9 hours ago

I just found out about the beauty of #filter in #mastodon -- #home cluttered? Remove or hide all #posts you are not interested in.

Finally a clean #tech stream with #HomeAssistant stuff without any #ukraine or #activism posts! Woot! 🎉

3 days ago

Im Kampf gegen „Ewigkeits-Gifte“ entwickeln Freiberger Chemiker neue Organik-Tonfilter. Die sollen zehn Mal billiger als PFAS-Aktivkohlefilter sein:
#Freiberg #Sachsen #Chemie #PFAS #Filter #Ton #Lehm #ewig #Gift #Akademie #Umweltschutz #Aktivkohle #Alternative #Substitution #Halbleiter #Maschinen #Pfanne #Textilien

Today’s #MonoMonday entry has a lot of white in it 😎❄️

#MonoMontag #iPhone15ProMax #iPhonePhotography #filter #Mono

Me in the snow at the Töss river near Winterthur, Switzerland. Applied the iPhone’s Mono filter for MonoMonday.
Bob Jonkman
4 days ago

Want: A #Fediverse #ReverseFilter, so that I can subscribe to someone's feed but keep it muted, except when their post contains a word in my reverse #Filter list.

This would be really useful for all those posts that don't include hashtags.

Thomas Werner
5 days ago

💲 Bezahlartikel im Online-SPIEGEL, aber eigentlich reicht schon die Überschrift:

»Ich glaube nicht, dass ich jemals wieder zu 100 Prozent belastbar sein werde«

Junge Erwachsene mit Long COVID, die das Magazin Anfang 2022 (vor fast zwei Jahren) interviewt hat, und wie sich ihre Krankheit bis heute auswirkt.

#SARSCoV2 #COVID19 #COVID #NoCOVID #LongCOVID #COVIDIsNotOver #COVIDIstNichtVorbei #WearAMask #MaskeAuf #DieMaskeBleibtAuf #TeamVorsicht #CleanAir #HEPA #Filter

Ana Tudor 🐯
5 days ago

I'd love to use SVG, there's cool stuff you could do with it...

But it's so fucking broken and heaven forbid you comment on a 15+ year old bug with your use case because you get hit with a big fat dismissive attitude.

Anyway, this text effect could have been done without duplication & the text could have been selectable.

IF SVG worked.

That's not the case, so a non-selectable duplicated text is all you get

#svg #rant #coding #css #textEffect #frontend #webDev #filter

Text cutout with the magenta panel it's cut out of being sliced diagonally and the slices offset along their length in a direction depending on their parity. The panel slices project shadows onto those below them vertically on the page and onto the purple textured background behind.
6 days ago

Bei Einführung von CYBORG-Technologien und VPN-Glasscheibe-Phone-Steuerung im Raum bis
"wegen einer .. Maßnahme bleibt der Verkehr auf der Linie UNTERBROCHEN.."
scheint es wenig #Öffentlichkeit im Bereich realer GRUND zu geben - denn früher fuhr der ZUG ( also u.a. der eben !) ?

Ganz viele Fragen vom Feuer #legen (#FILTER .. Filter-Nerds statt Eigentum (früher mal Hoch geschützt) und DATEN- Rettung?) beschreiben ALLE - die mal einen PC; ein Phone PLUS oder .. gesehen haben


Sie fahren teils noch immer ..
Brandschutz Ausrüstung Osten Deutschland

Hätte man solange wie Heute bei der Beschaffung gebraucht - hätte man wohl vielleicht KEINE Fahrzeuge

Eine dieser Merkwürdigkeiten im Raum

Obwohl Feuer doch nun wirklich eine dieser GRUNDGEFAHREN ist ?

Ähnlich ist es bei Computerbränden
Ganzen Umleitungen der EDV Anbindung
Datendiebstahl bei Zivilgesellschaft PRAKTISCH ohne Feuerwehr - so Offizielle Stellen und Beobachererklärungen

Es brennt mehr was nieder (Filter ..) anstatt was bei Antrag an Öffentlich genannte Stellen einer RETTUNG zugeführt wird ?

Vielleicht wird man später über diese Epoche am wenigsten WISSEN - in allen ZEITEN ?

Für wen ist sowas PRAKTISCH?

Da das Autowerk geschlossen wurde . kann das nur ein DDR Feuerwehrauto BEISPIEL sein $ :idle:
1 week ago

@javahippie Ein paar Boots habe ich gern in meiner Timeline.

Ich experimentiere grade mit #Filter. Bisher schaut das gut aus. :D

Bild von einem "Politik nervt"-Filter, mit Stichworten wie AfD, FDP, etc.

Prepared for the next #bitcoin #news #mediaCycle?

Well, fasten your seat belts and adjust your #filter's accordingly.

#fediTips #journalism

Weekly index stock's graph of bitcoin value measured in USD since 2020.

A variation from round about 15k to 69k is visible. The actual bitcoin price of 37.8k is shown after several weeks of green candles that indicate a steady price rise while the volume candles of negotiated bitcoins show an increase in trade of btc.
2 weeks ago

Manchmal darf es auch ein #Filter sein.
#krieg #resilienz

Venus Rune🌟💝🌺⚡️🌈
2 weeks ago

Just a regular Filter Friday where I’m just sitting at home🙂. #likeness #aiart #stablediffusion #purple #tshirt #pretty #cute #wholesome #filter #filterfriday #animefilter

Al art of my likeness with accurate depiction of my body, face and hair created in a program using my own personal actual photos. My long blonde hair is down. I am wearing a purple t-shirt and some pants. I am sitting on a sofa. Behind me is a window with curtains. Outside the window appears to be trees and some towers. (Unfiltered version)
Al art of my likeness with accurate depiction of my body, face and hair created in a program using my own personal actual photos. My long blonde hair is down. I am wearing a purple t-shirt and some pants. I am sitting on a sofa. Behind me is a window with curtains and a design on the left side of the wall(only in anime filtered version). Outside the window appears to be trees and some towers. (Anime filtered version)
Kev Pop's Wheeler's Little Blog
2 weeks ago

I’ve done my aquarium water change and big maintenance like I mentioned earlier, I was at it for around two and a half hours or thereabouts and now my poor old back is killing me 😕 but it’s done now and I’m happy with it, so I’m sat here on the sofa, as comfortable as I can get with a cup of tea and a couple of painkillers 😁

Okay lets get to it then, the first job I needed to do was trim all of my stem plants, they were pretty long, some running along the top of the water, so I trimmed them well down but kept the cuttings for replanting to thicken the back planting up a bit. I stored them temporarily under wet tissue to stop them from drying out.

Next job was to drain however much aquarium water I was going to change, first being sure to turn off the heater and the filters, I drained 3 big full buckets (they were damn heavy), that was around two thirds of the tank water and is a good big water change.

I wanted to boost the nutrient levels for my aquarium plants so I broke up a bunch of API Root Tabs and pushed them down into the sand spread around the tank to give the plant roots something to feed on. Then onto planting, first I gathered my various saved stem plant cuttings into bunches and placed them along the back in the appropriate plant groups, I also had some new plants to put in the tank, I had bought some Vallisneria Torta which was planted around one of the back corners, and some Elodea Densa which I planted in a gap in my wood hardscape. I had also bought four different types of Bucephalandra which is an epiphyte which means they shouldn’t be planted in the substrata as their rhizome would rot so they are usually glued or tied to wood or rocks, I glued mine onto the wood in various positions.

I wanted to tidy the front central area of my aquarium substrata to make it look a bit nicer so I put some fresh sand over the top of that area and it looked much nicer. I had some black beard algae growing on some of my plants and had read that liquid CO2 supplement was good for getting rid of algae so while the water was down low I sprayed them with my liquid CO2, hopefully that will get rid of the algae.

I had left some botanical’s soaking in hot water overnight to use in the tank so next I placed them were I wanted them to give a natural look and so various of the occupants can feed on them and hide in them, aquarium botanical’s consists of various leaves, cones and pods found in nature, or in this case bought from specialist dealers.

Now it was time to fill the tank back up, I filled the buckets up one at a time with hot and cold water mixed to approximate aquarium temperature, the buckets of water were also dosed with API Stress Coat+ which conditions the tap water making it safe for the fish and Shrimp Mineral GH/KH+ for healthy shrimp, the first bucket also contained the tannin water left over from soaking the botanical’s. As with emptying the tank refilling it took three big full buckets (and yes once again they were damn heavy). The water was poured back into the tank carefully over a sheet of bubble wrap so as not to cause too much disturbance.

Once the water was topped back up fully I turned the heater and the filters back on and added beneficial bacteria in the form of API Quick Start to help compensate for the influx of new water.

While I was ongoing with all of this and for a short while afterwards I observed my aquarium to check how things are getting on in my little aquatic world and I’m happy to say things seem to be getting on alright, oh and one big thing to mention regarding my former little wriggler that I saw occasionally wriggling about on the bottom of the tank, well I saw it quite clearly a few times and it isn’t a little wriggler anymore, it’s a fully formed perfect tiny catfish swimming around freely 😁🙏 So I know for a fact I have at least one little baby catfish, I only saw one, or maybe only one at a time, there may be more than one but I haven’t yet seen more than one at a time, but hey if my catfish have bred once they may well do it again and I might get more 👍

Anyway that’s all for now, I’ll just rest and look after my poor old wrecked back and ask you to please Be Well, Be Safe, Be Happy 😊💕🙏

#algae #api #Aquarium #baby #back #bacteria #beneficial #botanicals #bucephalandra #catfish #change #cuttings #elodea #epiphyte #filter #fish #heater #leaves #liquidCO2 #little #maintenance #nutrient #pain #plants #pods #rhizome #root #shrimp #ShrimpMineral #StressCoat_ #substrata #tabs #tank #tannin #tropical #vallisneria #water #wood #wriggler

Nicolas Delsaux
3 weeks ago

Et pour aller avec ublacklist, voici une liste d'urls à filtrer dans les résultats de DuckDuckGo #opensource #plugin #filter #searchengine #list

Nicolas Delsaux
3 weeks ago

Je ne sais pas si c'est grâce aux gros modèles de langages, mais je trouve que les résultats des moteurs de recherche sont de plus en plus remplis par des sites ... de merde. Heureusement, Firefox supporte des extensions protégeant les utilisateurs. En particulier, ublacklist supprime les résultats d'une liste noire qu'on peut configurer. #firefox #chrome #plugin #searchengine #filter #opensource

3 weeks ago

If you want to build one of these, the instructions from Dr. Richard Corsi here: #CorsiRosenthalBox #air #filter

3 weeks ago

Oddly enough, buying 8 of these filters is about the same as buying just 4. Great price, these were pricey from 2021 to 2022. #MERV13 #filter

Home depot showing 22 something for one filter, or 11 something is more than 4 purchased.
adingbatponder :nixos:
3 weeks ago

#mastodon #filter . I had not set my filter to "whole word" and was showing my daughter how mastodon works and opened a blocked post saying "my filter blocks cats" and in fact it had blocked chorals ....

Screenshot showing a post with word catching being blocked because I had set the filter to block cat but not ticked the whole world tick box.
Detlev Zundel
3 weeks ago

@sanityinc There is an older article on a German news site about problems selling tickets for this band (only in German, but Firefox translate does a good job of translating it into English):

(Actually this was the first time I tried the local #translation feature of #Firefox and I'm impressed)


Blake Patterson
3 weeks ago

Atkinson daughter (who cares little about nuanced dithering algorithms).

#graphics #AtkinsonDithering #dithered #pixelart #art #photo #filter #dadlife

3 weeks ago

Is it possible to include a filter macro in my excel tab hyperlink? Of course it is! Google has all the answers, but oy.... Is it worth my time to implement it for 20 different hyperlinks back to the main data sheet? Probably not!

#excel #hyperlink #filter #IT

3 weeks ago

The power of a simple Black and White filter

#cat #meme #filter #catboy #kemonomimi #kitty

Comparison of a cat person with and without a classy black and white filter
Sean Murthy
3 weeks ago

When you follow #diet for health-related posts and get posts about the Japanese parliament and government. 😆

I wonder if that qualifies as "double entendre". 🤔 😉

#health #japan #hashtag #filter #follow

#Mastodon tool that tells you which people you follow most frequently match your word #filters

#mastodonFilters #filter #wordFilter #fediverse #activitypub

Anthony Goubard
1 month ago

Today's release is Japplis Pastel 1.1 - apply effects to your photos.

What's new: a menu bar, tooltips, improved help, chocolatey package and more than 100 improvements in the application framework.

:java: #java2d #pastel #effect #filter #software #windows #macos

Japplis Pastel Screenshot
Danny Boling 🌈 ☮️
1 month ago

Looks like my "Fascist Asshole trump" filter is getting a workout today. 🤣

#fascist #trump #filter #MastodonFilters #SaveMySanity #news #court #judge


A screenshot of my phone showing Mastodon's filter function working hard today. It displays nothing but "Filtered: Fascist Asshole trump. Show anyway" repeated over and over from the top of the screen to the bottom.
Petra van Cronenburg
1 month ago

I love Mastodon's diverse #filter possibilities. As a #journalist, I follow colleagues + #media. However, I can't stand constantly reading about the disasters of this world in my #timeline. It's very easy: cram media etc. into a #list. Click on the list name. Hide the list members' posts from "Home". This gives me peace and quiet and I can read the list only when I have the energy. You can install these lists for everything and also allow their content in the TL. #mentalhealth #filters #feditips

Screenshot with list name "Journalism". There's a button activated to: Hide these posts from home. If it's not activated, you'll have these posts automatically in your Home stream. Browser version, Firefox.
Ana Tudor 🐯
1 month ago

Hey, look, a little animated gradient text glow I made in a few min last night is among the picks on #CodePen!

The text has a cycling gradient. So does the glow. There's no text duplication involved (in the markup or in a pseudo's content), it's achieved with a simple, compact, easy to read #SVG #filter.


#css #SVGfilter #coding #frontend #webDev #webDevelopment

Animated GIF. Gradient text having the same gradient for its text glow. The gradient cycles in between two hues 90° apart.

If you post on the #Fediverse about something awful please #CW or #hashtag it so that people can #filter it if they are caring for their #mentalHealth.

Thank you!

#israel #palestine #ukraine #russia #trump #maine #shooting #massshooting #climatechange

3 months ago

On the trip described above, I didn't get catch #Covid or any summer flu. I think it's far from perfect and there was a lot of luck involved, but if anyone wants to know, here's what I did:

Packing: #FFP2 #masks, nasal spray (#enovid), and a portable air filter (#smartair qt-3 with filter sealed with tape)

The masks are the same that I wear at home. They seal tight on my face and are comfortable to wear. I wore them everywhere inside, except for in my hotel room / sleeping compartment. We ate outside on an airy terrace at the beach hotel, but the buffet was inside. So I put the mask on to go inside to get some food, took it off outside to eat, and put it on again to get more food. That felt silly on the first day, but then I got used to it. Nobody cared at all, and I felt good. I had a mask with me at the beach and pool and put it on when I went inside to go to the bathroom.

To keep things simple, I usually only differentiate between "inside" and "outside". But I also put a mask on outside when there's a crowd and the air is not moving (hello Corfu Old Town). I wear the mask inside even when there's hardly any other people there because I cannot see into the recent past or future. I don't want to fumble with putting on a mask in a hurry if a bus load of people suddenly spills into the hotel lobby or shop (That's the same as I do at home anyway).

You need large-ish #pockets to always keep masks handy. There's gender divide between those of us that get hardly any pockets, and those that get an overabundance of pockets. Consider this and maybe adapt your wardrobe.

I had brought the air #filter to put it on the table in front of me if we had to eat inside. We always ate outside except for the ferries and the trains. For the first dinner inside, I forgot the filter in our room and decided to eat without. I wore a mask, took it off to eat and put it back on as soon as I was done eating (I did not hurry). Afterwards I used the nasal spray. I stuck with this procedure for the other ferry and the Frecce trains. So I actually did not use the air filter much.

At the beach hotel, I covered my skin with sun screen every morning in our room. Then I walked down the stairs without a mask, because my face was still drying. The windows in the stair case were always open except on one day, because the cleaning staff would usually open them around that time. It was luck how many people I would meet.

On the sleeper train, the attendant sometimes knocks on the door. I opened the door without putting on the mask first. On the trip back, I hung the mask over my glasses while I slept, so I would remember to put it on.

I had wanted to get a mobile #CO²
monitor to assess the air quality in rooms/compartments. We have some at home from the early pandemic days, but they are not good. I did some research, decided that the #aranet4 is probably still the best, and completely forgot about it. The day before we left, I remembered, but there was no way to buy one so quickly. So unfortunately I cannot report on the air quality for instance on the trains. I would have loved to share this information, because I searched for it beforehand, but couldn't find it. There's lots of people posting their CO² numbers from airplanes and meeting rooms, but nothing about sleeper cars.

#wearAMask #CovidIsNotOver #covid

Ana Tudor 🐯
4 months ago


Want to get a progressive grayscale()/ saturate() filter effect, from 0% to normal?

Blend with a gradient from *anything with saturation 0%* to transparent using the color blend mode!

No duplication + masking necessary for this effect!

Last image shows the original image without the gradual effect saturation for comparison.

May also have a grayscale split

#CSS #coding #frontend #webDev #webDevelopment #CodePen #filter #blending

Progressive grayscale effect in action. The image is completely desaturated at the top and not at all at the bottom.
The code:
/* this is all it takes! */
/* no duplication + masking necessary! */
.progressive {
		linear-gradient(grey, transparent), 
		url(landscape.jpg) 50%/ cover;
	background-blend-mode: color
The original image with its full saturation for comparison with the progressively desaturated version.

Werde hier jetzt vorübergehend nur sporadisch reinsehen. Habt es fein bis dahin! (das Bild enthält #KI #Filter)

Ich mit KI Filter und rosa lila Haaren

Finally got around to #filtering statuses on and I already prefer it to the way that I've seen any other #mastodon client do it:

Firstly I hide the details entirely unless you want to see them. #Calckey blurs the #muted words which I might do too.

Then I not only display which #filter was triggered, but which words were matched.

Finally, I let the user rehide after showing in case they took a peek and then realized it was something NSFW.


4 months ago

I love it when a plan comes together

#filter #mastodon

4 filtered posts in a row. Mostly Twitter but also Giants
BeAware :verified420:
5 months ago

Just some info about the types of #games I enjoy, for those interested to #follow me for #game content.

Currently, I enjoy #ESO as a mainstay. I will be dabbling in #DiabloIV every now and then as well, but seasonal characters aren't my thing. In the past, I have enjoyed #LooterShooter type games ala #Borderlands. Games that I can farm for loot or just anything valuable to trade to other players is really my thing.

I also LOVE lore, but my #ADHD usually prevents me from enjoying long drawn-out cutscenes.

If these are the types of games you enjoy or just want to banter about #gaming in general, shoot me a follow. Chances are, if your bio seems relatable, I'll follow back.

Just a warning, I post LOTS of #AIart, so if that's not your thing, you can still follow me and just add a #filter for that tag.

#Thanks for coming to my TED talk and may the #Fediverse let you be as federated as you wish.

#Mastodon #gamers #gamer #pcgaming #mmorpg #mmorpgs #WoW #wowclassic #arpg #gamingnews

#regex #protip :
If your instance uses #glitchsoc , your Live Feeds tab will allow you to filter out posts based on a regular expression. But what if you want to filter out posts that don't contain a certain word (i.e. searching for a specific term)? You can use this regex:



#wardiPublicPost #search #filter

I have plenty more achievable goals for (like multi-account, or #Calckey support) but something I'd love to try is #classifying posts with #machineLearning #tfidf

I'd like to be able to define "labels" and then train it to identify those on the fly. Then either mute or highlight posts that #classify highly.

Not so much an #algorithm, as a #filter.

#ai #ml #webDev #classifier

the roamer
5 months ago



My timeline has only one filter: "RT @".

This filter has been up since January. It has allowed me to enjoy the conversations I want to have, not to be reminded of the yelling I left behind.


I dare anyone to say #mastodon didn’t work wonderfully during #wwdc today. All my timeline updates were up-to-the-minute with the livestream.

And that “just working” extends to people who dd NOT want to see #wwdc and used all the excellent #moderation and #filter features of our network

Just continue to be so happy to be here and so thrilled to have the opportunity to run my own instance.

7 months ago

🆕 The pandoc #filter "diagram" generates images from text definitions. Currently supported: #TikZ, #Asymptote, #GraphViz, #Mermaid, and #PlantUML.
#Quarto users can install the filter with
quarto add pandoc-ext/diagram

Ana Tudor 🐯
7 months ago

✨Best way to get grainy gradients✨

🚫 no external images
🚫 no base64 vomit
🚫 no messing with contrast/ brightness of gradient
✅ under 250 bytes #SVG filter
✅ even less #CSS
✅ covers text & shadow cases

#CodePen #svgFilter #filter #coding #webDev #frontend #webDevelopment

Screenshot of a card with text content, shadow and a grainy gradient background.
Leonardo Di Ottio
7 months ago

@neil @krisnelson I was in the same boat. My timeline was just a diarrhoea of the US descending into Fascism and Theocracy. I have now set the following filter to ‘Hide with a warning’, a huge difference:

USpol, USpolitics, GOP, Republicans, Dems


No filter on words such as ‘Supreme Court’ or ‘Democrats’ because many countries have supreme courts or democrats and I don’t wish to filter those.

#Filters #Filter #MastodonFilter

Keri Blakinger
7 months ago

There is a #filter on the clock app that will turn you into a cartoon!!

(Without smoking DMT!!)

CodePen.IO :verify:
8 months ago

RT simey
set fire to your browser. literally. 🔥
only @ @CodePen
(☢️do not click if you're on your phone)
#codepen #fire #css #filter #webdev #frontend


Reminder (or if you're new to Mastodon and didn't know it), that you can use filters on Mastodon to cleanse your timeline. Adding the word 'Trump' to mine has greatly enhanced by experience on this network. I love Mastodon :) #feditips #filter #wellbeing

A screenshot of the Mastodon Filter preferences page showing a keyword of "Trump"
Screenshot of Mastodon timeline where two consecutive posts are displayed as "Filtered: US Politics Warning." with a clickable option to "Show anyway"
WIST Quotations
9 months ago

A quotation from McLaughlin, Mignon:

We hear only half of what is said to us, understand only half of that, believe only half of that, and remember only half of that.

Full quote, sourcing, notes:

#quote #quotes #quotation #communication #conversation #filter #memory #understanding

Miller is like awk, sed, cut, join, and sort for name-indexed data such as CSV, TSV, and tabular JSON

#miller #tools #DataAnalysis #terminal #apps #filter #search

Miller UI
Piiieps & Brummm
9 months ago

Ja, deswegen habe ich auch einen #Filter auf
* "🐦🔗:" und
* "RT @",
um die #CrossPost|s nicht mehr zu sehen.

Ist bei einigen Accounts sehr schade, aber fördert meine Laune. 😄

Fuer mich sind dies die erschreckendsten 60 Sekunden Social Media Content und das beste Argument fuer die Regulierung dieser AI-Auswuechse!

Dieser Filter nennt sich "Bold Glamour" und laesst #TikTok gerade verrueckt spielen!

Was haltet ihr davon? Wie steht ihr zur Regulierung von AI?

Bitte gebt mir doch in einer kurzen Sprachnachricht hier 👉 Feedback.

In der uebernaechsten Ausgabe von #MeTacheles baue ich eure Reaktionen ein.

#AI #Filter #Podcast

4 TikTok Videos mit einem neuen AI Filter, der die jeweiligen Userinnen komplett veraendert und zwar so, als waeren sie nahezu eine komplett andere Person
9 months ago

Von #TikTok kommt nicht so viel ins Fediverse. Das hist halte ich aber für wichtig:
Auf TikTop gibt es anscheinend einen extrem zuverlässige #Filter, der einen an ein Wunsch-Ideal angleicht. Die Videos im Thread zeigen sehr gut
- was der Filter kann
- wie die Leute darauf reagieren
Ich würde hart empfehlen mindestens 3-4 von denen zu schauen! Die Zuverlässigkeit mit der dieser Filter - anscheinend live - das Gesicht verändert, ist beängstigend.

(via @puresick , thx!)

9 months ago

Which of the #mastodon apps that you use have the best #UX for managing #filters?

I'm thinking I might want to build a tool for managing and backing up #mute filters. It's a piece of #UI that's almost always handled differently and not very well IMO.

What do you want to see in a #filter UI?


10 months ago

I did a #Hashtag #Introduction when I first started on #Mastodon, but thought I should do a real one.

I am a middle-aged white woman with (currently) purple and yellow hair. I believe #ScienceWorks #BlackLivesMatter #HealthCareForAll #AbortionRights and a multitude of other #SocialJustice things.

I have 10 #Grandkids that I will post about often. I do not have much of a #Filter so #WYSIWYG

It takes a lot to offend me, but once offended, I can be rather rude.