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20 hours ago

Due to strong winds and high 3-metre waves, a ferry carrying 472 passengers from Langkawi to Kuala Kedah turned back at 4pm on 25 Sept.

The 4pm and 7pm Langkawi—Kuala Kedah—Langkawi trips were cancelled.

An additional trip was provided for those who want to take the Langkawi—Kuala Perlis route at 7:30pm as they can't get to Kuala Kedah.

The trip from Kuala Kedah scheduled for 7am on 26 Sept is also cancelled.

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Passenger ferry terminal at Kuah in Langkawi. Photo is from the article linked.
2 days ago

I tend to forget this, but for the price of about four bucks and twenty minutes you can be on the other side of all that water and poke around a totally different bunch of interesting things, none of which involve trying to ride a bike through the southern edges of Oakland.

#Alameda #Ferry #NuclearWessels

The wake of a ferry beneath the SF waterfront skyline.  The sky is cloudy.  Coit Tower is just visible on the right.
Bob Mockford
3 days ago

Crossing the river from Warsash to Hamble on Saturday. Too many people for this ferry, so I wasn't alone in missing one. #hamble #warsash #ferry #walk #walking

Bob Mockford
3 days ago

Oh, how I miss Emily. By not being there at the right time, that's how. Never mind, she'll be back. #hamble #warsash #ferry #walk #walking

3 days ago

Halfway to the Isle of Mull our ferry passed Lismore lighthouse, which ironically is located on Eilean Musdile, while the much bigger Lismore Island can be seen in the background #cycling #Scotland #ferry #Lismore #biketour #britain #BikeTooter

Lismore lighthouse
Lismore lighthouse
Lismore lighthouse

I really hope that this service gets up and running again. I used the previous service from Rosyth back in 2002 - 2006 and it was such a pleasure not to have to drive through Englandshire to get to mainland Europe. All the infrastructure is still there in Fife.

Inevitably our UK masters, under the guise of UK Border Patrol, are at the ready to place obstacles in our path and pour cold water over it.

Oh how they hate to see us doing anything that might improve the lives of us living in #Scotland

#Fife #Ferry #Edinburgh #Zeebrugge #Europe

Hullo said bringing bikes will be possible in the future, but at this point it's not.
They mentioned that bike racks will be on an outer deck; the front one has a few steps and is not ideal, the rear has some space and doesn't have this problem, so they're probably going to be there.
You'd need to walk your bike through the passenger section.

#Hullo #ferry

Can I bring my bike?

We understand how passionate British Columbians are about biking and we are rapidly working on a system of allowing those who need a bike to be able to book limited spots. Right now this service is unavailable but stay tuned!
the door to the rear outer deck
front deck access; high doorstep and a small ladder to accesd the deck, about half a meter tall

Almost 70 km/h with the slight head wind! Comapre this to #BCFerries that go 30 on average.

Lkading time was much shorter too, mostly because you don't need to wait for all the cars to roll in.

The sailing took 1:18 in total.

#Hullo #ferry #CarFree

a speedometer app screenshot showing the speed of 68.8 km/h

Taking a Hullo ferry from Vancouver to Nanaimo for the first time! Looks pretty good so far.

#Hullo #ferry

interior of a ferry with white skin seats
there are 4 sections of seats, side sections are 3 seats wide and, side sections are 4 seats wide
Charlie Phillips/Dolphinchaz
5 days ago

The Calmac Ferry #ferry Loch Seaforth heading out from #Ullapool past the #SummerIsles taken from Badentarbat Pier in #blackandwhite #Scotland #landscape

The CalMac #ferry Loch Seaforth heading out from #Ullapool past the #SummerIsles taken from Badentarbat Pier in #blackandwhite
Nils Wilcke
1 week ago

L'ancien ministre Luc Ferry a fait un esclandre devant l'Elysée le 14 septembre. Invité au château, le désormais chroniqueur s'est emporté contre un policier qui lui demandait de justifier son identité: "'J'en ai rien à foutre, je suis ministre de l'Education nationale'", avant de forcer le passage en traitant le policier de "petit con", relate Le Canard Enchaîné. Le "petit con" a porté plainte pour outrage. Quel exemple pour les écoliers... #Politique #Police #Ferry #Elysee

1 week ago

Leaving Oban harbour on a ferry boat while passing the area of Dunollie Castle. My bike was loaded into the big car deck as always, so I could stretch my legs for a while and watch the beautiful ocean scenery. Btw, did I mention the weather already? 😉 #cycling #Scotland #Oban #ferry #bike #britain #BikeTooter

Leaving Oban harbour on a great summer's day with a clear blue sky, while the ferry boat passes the lush green area of Dunollie Castle
damian entwistle
2 weeks ago

Today's Flickr photo with the most hits: the Loch Linnhe (ferry between Kilchoan and Tobermory). Pictured here at the slipway in Tobermory.

#ferry #kilchoan #tobermory #IsleOfMull

The CalMac ferry between Kilchoan and Tobermory, at the Tobermory slipway.
2 weeks ago

Ostseeurlaub 2023:

"Eine mögliche Alternative wenn man seine Fähre verpasst hat." 😉

#kiting #kitesurfen #fähre #ferry #urlaub #ostsee #sea #balticsea #foto #fotografie #photo #photography

Im Vordergrund sieht man einen Kitesurfer der über die Wellen gleitet. Im Hintergrund sieht man die Fähre die zwischen Deutschland und Dänemark pendelt.
2 weeks ago

I wrote about our plans for a #summer #vacation to #Greece without airtravel a while ago. I'd said I wanted to put my money and effort where my mouth is.

Now I wanted to add a follow-up, but the original post is already gone. My fault for setting auto-deletion to 3 months.

Two adults and two children travelled from #Vienna 🇦🇹 to #Corfu 🇬🇷 and back via #Italy 🇮🇹 , with some sightseeing in #Ancona, Corfu Town, #Brindisi, and #Rome without using any cars or airplanes. I had bought additional travel insurance for missed connections, but we didn't need that.

Itinerary: Tram, #Nightjet sleeper, bus, #ferry, bus, bus, (hotel stay with occasional outings by bus), bus, bus, ferry, shuttle bus, bus, (hotel), #Frecciargento train, (hotel, metro and bus for #sightseeing), #Frecciarossa train, Nightjet sleeper, metro. (Busses means regular public transit busses on numbered lines that the locals also take.)

Every single vehicle everywhere had working air condition. They were clean and on time, and all the longer trips had tasty food. There's power outlets everywhere. The Frecciarossa (red arrow) between Rome and #Bologna only got to 250 km/h, not the 300 we were hoping to see, but that was the only slightest disappointment.

The ferries are not at all climate-friendly. I have not found a number for how much #CO² for a crossing, but they are similar to cruise ships. The trips are far shorter than cruises of course, but we see and smell the black smoke from the stacks. It's wrong to feel smug about taking a ferry instead of an airplane. All the busses had #combustion engines. All the trains/metros/trams were #electric, so that depends on the grid. The Austrian ÖBB prides itself on using only "green" #electricity.

We enjoyed the trip very much. I am unsure about any future travel. I would totally do this again in terms of comfort and experiences. But my goals for how much I hope to not pollute and damage the world for my pleasure have changed. I have no answers right now.

#stayGrounded #climateCatastrophe #ClimateDiary

2 weeks ago

Another from last night... I used the Google 7's Panorama mode, which I don't use a lot because its default stitching mode is Spherical, which tends to distort shapes. In this case, however, its effects look to be minimal.

#photography #sanfrancisco #panorama #nightphotography #fishermanswharf #redandwhitefleet #ferry #boat

A panoramic photograph of two Red And White Fleet ferry boats (the Harbor Princess and the Enhydra) at their docks in San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf.
2 weeks ago

Ostseeurlaub 2023:

"Die Fähre"

die zwischen Puttgarden (Fehmarn) und Rødbyhavn (Dänemark) hin- und herschippert.

#fähre #ferry #ship #schiff #urlaub #ostsee #photo #photography #photos #foto #fotografie #fotodestages #photooftheday

eine von 4 Fährschiffen die zwischen Deutschland und Dänemark hin- und herfahren. Diese Aufnahme ist in Puttgarden(Fehmarn) entstanden.
The European Network
2 weeks ago

The Orkney islands are to test two electric ferries for commuting between its outlying islands as part of efforts to cut carbon emissions from shipping.

The battery-powered hydrofoil ferries, whose hulls are raised above the water, are part of a three-year, £15.5m demonstration project funded by the UK government, due to start in March 2024.

#UK #Scotland #Orkney #Islands #Ferry #Hydrofoil #Ship #EV #CarbonEmissions

2 weeks ago

Surveys point out what we all know: workers are just as productive remotely as in the office. But those in charge are resistant to change and insist on dragging everyone in, for old-times-sake. At least they don't expect five days in the office (we're in 3 of 5).
#remote #work #is work #commuting #wastes #energy #stay at #home #labor #no #office #time #clock #punch #highway #car #subway #bus #train #fairy #ferry #commuter #strap #hanger #toll #payer

3 weeks ago

The fun of taking a ferry boat from Oban starts, when the vessel makes this 270 degree turn inside the harbour. It's like a sightseeing tour of the city from an elevated platform #cycling #Scotland #Oban #ferry #bike #britain #BikeTooter

Sitting on the rear deck of the ferry from Oban to ... pssst ... while the vessel turns around in the harbour, giving a wonderful panorama of the city
3 weeks ago

New step towards a combined "#train and #ferry" ticket between #Ireland and #France in 2024

With the upcoming #Rugby World Cup 2023 starting this Friday in France, Ireland and France are taking another step towards the launch of a combined “Sail & #Rail” ticket

3 weeks ago

However, the passage between #Constance and #Meersburg is way cheaper, faster and more frequent (approx. every 12 minutes in both directions) on the #carferry run by the #StadtwerkeKonstanz from / to the #ferry #port of #Staade:
#Bicycles are allowed on and from board before the cars.
@fedibikes_de @mastobikes_de #LakeConstance #Konstanz #Bodensee

3 weeks ago

View from our #ferry cabin window as we woke up this morning.
The port of Rotterdam is in the far distance. We will arrive at Hoek van Holland quite soon.
A very peaceful night.

Sunrise with a pink horizon over a calm grey sea looking through a round window facing forward from the ship.
MJ Ray
3 weeks ago

@kupfers every time #foot passengers use the #boat, they are effectively reminded that motorists are more important than them, that they must wait for the motorists, that they are a nuisance that the #ferry company must hire buses for. Eventually most take the hint and either use a #car, or at least get a #bus ticket. Foot passage seems to be provided under sufferance.

3 weeks ago

How cool is this: #Bicycle stands on the #BSB #LakeConstance #Ferry from #Meersburg via Isle of #Mainau to #Constance (and retour).

@fedibikes_de @mastobikes_de #Konstanz #Bodensee

Bob Mockford
3 weeks ago

Catching the ferry from Warsash to Hamble on Monday's walk. Then along Hamble Shore to the country park. #warsash #hamble #netley #ferry #walk #walking

A gravel path with the river on the left. In the distance, a pink shelter with a pontoon stretching out into the river.
Yachts on the river, seen from the stern of the ferry.
The ferry leaving from the pontoon in Hamble, making another trip across the river to Warsash.
A shingle beach with a wide expanse of sea to the left.
3 weeks ago

I've done my packing for tomorrow's holiday departure. Mrs Mike is still 'thinking about what to take' - this stresses me out no end!!

Plenty of time - we leave home about 3pm tomorrow afternoon - the first leg is a train to Cambridge, eat in one of the pubs near the station, and get the boat train direct to Harwich.

It looks like we're going to have good weather!

#train #railway #ferry #CrossBorderRail #holidays

4 weeks ago

Just took a 40 minute #ferry ride and I'm sick as a dog. Looks like any dreams I had about quitting my job, becoming a #pirate and sailing the seven seas have been dashed. Gonna have to stick with office work. 😢

4 weeks ago

Approaching Barcelona. Scheduled arrival at 9:15, meanwhile E.T.A 7:30 (why do they even bother to make a schedule?).
Off Badalona, #catalunya #españa
#gumo #ferry #gnv

Foto. Offenes Meer mit Morgenrot.
1 month ago

Dieses mal habe wir eine pet friendly cabin gebucht. Die Doggos finden das toll.

#DFDS #ferry

Zwei Hunde in einer Schiffskabine
1 month ago

I am still overcoming #carbrain

That fear I am not able to get anywhere without a #car

A 12 mile ride on a #bicycle is about an hour, even with a backpack. I gave myself 4 hours. Which is good, it leaves time for coffee and breakfast as well as a little shopping. If I had a flat I would have been able to fix it.

Everything went smoothly, even though it rained.

#transittrekking #ferry #bus #commuterrail

Provincetown Harbor. It’s foggy, there are a few boats. A stone jetty is on the left and in the lower left corner are posts from the wharf.
1 month ago

I took a micro vacation - commuter rail to #boston, #ferry to #provincetown, rode my #bike to #truro and stayed at a hostel

The Provincetown Fast Ferry which is a huge white ship with dark windows and blue lettering.
The Hostelling International Truro hostel which is a large white wooden building with windows, a porch and a red door. The sky behind it is blue.
Cape Cod shrubs, a tiny bit of ocean and a bright blue sky.
The view from the Provincetown Museum tower - it’s foggy and windy and I didn’t linger.
Backpack and Snorkel
1 month ago

The historic #Ferry Building in #Auckland was built in 1912 and partly modeled after the San Francisco Ferry Building. #NewZealand

1 month ago

It was good all family was up for it (and my bike sufficiently back in working order) since they'd burned our ship for plan B : we planned to go back to #CorranFerry and road-#cycle to #FortWilliam in case we found the way too wet or the weather too steep (or the other way around), but the #ferry boat broke down this morning!
(and that replacement boat of a replacement boat...)

Phil Sturgeon
1 month ago

Spending one last night in the van in Harwich before the 9am #Ferry to #Netherands.

Getting Bike of Theseus all tweaked and packed with a beer.

Bloody happy with the new Pro Missile S-Bend awro bars one of you folks recommended, so thanks for that!

Orange steel Surly Crosscheck dresses up for gravel adventures.
Close up of the aero bars on the front. Used to be the sort of thing you’d stick on time trial bikes and looks out of place on this one, but it helps with long adventures.
1 month ago

Today was often wet, which was fine as we were staying in the same accommodation as yesterday. And above #Strontian, there's a good place for some easy #mountainBiking, with a rocky path, a #singleTrack one and great views.

Tomorrow due to be dryer, we'll be off to #Glencoe by the road and #ferry - which accepts only #foot passengers and #cyclists at present!

#cycling #Scotland #MTB

Steep-ish and rocky and wet and muddy... yummy!
View of the glen
Dryish and rocky
Undiscovered Scotland
1 month ago

Tarbert, the main village and ferry port on Harris, the southern part of the largest island in the Western Isles. It was founded as a fishing settlement in 1779 and was a port of call for mail steamers from 1840. More pics and info:

#Scotland #Tarbert #Harris #WesternIsles #Ferry #UndiscoveredScotland

Tarbert on Harris. The image shows a view from a high vantage point over an inlet from the sea with a ferry terminus on the far side and a ferry berthed with its bow door open. In the upper left of the frame is a scatter of housing and other buildings forming the village. The background is formed by hillsides of mainly grey rock. The scene is in sunlight.
Erin Whalen
1 month ago

Entering the fjords of not Norway.

#BritishColumbia #ferry #SunshineCoast

The metal corner of the upper deck of a ferry points to the rolling mountains lining the BC coastline. Deep blue sky is reflected in the water below while the sun shines bright above the peaks, causing lens flare.
Undiscovered Scotland
2 months ago

There's something especially romantic about an island you can only reach from another island rather than from the Scottish mainland. This is the Isle of Raasay ferry, MV Hallaig, unloading at Sconser on the Isle of Skye. More pics and info:

#Scotland #RaasayFerry #Ferry #IsleOfRaasay #MVHallaig #Sconser #Skye #UndiscoveredScotland

The Isle of Raasay ferry, MV Hallaig. The image shows a broad concrete slipway at the foot of the frame with a white and black ferry berthed end on to the camera with its bow door down and a black Land Rover driving off. There is sea in the background and then a hillside covered in brown bracken. The sky is blue.
Markus Tacker
2 months ago

OMG, this build-up by #Ferry brings me tears of joy!

Johan Empa
2 months ago

Wonder if we have any hydrogen ferries in the EU? :blobcatwhat:

#ferry #eu

Johan Empa
2 months ago

🇺🇸 San Francisco has a hydrogen fuel cell ferry 😃

75 passengers.

There must be like thousands of diesel ferries in the world that can be replaced with battery and hydrogen alternatives.

#ferry #H2

Undiscovered Scotland
2 months ago

The view north along Loch Carron from the old ferry slipway at Stromeferry. The ferries ceased regular operations in 1970 when the A890, the Stromeferry bypass, was completed around the north end of the loch. More pics and info:

#Scotland #LochCarron #Stromeferry #Ferry #Lochalsh #UndiscoveredScotland

The old ferry slipway at Stromeferry. The image shows a view along a sea loch from a slightly curving slipway in the bottom right of the frame. There are small boats pulled up on the side of the slipway. The shores of the loch in the distance rise to rough hills. The sky is blue.

@natty @lunareclipse Personally I'd not be surprised if #Venice would setup some "Water-Trolleybus" like this #electric #cable #ferry to reduce the mudding of canals and reduce noise, emissions and waves...

2 months ago

@bici @jonjennings One more thing about that #Hullo #Nanaimo fast #ferry is that, since its Vancouver terminal is in such a good location, one could travel light and hop on a ShawMobi bike on the Vancouver side, assuming that you can stay within their service range.

2 months ago

@bici @jonjennings ...And on the subject of compromises, the #Nainamo terminal is not a good location for a foot #ferry . It's not really downtown and not walkable but might be the only location the port authority would give them !

Jon Jennings
2 months ago

Fast #ferry #Vancouver -> #Nanaimo launching next month for foot passengers

Note #bikes must be pre-booked and they won't carry #ebikes or electric #wheelchairs at all ("Dangerous Goods Act" yada yada yada).

Obvs they lose my business by virtue of the ebike ban but is it even legal to ban electric wheelchairs? And how do BC Ferries carry these things if it's a legal restriction?

Nelson Chu Pavlosky
2 months ago

Took the RiverLink #Ferry from Camden for the first time.

We were able to get our bikes down the stairs on the north side of the Ben Franklin Bridge on the way to NJ, but we weren't relishing the idea of pushing them back up. Good news, taking our bikes on the ferry was painless.

I just wish the ferry ran more often, at more times of day, and year round (instead of May - September). Typical issues with public transit in the US.

Selfie of me and Maggie, with the ferry and the Philly skyline in the background
Empty upper deck of the ferry, with the Battleship New Jersey in the background
Looking out the front of the lower deck, mostly you see the water if the Delaware River, but there's the Philly skyline again in the distance
Maggie sitting inside the lower deck, wearing a Flo mask and a hi-vis vest. Our e-bikes are parked in front of her.
2 months ago

I've been trying to plan next year's big #Interrail trip over the last few weeks.

I want to go to the German Baltic coast, and as a bonus a couple of Hanseatic towns.
I particularly want to go to Insel Rugen (for Prora).

Time will be limited so we might have to fly to the start point (boo!) but I think I'm overcomplicating it by trying to include a #ferry from Malmo or Ystad.

A genuine first world problem.

#holiday #germany #baltic #Rugen #Prora #Sweden

Aaron Priven
2 months ago

Bay Area transit agencies, are working together to develop a new and improved wayfinding system to benefit all riders, regardless of transit experience.

has created a short public survey to gather feedback until July 17:

This one is about Bay Area identity; check it out even you don’t use transit. Thanks!

#sfba #transitTooter #publictransit #bayarea #rail #bus #ferry

Sharing good Moments
3 months ago

Our 'goodbye' from the lovely family was also a goodbye to #Ireland.
In #Dublin we quickly cooked some vegan burger, made our way through the busy city and rolled on board of the #ferry. The weather was quite bad, we had strong wind and rain. Therefore the #ocean crossing was a shaky affair what we felt in our stomach area 🥴. But everything went well. The next morning we were near #France, the wind had died down, the sea was calm and the sun was shining.
What a welcome 😎
#BikeTooter #cycling

Peter Gray
3 months ago

Maghery / Bannfoot Ferry. Lough Neagh, Co Armagh. c1960s. (National Museums Northern Ireland). C/o NI Historical Photographical Soc. #Bann #Maghery #Armagh #ferry

Black and white photo. Two men pull in a rope to take a wooden pontoon ferry across a river. A Morris car sits on the pontoon.
3 months ago

04/07/2023 - Woke up early after a decent enough sleep on the ferry. 7am back in Aberdeen. We still had the day off work so decided to head to Bennachie for the morning and then a big shop on the way back. Tired now.

#Ferry #Hills

The view out of the cabin as we wake up to a sunny morning on the sea.
Sun on the sea. Boats in the distance. Nearly at Aberdeen harbour. A pod of dolphins can be seen in the sunshine. They are around the harbour a lot. Always nice to see.
View north down Aberdeen beach. The sand goes for about 13 miles along the coast. It's lovely.
Morning walk up Bennachie after getting off the ferry from Shetland. It's a granite top with view indicator.
3 months ago

03/07/2023 - Last day of our trip to Shetland. Bit rainy so we just pottered about looking at the sea and lovely landscape. Dropped my dad off at the airport in the afternoon and then headed for the overnight ferry back to Aberdeen. It had been a very good holiday.

#Shetland #Ferry

Photo of the rocky coast near Sumburgh. It's a great place to see terns.
The wake of our ferry as we head back home in the evening.
Time to put our feet up in the cabin on the ferry. Photo is of our feet on the beds, just socks. The sea was kind for our trip thankfully.
Looking out of the ferry window as we pass the Fair Isle. Heading home but my mind was already turning to future adventures.
3 months ago

Good morning, Kingston, on a smoky, hot day. #ygk #forthenry #wolfeisland #ferry

A view from Kingston Ontario from a height, with a smoky background. The rising sun is at left, and the fort Henry heights at right across the cataraqui river. The wolfe island ferry docks are in the foreground and the approaching ferry at right.
Sharing good Moments
3 months ago

While checking the map we discovered the country #Jersey. Spontaniously we decided to visit this #island and pedaled 106km until we reached the port of St. Malo at 2 o'clock in the morning. Near the port we found a grasscovered corner aside the street where we laid down and slept for 3 hours. Light rain started at 6.30 when we came to the #ferry. Happily we cought the last tickets, jumped on board and waved 'good bye #france' 👋

#stmalo #saintmalo
#cycling #cycletouring #BikeTooter

Helen Clayton
3 months ago

#ferry ✔️
A bit behind schedule as my bus was late, but onwards…
#walking #SlowWays

View down a calm estuary from the prow of a small ferry boat. Yachts anchored in the still waters. Wooded hillsides sloping down to the waters edge. Pale blue sky with broken white cloud.
Undiscovered Scotland
4 months ago

The Islay to Jura ferry approaching Port Askaig on Islay, with the distinctive Paps of Jura in the background. The five-minute ferry trip takes you to the wildest and emptiest of all Scotland's inhabited islands. More pics and info:

#Scotland #Jura #IsleOfJura #Ferry #PapsOfJura #Islay #IsleOfIslay #UndiscoveredScotland

The Islay to Jura ferry. The image shows a ferry with a light blue hull and white superstructure at the back with an orange top. It is sailing from right to left in the frame on a stretch of water. In the background is land rising to grey mountains whose tops are lost in the cloud. The scene is in sunlight.
5 months ago

To put my money (and time and effort) where my mouth is, I have now booked our family summer vacation 🏝️ without car or air travel. We're going from Vienna 🇦🇹 to Greece 🇬🇷 by train and ferry, with transfers on public transit busses! It's 1.5 days one way instead of a few hours by air.

Last year we went to Italy, which is much closer. Greece is the next level challenge from here.

What I noticed so far:

There are way too few connections. I should really have booked earlier, but overall there just are magnitudes more seats on airplanes to/from Greece than cabins on the ferries and sleeper compartments on trains. Many ferries and trains do not run daily even in the top summer season.

There are very few travel agencies for this kind of trip. I found none for Austria, and one specialized for Switzerland. When I book everything separately, I carry the full risk in case of a missed connection.

Many ferries are car/camper ferries. There is an impressive multitude of services and a whole culture around travelling with your own (rented) vehicle that has grown and matured over decades. I wonder how that will change?

BTW, I really loved air travel. But I understand we have to do everything we can.

#railways #train #rail #nightjet #öbb #trenitalia #anek #ferry #ferries #vacation #beach #summerOf23 #co2 #greece #italy #autofrei #autokorrektur #Verkehrswende #Mobilitätswende #climatechange #climatecrisis #climate #climateaction #climateemergency #climateDiary

Tab Combs
6 months ago

Today I tried using an NC #Ferry without a #car. Ask me anything.

#AMA #CarCulture #BitingFlies #pedestrians

Stefan Bohacek
6 months ago

NYC mayor Eric Adams and the Trust for Governors Island recently announced a new addition to Governors Island’s fleet: New York Harbor’s first public, hybrid electric ferry, which will begin transporting visitors to Governors Island in summer 2024.

All New Yorkers are invited to submit their name ideas:

#NYC #GovernorsIsland #ferry #name

@jonty I have a cunning plan... #ferry

Photo of the Woolwich Ferry found on the Internet somewhere, showing that it can carry large lorries, so perhaps also the odd double decker bus...
Ninja 🦝
7 months ago

#Auckland the #HarbourBridge is now closed to all traffic.

If you have to travel to the shore, the western ring route (SH16/SH18) is still open.

All #bus services have also been cancelled, with busses holding in their current location until further notice.

Many #Ferry routes have also been cancelled.

No #Train updates sighted

If you don’t have to travel, don’t.
If you do have to travel, be safe. Avoid flood waters. Drive to the conditions - when they’re shit, reduce your speed

9 months ago

😱 Ferry Drama! #ferry #transit

A screenshot of a Mastodon online poll, with results reading: 

50% Martha's Vineyard Ferry
50% Provincetown Ferry
Marc Hedlund
10 months ago

View from the ferry, lots of bikes (20?) aboard. #SFBay #ferry #bikes /cc @allafarce

Downtown San Francisco from a ferry, with the San Francisco Bay Bridge above and a deck full of bikes below.
Isle of Eigg
10 months ago

#FERRY... or not!
In winter, we have 4 ferries a week to/from the mainland port of Mallaig. Our last ferry was on Wednesday. Today's has been cancelled due to wind and sea swell. Will it go tomorrow? The forecast suggests possibly not. The next ferry is on Monday.
Result = lots of people stuck in Mallaig who were trying to get here. People stuck here who were due to go off for appointments, holidays, work, or go home after their holiday on Eigg. It's frustrating, but it's island life. #patience

Picture of a day time weather forecast for Saturday 26th November showing winds from the South East of around 30mph gusting up to 47mph.  It shows temperature at 11 degrees celsius with some rain.
Picture of a black and white ferry with a red chimney.  It's called MV Loch Nevis and is run by the ferry company Caledonian Macbrayne. 
The sea is quite calm. The sky has some clouds in it, but the sunshine appears to be shining.
Cllr Oisín O'Connor
10 months ago

Brittany Ferries with a new ship Rosslare-Bilbao

“Until now it has been very difficult to accommodate bike and foot passengers on this route,” Mr Dumoulin said. “Now we have the right ship, on the right route, so I am delighted to announce a change."
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