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2 months ago

Missed this, but when is someone also going to inform LBC about this one? A few of their presenters are constantly doing it and it is really disrespectful.

#disrespectful #questiontime #BBC #FionaBruce

2 months ago

BREAKING: Fiona Bruce will no longer be allowed to bang the Tory drum on Antiques Roadshow.

#BBC #SocialMedia #FionaBruce #AntiquesRoadshow #GaryLineker

(Yes, it is that Simply Red)
You see the ridiculous lengths the British Establishment will go to protect their mistakes, even so far as broadcasting this show in the name of 'Balance'
This is the same infamous balance that has the BBC both siding Russian Propaganda and America Nazis.
#BBCQT #Tories #UKPOL #FionaBruce

@Simp1yRedHQ 3h 
 Simply Red 
 lack of objectivity. Well, #rhaps not. It is after all, as many 
 people allege, BBC Tory mouthpiece Fiona Bruce. 
 # ToriesCorruptToTheCore 
 Best for Britain 
 @BestForBritain โ€ข 21h 
 To mark the anniversary of the referendum, #BBCQT has an all- 
 Brexiter audience, for a 'S#cial'. 
 I don't know how special it is to ignore Remain voters, people who 
 didn't vote, or young people and EU citizens who couldn't vote. Pretty 
 much what BBC has done for seven years. โ€”AA
6 months ago


Pretty sure #fionaBruce is a Tory

What kind of progressive would host the Antiques Road Show? Dimbleby did a much better job - and he was hardly a Corbynite

Sydenham News & Views
9 months ago

RT from Crystal Palace Park Trust (@CPParkTrust)

Excited to announce @BBC_ARoadshow is filming at #CrystalPalacePark this Summer with #FionaBruce and the #AntiquesRoadshow team. For more info and to apply for tickets to the event & have your prized possessions valued visit

Original tweet :

9 months ago

Sarah Vain is at it again, I see.

#FionaBruce #GaryLineker #SarahVine

Well, I just got back from London and I'm knackered but more than that, I'm absolutely fucking furious. Hey, #FionaBruce, go and ask them whether it was a one off. ๐Ÿคฌ
#MetPolice #FuckTheTories #UKPolitics #EndViolenceAgainstWomen

Jon Reed
9 months ago

โ€œThe fact that the BBC felt the need to take an โ€˜impartialโ€™ stance between a man who broke his wifeโ€™s nose and the woman whose nose was broken, tells you everything you need to know about how warped and ludicrous this notion is.โ€

#BBCbalance #BBCimpartiality #QuestionTime #BBCQT #FionaBruce #BBC

Robert Martin
9 months ago

Rubbish! #FionaBruce did NOT provide a "legal" clarification of comments made re #StanleyJohnson. She just said that his friends called it a "one off". It wasn't. And she should not have quoted the wife-beater's friends! #DomesticViolence #BBCQT

BBC News: Fiona Bruce to step back from Refuge after 'storm' over Stanley Johnson remark on Question Time BBC News - Fiona Bruce to step back from Refuge after 'storm' over Stanley Johnson remark on Question Time

9 months ago

I'd like to see #FionaBruce step back from #BBCQT, but doubt that will happen. Within the BBC and wider English nomenklatura, Bruce is untouchable, and she knows it!

"the guy has been accused of that, but if he did it, he only did it once."
Nice try #FionaBruce, but you said what you said....

9 months ago #fionabruce #stanleyjohnson This is woke culture gone mad. All the lovely Fiona did was simply point out that soon-to-be-knighted Stanley Johnson only broke his wife's nose and hospitalised her once. I simply don't see what the fuss is about. I suppose Gary Lineker or Gary Neville or some ex-footballing Gary will be hosting Question Time next.

Elizabeth ๐Ÿฆ‰
9 months ago

If you're "legally obliged" to make a flippant, dangerous statement as #FionaBruce did last week, perhaps it's time to have a word with your employer... Or resign.

9 months ago

#BBCQT presenter #fionaBruce will step back from her role as an ambassador for the charity Refuge, following a comment she made on air about Stanley Johnson, accused of trivialising domestic violence during last week's show after stepping in when Johnson was described as a "wife-beater"

"Just so everyone knows, Stanley Johnson's wife ...said he had broken her nose & she'd ended up in hospital as a result.

Friends of Stanley Johnson have said - it was a one-off"

Not suspended by BBC, mind!

Robert Martin
9 months ago

Now that #FionaBruce has stepped down from honorary role at #DomesticViolence charity over remarks she made re #StanleyJohnson on #BBCQT, surely it's time for her to quit the show, too?!

9 months ago


I do find it funny that #tories always think they themselves are politically "neutral" - when the rest of us can spot them a mile away.

#fionaBruce is hopeless as a political panel show chair - she needs replacing

9 months ago

#fionaBruce may be able to engender a persistent bias to the right on #bbcQt (aka the #fionaBruceShow ) without comment - but were she to make repeated social media posts on how to dive in the penalty box whilst playing #football and get away with it I doubt either #bbc bosses or the licence payers would care much ......

#imWithGary #lineker

When you value celebrity over decency.....
#Refuge #BBC #FionaBruce #StanleyJohnson #DV

 Domestic Violence charity failing to condemn Fiona Bruce's comments is 
 maybe the most upsetting thing I've seen today as a DV survivor 
 @RefugeCharity โ€ข 22h 
 Our full statement following last night's @bbcquestiontime exchange on 
 domestic abuse:โ€ž

#BBC #FionaBruce #GaryLineker
They must know how bad this all looks and have made a decision to not care, pleasing Tory bigwigs in a display of fealty is more important than the reputation of a 100 year old institution.

O @LiamThorpECHO 16h 
 Liam Thorp 
 Lineker removed from his job for his views on an horrific approach to 
 asylum seekers while Fiona Bruce's defence of Stanley Johnson breaking 
 his wife's nose gets a fulsome backing 
 Many of us cherish the BBC and what it has always been but this is all 
 beyond the pale 
 Following comments about an exchange referencing domestic abuse 
 on Question Time, the BBC says: 
 "Domestic abuse is abhorrent, and we would never wish to suggest 
 otherwise. When serious allegations are made on air against people or 
 organisations. it is the job of BBC presenters to ensure that the 
 context of those allegations - and any right of reply from the person 
 or organisation โ€” is given to the audience, and this is what Fiona Bruce 
 was doing last night. She was not expressing any personal opinion 
 about the situation."

"#FionaBruce is deeply sorry about what she said......." said a Woman's Refuge charity who values celebrity above decency....

Such a very disappointing reaction from #RefugeCharity regarding #FionaBruce minimising the #DomesticViolence carried out by #StanleyJohnson putting his wife in hospital. We all know that "one off" doesn't exist when it comes to spousal assault.
#BBC apology for "limited sports" is nothing as more and more are supporting #GaryLinekker and his comparison of #ToryCriminals as #ToryFascists

9 months ago

#FionaBruce minimising #DomesticAbuse on #BBCQT & giving only the 'context' that #StanleyJohnson said breaking his wife's nose was a one off incident....

No mention that his wife Charlotte said he beat her many times over many years - effectively silencing a victim of domestic violence.

Why has #Refuge not sacked Bruce?

Obviously the #BBC won't - despite censoring #GaryLineker for telling the truth about the #ToryFascistDictatorship using 1930's #Germany's political tactics & rhetoric.


I will not be the only person pausing to compare the treatment of so-called bias (lack of impartiality) by #GaryLineker and the lack of impartiality expressed & practiced by #FionaBruce each week on #QuestionTime... seems you can be impartial as long as you tack to the right...

The Linksland Times
9 months ago

Have to laugh at those who think the BBC was once impartial. It has never in all its days been impartial. Indeed, it is the finest and by far the most potent propaganda machine ever created. Just as Reith promised it would be. And as indisputedly proven by those still thinking it used to be impartial. Go figure!

#FionaBruce #GaryLineker #ScottishIndependence

9 months ago

#Lineker #Attenborough Appropriately, given what #FionaBruce said, the #BBC is behaving like an abuse victim: trying to appease the Tories so they donโ€™t defund it. Itโ€™s going to backfire though because censoring popular culture figures is exactly the excuse the Tories need to attack the BBC. The more unpopular it gets, the easier it is for them.

(Calling it now, #FionaBruce will present #MOTD)
#GaryLineker #RichardSharp #TimDavie

CliffordK O 
 Gary Lineker to step back from presenting MOTD for standing up for 
 those less fortunate 
 Fiona Bruce last night on #bbcqt defending Stanley Johnson breaking a 
 woman's nose as it "happened only once" 
 Former Goldman Sachs Banker. 
 Close with Rishi Sunak at Goldman. 
 A major Tory party donor 
 Board member of the right-wing think 
 tank, the Centre for Policy Studies. 
 Former donor to controversial 
 Forrner PepsiCo Exec 
 Davie stcxxi as a councillor for the 
 Conservative Party in Hammersmith. 
 Former Deputy Chairman of the 
 Hammersmith and Fulham 
 Conservative Party in the 1990s. 
 Quilliam Foundation. 
 4:49 Mar 10, 2023 

So now that #IanWright has declined #MOTD in Solidarity with #GaryLineker, what scab will they get?

9 months ago

When did the #BBC, still pretending to be the world's leading public service broadcaster, turn into such pusillanimous failures, mere sockpuppets for Tory Central Office?

You won't find the Labour Front Bench sticking up for #GaryLineker or calling out #FionaBruce and I think we can stop pretending it's by accident now.
Our single Green MP is free to speak her mind, and the minds of most people in the country

9 months ago

Gary #Lineker to step back from presenting MOTD

So - the #BBC nobble him but leave #fionaBruce in charge of their flagship political debate show?

Odd.......until you remember #richardSharp is a #toriesOut

"A lack of education" says this pundit.
Can we say that about #FionaBruce and her minimising of #DomestiveViolence?
Oh, but you won't be talking about that on Jeremy Vine, will you?

Jeremy Vine On 5 0 @JeremyVineOn5 โ€ข 5h 
 "If an 83-year-old Holocaust survivor can make the analogy, why all this 
 pearl-clutching and faux outrage from the right?" 
 @mehdirhasan doesn't see the issue with Gary Lineker's comparison. 
 @adepsteinl says his standpoint is down to a "lack of education." 

fucking sick of the double standard, this land is LIES ๐Ÿ˜ก
#FionaBruce #GaryLineker #BBC #Britain

The Ayrshire Separatist. @DanielJMath1 โ€ข 2h 
 Fiona Bruce. "Stanley Johnson broke his wife's nose only once, it was a 
 one off.' 
 Read that again. 
 But yeah, Gary Lineker. 
 The BBC needs fucking burnt down.
Ambigram Art
9 months ago

โ€˜David Cameron made the referendum policy because he didnโ€™t want to risk losing 10 or 15 seats to UKIP and look where it has got usโ€™
This 16-year-old says the Conservative Party are responsible for Brexit. #bbcqt

This is from 2019 but is still so relevant.

#brexit #BrexitReailty #BrexitBritain #BrexitDisaster #gtto #NIProtocol #fionabruce

16 year old member of the BBC Question Time audience
10 months ago

And we're live in... 3... 2... 1... Jesus, Fiona!!!
#AntiquesRoadshow #FionaBruce #BBC

A screenshot from an episode of Antiques Roadshow showing Fiona Bruce seemingly snorting something off the back of her hand, closing one nostril with her finger.
10 months ago

@YorksBylines This letter expresses what many have felt about BBC bias. Tory press gaslights us into thinking BBC is a hotbed of woke lefties, when all evidence shows this is untrue.

#BBCQT #FionaBruce #BBCR4Today #BBCBias

10 months ago

@YorksBylines This letter expresses what many have felt about BBC bias. Tory press gaslights us into thinking BBC is a hotbed of woke lefties, when all evidence shows this is untrue.

#BBCQT #FionaBruce #BBCR4Today #BBCBias

If you've suspected #questiontime chaired by #FionaBruce has a #rightwing bass, here is Dr Russell Jackson from Sheffield Hallam University, laying out the data you need to support your suspicion(s).... not so much a programme for the informed discussion of current affairs, more a vehicle for (yet more) right wing propaganda... boost this & spread the word.


h/t @harphat & @mikegalsworthy