The Shell of a Fish Finger
9 minutes ago

@frameworkcomputer im not a power user but ive ported linux before… i just want emacs to write papers and preferably openbsd and something i can fix when i drop it/cat rips all the keys off/baby gets exploratory with playdoh. I have a (beloved) 51nb x2100 thinkpad… but the cpu is having power outages and i’m not sure i can fix that.

So if i cant repair it do i buy one of yours or a MVT reform?


Stephen Shankland
5 hours ago

I've been really annoyed at how badly the New York Times syncs crossword puzzles (I solve across an Android phone, iPhone, a laptop, and an iPad), but today was the first time it wiped out a half-solved puzzle by syncing in an almost unsolved version of that day's puzzle that I'd opened *after* on a different device. I even saw the words disappear as I opened it. Bah! (I recognize this is a minor problem in the scheme of things.)
#FirstWorldProblems #NYT #sync

Eric Johnson, Author
20 hours ago

I'm really not feeling beef strips, but I'm also not feeling takeout.


21 hours ago

#Firstworldproblems levels seem high this morning. Maybe time to prune ✂️

Věroš 🦥 K.
1 day ago

Blíží se Vánoce, že jo?

PPL ztrácí balíky a DPD padá databáze pod webem.

Už nikdy nebudu opravovat laptop v prosinci.


1 day ago
Wie schwer kann es eigentlich sein, ein (Black) Metal Zip Hoodie in schwarz mit weißem Druck und 3XL zu finden? Entweder ist 3XL nicht verfügbar/lieferbar oder die Teile sind bunt. Ich suche ein einfaches von einem der Klassikerbands aus den 90er. #MetalMerch #MetalheadClub #FirstWorldProblems #BlackMetal #Metal
3 days ago

Haaaaach, I'm torn back and forth. Is the OLED update of #steamdeck really worth at least 300€ (with subsidizing by selling the original one)? Guess I need a hands on try to decide... 😩

3 days ago

I haven't bought anything (personal) for Black Friday. Well, technically the new dishwasher-range combo counts but that's a shared purchase. I want to buy something for Cyber Monday but have no inspiration (maybe I don't need anything). Tips? (Yes, I know about LEGO). #firstworldproblems

5 days ago

I've run out of things to do on my phone whilst I finish my lunch. #FirstWorldProblems

5 days ago


Ugh. Food hangover today. I always make the big meal for family or friends and this year we ended up being dessert heavy, though I made two birds...smoked and regular.

SO many leftovers, I was ashamed, but we sent everyone home with some and I have a few containers to drop off where they'll be welcomed.

Paul J Robinson (He/Him)
5 days ago

My principal problem with these shortening winter days: No sooner have I opened all the curtains, it feels like I then go around closing them again like it was just wasted effort #FirstWorldProblems

*|FNAME|* 🇨🇦
6 days ago

So yesterday was fun: first I blew out my back doing the #recycling, next I get a flat tire on the #EV which, as it turns out uses an oddball-sized tire on the rear that’s really hard to get. So instead of the all-weather tires I was PLANNING to put on it, I had to order up a set of dedicated winters, which means come spring I’ll be in the market for ANOTHER set of four tires.

This saving the planet thing is becoming a real pain in the back… side.


Photo of my ID4 with a flat tire on the deck of a tow-truck. Did you know EVs don’t typically come with spares?
Andreas B
1 week ago

Få fik aura fiber lige opdateret mit internet.
Damn det er så hurtigt at det ikke engang selv kan følge med nu.

#internet #firstworldproblems

#firstworldproblems: Vejas for running but also Vegan?

1 week ago

@vitaaliveli PItäis ostaa se HDMI dongle, että sais toisen näytön Airiin. #firstworldproblems

1 week ago

... deren ANC unterirdisch ist und die sich gesamt, meinem Empfinden nach, deutlich zum Vorgänger verschlechtert haben, was Tragekomfort, Bedienung (am Gerät und in der App) und eben Abschottung zur Außenwelt angeht.

Aber das hat auch sein Gutes. Ich benutze meine alten weiter, die scheinbar noch sehr gut sind und warte mal, was die nächsten Pro Buds von #Samsung können, die nächsten Jahr kommen.


1 week ago

Sad day, my only TV with a SCART input has died. It's nigh on impossible to find anything that still supports RGB SCART. #RetroGaming #FirstWorldProblems Looks like I will be making more use of my OSSC when I decide on a new display for the #RetroComputer collection

1 week ago

Wohne in der zweitgrößten Stadt Deutschlands, und die Versorgung mit Lieferessen ist einfach ein Trauerspiel. Wieso können wir das in Deutschland nicht? Ich habe keine Lust auf die 36. Pizzeria und das 29. Sushi-Restaurant. Wieso ist das in Großstädten im Ausland so viel besser und abwechslungsreicher? #FirstWorldProblems

2 weeks ago

Ich kann noch nicht in die #Badewanne, da noch nicht alle #Akkus ausreichend geladen sind. 🪫🛁

#FirstWorldProblems X #21Jahrhundert

2 weeks ago

Death cannot overtake me soon enough so that I never have to hear the soft, squishy click of someone opening a Facebook post on their phone to read the stupid comments.


2 weeks ago


#Twitch pushed an updated Twitch app onto my #PS4Pro this morning when I started it up and it's an abomination

I can't imagine what the devs where thinking

It's like it assumes you're starting from zero and have no idea what Twitch is or how to use it

I did get it to show me my #Followed channels at startup

But when I select a #Channel I already follow it starts at the streamer profile screen with #UnFollow selected

Like, I'm going to start up a stream I follow and what I'm going to want to do is unfollow that streamer?

From there it takes a <down-right-right-right> to get #Chat open, and then a <left> to close chat and just watch the stream in full-screen



Simple Nomad :verified:
2 weeks ago

Not sure how I’m supposed to work. She either wants directly on the laptop, or against my leg all warm making me want to drink hot tea as it is overcast and feels like Fall, and all that tea involves brewing, steeping, and inevitable bathroom breaks. Such a harsh life I lead.


Dahlia, about to drift off in canine sleep up against my leg on the couch.
Loch Nix
2 weeks ago

The typo mojo is strong today. I’ve already managed to write ‘kinks and fools’ in a message today and its not even 10AM.
(it was meant to say links and tools).

#work #teams #firstworldproblems

Mike. 🩼🇨🇦
2 weeks ago

#ChronicPain has been so bad lately I've been pretty much stuck in bed all day again, with no explanation as to why it's flaring up, just ate like 90% of the days food in one big plate so now I've got a stomach ache, and the ONLY thing I can do all day is play video games to take my mind off the pain, yet I'm sick to death of playing these things.

damn #FirstWorldProblems #Disability

Leonardo Soares
2 weeks ago

Se bebo água gelada, ferro com a garganta. Se bebo água sem gelo, não refresca o calor. No momento, a garganta tá perdendo a briga. #FirstWorldProblems

2 weeks ago

Just managed to take the Apple iPhone 15 Pro clear case off and got a nasty cut under my thumbnail in the process. #firstworldproblems

Jan Veen 🕯️
2 weeks ago

Na, wie lange standet ihr schon mal gedankenverloren im Aufzug, ohne zu merken, dass ihr noch keinen Knopf gedrückt habt?


Hanna Esmeralda
2 weeks ago


Keitin liian vähän sushiriisiä.

Jäi #nälkä.

#FirstWorldProblems #ruoka #sushi

David Schmidt
2 weeks ago

I'm confused. Shouldn't there be a shift in color scheme in Google Maps by now? Saw reports about it weeks ago. Staged rollouts are bugging me like nothing else on the Android platform. #firstworldproblems

Map of Copenhagen (Screenshot of Google Maps)

One of the few things I miss about the bird place (apart from some of the people!) is the ability to interact with a company's socials to get their customer service to actually *do* something. Currently being ghosted by customer service over a €100 voucher they should have given me. #FirstWorldProblems

Ordered an item on Amazon UK in preparation for my UK visit next month. Opted for free delivery on Tuesday. Arranged for somebody to be there to sign for it.

Received an email, it's been shipped and will arrive today, Sunday.

Why does anyone pay Amazon for next day delivery if this happens and they deliver the next day regardless?

#Amazon #FirstWorldProblems

Jürgen :verigreen:🌗🪐🌌
3 weeks ago

#Weltcup-#Skifahrer beklagen sich über "untypisches Wetter" 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

Solche, die das ganze Jahr um die ganze Welt fliegen, für Vorbereitung oder Rennsaison, dazwischen mal für den verdienten #Urlaub, und damit also auch überdurchschnittlich zur #Klimakrise / #Klimakatastrophe beitragen, jammern darüber, dass das #Wetterpech "das Leben nicht einfach macht". Das klingt angesichts von immer mehr #Klimaflüchtlingen wie eine richtige Frotzelei.
#FirstWorldProblems 🤬🤬🤷‍♂️

"#SkiAlpin: Samstag-#Abfahrt auf #Matterhorn abgesagt"

3 weeks ago

@DoubleTreble Yeah I am starting to feel better as we speak 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
Such a typical shitty flu this, where you don't feel super sick all day per se, and at the same time you cannot make plans or do anything other then hang lazy on your couch. Bleh!
Ah well, #FirstWorldProblems 😉

Do you have anything nice planned for the day or the evening?

Ma se mi sveglio alle 6:30 e prendo un caffè e due fette biscottate prima di andare in palestra, poi quando torno e verso le 10:30 mangio quello che mangerei normalmente per colazione, conta ancora come colazione? #FirstWorldProblems #TheBreakfastConundrum

3 weeks ago

@BorrisInABox @BrailleScreen I don't have a single drive anywhere that has more than a TB free. #FirstWorldProblems I guess?

Carl S. Gutekunst
3 weeks ago

I wanted a drink and a bag of crisps. I had a $5 bill. The drink machine accepts $5 bills and returns change as dollar coins. The chips machine accepts $1 bills but does not accept $5 bills or dollar coins. 🤦‍♂️


The control panel of a drink vending machine that proudly announces it accepts dollar coins as well as $1 and $5 bills.
The control panel of a vending machine, directly adjacent to the first, that proudly announces it accepts $1 bills, with a hand-scrawled sign warning that dollar coins will jam the machine.
3 weeks ago


Since my water district is going to cut off my street's water around 9:00 am because of a burst water main (allegedly vintage 1950s) I think I'll make breakfast early and wash the dishes

Brita's full; water thermos is full; largest pots and pans are full; running water: who needs it?


3 weeks ago

@Extelec I've been struggling with this myself.

I have a couple of several year old UPC UPSes, but recently we had a power surge that blew right through one of them and created a short in our 65" TV.

I know it's #firstworldproblems that we had to get a new TV but it was frustrating, and now I'm trying to figure out whether a new UPS even makes sense or whether I should just get surge protection for that rack of electronics and save the UPS for my NAS and other hard disk bearing hardware.

Júbilo MX
3 weeks ago

Japanese maple leaves inside home

a photo at floor level showing dry red maple leaves inside of the house
Rega Kerner
3 weeks ago

#Frage an #ITbubble:
Wer findet noch so eine #Maus in Keller oder #Kabelkiste?

Die süße #Logitec Ergo auf dem Foto hat mir 23 Jahre ! treu gedient, ihre 'moderne' Nachfolgerin gibt nach 1 Jahr grade den Geist auf ...

Ich will das alte Modell wieder haben!
Oder ähnliches mit Kugel (ggf. noch da), Kabel, Rädchen & Ergoform - bitte alles anbieten, wenns noch klickt!

#it #computer #pc #ITsupport #developer #linux #windows #hardware #FirstWorldProblems

(Bildwarnung weil ironische Todesanzeige)

Alte Logitech-Ergo Computermaus auf schwarzem Grund, ähnlich Todesanzeige: 

Nachruf auf eine tapfere Maus. 
RIP 1999 - 2022

Wieviele Rechner hast du für mich dirigiert?
Wieviele Pixel verschoben, gelöscht und verschmiert?
Wieviele Texte durchstreift und Fehler korrigiert?
Wieviele Buttons geklickt und Webs besucht, Schlag auf Schlag?
Wieviele Programme gehorchten deinem Befehl, jeden Tag?
Wie oft bist du gefallen, wie oft reinigte ich deine Kugel vom Dreck?
Der letzte Sturz war einer zuviel, jetzt bist du kaputt und weg.

Haltbarkeit ist Umweltschutz:
Bringt die Kugelmäuse wieder!
Jon Roach
4 weeks ago

Mo, the robot lawnmower, is scheduled to run this afternoon, and I'm concerned it may get trench foot. #FirstWorldProblems #UKGardening

A puddle, and a robot mower on a lawn.

I checked my pension fund this morning. It's lost about 13% of it's nominal value in the last 2 years, probably about double that if you take account of inflation.

Is that just me or has it generally been a dreadful couple of years for equity markets?


1 month ago

Vanlig ting som nordmenn er opptatt av. #FirstWorldProblems
Derfor langt oppe på NRK i dag

Simon Brooke
1 month ago

@fionaorkneynews doesn't help those of us who don't have legal homes, though. Although, at this moment, not having electricity, it wouldn't help me if it did.


1 month ago

TFW you sent someone an e-mail from your work PC asking them to come to see you this morning, and you are now at home, unable to access said e-mail and can’t remember what times you suggested. 🤦🏼‍♀️


Aral Balkan
1 month ago

I’m seriously considering buying a bunch of Bluetooth earphones and gifting them to anyone I see blaring a video or game or music in a quiet public place from their phone.

What do you think, shall we crowdfund it for the sanity of us all?

#firstWorldProblems #earphonesForAll

Tammy Garrison
1 month ago

I ordered spice cake mix from Walmart. I thought I got pumpkin bread mix instead. I figured, that was fine. The Pumpkining is upon us. But no. It was pumpkin bars, which require far more effort thank spice cake and are thrice removed from where I wanted to be today with my baking. #FirstWorldProblems #ADHDtax

1 month ago

Well, we had a ludicrous #firstworldproblems morning here :)

Our only 4 year old TV failed. We have a replacement coming tomorrow but I feel for my wife, today was supposed to be her much needed day of rest and instead she ended up rooting around in our home theater physical plant as we troubleshot the failure.

I really do wish 'dumb' TVs were more readily available to consumers.

Jeffrey K. Walker
1 month ago

You know who I hate? Companies that make me manually fill in my email address to unsubscribe from their spammy shit. #firstworldproblems

ottawasteph 🕊️
1 month ago

Out for errands today. Weather: 17C & sunny, so sunglasses, no jacket. By the time I get out: 15, cloudy. Go to train stn, just missed it. Wait 5 mins, get onboard, not a mask to be seen. #FirstWorldProblems

1 month ago

In first world problem news. Thank god. Someone has invented a 3d printed cover for the ridiculously bright lights on my Ionic 5. I can now power my telescope using the VTL adapter with the car battery without any light pollution. Before this i just used black tape! #firstworldproblems

1 month ago

#firstWorldProblems, I know! 🤣

Ben Hardill
1 month ago


Had to turn on the heating and put my slippers on


Serge from Babka
2 months ago

One downside of an automatic litter box is that when you do need to do a full clean, it's much trickier than a traditional litter box. There are many nooks and crannies for litter to get stuck for weeks/months.

It's still overall less work, but on the cleaning days every few months... phew!

#LitterRobot #FirstWorldProblems

Sarah Allen
2 months ago

I really want Bose to create a "Find My Headphones" app #firstworldproblems

Mauro Vanetti
2 months ago

I commenti che mi tolgono un po' di entusiasmo su Mastodon sono quelli che si lamentano perché con una nuova escalation di violenza in #Israele/#Palestina la loro timeline si riempie di notizie e opinioni su quel tema.
Davvero #FirstWorldProblems e privilegio dell'indifferenza al massimo livello.
Grazie al cielo la gente comune ragiona su quel che capita nel mondo, magari anche senza avere un master in relazioni internazionali e storia del Medio Oriente, e prova a capirci qualcosa, anche qui.

2 months ago

Uber drivers hate introverts.

I have tipped my entire life, I never did anything wrong on a trip, but I also didn’t initiate any unnecessary conversation (why would I?).

As a result, I have the lowest Uber rating I know of anyone.

I’ll stop tipping and see if that helps.


Maria Neumayer
2 months ago

I want that blue Pixel, but don't want a large phone #firstworldproblems

2 months ago

Etsiskelin taas mieleistä välikausitakkia ja miten se voikin olla niin turhauttavaa.

Värivaihtoehtoina mustaa, mustaa ja vielä kerran mustaa. Jos oikein haluaisi revitellä väreillä niin löytyisi homeenvihreää, kusenkeltaista ja ripulinruskeaa.

Kaipaan vieläkin mun pitkää punaista vakosamettitakkia,, joka palveli 14 vuotta.

#muoti #pukeutuminen #firstworldproblems

2 months ago

I came into the newsfeed cafe for lunch, started my next reading, and am getting annoyed at the table of chatty women next to me. But I don’t want to get up and wander around looking for another desk. #firstWorldProblems #bpl

Rob Reid
2 months ago

Heads up. If you have iOS17 and AirPods, you cannot sing along if you have the setting "Conversation Awareness" turned on. This setting is super useful when you're in public as it lowers volume when you speak, so you don't have to pause your music if you suddenly jump into a conversation. However, it also lowers volume if you're alone and start singing along. Real buzz kill. lol #ios17 #firstworldproblems #airpods #apple #iphone

Dave Mackey
2 months ago

Short extension power cords (1'-3') are amazing. I've bought two ten packs over the years and was about to purchase a third but Etekcity no longer sells them. 😭

Typing "short power extension cord pack" into #Amazon returns 10,000+ results and I always feel a bit iffy about trusting new manufacturers...

#FirstWorldProblems #shopping

2 months ago

#firstWorldProblems - no in-seat power on a cross-country flight. #Jetblue flying on #TheLiMintDoesNotExist — unless you need to charge something.

Holly 🚀⚜️
2 months ago

I hate how Google Sheets is just similar enough to Excel but not quite identical to be annoying. #firstworldproblems

2 months ago

I really want to try Starlink. I really don't want to support Musk. Ugh. #FirstWorldProblems for sure though.

Mike Ellis
3 months ago

Our garden office is one of the raddest things ever but today I am slightly regretting having to sit in a black tin box #firstworldproblems #summer #fuuuuu

Photograph of a garden in summer with a black garden office
3 months ago

Das @eventphone Netz der #mrmcd23 reicht nicht bis ins Hotel. Ich prangere das an. #firstworldproblems

The worst thing about returning to Shanghai after six weeks in the UK is the bread.

Just plain, basic, sliced bread.

It looks fine, it smells fine, but it is so, so, sweet compared to bread in the UK.

(Yes, I know it is more akin to US bread, but I don't like that either. :-) )


Today was: hiking, purchasing vegan cheese, more hiking, lunch, more hiking, playing games, reading, eating vegan burgers. I'm wondering if I should watch some The Wire tonight, play Baldurs Gate 3, or get out my Polyend Tracker and make some music #vacation #dilemma #firstworldproblems

3 months ago

@andycarolan Genuinely no idea. Been off since last Tuesday and didn’t notice it back then.

Complete #FirstWorldProblems but it’s absolutely killing me ☹️


3 months ago

@deirdresm After Beth's surgical disaster, she's almost always cold... and I'm almost always hot. I need a fan on me virtually 24/7. We keep the house at a normal 70, so she has plenty of blankets and sweaters, and I have a fan in every room I spend time in.

(It doesn't help the weird heating system means the kitchen/den are always sweltering, the living room/dining room are comfortable, and the bedrooms/office/bathroom is freezing. Adjusting vents throughout the rooms helps a little.)


3 months ago

#firstWorldProblems news: I test drove a nice van yesterday that someone else bought while I was doing so, and then today realised I'd left my glasses in it too.

Jay Hannah
3 months ago

Ugh. Some podcasts use ad injection tech at time of download. People want to sell *current* ads against their back-catalog of episodes. Fair enough, we all have bills to pay.

What is terrible and new to me is when that ad injection tech is failing, injecting 15 or 30 or 60 seconds of SILENCE into the episodes. Did my app break? Did my headset fail? Did my phone die? Ads I can skip, silence is jarring. I thought it was a one-off, but now it's happened to me 6 times this week? #FirstWorldProblems

Mike Huntington
3 months ago

My gaming backlog is ridiculous. I'm at the point now where I'm LUCKY if I actually make it to the end of a game.

#gaming #videogames #firstworldproblems

Guido Schmidt
4 months ago

😰😭 my screen cracked a few months ago but until today it was OK, now it starts to develop these bleedings 😞

macbook #firstworldproblems

Anders Borch
4 months ago

I’m addicted to the security that having a steady income gives me, but I don’t think I’ll enjoy any of the jobs I’m currently being offered.

I can I suppress the anxiety of living off of my savings, or do I accept a job knowing that I’ll jump ship as soon as something better comes along?

#jobs #anxiety #FirstWorldProblems

Jeff Atwood
5 months ago

apparently 90% of my life is now texting "stop" back to spam texts, then receiving the completely unnecessary "oh yay you have successfully done a thing" text in response. #firstworldproblems

Why can’t we have a 32” 5K monitor?

I loved my 27” 5K iMac Pro, but eventually wanted everything a bit larger for my aging eyes.

4K HiDPI at 27” seems alright for a secondary monitor, but I wish my primary monitor had the same 1440p HiDPI resolution, just at 32”.

It seems ridiculous the only options for 5K are 27” displays, and for anything larger you can only choose from 4K (my eyes!) or you jump straight to 6K/8K (my bank!).

#firstworldproblems #displays #hidpi

6 months ago

@codinghorror I have 65" OLED on my wall and sit about eight feet away. I am disappointed when I can't see the pores on a person's face in a movie.

Having said that I have since moved towards a position of anti-capitalism and would never buy anything like this again. So have zero interest in 8k or 16k.

Sean D
6 months ago

Currently wearing my spare set of spectacles that I wear once every few years when my prescription changes. They have rims which means I see rims when I look at things. I just want to see things on their own without having to see rims too! #FirstWorldProblems

Photo of me wearing my cheap spare glasses that have rims.
6 months ago

@glyph Oh I can assure you I will most definitrely "look" well before I leap :)

Even if I'm left out - talk about #firstworldproblems right? :) People are being blown apart in other parts of the world and I can't play with the new Apple toys! :)