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PREVIEW: Flash #800
Written by Jeremy Adams, Mark Waid, Joshua Williamson, Geoff Johns, and Simon Spurrier Art by Fernando Pasarin & Oclair Albert, Todd Nauck, Carmine Di Giandomenico, Scott Kolins, and Mike Deodato Jr. An oversize anniversary issue concludes writer Jeremy Adams's acclaimed tenure, with special guests Mark Waid, Joshua Williamson, and Geoff Johns joining the celebration! As the Adams run races to the finish...
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I'm getting pretty excited about the upcoming #Flash movie coming out next week. Already got my ticket! #DCComics #JusticeLeague #Fanart

2 days ago
GREEN FLASH  - AKB48 Murayama Yuiri & Yokoyama Yui 190211 SS10
3 days ago
Databending multiple exposure interior flash flowers Orchidaceae, made with Tenacity.
3 days ago
Databending multiple exposure interior flash flower Orchidaceae, made with Tenacity.

Oh you #sneaky turds, I had to think for a minute. "Wait, #Adobe #Flash is *back*?"

Plus the #MacOS popup chrome is kindof a giveaway on #Windows.

A picture of a malware/scamware popup advertisting itself as Adobe Flash Player - which hasn't been a viable piece of software for coming up on 5 years with Adobe's EOL announcement. Plus, no one has been making Flash anything for almost a decade since HTML5 became a thing.
4 days ago

Just came across @mjhibbett & #TheValidators' song #HeyHey16k again; especially the 2004 video clip version with (#Flash) animations by @robmanuel: (also archived at
Not sure where the photo used in the animation came from; probably a stock photo. Just crazy to think that even if the photo had been made the same year as the video, that the youngest kid in it would be over 20 years old by now. xD

#ZXSpectrum #ZX81 #retroComputing #retroGaming #NowPlaying #MJHibbet #RobManuel #b3ta #IFeelOldNow

tinu :verified:
5 days ago

Tja, der #Flash-#Sale bei #Steg hat wohl ein erstes Opfer gefordert.
Den #Webserver

Fehlermeldung HTTP Error 503.2
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The fast-paced DC Super Hero drama ends its nine-season run as The Flash: The Ninth and Final Season arrives on Blu-rayTM Disc and DVD on August 29, 2023. The action continues through all 13 episodes of the final season along with brand-new bonus content. The season is also available to own...
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Allison Wyss
1 week ago

My online summer classes--two live, one asynchronous--in case you know anyone interested! (They'll be good. I'll make sure of it.)

#WritingCommunity #WritingClass #WritingCraft #FlashFiction #Flash #Subtext #MagicalObjects

Summer Writing Classes!
Flash Fiction: The Power of Brevity
8 Weeks, Thursdays, 6pm - 8pm (CDT), Jun. 22- Aug. 17, 2023, Online--Live Meetings
We'll read some hot-off-the press flash fiction each week and discuss how it works. Then you'll get
a writing prompt related to the discussion and the opportunity to share your work with peers to
receive light, constructive feedback. At the end of the class, you'll have eight brand new stories, a
fuller understanding of flash fiction, and the inspiration to keep writing. Lots of feedback. Lots of
The Magical Object in Fiction
6 Weeks, Jul. 12 - Aug. 22, 2023, Online--Flex Schedule
Objects can be props, but they can also accumulate greater meaning. In this class, we'll examine
how to take the ordinary, functional objects that already occur in most stories and turn them into
reflections of character, conduits for intimacy, motifs, and powerful metaphors--all to create
dimension, complexity, and resonance in our stories.
Beneath the Surface: Exploring Subtext
6 Weeks, Mondays, 6pm - 8pm (CDT), Jul. 17- Aug. 21, 2023, Online--Live Meetings
Charles Baxter's The Art of Subtext examines those elements that propel readers beyond the plot
into "the realm of what haunts the imagination: the implied, the half-visible, and the unspoken."
We'll pair each of Baxter's chapters with sample texts and deep discussion to make the ideas immediately actionable.
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System can't enter to Ubuntu flash progress to flash BIOS after I updated the kernel to v5.19.0 under Ubuntu 22.04 #kernel #updates #flash

1 week ago

System can't enter to Ubuntu flash progress to flash BIOS after I update kernel to v5.19.0 under Ubuntu 22.04 #kernel #updates #flash

Marcel Waldvogel
1 week ago

@kkarhan @ActionRetro The charges of the #SSD #Flash cells degrades over time, as electrons are able to tunnel out of their "traps".

Under normal conditions, a year or more should be safe; but a drive written at room temperature and then stored at 55°C (e.g. left in a hot car) might start to lose information after a week

Here is some explanation and background:

Dead Unicorn
1 week ago

I've been binging the Wally West #Flash comic and just finished issue #200, where they magic his identity secret. Geoff Johns had been foreshadowing this with cops criticizing Wally saying "He only revealed his identity to get special benefits." So cops hate you if you keep it a secret and they hate you if you reveal it. With the great work he did on Zoom, you'd think Johns would have put more thought into this beside 'magic'. Time travel was RIGHT THERE!

Marie Belanger
1 week ago

Today's Thing of Beauty: Two #trees and #moon in #nightsky #night 2:30 am. No #flash Looking towards the #city #Toronto #ontario #canada #photography Photo by me

Two trees with the moon on the horizon.

@ActionRetro granted even the cheapest #SCSI2SD and #CF2IDE adaptors and cards will feel snappier than the fastest supported #HDD|s supported by said systems, simply due to the fact that they're #Flash and don't suffer from seeking and can handle random, small #IOPS very well - which are the norm on #Desktops...

@ActionRetro Also the other results are easily explainable.

#PCIX is a #64bit bus and propably on it's own #PCI-Root-Controller.

The #IDE controller might be on it's own dedicaded bus if not integrated into the Chipset directly.

The #PCI controller likely has to share the bus with the other #PCI cards like the #7600GS.

The other modules are mostly bottlenecked by the #Flash and it's organization internally...

1 week ago

Sundry Sunday: Eggpo #1, “New Job”
A few years ago the Homestar Runner guys got a sweet gig for a while making content for Disney. I think some of it was broadcast on Actual Television, but all of it, I think, is currently on Youtube, minus one video that seems like it was taken down for some reason. (I don't know which one
#sundaysundry #animation #brotherschaps #disney #eggpo #flash #homestarrunner #sundrysunday #twomoreeggs #video #youtube

Jeff MacKinnon
1 week ago

Some pretty spring flowers.

#macro #photography #flash

A purple and yellow pansy.
A six pointed flower with white petals and a purple middle.
A white and red stripped flower
Two orange tulips.
L. Scott Spencer
2 weeks ago

I'm the biggest #DC fan ever. Outside of Michael Keaton, I could not care less about this film. If the main actor were anyone else, they would have been shit on and tossed out with the garbage long ago. As they should have been. #Batman #Flash #Movies

Markus Osterhoff
2 weeks ago


#STROMAUSFALL 09. Mai, gegen 23:10

haspp10wg Neustart: 10. Mai, 00:49

[also ca. anderthalb Stunden später]

[Screenshot 11. Mai]

PETRA III Status-Monitor:
main power station of #PETRA and #FLASH has failed on Wed at 23h.
Many electronic devices broke and had to be repaired.
Repairs still ongoing.
!!! Carefully check #beamline hardware !!!
Some beamlines experienced serious damages.
(OHS, [int. Telefonnummer])

Darunter handschriftliche Eintragungen zum Status der #GINIX.

Reproduktion Papier-Laborbuch; für Details siehe Tröt.
2 weeks ago

標準化された #ActivityPub :activitypub: があるのにわざわざ別の自前のプロトコルで分散型 SNS やるって、 #HTML5 と言われてたものが整備されつつあった時に #Flash に対抗して #Silverlight 出す、みたいなことをになっちゃうんじゃないの?って、Web おじさんな自分はつい思ってしまう :tony_smirking:

@fuchsiii comsidering the fact that you're looking for a cheap sotrage medium with few writes yet virtually no seek time, it may be possible to achiveve competitive pricing per TB close to scalable Tapes using cheap #eMMC-based #flash similar to cheap #microSD cards.

As you'd be generally satisfied with USB 3.0 & SATA-6G speeds, that should be feasible and considered a low-effort #NeoFloppy design...

IMHO as #Flash prices continue to fall faster than #HDD's can, you'll likely want to see something like the #NeoFloppy:

As it also allows for automatic and human-readable lables...

Basically you're having a very primitive #NearlineStorage setup there...

Otherwise consider a real #backup server like #Proxmox Backup Server:

2 weeks ago

Prosegue la serie di articoli dedicati a #Flash e alla #fisica con Guida per il camminatore sull'acqua

#fumetti #supereroi #lospaziobianco

Tory Anderson
2 weeks ago

It is amazing how much better (worlds apart, really) is the writing and emotional connection between CW's #SupermanAndLois and season 8 of #Flash. S3E1 of SaL showed several scenes of spousal connection, and people (teenage, divorce, grandparent/grandchild) dealing seeking connection. Plus someone being brought back to life and made unwillingly super by an evil arms dealer and fighting Superman. Oh, and parenting boundaries, re: when to allow your teenager to deal with international disasters.

Superman and Lois cover

For my good bud ChaseRoo

Transparent BG time

#kangaroo #meme #cursed #flash #looking #muscular #male

Roo looking through glass longingly

Cursed meme for my bud ChaseRoo

#kangaroo #meme #cursed #flash #looking #muscular #male

Roo looking through glass longingly

My flash essay has been published by Defunct Magazine. Read "Quoth the Raven" here:

I'm so happy to see this up. It's a reverie about loss and guilt. Give it a try!

#essay #flash #hybrid #writinglife #writingcommunity #amwriting

Nimrod Kerrett
2 weeks ago is an emulation of my first ever #flash app. It is a #game where you play a policeman, and have to avoid trying to arrest criminals you can't, and prefer harassing the innocent.
#Til about the #ruffle flash emulator (thanks, Eyal) and within about an hour i've managed to fish the swf file from and save that piece of nostalgy from bitrot.

A maze containig the player (as a policeman), and other NPCs. the mouse is over one of them, so a pop-up identifies him as "Hit man"
A maze containig the player (as a policeman), and other NPCs. the mouse is over one of them, so a pop-up identifies her as "A waitress who doesn't report tips to IRS"
Al Gorithm
2 weeks ago

Slightly conflicted about the new #Flash #Film. On one hand..... Ezra Miller. On the other, it looks like it might genuinely be the first good 'mainstream' DC movie. I will grudgingly admit I quite liked THE Suicide Squad (and Peacemaker was EXCELLENT).

Duncan Horne
2 weeks ago

I never really liked Quicksilver wearing running trainers in Age of Ultron. I know it was meant to be a costume that he grabbed together quickly, but it just never really clicked with me.

This Flash design by Rafael Grampa, however, is the one!

#Flash #RafaelGrampa

Flash #754 card stock variant cover by Rafael Grampa and Pedro Cobiaco showing the Flash stretching his quads.
2 weeks ago

Los mundos colisionan. #Flash - 16 de junio solo en cines.

2 weeks ago

Do I hear an echo? #flash #flood possibility in #DeathValleyNationalPark (again)

Flood Advisory in Death Valley until 6:15 PM PDT Monday May 22
2 weeks ago

Oh my... #flash #flooding in Furnace Creek #DeathValleyNationalPark

Flash Flood warning for Death Valley National Park
2 weeks ago

Happy Birthday to #GardnerFox, one of the greatest writers in comics history. Born on May 20, 1911! Creator of:
#Hawkman's Nth Metal
#Atom (silver age)
#RedTornado (silver age)
#AdamStrange (scripted first story)
#Batgirl (silver age)
#Batman's utility belt and batcopter
Truly one of the most influential writers of all time. A man who greatly influenced American culture.

Leipziger Zeitung
3 weeks ago

Große Aushänge an den Bus-Haltestellen in #Rackwitz kündigen es an:

#FLASH, das FahrerLose Automatisierte Shuttle des Landkreises #Nordsachsen zwischen S-Bahnhof Rackwitz und Schladitzer Bucht, verkehrt jetzt auch bis zum Biedermeierstrand in Hayna.

3 weeks ago
A custom map being played that was made in the Plazma Burst 2 advanced level editor. The character on the left has their body intact however the one on the right missing their legs, arms and torso so they look like a hovering head

Today I put a fifteen year long personal mystery to rest. In the Neopets Game Graveyard, the reason Scorchio's Quest doesn't run properly is because enemy movement is tied to the framerate, and it came out when computers were much slower. Open the SWF in a hex editor, change the value at 0x000010 from 0x003C to 0x000F (15 FPS), save, and enjoy finally being able to play a game that is actually not very good at all and quite buggy.

I figured this out while trying to run various old Neopets games on an iMac G3, mainly those in the Game Graveyard since most of those are old enough to run on the last Classic Mac OS version of Flash Player (Flash 7). Since there seems to be absolutely zero information about this online other than the occasional comment about this game not working, I made some notes about it here:'s_Quest

#Neopets #Flash

Alex Nedelcu ☕️
3 weeks ago

#ActiveX, #Flash, #Silverlight are all dead b/c they were proprietary platforms that couldn't survive once some real competition from open standards and FOSS platforms happened.

People jumped on #JavaScript feet first, despite all its issues. Proprietary platforms on the web can't survive given a cross-platform environment.

The one sore thumb is #Perl. It lost a lot of popularity due to TIMTOWTDI complexity + the announced breakage in Perl 6. #Scala contributors should take notes.

🌈 Lascapi
3 weeks ago

mon vieux #cv de 2009 !!!! Et déjà un site #static ( mais avec du #flash dedans ^^ 😅 aucune idée si ça marche... faut dire que c'était bien quand même #actionScript !! )
#web 1.0

Le preloader dans l'animation #flash SMRPG Waltz of the Forest est complètement cassé/pété/non fonctionnel. Comment le corriger ?

De manière simple.

En fait, c'est le chargement d'une API de newsground qui ne fonctionne plus. Après une analyse rapide des scripts ActionScript, il suffit de changer une propriété qui indique à l'animation flash que la connexion est faite et ça débloque le bouton “Play”.

Ça se modifie rapidement avec FFDec (quand on sait comment fonctionne flash, as2/3…), sans à avoir à ressortir une vieille version de Flash (CS5 par exemple, et pas besoin de Flex builder, ce n'est pas de l'AS3).

3 weeks ago

“It is still impressive how far ahead Macromedia Flash was in terms of interactivity and design on the web. To this day, we’re still trying to do the same things we did 20 years ago with Flash.” — Tobias Schneider

#Design #FlashTechnology #ProductDesign #UxDesign #IxDesign #UiDesign #WebDesign #WebDevelopment #WebDev #HTML #CSS #JavaScript #Flash #Interaction #Animation #Evolution #Quote

1 month ago

Nachgetreten: Meines Erachtens hat letztendlich die Verfügbarkeit von #Flash #Speicher und damit die leichte Durchführbarkeit von #Firmware #Updates einen massiven #Nachteil in die #Hardware-Landschaft, insb. in der #Veranstaltungstechnik gebracht:

Das #Bananenprodukt – es reift beim Kunden.

Mein geerbter Roland Juno 106 Synthesizer von 1986 hat auch einen Prozessor. Diese alten Microcontroller waren in der Regel genau 1x beschreibbar. Für ein Update musste man den ganzen Prozessor tauschen. Kurzum, Firmware-Updates waren unzumutbar und teuer.

Heute leisten es sich selbst namhafte Hersteller wie #AllenHeath, Mischpulte auszuliefern, die bei einer bestimmten Kombination an User-Inputs komplett abstürzen. Erst in Firmware-Version 1.5 wird das dann behoben.

Vielleicht sind damit Zeit und Geld gespart beim Hersteller, vielleicht wird die gesparte Entwickler-Arbeitszeit aber auch durch die Support-Arbeitszeit wieder aufgefressen.

Meine Zeit frisst sowas allemal, und zwar beinahe täglich!

James P. :os_arch: :xfce:
1 month ago

@darktable I hope the creators of #BFDI don't get sued for using #Macromedia #Flash 8 from 2005...

Dan Keck
1 month ago
Richard Rathe
1 month ago


“HTTPS is now the norm.” is fine as far as it goes.

The traditional icon is too small anyway. Why not turn the URL text red when it’s not secure?

I stopped using #Chrome a long time ago when I discovered they buried a clandestine version of #Flash in the Mac Chrome app itself that you can’t get rid of.

I could not figure out why those notorious flash cookies kept coming back after I deleted them. 🤬

Juanele Tamal
1 month ago

Encontré un dibujo mío del 2008 y quise hacer una nueva versión, ahora la entintaré

I found a drawing of mine from 2008 and I wanted to make a new version, now I will ink it

#comics #drawings #flash #fanart #cartoons

Sketch of a cartoon I did today, showing the yellow evil Flash running over a passerby
The original black and white  cartoon of Flash I did in 2008, showing the same scene but badly drawn
1 month ago

Dammit. DC has burned me. So. Many. Times. But GOD, this looks so, so, so good. And I'll watch anything with Michael Keaton in it. So I guess, take my money, Warner.

"Y'wanna get nuts? Let's get nuts."

"The Flash - Official Trailer 2" on YouTube
#flash #batman #supergirl

🎧 #Mood | #Madonna "Ray Of Light (Sasha Ultra Violet Mix Edit) (2022 Remaster)." The audio was upgraded and #JonasÅkerlund gave his 1998 film even more #flash. ❤️

#music #90s #electro #house #Pop

Damon Thomas
1 month ago

I think the main thing is we live in poetry and then relate those experiences as prose. You get back to the original poetry by stripping away all the extras added after your experience. This can be societal expectations, self curation, attempts at settling ambiguity, etc. But none of it has much to do with your actual life. #writing #poetry #flash #story

Raima Larter
2 months ago

I backed this Kickstarter project for a new SFF magazine @SmallWondersSFF . Less than a day to go in their kickstarter campaign and they are almost to their goal! If you appreciate and want to support #SFF and #scifi or #flash or #poetry, send them some love.

Astra Kernel :verified:
2 months ago

⚡Unpopular opinion - Rust has a steep learning curve

"Am I too soon? I'm too soon"

#rustlang #rust #flash #timetravel

Linux ☑️
3 months ago

::: Adobe Flash - DON'T PANIC!! (It's not coming back) - enter RUFFLE :thinkhappy:

Ruffle - a Flash Player EMULATOR written in Rust in safety.

Works on all major operating systems / browsers via WebAssembly.

** The memory safety of Rust guarantees a secure implementation of Flash **

All existing Flash content is intended to get working.


#Ruffle #Adobe #Flash #WebAssembly #Apache #MIT

3 months ago

Nonstop #SAR #rescue mission in #Utah. Two dead in #flash floods, multiple hikers involved. Another 10 hikers found in canyons who authorities not originally aware of. #SlotCanyons #SearchAndRescue #disasters #flooding #UTwx

3 months ago

Not great to see this #flash #flood warning for #Ahwahnee :-(

@atomicpoet @rberger Both should've never existed in the first place.

#Silverlight - like #Flash - deservedly died as all #proprietary #rentseeking technology should!

I sincerely hope proprietary shit like #MAPI & #OOXML will soon die out with #Win32 / #Win64 / #WinRT APIs.

Because the only sustainable tech is FLOSS...

3 months ago

#SSD #flash
Parlons peu, parlons bien : Les SSD et mémoires flash, non alimentées, perdent les données au bout de quelques mois (ou années, selon les modèles).

Je lis qu'il faut leur redonner du courant pour garder les données.

Mais une chose n'est pas claire pour moi : Est-ce qu'il s'agit juste de les alimenter ou de provoquer une lecture de toutes les données ?

TildalWave :toot:
4 months ago

Artsy #macro #photography of windowsill #Amaryllis Belladonna L. in bloom in front of a #FineArt calendar. Trying out my new tripod I got for a steal on eBay auctions.

Illuminated using two off-cam Godox V860IIc #flash guns. I was too lazy to change lenses since my out-of-the-window birding today, so this was done using same Soligor #VintageLenses stack as my Blackbird photo earlier today.

As you can see, there was no need to change the lenses. Exceptional sharpness, clean #bokeh, suitable depth of field, beautiful and faithful colours and no optical aberrations to speak of. This is #unprocessed #SooC Jpeg.

A photo of a red Amaryllis in full bloom with focus on its anthers covered in pollen.
4 months ago

There's so many reasons to not want to watch the new Flash movie, but I can't deny that it looks incredible.
#flash #theflash #flashpoint

alex yuletide
4 months ago

For all you folks with ancient flash websites you wish you could bring back, I would recommend checking out Ruffle. I managed to get a few of my old maps circa 2008 sorta running. AS3 support is not quite ready but gets better each day.

I decided to publish them in pseudo-working state so they can be slowly uncovered from the digital sands as the library develops.
#flash #gischat #demography #historicalgis #slowtech #oldweb

Jack Laridian :ruby:
4 months ago

I must admit, this looks REALLY good. 😎

#Flash #DCStudios

Anybody have any tips on how to #flash a new OS onto a #PinePhone Pro Explorer’s Edition using #TowBoot from a Windows PC?

The phone is mounted to Drive I: which is “BOOT_MNJRO” with the following files:

I’m reading “Web Design - The Evolution of the Digital World 1990-Today” and it’s striking how #Flash left a vacuum. The web is definitely more boring these days.

We don’t really need the plugin anymore - we have WASM, WebGL, video, audio etc. - but the need for a design/animation-centric IDE is definitely there. The entry barrier for designers is much higher and is preventing people from going nuts on interaction like we did in the early 2000s

#design #web #books

Cover of “Web Design - The Evolution of the Digital World 1990-Today” by Rob Ford and Julius Wiedemann (Taschen 2022)
Two-page spread from the book showing Tokyoplastic, a very famous all-out design experience made in flash in 2003. A classic example of how the web used to be fun and much better than it is today.
TildalWave :toot:
4 months ago

Windowsill moth #orchid (Phalaenopsis) and christmas #cactus (Schlumbergera) are both blooming in white at the same time. The latter clearly didn't get the memo Christmas was over a month ago!

#macro #photography #vintage #Adaptarian #adapted #VintageLenses #FlashPhotography #Unprocessed #Sooc

Lenses used were #Nikon E 100mm f/2.8 and #Soligor C/D 60-300mm f/4-5.6 MC, both with attached #Vivitar MC7 2x Macro Focusing #teleconverter on a #Canon body with #Godox X2T in control of two external V860II #flash guns (both with a white diffuser attached).

Macro photography of a single white Phalaenopsis Orchid flower in bloom.
Macro photography of a single white Christmas Cactus flower in bloom.
Macro photography of a bunch of white Christmas Cactus flowers in bloom.
Macro photography of a single white Phalaenopsis Orchid flower in bloom.
Axel Rauschmayer
4 months ago

Someone converted their #Flash games to C++ apps: “The way forward was obvious; I’d have to make my own Flash player.
[The game] ‘Hapland’ would stay a Flash project, written and maintained in the Flash editor; only Flash Player would be replaced.”

4 months ago

one thing largely forgotten about the web since the mid-2000s is the disappearance of interactive web pages using #flash and #macromedia #director.

take a look at how tactile Dorling Kindersley's 1995 Encyclopedia of Nature is - almost everything in sight is clickable, makes sounds, animates or responds in some fashion. the entire #ui *invites* interaction instead of passive consumption.

windows 3.1/95 iso here:
macintosh system 7-9 iso here:

#design #interactive #art

The interface to Dorling Kindersley's Eyewitness Encyclopedia of Nature. The interface is reminiscent of a 19th century scientist's oak desk, complete with books, a globe, and barometer.

The user clicks through several of these items, each loading a new window and prompting the user for more interaction.
Calico Jesse
4 months ago

I’ve been watching the Flash. But I should take my own advice and skip to the episodes with Bart Allen in them.

Impulse is the best Flash.

#XKCD #Flash #Impulse

I had a flash memoir idea that came into my brain fully formed in the middle of the night, and I thought there was no need to write it down, as of course I would remember something so powerful, so complete, in the morning, but when I awoke, the idea is gone, and only a vague imprint of memory remains

#flash #memoir #WritingCommunity #WriteItDown

jbz :catjam:
5 months ago

:screwattack: How I still use Flash in 2022
– Foon by Robin Allen
#flash #gamedev

Andrew Leahey
5 months ago

@law #github #Introduction

I have some #technology projects that the #fediverse may be interested in:

Mastodon Post Display #wordpress #plugin:

"Tootages" #flash #python #webapp for display images from an instance timeline:

A list of #Twitter advertisers (please contribute anything you spot in the wild):

Small wonder that, from the beginning, the internet has been a fight between those who want to build a #commons and those who wish to enclose it. Remember when we were all angry that the web was disappearing into #Flash, the unlinkable proprietary blobs that you couldn't ad-block or mute or even pause unless they gave you permission?


Liran Tal :verified:
6 months ago

went back in time to take a peak at a website I built way back then. it didn't age well.

Adobe #Flash anyone? 😁

I've been here a little over a month, so here's a re-introduction of sorts. I'm a writer w/ my first novel out March '23, a #SpeculativeFiction #thriller. I've also published #flash, #ShortStories & #essays

When I'm not writing, I'm a #rural #physician. (#hematology #oncology). On the bird site, the trolls scared me away from posting about the reality & stresses of rural #healthcare, but I'm sharing that here b/c we need to stand up to #misinformation

I also share #PetPics & #parenting stories

Brad P. Taylor
6 months ago

How long have I been doing #Match3? 33 years! Hopefully in the next year I will find time to build a modern version of Amy's Game. Anyway if you have a virtual machine handy or don't mind installing the Adobe AIR runtime you can grab a free copy here.

#AmysGame #RetroGaming #Flash #AIR #FREE

Amy's Game Icon, a match-3 game. Looking for something familiar yet different? What do you get when you combine the lucky spin of a slot machine, the patience of solitaire and a match three game? You get Amy's Game that's what! Amy's game literally takes the shape matching game mechanic in a different direction. Allowing players to move and match shapes on the board in new ways opens up a challenging yet relaxing style of play that rewards creative thinkers. The rules are simple you can move any shape on the board into any of its surrounding locations as long as the move creates a group of three or more of the same shape. Horizontal, vertical or diagonal groups are removed and the shapes supported by them are moved downwards. Stars are collected by removing shapes from their locations and above, collect them all before you run out of moves and you win it's that easy.
6 months ago

Remember when it was touted that #HTML5 would be a great #Flash replacement? Has there been any tools created to replicate what we were able to do with Flash in HTML5 / #JS, and #CSS?

Sheila Bender
6 months ago

I have published an article on entitled "Four Easy Questions for Getting Going on Memoir."

#memoir #creativewriting #flash

Nathan Sparrow :verified:
6 months ago

There is no science to coincidence.

#science #motivation #coincidence #MartinStein #Flash

"There is no science to coincidence" ~Martin Stein aka Firestorm from Legends of Tomorrow