@lilian such to-go seats you'll usually find in museums would be great, then one could catch such one… hmm… 🤔 #pn21 #feedback

@toor @florian ja gibt so Dinger die man ganz billig bekommt und per Bluetooth koppeln kann, hätte ich auch cool gefunden #gpn21 #feedback #kartenzahlung

9 hours ago

#Fediverse #Mastodon #nonindexing #advanced #Search is #live now!
Search multiple terms, on multiple server, with multiple #filters!

Check it out and give me some #feedback!

(or )

Fediverse non-indexing, advanced search engine.

Select servers

Choose terms

Set Contentwarning blocklist

Show advanced optional options

#Fediverse :mastodon: #Mastodon #nonindexing #advanced #Search is #live now!
Search multiple terms, on multiple server, with multiple #filters!

Check it out and give me some #feedback! :blobfoxheartcute:

(or )

Fediverse non-indexing, advanced search engine
A Bachelor Project by Tobias

Choose Servers

Search terms

Add Contentwarning Blocklist

Show Advanced Optional Options

🚀 Since the release of Pydantic v2.0b1 your feedback was outstanding: around 40 new issues, comments, PRs.

👏 All that is just awesome and totally appreciated not only by the team but by the entire community of Pydantic users.

#Pydantic #OpenSource #DataValidation #DataProcessing #Python #Feedback #Community

Fritz Bauer♟️⚜️
1 day ago


@HolgerKloetzner Das #DigitaleRathaus sieht nach einer sehr guten Umsetzung und einer großen Erleichterung für die Darmstädter aus. Danke!

#darmstadt #feedback

1 day ago

Cetățenii UE rămân fermi în refuzul lor de a sprijini digitalizarea documentelor de călătorie #călătoriedigitale #cetățeniiUE #ComisieiEuropene #Consultareapublică #digitalizareadocumentelor #feedback #SpațiulSchengen

1 day ago

@sushifiction @christian Die Liste bekommt hoffentlich demnächst (tm ) noch eine notwendige Überarbeitung. :-)
#Feedback ist immer gerne willkommen und freut mich, daß die Liste hilfreich ist.

Stefan Dumont
3 days ago

@AMP_OeAW @ACDHCH_OeAW @fwf @correspSearch PPS: Die Anzeigeeinstellungen (was wird eingeblendet) bleiben nicht erhalten, wenn man das Dokument verlässt, aber das wisst ihr wahrscheinlich schon, gell? #feedback #prerelase

Blake Leyh
4 days ago

Here's a thing I wrote last year, for which I obtained my first ever official rejection letter from the New Yorker magazine's Shouts & Murmurs column - which was a rite of passage and an honor! Much of the dialog was taken verbatim from actual feedback I have received.

GUERNICA by Blake Leyh

#Writing #Satire #Picasso #Guernica #Humor #ArtAndCapitalism #CorporateArt #Feedback

Beneath a reproduction of Picasso's painting "Guernica," text reads in part:

Picasso: Behold my masterpiece GUERNICA!
Commissioning art executives: OMG Picasso, we love it! We’re truly blown away by what you've realized here, and love how rich a world you’ve built. Such an honor to be working with you! We have a few ideas that can make it even better?
1) We're concerned that some viewers might not recognize the cow in the upper left corner. Consider making the cow 10-20% more representational? We love the cow, we just think it doesn't read for some people.
2) We get that these are dark times we are living through and of course we want to address that in the work. But might it be even more effective to have slightly fewer tormented souls writhing in agony? Just a suggestion - you're the artist!
3) Unfortunately legal is flagging the "stretched head "in upper right as a potential infringement of Salvador Dali's intellectual property. Is it ok if we just lose the stretched head?
4) We really, really want to make GEURNICA the flagship work of our upcoming season, which means having it read well when reduced in size for memorabilia. Our T-shirts and calendars provide crucial income which supports our continued ability to commission upcoming young artists - we know you also care about raising up the next generation! 
5) The aspect ratio is a problem for us. Consider reworking to a standard 16:9 widescreen format?
Devin Prater :blind:
5 days ago

Second, this is an old one that I’d love to see squished this year. While reading an email message with the Voiceover cursor, you’ll hear stuff like “insertion point at beginning of text,” after each paragraph or element.

Feedback ID: FB12230090

#wwdc #apple #accessibility #feedback #blind

Mahara Portfolio Platform
6 days ago

#Feedback is a recurring theme when talking about #portfolio and #learning in the wider sense. Listen to @martin on 'Create. Share. Engage.' in your #podcast app or at

Quote by Martin Dougiamas: "Nothing changes your own brain better than when you put something out there into the world that you've created, and you're getting feedback from people."
Music from the 80ies and more
6 days ago

Has someone tried GPT4All? If yes, what was the experience like? The concept is interesting, a trainable chatbot running on your local system, with capabilities comparable to those of ChatGPT

#ai #chatgpt #gpt4all #chatbot #open #feedback

Krisztina Hirth
6 days ago

Working on a talk about "the hill I am willing to die on" - Feedback-driven product development and it came as I have expected 😂 No idea what to leave out, what is not important? My only constraints are the time & energy I can invest.

#luxuryProblems #productDevelopment #feedback

Sozialraumteam Nord Rosenheim
1 week ago

Nur Organisationen, die den #Fachkräftemangel als wertvolles #Feedback ernst nehmen, werden auch die passenden Antworten entwickeln und wieder mehr Kooperationsbereitschaft erleben.
Ein Weiter-So, einseitig lösungsfokussiertes Übergehen, Klagen darüber oder die Suche nach Alternativ-Mitmachern werden das Problem verschärfen, weil so nur das Feedback lauter wird.
Weiß, wer einmal wirklich ernsthaft versucht hat, einen Menschen in der Verwirklichung seines Willens zu unterstützen.

Philip Dutré
1 week ago

Ook in #hogeronderwijs wordt #feedback naar #studenten nog te vaak verward met het ‘geven van punten’. Feedback moet deel uitmaken van het leerproces, het geven van een punt daarentegen is een eindstation. #onderwijs #universiteit

𝚎𝚜𝚜𝚎𝚋𝚒 🌀
1 week ago

Come mai un testo su lo pubblico senza problemi e invece su mi dice che è troppo lungo? Questione del numero dei caratteri dei tag?

#help #trunkssocial #trunks #feedback

1 week ago

Today I worked on a #lofi track I'm making for a friend's project. I'm pretty satisfied with the result, but I'm struggling with achieving a punchier kick sound. I tried transient enhancing, sidechain compression, and still they don't sound like my reference.

Any advice on how I can improve this? All #feedback is welcome!

#MusicProduction #music #ableton #Showyourwork

Le labo du Florida
1 week ago

Hello ! Des @chatons qui ont choisit #onlyoffice sur nextcloud ? J'aurais besoin de retours sur les licences svp ! #chatons #feedback

Hebrew by Inbal
1 week ago

Loving this feedback!

It’s so important for me to hear about how my books are received in practice but it’s also invaluable for others who are looking for winning resources.

Thank you so much for this wonderful review Chris. Keep Learning & Loving Hebrew!

#hebrewbyinbal #feedback #bookreview #books #learnhebrew #bookrecommendations #amazonbooks #thankyou #mazeldon #jewish

2 weeks ago

"a concerning sign of an amplifying climate feedback, which may in turn speed up climate-induced ice melt." 👀 #climate #feedback #antarctica #melting

Sen Kitahara北原 千
2 weeks ago

“Hidden in Spring”
Watercolour on Arches paper
#Feedback is welcome.
#art #watercolor #水彩

It depicts a child's face partially hidden by a pink haze. A red ribbon flutters around the neck, and the child's expression is calm and smiling.

I've been working on this art piece for a while now and I want your feedback. 😅

#nsfw #NSFWart #wip #workinpogress #feedback

Ewan Arnolda
2 weeks ago

I have noticed that my @YouTube views have dropped. How can improve on this? I am trying all the standard description, titles, tags, thumbnails (DTTT) Any feedback would be greatly appreciated @ewanArnolda on YouTube.
#feedback #youtube

David Lohner
2 weeks ago

@Jey_snow imho you can never start too early in your career #learning how to teach in #HigherEd. Get proper training, try stuff and most importantly: ask you students (and supervisors) for #feedback!

Dmitri ☕️
2 weeks ago

Hey #believeInFilm friends, I'd like to have some honest #feedback and also be frank about #ethical content #publishing.

I don't want to host 3rd party ad platforms on my blog. It's not good for your #privacy and is a bad presentation for content I care deeply about. Instead, I'd like to test some paid support options — but I need your help deciding on what would work best for you.

So what do you think about (pick 1+ option that you'd be OK with and please tell me more in replies):

2 weeks ago

#111BiblioCon #feedback

Gut, dass große Sessions weiter gestreamt werden. #Streaming Mehr Flexibilität, mehr Zugänglichkeit, mehr Barrierefreiheit.

In einigen Sessionen funktionierte Technik, v.a. Ton & Chat, nicht richtig. Wäre gut, da beim nächsten Mal während Sessions drauf zu achten. #Saalengel

Für #Barrierefreiheit könnten automatisch generierte Untertitel ergänzt werden. Und bei mir geht es nur über die Webplattform, nicht über die App. Da bleibt für den Dienstleister KIT war zu tun

Allison Wyss
2 weeks ago

It's not that I don't think a writer should ever have to hear anything negative about their work--that would be absurd. But I think that when we send readers looking for faults, it often ends up with them saying "I want, I want, I want"--and taking over the story. I look for methods of feedback that center the writer's intentions and help make it more the writer's idea of the story--not this one random reader's.

#WritingCommunity #Writing #WritingConversations #Feedback #Workshop

Phil McAleer
2 weeks ago

One reason I love the markr approach is that by having all the feedback in one place, before generating the feedback documents, I can review the feedback easily across the cohort and then update and add more general feedback for all to the feedback documents based on any themes I hadn’t quite spotted in the individual feedback. Likewise, it is great for developing my own future teaching as it becomes easier to see what students understood well or not so well.

#SoTL #Feedback #rstats #PsyTeachR

Maybe I should start handing out cards after #sex, asking for #feedback.

"How many #orgasms did you get?"

"How was the quality of your orgasms?"

"How was the quantity of my #ejaculate?"

"Was its taste: 1. glorious, 2. pleasant, 3. just okay, 4. OMG! I threw up a little."

"Was my #fingering vigorous enough?"

Etc.... then tabulate the results and throw them in the bit bucket.


Why do I keep getting "How was your service?" feedback requests for every damn action I take in this universe?

Like I just made a call and was asked by my #phone how the call #quality was.

Or I go to Walmart and I'm asked *every damn time* to rate my visit there.

#feedback #annoying #review #rate

Hebrew by Inbal
2 weeks ago

Thank you for the incredible feedback and for continuing to find value in my resources ❤️

#hebrewbyinbal #feedback #positivereviews #thankyou #amazonfinds #amazonbestseller #Todah #hebrew #books #mazeldon

Florian Dalwigk :mastodon:
2 weeks ago

Mein erster #Vlog :) Ich freue mich auf euer #Feedback!

Stephen Cox Author
2 weeks ago

Someone just posted (!) a lovely handmade card with their considered thoughts on Our Child of Two Worlds (sequel to Our Child of the Stars) which they very much enjoyed.

Morale lifting.

It is never too late to buy a book, or to tell the author you liked their work, or recommend it, or review it.

#writingcommunity #review #booktoot #feedback #bookstodon

Text "heart-warmingly beautiful... not to be missed" - Barbara Conrey

Our Child of Two Worlds, beautiful book cover. A boy silhouetted against a mysterious sky.  Dawn breaking pink and blue, with yellow birds rising and a mysterious planet.
Ben, Writing Movies :verified:
2 weeks ago

If you're after a sample of my side hustle (reviewing movies, something I've done far longer than any sensible person would have) then this is my latest article, a review of 'Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania'. Please give it a read and support as well as provide any #feedback - good and bad. It's the only way I'll get better. 😁

Phil McAleer
3 weeks ago

One of the lesser known but hugely effective packages from #PsyTeachR is markr. Developed by @debruine and @HelenaPaterson, and a little bit by me, its function is to create individual feedback documents, for students, from spreadsheets and other types of input. Check it out below and please ask questions if interested.




#SoTL #feedback #assessment #teaching #marking #markr

Shaula Evans
3 weeks ago

One of the most important things I know about giving feedback:

"Objective feedback", no matter how strongly you may believe it to be correct, may actually be wrong, misunderstand the creator's intent, or fail to move their vision forward.

"Subjective feedback", worded kindly & with humility, can be much more constructive.

#Writing #Art #Notes #Feedback #Workshops

Anime Herald
3 weeks ago

We've put together a short survey regarding Anime Herald's current content and direction. It should take about five minutes to complete, and all feedback is being used to improve things for everyone.

Thanks in advance! 💖


#feedback #survey

Allison Wyss
3 weeks ago

I also just like to ask:

Where is the heat in the story?


So how does this story move?

Those tend to evoke analysis that is useful without being judgmental.

And I also like that they focus on what a story does right now instead of pushing readers to imagine what it _could_ do in the future. It's the writer's job to imagine the next draft--not the reader's.

#WritingCommunity #Writing #WritingConversations #Workshop #Feedback

Allison Wyss
3 weeks ago

I know people use things like neutral questions (from Critical Response Theory).

And I love to do pops when we have like ten minutes to spare--it's just repeating back (on zooms we use the chat) any words or phrasings that particularly resonate.

#WritingCommunity #Writing #WritingConversations #Feedback #Workshop

3 weeks ago

Just went through my list of feedbacks filed last year and I was able to close 3! Thanks to the Apple engineers who fixed them, although a response to the feedback would have been greatly appreciated. #Apple #feedback

Ether Diver
3 weeks ago

New music in progress, so I'm looking for opinions on some of my older music. Here's a track off my recent album:

I'd love to hear any thoughts or feedback you have on this track. Anything from composition and conception, to the mixing and mastering, it's all fair game. Be as honest as you'd like, tell me what works and what doesn't. I'd love to get five or six people to offer feedback on this.

Boosts are appreciated!

#feedback #music #PsychedelicGhostStories

3 weeks ago

Heute begann die lange Reihe meiner Vorträge zum Thema Sucht in 2023.

War eine tolle Runde, danke an alle Teilnehmer*innen!

#drobs #feedback #checkit

Ether Diver
3 weeks ago

Got some synth-based music you want to share with the world? Try the reddit r/synthesizers weekly self promo post!

You'll need a reddit account if you don't have one (super easy sign up) and it's a participation required thread--if you want feedback on your track, you have to leave feedback for at least one other track-- but it's a friendly group and a great place to get some feedback.

I moderate it, so no reddit horror stories, I promise.

#music #feedback

DFIR Notes
3 weeks ago

@b0rk also me this week in class, "You did a fantastic job of explaining that. The whiteboards and live demos really helped augment the course material. I still don't get it, like, at all." #feedback #snartpeoplestuff

Christian Spannagel
3 weeks ago

#Feedback-Runde mit Studis: Frühzeitig im Semester mache ich eine Feedback-Runde mit Studis, um deren Meinung und Verbesserungsvorschläge zur Veranstaltung einzuholen. Hier die Ergebnisse des Feedbacks zu meiner Inverted-Classroom-Veranstaltung "Inside Math!" (1/2)

#mathestudieren #phheidelberg @phheidelberg #flipclass #invertedclassroom #aktivesplenum #fedicampus #fedilz #highered

Tafelanschrieb mit Feedback
Ether Diver
3 weeks ago

Looking for a few listeners (5 would be great!) to listen to this track, and give me some feedback.

I'm working on a follow up to this album (Psychedelic Ghost Stories) and I'd love to know your opinions on what worked, what didn't, etc. From conception/composition to mix and master, it's all fair game. Be as honest as possible, but don't be mean unless you have to 😅

Boost if you can, too! More opinions!

#feedback #music #PsychedelicGhostStories #WhatDoYouThink

TᴀᴄᴋᴇʀTᴀᴄᴋᴇʀ 🐰
3 weeks ago

Back working on an old project of mine.
First mockup for the background, give me some feedback, let me know what you think.

#illustrationart #digitalart #art #MobileGame #indiedev #gamedev #Feedback

1 month ago

@Catelli @Pkbwood

Somehow, the press never asks any questions that weren't already in the press release, and certainly none that would offend their advertisers.

There are a couple other factors besides the fact that centralized stations can run the high side more efficiently than more decentralized iterations. The most obvious one is what is done with the energy saved (read: money & profits for corporations).

When that is diverted & extracted, users pick up the tab. Pricing options generally restrict or compromise the natural tendencies of people to control their actions (their own efficiency pursuits). This combination results in users adopting practices that are wasteful, redundant, and mismanaged.

In other words, the efficiencies of a centralized system maintain their monopoly advantage by making it impossible for a competitor (or anyone else!) to implement cost-saving procedures *and* have the same availability.

If your competitor is open 24/7, you can't be open more than them. Seen from the other side, if you're in the lead (& @ max speed), you remove all governors that limit use.

Since limits are fundamental to sustainable systems, this is a recipe for failure. This is another aspect to the Tragedy of the Commons. Local control delivers optimal resilience & centralized hub networks deliver optimal production efficiency.

So we have to be careful about what we view as the 'old way'. It practically never entailed individuals each paying to run their systems at max 24/7, while actually using much less. (Speaking generally here, not just regarding servers & internet.)

It also did not entail billions of bot interactions whose only purpose is to generate a higher view count, nor billions of digital photos & auto-played videos saved that would never make it past an editor, and won't be viewed again. The list goes on & on..

#decentralized #energy #efficiency #monopoly #limits #sustainable #optimization #networks #resilience #commons #incentives #feedback

Ned Cooper
1 month ago

ICYMI: Do you use #ChatGPT? Have you submitted #feedback? If so, could you please help me out with my #PhD #research? Please go to to complete a 5-10 min questionnaire.

Boosts appreciated - and thank you!

#HCI #CHI #CHI2023 #GPT #GPT3 #GPT4 #GenerativeAI #GenAI

Tobias Geyer
1 month ago

I said it before, I'll say it again.
If you're working on a talk get feedback early and from a diverse group of people.
Today I got feedback by @der_pesse that made me see all the shortcomings of my talk. Luckily I still have time to fix them!
#PublicSpeaking #Talk #Feedback

1 month ago

@pallenberg Sascha, vielen Dank für deinen Podcast. Endlich habe ich es mal geschafft, mir den ganzen Podcast anzuhören. Danke auch für die Feedbackfunktion über die Audiobeiträge. Finde ich super. Ab jetzt abonniert. #Podcast #Feedback

Bei der Ausführung von #CryptoBro musste ich laut lachen. Wirklich gut gemacht.

Ansonsten sehr interessante Themen. Danke für deine Arbeit und dein Feedback 😉. #InteressanteThemen

Robert Lender
1 month ago

Im Moment entwickle ich meinen Workflow zur #Nextcloud

Passend habe ich erste Gedanken als Text in meiner Nextcloud hinterlegt

Freue mich über #Feedback 😊

Cihat Gündüz
1 month ago

Anyone in here who’s also writing blog posts up to once a week about #Swift & #iOSDev who wants build a group in proof-reading each others articles for #feedback before they are published?

💬 DM me if you’re interested.
🔁 Boost to help me find people!

Sen Kitahara北原 千
1 month ago

“Fantasy of the Moon”
Watercolour on paper
#Feedback is welcome.
#art #watercolor #水彩

Blue watercolour painting. A child stands at a window looking at the moon in a starry sky. Curtains flutter on either side of the window.
Stefan Bohacek
1 month ago

I added some more FAQs to

Is there anything else that comes up a lot from folks just learning about the fediverse?

#fediverse #help #feedback #faq #LazyWeb

The Leveller
1 month ago

Follow the timeline (2022-2023) of what happened in the #Ottawa Police Services Board (OPSB)'s clampdown on #public #feedback in link below:

#ottpoli #ontario #onpoli

Illustration of interim board chair, Suzanne Valiquet, new police chief, Eric Stubbs and former West Carleton-March city councillor Eli El-Chantiry.

Illustration: Crystal Yung
Mahara Portfolio Platform
1 month ago

#Feedback is fundamental in #portfolio work for Rita Zuba Prokopetz. She makes sure to be transparent with her students about the process to encourage students to form a community during their studies. Listen to more of her insight on 'Create. Share. Engage.' in your #podcast app or at

Quote by Rita Zuba Prokopetz: "Ensure feedback interaction is visible, ongoing, and promotes a sense of community building."
1 month ago

Shot in the dark, but looking for #feedback & #critiques on a short story! I have a 4/30 deadline and just finished the first draft today.

8k words of pulp fantasy \ cosmic #horror \ #lgbtq romance.

Think Conan the Barbarian + H.P. Lovecraft + John Carter of Mars, in a vaguely victorian horror setting with completely unplanned lgbtq+ themes.

Help a #transgirl out! (happy to trade feedback with others)

#writing #shortstories #authors

1 month ago

New portfolio check! All my design/tech work the last few years.

Feedback and boosts welcome.

#design #portfolio #jobsearch #tech #biotech #ai #laidoff #VR #feedback #boost

A screenshot of a website reading M Eifler design portfolio with 3 images labeled artificial intelligence, spatial and wearable, and biomedical
TSM at Work
1 month ago

Keep that #feedback #loop tight, folks. Otherwise your least favorite parts of history will repeat themselves. And you will have only yourselves to blame in your so-called #blameless allegedly #post as they say #mortem. #Awkward doesn’t even begin to describe that feeling.

Mahara Portfolio Platform
2 months ago

Episode 17 of 'Create. Share. Engage.' is live. 🎧 Rita Zuba Prokopetz is the guest. She talks about learner communities and the importance of #feedback giving and receiving in #portfolio work. Listen in your #podcast app or at

Podcast logo for 'Create. Share. Engage.' that is a hand drawn speech bubble with the three words in it. It sits alongside the episode title 'Building a learning community' and the podcast URL and 'Mahara podcast brought to you by Catalyst IT'.

I've gotten a lot of shitty feedback through my lifetime, and a lot of shallow feedback

Quite a lot of feedback is genuine but also not something they go out of their way to call out for everyone.

I hate being defensive and pointing fingers, but I'm not in a position to pretend that people like me are treated fairly. Clearly we aren't.

I'll take relevant and valid criticism and work on it, even when it's unfairly targeted—but I won't accept pretending that the world is fair. It isn't.

It's extremely rare that any single instance can be designated as coming from bias. But when a pile of shit is dumped at my doorstep, I'm not willing to just take it.

2 months ago

I'm not trying to be mean. People need help. They may be mixing on bad equipment, they may have hearing issues. They need to know what the issues are, and what the standards are IN THIER GENRE for what constitutes a "good mix." As @mxtthxw observed: "Does the song feel good? Can you hear everything? If yes, cool!"

#SongWriting #MusicProduction #Music #Song #SongFeedback #Mixing #SongCritique #Feedback #IndieMusic #Ableton #MusicTips #Pop #PopMusic #IndiePop

2 months ago

I'll have to continue the rest of this thread after I get some sleep (and if there's still interest).

I have run out of spoons.

Happy #SongWriting and #MusicProduction swashbuckling to all those who celebrate.

#ADHD #Music #SongCritique #SongFeedback #MusicFeedback #Feedback #EDM #PopMusic #Ableton #IndieMusic #MusicReview #Song #Mixing #ADHDmusicians #MusicTips #Pop

Oh, and here's a meme I think my fellow #MusicProducers can relate to:

Black test on a white background from whineforwine that says:

A haiku about my life:

I am so tired
Where did all my money go
My back is hurting
2 months ago

Plus, some of us do this b/c we had a subpar or even negative experience with a producer, mixer, or mastering engineer. There are many mediocre "professionals" in the industry billing themselves as musical geniuses and selling their services accordingly. They might have success with their own music, or a certain genre or two. So if you hire a professional, do your research and be clear with yourself on what results you're hoping to get.

#MusicProduction #Mixing #MusicReview #Music #Feedback

2 months ago

IMO, every section of a song needs variation from other sections--different sound choices, different riffs, introduce new musical or rhythmic ideas. If a section goes on for more than 4 or 8 bars (esp. if it's slower) it could use some micro-variation as well--vary the drum pattern, have a different sound take over the main melody, etc. Utilize methods like tension & release, call & response, counterpoint, breakdowns.

Any other suggestions...?

#Music #MusicProduction #SongWriting #Feedback

Thaddeus Ternes
2 months ago

This seems like a perfect situation for App Clips… @marioguzman sent me a link to a book on Apple Books, but I don’t have the app in my phone.

It would be great if I got a sample of the app AND that book in an App Clip when I tap this link.

Instead, I’m given a hostile alert to go to the App Store 😫

#radar #feedback

iPhone Messages screenshot with a preview of Steve Jobs book in received message. Prompt asking the App Store should be opened to install Books app.
The ASP.NET Team
2 months ago

Have you visited our http://ASP.NET docs recently? We'd love to get feedback on your experience to help us improve!

Simply visit the docs below 👇 and take our <1 minute survey!

#dotnet #dotnetcore #aspnet #docs #feedback

Sure there are ways to fix #grade obsession, but if #education continues to be #SurvivalOfTheFittest and not promoting equality through knowledge, changes like this wouldn't even put a dent to the problem. Still, it'd be good that more #feedback are provided to students through continuous formative assessments, but can it happen if teachers are already being stretched thin?

@mttvll there is a bug when starting to scroll from an image #Feedback

Stefan Bohacek
3 months ago

It's really awesome seeing all the innovation and experimenting around Mastodon, fediverse, and ActivityPub.

Some of my own work includes:

- browse the most recent posts by tags
- a Mastodon extension that adds instance switcher and profile cards (currently beta-testing, feedback welcome!)

#mastodon #fediverse #OpenWeb #IndieWeb #BrowserExtension #feedback #HelpWanted #OpenSource

3 months ago

I wrote that long post about how Book 2 of #LegendOfKorra needed some major fixes.

So now I'm writing it! I'd love for folks to read and provide feedback. Especially to let me know if the story makes sense so far, if the characters feel like themselves, and what you like.

I'm finding it much easier to write from Korra and Asami's perspectives. Writing from Mako's is hard, but I need to if I'm to resurrect his character and give him some sort of motivations for existing in Team Avatar (he can't stay as mr-mc-blandness). Bolin's story arc worries me the most, I want to do that one with care, which makes me think I ought to write an interlude from his perspective too which will also be difficult.

I'm trying to keep similar beats from the original. The beginning of my rewrite does mirror the start of the original, but I deviate with the trip to the South Pole and what Asami discovers back in Wolf's Cove.

#Writing #Rewriting #Book2LegendOfKorra #AO3 #Feedback #PleaseRead

Here's the original thread that contains my thoughts on how to fix Book 2:

3 months ago

This is a reminder, to report issues to Uber regarding #Accessibility this is located down the bottom of the help section under disability resources. #Disability #Feedback #Voiceover.

Ether Diver
4 months ago

Any #musicians want to swap listens and #feedback? You listen to a song of mine (or a whole album) and I do the same, then we write a few lines about our impressions? Ask questions, discuss technique/intent/whatever? Any genre is fine, I have a wide range of tastes and interests, but instrumental/electronic/weird stuff is where I live.

4 months ago

@ivory A small suggestion from me would be to put the username under people’s names rather than alongside. They’re much longer than Twitter handles so almost always cropped off. In list views put the followers to the right and the handle underneath so we can see everyone’s full address including instance, which is often what I want to see. Even if you tap someone’s profile the full handle is often truncated. #ivory #feedback

@Gargron The the official Mastodon Android app says "Reblog" while the website says "Boost".
The app says "favorited" while the website says "liked".
Is there a github post about this yet? Mainly consistency in wording.
I don't use Github...
#MastodonFeedback #Feedback

@ivory No worries. I’ll eventually want app on #macOS, but 99.9% of the time I’ll use it only on #iOS. So the best opportunity for me to #test or offer #feedback is really there anyway.

4 months ago
Something NEW 😍
Inspired by good interest in my previous #FOSS project #MaPleFeed i continued to work on some new concept and created whole new thing at Not finished yet but will be done soon i hope. Website concept will be as following:

➡️ Preview of federated and local timelines from various #fediverse instances
➡️ Monitoring #trending hashtags from multiple instances announcing by @trends
➡️ Directory of Fedi people with option to search by posted #hashtags
➡️ Directory of Fediverse instances / servers (yet under development)
➡️ List of trending #News / #Links from multiple instances
➡️ Preview of peoples timelines (using #MaPleFeed ) ... And more is coming soon...

😎 On "To Do" list is to add ability for people to embed instance's timelines onto websites, similar as you can #embed personal timeline with MaPleFeed. Also will add abiility to embed trending #tags and #news.

In future will probably add #RSS and #API features too, if there is enough interest...

Check out to see what's done so far and your #feedback is MOST APPRECIATED!
People #directory = announcing via @fedilink
Mariya Delano
4 months ago

I really enjoyed editing some blog post drafts from a couple of people in tech recently.

I want to do it again, so open offer:
If anybody #writing any long form pieces on #tech #marketing or #content wants a pair of eyes and probably very picky & overly detailed comments from me, who has been trained as a professional editor and writing instructor for 5+ years now - send me your Google docs or Notion pages in DMs here.

I’ll try to take a look while I have time!
#feedback #editing

Jason Yip
4 months ago

"The trick to viewing #feedback as a gift is to be more worried about having blind spots than hearing about them."


Dave Mackey
4 months ago

For those interested in #search, #SearchEngines, etc. please take a few minutes to read this link: and consider it an informal request for comments (#RFC).

I'd value your #feedback, even if it is, "That's stupid, your stupid, that will never work." 😉