Adrie den Hertog
3 hours ago

Achter deze prachtige ramen in het oude gemeentehuis oefent ons koor iedere donderdagavond. Ook leuk voor voorbijgangers. #Fensterfreitag #Fensterfriday #venstervrijdag

5 hours ago

Zum #Fensterfreitag / #Fensterfriday : Die sg. Stadtfahne von #Altenau im #Harz.

Blick aus dem Zimmer durch offene Balkontür auf Felsformation gegenüber. Schützenklippe mit Fahnenmast, am Mast die Stadtfahne.
1 week ago

Spooky when you turn around to see this. Especially when they are taking it down. #FensterFriday #WindowFriday

Back end of a tower crane inches from the building outside the window.
Shot of crane from a  more comfortable distance.
1 week ago

A guest plucked these from the back porch and kept them in the empty coffee bottle. Within two weeks, the roots sprouted on their own. Always pleasant to watch.

#WindowFriday #FensterFreitag #FensterFriday #Photography #Fotografia #Fotographie #Fujifilm #マストドン写真部 #Plants #Nature #NoEdit

A plant in an placed in a jar (empty coffee jar) with water in it.
Greg Miller
1 week ago

Just back from an amazing week at the John C. Campbell Folk School. I threw clay on a wheel; others made cheese, felted, quilted, turned wood, built their own banjos, and forged viking-era padlocks!

#FensterFriday #FensterFreitag #WindowFriday #Window #JCCFS #FolkSchool #Brasstown #NorthCarolina #Texture

The weathered wood planks of an old barn building frame a simple six-paned window, which reflects the surrounding trees and red roof of another outbuilding opposite.
1 week ago

Guten Morgen, ich fange gleich mit #Fensterfreitag #Fensterfriday an. Habt den Tag schön!

2 weeks ago

Geht das noch? Ein bisschen spät zum #Fensterfreitag #Fensterfriday #WindowFriday Schloss Eutin.

2 weeks ago

#FensterFriday #FensterFreitag
Gibel einer Kirche (Bergen? auf jeden Fall Norwegen)

Sander Meijer
3 weeks ago

Day 7: On a true #FensterFriday we woke up with blue skies yet again. We said goodbye to our Norwegian companion for the evening and started our descent.

The route followed multiple lakes and had some tricky parts (especially with larger backpacks). We tried to find a good lunch spot, but the wind picked up big time and there was not much to shelter behind.

In the late afternoon we arrived at our pick-up point and were driven to the hotel in Valldal again. The trip is not over yet however. There is a very nice dessert planned for tomorrow. The question is however, if I can join, as my back problems are making themselves known again.

#Hiking #WeeklyHikingPicture #Norway #dTdT2022

Window view from the Danksehytta over the abandoned valley. Rocks and snow all around.
Me approaching the highest point of today. Am walking over a snowfield with a stone man on a non-important hill in sight.
Three hikers descending in a valley over large boulders. Some lakes at the end of the valley.
A lake deep in the valley marks our endpoint of today. The low vegetation has become red and green again.
3 weeks ago

Here's my offering for #FensterFriday -- if you're from here, you already know it's the #MorningGloryCafe ! #Philadelphia

In a large window, above a window box full of plants and flowers, is a hand-made sign reading: 
Trump Sandwich
White Bread full of Baloney. 
Comes with a little pickle
:playstation: Pixy 🏳️‍🌈
3 weeks ago

Not sure if I'm doing this right.
But I saw the tag #FensterFriday and thought of sharing this image.
Picture taken in Graz, Austria, the second largest city of the country.

A corder of a building in Graz, Austria. The building is of a yellow color. There is a bay window area attached to the second and third floors, with a special roof on top of it.
3 weeks ago

Eine Fensterversammlung aus Tournus im Burgund für den #Fensterfreitag.

#Fensterfriday #france #bourgogne

Zum #Fensterfreitag mal einen Turm.
Guten Morgen.
Das ist Ölands norra udde.

#Schweden #Öland #Leuchtturm

Weißer Leuchtturm mit rot-braunem Fuß vor strahlend blauem Himmel. Über der Tür den Turm hoch 5 kleine Fenster.
1 month ago

This #FensterFrietag #FensterFriday I thought I’d share a window with a view into someone else’s reality. This isn’t my photo but it needs to seen by as many of us as possible. This attitude should apply to all of us but too often only occurs to those who society already burdens the most.

Paula Borchardt
1 month ago

For today’s #SciArtSeptember prompt “Starry” & #FensterFreitag: here’s my art from Day 2 of my New Zealand Visual Trip Journal, of looking out the plane window somewhere over the Pacific Ocean & seeing the starry sky & even a shooting star!

See my entire NZ Visual Trip Journal at

#FensterFriday #WindowFriday #Fenster #window #SciArt #art #illustration #watercolor #painting #sketchbook #NewZealand #Aotearoa #AotearoaNZ #NZ #airplane #plane #travel

My New Zealand Visual Trip Journal, Day 2 - watercolor & pen art showing my view out the plane window at night, of stars & a shooting star somewhere over the Pacific Ocean.
1 month ago

#FensterFriday #WindowFriday Ok, last one. Last frame I put in on this building.

Duckbill clamp in corner of frame

Across Broad Street to #BalliolCollege.
Very rare good times.

1 month ago

A #FensterFriday #WindowFriday closer to home for me.

Three story brick with sandstone heads and sills. Second and third floors have three windows each with rectangular colored glass borders on upper panes. Black decorative roof edge.

#Berlin sunrise - Oct 2022🧸 🇩🇪
Only another window that morning but

- NOW I see it has very Berlin resonances...

1 month ago
1 month ago

Not sure if this counts for #fensterfreitag #fensterfriday... delightful new Frenchy release from Pomplamoose!

1 month ago

The Painted Room, 1982 - Farnsworth Art Museum - Rockland, ME
This is a painting of a window.
#FensterFreitag #FensterFriday

Lois Dodd’s The Painted Room, 1982. A painting depicting a landscape of trees and rose colored field painted on an interior wall, pierced with an image of green plants in an open window, framed with yellow curtains. It is almost a trompe l’oie where indoors and outdoors switch places.
Julie grows
1 month ago

Time to do some pruning?

1 month ago

#FensterFriday #WindowFriday Close to the local bookstore. Though I took a photo of it last winter, it was worth another snap.

Yellow brick building. Arched entry, transom of blue green stained glass. Red door, two vertical sections of square clear glass with diamond shape at intersections.
1 month ago

#FensterFriday #WindowFriday Farmers and Mechanics Savings Bank on 6th St in Minneapolis. Converted to a hotel.

Sandstone building with a deep and tall entrance. Over the door is a large area of glass comprised of smaller clear pieces with raised figures.
Greg Miller
1 month ago

Silk worms fill a window in rural China.

#FensterFriday #FensterFreitag #WindowFriday #Photography

Seen from inside a dark room, this pair of plain rectangular windows are entirely filled with small square rectangles, most of which contain dark ovals; these are silk worms. Outside, is the blurry outline of a tree trunk and a faint wash of green from other trees beyond.
Paula Borchardt
1 month ago

#ThrowbackThursday #TravelThursday #FensterFreitag #FensterFriday

At the end of a trip to Seattle in 2014, I shot this photo out the plane window while waiting to take off from the Seattle airport. To me this really captures the (rainy!) spirit of Seattle. 🌧️

#Fenster #window #plane #airplane #travel #Seattle #rain #PhotographersOfMastodon #Photography

My photograph of a rainy Seattle airport runway with a plane mid-air and the wing of the plane I'm on, as seen through my rain-streaked plane window.
Greg Miller
2 months ago
A horizontal rectangular stained-glass window; a profusion of pink and red flowers and green leaves are surrounded by a geometric border of blue circles, outlined in yellow.
Greg Miller
2 months ago

Windows and former windows in #Brittany

I believe the windows were bricked up because a new window tax was introduced (in the 1700s?), which was calculated by the number of windows in a dwelling. Rather than pay, a lot of people (landlords?) bricked up some of their windows.

Can any #Architecture #Historians or #Histodons @Histodons confirm or deny?

#FensterFriday #FensterFreitag #WindowFriday #WindowTax

An old stone building features three windows and a dormer window, and two additional windows that have been bricked over from the inside, leaving the frames of the windows visible.
Cat - One Creative Cat she/her
2 months ago

Does this count for #FensterFriday ??

Roman amphitheatre in Pozzuoli, Italy.
View from the underground gallery, with arches on two levels  on the left, curved to follow a corridor, and a bit of sky is visible above.
Bits of columns are lying on the floor
2 months ago
Foto Festival #Nürnberg, #Germany. May, 2021. Could be counted in for #FensterFreitag #FensterFriday #WindowFriday as these could be window to another world? *grin*

#Throwback #Photography #Fotografia #Travel #Fotographie
Photographs are put up in a park in Nürnberg, Germany for a photography festival simply called 'Foto Festival'.
2 months ago

Window in La Boca neighborhood - Buenos Aires

#FensterFreitag #FensterFriday #WindowFriday #Photography

Window in La Boca neighborhood - Buenos Aires

Shall we call this a room with magnificent windows or magnificent windows with an attached room?

#FensterFreitag #FensterFriday #WindowFriday

A truly stunning room with an immensely high ceiling, and equally high windows, looking out on a misty hillside, forested with conifers.
Greg Miller
3 months ago

#FensterFriday #FensterFreitag #WindowFriday #Paris #View
The view from the Musee D'Orsay looking out over the Seine River in Paris.

A woman looks out window within a clock at the Musee D'Orsay in Paris. The Seine and (the Louvre?) are visible out the window.
Carya Maharja
3 months ago
An old building to the left stands next to a modern building to its right, of which windows on its center part are bulging and curving, and housed inside a glass enclosure. In the foreground to the left is a statue of a sitting man.

A rainy day in mid Norway. #fensterfriday

View from a roof window. A lush green field and scattered trees. The sky is heavy and grey.
3 months ago
Tall, modern architecturally glazed building of geometrical design involving hexagons and triangles reaching into a blue sky dappled with sparse high altitude clouds
Anne Waffel
3 months ago

Zum #fensterfriday #fensterfreitag ein besonderes Fenster in den Himmel. Fotografiert vom Grund des Schlundes des Gouffre de Padirac am Lot (F)

Blick aus einer etwa 50 m tiefen, sich nach oben kreisrund öffnenden Höhle. Der Blick geht in einen bewölkten aber morgenhellen Himmel. Am Rande des Loches wachsen Farne. Ein Teil eines stählernen Treppenhauses ist zu sehen, der den Grund mit der Oberfläche verbindet.
DeeAnn Little
4 months ago

Crossover of #Fensterfreitag #Fensterfriday and #florespondence

Grow lights helped a lot through the Winter but now they can be in the sun.


Succulents on a windowsill reflected by the window. Also in the reflection there are trees and the top of an old building.
colorblind cowboy 😷✊🏻
4 months ago

Oh, hi, #FensterFriday

Four Instax from a special place, taken with the MiNT TL-70.

#BelieveInFilm #Instax

A breakfast table in a four-photo black and white mosaic, window with curtains in background showing a foggy day. Coffee pot and writing implements in foreground. Written across the bottom of the photos is “another window.”
4 months ago

Wonderful window. Amsterdam, 2012. #FensterFreitag #FensterFriday

Shop window in Amsterdam, 2012, with varios vases, art objects, a gold colored head, etc. Window reflects brick buildings from outside.
Sander Meijer
4 months ago

Wait, what, again Lobhornhütte? Yes, but this time how it looked back in June 2016.

#Hiking #WeeklyHikingPicture #Lobhornhütte #Fensterfreitag #FensterFriday #WindowFriday

View from inside the traditional toiletbuilding looking out through the heart-shaped window.
karin Sorenby
5 months ago

Sending you all a photo of one of my fave spots to be at...Matilda and I often end up here on our hikes.😊Have a sweet rest of a Friday eve. Peace Out #photography #oceanlife #fensterfriday #Cape #Breton

White and Red Light house. Sun setting over the ocean and the light house.a fence is showing behind light house
6 months ago

Vancouver, BC Harbour Center reflected in windows #FensterFriday #Vancouver #Architecture #photography

Choppy reflection of the Vancouver, BC Harbour Center tower in shiny glass windows

What are the days here on #Mastodon?

I've seen -

..thrre has to be others I'm missing?


8 months ago

@MicheleV_AK A glass octopus, you say? I think this deserves a #FensterFriday hashtag!

Mark Tillotson
8 months ago

Looking through a window through a window in the Huntly Castle ruins.

#FensterFreitag #FensterFriday #castle #stone #WindowFriday #photo #photography #Huntly #Aberdeenshire #Scotland

The view through a window in a partial wall of a castle ruin looks up to another partial wall with two windows. The sky through the windows and beyond the walls is a blue sky.
Grimethorpe Colliery Band 🎺
9 months ago

This week for #FensterFreitag a little sneaky peek in through the window of our #bandroom!

If you crept up the stairs and peeked in through the door this is what you'd see - a glimpse of the posters, CDs and memorobilia scattered around our walls, all bathed in that wonderful late afternoon autumn sunshine we get.

#FensterFriday #WindowFriday #Photography #Lighting #BrassBand #TakeAPeek #Music #Musician

A partial look through a door with 2 glass panels. Through the left hand panel we can glimpse a chair and some music stands, and on the walls are frames with CDs in, a picture of the Royal Albert Hall, andconcert photos. The right glass panel is bathed in sunlight.
Obsidian Urbex Photography
10 months ago

There were some beautiful #victorian #gothic style windows on this abandoned house in Portugal 🇵🇹

#Fensterfreitag #Fensterfriday #WindowFriday #VictorianGothic #photographer #fotografie

Gothic window in attic of abandoned house
Ivy growing through a basement window with interesting tile work. The tiles feature images of animals and flowers.
Window frame, the frame has fallen out and lays on the floor broken. Vegetation is growing in through the empty window hole.
Blue Victorian Gothic house, it is dilapidated and plants grow up the columns. There are dandelions growing all around in this photo.