2h: 313
Number of new statuses last 2h: 44 460

Linda Sgoluppi Artist
3 hours ago

It's crow and magpie war around here at the moment! Noisy!

#Crow #Magie #Mastodon #Fediverse. #LindaSgoluppiArt

3 hours ago

When I first joined #Mastodon last year it was different. Conversations were fuller, had more sensitivity, were more dynamic and understood subtle motives of discussion.

Then I took a break. Deleted my account. Came back last month with a new account and I keep seeing the #fediverse acting more and more like #Twittter. That was not the purpose of the large scale #TwitterMigration.

White multicultural saviors speaking over the marginalized is a toxin many of us were trying to get away from.

3 hours ago

This will definitely come off as a bit blunt but I am willing to take that risk. If your experience with the #Fediverse is not what you think it should be, that is 100% on you. I have tired of the people that complain about how it doesn't work. This was here before the great migration (and me). It is a beast that doesn't care whether you are here or not. There is no marketing department. There is no advertising. If you want a platform to compete for you, this isn't it.

#Gaming in the #Fediverse?

That is what @autodidaddict is pondering as well in

Often discussed.. yet there aren't many federated #games out there yet. The #ActivityPub protocol is not the issue.. it can be extended to support exciting multiplayer #gameplay.

@houkime at one time organized #FediJam on .. maybe someone can pick that up.. See e.g.

And most exciting vision is #Spritely #Fantasary by @cwebber see:

3 hours ago

@DestroyMegacorps @comfy, in the #fediverse there only exist #instant_karma, like in real life.

@damon @Hamishcampbell seems to be talking about creating a governance model for the #fediverse. He talks about the need for some overarching #governance model, rather than a governing body. He suggests that copying the corporations way of doing things may not play to the strengths of the fediverse. I.e the lack of control afforded by not having a governing body promotes creativity.

Linda Sgoluppi Artist
4 hours ago

Today: Watch one minute of a TV show you always avoid.

#Life #Slow #Mastodon #Fediverse #Time #LindaSgoluppiArt #Minute

Linda Sgoluppi Artist
4 hours ago

7 June 2023: 596 days until a UK General Election (unless we get lucky.)

#GeneralElection #UK #Politics #GTTO #Mastodon #Fediverse #ElectionCountdown #PR #LindaSgoluppiArt

Linda Sgoluppi Artist
4 hours ago

Good morning. Buongiorno. Bore da.

#Mastodon #Fediverse #LindaSgoluppiArt

Gilles Le Corre
4 hours ago

Bonjour tout le monde du #fediverse et de #mastodon

Brume encore ce matin sur le pentes, le ciel descend sans interruption jusque derrière la maison d'en face. Le monde est effacé, ça n'est pas mal. Dommage que les touristes ne soient pas effacés avec.

Bonne journée les ami•e•s

Guten Morgen #Fediverse. Heute stehen einige Wolken am Himmel und es hat die Nacht geregnet. So ein Nachtregen ist schön.

Bei der Gelegenheit: Mir ist aufgefallen, dass wir derzeit von YouTube Links nur so überschwemmt werden. Das höhlt den Datenschutz aus und macht uns wieder nur zur Ware kommerzgetriebener Unternehmen. Dabei gibt es Alternativen, die uns vor den Datendieben schützen:

  • YouTube ▶ Piped/Invidious
  • Twitter ▶ Nitter
  • reddit ▶ Teddit/Libreddit
  • Instagram ▶ Bibliogram

Einfach mal ausprobieren!

Hubzilla Statistics
4 hours ago
#Hubzilla #Statistics 2023-06-07
Number of Instances: 266
Number of Users: 11 189
Number of Statuses: 1 164 804

4 hours ago

BONJOUR LE #fediverse

It's only after midnight that you realize the #Fediverse is, in reality, just a few dozen people; the rest is done with mirrors.

fediverse's stats
5 hours ago

#fediverse alive servers stats

servers: 21,426 (-4, max: 21,646)
users: 9,471,061 (+8,679, max: 9,471,061)
MAU: 1,423,906 (-3,481, max: 2,444,236

top five projects (users / MAU / servers):

:mastodon: 7,745,463 / 1,314,935 / 12,064
:peertube: 286,460 / 20,627 / 1,256
:pleroma: 110,747 / 17,174 / 1,275
:pixelfed: 174,972 / 13,484 / 461
:akkoma: 14,599 / 11,079 / 515

weeks graph
servers graph
mau graph
users graph
Ivan Rodriguez ♠
5 hours ago

I just read a blog post about how and why #Akkoma split from #Pleroma. What scares me is that our divisive human nature was the true culprit behind the free-speech vs FOSS debacle that caused the split. I have written on #Medium about how human nature's divisiveness is dangerous, but I would have never thought it would splinter a software dev team working on a platform for the #fediverse.


Mastodon Statistics
5 hours ago
#Mastodon #Statistics 2023-06-07 06:00 CEST
Number of active instances: 15 647
Number of users: 8 014 770
Number of statuses: 907 350 923
Number of new users last 2h: 323
Number of new statuses last 2h: 43 778

5 hours ago
Good Morning #fediverse #tzag
Matthew Sheffield
6 hours ago

@WilliamRamsey I think journalists should not be on Twitter, but it's different if you are an advocate trying to raise awareness among the general population.

But I have done a very lengthy discussion on the #fediverse and why it's so important here:

Mastodon Statistics
7 hours ago
#Mastodon #Statistics 2023-06-07 04:00 CEST
Number of active instances: 15 647
Number of users: 8 014 447
Number of statuses: 907 307 145
Number of new users last 2h: 275
Number of new statuses last 2h: 24 163

Meow.tar.gz :verified:
7 hours ago

Cyberspace allows me to vent my frustration. I see some really good sides of humanity in the #fediverse. My participation in this vast and diverse community is something that makes tomorrow a little easier.

It’s Wednesday here but I’m sending for the rest of the #fediverse as found some beautiful #thicktrunk #trees for #thicktrunktuesday #enjoy #springhill4000 #qld #brisbane #seqld

Dan York
8 hours ago

Reading about #Reddit and their plan to follow Twitter into charging for APIs...

... I'm learning about Lemmy, , which looks very cool as a distributed #Fediverse discussion platform!

... although it does make we wonder - are we kind of re-inventing USENET? Just with newer protocols and UIs?


[P.S. SPOILER FOR REDDIT OWNERS: It doesn't appear to be working out too well for Twitter! Maybe not the best idea to copy.]

20th Century Foxes (NSFW)
9 hours ago

Thank you #MILF enjoyers of #Mastodon. We have reached 1,000 followers. This is the first #SexPervertSyndicate daughter account to reach a thousand. Thank you to our followers for making @20thCenturyFoxes one of the biggest niche #NSFW accounts on the #fediverse.

Mastodon Statistics
9 hours ago
#Mastodon #Statistics 2023-06-07 02:00 CEST
Number of active instances: 15 647
Number of users: 8 014 172
Number of statuses: 907 282 982
Number of new users last 2h: 30 555
Number of new statuses last 2h: 44 286


@Radical_EgoCom Sadly, I could not.....that account is SUSPENDED!!!! Thank you for warning the rest of us, #1 reason to love the #Fediverse. Where #Trolls come to die 🤣

Mike (Multiverse of Badness)
10 hours ago

Hey @devnull and @Ciantic

Excited to hear how your #fediverse projects progressing!

Been hard work but little "forward facing" progress here. Was caching via blob storage to get going, but finally started fleshing out memory caching - big win!

Also realized I still had the actor file tied to directly to webfinger via user login which I hate because it hinders future user portability if I scale this out. So that's finally resolved 😆

Slow progress but getting there!

Turtle with an image saying "Here I come"
chikorita157 🐰
10 hours ago

With Reddit users planning to do a protest, while it’s understandable, but I don't see it changing things as the admins can simply demote mods who partake in the protest or make the methods of the protest ineffective. There is already some instances with this as a developer of an replacement API gets banned from Reddit or the Reddit admins publicly shaming Apollo.

Users of Reddit along with Twitter users need to realize the writing is on the wall for corporately run centralized platofrms. Twitter's descent into “Truth Social" and banning third-party clients along with Imgur banning NSFW and automatically deleting anonymous uploads after a certain period of time is the canary in the mine. Things will get worse for centralized platforms.

If you create content on a platform that is corporately run, you don't have full control of the content you post there. After all, it's in the big platform's interest to use your content for profit. Also, since they have a money making motivation, they can change the rules, even if they are unpopular or even do a rug pull.

As mentioned in my viral toot, it's important to own the space you create content on like your own blog/website or setting up your own forums, or use social platforms that are not profit motivated, but social networking as a utility like the Fediverse. We need to look past these centralized platforms and host things ourselves and get on the fediverse.

It's only going to get worse for centralized platforms as VC funding dries up with raising interest rates. The owners of big platforms are going to make more changes that users won't like. No matter how much protesting they do, the owners of these centralized platforms aren't going to change their minds. The only way you can stick it to them, is self-host or use non-profit driven platforms and move to the fediverse.

#fediverse #reddit #twitter #imgur

10 hours ago

Found 58 new servers and 166 servers died off since 23 hours ago.

22,366 servers checked. 9,619,808 Total Users, 1,371,139 Monthly Active Users today vs 1,373,996 yesterday. Check out the stats!

New #fediverse servers found: a #mitra server from Finland a #akkoma server from Germany a #mastodon server from Private a #mastodon server from Germany a #mastodon server from United Kingdom a #mastodon server from Russia a #friendica server from Germany a #gotosocial server from Private a #friendica server from Private a #mastodon server from France a #mastodon server from Germany a #lemmy server from Netherlands a #peertube server from United States a #lemmy server from United Kingdom a #peertube server from United States a #mastodon server from Germany a #lemmy server from United Kingdom a #lemmy server from Sweden a #pixelfed server from South Korea a #writefreely server from Private a #lemmy server from United States a #misskey server from United States a #peertube server from Brazil a #lemmy server from Private a #mastodon server from United States a #gotosocial server from Germany a #calckey server from Australia a #misskey server from Private a #lemmy server from Netherlands a #hubzilla server from France a #lemmy server from United States a #mastodon server from Germany a #writefreely server from France a #lemmy server from United States a #pleroma server from Private a #lemmy server from Private a #misskey server from Private a #akkoma server from Private a #mastodon server from Uganda a #pleroma server from United States a #mastodon server from France a #friendica server from Germany a #mastodon server from Japan a #calckey server from Private a #lemmy server from Canada a #lemmy server from Sweden a #lemmy server from United States a #calckey server from Private a #lemmy server from Germany a #calckey server from Germany a #lemmy server from Bulgaria a #mastodon server from Private a #mastodon server from Australia a #writefreely server from Germany a #lemmy server from Norway a #mastodon server from France a #mastodon server from Portugal a #pixelfed server from Private

Dead servers: マストドン ⴰⵣⵓⵍ bé

Help others find a home, send them to

Well, Calckey will get a rebrand and a new name really soon.

I just upload / download my follower lists and run a #Mastodon and a #Calckey account personally. I post to both. It means I can still edit or update threads from either. I might miss some followers, who don't follow me back on both, but I don't have any need for follower count anyway, I'm just in #Fediverse for nice interactions, to get info, and talk about stuff.

Scientific Frontline
11 hours ago

#mastodon #fediverse
I've decided it's time to say good night. So, Good night everyone, and see you in the morning.
Be well.

12 hours ago

Very pleased to announce what I was working towards... I've started Fine City Social, a new instance running on #Calckey for people in #Norwich and #Norfolk, #England! Please do feel free to recommend to anyone in the area or with a connection, the more the merrier!

#Fediadmin #Fediverse #Fedi #introduction #uk

13 hours ago

I find it interesting that, while there are many other #fediverse platforms out there (lemmy, pixelfed, misskey, calckey, etc.) I still very rarely see boosts on mastodon from them. I boost my own pixelfed posts, and see those from a few other users I explicitly follow.

I think there’s a tendency to boost within a platform, from the account you logged into it with, rather than from an account on another platform.

Jeder :mastodon:
14 hours ago

Na dann will ich mal
> 8k Follower habt ihr ja schon.

#fediverse #journalismus #umwelt #klimakrise #magazin #genossenschaft

Deb Oppermann
14 hours ago

The lovely orange and black, spotted, Painted Lady butterfly is nectaring on the fuzzy, pure white flowers of the autumn blooming Chocolate Joe Pye.
Available here
#PaintedLady #butterfly #butterflies #insect #flowers #garden #gardening #BuyIntoArt #photography #nature #wild #wildlife #giftideas #fediverse #MastoPhoto

Painted Lady butterfly nectaring on white flowers of Joe Pye with darkish background

@netzpolitik warum nutzt die #SPD bisher so wenig das freie #Fediverse?

Fedi.Garden 🌱
16 hours ago is a server for anyone interested in genealogy and family histories:


You can find out more from their About page at or contact their admin @david

#FeaturedServer #Genealogy #Genealogist #Genealogists #Family #Families #History #FamilyHistory #Fediverse

@gbhnews Well, why aren't these #socialmedia managers plugged into the #fediverse already? Surely a competant social media manager would have already heard of Calkey, Misskey, Mastodon, Pixelfed and the like? Even if but to check out this "mastodon" that all the Twitter exiles (and reporters) bailed to...

16 hours ago


I'm in a meeting with a bunch of #socialmedia managers

it would be really fun if we had a lot of notification sounds right now :D

perhaps they might be inspired to look into the #fediverse

16 hours ago

🌞 Hello #fediverse! This is GBH News bringing you the world from #Boston. It's 72F at Logan Airport and visibility is 6 miles.

At it again? #California is investigating whether #Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sent a planeload of migrants to #Sacramento. (This did happen in #Massachusetts last year). #immigration

The Human Rights Campaign announced a state of emergency for #LGBTQ people in the U.S.

Suffolk Downs, a former racetrack, is now an outdoor #music venue near #Boston.

Vivian "Bigou"
16 hours ago What if we use another #Fediverse service than #Mastodon? Does your #Jetpack_plugin work with #Calckey for exemple?

Damon Outlaw
17 hours ago Thank you for bringing this to light. This is one of the reasons having QT’s (actual qt‘s and not a work-a-round) is and has been helpful for BIPOC on the bird app forever. It highlights bad actors, allows the community to come to the defense and should make it more noticeable to mods. It’s stuff like this why I speak out daily about the gatekeeping and HOA attitude. You’re so right how they talk down on big social but then want to control peoples experiences here in the #Fediverse being told to block is not enough. #Mastodon needs to do better as do we all

bevuta IT
17 hours ago

Inspirationen, Ideen, Input, Gespräche, Kontakte - wir sind auf der re:publica! Neben dem Titelthema #CASH geht es um #nachhaltigkeit, #klimaschutz, die derzeit allgegenwärtige #KI und natürlich das #Fediverse. #rp23

Großer Saal mit Menschen: Stage 1 der re:publica.
"Was sollte aus dem Sortiment genommen werden?" Post-it-Wand auf der re:publica
Diskussion vor einer Wand mit dem Titelthema CASH auf der re:publica.
Konferenz-Schiff Hoppetosse am Spreeufer, davor re:publica-Teilnehmer*innen.
Async Kyle
19 hours ago

What was your most exciting thing about #WWDC keynote?

Poll option limited to 4 unfortunately, if yours isn’t listed, just comment below!

Please boost for maximum exposure to the #Fediverse. 🙏🏼

#Polls #PollOfTheDay #PollsOfMastodon #KylePoll #POTD #Questions #WWDC23 #WWDC2023

Damon Outlaw
20 hours ago

To be clear, I know there are wonderful people that have done great jobs attempting to make things clearer and centralise information and I’m super grateful for that. I just believe there should be more done #Fediverse #activitypub #mastodon

Damon Outlaw
20 hours ago

I believe those that built #activitypub and that have projects and or major influence within the #Fediverse should absolutely come together to provide education, information, stability and uniformity. Especially, as there’s this incredible growth is happening. It would clear up any misinformation. People by nature like things clearly defined. I believe with #Barcelona coming soon, Mozilla’s #Mastodon instance and those migrating from #Reddit now is an opportune time.

Damon Outlaw
20 hours ago

Can those of you that are tenured here in the #Fediverse tell me where this alarmist #EEE views have come from? Either this people are grossly misinformed/uninformed or they are disingenuous and that would bother me more. Like how if you believe in the #fediverse do you believe some corp can come and take it all over?

20 hours ago

@tchambers Is there a #Fediverse alternative to StackExchange yet?

Tim Chambers
20 hours ago

User “rebellions” and strikes by mods and top users happening at Twitter, StackExchange and Reddit all at the same time. Over different issues but all against centralized siloed platform issues. Good time to be developing for and building out the #Fediverse.



21 hours ago

How are we doing, #fediverse?

Here are some stories to start your day.

Top story:
Harris County officials announced a new pilot program that would give low-income residents $500 a month of guaranteed income for up to 18 months to address poverty in the region.
Read more >>>

Read the full First Draft newsletter here:

#news #journalism #texas #houston #austin #dallas #sports #firstdraft #politics

Text: Chron. First Draft. June 6.

Headline 1: 
Harris Co. to give $500 guaranteed income to struggling families

Headline 2: Houston awarded $37 million to build tunnels under train tracks

Headline 3: Amazon founder Jeff Bezos opens 3 free preschools in Houston

Headline 4: ERCOT unveils new alert system for warning Texans of high grid demands

Headline 5: Texas cyclists rescue a kitten from the edge of a bridge

Headline 6: Former Rockets coach Stephen Silas lands next NBA gig

Video in background is aerial of Downtown Houston.
Deborah League
21 hours ago

Tropical Tiki Torches. Created from a night photo I took during a Hawaiian Luau. What is more romantic than swaying palm trees and lighted tiki torches against the evening sky?


#AYearForArt #mastodon #mastoart #buyintoart #artwork #art #artist #colorful #fediart #mastodonart #photography #digitalart #fedigiftshop #fediverse #artbooster #hawaii

Is there any Hawaiian experience more classic than attending a Luau? Soft Hawaiian music carried on warm tropical breezes beckon you into the circle. Dramatic tiki torches glow brilliantly against a fading purple sky and illuminate tall dark palm trees towering silently above. The smell of roasting meat and tropical flavors wafts through the air, surrounding you. A fruity Mai Tai in your hand ensures complete relaxation. This is pure theatre for your evening enjoyment.
21 hours ago

Good morning and happy Tuesday to all of you amazing individuals around the #Fediverse

Let's do our #MorningMoments and find out what the day ahead has in store for each of us.

For me, it's work stuff, then a work meeting at 2pm - 3pm, and then not sure after that.

I might mow the 5 yards I need to mow here in a couple of hours before it gets too hot, but might do them tomorrow. Not quite sure yet.

#GoodMorning #HappyTuesday #LawnMowing #YardWork #Meetings #Meeting

An animated image where the words good morning animate into the image. Have a wonderful day is below that as well. You can see a couple of cups of coffee with some coffee beans around them and a red heart.
1 day ago

全然関係ないけど #Fediverse のマークもレインボー 🏳️‍🌈 カラーだよね :fediverse:

1 day ago

I'm trying to list more Fediverse groups on You can see groups I've listed so far at

If you have any groups you think I should add, let me know in the replies! :)

#Fediverse #Groups #Guppe #Chirp

Die #DUH @umwelthilfe hat das #Fediverse anscheinend kommentarlos verlassen.

Auf steht nur "Dieser Account ist inaktiv seit 24.05.2023." Kein Abschiedströt. Neue Followers sind gesperrt.

Deren Homeage macht auch nur noch Werbung für die einschlägigen, asozialen Netze, incl. das des rechtslastigen #Autohändler​s.

Bitten #boost: Soll DUH ihr #Mastodon-Konto reaktivieren?

#Klimaschutz #Umweltschutz #Verkehrswende #NGO

1 day ago

Hey ihr lieben Menschen im #Fediverse. Wir @riffreporter sind nun seit einem guten halben Jahr hier, aber wir glauben, dass uns viele noch nicht kennen. Es wäre toll, wenn ihr ein wenig mithelft, uns bekannter zu machen hier. Wer immer dieses Posting teilt, bekommt ein nettes Gif als Dankeschön! Und wer wissen will, was wir so machen, kann gern unseren Newsletter bestellen - natürlich ist der kostenfrei.
#journalismus #umwelt #klimakrise #magazin #genossenschaft

Noelle Mitchell 📚
1 day ago

I wish more people would leave corporate owned social media and join Mastodon/the fediverse.

#Mastodon #fediverse #SocialMedia

Caleb Hailey
1 day ago

@trendytoots lots of Apple Developer folks on the #Fediverse!

Deb Oppermann
1 day ago

The tall beautiful bearded Iris named after the Greek Goddess who rode rainbows, comes in many magical colors. This Iris in burgundy,pink, yellow and purple is stunning in the spring garden!
Shop here
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Close up of the beard and center of the Iris flower with green background
Sheril Kirshenbaum
2 days ago

I love that I can share science or history or even *soil* ⬆️ on #Mastodon & every comment is thoughtful, polite & interesting.

It’s a nice reminder that despite what I became accustomed to elsewhere, social media can still be interesting & fun. Long live the #fediverse🖖 /2

Beto Dealmeida
2 days ago

If you're interested in joining #Lemmy and you like #music, I just created for music-related discussions.

And remember that Lemmy is part of the #Fediverse, so like with Mastodon you can follow communities from different instances using a single account in a given instance.

Andy Piper
2 days ago

I have to say, that was the first event I've properly followed/commented on fully on #fediverse and it was a very fun and pleasant experience, brought to me via Ivory on Mac + following hashtags on Mastodon 4.x + having a decent curated following and federated feed.

David O'Brien
2 days ago

It *is* a design flaw of the #fediverse, IMO, that you sometimes have to search _off_ the network to find out who/what's _on_ the network.

But the #EU is actively exploring it as alternative to traditional (i.e. US) privately-owned platforms.

@StillIRise1963 @Gednet

Natasha Jay :mastodon:
2 days ago

I'm terrible on sending "hugs" as it feels a bit non-authentic for me personally (what with being English, and all that) but I just saw the phrase "sending strength, tea and biscuits" which somehow felt perfect somehow, so -

Sending strength, tea and biscuits to all trans folk here in the #Fediverse 💜 :heart_trans:

#Trans #Transgender #TransMasc #Mastodon

Bonnie (she/her)
2 days ago

Anyone going to #WPCampus in July? I'll be doing a lightning talk on July 13th at 9am: "Building a large-scale, decentralized academic social network with WordPress and ActivityPub." Come join me and get a peek at what's to come on the Commons!

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2 days ago

Organizations New to Mastodon :mastodon:​ :

This is an excellent report by @legoktm on @wikipedia ’s experience on the Fediverse.

Experiences and goals will vary for each organization of course, but there are a lot of interesting things in there that could be helpful to you too!✨

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🌞 Hello #fediverse! This is GBH News bringing you the world from #Boston. It's 58F at Logan Airport and visibility is 10 miles.

A German court is giving an 82-year-old man a “very last warning” to avoid jail. He had 24 previous charges and says he was trying to sell #marijuana to bolster his meager pension.

He's running: Mike Pence says he's in to challenge Trump in 2024 race. #uspol

A lightning strike sparked a fire that completely destroyed a church in #SpencerMA.

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There is the hashtag #100DaysToOffload which is used by people who try to write on their blog as much as possible. I think we need a similar initiative to encourage people to post something on the #fediverse #mastodon #pixelfed on a daily basis.