realcaseyrollins ✝️
2 hours ago

Ah interesting. I’m on my #Linux laptop rn, and my main browser on there is #Brave, but on my #Windows10 machine my primary browser is #Librewolf, which works with #Twitch fine.

( #Firefox has the best #UX IMHO but I have to use #Chromium based browsers on #Linux machines with limited hardware because something about the hardware acceleration causes CPU bottlenecks and turning it off doesn’t work)

6 hours ago

The apps I tried running as non-Steam games where #Firefox and #Konsole.

In the browser case, the fiasco came from the difficulty in using the touchpad and open menus, with the position of the cursor periodically resetting with the screen flashing (no idea what that's supposed to mean). I'm not sure if this is #Firefox doing something wrong in this unexpected environment, or some issue with the hardware or configuration.

9 hours ago

snap don't install Firefox, snap core20: No such file or directory #unity #firefox #snap #hunspell

Si tenéis #nvidia y usas #Firefox en #flatpak. Porfiplis, dadle un voto o algo para ver si se animan. Es una mierda no tener aceleración de vídeo.

Consent-O-Matic is a browser extension that auto-responds to all the #GDPR and similar consent popups with optimal user preferences.

Unlike the extension "I don't care about cookies" which just accepts all cookies, Consent-O-Matic clicks the prompts on your behalf to reject most of the cookies. You can also choose what to accept/reject in the preferences.

Available for Firefox, Chrome and others.

I've been using this on Firefox :firefox: for quite sometime now and it works great!

Their Github page has links to official extension stores:

#AMO link:

#privacy #webextensions #addons #addon #extension #chrome #firefox #safari

Consent-O-Matic preferences screenshot
16 hours ago

#Firefox unter Windows 7 und 8 - Ursprünglich sollte der #Support bald auslaufen, jetzt verschieben die Entwickler den Anfang vom Ende aber noch einmal und gewähren Updates mindestens ein Jahr länger.,135397.html?utm_source=Mastodon&utm_medium=ManualStatus&utm_campaign=SocialMedia

Hacker News 50
16 hours ago

H26Forge: Exploiting Vulnerabilities in the H.264 Decoders of iOS, Firefox, VLC [pdf]



Stefan Bohacek
16 hours ago

My contributions to making the fediverse and Mastodon easier to use and explore:

💻 Easy instance switching:
🗺️ Tag explorer:

And I guess you could also count @botwikirandomfediverse.

#mastodon #fediverse #firefox #chrome #BrowserExtension #BrowserPlugin #bots

17 hours ago

So nach meiner #umfrage von gestern hab ich mir nun Mal Ganz Frech #ublockorigin auf meinem Handy & PC in #Firefox Installiert und ich muss sagen ist geil :)

Werde aber bei machen Seiten bestimmt trotzdem bezahlen da diese auch für ihre Arbeit entlohnt werden müssen.

Mi capita talvolta, da buon distratto, di eliminare involontariamente dei file (o intere cartelle).
Troverei utile avere la possibilità di attivare nella finestra di conferma di #KDE una doppia conferma .. o anche solo prevedere una latenza prima che la finestra accetti la conferma (come avviene in certe finestre di #Firefox, ad esempio).

#suggerimenti #GNU #Linux

@kde @kde_community

21 hours ago

Kurztipp: Eigene Suche in Firefox

Bei diesem Kurztipp geht es darum, wie eine interne Webseitensuche als Suchmaschine in Firefox genutzt werden kann.

#Firefox #Suchmaschine #Lesezeichen #Linux

Axel Leroy
1 day ago

Last week on Hacker News, an article ( was advocating for enabling #Firefox's "privacy.resistFingerprinting" setting to defeat #fingerprinting.
Well, after a week of use, I now understand why it's still hidden in about:config: it breaks too many things.

1 day ago

#Development #Evolutions
Push notifications are now supported cross-browser · Finally, you can deliver timely and valuable notifications to your web users · by @tomayac

#Browser #Chrome #Edge #Firefox #Safari #BrowserEngine #WebDevelopment #WebDev #Frontend #PWA #WebApp #PushNotifications

Greg Stoll
1 day ago

But! I have a blog post coming out soon about a neat thing I helped add to #firefox. At least I think it's neat :-)

1 day ago

I like my #raspberryPi, for #opensource reasons. Should I feel guilty that *many* media websites require me to use `chromium-browser` rather then #Firefox #ESR?

Andy Scott
1 day ago

Dear #android, #rust / #cargo, #cmake, #dbus, #hp, #mozilla #firefox & #thunderbird, #npm, #pipewire / #pulseaudio, #putty, #python, #steam, #wine, #yarn (and I'm sure many, many others),

Why don't you use #xdg defaults? This doesn't seem ridiculous to you?

Screenshot of the results from the "ls -a" command in my home directory. It shows about 15 hidden folders and files belonging to applications that blatantly disregard XDG specifications.
Eve 2023 :unverified:​
1 day ago

This time, #Firefox pretended something went wrong.

I really wish I had viable alternatives to Firefox on Linux (that aren't Chrome or Chromium :eyeroll:​ ). Between this crap and that crap, I'm just desperate for a browser that does its job, stays out of my way, and doesn't pull this crap.

Screenshot of Firefox. White background with black text. Headline reads: "Gah. Your tab just crashed."
Below this heading in a smaller heading, it reads "We can help!"

Below this is a text in normal font size that says "Choose Restore This Tab or Restore All Crashed Tabs to reload the page/pages."

Below these are three buttons for Close Tab, Restore This Tab, and Restore All Crashed Tabs.
Cleo Menezes Jr. :verified:
1 day ago

Flatline 1.5 - Support for the new #Flathub beta

Flatline was created to integrate Flathub, apps.gnome and AppCenter websites with your distro's software center, saving you clicks when choosing an application on the web and installing it on your PC.

Flatline is available on #Firefox Add-ons, #Chrome Web Store and you can also install it on GNOME Web.

#flatpak #gnome #kde

Flatline demostrantion
1 day ago

Mozilla vai continuar a suportar Firefox no Windows 7/8 até 2024


#firefox #microsoft #segurança #sistema #windows #noticias #tech #tugatech

Gianni Rosato
1 day ago

If you are a #Flatpak developer, please help bring Mercury Browser to Flathub.

Otherwise, please give this issue attention so that this incredible Firefox fork can be distributed as a Flatpak. Mercury Browser includes JPEG-XL support by default, and contains privacy & security optimizations as well as performance improvements making it 8-20% faster than Mozilla Firefox (according to

Github issue:

#firefox #jxl #jpegxl #linux


I'm insane.

So of course I do :p

And thats why I use #opera on any platform.

#firefox removed local #html / #js / #anything loading in a latest android app update.

So byebye ff xD

Greg Brooks
2 days ago

. #FireFox was almost out of money last year, where did #Mozilla get $30 million to fund an AI project?

2 days ago
Zhenbo Li
2 days ago

This #Firefox plugin,
alike03's Subscription Info on Steam
is amazing! I just supported @alike03 on @buymeacoffee! 🎉

#Steam #XGP

Jan Penfrat
2 days ago

Dear @mozilla why do you invest 30 million USD in #AI if you could also spend this money on improving #Firefox, #Thunderbird and other core software products? 💰💰💰

iʟʟᴜsᴛiᴇᴛᴏʀ ✨
2 days ago

@Paroxia En el móvil hay que usar #NewPipe o en su defecto #Firefox con el plugin de #uBlock instalado. Ambas opciones permiten reproducir cositas en segundo plano y bloquean anuncios :thinkerguns:

Dunbar's Number
2 days ago

Regarding #Mozilla and #AI: In a different world, they would have persisted with #ubiquity and thus AI could seamlessly integrate into #Firefox. Despite claims to the contrary about the impact #artificialintelligence will have on the Internet, it will be deployed, for the most part, at OS level. To make it compelling to a browser, you'd need something like a profile in the cloud. But for that you'd need tab groups and Firefox doesn't have them in any form.

2 days ago

Sempre per la serie "Lo sapevi che?" anche quando non richiesta:
ALT+Invio (su macOS CMD+Invio) nella barra URL della scheda attiva del vostro browser genera una scheda duplicata. Sempre comodissimo, spesso sottovalutato.
#firefox #chrome #edge

2 days ago

@thunderbird In fact, I learnt a lot about how #Thunderbird and @mozilla are actually related, and I always thought it's a hardwired #Mozilla product just like #Firefox.

I'm really looking forward to the improvements in Supernova and also future updates to #K9Mail. I used to be a #GMail user but ran into performance problems on older devices and under bad networking conditions. Not a problem for good old #IMAP! :)

Frosty ❄️🌨️
2 days ago

Elon’s pain is my gain. I’m surprised by how much traction it’s already gained on Twitter xD

And um, welp. Now I’ve really got to make this a reality. And I need to learn how to make it a firefox extension as well. Time to see if I can do all this before Elon’s April 15th.

#IRefuseToPay2Win #noxp #twitter #twitterblue #elonmusk #elon #programming #chrome #firefox

Video showcasing how, once the prototype code is running, verified tweets no longer appear on Twitter.
Jeff Fortin T.
2 days ago

Your favorite #Firefox tooltips desktop #Linux zombie bug strikes again 👻

Frosty ❄️🌨️
2 days ago

Starting April 15th, I will be releasing a Chrome extension that will hide all tweets from verified accounts.

This is the only realistic way to stick it to the man for free. Not gonna be a corporate shill, and the verified checkmark is now meaningless to me.


Social Media SHOULD NOT be pay to win. Don’t support this behavior. Fight it.

#IRefuseToPay2Win #noxp #twitter #twitterblue #elonmusk #elon #programming #chrome #firefox Edit to add tags, because I forgot that’s how things are discoverable here.

Yellow Car
2 days ago


I'm using #Firefox from #Flathub on my #SteamDeck so no, I don't use #Konqueror.

Also searching for Konqueror on Flathub turns up 5 results:

1️⃣ #KFind
2️⃣ #KMPlayer
3️⃣ #KGet
4️⃣ #Filelight
5️⃣ #Gwenview

#WhyFlathub? #Why?

1️⃣ It is also integrated into Konqueror as "Find File" in the "Tools" menu.
- that's why
2️⃣ embed inside konqueror (movie is played inside konqueror)
- the 2nd why
3️⃣ Integration with the Konqueror web browser.
- an obvious 3rd why
4️⃣ I ran out of characters...

Mohammed Besar
2 days ago

Firefox | التنصيب الرسمي على أي توزيعة واستخدام أكثر من متصفح بتطبيق واحد

طريقة تنصيب فايرفوكس من الموقع الرسمي على أي توزيعة، والتحديث والترقية التلقائية الفورية من المصدر مباشرة. ونشرح بشكل مُفصل كيفية استخدام خاصية البروفايل، لتوفير أكثر من متصفح بنفس التنصيب، لفصل الاستخدام الشخصي عن العمل.


ferrie = differentieel :frl:
3 days ago

@mattwilcox use #Firefox and all shit has gone 🥸

3 days ago

Testweise umgestellt von #Firefox auf #Vivaldi (sowohl Desktop als auch Android). 2-3 Webseiten haben mit #Firefox nicht funktioniert und auch der #Chromecast -Support hat mir gefehlt.

3 days ago

This 12 year old problem, where the #macOS Services menu refuses to show in the contextual menu in #Firefox browser, has been resolved. This is very exciting news.…

Eli@sNП - 🐧 01
3 days ago

Estas #extensiones te permiten usar #ChatGPT en #Bing desde cualquier navegador, no sólo desde Microsoft Edge a través de @genbeta #Firefox #Chromiun

3 days ago

Setup #AppleID with #securitykey s. So awesome to see this supported by Apple. However when trying to login via #Firefox both stable 111.0.1 + todays nightly 113 seeing an error This browser doesn’t support security keys which certainly is not true for Firefox 113.

Friendily ping @rmondello - maybe you happen to know something about this? What is missing to make this work?


#Firefox, because it's been so for a long time and I'm used to it. Even in Android.

3 days ago

@kingu my browser of choice is #firefox. Because #gecko ans #mozilla.

@kingu #Librewolf, a fork of #Firefox, because it has extra privacy built-in and doesn't have weird things like Pocket or #Google trackers like vanilla Firefox has :blobcatthinksmart:

Rocky Carr
3 days ago

@kingu #Firefox, because it’s #FOSS.

Łukasz Horodecki
3 days ago

@kingu #Firefox because I can make it look like a true part of my #Gnome desktop and it's more powerful than Epiphany (aka Web). Plus, it's independent of Google.

Screenshot of a Firefox window with open.
3 days ago

#Linux Weekly Roundup for March 26th, 2023: #GNOME 44, #Firefox 112 Beta, new #Kubuntu Focus laptop, #Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS, major #NVIDIA graphics driver release, and much more

#OpenSource #FOSS

9to5Linux Weekly Roundup for March 26th, 2023
Hobson Lane
3 days ago

@aburka @BennettTomlin carbonyl is a #FOSS #browser in your terminal (including over ssh) that complies with all web standards. Under the hood html2svg at 60 fps. Launches in seconds.

#carbonyl #chrome #chromium #firefox #librewolf #html #svg #javascript

Jeff Sikes
4 days ago

I just found the #Firefox Developer Edition's style editor. Embarrassed I wasn’t aware of this sooner. Now I know. Really speeding up my “let’s throw some properties into the stylesheet until it works” styling process.

The Firefox Developer’s Edition has a Style Editor that allows you to fiddle with css dynamically, then copy it over to your code. Shown is a screenshot of a browser window, with two additional tabs along the right. The first is a stylesheet file browser, and the second is the stylesheet itself. You can edit the stylesheet and see the results immediately in the browser window.

@anze3db Alternatively, in your #Firefox browser, toggle `privacy.resistFingerprinting` to `True`, thence all time-based tabs will reset to a UTC basis.

Much cheaper!


Markus Werle
5 days ago

Not sure why #Netflix on #Firefox in unusable. CPU goes berserk on first interaction (mouse movements, clicks), nothing is rendered. Has anyone an idea?

Johto 🐧 🎮
5 days ago

I do not understand why I avoided #firefox for so long. It is such a high quality browser, lmao.

Learning my way around it still, but it's already much more effective and simple for what I need / use any browser for.

Definitely beats #Microsoft edge, that's for sure... IN MY OPINION!

Ernir Þorsteinsson
5 days ago

Notaði #DolphinBrowser líka á fyrsta #Android símanum mínum. Sakna þess töluvert þegar símarnir voru ekki farnir að stýra manni beint inn á eigin útgáfur af grunnhugbúnaði

Ég nota símaútgáfuna af #Firefox í dag

Ernir Þorsteinsson
5 days ago

Gaman að rifja upp líka að ég notaði #Swiftweasel #Firefox forkinn á smá tímabili, þótti rosa fínn meðan hann entist

Ernir Þorsteinsson
5 days ago

Vafrasagan mín í grófum dráttum:

#IE: ?? - 2004
#Firefox: 2004-2010
Google #Chrome: 2010-2017
Firefox: 2017-núna

En Firefox var að hrynja tvisvar í röð núna. Ekki viss um að ég nenni að skipta á stundinni, en þetta er orðið þreytandi ☹️

Kathy Reid
5 days ago

This is a great article on #privacy and #browser #fingerprinting - including how to block it in browsers like @mozilla #Firefox.

I was really surprised that this was not a default setting in Firefox.

5 days ago

@vwbusguy OMG, someone besides me noticed. On a related note, a #Firefox ESR patch for Stream 8 was over a month late the last time I looked.

On another related note, #OpenSUSE sends out folksy news posts with all the updates to Tumbleweed. I love it.

Aaron Ouellette
5 days ago

Raise your hand if you've got more than 50 browser tabs open.
#firefox #TabChaos

5 days ago

#Business #Development #Evolutions
Health benefits of browser diversity · “A pivot in strategy from Apple could open up so many doors to a healthier web”

#BrowserChoice #Browser #BrowserEngine #Chrome #Edge #Firefox #Safari #iOS #iPadOS #WebDevelopment #WebDev

Matt Hodges
6 days ago

#TodayILearned that #FireFox can copy text from inside images.

A screenshot of the Wikipedia page for a stop sign. It shows me right-clicking on a photo of a stop sign and selecting, "Copy text from image"
A screenshot in FireFox of a pop-up saying, "Text copied from image: STOP"

It took roughly 1 second to startup #Firefox (#Snap) on a cheap 550€ laptop I bought in 2017.

People keep saying it takes 3 seconds. Either they've improved upon #Snaps tremendeously on #Ubuntu OR it's just a blatant lie OR they're using archaic hardware if mine is 5 years old by now and a budget laptop...

Snaps are not that bad, folks... Don't worry about the "infamous startup times", they're exaggerated.

As much as people despise #Snaps in #Ubuntu and lament their slow start-up speed, I disagree.
I have an old cheap laptop and while not blazing fast, I feel as if #Firefox launches relatively quickly. I didn't time it but didn't feel like it's taking forever and it's just good that the apps stay updated and there's no messing with dependencies.

And I hear you, coming out of the woodworks:
"But what about #Flatpak?!"

Listen. Snaps have their own benefits (especially on the server).


6 days ago

Thought about the #Firefox Relay email aliasing service. It has the option for a custom domain where you can just make up a new alias on the fly without logging into the service, and as long as the custom domain at the end is a valid one, it'll generate it when it receives an email. So for example your email address for mastodon could be "". Well, if any account using an address with that domain gets compromised, the your whole custom domain is done. 1/

Robert Mader
6 days ago

#Chromium landed support for fractional scaling on #Wayland a couple of days ago. It was reverted again today. Reason for revert: This change completely broke Chromium Ozone/Wayland on compositors that support fractional-scale-v1.

Nobody had ever tested it and the authors missed the whole actual scaling part with wp_viewporter.

Anyhow, here's a working initial patch for #Firefox:

1 week ago

#Business #Development #Explorations
Web fingerprinting is worse than I thought · The current state of web fingerprinting and how to protect yourself

“Fingerprinting in browsers works and severely undermines our privacy.”

#Fingerprinting #UserIdentification #Tracking #WebDevelopment #WebDev #Browser #Chrome #Firefox #Tor #Privacy

Arne Babenhauserheide
1 week ago

@hi_mayank My dream: the EU funds @igalia to take over some of the #Firefox devs cut by #Mozilla and shift FF development into Europe to increase its #digital #sovereignty. #digitalsovereignty #eu

Evert Pot
1 week ago

In the early 2000's we used to install Firefox on our parents desktop and rename it to Internet Explorer to get them to use it.

These days Ubuntu silently keeps reinstalling the snap version of #Firefox over my preferred apt version.

Not today #Ubuntu. It's still buggy

Ted Curran M. Ed. 🐘
1 week ago

@Jeremiah Agreed. AND ALSO... Some of us have to use Chromium-based browsers because the systems we work in don't support Mozilla, but that doesn't mean you have to stay in Google's surveillance funhouse. I use @Vivaldi on desktop which works just like Chrome without all the Googliness. It works with the Chrome App Store extensions as well. Though on #Android, #Firefox is hands-down the best browser.

Pelle Wessman
1 week ago

What all web developers ever wanted from @mozilla has finally become true in the shape of #MozillaAI:

It’s really nice to see #Mozilla focus their efforts on once again making #Firefox a competitive browser that pushes the frontier in what a good browser can be and stands up to the giants of Chrome and Safari.

Oh, wait, Artificial Intelligence!? Never mind then, I’ll try to keep my hopes up that Mozilla will one day do Firefox justice, but I guess it will never happen 😔

Jan Polzer
1 week ago

Všimli jste si, pokud používáte Firefox? V aktuální verzi upravil zobrazování historie uložených přístupových údajů. #firefox

kator 🦣
1 week ago

Pocket lasst mich mich nicht mehr anmelden weil es mich immer wieder zu einem Firefox Konto zwingen bzw umleiten will. Das heißt ich suche einen neuen ReadLater Service. Empfehlungen willkommen. Danke. #firefox
#FirefoxKonto #ReadLaterService #Empfehlungen #Danke #pocket

1 week ago

#Linux Weekly Roundup for March 19th, 2023: #GNOME 44 on #Fedora Linux 38, #Firefox 111, #Kali Purple and 10th anniversary, System76 Meerkat mini Linux PC is back, #SteamDeck LAN transfers, and more #KDE goodies

#OpenSource #FOSS

9to5Linux Weekly Roundup
1 week ago

#Firefox がよりガッツリ #PDF 編集できるようになったのかな?

1 week ago

#Firefox usage is down 85% despite Mozilla's top exec pay going up 400%. #mozilla

1 week ago

I'm not the only person who thinks Mozilla's financial situation is nowhere near passing the smell test. #firefox #mozilla #thunderbird #google

Gabriele Svelto
1 week ago

Last week we fixed a 14 year old bug in #Firefox. It was a small thing, just a UI glitch in the crash reporter client, but it always feel good to close bugs that old.

Plus I didn't fix it myself, I walked a new contributor through her first patch. It's always nice when people want to help and I'm always delighted to see how happy they are about landing their very first patch in a #FOSS project.

The dark defaults of #Microsoft #Edge

"Edge has some very user-hostile defaults [...]"

"Did you know that out-of-the-box, Edge will transmit the content of your text boxes on web pages to the Microsoft Editor service for the purpose of grammatical suggestions?"

I disagree on his judgement on using Edge in the first place. I'd always recommend #Firefox as it's the last more or less free browser that defends against #Google #Chrome monopoly.

Nemeth/Star Productions
2 weeks ago

Firefox Translations is now available.
The add-on allows all Firefox users to translate websites and texts in the browser without having to send the data to an external server.

Another step to more privacy.

#FirefoxTranslations #Firefox #Mozilla #Translations #Translator #Privacy #Internet #website