brad m
6 hours ago

“Let’s look in more detail at how successful #runners hone their ability to concentrate on the task at hand to the point of seeming oblivious to much of what’s going on around them”
#running fast is incredibly hard, both physically & mentally”
“what separates the best from the rest is their ability to extract exceptional performances through a process of deep #focus and #concentration
#distraction has its place in our mental tool kit” #training #racing #performance

William Smith
7 hours ago

Widgets on macOS Sonoma aren’t for me. They’re new shiny, but they’re also added clutter and distraction constantly trying to steal away my attention.

#focus #macOS #TimeManagement

23 hours ago

Focus of the Quran:
serve and worship God in all you do, in how you live, and how you interact with people and your environment.

#God #Quran #Live #Focus #people #worship

Ein sehr wichtiger, lesenswerter Beitrag, der zutreffend analysiert, wie der #Focus mit seinen Artikeln die Meinung seiner Leserschaft manipuliert.

Bruce Hamilton
2 days ago

#Calm #Focus #GuidedMeditation A Basic Mindfulness Meditation for Labeling Thoughts and Emotions: A 20-minute breathing meditation to label thoughts, sensations, and mental states with kind awareness to bring mindfulness to emotions.

The post A Basic Mindfulness Meditation for Labeling Thoughts and Emotions appeared first on Mindful.

Psychozoic Era
2 days ago

Have you ever stopped to consider, that when you look out at the physical world, you’re actually looking within?

And so, everything is an inside job.

#psychozoicera #mindset #manifestation #dreamlife #visualization #universe #focus #positive #personalgrowth #personaldevelopment #ManifestationMadeEasy #FocusOnTheGood #LawOfAttraction

A. Lee Bennett Jr.
3 days ago

Camera obscura

I discovered a rudimentary camera obscura at my office. The round holes in a metal shelf focus the rectangular light fixtures in the ceiling onto the paper boxes below.

#camera #obscura #light #focus

A green metal shelf with holes spaced evenly apart act as a basic camera obscura projecting the rectangular shape of the ceiling light fixtures onto cardboard boxes below.
3 days ago

Lesson 3 of my meditation course for beginners is out now! My followers on Vero who have asked for the recordings already got the link in our Vero Group Chat. My Patreon supporters can watch the recording here:

#meditation #MeditationClass #JustMeditate #MeditateForBeginners #MeditationCourse #OnlineCourse #OnlineClass #focus #coherence #SelfRegulation

Video and presentation slide from the 3rd lesson of the meditation course for beginners. The image shows a video still of me as well as notes. The note on screen says “Focus - Where our attention goes we gather more information from our nervous system.”
3 days ago

Rassisten schreiben rassistische Dinge.

Neues aus der "WIR WÄHLEN AFD" Gruppe.

#MarkusRinderspacher #Focus #München #Oktoberfest2015 #Oktoberfest2023
#AfDVerbot #AfDnee #NazisRaus
#BewegtGegenRassismus #MischDichEin #NeinZuRassismus
#GemeinsamGegenHass #DieInsider

Möglicherweise strafrechlich relevante Kommentare können z.B. bei Hessen gegen Hetze gemeldet werden.

Uns gibt es noch auf Facebook (dieinsider), Instagram (die.insider) und Twitter/X (Die_Insider).

In der Gruppe "Wir wählen AfD" wird ein Bild vom Oktoberfest 2015 gezeigt. Darauf zu sehen sind mehrere Flüchtlinge aus Eritrea mit einer Maß Bier im Festzelt. Sie waren damals im Münchner Stadtteil Trudering untergebracht und wurden vom SPD MdL Markus Rinderspacher eingeladen.

Auch hier zur Info: Möglicherweise strafrechtlich relevante Kommentare die wir aus der Gruppe zeigen haben wir gesichert und geben sie der Staatsanwaltschaft.

Hier zeigen wir u.a. die Kommentare "Habe eine gute Idee die können ja Bergenbelse oder Treblinka wieder aufbauen kann man gleich ausprobieren." mit der Antwort "Torsten Pillkahn bin bestimmt kein Migranten Fan, aber deine Aussage geht mehr als unter die Gürtellinie. Denke mal daran, wie viele Menschen dort unter unmenschlichen Bedingungen ihr Leben lassen mussten!". Außerdem noch "Was recht ihr euch auf, dafür ham wir doch Lager, ich meene Unterkünfte, nich wahr.", "Nicht euer Ernst oder diese Affen wo ist Adolf." und "Einfach nur krank diese schwarzen Schweine ab in die Esse."
Auf Bild 2 zeigen wir die Kommentare "Amphibische Urscheisse." mit der Antwort "der ist gut den merk ich mir." und noch einmal vom ersten Kommentierer "Genetischer Abfall geht auch..". Weiter zeigen wir "ZUM KOTZEN AFD Wählen ES REICHT PFUI!" und "Zum Kotzen, Dreckspack."
Hier zeigen wir einen Auszug des Focus Artikels vom 12. November 2015 "Trachten-Optik bringt sie zum Staunen. "Wenn die Leute schon mal hier sind": Mit den Flüchtlingen auf der Wiesn"
Weitere Kommentare zeigen wir hier auf Bild 3. "Die bekommen bestimmt das Bier vom Jobcenter bezahlt.", "Unser eins säuft das billigste Wasser und die gehen zum Oktober Fest ich kriege das kotzen.", "Sowas trinkt deutsches Bier?na hallo die sollen ihre Kamelmilch trinken.", "Kein Eintritt für solche Kreaturen.", "Nicht ganz fair, vielleicht haben die Jungs einen besseren Job als ihr. Bitte keine Vorurteile wenn man nur die Bilder sieht." und "Den würde ich in das Bier pissen."
Max Leibman
4 days ago

Out running errands. “Lemonade concentrate” is on my grocery list.

Given how many other things I have to do today, I might need to pick up some plain concentrate, as well.


5 days ago

Sam Jay Tackles Racism and Empathy In New Special ‘Salute Me Or Shoot Me’
#Variety #Focus #News #SamJay

Tao of Mac
5 days ago

A Distraction-Free, Minimalist Writing Device

Coming back from Summer break, I started musing about what I could do regarding preserving some of the ascetic minimalism I applied to my computing activities during that season, since I found it quite enjoyable to use less stuff.(...)

#textastic #iawriter #cyberdeck #lenovo #android #plan9 #thinkview #focus #vim #writing

A Distraction-Free, Minimalist Writing Device
News18 India
5 days ago

The newly designed scheme focuses on six broad areas – new chemical entities, including biological and phytopharmaceuticals, complex generics and biosimilars, precision medicines such as gene therapy and stem cells, medical devices using AI and machine learning, orphan drugs and anti-microbial resistance
#Policy #Pharma #Med #Tech #Sept #Focus #New

Inked Goddess Creations
6 days ago

Expressing gratitude is a step toward a healthier, happier life; give thanks for loved ones, blessings, and accomplishments. If your goals aren't quite being met, our exclusive Manifest Your Dreams Worksheet can help you refocus.
#Manifestation #Gratitude #Journaling #Worksheet #Dreams #Goals #Achievements #Focus #Intention #Magick

A graphic about World Gratitude Day featuring a stock photo of a young Black woman with fall foliage in her hair. The text details the holiday's origins and meaning, as well as ways to observe it. Presented by Inked Goddess Creations.
A photo of our exclusive "Manifest Your Dreams Worksheet" printable PDF product. It features three pages digitally overlaid on a white wood surface accented with white faux fur and an amethyst crystal point. Presented by Inked Goddess Creations.
1 week ago
Sean C.
1 week ago

Life is what happens to you while you‘re busy making other plans #focus #clarity #goal-setting #planning. —Allen Saunders


1 week ago

Richard Shepard’s Favorite Movies From High School, Including ‘The King Of Comedy’ and ‘Staying Alive’
#Variety #Directors #Focus #FilmGeek #RichardShepard

1 week ago
1 week ago

Variety’s 2023 Brandmakers Reveal Marketing Strategies for ‘Barbie,’ ‘Ted Lasso’ and More
#Variety #EntertainmentIndustry #Focus #EntertainmentBrandmakersImpactReport

Paul O'Malley
1 week ago

🎧 Do you have a pair of Bluetooth headphones that you use with both your Mac and your phone? Tired of your Mac waking up from sleep when you turn on your Bluetooth headphones to listen to music on your phone? 📱

✨ This is the exact scenario that I have found myself in with my current role using MacBooks for work devices. I have found a super simple solution to this pain that many face and so I thought I would share this with my network in the hopes that I can explain why it happens and how to solve it! 🎉

Check out this super short video and get back to enjoying your music! 🎵

#Bluetooth #MacOS #Bluesnooze #Efficiency #WorkFlow #NoMoreInterruptions #Focus #ProductivityHacks #YouTube #Boost #FediTips

YouTube Thumbnail image highlighting the Apple Logo with the caption "Bluetooth made easy with Bluesnooze"
50+ Music
1 week ago
News18 India
1 week ago

India said it is a ‘democratic polity’ with a strong commitment to rule of law while junking the claims made by Canada on India’s role in the killing of Hardeep Singh Nijjar.
#Focus #MEASlamsTrudeau #InterferenceClaims #TellsCanada #Act #Anti-India

Hindustan Times
1 week ago

With the central disaster aid of ₹600 crore proving meagre for rebuilding an extensively damaged infrastructure and rehabilitating 3,000 families, Sukhu is now pulling out all the stops to convince the Centre to declare the state’s losses a national disaster and also give a special relief package.
#HT #Interview #Focus #rehab #Himachal #CM #Sukhu

Paul Sanders
1 week ago

I’ve lost my ability to be really productive. I used to be able to sit down, but headphones in and smash a few hours work without even noticing.

Recently, I find myself distracted and bouncing between little tasks, and just ‘nudging’ things forward.

Any recommendations on how to break the cycle?

#productivity #focus #burnout #work #needabreak

Frank der Entspannende 🥾👟🇺🇦
1 week ago
Tina 💙🎶🌻
2 weeks ago

I thoroughly enjoyed the latest episode of the #HitParade podcast (one of my favorites). It was about instrumentals that were chart hits.


News18 India
2 weeks ago

In an interview with PTI, SP Yadav, Additional Director General of Forests at the Environment Ministry, emphasised that the project’s focus in its second year would be on breeding these animals
#Breeding #CheetahSelection #Focus #ProjectCheetah #Second #ProjectHead

Carsten Werner
2 weeks ago

Kampagne gegen Nancy #Faeser ? Ach Quatsch! Wie kommt sie denn auf die Idee? #Focus

The Zen Art Center :verified:
2 weeks ago

Zen Meditation: How to Meditate Using a Mantra. ☯️🕉 An overview of a basic meditation technique and sitting postion. Taken from a Dharma Talk given by Zen Master Sebastian Rizzon on 6/15/2023. @buddhism @dharma @dhamma #zen #zenmaster #dharma #buddhist #Buddha #meditation #meditate #buddhism #mind #heart #mantra #bodhisatva #kwanseumbosal #guanseumbosal #spirituality #spiritualjourney #compassion #zenstories #selfhelp #knowledge #wisdom #mentalhealth #love #compassion #focus

Interesting Patents
2 weeks ago

#Apple's new patent app 20230288664 keeps multiple cameras focused on the same object. A subordinate #camera adjusts its #focus based on the primary camera's focus. This relationship can be updated, ensuring perfect shots every time! #iphone #mobile #photography

2 weeks ago

Voicecaster Owner Reveals What Voice Actors Need to Be Successful: ‘It’s Not the Voice That Matters. It’s What You Can Do With It’
#Variety #Actors #Artists #Focus #ActingUp #KellyMoscinski #Voicecaster

Inked Goddess Creations
2 weeks ago

Perhaps one of the most grounded of all animals, Giant Tortoises literally embody protection, stability, and purpose. Carry these energies with you throughout your day in the form of our Hematite Tumbled Gemstone - no shell required.
#Hematite #Grounding #Protection #Earth #Focus #Memory #Crystal #Mineral #Gemstone #Magick

A graphic about Giant Tortoises featuring a stock photo of a Galápagos Tortoise. The text details the animal's symbolism, magickal properties, and metaphysical correspondences. Presented by Inked Goddess Creations.
A photo of our "Hematite Tumbled Gemstone" product. It features several specimens in a whitewashed wood bowl with three specimens on a white wood tabletop next to the bowl. An orange tealight candle is shown for scale. Presented by Inked Goddess Creations.
2 weeks ago

‘Shoe Shine Caddie’ Documentary Humanizes the Homeless Experience While Taking Director Back to His Italian Cinema Roots
#Variety #Directors #Focus #Documentaries #LeonardManzella #PortobelloFilmFestival #ShoeShineCaddie

2 weeks ago

Thoughts after a few days of #TimeBlocking

- I can only do about 4 hours of #Focus split across two hour blocks
- The rest of my day is *filled*, which is why I cannot do more
- I get very, *very*, distracted. Very Soon. Progress on stuff is slow, and it’s is not helped with my mind flitting off to do different things or think different things
- I have poor impulse control. I’ve already opened up that social media page and clicking away happily before I catch myself. This is getting better
- The @neilhimself method helps. and is maddeningly, frustratingly easy, yet hard to do. Either do the task. or sit and do nothing. No other option. I come away sweating.
- I have taken on so many things to do, when I have a life that is quite uncertain. I need to make space and have margin. And until my life changes, this is how it has to be. Fewer commitments. Stronger commitments.

Here’s to slow, steady progress

Bruce Hamilton
2 weeks ago

#Compassion #Focus #Work The Power of Humility: Breaking Confirmation Bias for Deeper Connection, Compassion, and Learning: Research shows that intellectual humility can offer far-reaching benefits for both individuals and our society as a whole. Leaders in mindfulness and research break down the science of overcoming confirmation bias and the self-work that can open us up to new perspectives, productive collaboration, and compassion.

The post The Power of Humility:…

Announcements like this one are never easy, not for me and also not for others. In order to get stuff finished and done, I have to streamline my efforts when it comes to my side projects, though.

A list of my current side projects

I have quite a few projects running at the moment. Some are already released, others are not even close to release. Here is a list of the stuff I am working on:

  • #CASBAN6 – A serverless blog engine in .NET (6)
  • FishingKnots + 
  • A reader app for this site (MSicc’s Blog)
  • A runner’s tools application (details to be announced)
  • A Fediverse (desktop first) application (details to be announced)
  • Learning the Swift programming language
  • – ASP.NET CORE website for my apps

I will have a look at each of the projects and their future below.


The serverless blog engine series was thought to be a learning series for me and also my followers. The raw blogging engine (database and API) are finished and working (See the #CASBAN6 posts on this blog). The next step would be to create a website for both administering and also consuming the blog. 

We have learned already a lot, but at this time, I will freeze the project. I do not know when and if it will be continued as of today. I will also shut down the current used Azure resources to save some money.

FishingKnots + 

My FishingKnots + application is the reason I became a software developer. It started all back in the days of Windows Phone 7 (2011), and I want to keep this app alive on at least one platform. As I am now at home in the Apple ecosystem, the platform choice is easy to guess.

Android is a mixed bag, and I need to update all of my apps to meet the new Play Store rules (API level and so on). As I have no incentive besides seeing my apps in the Play Store, I will remove this app from the Play Store and stop its further development. 

Blog reader app

The blog reader app for my personal blog was intended to serve as a demo project for my WordPressReader library. The app itself has very low download numbers on all platforms. Most user’s read my posts on the web or in their feed reader application. I will pull the app from both the App Store and the Play Store. I invested a little in making my blog better on the web (which you may have noticed already). Additionally, I will also shut down the Azure NotificationHub that is empowering the push notifications in that app.

Runner’s tools app

As I finally became a non-smoker about 2 and a half years ago, I immediately restarted with sport activities. I ended up to fall in love with running as my principal sport. I have written a small but helpful app which has some nice features I need. Originally, I started with .NET. Due to the fact the app isn’t overly complex, I will port it to the Swift language and release it to the App Store then. This will be one of the projects I am focusing on from now on.

Fediverse desktop app

I am currently working on a .NET MAUI desktop app that incorporates traditional social media and the Fediverse. If you remember my past with UniShare on the Windows platforms, you may have a direction what that app is for. The app will be in the Mac App Store and the Microsoft Store on Windows. If it will ever come to mobile, it will be iOS/iPadOS only. More details will be announced soon.

Learning Swift

During my summer holidays this year, I started to learn the Swift programming language. As I wrote already above, I will soon work on my first app that is written completely in Apple’s native programming language.

There will be one remaining web project that I actively work on. The website for where I showcase my apps will be my ASP.NET (Core) project to keep up to date in that area. The current status of the website is work in progress.

The future of Android

As I wrote already above, I have little to no incentive of having my app in the Google Play Store. As the time for my side projects is limited, and I do not use Android in the foreseeable future, I will pull all of my apps out of the store and stop their development. I am considering to port SimpleLeet over to iOS and the Mac as another Swift project once I am done with the other two projects.

Blogging focus

I will keep blogging about my experiences, no matter which platform they occur on. You will continue to see blogs about tools, .NET, .NET MAUI (and Xamarin), but also Web/Cloud stuff and additionally, I will be blogging on my experiences with Swift. It will still be interesting and helpful to follow my posts!

Until the next post, happy coding, everyone!

Title Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

#NET #NETMAUI #Android #aspNet #Azure #Cloud #development #focus #iOS #macOS #native #programming #Swift #web #Windows #xamarin

WIST Quotations
2 weeks ago

A quotation from Chesterton, Gilbert Keith:

But among the Very Rich you will never find a really generous man even by accident. They may give their money away, but they will never give themselves away; they are egotistic, secretive, dry as old bones. To be smart enough to get all that money you must be dull enough to want it.

Full quote, sourcing, notes:

#quote #quotes #quotation #avarice #cleverness #focus #greed #miser #selfishness #wealth

2 weeks ago

Inevitable Foundation President Says Disabled Writers Are Resilient Amid SAG-AFTRA Strike Despite Facing ‘Ticking Time-Bomb’ of Losses
#Variety #Focus #Spotlight #InevitableFoundation

2 weeks ago

Brian Weinstein and Jessica Pliska’s Opportunity Network Is Helping Underrepresented Creatives Find Success
#Variety #Focus #Spotlight #BrianWeinstein #JessicaPliska #OpportunityNetwork

The Zen Art Center :verified:
2 weeks ago

Learning Art🖌 from the Sword⚔️. How I used meditation and sword practice to improve my art. Taken from a Dharma Talk given by Zen Master Sebastian Rizzon on 6/15/2023. @buddhism @dharma @dhamma #zen #zenmaster #dharma #buddhist #Buddha #meditation #meditate #buddhism #mind #heart #spirituality #karma #art #sword #mindsword #spiritualjourney #compassion #koan #zenstories #selfhelp #knowledge #wisdom #mentalhealth #philosophy #love #life #focus

Bruce Hamilton
2 weeks ago

#Compassion #Focus #Health Celebrating Mindfulness Day: A Q&A With Leading Meditation Teachers: Mindfulness teachers Vidyamala Burch, Brother Ngộ "Freedom" Không, Shauna Shapiro, and Shamash Alidina answer questions about how mindfulness can support well-being.

The post Celebrating Mindfulness Day: A Q&A With Leading Meditation Teachers appeared first on Mindful.

Enrico Hondius
2 weeks ago

Interessante aflevering van Focus gisteravond over de stand van zaken rondom kernenergie en hoe snel dat eventueel inzetbaar is als energiebron. Het kwam op mij erg evenwichtig over.
Kort door de bocht samengevat: de toepassingen waar je op korte termijn wat aan zou hebben zijn nog nergens werkend opgeleverd. Maar er wordt veel meer dan alleen dat behandeld.
#Kernenergie #Focus

Andy Long
2 weeks ago

This week I are mostly listening' to #Focus! #ProgRock!

A box set of focus CDs
Thorsten Rochelmeyer
2 weeks ago

@mariusmichusch Ist der #focus jetzt auch am ganz rechten Rand angekommen?

Michael Koehn
2 weeks ago

#Merkel sagte 2015: "Wir schaffen das!" Und wir haben es geschafft, mehr oder minder gut.
Heute singen #Bild, #Welt, #Focus mit Leuten aus #AfD, #CDU, #CDU gemeinsam im Chor: "Nöö, wir schaffen nichts ... !"
Echt motivierend!

Listen to this in a loop to focus.

Boost if you know unfocussed what about going for a walk.

#music #focus #focusmusic 🎧

3 weeks ago

Still really enjoy using Blurred #MacOS: the app highlights your active window and dims other windows in the background => #Focus

#ADHD or overwhelm? How to reclaim your #focus and boost #success

koen Huybrechts
3 weeks ago

Preparing for my #talk op #WordCamp #Nederland 🤩

Who want to learn about automation? 🤖

#focus #presentation #WCNL

Inked Goddess Creations
3 weeks ago

Carry this Black Banded Agate Gemstone Carved Heart to help bring balance and harmony into your life. Perfectly pocket-sized, these carvings can assist you throughout your day in remembering to focus on what's important.
#BandedAgate #Balance #Protection #Grounding #Healing #Focus #Crystal #Mineral #Gemstone #Magick

A photo of our "Black Banded Agate Gemstone Carved Heart" product. It features several specimens in a whitewashed wood bowl with three specimens on the burlap-covered tabletop next to the bowl. A gold tealight candle is shown for scale. Presented by Inked Goddess Creations.
Christian Tietze
3 weeks ago

On Tools and the Aesthetics of Work

The best thing is the "Mythic I" is basically booting into #NixOS just to launch #Emacs so you can write. Period.

Lubricated thocky keyboard, wooden computer frame. Amazing.

The real #focus mode

Bruce Hamilton
3 weeks ago

#Compassion #Focus #WellBeing 5 Mindful Habits for Living Each Day to the Fullest: Every day offers opportunities to fully embrace the present moment and live life from a place of connection.

The post 5 Mindful Habits for Living Each Day to the Fullest appeared first on Mindful.

One of my favourites prtins here is this one. It'S about focussing on things, like relationship, hobbies, travel etc. If you try to do all at once then it get's messy. Once you focus on each one at a time, you'll find a way better chance to get results. In the pictures coming out of the camera you can see the things mentioned before. And the little grin of the man shows it actually works.

#focus #artprint #people #camera #fediart #mastoart #illustration #sunday

man focussing on his dreams by twisting a camera to have the right focus. Pictures coming out of the camera show the results, actually working.
Roni Laukkarinen
4 weeks ago

I absolutely love Sunsama and how it takes care of your valuable time. There are no priority labels other than time.

From time blocking apps I have used first Sunsama, then Akiflow, then TickTick. All of them have pros and cons, but now that I have returned to Sunsama after one year I've seen it's improved since I last tried it.

I forgot how good it feels to actually FOCUS and see your productivity increase over time.

Screenshot intentionally obfuscated with Datamask.

#Productivity #Focus #Apps #Sunsama #TimeBlocking

A screenshot from Sunsama focus view, focusing today, a timer running, calendar alongside tasks.
1 month ago

hitting my common early-/mid-afternoon challenge with staying focused on work.

(as evidenced by this post on mastodon 😂 )

#work #focus

Focus App
1 month ago

Back to Work with #Focus 💪🏻

Some of you have already tried out the new App Shortcuts and colors in Focus during the beta phase - thank you so much for testing!

Here's what's new this back-to-work season:

Douglas VB
1 month ago

My 2001 #Ford #Focus ZX3 #hatchback is ready to be put out to pasture. It has 255,000 miles and is still on the original clutch. It needs a serpentine belt (as of yesterday), shocks, struts, tires, brakes, rotors, wheel bearings, strut mounts, a clutch, the engine resealed, and who knows what else.

How can I get rid of it by the end of the month when registration and smog are due? Donate to #PublicRadio ? Sell to a junk yard?

1 month ago

When I read that there was a new Focus Beats show on BBC & read the subheading "Find your focus with two hours of brilliant beats", I never expected my song "The Afterhour" to be playing side by side with songs by musicians I've adored & listened to for decades, like Dj Shadow, James Blake, Misst Elliot, Madlib, DJ Koze & Rosing Murphy, Kiefer, Kabuki & Stormzy.

Thank you so much for having me 💋🦍

#lofihiphop #downtempo #chill #focus #bbc #bbc6music #artist #music

Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
1 month ago

Baby steps taken toward your goal create big impact. Focus on what is yours to do today. Then do it.

#KeepGoing #LifeCoach #LifeCoaching #Focus

GIF of teeny rectangle arranged by height to gargantuan rectangle — the knocking down of the first results in the largest one falling.
Amy Lee
1 month ago

Somehow I missed this: Mac OS now lets you play a "background sounds" audio loop to help you mask external noise. Do you want the sound of rain? Noise? A babbling brook? You can! #accessibility #focus #noise #macos

Mac OS Accessibility Audio panel
Noisy Deadlines
1 month ago

Some notes on focus, and what I have to remember everyday
Post 11/100 of 100DaysToOffload challenge!
#100DaysToOffload #100Days #focus #productivity

Alex 🍜
1 month ago

@koehntopp Ich hätte auch nicht gedacht, dass ich mal den #focus poste aber der Beitrag ist wirklich sehr gut! 😅

Max Leibman
2 months ago

When you say, “I do my best work under pressure,” I hear, “The only time I actually focus on my work is under pressure.”

#procrastination #pressure #focus

2 months ago

Quel visage sous les cagoules de Crimée ? - #Focus - YouTube

Max Leibman
2 months ago

I was losing my focus. Took a break to eat an apple.

Result: Now, I’m losing my focus AND I have a bit of apple peel stuck in my teeth.

#focus #SelfCare

2 months ago

I tell you hwhat, I am pleased as punch about this sync thing from #pixelfed to #mastodon. I’m trying to get to 1,000 pieces of #art by the end of the year which is around five pieces a day for the rest of the year given where I am now. The goal is less about quality and more about improving my ability to just #focus on a goal and accomplish it. Even coming close to this goal will be something I can be proud of in the end. That’s all that matters. 😊

#Labour#placating #TERFS’ with latest U-turn – and #trans #members have had enough.

“Labour need to stand their ground. They’re the #party of #equality and if that’s what they claim to be, they really need to show that and #focus on the #real #issues

Noelle 📚
2 months ago

I feel like scrolling through feeds is ruining my ability to concentrate for longer amounts of time while reading. Maybe I should start cutting back on the scrolling. 😬😅

#reading #books #feeds #apps #SocialMedia #focus #tech

2 months ago

📲 New on the blog: “Bricked” is a novel Shortcut for the iPhone which helps reduce distractions when you’re in a specific focus mode.

#Apple #iPhone #iOS #Shortcuts #automation #focus


An iPhone with nothing but a bricked wall on its screen.
Jason Yip
2 months ago

Lack of #focus reflects lack of #strategy.

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
2 months ago

Steve Vai Explains Why Playing Fast Shouldnt Be a Guitar Players Main Focus: You Become Just a Machine
Guitar legend Steve Vai pointed out the importance of composition and why that aspect of musicianship is much more important


Living with a #chronic #disease doesn't make me a #hero, #brave or an #inspiration. It's a daily #battle, filled with #frustrations and #limitations. I just want to be seen as a #human being, with #hopes, #dreams, and #flaws. Let's #focus on #understanding, #empathy, and #support instead of being put on some kind of pillar. #JustHuman

3 months ago


Please just take a deep breath and slow down.

On the road.
At work.
With your kids.
Doing home projects.

Today I've seen an awful lot of costly, dangerous accidents and plain stupid mistakes.

We are not designed to rush through every task.

Productivity is soooo overrated.

#Safety #Kindness #Awareness #Clarity #Focus

#JanFleischhauer, einst Quoten-Reaktionär beim #Spiegel (eine Rolle, die jetzt Nikolaus Blome inne hat), dann Kolumnist beim #Focus, wechselt zur Hass-Armee von Youtuber #JulianReichelt, wo er neben solchen moralischen und geistigen Größen wie Judith Sevinç Basad und Ralf Schuler gegen Gendern, Menschen, die nicht Volker oder Sabine mit Vornamen heißen und gegen alles, was irgendwie grün ist, hetzen darf. Bleibt die Frage: Wann sieht man ihn zeternd auf einer Bierkiste vor irgendeinem Bahnhof?

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
3 months ago

Mastering Time Management: Tips for Boosting Productivity
Time is an important concept. It entails the sequence of events. It has enabled humans to keep track of events. The process of effectively utilizing this most precious commodity is called time management. The human body is meant to rest, and the divide...


Lorenz Meyer ✅
3 months ago

"Jan Böhmermann ist der beste Wahlhelfer der AfD"???

Sorry, aber lest Ihr eigentlich, was Ihr da vor Euch hin brabbelt, lieber #Focus? Und wenn wir schon dabei sind: Sorgt mal für Durchzug, Ihr vertragt die Hitze nicht.

Youtube-Vorschaubild des Focus mit der Schlagzeile "Böhmermann ist der beste Wahlhelfer der AfD"
Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
3 months ago

Being able to honor yourself, keep some semblance of mental equilibrium and calm is noteworthy during a time of great upheaval.

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Tim Penhey 🇳🇿
3 months ago

Mid-afternoon and I find myself getting distracted by almost anything.

C'mon ... #focus

3 months ago

@fanta pagadas todas :blobcat: , lo que no pueden decir todos los empresarios, especialmente los de las Big four
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4 months ago

That feeling when you're in the flow so hard that the moment you think "I'm going to put on some death metal and really focus on this bit right here" you realize you've had death metal playing full blast for the past hour already. #dev #metal #flow #focus

4 months ago

The Eye of Sauron just couldn't get focused that day. #grickledoodle #eyeofsauron #lordoftherings #tolkien #focus #cartoon #art #drawing

Lucian Ghinda
4 months ago

Let's start the week by focusing on writing good comments that explains the why.

Do it in code or as commit message or a PR description, whatever works for you!

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4 months ago


Wenn die Medien es nur einfach nicht ausführlich genug kommuniziert hätten, wäre das ja noch erträglich gewesen. 🤷

Das Hauptproblem ist, dass statt #Journalismus zum Thema sogar nachweisliche Falschaussagen verbreitet wurden und vor allem #Bild, #Welt und #Focus auch weiterhin Anti-Habeck Kampagnen damit fahren.

(Beim Spiegel ist nur das Titelbild daneben und sehr populistisch, die Texte dagegen differenzierter.)

Focus-Schlagzeile: "Habeck verärgert das Land"
4 months ago

「 We found that (a) music generally impaired complex task performance, (b) complex music facilitated simple task performance, and (c) preference for external stimulation moderated these effects. Therefore, the data suggest that music's effects on task performance depend on the music, the task, and the performer 」

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Andy Kent
4 months ago

Portal for Mac is live in the App Store now!

This is the culmination of so much work and I don’t think I’ve ever been prouder to ship anything before.

Discover more at

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Noelle 📚
5 months ago

Right, so I said a few days ago I was going to use my Mastodon account to track how much I read...which means I need to actually get off of Calckey and Mastodon so I can...get some reading done lol. 😆 :blobcatread:

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5 months ago
Four Post-it notes. 1st Post-it: A character is sitting at a table with a drink, writing on a piece of paper. Another character, standing and holding a drink asks, “Mind if I talk to you while you work? 2nd Post-it: Sitting character starts ripping the Post-it in half. The standing character protests, “What are…” 3rd Post-it: The sitting character has a balled up half Post-it. 4th Post-it: The sitting character happily works alone.
5 months ago

“Be vigilant around your focus.

There are so many things that compete for our attention in today’s world.

And so if you’re not deliberate, just like sort of drifting…

If I’m not tethered or anchored in some sort of way, I’m just going to drift.”

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Andrew Linke
5 months ago

Anyone else genuinely struggle with focus, but can also hyper focus to the point that people breaking your focus is infuriating?

And so you sometimes intentionally self sabotage focusing on a task, because you are afraid you’ll accidentally ignore or grump at someone you love?

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