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“I am not a stranger, nor an outsider, nor a wanderer. Yet, I have never been a native anywhere,”- #Israeli educator and #feminist Alice Shalvi (1926-2023.)

Glyn Moody
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Heavily persecuted, highly influential: #China’s online #feminist revolution - interesting and illuminating (v @jjding99)

Breaking the Silence: The Reality of De-Transitioning😢😢😢😢

"They were awful to us. ... All the doctors and nurses were telling us that this was now our son and that you had to accept this and 'would you rather have a live son or a dead daughter?' That's what they said to us." (18:42)

#ListenToDetrans #LetWomenSpeak #StandingForWomen #FreeSpeech #Censorship #TeamTERF #TransFascism #OccupyWoman #GenderCritical #SexNotGender #GenderWoo #GenderAtheist #Feminism #Feminist #PornCulture #PeakTrans #TransCult #DropTheT #GenderAtheist #LGBAlliance #WomenDeserveAVoice #cults #skeptic #WomenDontHavePenises #GetTheLOut #KeepWomensPrisonsSingleSex
#KeepWomensSpacesSingleSex #TransLunacy #GenderWooWoo
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Being fervently #asexual and being educated to be a fervent #feminist, I respect women too much to see the the title "wife" as anything other than oppressive.
#marriage #GetDivorcedItWillFreeYou

The Collective of Agrarian Scholar-Activists from the South (#CASAS) & the #Europe-based Transnational Institute (TNI) are holding a conference in #China that, among others things, has "#Colonial/#extractive #capitalism across land/labour" & "#feminist approaches" on the agenda.

Will #Tibet & #Xinjiang #Uyghurs, or #Chinese feminists, be discussed at all?

Disappointed, especially, in #TNI, whose mission is to built a" just, democratic & sustainable planet."

Alberto MC
3 days ago

Marina Ginestà,
Barcelona 21 de junio 1936
based on a photo of Hans Gutmann (Juan Guzman)
We want a feminist future, not a future of a war and destruction. 🥀🙏
#barcelona #marinaginesta #marina #feminist #illustration #photoinstagram #photographie #drawing #notwar #watercolor #artwork #albertomc #albertomcurto #aquarelle #dessin #dibujo #acuarela #aquarellepainting #bdaddict #bandedessinee #bdcommunity

Illustration à l'aquarelle librement inspirée d'une photographie de Marina Ginestà par Hans Gutmann (Juan Guzman) prise à Barcelone le 21 juin 1936. Une jeune femme portant une chemise et une carabine en bandoulière surplombe les toits de la ville. Au bout de son fusil une fleur a été ajoutée.
Anna Anthro
4 days ago

“a 75-year-old #Japanese #feminist scholar who's not married & has no children is an unlikely celebrity on #China ‘s tightly censored internet.

#chizukoueno, a professor emeritus at the University of #Tokyo, is a phenomenon.

She rose to fame in China in 2019 with a speech that criticized social expectations for women to act cute & the pressure they face to hide success”

No Sweat
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Our very own Navpreet Singh will be speaking at the Sustainable Fashion Week Hub Brighton on the ‘Fast Fashion is a Feminist Issue’ panel! Join us on Saturday 30th Sep, 1pm - 2:15pm, at Brighton Dome for the talk.💛

Navpreet is a volunteer campaigner at No Sweat and one of the co hosts of The No Sweat Podcast hosted by comedian Andrew O'Neil. Also a part time Design Engineer for Smash Fest UK.

#sfwhub #sfw2023 #rewearrevolution #smashfest #smashfestuk #nosweat #nosweatuk #feminist #fastfahion

Coney von 1Land
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#Feminist #Economics
#LisaHanzl & #MiriamRehm find that mothers reduced work hours more than fathers when schools were closed during the #COVID-19 #pandemic in #Austria – and increased time spent on #childcare, while fathers reduced theirs. Read more:

Derechos Digitales
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RT @Aplusalliance: Is it possible to develop #AI that does not reproduce logics of oppression? YES, IT IS!

You can read the article here:

#feminist #digitalfuture #article

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I've got a new post up - Black Cranes: Tales of Unquiet Women from RDS Press.

#horror #womeninhorror #southasianhorror #feminist

Also, a reminder that the What Doesn't Kill You #giveaway is STILL GOING ON. Link is in my bio.

NOLA jules
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'A #typewriter is included in the carry-on items in the packing list she published in The White Album. She hauled a typewriter with her in 1955, when, at age twenty, she took a train alone from Boston back to Sacramento, after a month spent in Mademoiselle’s guest editor program. “I’m only myself in front of my typewriter,” Didion once told an editor at Ms. magazine.'

#herhero #joandidion #writers #feminist

Von △
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Shave It, by VOIID

“Natural body hair is hot
But they teach you that it's not
'Cause society is fucked”

#punk #feminist #rock

Cover for the "Socioanomaly" album by VOIID. Black background, name of the band at the top and title at the bottom, both red in fire letters. On right and left are star lines and in the middle are x-ray visions of heads in red, blue and green.
Gary Hall
1 week ago

Please join the ArtSpaceCity group for a talk by visiting SPACEX RISE Researcher Ilga Minjon on 28 September at 13:30.

Art, Society and the Public Domain: Stroom's role in delivering art in the city of the Hague, NL

A talk by Ilga Minjon

The talk will take place at the Institute for Creative Cultures, Coventry University and online

Microsoft Teams Meeting ID: 316 132 838 114 Passcode: 5dyKqG

Ilga Minjon is a curator, researcher and advisor working at Stroom Den Haag and a tutor at Design Academy Eindhoven with a background in Art History. She aims to weave future imaginaries from artistic practices that speculate on the senses and (networked) relations, as well as on #queer, #decolonial and #feminist re-writings of belonging.

Dhanaraj Thakur
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Please share widely!

"A feminist understanding of violence against women and people of diverse gender expressions and sexualities (namely LGBTQIA+ persons) aims to understand the multi-layered complexities of technology-facilitated gender-based violence (TFGBV) and online gender-based violence (OGBV), and reveal the embedded structures of hierarchical, patriarchal and gendered power. "

#feminist #intersectionality #tech

🚨 CONTENT WARNING 🚨Most people won't beleive you when you tell them what Hypno Sissy Porn is.


"The underlying premise of this society is that all women are bad - that we have a nature that is bad and we deserve to be punished." - Andrea Dworkin

"In pornography there is nothing that can be done to a woman that can punish her enough for being a woman and the very nature of her being is that she gets sexual pleasure out of being punished." - Andrea Dworkin

Men have always believed that god or nature gave them the right to define, control and dominate women

TIMS are sick men who watch too much porn and are indoctrinated to beleive that it is women's nature to crave abuse.

All the woman hating in the pornography does not bother "trans women" - that's how you know for a fact they are NOT women.

The TRUTH about Sissy Hypno Porn with Genevieve Gluck

If trans identified men were women, they wouldn't have fantasies about women being "good for only one thing." If they truly had "female brains" nothing could make them believe that.

Humiliation for sexual satisfaction wouldn't be the main goal of men who "identify as women." If these men truly had "women's brains" They wouldn't have fantasies of being "sex trafficked" The thought of female sexual oppression turns them on - that proves they are MALE.

The belief that being "treated as a woman" is one of the most degrading experiences you can have and therefore plays into male BDSM fantasies.

#PeakTrans #TransCult #GenderIdeology #SmashQueerTheory #AbolishProstitution #ItsAFetish #AntiKink #AntiMAP #RadicalFeminism #RadFem #Feminism #Feminist #MaleSexualViolence #MVAWG #MaleSexualPolitics #DomesticAbuse #PornCulture #Misogyny #LesbianHerstory #Femicide #FGM #SmashPatriarchy #WomanHate
#YesAllMen #NordicModelNow #AbolishProstitution #NotSexNotWork #MarxistFeminism

From Feminist Servers to Feminist Federation, Wessalowski & Karagianni (2023):

"Facing the techno-social challenges around the protocol of federation and adapting the software alongside our federating practice, we focus on sustainable and care-oriented alternatives to ‘scaling up’ the affective infrastructures of our feminist servers"

#Feminist #Federation #TechnoPolitics #Politics #PeerTube

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i need an english- & japanese-speaking #socialist #feminist historian to write an essay about either…
・history of the nature of #love in #japan
・kokuhaku culture
…in the same way alexandra #kollontai writes about love in her essay "make way for winged eros"
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Out of the Compost []
Wellington group from the late 1980's; notably sponsored by the NZ Student Arts Council. A review of the debut EP turned up in Feminist magazine 'Broadsheet' and there's a very short clip of them performing at the 1987 Mangawhai Women’s Festival.

#nzmusic #feminist #outofthecompost #oderecords

I wrote an article about Barbie after an interview with psychiatrist/cultural theorist Dr. Jeanne Randolph for the #MedicalPost/#CanadianHealthcare Network. It's free for #doctors, #pharmacists in #Canada. But here are few salient paragraphs.

"Dr. Randolph is both a #psychiatrist and a cultural theorist who uses a psychoanalytic lens when looking at icons such as Barbie. Studying #Barbie provokes questions about toys' contribution to the #health and ethics in #kids.

Indeed, back in the 1990s, she wrote a chapter for a book, Consuming Fashions: Adorning the Trans-National Body, that included details of a small study she conducted investigating how girls treated their Barbie dolls. The book itself included historical psychological and anthropological aspects of fashion.

What she found in wasn’t pretty.

Indeed, it was common for girls to cut off Barbie’s hair, paint them, poke or burn holes in them, twist their head around backwards, remove limbs, or even swap their head with other dolls.

But, she told the Medical Post, it's healthy for young kids to express aggressive or sadistic behaviours through their toys. It helps them cope with, and understand, their aggression in the long run—better than keeping it all bottled up and having it expressed in something real.

One moment, Barbie is a super model, an ideal parent or a brilliant astronaut, the next she might be beating up other toys, joining a biker gang, or holding up banks. Young kids learn about themselves and the world around them through play, she said.

For a long time, Barbie was marketed with an image of femininity that was devoid of aggression.

Barbie represented a huge cultural shift when she was first introduced in 1959. Prior to that, girls were given dolls that looked like babies, making their play limited to that as moms or caregivers—a fact the new movie points out.

Barbie was the first adult doll girls could identify with, Dr. Randolph said. They could expand the roles they played—except she was presented an exaggerated version of some idealized female form with her tall, slender proportions.

“In a way, Barbie was asking for it. It’s like the Barbie doll is so perfect, so unrealistic that she incited children to resent her or to be anxious because she’s not real,” she said. Hence some of the destructive behaviour.

Yet doing things like removing a Barbie’s head doesn’t mean a child will grow up a sociopath. Often, it’s just because the heads are easy to remove, and more of an exploration of how things work.

When she wrote about Barbie for that book chapter in the 1990s, Dr. Randolph wanted to include a picture of the doll. She looked for an advertising image that showed some aggression in Barbie, but the best she could find was an image of a fishing Barbie holding a large, plastic dead fish. The fish had a smile on it.

She wrote the toy company that produced Barbie for permission to use the image.

“I got a letter back from Mattel’s lawyers. They had read my chapter all about sadism and about how Barbie is asking for it, the doll is too perfect. They said I should seek legal council. They said they entirely rejected the negativity of this chapter and that Barbie is a valuable product which they did not want to be seen in this light,” she said.

There was always a disconnect between how Barbie was marketed and how little girls played with her.

The chapter was published, and the letter from Mattel was included in its entirety in a footnote.

However, the new Barbie movie showed a turnabout in recognition of the dichotomy Barbie represents. It acknowledged the imaginary, perfect world Barbie comes from, the cultural impact of Barbie dolls, that in real-life Barbies are mistreated, that many kids have cynical attitudes about Barbie, and also that some people love her.

“The movie is exactly what you would hope for in terms of the image and the humanity of women,” she said. The #feminist messages are strong, with powerful satirical punch towards #patriarchy."

For those with accounts, the story can be accessed here.
#medmastodon @medmastodon #psychiatry

Young Women Will Never Know What a Real Threat This Was.

"A woman lobotomized for not wanting to be touched and bothered, while men in the comments are celebrating her transformation and others replying with “i need this”. A conclusive statement on woman-hating with all corners covered."

No one ever stopped to ask why she didn't like being touched.

Alma @glumirror

1944 Female LOBOTOMY patient before and after raw footage

#PsychiatricAbuse #SmashPatriarchy #RadicalFeminism #RadFem #MentalPatientsRights #Feminism #Feminist #WomynsHerstory
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#introduction: Collector of #books + fat cells + #truecrime podcasts + curse words. Feisty #feminist liberal, #GenX, #LGBTQ+ ally, #antiracist, #ASL student, stationery + sticker #creator, former web dev, old school #penpal, Constant Reader of #StephenKing), #ambivert, #fibromyalgia sufferer, #bibliophile, and lucky wife and mom of three incredible boys, 2 dogs, & 1 cat. I love #walking outdoors, taking crappy #nature, #wildlife and pet photos with my phone, #bloomscrolling, and #birdwatching.

This week I've been mainly reading, no. 92.

Hilary Fraser's study Women Writing Art History in the Nineteenth Century: Looking like a Woman (2014), is a great bit of #feminist recovery. Fraser explores how #women in C19th wrote about #art & what it tells us about female creativity 150 years ago. While at times getting slightly bogged down in the detail, overall this is a compelling work of #arthistory that (re)establishes forgotten female voices talking about art & artists


NOLA jules
2 weeks ago

"There is now a big majority of the country that supports the radical idea that people are people, regardless of gender or race or sexuality or class or ethnicity. Yet there is still about a third of this country that is in backlash against this new consciousness. They feel robbed of #privilege & have the power of resentment. We must be aware of the threat they pose, but make no mistake: they are not the majority anymore." #gloriasteinem #feminist #msmagazine

Dr Pink
2 weeks ago

#LGBTQ related #Wikipedia article created 11 hours ago

Public Library (Budapest)
Közkincs Könyvtár () is a feminist library and community space in Budapest. The library's collection is primarily composed of English-language works in the categories of fiction, poetry, art, and sociology, with a heavy emphasis on topics of race, gender and class

#Feminist #Libraries

Rival Image
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Encounter Tarquin, in his #SimonedeBeauvoir headscarf with #ZadieSmith topknot, setting #feminist readings from his library of cliterature for a Conservative enemy: #podcast #commute #podcasts

2 weeks ago


👇🏼 👇🏼 👇🏼

Just watched Russell Brand: In Plain Sight by Channel 4 Dispatches. Russell Brand is not stupid. He knew this day was coming. #womenempowerment #womenempoweringwomen #metoo #sexism #equality #feministtiktok #feminism #feminist #russellbrand

2 weeks ago
Rat (she/her)
2 weeks ago

I finally saw the #BarbieMovie, and I'm kind of glad I saw it alone, because I cried a lot.

Art and literature after the flu #pandemic didn't directly address the flu, but it was there in the background, and #Barbie feels like that with #covid19 and with #ClimateChange—who are we and what does life mean now? What does it mean to be human when the parties, popularity, validation and shiny, fun distractions are stripped away? Yes, there's a lot of privilege to having those things to lose, but we still have to #grieve the loss and build not just a new world but new selves. We're in a very #existential moment.

Also, okay, yes, the movie is very #Feminism 101, but given that the point is that we haven't even achieved that, I think #feminist films are worth celebrating.

And the soundtrack is great. I'm going to go listen to "What Was I Made For?" and feel my Feelings™️ for a bit and then listen to #Aqua's "Barbie Girl" because it's fun!

#BarbieMovie2023 #existentialism #CovidIsNotOver #Grief #Mourning

FRANCE: Criminal “Misgendering” Complaint Filed Against Women’s Rights Campaigner

"A prominent advocate for women’s rights in France is being taken to criminal court over accusations of “misgendering” two transgender public figures. Dora Moutot, a best-selling author and social media influencer, is facing a legal complaint alleging insults on the basis of gender identity, and public incitement to hatred or violence towards a group of people on the basis of their gender identity."

"Journalist Léa Salamé asked Moutot whether she regarded the mayor as a woman, to which Moutot replied, “To me, Marie Cau is a man.” A statement released by Mousse accused Moutot of “violently attacking” Cau by calling him both a man, and a “transfeminine man.”"

"Speaking to Reduxx, Moutot stated that Escurier had encouraged violence against women who are labelled “TERFs,” as well as threatened to physically harm Moutot herself at a drag event in 2020 that was held at a club in Paris called La Mutinerie. TERF is an acronym which stands for “trans exclusionary radical feminist” and is frequently used as a slur to denounce the target or to invite harassment against individuals who question gender identity politics."

"It was the experience of being labeled a “TERF” that led Moutot to develop her understanding of feminist criticisms of the pornography and prostitution industries. For her, the abuse has had the opposite of its intended effect and has motivated her to become more vocal in her criticism of gender identity ideology."

#ItNeverHappens #YWNBAW #WomenDontHavePenises #TeamTERF #OccupyWoman #GenderCritical #SexNotGender #GenderWoo #GenderAtheist #EndGenderExtremism #GenderIsHarmful #Feminism #Feminist #PornCulture
#PeakTrans #TransCult #DropTheT #GenderAtheist #SexNotGender #LGBAlliance #WomenDeserveAVoice
#StopGenderTotalitarianism #cults #skeptic #freespeech
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Born #OTD one hundread years ago, poet Natália Correia was in many ways a remarkable figure in Portugal's XXth century. Outstanding poet, she was also editor of forbidden literature during the #fascist regime (e.g. an anthology of portuguese erotic and satiric poetry in 1966), she was a prominent #feminist all her life, and a militant for #democracy during the #dictatorship.
Personally, my favorite highlight was in 1982, when abortion was being discussed in portuguese the national assembly 1/2

Portrait of Natália Correia by Bottelho. Close up hand drawing of Natália Correia's face in black and white on a reddish background.
Martin Gilbraith
3 weeks ago

Thanks again to the 95 in total who joined Monday's #FacilitationWeek session #Feminist #Facilitation for sharing your experience & insight so generously, and all the others who expressed an interest - the recording & slides with other outputs are now at

"They should check his internet history too"

Clown World ™ 🤡 @ClownWorld_

Who could have ever predicted this?

Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence Member Arrested For Masturbating In Publ

"An active member of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a group of predominantly gay men who openly mock Catholics, was arrested in California last month for indecent exposure after witnesses say he masturbated in public for an hour, according to a sheriff’s office report obtained by The Daily Wire.

The man, 53-year-old Clinton Monroe Ellis-Gilmore, was arrested by police at a beachside park after they received a report of a male “exposing himself in the driver’s seat of a parked vehicle,” the Humboldt County Sheriff’s department said.

“According to numerous witnesses, Ellis-Gilmore had been at that location for approximately one hour, sitting in his truck with the door open, masturbating,” according to a sheriff’s report on the incident, which took place on August 12 at around 6:41 p.m. “The conduct does not appear to have been directed at anyone in particular.”

The arrest took place at Table Bluff County Park in Loleta, California, with over an hour of daylight still left. Google lists the park as “good for kids” and home to “kid-friendly hikes.”

A mugshot obtained by The Daily Wire from Ellis-Gilmore’s booking indicates that he was at least shirtless at the time of the arrest. The Eureka Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence did not respond to a request for comment on Ellis-Gilmore."

#ItNeverHappens #DragQueenCrimeWave #NotOurCrimes #OpChildSafety
#TransTerrorism #TeamTERF #OccupyWoman #GenderCritical #SexNotGender #GenderWoo #GenderAtheist #EndGenderExtremism #GenderIsHarmful #Feminism #Feminist #PornCulture
#PeakTrans #TransCult #DropTheT #GenderAtheist #SexNotGender #LGBAlliance #WomenDeserveAVoice #cults #skeptic #freespeech
3 weeks ago

@tunda sie durfte aber nicht am Festplatz, sondern in irgend einer Wirtschaft sprechen: Niederbayern ist nicht ganz verblödet ...

#monikaGruber, die reaktionäre hetzerin von #erding, wo #Aiwanger die #Demokratie gegen das #Heizungsgesetz zurück holen wollte, brachte für #Wiesnwirte die #Krugvorstellung mit abfälligen Bemerkungen gegen #Grüne und #Veganer*innen und #Feminist*innen (für Unerschrockene auf youtube) mit dem #Wirtschaftsreferenten und einem unsäglichen #Stadtrat #muenchen's

Feminist pioneer #MoniqueBégin dies at 87

«In 1966, she was a signatory of the founding charter of the #FederationDesFemmesDuQuebec, for which she served as the first vice-president.

The following year, she was named secretary general of the #RoyalCommission of Inquiry into the Status of #Women in #Canada. The report it published in 1970 remains important to this day.»

#FFQ #Quebec #Feminist #Feminism #CanadaHealthAct #ChildTaxCredit #OrderOfCanada

Read more here:

3 weeks ago

"What women have to stand on squarely [is] not their ability to see the world in the way men see it, but the importance and validity of their seeing it in some other way."

Mary Hunter Austin (September 9, 1868 – August 13, 1934) was a prolific novelist, poet, critic, and playwright, as well as an early feminist, conservationist, and defender of Native American and Spanish-American rights and culture.

#Author #Feminist #activists #Environmentalists

potrait of Mary Hunter Austin
Rat (she/her)
1 month ago

Seriously, I have spent my entire adult life deeply ashamed of how relatively few sexual partners I've had compared to my friends, always feeling like I could be sexy and sexual and desirable if given the chance, but I'm not conventionally attractive, I'm mentally ill, and I'm autistic. Plus I only relatively recently realized I'm #queer and #kinky. At this point, I'm also too old for what society considers "desirable" in women. What I'm trying to say is that I'm not the sort of person society allows to be sexy or sexual or desiring or desirable. I wish I could have had a more sexually liberated life, but the #pandemic stole any hope of that from me. But I guess I can hope that future generations can have what I didn't. (I will probably be just a bit bitter about it though.)

#Sex #SexualLiberation #SexualRevolution #Feminist #Feminism #SexPositivity

Rat (she/her)
1 month ago

From the Salon article:
"The rise of the label Slut (non-practicing) captures this ethos. The new iteration of the word slut is not about your body count, but a lifestyle and aesthetic. It's about wearing micro mini-skirts, being sexy, confident and empowered and yet . . . not having sex. As Tom George for i-D notes, [it's] 'an ownership of a sexuality that is completely our own, expressed through the way we dress, the way we strut down the street whilst listening to Doja Cat, our horny bookstyling and thotty digital footprint.' Sorry boys, we actually don't need you for us to be sexual."

Yay! I finally get to be a slut! It's all I ever wanted to be! I'm not even joking about this--I'm dead serious. *Cries in teen years spent stuck in #ChristoFascist #PurityCulture*

More at

#Sex #SexualLiberation #SexualRevolution #Feminism #Feminist #SexPositivity #SexPositive

1 month ago

The guys in my graduating HS class (36 M&F in 1971) who were the top academic/student gov types all decided to take the home-econ class that had previously been strictly for the women. We did so as a symbol of defiance of gender roles. The #feminist movement was just a few yrs old, but my very rural boomer cohort seemed to want to embrace gender equality (as well as environmentalism). How very soul crushing to see the rise of #misogyny and #antiLGBTQ hate all these decade later.

Cory Doctorow
1 month ago

Wolf once had a cluster of superficial political and personal similarities to Klein: a #feminist author of real literary ability, a #Jewish woman, and, of course, a Naomi. Klein grew accustomed to being mistaken for Wolf, but never fully comfortable. Wolf's politics were always more Sheryl Sandberg than bell hooks (or Emma Goldman).


Kathy E. Gill 🇺🇦
1 month ago


“If a #woman is a #female and a female is someone with ova and offspring, then what is a woman who … had to get them removed due to some medical condition?”

What does the word “woman” mean? Inquiring minds and all of that.

Montell’s answer: you are a woman you self-identify “as a woman, no matter what your body, mannerisms, or style of dress look like.”

— Wordslut: A #Feminist Guide to Taking Back the English Language
Amanda Montell

“If a woman is a female and a female is someone with ova and offspring, then what is a woman who, say, was born without ova, or had to get them removed due to some medical condition?”

— Wordslut: A Feminist Guide to Taking Back the English Language by Amanda Montell
Allyson Shaw
1 month ago

Ashes & Stones is @waterstones Scottish Book of the Month for September! Thank you Waterstones for supporting my debut nonfiction book. #scotland #scottish #ScottishHistory #ScottishFolklore #Witch #witchcraft #WitchesOfMastodon #Feminism #Feminist #Nonfiction #Debut #CreativeNonfiction #Books #bookstodon #Queer #Disabled #WritingCommunity #Histodon #history

Promotional Image for Waterstone's Scottish Book of the Month. It is a deep blue colour with white letters and features a picture of the book, Ashes and Stones by Allyson Shaw (that's me) on a blue background surrounded by illustrations of thistles and herb robert which reflect the illustrations on the book cover. Beneath the book reads BUY NOW INPAPERBACK

@ADHDefy @animefeminist Has a whole website devoted to #feminist perspectives on #Anime. I would start there. The writing on their website is also really good.

Are there any good "feminist" #anime out there? It doesn't necessarily have to have overt philosophically #feminist themes (but it def can), just anime that have well-written, well-rounded leading women characters.

A lot of the anime I consume has mostly hypersexualized women characters (I don't go out of my way for that, it seems like it's just kind of a staple of the medium). For instance, I really like shonens, but they can be super fan-servicey. I'd like to shake that up.

I know there are some great Miyazaki characters, but other than that, I'm not aware of many others.
#Recommendations are very welcome.

Derechos Digitales
1 month ago

RT @Aplusalliance: Join us on our #2023 #webinar series!
First event:
“Feminist AI Frameworks I: Towards a #feminist framework for developing #AI – from principles to practice”, on August 21st, 15:30 CET, via Zoom.
#Open webinar, register here:…

Christoph Becker
1 month ago

So we are taking a data #feminist and #DesignJustice lens to developing Curbcut Toronto further, and we wrote about that for #Limits this year.

Topless Topics
2 months ago

It's past my bed time already so I'll do more on this new account on the morrow, but I want to get this started:

I'm a #feminist #videoCreator #activist who does #vlogs and #interviews about #genderEquality , #mentalHealth, #sexWork decriminalization, #homeless advocacy, normalize nonsexual #nudity and a whole lot more!

I'm also really into most types of #videoGames as well as other #nerd / #geek stuff! #cosplay , most types of #art , #comics (self-contained ones like #Saga ), also #cats and--

Ariel Kroon
2 months ago

Researching today for my actual job, the one that pays my bills.* Returning to the rich source that is the Voiceprint radio show episode on Women's Language and Literature from 1981.[]=voiceprint

I can't get over how this old #student #radio show took on the issue of #feminist editing, #nonbinary #pronouns, #intersectionality & #WomensWriting - not in exactly these terms, bc they didn't have this language yet.

*Sort of. It's contract, very part-time.

#UofAlberta @academicchatter

Sylvia Sleigh's white male ‘Harem’ #painting titled 'The Turkish Bath' (1973) included her husband.

As a direct critique/response to Ingres' work of the same name (which included a naked portrait of his young wife), its right on the #feminist point...

Sleigh herself remains one of a number of female #artists who have been often been ignored by a male-oriented #arthistory

a promised new monograph (as yet still delayed) may well put the record straight!


Painting of six naked men sitting around (lounging) with an oriental carpet i the background, and once recline (in a Venus like pose) in the foreground
Angry Tea Lady
2 months ago

I remember reading a Room on One's Own from Virginia Woolf in 2017 for the first time (and in English!!) and feeling absolutely bewildered. I was frantically taking notes and everything - I had never done that about a book, even for classes. It was the summer of my first year of uni, right after came a vindication for the rights of women. #feminism #feminist #virginiawoolf #english #englishliterature #essays #woolf #marywollstonecraft #books #bookstodon

The two whire aforementioned books in a hands : the letters are slightly engraved. Woolf's books has a black and white bed and a quote in red saying "a woman must have a room of her own to write". Mary Wollescraft's is the same collection but not readable. Please apologise for dirty nails it's sunscreen
Julia S.
2 months ago

TWO SISTERS, INTERTWINED in a close yet conflicted relationship, shatter their bond in a violent night that leaves the younger sister reeling. Incisive, mordantly witty novel captures anomie, love, and loss. A MINUS


#book #Books #fiction #novel #novels #bookreview #bookreviews #jewish #feminist

Ashwin Dixit
2 months ago


Sir, you forgot to put #BLM on your profile, and your racism is showing.

Ma'am, you have #BLM, #Feminist, and #LGBTQ on your profile, so you are obviously very woke and love humanity as a whole. By the way, there's a hit squad from Chechnya out to get you, because you didn't say #Chechnya on your profile, which the proud people of that nation have taken as an insult to their identity, and the glory of their nation.

Ronke Babajide
2 months ago

Women are biologically less inclined to work in tech?

I recently wrote an article about #feminist technoscience. A field of study that concerns itself with the bias and perspectives we build into our developments. And discussed how we could balance out the male bias by hiring more women.

Not surprisingly, men felt they had to lecture me on how women are biologically not inclined to be interested in tech 🙄

If you know more about the history of tech, especially programming, you probably find this as absurd as I do.
But not everybody does. Most of the information about women in tech has been removed from the history book. They've become invisible.

This article is my response to this ludicrous claim.

What is your experience with men trying to make you feel unwelcome in this space?

#womenintech #womeninstem #diversityintech #misogyny

it's kat!
2 months ago

#art #history: not only is she birthday twin to the exemplary percy 'bloody' bysshe shelley, but kembra pfahler (born #otd in 1961) is also a shock rock feminist goddess who founded the voluptuous horror of karen black. this subversive polymath has elevated performance art to a precision science. THE FUTURE IS FEMALE.
#feminist #feminism #kembraPfahler #polymath #portrait #illustration #music #availabilism #percyByssheShelley

portrait i drew with digital pencil & ink of musician, actress, performance artist & founder of the band, the voluptuous horror of karen black, kembra pfahler. she looks directly into the camera, her hands raised against her chin & her mouth in a wide smile. colours are acid green, black & pale blue.
portrait i drew with digital pencil & ink of musician, actress, performance artist & founder of the band, the voluptuous horror of karen black, kembra pfahler. she looks directly into the camera, her hands raised against her chin & her mouth in a wide smile. colours are pale blue, pale salmon & black. text reads, 'the future is female'.
portrait i drew with digital pencil & ink of musician, actress, performance artist & founder of the band, the voluptuous horror of karen black, kembra pfahler. she looks directly into the camera, her hands raised against her chin & her mouth in a wide smile. scheme is black, white & very pale lilac.
portrait i drew with digital pencil & ink of musician, actress, performance artist & founder of the band, the voluptuous horror of karen black, kembra pfahler. she looks directly into the camera, her hands raised against her chin & her mouth in a wide smile. colours are cream, red, navy blue & pale blue.

Anyone in #Seattle want to meet up this evening for drinks or bubble tea or something? I’d love to meet new people!

Pertinent tags:
#progressive #progressives
#UX #UXDesign
#Japanese #日本語 #日本語の勉強
#IndianAmerican #Tamil
#BLM #antiracist #feminist #TransRights
I feel kind of desperate/awkward, haha - just trying to avoid a repeat of a recent local meetup that made me feel incredibly uncomfortable as a #NBPOC/#NBWOC.

2 months ago


#Feminist*innen aller Länder*innen vereinigt Euch!


2 months ago

I guess it's the thing to do an #introduction post? I'm a #demisexual #childfree #polyamorous #neurodivergent #feminist #witch living in the #pnw with two cats, a dog, a mouse, and a husband. She/her.

Interested in #art #music #science #books #writing #geek #climatechange #socialjustice #reproductiverights #crafting #anticapitalist #antifa. I try to be a good #lgbtq & #bipoc ally, please correct me if I misstep.

Ashwin Dixit
2 months ago


Here's where my take is slightly different. The language we use matters. Look at what Krishnamurti said. He is saying the right thing, but using language of his time ( "mankind", "man", and "he", to refer to people in general ).

Nobody should get a medal for being a feminist. And yet, people adorn themselves with badges — #BLM, #Feminist, #LGBTQ, #TransRights, etc.

So many different kinds of colors of flags, and pride denominations. I get confused.

Like, how cool are you?
You shouldn't have to spell things out. Being good to people is commonsense, dumbass.

Maybe feminism should get past itself, and reconsider its language.

MLK wouldn't have gotten anywhere calling it the Africanist movement. I mean, everybody should be Africanist, right?

I am working on elucidating an inclusive vision, that does away with these divided special interest groups, and cuts right to the heart, let's work together, self-govern, and let everybody do their thing. Be excellent to each other, and party on!

When you call yourself an Indian or a Muslim or a Christian or a European, or anything else, you are being violent. Do you see why it is violent? Because you are separating yourself
from the rest of mankind.

by nationality, by tradition, it breeds
violence. So a man who is seeking 
to understand violence does not belong to any country, to any religion, to any political party or partial system; he is concerned with the total understanding of mankind.

--J. Krishnamurti.
David Hull 胡大衛
2 months ago

"I took 1 star reviews of #Barbie from furious men on letterboxd and put them on the posters because it makes the film seem ever cooler."

That last one has to be a guy who doesn't understand why he is so attracted to the Kens.

#Feminist #PinkAcidTrip #Gay #AlienatingDangerousAndPerverse

A Barbie ad:

"An alienating, dangerous and perverse film."
A Barbie ad:

"The feminist agenda will kill us all"
A Barbie ad:

"They won't be happy until we are all gay"
A Barbie ad:

"A pink acid trip that feels like being slapped by lots of confusingly attractive people"
2 months ago

@Radical_EgoCom @Benfell @duckwhistle

"Just calling it communism isn't sufficient because there are different kinds"

"Just calling it anarchism, the same problem"


Just me, but I would start by saying that #marxism is not necessarily #communism.
Already a lot to absorb.

Feminism (, Alexandra #Kollontai) -- like, that's not even remotely marxist!

Marx let his children die of starvation while he wrote das Kapital and related stuff. Not a #feminist role model!

Lisa Kalayji
3 months ago

#Introduction: I'm a #nonprofit development manager for an org based in #SF, following a former life teaching #sociology. My rescue spaniel/corgi mix (?) is the best #dog ever (as is yours! every dog is the best dog!). Longtime #yoga and #meditation practitioner, unambitious #runner, novice student of #Arabic and #tarot. #Feminist af. #Labor #union member. #Liberation for all.

3 months ago

Hey dude, I haz neurology am shut-in. I used to run an arts business volunteer board of directors do civics ride orange bike all over GrittyCity be friend glamp hard rock shows raves accordion recital thrift make love art openings sticker/flyer bomb drive fly to ‘yerp. Not no more
Fire up some #hash tags #fnd #migraine #ptsd #cpstd #functionalNeurologicDisorder #MMJ #feminist #disability #ChronicPain #ChronicFatigue #Trauma #DisabilityRights #SensoryIssues #Privacy #Hemipeligic #fibromyalgia

i am a real person sign
woman wearing glasses mask w her hood up her long orange red pink colored hair frames face

"I said, that's sick, you can't talk to me like that. And I was punished"
"I was afraid I wasn't going to be hired again"
"I was called 'difficult' and 'a nightmare'"

This is from Hollywood, but it might as well be #healthcare.
#WomenInMedicine hear this same script all the time.

I wrote a #feminist medical thriller bc I wanted people outside of medicine to know the struggles we face as women #physicians.

Marjorie H Morgan
3 months ago

Remembering Ama Ata Aidoo, Feminist, author, activist.

Her character "Sissie, the protagonist in Our Sister Killjoy, says: “Yes, work is love made visible.” Ama Ata Aidoo’s love for us – women, feminists, the marginalised, African people wherever we may be – is visible in the incredible archive of work she leaves behind"

#Feminist #Author #Activist #PanAfrican #Heroine

3 months ago

First ever #introduction: I’m Jan (“Yon”). Married, with one daughter who’s starting college next month.

Too many hobbies and interests, but these days #ttrpg & #boardGames, #scifi & #fantasy, and #piano take top spots. Particular fascinations include #consciousness, #linguistics, #psychology, #religiousStudies, and the #naturalWorld.

#Feminist, #antiRacist, #lgbtq ally, #environmentalist, #vegetarian (nearly #vegan), #antiImperialist, #antiCapitalist. Basically #leftist.

Glad to meet you!

Reintroducing myself on Mastodon as a Twitter refugee!

I'm an atheist, exChristian who enjoys hiking, nature, reading, poetry, nature and dialogue. Looking to connect with other secular people to discuss important topics. I'm concerned about christofascism, climate and I lean socialist politically.

#BLM #LGBTQ #atheist #Feminist


(Sorry if this reads like a singles ad. 😂 )

Melisa Slep
3 months ago

@solderandchaos this is great! I want to encourage my peers to join in too. I'm wrapping up my first year, about to go on #fieldwork in southern #Argentina. My research is about finding out what #abortion implementation looks like after legalisation, mainly through the interactions between #feminist #activism and public #institutions at the #subnational level.

it's kat!
3 months ago

hi. hello. :) i'm an #illustrator from #scotland who likes to draw good-hearted humans, but i'm also obsessed with #suprematism, #proun, the cologne progressives, #bauhaus, surrealism, abstract expressionism & 1920s/1930s (mostly french) graphic design. merging left-wing #politics with #sustainability (i mostly work digitally) is my bag. would love to meet people with similar interests. :) #art #illustration #filmNoir #existentialism #antifascist #antiracist #feminist #transRights #vegan #france

reimagined book cover design i drew for mary shelley's 'frankenstein'.
digital portrait i drew of french gender fluid polymath, claude cahun.
digital portait i drew of gender fluid french polymath (surrealist artist, photographer, writer), claude cahun. her red hair is shaved close to her scalp & she's on a turquoise-coloured square over a light peach background.
Melisa Slep
3 months ago

Brief #Introduction, since it seems to be the etiquette around here. Hi! I'm Mel, a PGR at QMUL researching abortion policy implementation in subnational Argentina, through lenses of various geographies, #policy and subnational studies, and literature on #feminist #activism. Expect toots both in #Spanish and #English. Alongside #academicchatter, expect pictures and commentary on #popculture, #cats, #nature and #food, as needed.

it's kat!
3 months ago

you all know her musical history & the contributions she made to pop (arguably, these include the first female rap as well as the shimmery risk of a disco single that proved to be a massive crossover hit), but did you know that she's not afraid of the f-word? to wit, she wonders, 'how can one be a woman & not be a feminist?'
#debbieHarry #art #portrait #feminist #punk #pop

3 months ago

At the time, *This is Fine* was shared pretty widely across Mastodon, Secure Scuttlebutt and other related communities. The piece generated a lot of discussion, but ultimately nobody wants to confront this undeniable reality: ActivityPub and all of the platforms that fall under the umbrella of the #fediverse will betray even its staunchest champions of decentralisation or anti-capitalism. The same is true for all other p2p or federated protocols. This digital movement is built on tools whose authors deny the very reality that even they themselves face.

From the forensic immutability of Manyverse/Secure Scuttlebutt, to the backyard-run, un-encrypted, metadata riddled design of every Mastodon/Pleroma/whatever servers, to the utterly insane non-consensual and moderation-free data-storage design of Lemmy, you are all organising on platforms built by people who, quite simply, *have delivered a shockingly dangerous set of tools that will eventually be used against you.*

It beggars belief that any such project could be seen as #queer or #feminist or #anticolonial, because every single server, every single instance is a packaged gift rich with data and ready to inform movements and structures that are out to destroy us.

Delia Christina
3 months ago

A fat body covered head to toe in green fabric. Baggy, glorious fabric. Let's normalize confounding the patriarchal gaze. Let's also normalize jumpsuits. I love how the legs bell outward hiding my body further.

Middle age is an opportunity to embrace and redefine the impending invisibility society imposes on women my age. I won't shrink from it. I'll inhabit it.

Last weekend I wore a mini dress and high heels to the Paula West evening. I reinforced, supported, and smoothed out my body with Spanx. I was an encased meat in a pretty frock.

Today I was bringing Green M&M Missy Elliot realness. Hidden yet feeling bolder and more real than in that short dress. When I picked up Benson I pulled on my new red leather gloves. The brightness against the green with the accents of bright white from my shoes and fannie pack made me feel bold and modern.

I'm excited to explore new ways to tell patriarchy to fuck off.

#Feminism #Feminist
#BodyPositivity #Fat #Fashion #Perimenopause #MiddleAgedHotness #GenX

Me, wearing a baggy green jumpsuit belted at the waist with wide legs. White Nikes with a black swoosh complete the outfit. I'm standing in front of a mirror in my office doorway. Jumpsuit is from The Kit.

Hello, and all other instances and all ships at sea! Yes, it's a new instance, but it's the same old nonsense. 😉

Welcome to Tamsin's Pinned Toot. Please enjoy your stay... unless you're a fascist, a racist, a transphobe, a homophobe, or any other flavor of garbage person, in which case please step on a LEGO forever.

What follows are a few things you might want to know about me if you plan to hang around.

So, who the heck am I?

Hi! I'm Tamsin: a white, middle-aged, #queer, #sapphic, #nonbinary #trans woman who likes doorstopper novels, director's cuts, extended remixes, table-top roleplaying games, 5-string basses, double-cutaway Les Paul Jr. guitars, beaches, forests, mountains, witchy things, living places that haven't outlawed her yet, late nights, lazy afternoons, and writing down half of everything she thinks.

I'm happily monogamously married to a polymath superhero, and we share our lives with my marvelous teenaged offspring, two adorable cats, and a host of delightful friends and co-conspirators.

Things I post about, in no particular order: queer stuff, being a trans girl, #magic, #music, #books, #movies, #TTRPGs, #ADHD, #politics, #philosophy, #spirituality, making stuff, and whatever else is going though my brain at any given moment.

When I talk about #gender and #sexuality, it's probably helpful to know that I have a degree in Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies (with a focus on #feminist history, queer theory, and trans studies) from the University of Washington. Sometimes I joke that I had to get a degree to realize I'm a gay trans girl, which isn't quite true, but still makes me laugh.

I'm exactly the kind of person who likes prog rock, punk rock, post-punk, trip-hop, house, dark folk, black metal, '70s funk, old-school R&B, early rock'n'roll, acid rock, acid folk, blues, early music, minimalist composers, anime soundtracks, and everything Prince ever recorded.

I have a profound fear of spiders, heights, and isolation.

Sometimes I make things. I craft, I cook, I play (and occasionally run) role-playing games, I play (and occasionally write) music and songs. Most of all, though, I write: essays, poetry, stories, and—when I was feeling particularly sassy—a whole-ass book about gender, sexuality, and queerness for witches, Pagans, and occultists. (If you want to check that last one out, here's the publisher's page:

My politics are a simple story: I started out as a liberal in the 1980s and, flying in the face of conventional wisdom, became increasingly leftist as time went by. I support universal healthcare, universal basic income, BLM, antifa, indigenous rights, trans rights, queer resistance, sex workers, undocumented and migrant rights, disability rights, autistic people, plural folks, defunding the police, and radical inclusivity. I'm not an uncritical leftist, however, and I'm probably not ideologically pure enough for most movements. (Then again, I'm a gay trans girl, so most leftist movements don't want me around anyway.)

I offer no quarter for fascism, racism, colonialism, sexism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, transmisogyny, ableism, or exclusionary gatekeepers. I think all modern conservative movements are intrinsically evil, and if that describes you, exit the ride now. You're gonna have a real bad time otherwise. (I also recommend fixing your heart or, alternately, dying in a fire. Your choice.)

I've never been one of the Cool Kids™, and I never will be. I'm just an middle-aged geek.girl: sad in some ways, happy in many others, with a messy bookstore for a brain and a whirlwind of a heart which loves fiercely, if sometimes clumsily.

It's nice to meet you. 🥰

#intro #introduction #intropost

Chris Boese
4 months ago

A fleeting moment, captured for eternity.

Protesters at a Washington, D.C. Women's March seek to "End Gun Violence," telling President Trump, "We are the Granddaughters of the Witches You Weren't Able to Burn," and "Not Enough Sage in the World"

Find it here:

© Photo by Chris Boese

#Trump #indictment #protests #Photography #Art #ActivistArt #MastoArt #MastodonArt #feminist #EndGunViolence

Colorful protesters at a Washington, D.C. Women's March seek to "End Gun Violence," telling President Trump, "We are the Granddaughters of the Witches You Weren't Able to Burn," and "Not Enough Sage in the World", as a Trump Baby Balloon bobs in the distance.