Cactus is in flower; looks and smells amazing, but only lasts for a couple of days. I planted the seeds from this plant last year, and now have more baby cacti than I can practically keep. #florespondence

Cactus flowers
2 hours ago
Zoom in from above shot
A chain of little blue dots
Backlit in the evening
10 hours ago

Ça y est, la saison des pluies commence officiellement aujourd’hui à Fukuoka (une petite semaine plus tôt que la moyenne). Pour célébrer ça, quelques photos d’hydrangeas prises tout à l’heure, dans la chaleur moite avant la pluie.
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Gros plan sur une grappe de fleurs d’hydrangea aux petits pétales arrondis violets avec un cœur bleu.
Une ruelle japonaise avec un gros hydrangea en fleurs (violet et rose) sur la droite et un ciel bas et lourd.
Gros plan des fleurs d’une autre variété d’hydrangea, avec de toutes petites fleurs bleues aux étamines blanches au centre de la grappe et des fleurs violettes plus larges tout autour de la grappe.
Gros plan sur une grappe de fleurs d’hydrangea aux petits pétales arrondis roses.
Sir Nameless 🏳️
1 day ago

“The earth laughs in flowers.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

#FlowersOfMastodon #flowers #florespondence #Bloomscrolling

Closeup shot of a tiny light purple flower with spots on it that give it the appearance of a smiling face.
neville park
1 day ago

#SpiderSunday × #bloomscrolling: This year, at least, the _Zygiella_ spiderlings emerged in concert with the horse-chestnut blossoms. (I actually like these even more than cherry blossoms.)

#DailySpiderPic #arachnids #spiders #Araneidae #florespondence

A tiny spiderling on the underside of a leaf. It is beginning to develop the dark-and-white folium (leaf-shaped dorsal marking) it will have as an adult.
Two lovely pillars or candelabras of horse-chestnut blossoms in full bloom.
Wim 🅾
1 day ago

Here are some buttercups on the edge of what remains of the platform of that former station.

Close up side view of a few yellow buttercups catching the sun, some eroded concrete behind them.
1 day ago

I went for a walk and saw all three of my favourite #wildflower genera - Veronica (speedwell), Vicia (vetch), and Viola (violet)

(it is a coincidence that they all begin with V)

#flowers #florespondence @plants

Veronica (speedwell) - tiny four-petaled flowers, intense blue with white centres
Vicia (vetch) - pinnate leaves with climbing tendrils and purple pea flowers
Viola (violet) - vertically symmetrical light purple flowers and heart-shaped leaves
elilla, aktion girl
1 day ago

the Ranunculus had trouble establishing himself in my micropond. I actually forgot he was there when, without me even noticing, he sneaked a flower in a shadowed spot between the swordleaf reeds.

which was promptly chomped by (probably) the slugs ☠️☠️☠️


A small, white swampflower, radial with 5 petals and a yellow decoration marking the genitals. Two petals have been bitten.
Welly Wanderer
2 days ago

Final #florespondence for today

Lustrous pink petals,
washed clean in cold rain,
now glistens in light,
of sunshine again.
Welly Wanderer
2 days ago
Yellow petals glow, 
light caressing lily pads.  
Waterborne delight.
Harshad Sharma
2 days ago

Saw a new (to me) flower. iNaturalist's automatic detection wasn't able to help either.

#bloomscrolling #florespondence #flowers

A long inflorescence with many small purple flowers.
2 days ago

Some aster flowers from Budapest, Hungary. We were exploring Margaret Island in Budapest right at the end of autumn, so the flowers are very nearly spent. November 2017

#Flower #Photography #FlowerPhotography #florespondence #BloomScrolling #Budapest

Thin, light purple petals radiate from a raised, yellow centre with long stamens.  There are many flowers, some with missing petals and some flower heads that are in the process of making seeds.  Behind is a blur of more flowers and green foliage.
2 days ago

Because taking flower pictures is an obsession

Dark violet iris flowers
Light purple iris close up shot
Pink flowers and green leaves on a concrete background
Welly Wanderer
2 days ago

Seeing a lot of #flowers in my timeline and it's a wonderful respite. Especially given the weather yesterday, and the fact we're heading into winter.

Perhaps I'll ease back into things with a few contributions to this beautiful #florespondence 💐

Slight mauve petals gently spread,
catching sunlight's blush.
Fleeting beauty by a thread,
awaiting winter's hush.
aka ginger
2 days ago

#BloomScrolling #Florespondence

my many buds on the rose vines (yet to become an actual bush, but were working on it hehe)

and some blooming bittersweet nightshade

rose vines reaching outside of their plant cage. each vine has a tiny bulb forming at the end.
closer up and a different angle of the same rose plant, the focus is on one bulb to the right if the frame.
purple flower clusters like tear drops blooming at the end of nightshade vines crawling on a wooden fence.
more clusters of blooming purple flowers. their centers stick out and are bright yellow
relache ⚗️
2 days ago

A shrub spotted when out walking with Mom yesterday. No idea what this is, but what a showstopper!

#Florespondence #Plants #Gardening #Pink

A close picture of a shrub covered with pink flowers. The closed flowers are bright pink with a fancy bud that reminds me of a candy from my childhood. The open flowers appear more white inside, are hexagonal, and have dark pink markings.
A closer picture of a shrub covered with pink flowers. The closed flowers are bright pink with a fancy bud that reminds me of a candy from my childhood. The open flowers appear more white inside, are hexagonal, and have dark pink markings.
Coralie Mercier
3 days ago

#fleuristonfil #florespondence #spring #flowers #WildFlowers #photography #poppy

The winners of my photographic harvest today during a long walk🤩

Bee on wild white rose
Poppies catching the sun light
A seagull perched on a rock surveying the sea
Coralie Mercier
4 days ago
Sunday: bud
Monday: bud opening its pink petals
Tuesday: pink petals outside and white-yellow inner petals
Wednesday: fully opened
4 days ago

Does anyone want any Phyllostachys nigra (Black Bamboo) seeds? I can pop them in the post to UK addresses. No guarantees but apparently it's rare for bamboo to flower so we might as well make the most of the seeds!


Coralie Mercier
6 days ago

Pictures I took that I find graphically pleasing.
#textures #iphonephotography #photography #florespondence #fleuristonfil

Sunflower in early blooming
Lavender field
Spleenwort fern with raindrops
lee :Fire_Trans:
6 days ago

from the garden and beyond (the last flower was downtown)

so extremely excited to have Calla lilies 🥺


Tiny, delicate indigo blossoms that are a long tube shape, making them very friendly to hummingbirds. The plant has slender leaves that are reminiscent of rosemary.
Calla lilies! Beautiful white open cones of flowers with a center pistil. There is one open and several still curled up nearby. We can also see some various purple flowers besides the Calla lilies.
Huge domed flowers composed of many small purple blossoms and a darker cluster at the center.
elilla, aktion girl
1 week ago

I friggin love forget-me-not 💙🤍 #florespondence

Water forget-me-nots blossoming in the micropond. Like dots of delicate panty blue.
1 week ago

@ct_bergstrom You “need” some of the tags Carl. #florespondence, #FlowerFriday and (one of my all time favourites) #bloomscrolling seem to be the most followed tags.

Lovely photos.

Coralie Mercier
1 week ago

Pictures I took that I find graphically pleasing.
#textures #iphonephotography #photography #florespondence #fleuristonfil

Pale purple wild orchis close up and blurry grassy backdrop
A school of fish close to the surface in green clear water
Spiky grassy erupting from small gravel
Magnolia blossoms that are pale to dark pink against a night sky
1 week ago

Apparently it's world bee day, so here is a photo of a bumble bee I took in Cologne in 2013 in the Rheinpark. I love how fluffy this bee's butt is.

#WorldBeeDay #Bee #Flower #Photography #FlowerPhotography #Florespondence #Cologne #BloomScrolling

νησσοτροφεῖον 🍱​
1 week ago

I couldn't decide which photos of marionberry blossoms I liked the best, so I'm just going to post a bunch.

#Photography #Florespondence

Top down photo of a marionberry flower; you can see its reproductive parts really well.
Same, but closer.
Same, but even closer.
Very close view of the pistils.
Eclectic Human
1 week ago

I'm entranced by the way twisty #BottleBrush filaments unfurl from their buds like coiled springs.
#BloomScrolling #Florespondence #Callistemon

Closeup of three bottlebrush flower spikes. At the tops of the spikes are buds in shades of green and cream. Lower on each spike, bright pink filaments radiate in the shape of  cylindrical brushes. Some buds are partly open, their pink filaments still tightly packed and just beginning to spiral outward; they look almost like rosebuds.
Eclectic Human
1 week ago

The first buds and blossoms on a bouncing new baby #BottleBrush bush (#Callistemon viminalis). The cheery pink "bristles" are actually #stamens rather than skinny petals ("Callistemon" means "beautiful stamen"). The pollen-bearing anthers add a bit of bling to the tips.
#BloomScrolling #Florespondence

Looking down at a little bottlebrush shrub with smooth green leaves and flower spikes in various stages of opening, from green and cream-coloured buds to bright red and pink pompom-like brushes with starry yellow tips.
νησσοτροφεῖον 🍱​
1 week ago

This tiny bee was so lost in the sauce (marionberry pollen) that it didn't care that I was stalking it.

Any guesses at identification are appreciated; I'm in Oregon.

#Photography #Florespondence #Bees

A tiny black bee is brushing along the anthers of a marionberry flower.
It's moved up a little, and you can see its pollen-y legs more clearly.
An even better view of how dusted with white it is.
Its face is turned more towards the camera.
lee :Fire_Trans:
1 week ago

I'm so impressed at our lupines' first ever flower, it's such a big one!!


A very tall lupine flower - a tall stem housing many small purple and white blossoms - sprouts in front of a lilac bush.
Bjorn Idle
1 week ago

Our sisyrinchium is still flowering, despite being nearly Winter over here. Lovely little flowers on this one!

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Closeup looking down on a spire of cream to yellow flowers. Each flower has 3 anthers in a central cup, surrounded by petals which have a little spur at the end
2 weeks ago

The fuchsia has gone amok #florespondence

Light pink fuchsia plant with wild new growth covered with flowers in all directions
robyn 🌱
2 weeks ago

HELLO new #instance!! 👋

Quick #introduction - I am robyn, a hobbyist gardener in Alberta, Canada.* I practice short-season #gardening because I have to 😂

I love planting #vegetables in raised beds, as well as zone-hardy perennials.

I work in #tech by day, and am working towards a #horticulture certificate by night!! I just started the program and it is super exciting.

Nice to meet you all 😀
#gardening #plants #florespondence

* yes that is the province that is currently very On Fire 😕

Early syringa vulgaris inflorescence. Dark pink flowers.
Pink Malus floribunda inflorescence
An illustration of "a lot of work got done in the yard today!" There's a seedling tray with a variety of pots, three empty seedling pots, a trowel, two seed packs, a planting plan, and a green marker. In the background a small patio and wild grass.
WelshPixie, ShadowFigure
2 weeks ago

Sunflowers from Vergelegen estate (1/2)

#Photography #Florespondence

Hazy warm shot looking between two sunflower beds in the distance, where a figure at the far end is tending the flowers.
Sunflowers lit by warm morning sun, their petals almost transparent with the light, and a few insects buzzing about
A bed of sunflowers catching the warm hazy sun, with a little sapling with red leaves extending a bit higher, and a stand of leafless trees blurred in the background
A bed of sunflowers catching the early warm sunlight. A little brown bird sits on top of one of them. There are trees blurred in the background.
Bjorn Idle
2 weeks ago

Australian native flowers often have a particular look. In the same way you can sometimes tell just by looking at them that a plant is from South Africa, or Europe, the same is sometimes true for Australia.

This is a Banksia (b. spinulosa), and you can see similarities with things like grevilleas, or callistemons (bottlebrush).

#BloomScrolling #Nature #NaturePhotography #OzFlora #OzPlants #Flowers #Plants #Florespondence #Australia

Two pillar-shaped flowers, somewhat spiky-looking, coloured yellow with red parts curling outward
lee :Fire_Trans:
2 weeks ago

purple from the garden


Beautiful fuschia lilacs: clusters of many small, 4 petaled blossoms with rounded green leaves.
A chive flower in focus with other blurry ones on the background. It's a delicate light lavender puffball of a flower with slender petals that suck straight out.
A blue-purple lupine just starting to bloom at the base. It's a tall conical flower with many discrete blossoms, and leaves like many pointed stars.