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Forgot to post this yesterday for #Fensterfreitag, but seeing how today is #Caturday, it still seems appropriate.

Not my #cat, not my #window.

#WindowFriday #CatsOfMastodon #GrayCat or #BlackCat or maybe an #AlleyCat because this is a #garage. IDK

A gray or black cat sitting on a stucco garage window sill.
Sjaak Keuvelaar
19 hours ago

Was sagst du? Ach…

1 day ago
Black and white film photograph of the back window of an old black car with chrome trim. The interior is distant and out of focus, and there is a sticker that says, "Sears Air Conditioned" on the back window.
2 days ago

The Chauncery Office Annex, located just behind St. Augustine Cathedral, in Tucson.
#WindowFriday #Fensterfreitag #Photography #Arizona

Aging white adobe type finish to the building in the afternoon. A few tall windows, a rusted steel staircase to the second floor with a sign on it 'Chauncery Office Annex'. A round window is in a door on the first level.
2 days ago
Looking up at the stark white lighthouse that has two lower rectangular windows and another at the top.
Andy Marfia 📸
2 days ago

I received both a COVID and a Flu vaccine last night, so today's photos are dedicated to... BRAIN FOG.

#Chicago #photography #urbanphotography #fog #WindowFriday #fensterfreitag

A color photograph in Chicago on a foggy day. Pictured is a street light juxtaposed with the Aon Center skyscraper. Some lights can be seen in the lower level windows while the upper floors are enveloped in fog. Circa 2014.
A color photograph in Chicago on a foggy day. Pictured is the Aon Center skyscraper, flipped upside down in post processing. Circa 2014.

4 more #windows for #fensterfreitag - looking out through lines and bars.

diagonal bars from window mapping onto diagonal lines of walls outside
2 Small windows with 2 by 3 grid of square panes, overlooking a building opposite
a window with thin blinds intersecting a view of skyscrapers
thin blinds cross a post sunset sky. There is an orchid in the foreground.
Etheria 🎉
2 days ago

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 would be the first game approved by Shakespeare, play it now!

#fakeshakespearefacts #Fensterfreitag #Xenoblade #XenobladeChronicles3 #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch

2 days ago

Here is the Bison heading toward us. #FensterFreitag #Yellowstone

2 days ago

#FensterFreitag in #Yellowstone. This big boy veered away at the LAST moment. We were just sitting still on the road.

2 days ago
black and white photo of house framed by long reaching trees
black and white photo of man with dog walking through parking lot in front of church
black and white photo of parking lot
2 days ago

Fensterfreitag mit Reklame.
Gute Nacht Fediverse!

Fensterfront mit H&M Reklame im Vordergrund

Looks like there is a "Venster Vrydag" going on? #Fensterfreitag

I guess the English version would be "Window Wednesday" ?

Kieron James
2 days ago

Taken at takeoff from Malaga this evening. Not a window, but through a window. No filters.

#FensterFreitag #photo #photography #sunset #sky #clouds #Spain #NoFilter

The sun sets behind the mountains in a photo taken from Malaga airport. The sky is all shades of red and pink and lens flare creates three dots just below the horizon. The mountains are silhouetted.
2 days ago
Jeri Dansky
2 days ago
An art nouveau doorway and window, leading to a Salon de Thé and Tarterie called Dame Cakes.
2 days ago

Ein echt sehenswerter Beitrag zum #Fensterfreitag!!

CCnetwork berlin
2 days ago


Ein Gruß von der Treuhand!

2 days ago

#Fensterfreitag Fenster einer alten Wassermühle im Ultental, Südtirol

Laux Myth (aka Martin)
2 days ago

Cruise to Alaska in 2014. I have many photos from OUT this window. Cabin has obstructed view so some was blocked by the life boats. From outside, I could see my window from the track below.


View of my cruise ship window from the walking track a level below.  Trip to Alaska in 2014.
2 days ago

Hier mit mehr Kontext.
#FensterFreitag #Jugendstil #Bamberg

Fassade eines Eckhauses.
2 days ago

Ich probier das auch mal mit diesem #FensterFreitag.

Okay, eigentlich will ich #Jugendstil-Ornamentik in #Bamberg zeigen.

Hausdachfassade mit ovalem Fenster, umrinkt von Blumendekor.
MJ Santos
2 days ago

#WindowFriday in Porto, Portugal #FensterFreitag

Old home with six windows. There are three sets of two matching windows each. All three sets are different types.
Fiona Bramble
2 days ago

THEY ARE ON THE OUTSIDE 🫣🐾 #2ndFloor #FensterFreitag

A slight open window with trees and blue sky in the background. Paw prints on unknown origin on the outside bottom frame of the two-story window.
Mark Maguire
2 days ago

Fenster Freitag - lads the battery is running low this week and there’s no let up this weekend. Have a great Culture Night to all who celebrate. #FensterFreitag #WindowFriday #FuinneogFriday #Dublin #Northside #Ireland #Mastodaoine

Back of Georgian terrace. Facade peppered with irregular brown and red patches of brickwork. Multiple storeys of black framed sash windows in irregular rows. A stone walled lane leads through a dark arch in the terrace’s ground floor out onto a wider Main Street.
New light brown brick building with regular large windows ordered in a grid. The bright blue sky is reflected across the glass panes.
Chad Hill
2 days ago

“Queens Bath”, Hampi, Karnataka, India 2023

F100, Tamron 28-105 2.8, Expired Tmax 100

#FensterFreitag #India #BelieveInFilm

A black and white photo looking through the windows one side of the Queens Pool at the World Heritage Site of Hampi, to the other side where two other tourists are just walking though the middle window.
Joan Mastodon
2 days ago

"... there's a light
in the darkness
for everyone..." 🎶
#Fensterfreitag #WindowFriday

Stühle vor der hell erleuchteten Auslage eines Lokals
2 days ago

A guest plucked these from the back porch and kept them in the empty coffee bottle. Within two weeks, the roots sprouted on their own. Always pleasant to watch.

#WindowFriday #FensterFreitag #FensterFriday #Photography #Fotografia #Fotographie #Fujifilm #マストドン写真部 #Plants #Nature

A plant in an placed in a jar (empty coffee jar) with water in it.
2 days ago
decaying stone house with blue door, balcony, and blue painted windows.
Turkey. Fasillar.
Kaysee Colorado
2 days ago
Me standing in front of a window looking out over Lake Louise and the mountain glacier.

two #windows from one of my favourite places, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark

silhouette of a person looking out of a wide corner window over the øresund straights between Denmark and Sweden. Next to them there is a art installation of a diving board that is intersects the glass of the window.
Very large window overlooking a small lake surrounded by trees. The window has 7 tall sections. In the foreground there a a sculpture of a walking man by Giacometti. Otherwise the space is empty apart from a chair.
GuettisKnippse :darktable:
2 days ago

#guettisknippse am Steuer
𝐬𝐞𝐭 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐬𝐞 - Steuermann, schau nach vorn!
Helmsman, keep your eyes forward!
#darktable #FensterFreitag #blackandwhite

Ein Blick in das Ruderhaus des Salondampfers Alexandra, Wahrzeichen der Stadt Flensburg. Von rechts ragt ein  Arm ins Bild, seine Hand hält das große Steuerrad auf Kurs. Nach vorn durch zwei Fenster ist schemenhaft die Werft mit ihren Kränen zu sehen. 
A look into the wheelhouse of the saloon steamer Alexandra, a landmark of the city of Flensburg. An arm extends into the picture from the right, its hand keeping the large steering wheel on course. The shipyard with its cranes can be seen vaguely through two windows at the front.
2 days ago

#Fensterfreitag (Cr: Gutneuwerk ig)

Een mooie kamer met een heel groot raam.
Jon Woodhams Art and Photo
2 days ago

A slice of life from one of Memphis's famous barbecue restaurants, on Memphis's famous Beale Street. A visit there for lunch, with camera in hand, yielded this shot, which I have always liked. I gave it a retro slide film look. Given a little wiggle room, I think it works for #FensterFreitag / #WIndowFriday. Find it here: #Memphis #Photography #Restaurant #ArtForInteriorDesign #ArtForSale #FallForArt #BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #CreativeToots

Shown on a wall: a slice of life in the interior of Memphis's Blues City Cafe is depicted in a retro film look.
2 days ago

Somewhere in France
#FensterFreitag #photography

Eine Ruine, gebaut über einem Fluss, darin 6 Fenster ohne Glas, die Natur hat sich ihren Platz zurückerobert, Äste ragen teilweise in die Fenster herein. Drumherum viel Grün.
Nina Gorgus
2 days ago
Ein Treppenaufgang mit Geländer, dahinter ein Fenster
Angus McIntyre
2 days ago

For #FensterFreitag, some windows from E Houston St, New York City. This photograph is 17 years old; the building has been cleaned up a lot since it was taken.

#NYC #photos #photography

A weathered, sand-colored wall with three rows of dilapidated windows in it. The general decay makes the building look semi-derelict, although curtains and other fixtures visible through the windows make it clear that the apartments are occupied.
Babs E. Blue
2 days ago


The world is wide....and a hill is a window on the world.

Photography by me
Near Cassis, France

#photography #world #wide #WindowFriday #France #view

Terry Grundy, FRSA
2 days ago

La bellissima Genova, la città delle finestre aperte

#FensterFreitag #WindowFriday #Genoa

Colour photo: In an old palazzo in Genoa, now converted to a public building, we see great arched windows above balustrades, looking out onto a courtyard. The groin vault ceiling of the interior space is richly decorated and its floor is black and white marble.
Sven Holger Wolf
2 days ago

René Magritte: "Le mois des vendanges“ (1959)

Das surrealistische Gemälde von Magritte zeigt ein geöffnetes Fenster, hinter dem mehrere gleich aussehende Männer mit Bowler-Hut auf dem Kopf in ein Zimmer blicken
2 days ago

Peering through the window of the former Polka Dot Restaurant in White River Junction, Vermont (May 2017). It was a typical, no frills diner in a day when few other options were available.

Today there are trendier dining choices in WRJ, including the Phnom Penh Sandwich Station which now occupies this spot. #FensterFreitag #Vermont #Diner

Interior of a simple diner, as seen through a slightly dirty window. Several booths and chairs are visible. An old high chair sits at the far right, with a coat rack in the far corner. Aside from a lack of condiments, the place looks like it could open for breakfast the next day.
2 days ago

Zum Fensterfreitag das Treppenhaus eines Umspannwerkes in Frankfurt. Erbaut wurde es vor fast 100 Jahren. Architekt war Max Ludwig Cetto, der später als Begründer des Modernen Bauens in Mexiko bekannt wurde. Vor 8 Jahren wurde das Gebäude im Stile Mondrians illuminiert; seit der Energiekrise ist die Illumination ausgeschaltet.

Hashtags: #FensterFreitag #WindowFriday #Frankfurt #Architektur #architecture #Architekturfotografie #photography #Fotografie #ArchitecturePhotography #Mexiko #Mondrian

Farbiges Hochformat. Blick von außen auf ein verglastes Treppenhaus. Das Treppenhaus ist in verschiedenen Farben illuminiert. Die schlanken Fensterrahmen und die Farbflächen erinnern an den Stil der Gemälde von Piet Mondrian.

Colored portrait format. View from the outside of a glazed staircase. The staircase is illuminated in different colors. The slim window frames and the colored areas are reminiscent of the style of Piet Mondrian's paintings.

Yes to a progressive independent Scotland rejoining the family of nations.

No to #WMDs

March for #ScottishIndependence, Edinburgh, 2013.

#FensterFreitag #Scotland #WindowFriday #YesScotland

Trident no, Scotland yes. Banner at pro-independence march. Edinburgh.
2 days ago

Zum #FensterFreitag gibt es wieder Bilder von der Anreise zu den #MontageAussichten.
An der span.-franz. Grenze liegt der Ort #Rivesaltes. Hier gab es seit Mitte der 30er Jahre ein Internierungslager, in dem sowohl Spanienkämper*innen, als auch Jüd*innen, Sinti*zze und Rom*nja aus Deutschland interniert wurden.
Das Lager diente bis in die 60er als Auffangs-, Internierungslager..

#WindowFriday #NikonD80 #NoFilter #Gedenkstätte #Remember #BlackAndWhite #Monochrome

eine ecke in einer baracke in der das dach fehlt, nahe der ecke ist ein fenster, mit herausgebrochenen rahmen
im hintergrund eine alte baracke ohne dach, mit einem halbwegs intakten fenster, im vordergrund dornenbüsche und sträucher
im vordergrund scharf eine blume, im hintergrund ein weg mit laternen und eine reihe zerfallener baracken
in der gedenkstätte steht eine person an einem tisch und schaut sich die ausstellung an
2 days ago


Hong Kong
Tmax 400 film
Leica M4 camera
Color Skopar 35/2.5 lens


Black and white photo of the Mong Kok city skyline at night through a window framed by diaphanous curtains.
Joan Mastodon
5 days ago

Entschuldigung? Es gibt hier auch Fensterfotos! 11!😤
#Fensterfreitag #WindowFriday

Alexander Wohlrab
1 week ago
Foto einer Wand mit Fenster und dem Schatten einer Strassenlaterne
Jon Kirkendall
1 week ago
Closed venetian blinds on a window creating horizontal lines that fill the picture. These lines are broken by 3 evenly spaced vertical lines which hold the string mechanism of the blinds. In the top right hand corner is a round unlit rice paper lantern hanging from a pole.

Nietsch nicht mehr.

The former Gärtnerei Nietsch in Pethau, Zittau. Survived the end of the #DDR but finally closed a few years ago.

#Abandoned #FensterFreitag #WindowFriday #EastGermany #Zittau #Sachsen

Former East German garden centre - Gartnerei Nietsch.
Brian Gettler
1 week ago

For #FensterFreitag, here's to the goldenrod (it's not ragweed! you're not allergic to it!) on the roof outside my office window. #BloomScrolling

A plate window surrounded by a white wall and black frame. Outside we see pebbles in the foreground, a field of wildflowers in the midground, and deciduous trees with (mostly) green leaves in the background, all against a blue sky.
Terry Grundy, FRSA
1 week ago

In the tower of the Old Cathedral of Lleida

#FensterFreitag #WindowFriday #CatedralDeSantaMariaDeLaSeuVella

High up in the stone tower of a Spanish medieval cathedral—converted into a military citadel in 1707—we find a storey with a dramatic outlook onto the town below. We see an arched stone door and a high, unglazed gothic window, the tracery of which throws its shadow onto the warm, golden-coloured rough stone wall.
Rick Gaehl
1 week ago

Todays offering for #FensterFreitag takes us to Moreton, in Dorset, where all the windows of St Nicholas Church are decorated in this unusual, etched style.
The decorations were carried out over a 30 year period by Laurence Whistler, the poet and engraver, who was also the brother of the celebrated muralist, Rex Whistler.

This is in portrait format. Enjoy.

#Photography #WindowFriday #Art #Church #Dorset #Craft #Design

View through a window from the inside of a church. The window is in the Gothic style, but every pane is decorated with etched glass. The general theme is nature, with flowers, insects, and trees all depicted.
1 week ago

Zum #Fensterfreitag gibt es von mir ein Fenster der #Rundkirche in #Rønde

Ein Kirchenfenster oben halbrund in einer Mauernische, davor ein dreiflammiger Kerzenständer. Alles nur durch das Fenster beleuchtet.
Jyn Erso Lives!
1 week ago
View towards the mountains above Lac Leman from inside Chateau Chillon, Montreux, Switzerland
1 week ago

The not unpleasant view from my bedroom window for #fensterFreitag #windowFriday. Some bonus #sheepOfMastodon if you peer closely.

View of misty field and trees viewed through an opened double glazed plastic framed window. Pinky orange skies.

Picture carefully angled to miss out my neighbour's drive which would otherwise spoil the illusion :)
View out of the window, without the window in view. Low lying mist in an undulating field with trees dotted around and on the horizon. Sheep stand around it the mist in the middle distance.
1 week ago


JCH Streetpan
Mamiya 7 + 50/4


A couple standing at the viewing window of the Harukas building overlooking the city in Osaka. Black and white film.

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