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2 days ago

Dozens of credit unions confront outages linked to third-party #ransomware attack | via CyberSecurityDive

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#LabourParty has finally revealed its been running a programme of quiet diplomacy with the #business sector, culminating in an announcement of a group of 10 advisors from the City of London's #financialservices to show Labour is no longer 'sneering at business'.

The good news is they have reached out to businesses, which is clearly necessary to navigate out of the #tory wreckage....

the bad news, they seem be equating business with financial services, which is partly why we're in this mess!

New research (quoted by the FT) suggests that most #stockmarket price movements (around 70%) are related to macroeconomic news, not anything to do with the 'fundamentals' of the #corporation concerned.

So, #financialservices professionals are actually not as interested in the firms they invest in (or advise on) as they are the daily financial news (and specifically fiscal announcements by the Govt.).

Yet more evidence that they're not being paid for expertise, but more for social position...

4 days ago

Let the focus be on creating memorable moments for your guests, while the outsourced accounting team takes care of backlogs and financial intricacies.

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The European Network
4 days ago

EU governments on Wednesday signed off on controversial plans intended to cut their dependence on UK clearing houses in the wake of Brexit.

EU policymakers believe UK-based clearing houses could pose a risk to the bloc’s own financial stability, and are looking for ways to tempt EU banks to domestic providers.

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Theodora Lau
5 days ago

In this week's newsletter ... I asked a simple question: "Where are the women?"

Just as we can't expect one country to be able to solve all the challenges that we face as a society, it will be foolish to think that one gender can tackle it all.

But yet ... here we are. Once again.

#DEI #Fintech #FinancialServices #AI #AmWriting

Here's Katie Donington (OpenU) on the historic role of #financialservices in #slavery and the only slow exploration of the expanse of their involvement.

Perhaps the most important aspect of this historical recovery is what it results in: #reperations? recognition of our complicity in the continuing problems of post-colonial countries?

This still looks like the beginning of a long road, not even its half-way point.

[I don't normally post from the Times, but]

Here's David Smith offering a concise summaryof research on UK's record of low (or zero) #productivity growth.

Problems include:

investing in things where productivity growth is difficult (including services generally & #financialservices particularly);

Events (from financial crises to #brexit);

Policy churn & difficult to navigate (overly complex) #regulation of economic activity.

Result: low (relative) productivity!

Theodora Lau
2 weeks ago

Faced with persistent economic uncertainties and stagnant wage growth, will fintechs give us hope by bringing us the right product at the right time and empowering customers with more focus on financial well-being and education?

A founder's perspective: "I didn't choose fintech; fintech chose me"

#fintech #financialservices #podcast #onevision #startup


Yes, the shape/structure of #financialservices in the UK, may make the proposal difficult to move from declaratory politics to real development(s).... but then again that's an abiding problem with the current #Tory Govt. - declaratory #politics *is* the point, actual material policy comes a very distant second

Interledger Foundation
3 weeks ago

If you are interested in our #financialservices #grant please apply today! You can receive up to $75,000 for a project involving the Interledger Protocol.

The deadline is November 21, 2023, at 11:59 pm (EST)

Apply here ➡

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US House Financial Services subcommittee looks for answers on crypto and crime - Reports on crypto funding terrorism and blockchain forensics were... - #cryptocurrencyexchange #financialservices #cryptocurrencies #unitedstates #terrorism #congress #crimes

1 month ago

U.S. FSC to discuss illicit activity in crypto at upcoming hearing - Discussions around illicit activity, such as money laundering and... - #counterterrorismfinancing #financialservices #unitedstates #aml

SHUT Breaking News
1 month ago

List of Banks Closed for Veterans Day: Banks and businesses close for Veterans Day. Check if your bank is open. Many restaurants offer free meals to veterans. #UnitedStatesArmedForces #Mobileapp #WellsFargo #Financialservices

1 month ago

Mauritius mulls wrapping metaverse into financial services - While acknowledging the need for collaboration in reshaping the f... - #financialservices #financialsystems #metaverse #mauritius

Bishop Fox
1 month ago

Discover what #cybersecurity threats are driving #offensivesecurity investments in the #FinServ space when you download a copy of our report with the #PonemonInstitute “The Offensive Security Blueprint for #FinancialServices.”

Grab yours today!

"Cyber Threats Driving Offensive Security Investments" animation
Bishop Fox
2 months ago

FinServ orgs generally have a higher level of confidence in #offensivesecurity testing – in fact, (67%) compared to other industries (52%). This underscores the belief that #offsectesting plays a crucial role in hardening defenses against major #security threats. Download your copy of “The Offensive Security Blueprint for #FinancialServices” to learn more!

As Helen Thomas (FT) points out, those who thought the FCA's new regulations for the #financialservices sector requiring them to put customers outcomes & fair value of products first, were likely to be a damp squib may have been wrong.

St.James' Place (a up-market investment house) have been required by the FCA to make some changes to how they manage customers' funds & relations... and SJP's share price has dropped 45%.

Perhaps investment will be changed by (now) putting customers first?

More on the #sexism in #financialservices alongside #ageism, #racism & #classism related in a post earlier today:

'Women see that they report something & the firm ‘investigates’ but closes ranks & gets behind the more senior person … & often the woman will end up leaving the firm thinking, ‘I can’t deal with this any more’, or her life is made uncomfortable. It’s very rational for someone to think, ‘I’m not going to report something because that might happen to me’!

The problem of #class & #gender discrimination in #financialservices:

'White men from higher socio-economic backgrounds are 30 times more likely to be found in senior positions compared with working-class women from ethnic minority backgrounds;

People from higher socio-economic backgrounds are twice as likely to make it into a senior role than working class ethnic minority women'

More indications of this hot bed of white male privilege can be found in this report,financial%20services%20in%20the%20world.

More regulation of #business has been dropped (at the behest of the #financialservices sector).

Responding to the #Carillion collapse, rules that would have required #businesses to make an annual statement on how they were ensuring their resilience, and would also have required disclosures on their distributable profits, risk of material fraud & whether disclosures on environmental & other metrics were independently audited, have been dropped, three months after being proposed to Parliament!.

Bishop Fox
2 months ago

FinServ orgs prioritize #cloud vulnerabilities as their top cyber #threat driving #offensivesecurity investments (45%), followed by preventing #DDoS attacks (36%) and #MiTM attacks (28%). Get more insight into #offsec as it pertains to #financialservices in our report with the #PonemonInstitute.

Bishop Fox
2 months ago

Keep up or risk falling behind: Offensive security testing has proven vital for #FinServ organizations embracing digital transformation w/#cloudtech & new apps. Find out more about #offsec in this dynamic vertical in “The Offensive Security Blueprint for #FinancialServices” from Bishop Fox & #PonemonInstitute.

Chart from "The Offensive Security Blueprint" showcasing projected change in Red Team investments for FinServ orgs in the next 1 - 2 years
Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
2 months ago

Who the hell is Patrick McHenry, McCarthy's temporary successor to the House speaker's seat?

"Since taking over the Financial Services Committee in January, McHenry has received at least $140,000 from executives at private equity firms, hedge funds, and venture capital firms, as well as from their spouses.

While McHenry is ostensibly the financial industry’s chief regulator in Congress, he has instead acted as its top booster."

McHenry has also looked to stymie efforts at the SEC to require public companies to disclose the risks that climate change poses to their businesses, complaining in a letter to SEC Chairman Gary Gensler that the agency “has chosen to flout the democratic process and pursue its progressive social agenda through the promulgation of this extraordinarily expansive climate disclosure rule.”
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Theodora Lau
2 months ago

My latest musings via FinTech Futures ... "Can you seek out the line that we cannot see?"

#fintech #financialservices #amwriting #inclusion #purpose

A phoenix rises from the ashes

Hmmm.... interestingly, issues around d the effect(s) of #climatechnage are the most common cause of #financialservices firms excluding specific stocks from their investment holdings (according to a survey carried out collectively by a range of green-focussed NGOs).

So while #politicians moan about the prospects of 'woke capitalism' investors are already factoring in how the #climatecrisis will impact on economic activities....

Not so much 'woke' as prudent?

Bishop Fox
2 months ago

“FinServ organizations demonstrate a higher adoption rate of #offensivesecurity practices compared to other industries. They prioritize offensive security use of #appsec, ASM technology adoption, #cloudsecurity, and internal and external network #testing.”

#PonemonInstitute #FinServ #financialservices #FinCyber

For those struggling to buy a home, one way to square the circle is longer #mortgages.

Some of you may be old enough to recall that during a similar housing 'boom' in #Japan, some decades ago, Japanese #financialservices initiated the multi-generational mortgage.... I wonder how long it will be before we get to that position in the UK?

(In Japan it prefigured their 'lost decade' which incidentally also doesn't look dissimilar to where we are going either!)

2 months ago

'He Cannot Be Trusted': #Thomas Urged to Recuse From #CFPB Case Over #Koch Ties. "All justices personally close to proprietors of shady #financialservices firms should recuse themselves, full stop," #ClarenceThomas faced mounting pressure to #recuse himself from case that experts warn "poses an existential threat" to consumer-focused federal agency in the wake of revelations that he secretly served as an in-person "fundraising draw" for #Koch network donor events. #SCOTUS

Bishop Fox
2 months ago

See how #FinServ – one of the most vital industries today – stands in comparison to other industries in terms of #cybersecurity investments in the Bishop Fox & #PonemonInstitute “The #OffensiveSecurity Blueprint for #FinancialServices!”

Steve :verified:
2 months ago

Too many financial institutions don't care about encouraging their customers in dangerous practices.

As phishing fraud hits more and more of us we are rightly warned not to use links in emails to login to our financial services yet so many organisations that should know better continue to do this.

I don't care if they do address me by name and include the last four digits of my account. Their actions encourage bad practice.

Best practice is only to include links that take you to information pages.

#Phishing #Fraud #Banks #FinancialServices #PersonalSecurity

Image of an email from PayPal inviting me to log into my account via a link in their email
2 months ago

Nomura’s Laser Digital receives in-principal approval for operations in Abu Dhabi - The Japanese bank joins a rapidly growing number of digital asset... - #cryptocurrencyexchange #financialservices #digitalasset #dubai #uae

Bishop Fox
3 months ago

You may remember our #PonemonInstitute #offensivesecurity report from earlier this year, but don’t miss out on getting an in-depth look into the #offsec landscape from a #FinServ perspective.

Download “The Offensive Security Blueprint for #FinancialServices” today!

Theodora Lau
3 months ago

My latest musings ... "Are we chasing our tails?"

If we, as humans, don’t take care of those who are most at need, the young and the old, the vulnerable and the invisible, the marginalized and the forgotten, then who are we? How are we different than faceless algorithms?

#amWriting #Fintech #FinancialServices #FinancialInclusion #AI #Inequality

3 months ago

House Financial Services Comm. witnesses air multiple anti-CBDC arguments - The digital assets subcommittee heard from five opponents of a U.... - #financialservices #unitedstates #congress #cbdc

So after its bad start to the year, it looks like the #CBI has been seeking a 'white knight' to help it out of its self-created mess... and it looks like #MakeUK could be the likely candidate.

If the CBI & MakeUK do merge, there may be an interesting opportunity to shift the focus of business lobbying of Governments with a more coherent voice for #Manufacturing (too often drowned out by the special interest of #financialservices)...

But its early days yet & they could easily blow it anyway

Q. which sectors nominal #wages are rising fastest?

so in the three months to June this is what (annualised) rises looked like:

#Retail - 7.7%
#Hospitality - 6.5%
#Manufacturing - - 8.2%
#construction - 5.8%
#health sector - 6.8% and
#financialservices - 9.4%

none of these (even the financial services) are enough to make up for the fall(s) in real wages over the last decade!

#inflation is coming from somewhere else.... might it be the 'maintenance' of #profits do you think?


Given the #Tories would seem to be in the pockets of #financialservices & mostly do the bidding of the renter segment of UK capital, its notable that the UK not only ranks only as AA- (much lower than Germany) but also has a lower confidence rating (2) for stability (of yield & repayments, i.e. potential for default).

You'd think given Fitch like other credit rating agencies to some extent lag specialised opinion, they'd be happier with a Govt. doing #bankers bidding... but it would seem not?

Chart: Sovereign credit ratings - Fitch long-term rating: (the 1-5 rating relates to confidence of no default)

Germany, Sweden & Switzerland AAA for 5

Canada & US AA+ for 4

France, UK & Ireland AA- for 2

China A+ for 1


Well, this is always the problem with analytical terms develop a life of their own.

As I'm using it Rentier capitalism is a form of #capitalism (there are a number) in which the interests of owners of financial capital are privileged over the owners of industrial or productive capital.

The UK's pandering to the #financialservices sector, the take up of its narratives of capitalist endeavour & the tax system (to name three aspects) all suggest we are controlled by a rentier class

So as always, the #market (by which we really mean #banks & traders in #financialservices) win against a Govt.

In the light of market signals through the day on Tuesday, last night the #Italian Govt. capped its banking #windfall #tax at around a fifth of what commentators thought it might reach when announced.

Whatever, you think about the Italian Govt., the immediacy of reactions to financial markets confirms that Govt. fear the sentiment of financial actors... not really #democracy is it?

Meanwhile in #Italy:

A #windfall tax of 40% is being imposed on #banks #interestrate spread (the net profit on returns by virtue of the difference between rates to lenders & borrowers)....

Having looked at the extra level of profits made in the first half of this year, the one-off tax will be used to cut taxes & help #mortgage holders.

Despite loud demands in the UK for something similar, the #Tories are unlikely to turn against their chum in #financialservices, at least not yet!

So, KPMG undertook some #class analysis of its workforce recently & found that
'individuals from lower socio-economic backgrounds (LSEB) took on average 19% longer to progress to the next grade' compared to those from higher socio-economic backgrounds.

To put it clearly: LSEB is a class marker in all but name; being lower class holds careers back at a major #financialservices firm!

The idea class has disappeared from our political economy is a nonsense unless you think KPMG is an anomaly!

It will be no surprise to anyone that despite the reassurances, the actuality of #buynowpaylater, is that around 10% of its clients/users end up in one form of #debt problem or another.... once again the parasitic #financialservices sector has another ago at exploring the vulnerable....

Rentier #capitalism has many darks sides (perhaps is all dark sides) & this is one more of them

In one sentence the disconnect between the #financialservices sector & the rest of us:

'“The economy is clearly far too hot for the Monetary Policy Committee to relax,” (Thomas Pugh, quoted in the FT this morning)>

If the #economy is 'too hot' when we are teetering on the edge of a #recession, have a #costoflivingcrisis & a major problem with #inequality, I think we can safely say we're f**ked!

We need to think about our problems differently & ignore the self-serving #bankers!

If you wanted any further proof that the #financialservices sector is parasitic on the rest of society, after decades of scandals & (borderline?) #fraud against their customers, at the end of the month the Financial Conduct Authority is introducing a legal Consumer Duty which requires financial products to be designed to benefit consumers who purchases them;

the very fact that after years of trying voluntary measures this regulatory move is needed tell you all you need to know about #bankers!

The UK is not suffering wage-price spiral #inflation, it is experiencing the continued impoverishment of anyone outside the #financialservices sector;

the UK's rentier #capitalism continues to be a machine to enrich one (small) segment of society through #wagetheft on a societal scale.... this is the system the #Tories have engineered whatever their rhetoric.

In others words; this is what you get when #bankers run your economy in their own interests!


Chart: Finance & business is the only sector to see a real-terms wage increase since 2008. Percentage change in real-terns earning, January 2008 - May 2023.

Finance & business: + 6.5%
Services: - 2.5%
Private sector: - 3%
Whole economy: - 4.2%
Wholesale/retail: - 5%
Manufacturing: - 7.5%
Public sector: - 8.2%
Construction: - 8.3%
Public sector (excluding financial services element): - 8.5%

After Nigel Farage's spurious claims to have been victimised by Coutts (no, he just dropped below the income/wealth threshold for holding an account with them), I see the ever opportunistic #JeremyHunt has decided to force a formal review (and potential relaxation) of the Politically Exposed Persons' regime that underpins aspects of #financialservices vetting for accounts...

Now, why would a member of a corrupt political party frequently in receipt of oligarch's cash want to do that I wonder?

Martin Wolf (FT): don't focus monetary policy on the stabilty of #financialservices!

'How can one argue that economies must be kept permanently feeble in order to stop the financial sector from blowing them up? If that is the danger, then let us target it directly. We should start by eliminating the tax deductibility of interest, increasing penalties on people who run financial businesses into the ground & making resolution of failed financial institutions work!'

The tail is wagging the dog!


Ha ha.... I thought they a way of the #financialservices sector to extract further rent from people who seemed to be beyond the need of credit instruments....

If you've a #mortgage or other (variable rate repayment) #debt, if you thought this week was bad, investors & other #financialservices market participants are already betting the #BoE will need to raise rates further, possible to 6.5%;

of course this may not come to pass, but if you're already at the limit of what is possible, then there's a distinct likelihood its going to get worse...

And even if you switch to an interest only repayment regime for a while, the capital debt will be growing!

Gillian Tett (FT) thinks the next big global #financial risk stems from the concentration of #cloudcomputing in three #bigtech firms: Amazon, Microsoft & Google, all of whom have form for (successfully) resisting oversight & #regulation.

As #banking data is increasingly stored in the (so-called) #cloud, so cyber attacks & other problems have a greater ability to rupture the workings of #global #financialservices with the risk of (another) global financial crisis!

We need to regulate the cloud!

Here's someone who doesn't need to worry about the #costoflivingcrisis:

The CEO of #Centrica, who own #BritishGas has just been paid £4.5mn for a year's work.... work, which you will recall has involved plunging a large part of the country into #fuelpoverty.

The vast majority of #shareholders were happy with his pay deal, demonstrating, that the world of #financialservices operates at one remove from the rest of the country.

Theodora Lau
6 months ago

And thank you @mizlemon for the thoughtful comments. 💜

"We can’t wait for the tech industry to self-regulate or lawmakers to figure out how to keep our customers safe. It’s time for the financial industry to lead on AI ethics and education. It’s our responsibility to ensure that we are ready to protect our organisations and our customers from the looming tsunami of AI-powered financial fraud and misinformation.”

#AI #Ethics #Banking #Financialservices

If there's a #recession on the horizon, let there be no mistake, this is not some accident caused by external forces;

it is a recession engineered by a callous #Tory government in hock to its friends in #financialservices who think #inflation must be 'squeezed' out of the system at any cost (to others, that is);

this will be a recession made by policy, not be economic circumstance & at the centre is the #JeremyHunt's views on what & what is not acceptable to his chums.

It will be little surprise to you that the combination of #costoflivingcrisis, #houseprices remaining high & the need for parents to help their children through these crisis has led to a 28% rise in #equityrelease plan(s) purchased year-on-year 2021-22 (FCA data obtained by FT).

Sitting on a #mortgage free asset has led the over-60s to 'release' equity to support themselves of their children... for the #financialservices firms offering the service its just one more way to profit from our pain!

The #costoflivingcrisis is driving a major crisis in #debt repayments...

the FCA has concluded that over 10 million people will struggle to make loan repayment this month because of the squeeze on personal/household finances;

given the dependence of #financialservices on 'performing' loans as assets, I think we may find the #bankers starting to realise that aspects of their business may be in a lot more trouble that they had previously thought.

Matthew Sekol
7 months ago

This past week, we saw the first US Congressional Hearing on #ESG, courtesy of the House Oversight Committee.

Over three hours, it was clear that both parties were talking past each other as ESG is ill-defined, confusing, and full of nuance. However, at the center of the conversation was the definition of fiduciary.

While the hearing was largely reported as a disjointed mess, a few callouts are worth examining....and for #FinancialServices firms, I predict this is a precursor of things to come.

To learn more, check out my latest newsletter and remember to subscribe!

Theodora Lau
7 months ago

Some of my thoughts on #socialmedia and #financialservices — via American Banker.

"Freedom to tweet and write comes with responsibilities," she said. "Unfortunately, that's not something that everyone abides by. There is no lack of clickbaits and messages designed to get attention. Everyone can create sensational stories and headlines with or without merit, and we've all become trigger happy..."


City #FundManagers claim that to make the UK more competitive as a place for firms to list their shares, #executivepay needs to rise (further)... whether or not that is true, if they think shifts away from the #LondonStockExchange is the biggest problem for the UK's #corporate sector then #financialservices myopia is in full effect.

With stagnant #productivity, severe #inequality, a #costoflivingcrisis & tanking #internationaltrade, paying (even) more to failing managers is not the answer!

Theodora Lau
8 months ago

Gone in seconds: rising text message scams are draining US bank accounts.

(I wish they could block those sms!)

#financialservices #scam

#Apple watchers are aware of its growing ambitions (capacity) in #financialservices, including a move into a form of credit provision with 'Apple Pay Later' (their version of buy now pay later credit).

More quietly Apple has introduced a payments receiving capacity to Apple Pay, which means if both purchaser & seller are using Apple products (iPhone/IPad) then the transaction can avoid other transactions providers... Mastercard & Visa seem relaxed about this now, but that may well change!

Should we allow UK MPs to continue their #business interests when taking up Ministerial posts?

If we want our Govt.s to have a better idea about what is actually going on, then continued links with commercial interests is one way of doing that... it may help a certain realism in policy making.

But, if these firms are primarily in #financialservices (which is already way to influential) or represent a conflict of interest with their portfolio then they must end links!

Theodora Lau
8 months ago

I just set up my #Apple Savings Account. Transferred my Apple Cash and added money from my small biz bank account.

4.15% APR. Start to finish in one minute. 💜

Meanwhile, my 13-yo asked: Why would anyone need a bank then?

#FinTech #FinancialServices #BigTech

Phillip Coggan speculates in the FT this morning that the world may be about to 'return to the days when a reputation for prudence was regarded as a commercial asset. If that does happen, then the numbers of bankers & fund managers who receive multimillion dollar bonuses will reduce. If risk-taking is seen as a vice, rather than a virtue, behaviour will have to change'!

If we do see an 'unwinding' of high-risk 'investments' then many critics of #financialservices will say 'Thank god'!

Theodora Lau
9 months ago

Signature Bank was closed by regulators on Sunday, only days after #SVB was seized by regulators. #Signature customers will get all of their deposits back, including ones above the $250,000 limit for federal deposit insurance.

#Banking #FinancialServices via @WSJ

And so the dip in #houseprices continues, but, lthose currently unable to afford to buy a house of their own will continue to be frustrated about stratospheric house prices in the UK.

Looking at a longer record of house prices as a multiple of average earnings; we need to get back to the multiples prevalent before the 1990s to see more accessibility for #firsttimebuyers.

Hmmm... could the pivotal moment for #housing be the big bang #financialservices deregulation in the 1980s, I wonder?

Chart: UK house prices decline in February; average price £ '000

showing house prices rising from (an average of) 200,000 to a peak of near £280,000 dropping this month to less than £260,000
Chart: House prices as a ,multiple of average earning from 1845 -2022

falling from over 12 x average earnings in 1845 to only twice in 1915, a period of between four & six times average earnings between 1922-1992... and then a rise to around nine times in 2022!
Theodora Lau
10 months ago

My latest ✍️ Diversity of socks is our future

#DEI #Diversity #Inclusion #FinTech #FinancialServices of-socks-is-our-future/

Matthew Sekol
10 months ago

ESG is in the middle of a polycrisis.

The land grab for new ESG financial products with higher fees, combined with the investors' attention on saving the world has led to an opportunistic conflation of ESG with CSR and purpose.

As a result, we're heading to a political reckoning that will showcase the fine line between value and values.

Is ESG just a placebo or is it just misunderstood? And if it's the latter, what is the consequence for boards who aren't paying attention?

Find out here!
#ESG #Sustainability #CSR #Purpose #Boards #CorporateGovernance #FinancialServices

Theodora Lau
11 months ago
11 months ago

#Fintech and #ProductManagement events in #London #UK for the next month.

Jan 25th - MtP How to create product-centric organisations
Jan 26th - London Tech Network
Jan 31st - AML & FinCrime
Feb 7th - TIN the Insurance Network Market
Feb 8th - AI Risk and Governance
Feb 15th - AI fraud & Aml Summit
Feb 21st - CyberTech Forum
Feb 21st - ProductCon
Feb 23rd - BrokerFest
Feb 27th - Blockchain Economy

Let me know if I missed any

#insurtech #tech #financialservices

Theodora Lau
11 months ago

My latest - via Fintech Futures:

"Reasons to be hopeful for 2023"
... on community, inclusion, and sustainability

#financialinclusion #financialservices #fintech #sustainability #community

Theodora Lau
11 months ago

Good step in the right direction, though much more work to be done, for the millions of Americans who don't have access to a plan to begin with.

The SECURE 2.0 Act and Your Retirement Savings: Expect to See These Big Changes

#Retirement #FinancialServices #PersonalFinance

Theodora Lau
11 months ago

The greatest irony is that Republicans’ retaliatory actions are achieving exactly what they accuse asset managers of: being political and obstructing the market

#ESG #FinancialServices

So #RishiSunakPM has (at last) appointed a new 'ethics advisor'... however he has a background in #financialservices & #corporate finance (areas not know for being squeaky clean ethically) & in any case will not be allowed to launch enquiries into ministerial behaviour independently - I think its fair to say we should not hold out too much hope that Sir Laurie Magnus is going to be holding these scoundrels to account (more likely to share a port in the Commons bar, I suspect)

Theodora Lau
1 year ago

My last LinkedIn newsletter for the year. May 2023 be a calmer and more empathetic year.

#Fintech #AI #FinancialServices

Theodora Lau
1 year ago

If you have time to do only one thing today, watch this video by Financial Times to get a better understanding on the impact of banking desert on communities of color and small businesses.

Inequality starts with the inability to access capital and credit - and 'digital banking' is *NOT* always the answer.

Thank you @jimperry for the video share.

#inequality #banking #financialservices #financialinclusion