2 hours ago

I went on a date yesterday and for some unexplainable reason, it just didn't go well.

Dating sucks.

Etaín understands...

If she can manage 7 years being blown about in the wind as a fly, I can manage a few bad dates.

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Dylan Bragg
4 hours ago

The day and hour the Veil was rent,
A voice across the water sent
To sailor’s ear loudly proclaimed
That I was dead. Although unnamed,
Another was to take my place,
Dethroning the Olympian race.
It’s His name now that Shepherds call,
Though I’m the embodiment of All.

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Dylan Bragg
5 hours ago

Removed from civilization’s cares,
From uptight snobs and straight-laced squares,
We eat from this narcotic tree.
A chronic case of apathy
Comes over us, and we are wasted
The moment fruit or flower is tasted.
And no one laughs and no one grieves
Who whiffs its dried-out smoldering leaves.

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5 hours ago

Annnd of course... returning to my favorite topic #mythology #folklore #underwear #ghosts #monsters #yokai #yurei
Apparently I have using the incorrect prompt. I was using the word "printed" when I should have been using "decorated"
#Afterpants #Ghosterpants #YureiHouseClothing
These are sugoi.

5 hours ago

Good morning everyone
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#yokai #TodaySatan
One of my favorite (and most horrible) things about Christian belief is that essentially all other gods from all other cultures are "devils". In considering this I had AI produce some images of the Devil as different deities. It's fun, it's pretty and delightfully Satanic. 😆😆😆❤️😈👻

Dylan Bragg
6 hours ago

Your friends are wallowing in filth
And won’t return to town or tilth
Without acute residuals.
My potent pharmaceuticals,
Infused in food and chased with wine,
Have turned them into grunting swine.
Sword drawn with prudence, though perturbed,
You come secure and sacred-herbed.

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Alex Gurney
7 hours ago

Important #folklore question: If you are at the beach, and see a line of deer hoofprints coming out of the water and heading towards the woods, but with no corresponding prints in the other direction... is that good?

#ScottishCoast #Fife

A flat and windswept beach of yellow sand is marked by shallow ridges, and further marked by a line of decisive hoofprints leading inland
Dylan Bragg
7 hours ago

With endless flow of Maternal Love,
I am the wife and sister of
The Harvester, the Lord of Time.
Undoing his unnatural crime,
I wrapped a rock in swaddling clothes,
A substitute for one who grows
Bolder each day, and not afraid
To slice him with his own sickle-blade.

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Jürgen Hubert
8 hours ago

Many ghosts need to be blessed by the living in order to pass on.

...a little deception to get that blessing isn't actually discouraged.

#Germany #folktale #folklore #ghost #ghoststory @germany @folklore

The Sneezing Maiden:  There used to be three poplar trees on a meadow between Heidingsfeld and Würzburg. Once, two vintners who were returning home during a night of the full moon saw a beautiful maiden with a white veil sitting there. When they walked past her at a close distance, they heard her sneezing three times. And, as it is custom in Franconia, both of them said: “God bless you!” three times. The maiden replied: “You have released me!” From this hour onwards, nobody has seen the maiden with the white veil again.  Source: Anonymous. Der Sagenschatz des Bayernlandes. I. Bändchen. Kreis Unterfranken. 1877, p. 362.
Icy Sedgwick
9 hours ago

Don't bring yellow poppies into the house because they might bring storms and headaches with them!

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A yellow poppy with four ruffled petals surrounded by green leaves.
Jürgen Hubert
11 hours ago

Tolkien's interpretation of dwarves is rather different from traditional folklore.

How different? Check this video to find out!

#Germany #folktale #folklore #Tolkien #dwarf

Stories and Folklore
12 hours ago

I’m a shyster, flimflam, a humbug, The Mountebank!

If I say believe me then you shouldn’t, but disregard what I say at your own peril.

These are qualities of a storyteller; we live to deceive, for us, lying is like breathing. They say our lips were kissed by the devil himself on the day we were born.

#introduction #storyteller #folklore #magic #Art #storytelling #MythologyMonday

A self portrait in pencil, with a pointed had and a dark smock on. One hand outstretched.
Jürgen Hubert
16 hours ago

The economic establishment will always try to sabotage public domain alternatives to their products.

#Germany #folktale #folklore @germany @folklore

The Curative Well of Dänschenburg:  In the church of Dänschenburg near Ribnitz there is a permanently wet spot beneath the pulpit which is referred to in legend. Many years ago there was a curative well at this location whose waters had special curative powers against all sorts of illnesses. Soon the reputation of this well spread throughout the entire land. The sick came in droves from all regions. But because the well healed all illnesses, nobody visited the doctors for aid any more. These grew jealous over this and managed to convince a shepherd to throw his dog into the well. Immediately the healing properties of the well stopped working, which was thus filled up. But the spot where it had been has remained damp since that time.  Source: Bartsch, K. Sagen, märchen und gebräuche aus Meklenburg, 1879. p. 357.
Jürgen Hubert
1 day ago

The island of Hiddensee formed because of a blessing gone very wrong.

So very, very wrong...

#Germany #folktale #folklore #BalticSea @germany @folklore

Part 1 of German folk tale "Hiddensee Island". Drop me a line if you want a machine-readable transcript!
Part 2 of German folk tale "Hiddensee Island". Drop me a line if you want a machine-readable transcript!
Astrobach :breadified:
1 day ago

@hacks4pancakes This was what dragons were largely invented to describe. They were representative of greedy tyrant kings who would be defeated by the noble king (in #folklore and #myth). Someone has probably already mentioned this, but there are too many comments to read through.

„In #Cornwall there are stories of hurling matches between groups of male giants, their thrown pebbles forming mountains.“
Source: P. Monaghan `Encyclopedia of #Celtic #Mythology and #Folklore`

Jürgen Hubert
1 day ago

Stealing from the dead is generally considered to be unwise.

Especially if you've seen the dead person in question wandering around.

#Germany #folktale #folklore #ghost #ghoststory @germany @folklore

German folk tale "A Dead Man Searches for his Gown". Drop me a line if you want a machine-readable transcript!
Dr. Zalka Csenge Virág
1 day ago

6. Every child has full rights to know all the myths, legends and folktales of their own country and culture.

7. Every child has the right to invent and tell their own stories, or make their own versions of existing tales. In cases when children are primarily influenced by television, it is the adults' responsibility to lead them down the pathways of imagination and put good books into their hands.


#storytelling #reading #literacy #folklore

Jürgen Hubert
2 days ago

Now there is no longer any magic or witchcraft in the world, for the Sixth and Seventh Book of Moses are kept under lock and key.

#Germany #folktale #folklore #magic #witch #witchcraft @germany @folklore

The Sixth and Seventh Book of Moses:  (Oral tale from Chemnitz)  Now there is no longer any magic or witchcraft, for now everything has been bound, as the sixth and the seventh Books of Moses can no longer be used for these purposes. For within them, all kinds of witchcraft, magic-workings, and summonings were described and registered in detail. These two books are now under lock in Wittenberg and are only shown to others as curiosities, but they are no longer given away.  Source: Kuhn, A. and Schwartz, W. Norddeutsche Sagen, Märchen und Gebräuche aus Meklenburg, Pommern, der Mark, Sachsen, Thüringen, Braunschweig, Hannover, Oldenburg und Westfalen. 1848, p. 90.
Jürgen Hubert
2 days ago

Hostile magic should be used sparingly, for there is always someone who can defend themselves from it!

#Germany #folktale #folklore #magic @germany @folklore

German folk tale "The Wandering Huntsman". Drop me a line if you want a machine-readable transcript!
Jürgen Hubert
3 days ago

Near the shores of the Baltic Sea, a castle is held by strong chains so that it will not rise back up to the surface...

#Germany #folktale #folklore #castle @germany @folklore

German folk tale "The Accursed Castle of Gammelin". Drop me a line if you want a machine-readable transcript!
Dr. Zalka Csenge Virág
3 days ago

The traditional stories we call fairy tales were, before the Grimm era, usually told by adults to adults.

Which means (among other things) that if you can find uncensored sources for them, they can contain a whole lot of swearing.


I saw a meme that asked people that if they could insert one f*** word into Lord of the Rings where they would put it. Now I asking myself the same question, but with folktales... 😆

#storytelling #folklore

Dark Galloway
3 days ago

Alderman's Brow, Saddleworth Moor. Alder and Alphin were two giants, who fought over the affections of a water nymph called Rimmon. Alder slew Alphin and Rimmon threw herself from a rocky ledge to her death. Their names are remembered at places around the moor.

#folklore #legend

Black and white photo of rocks, leading out in calm water towards a sun lit hill.
Jürgen Hubert
3 days ago

It is unwise to speak out of turn when summoning the Devil.

It is even less wise to ask the wrong question at the wrong time.

#Germany #folktale #folklore #Devil @germany @folklore

The Boy with the Red Jacket:  From Lower Bavaria: During the Lessel night, a man and his boy went to the crossroads. He did not want to take the boy with him, but finally he relented to his son’s pleas. The boy was wearing a red jacket. When they arrived at the crossroads, the man used chalk to draw three circles around himself and his son. Suddenly, a gallows stood before them. The boy asked: “For whom is that?” “For the one with the red jacket!” was the reply, and the boy was gone. After the man had done his incantations, the Devil appeared and asked what he wanted. “What you have taken from me”, said the man. The Devil did not want to, but when the man insisted on his demand, he threw the corpse of the man’s son into the circle.  Source: Panzer, F. Bayerische Sagen und Bräuche. Beitrag zur deutschen Mythologie. Zweiter Band, 1855. p.72f.
Astrobach :breadified:
3 days ago

This is the art of my little troll character "Ror-Gor" I was showing in the stream last night.

Realized I hadn't posted it up. If you want to hear about the character's battle with crows, check out the stream linked above.

#TTRPG #Itchio #art #folklore #fantasy #indieauthor #SwampTrollWitches

A rough drawing of a short little troll with big sleepy eyes, a very large nose, and a long mop of hair that hangs over his entire body.

In Windsor Forest in England the frightening figure of Herne the Hunter skulks around.
Source: P. Monaghan `Encyclopedia of #Celtic #Mythology and #Folklore`

3 days ago

#folklore #mythology #hhosts #yokai #monsters #yurei #underwear
#YureiHouseClothing #Ghosterpants #Afterpants
As part of our new campaign, we're trying to create a "unity for supernatural beings through diversity." Here are some of our new models. ❤️👻😈👹🧞🐙👺🩲🩲🩲

3 days ago

One thing that annoys me about my fellow pro-science people is how dismissive they can be if something doesn't fit with their world view. Like I've pointed out how #folklore - specifically folklore about #fairies & #changelings can prove #Autism has always existed because the description of the behavior of a changeling child fits that of someone who's #actuallyautistic and got belittled & made fun of because "folklore isn't important" & "just stupid superstition."

`There is both archaeological and textual evidence of a fear that the dead could return from their graves to haunt the living (cf., and some funerary rites seem designed to forestall that, including binding the feet of corpses as though to assure they would not wander about. Later customs kept the feet free, apparently to speed the dead on their way to the `#Otherworld and prevent their hanging about to bother the living.`
Source: P. Monaghan `Encyclopedia of Celtic #Mythology and #Folklore`

Stories and Folklore
3 days ago

#UnverifiedPersonalGnosis Encounter Part Two

She spoke of the delicate balance of the woodland, its interwoven ecosystems, and the importance of preserving its beauty. The man learned about the spirits that dwelled within the trees and the importance of honouring them. He discovered the ancient rituals of making offerings to the land, an act of gratitude and reciprocity.

With great care, the goddess explained how to craft offerings from wildflowers, symbols of nature's abundant beauty. She shared the significance of spring water, a life-giving force, and how it should be collected respectfully and offered in reverence to the land.

Just as swiftly as she appeared, the deity vanished into the forest, melting back into the natural tapestry around them. And as she faded away, the symphony of the woods returned, the birdsong resumed, and the insects' hum became a gentle backdrop once more.

The man stood there, filled with a profound sense of purpose and newfound knowledge. From that day forward, he became a steward of the woods, a guardian of the local springs. He carried the teachings of the goddess in his heart, honouring the spirits and making offerings of wildflowers and spring water to the land, forever grateful for the transformative encounter that connected him to the divine essence of nature.

#Pagan #paganism #storytelling #amwriting #writersCommunity #folklore


Stories and Folklore
3 days ago

#UnverifiedPersonalGnosis Experience: Meeting the #Goddess Ædwynna Part 1 A Thread

As the man ventured into the woods on that peaceful spring day, he found himself immersed in the symphony of nature. The vibrant melodies of the birds intertwined with the gentle hum of insects, and the sweet scent of bluebells filled the air, casting a serene spell upon the surroundings.

Lost in the tranquillity of the moment, the man walked deeper into the heart of the woods until, unexpectedly, an unusual stillness fell upon the forest. The chorus of nature fell silent, and a hushed anticipation filled the atmosphere. It was as if the very essence of the woods was holding its breath.

With a sudden jolt, the man's attention was drawn to a figure emerging from the ethereal mist. Standing before him was a deity, radiating an ancient power that resonated with the earth itself. The deity spoke her name: Ædwynna, a testament to the rich history of the land.

Ædwynna revealed herself as the local goddess of the woods and the sacred springs, a guardian who protected the very area they stood upon. Her presence exuded wisdom and grace, and a sense of deep connection to the natural world.

In this mystical encounter, the man felt his heart race, and a mixture of awe and reverence coursed through his veins. The deity's voice, like the whispering wind through the trees, reached his ears, imparting profound knowledge.


#Pagan #paganism #folklore #storytelling #AngloSaxon #UPG


A drawing of the goddess standing in the woods, her hair blowing in the breeze.  A fox watching her as he stands by a tree

`In areas of modern France that were once #Celtic territory, we find folktales about the Dames Vertes who lurk in the forests, luring travelers into ravines by their beauty and their sweet voices, then tormenting them by holding them upside down over waterfalls and laughing at their terror. Such elemental spirits are found in many cultures; in the case of these “Green Ladies”, they were especially associated with the wind, on which they traveled across the land, making plants grow with their breath. They could also take human form, always being dressed in green, a color known in #Ireland to be the favorite choice of the #fairy people.`
Source: P. Monaghan `Encyclopedia of Celtic #Mythology and #Folklore`
RT @_letraqueur_
A Véria, dans le Jura, la #legende raconte que des grandes et belles dames vertes aguicheuses hantaient les forêts de Véria.
Elles faisaient …

Dr. Zalka Csenge Virág
4 days ago

Hungarian #FolktaleMoment: A prince goes out to win a princess, and discovers that the princess already has a secret lover... a twelve-headed dragon.

Sometimes folklore is its own parody. 😆

#folklore #folktales #storytelling

Jürgen Hubert
4 days ago

Both in order to save money and to further my #folklore research, my major vacations this year and the next two years or so will be within Germany. However, a few years down the road, I want to do vacations in another, non-German speaking country - and I want to learn at least the basics of the local language, so that I can better appreciate the local history and culture (not to mention folklore!).

Right now, #Italy is my top choice - primarily to the really, really weird tales about #Venice in German folklore. But #France is also an option.

A major concern is getting around - I don't drive, and thus would be reliant on public transportation (or bicycle rentals). And I'd rather poke around interesting bits of the countryside than the big metropolitan areas. But I'm sure I will be able to figure things out.

What if unicorns looked like this?

Like a strange 20th century chimerical cryptid.

Would they sill have graced the covers of Lisa Frank binders?? 🤔

🎨 :

#folklore #mythology #unicorn #medieval #history #illustration #cryptid #cryptids

Illustration from an illuminated manuscript depicting a creature that has the body of a wild boar with a human face, long pointed ears, the feet of a dog or cat, and a long golden horn like a unicorn.
Mick Garratt
4 days ago


While cutting back the bracken in Newton Wood today, I was taken by surprise when I stumbled upon what seemed to be miniature apples. Of course, these were not genuine apples, but rather galls created by insects as excrescences.

And as it dawned on me that they were attached to a small oak sapling instead of the hawthorn that towered over it, I reali ...

#NewtonWood #NorthYorkMoors #RoseberryCommon #fauna #flora #folklore #NationalTrust

Elisabeth M
4 days ago

What does a folklorist do? " ... the short answer is that we study and teach about the ways that people make meaning."

#folklore #meaning #research

Victoria Audley
5 days ago

The Wild Hunt is calling! Join Ether & Ichor and the upstairs neighbours' dogs for a ride with the eternal hunters across Scandinavia, the Pacific islands, the world of DC comics, and more.

#mythology #folklore #FolkloreThursday #podcast

painting of the wild hunt. the earth below is dark and obscured with low cloud. in the cloudy sky, an immense crowd of hunters on horseback ride through the sky with swords and spears raised. ravens fly in the sky around them, and odin can be seen in the midst, slightly raised above everyone else. through the clouds, the sun peeks in a fiery blaze in the distance.
Jürgen Hubert
5 days ago

Just like the later Santa Claus, Frau Gaur rode through the air on a sled at wintertide, and distributed gifts and punishments according to her own moral standards.

#Germany #folktale #folklore #WildHunt @germany @folklore

German folk tale "Frau Gaur". Drop me a line if you want a machine-readable transcript!
Dr. Zalka Csenge Virág
5 days ago

I am trying to find a "magic dog" folktale for Story Camp, and the only one my brain keeps landing on is the Irish tale of "Magic Dog Vomits any Liquor Required":

🐶 🍷 🍸 🍹

#folklore #folktales #storytelling #dogs #Ireland

Dr. Zalka Csenge Virág
5 days ago

Megjelent a Nagyvárosi népmesék! Nyomdaillatú példány 😊
My new book, Urban Folktales is out! 😊 Has that #NewBookSmell

#Budapest #Hungary #NagyvárosiMesék #folklore #folktales #NewBook #KidsLit #Bookstodon

Photo of me (mid-30s, red hair, glasses, yellow checkered top) on a rooftop, holding the book (purple cover with pink and orange house motifs), with a Budapest street in the background.
Mythology Monday :verified:
5 days ago

Greetings, myth lovers! Join us next #Monday for our theme REVENGE 🗡️
Which myths are all about revenge? Tell us the #story in your toot and use the hashtag #MythologyMonday for boosts!
Your host @aimeemaroux is anxiously awaiting your toots with dramatic revenge #stories 😳

🎨 Medea, sculpture by William Wetmore Story, dated 1868–1880 CE

#mythology #folklore #folktale #legends #Storytelling @mythology @folklore @folklorethursday #NorseMythology #GreekMythology #EgyptianMythology #CelticMythology #AztecMythology #HinduMythology

Sculpture of Medea contemplating her pending revenge. The sculpture is painted white and photographed against a black background. She holds a dagger in one hand, idly fondling the beads of her necklace.
Icy Sedgwick
6 days ago

Herb bennet is also known as cloveroot, colewort, golden star, St Benedict's Herb, and wood avens.

It could be used to drive away evil spirits.

According to S. Theresa Dietz, if worn as an amulet, it could prevent attacks by dogs or venomous snakes.

#FabulousFolklorePodcast #PlantLore #Flowers #Folklore #FolkloreThursday #FolkloreBlog #HerbBennet #WoodAvens

A small yellow flower with five rounded petals, giving it the appearance of a star.
Jürgen Hubert
6 days ago

Near Höslingen, a strange black poodle leads travelers astray at night.

#Germany #folktale #folklore #dog @germany @folklore

The Black Poodle in the Haslen Forest:  The Haslen Forest near Hödingen where a number of Alemannic graves can be found, is haunted by a spirit. This spirit appears in the form of a black poodle and leads people astray. Whoever enters the forest in the evening will not be able to escape it all night, for they will always follow the poodle who jumps back and forth before them. Only when the day breaks will the wanderer find the way out. For this reason many people avoid this path during night times and prefer to walk along the longer route of the country road.  Source: Birlinger, A. (editor), Alemania Issue XVI, 1888, p. 250.
Mythology Monday :verified:
6 days ago

Thank you, myth lovers, for your #MythologyMonday stories about turtles and tortoises!
This is your host @AimeeMaroux signing off 👋
Join us next week here on #Mastodon for a new theme!

#mythology #folklore #folktale #stories #legends @mythology @folklore

Etruscan Bronze Turtle dated 6th-5th Century BCE. It has a green patina and a finely crafted horn pattern worked into the shell.
Jürgen Hubert
6 days ago

A long time ago, a particularly nasty ghost was banished to a forest to the west of Weißenhorn.

These days, the forest has been partially converted into an industrial park.

#Germany #folktale #folklore #ghost #ghoststory @germany @folklore

German folk tale "The Ghost Äschamd". Drop me a line if you want a machine-readable transcript!
Jürgen Hubert
6 days ago

Here I crunch some numbers for last year's efforts in translating and publishing German folk tales. Is it possible to support the lifestyle of an adventurer-folklorist with such work?

Spoilers: Not yet, but I have high hopes for the future!

#Germany #folktale #folklore #amwriting #translation

Jürgen Hubert
1 week ago

Near Bad Sülz, a publican's young son became best of friends with a magical animal.

Sadly, this friendship did not last unti his adulthood...

#Germany #folktale #folklore #snake @germany @folklore

The Snake King:  In the middle of the forest close to the city of Sülz there is a small pub called the “Mückenkrug” (“The Gnat’s Keg”). People claim that many years ago a large snake with a golden crown on its head frequently appeared here. This gold was purer than all other gold on Earth and emitted a rather strange shine. The locals called the animal the Snake King because of its crown. The owner of the Mückenkrug at the time had a small son who had a deep friendship with the snake. He ate, drank, and played with the snake, and the snake was around him all the time and never did him any harm. Much later, when the boy had grown into a tall adult man, he killed the Snake King - why, the legend does not say - and gifted the crown to his parents. Those sold the crown and became rich people thanks to this.  Source: Bartsch, K. Sagen, Märchen und Gebräuche aus Mecklenburg, 1879. p. 279f.
MountainWitch ⛤:flag_bisexual:
1 week ago

The Bee Tarot will be out sometime in 2024. I can't wait to see the whole deck.

#SacredSisters #Spirituality #WomensWisdom #Goddess #GoddessStudies #SacredFeminine #
SacredBeekeeping #WheeloftheYear #Mythology #Magick #Folklore #FolkTradition #Beekeeping #Bee

Bee Goddess illustration
cover of tarot deck with bee illustration
Texas Observer Lives!
1 week ago

American Born Chinese, premiering this week on #Disney, is a coming-of-age comedy that masterfully interlaces the stories of Jin Wang (Ben Wang), a Chinese-American teenager, and characters from Monkey King #folklore.

It also reflects the journey of colonized working class peoples in search of identity, reports @josephinelee, in this personal & philosophical new #review:

#AmericanBornChinese #TV #reviews #immigration #WhiteSupremacy #philosophy #culture #China

A woman in a white dress and headdress touches hands with a monkey-like human in a dark outfit with gold collar and cuffs. They are standing in a woodland with rich red lighting on its foliage.
dinet 🕷️🦂🐍
1 week ago

In Yoruba folklore, the Tortoise, who is called Àjàpá, Ìjàpá, & Alájàpá, is depicted as a trickster whose popularity equals Anansi’s. The Yoruba esteem his cunning, “which makes up for his physical disadvantages”, as celebrated in the proverb “Àjàpá ò lẹ́sẹ̀ ńlẹ̀, ó lọ́gbọ́n ńnú (Àjàpá’s feet make hardly an impression on the ground, but he is all wisdom inside).”

Source: “Tortoise Tales and Yoruba Ethos” by Oyekan Owomoyela


Paul Watson
1 week ago

A reminder that the last remaining copies of Rituals & Declarations (Vol 2 issues 1, 2, 3, and 4) are available at the discounted price of £5 per copy while stocks last:

#zine #zines #DIY #zinester #ZineFest #FolkHorror #Folklore #occult #horror #RitualsAndDeclarations #magazine #SmallPress #FediGiftShop #hauntology #psychogeography

Please feel free to Boost!

Jürgen Hubert
1 week ago

Why work hard at tilling the land, if you can kidnap and torture a dwarf into building you a better plow?

#Germany #folktale #folklore #dwarf @germany @folklore

Part 1 of German folk tale "The Lightweight Plow". Drop me a line if you want a machine-readable transcript!
Part 2 of German folk tale "The Lightweight Plow". Drop me a line if you want a machine-readable transcript!
Part 3 of German folk tale "The Lightweight Plow". Drop me a line if you want a machine-readable transcript!
SimonRoyHughes 🌹
2 weeks ago

Forthcoming from The Complete Norwegian Folktales and Legends of Asbjørnsen & Moe.

#NorwegianFolktales #NorwegianLegends #Folklore @folklore @folklorethursday

Peter Arbo’s painting of the Åsgårdsreie, and a quote from the hulder tale, From Sognefjord: “I have heard tell of this \emph{skreie} in Nordfjord; they say there that no one rides but boundary movers and evildoers and womenfolk and abominations. Yet I have never heard of where it comes from, or where it begins.”
Jürgen Hubert
2 weeks ago

Imprisoning spirits in small containers for centuries is a jerk move.

Though frankly, considering how this kobold behaved I can understand.

#Germany #folktale #folklore #kobold @germany @folklore

The Kobold in Stedten:  While a new house was built in Stedten near Schraplau, an iron chest was found during the excavations. And when it was opened, a small red man jumped out of it which joyfully danced in a circle and constantly shouted: “Now I am released! Now I am released!” And it told that it was a kobold and had been bound into this chest many centuries ago, and declared its intention to live in the new house once it was finished. And when its construction was completed, the little man came all night, released the animals in the stable and drove them across the yard, jumped the stairs in the house up and down and made such a racket that nobody wanted to live in the house any more.  Source: Sommer, E. F. J. Sagen, Märchen, und Gebräuche aus Sachsen und Thüringen. 1846, p. 26.
Dr. Zalka Csenge Virág
2 weeks ago

Dr. Jane Goodall visited Hungary recently, and she stayed at a hotel that gives guests bedtime stories (instead of mint) on their pillow every day. I worked with them to create their folktale collection.

So, I had the honor of making a personalized selection of bedtime stories for Dr. Goodall 😊 😊 Which is honestly one of the highlights of my storytelling career 😄 ❤️

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Jürgen Hubert
2 weeks ago

I've been trying to research just why there is this persistent belief in the English-speaking world that kobolds are "mining spirits" (as opposed to familiar and household spirits), and I have come to the conclusion that Moncure Daniel Conway is to blame.

Later on, #dnd ran with this - and the rest, as they say, is history.

#Germany #folklore #ttrpg

Digital scan of excerpt from Moncure Daniel Conway's "Demonology and Devil-lore".
Kobold as depicted in AD&2E, as a small humanoid with a dog-like face.
Jürgen Hubert
2 weeks ago

The living and the dead CAN co-exist, if everyone puts in just a little bit effort.

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The Haunting Housekeeper:  A woman was buried in Amönau. As the mourners were returning from the burial, they saw the woman peer out of the attic window. She was banished into a swamp, but she was able to get out of it again when the swamp was excavated and turned into a pond. After that, she was bound to an oak; but as the tree was felled many years later, the woman was freed from it as well. She still continues to haunt her old home, helps the maid with feeding the animals, starting the hearth fires, and assists with all sorts of other labors, as then the maids will leave her in peace.  Source: Pfister-Schwaighusen, H.v. Sagen und Aberglaube aus Hessen-Nassau. 1885, p.104f.
Jürgen Hubert
2 weeks ago

If you encounter blue lights, beware - for these are often associated with the dead!

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Part 1 of German folk tale "Kleines Clausthal". Drop me a line if you want a machine-readable transcript!
Part 2 of German folk tale "Kleines Clausthal". Drop me a line if you want a machine-readable transcript!
Kai Ash
3 weeks ago

A man saves his friend from the grip of a fairy ring ~ Shàbhail duine a charaid bhon t-sìthean

Once trapped under the fairies' spell, time shifts as you dance. If you ever find your way out again, your friends and family will be aged, if they still live at all.

Illustration by T. H. Thomas (1880)

#Folklore #FolkloreThursday #Fairy #sìthiche #mastodaoine #THThomas

A black-and-white drawing of a fairy ring filled with fae dancers, in a field surrounded by trees. A white man has been taken by their spell and is walking towards the ring to join them while his friend (also a white man) desperately tries to pull him back, away from the danger.
Stories and Folklore
3 weeks ago

This amazing new book by @folkhorrormagpie just turned up today, thank you so much. I can’t wait to read it.

#Folklore #FolkloreThurday #folkhorror

An image of the book The Bleeding Tree: A pathway through grief guided by forests, folk tales and the ritual year by Hollie Starling
Victoria Audley
3 weeks ago

Oh, we do love to be beside the seaside (unlike Skaði)! Join Ether & Ichor Podcast this week for some fun with the mythology of the sea.

Links and more on the blog:

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gif from the animated film song of the sea. a small black-haired girl in a white coat dives down into blue water with a lighter blue spotlight on her. grey seals swim around her in a spiral, and as they cover her from the viewer, she transforms into a little white seal.
Dr. Zalka Csenge Virág
3 weeks ago

In Bulgarian folklore, dragons are believed to be allergic to gentian and melilot flowers.

There is a ballad about a girl who unwittingly marries a dragon. As the dragon family takes her in a wedding procession, she finds out that they can't set hay bales on fire if there are flowers in them.

The girl escapes by setting fire to the flowers, and using the smoke to chase the dragons away.

#FolkloreThursday #storytelling #folklore #folktales #dragons #Bulgaria

Photo of blueish-purple, trumpet-shaped marsh gentian flowers.
Dr. Zalka Csenge Virág
3 weeks ago

In the 10th century, Persian traveler Buzurg ibn Shahriyar wrote in his book about a jinn market located in Kashmir.

According to local informants the jinn marketplace was located in luscious gardens among running streams. The jinn could be heard around the gardens buying and selling, but no one ever saw them.

Sadly he doesn't record more than that. Even though, it sounds like a fascinating setting for a story. 🧞 🧞‍♀️

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3 weeks ago

Swedish artist Lennart Helje (1940-2017) was known for his delightful illustrations of tomtar, gnome-like creatures of Scandinavian folklore.

#Folklore #Gnome

Four illustrations: 1. Tiny gnome with long white beard, wearing a red hat, standung in a green forest surrounded by tall trees. 2. Gnome with long grey beard and a red hat, is walking together with a fox along a quiet lake. 3. Small gnome in a red hat standing by a forest tarn surrounded by tall, green trees. 4. Gnome in a red hat walking by a some trees.
Lorraine Wilson
3 weeks ago

#MotherSeaTour Day 9 - Tierra del Fuego

Swinging *way* south, the beauty of these antarctic islands blew me away. Flower-strewn islands, hummingbirds & parrots right alongside penguins & sealions. Also, a heartbreaking history of colonial genocide & loss of language & culture. 1/2

#MotherSea #patagonia #folklore #photography #WritingCommunity

Close up photo of a southern great skua sitting on the water looking at the camera with a totally 100% innocent expression, yes sir.
Photo looking across one island towards distant mountains, the island is covered in flowering heath – red and white against the cool greens.
Close up photo of a yellow trumpet shaped flower against bare ground and bare thorny branches.
Jürgen Hubert
3 weeks ago

Modern media indicate that you should use a wooden stake to dispatch a #vampire .

However, German #folklore recommends using a really sharp spade instead.

Chrystyne Novack
3 weeks ago

I received many good suggestions when I asked for help on a title. I wanted something mystical & magical - an actual place name with a strong connection to myth was what I was originally looking for. The more suggestions got, the more 'food for thought' I saw how a table plays a supporting role in everyday life, myth & history.

Full story on At Journey's End -->

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A round stone table and benches sit in a forest clearing with a view of the water beyond.
Dr. Zalka Csenge Virág
3 weeks ago

Hi, I'm a professional storyteller, and here's today's PSA:

"Folktale language" only sounds archaic because many stories were written down and thus canonized a century ago.

Folktales in a living oral tradition always used contemporary language.

Case in point: a Hungarian folktale I just read, collected recently, that opens with "So, there was this king, and he managed to knock up a handmaid."

#StorytellingPSA #folktales #folklore #storytelling

Folklore, Food & Fairytales
3 weeks ago

So, from a folklore perspective, the King is about to marry the land. Better weather might have been preferrred if you believe in omens but at least it’s a full moon 😋

@folklore #Folklore

Teresa 👩🏼‍🦯
3 weeks ago

I just finished this novel, The Little Country by Charles de Lint. It’s wonderful. And there are fiddle tunes in the back. I should get my Braille music primer out, or find recordings of them. I can make out the time signature, but that is all. #FolkMusic #Fantasy #Folklore #Braillemusic

SimonRoyHughes 🌹
4 weeks ago

Let us speak of #trolls. Thirteen #TrollFacts, a thread:

1. Trolls are Norwegian. There are 150 texts in The Complete Norwegian Folktales and Legends of Asbjørnsen & Moe; 66 of them either feature or mention trolls. (42 of them feature or mention parsons.)

#NorwegianFolktales #NorwegianLegends #Folklore @folklore @folklorethursday

Theodor Kittelsen's impression of a mountain troll. The troll has trees on it shead and a glowing left eye.
Stories and Folklore
4 weeks ago

For all my #IsleOfWight friends (and those visiting in July), you can now buy tickets to our new, original musical Molly Downer.

Molly Downer tells the story of #Witch of Bembridge and her struggle through life, her losses and betrayals. This is one of the most popular stories of Island #Folklore but in truth, this is a story about a real woman and holds a light up to the same struggles that many face today.

If you're going to be on the Island for the 28th, 29th or 30th July, please consider joining us.

All proceeds go to our new non-profit that promotes diversity and inclusivity through visual arts and to help young creatives on the Island find their voice

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Ele Willoughby
4 weeks ago

A selkie for #MerMay (the mermaid 🧜‍♀️ celebration month)!

This is a hard-carved and printed lino block print of a selkie shedding her skin, seated on rocks, surrounded by harbour seals.

In Celtic, Norse, Faroese and Icelandic mythology, selkies (also spelled silkies, sylkies, selchies) or selkie folk meaning 'seal folk' can change from seal to human form by shedding their skin.


#linocut #printmaking #selkie #folklore #harbourSeals #silkies #mermaid #mythology #MastoArt

Linocut on speckled cream coloured washi paper of a selkie shedding her sealskin and several harbour seals lounging on rocks or swimming on a cloudy day.
1 month ago

The night of April 30th is Walpurgis Night (Valborgsnatten). According to folklore, witches from all over Scandinavia would gather in Troms in Northern Norway on this night to celebrate sabbat with the Devil, drinking wine from skulls and engaging in orgies. Walpurgis Night is still celebrated with bonfires in some parts of Scandinavia.

Art by Luis Ricardo Falero (1878)

#folklore #witch #devil

Painting of naked witches riding brooms. There is a full moon and a bat in the top left, and many clouds.
SimonRoyHughes 🌹
1 month ago

“And everyone agreed that they knew of no man so generous and liberal, or so manly in every respect, as Svein the Fearless.”

Svein the Fearless sounds like a Viking hero, and had he been born in another age, perhaps he might have been. Here, though, he demonstrates his heroism by staying put in church for a night.

“Svein the Fearless,” by Ivar Aasen.

#NorwegianFolktales #NorwegianLegends #Folktales #Folklore @folklore @folklorethursday

Ridley Borchgrevink's illustration of the hairy, hoof-footed devil taking a corpse out of a coffin, and a quote from the folktale Svein the Fearless: "Then a man came in and went up to the altar. There he broke up some floorboards and brought up a coffin in which a man was lying. He lifted up the corpse and began to flay it. He threw the skin on to the ground before the altar, and then returned the coffin."
Jürgen Hubert
1 month ago

Remember all the "debates" revolving around the skin colors of the characters in #TheRingsOfPower ? Where it was claimed that "black dwarves" not only ran counter to Tolkien canon but also mythology in general?(*)

Well, German folklore occasionally does mention black dwarves, which I am fond of reminding people during these occasions. A common counterargument to this was that this referred not to their skin color, but to the color of their clothing.

Well, now I've finally found a text where it the color of their _faces_ is described as "black" or "ash-grey". I'll need to keep that text mind for future reference...

#Germany #folktale #folklore #dwarf #Tolkien

(*) Apparently, it makes no sense for dwarves to have black skin color "because they live underground and thus wouldn't have developed melanin". Or so I was told.

Sophia Nomvete as Prince Durin IV's wife, Princess Disa, in "The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power."
Digital scan of folkloric text "Die Zwerge" from "Die Sagen vom Untersberg".
1 month ago

The mountain trolls of Swedish fairy tale illustrator John Bauer (1882-1918)

#art #illustration
#trolls #folklore

Four illustrations: 1. Huge troll looking almost like a mountain wearing a crown. 2. Large troll standing in a rocky landscape on a starry night. 3. Two trolls standing on a mountain top. 4. Four large trolls standing on a mountain top on a starry night.