Rachel Cholst
10 hours ago

INTERVIEW: Staci B talks country living, the life of a musician, and appearing on Apple TV's My Kind of Country with ISMAY.

(PS -- This article was possible thanks to readers like you! Please consider donating to the Rainbow Rodeo fundraiser -- only $225 to go til we hit our goal!

#QueerCountry #Americana #CountryMusic #FolkMusic #MyKindOfCountry

Folk Radio UK
13 hours ago

A Featured Album of the Month: Lauren MacColl's creative star shows no sign of waning: in fact, her new album 'Haar' might be her most accomplished and rewarding work to date, an ambitious album of painterly beauty, on which the sadness of experience is offset by the constant awareness of the world’s wonders and complexities. #folk #folkmusic #albumreview #featuredalbumofthemonth #scottishfolk

18 hours ago

So, having borrowed a modern A.C. Norman #AngloConcertina for a month or so at the start of the year this week I have bought my own. It’s not perfect, but it is not at all bad and was nicely priced. It is a #Lachenal and dates to around 1900, but we can’t be too precise as it is a “marriage” box which is apparently what #concertina people call a cut-and-shut assembled from several donors to make one working box.
As if I don’t already play too many instruments (badly)…
#FolkLife #Folk #FolkMusic

A metal ended 30 key anglo concertina. The ends are metal and it has bone buttons. The casework is a bit scratched in places and the keys show their age, but the metal looks good and it has new leather straps.
Elysia Macht
2 days ago
Rachel Cholst
2 days ago

For The Boot, I wrote up Ed Snodderly's meditative "Gone With Gone and Long Time" (featuring Gretchen Peters!) You might no know Ed's name, but I promise you've felt his influence on your favorite artists. Read more about him today!

#Americana #Bluegrass #FolkMusic #OldiIme #Acoustic

Thomas Preece
2 days ago

Another #keyboard video from me this week - I bought the cheapest #synthesizer I could find on eBay, take a look at some of its features and play a song on it.

#FolkMusic #FolkSong #music

3 days ago

#nowplaying #folkmusic
Somehow, I have beautiful mono original of this record. Think I got it at Oxfam in Hereford.

Shirley Collins — The Sweet Primroses
Lancaster Contra
3 days ago

New Lancaster Contra post: Contra THIS Saturday - starting at 2pm in Halton. Calling from Rhodri and music from Ian and Charley. There’s a taste of the music in the event at (thanks Charley)
Website with full info at
Hope to see you there… #folkdance #folkmusic #contra #contradance #lancaster #lancashire #dance

3 days ago

Another William Kimber while waiting to head out for this dance out - Over The Hills to Glory

#TuneswapTuesday #Anglo #Concertina #AngloConcertina #Folk #Trad #FolkTune #FolkMusic #TradMusic

3 days ago

One of our Ukranian friends sang Реве та стогне Дніпр широкий (The Wide Dnieper Roars and Groans) at a session recently. The lyrics describe a night storm on the river Dnipro by moonlight with woodpeckers drumming and ash trees creaking. The poem was written in 1837 and set to music in 1886. I was told the first printed editions were confiscated by Russian Imperial police (did I get that correct?). I think it's also the signature tune of Ukranian national radio. I enjoyed the sound of this casual male voice choir recording from youtube but if you have a different favourite then let me know in a comment.

#FolkMusic #FolkSong #Folk #WorldMusic #music #ChoralMusic #Choir #Ukraine #Ukraïna #Україна

3 days ago

Love Greek music, in particular rembetiko / rebetiko?

Have a look at my first collection of transcriptions, mostly historical rembetiko from the 1920/30s, just finished yesterday and free for personal use:

#rembetiko #rebetiko #rebetika #greece #greek #greekmusic #folkmusic #transcription #music #bouzouki #Athens #Piraeus #Thessaloniki #Smyrna #Izmir

Mark Tillotson
3 days ago

Fairport Convention (feat. Sandy Denny) - Crazy Man Michael

#Folk #FolkMusic #Music #BritishFolk

Wif Stenger
4 days ago

Finnish folk singer Vilma Jää in Kaija Saariaho's Innocence (about a school shooting), which just closed at Covent Garden in London. Her singing uses a technique from old Karelian cattle calls:

#kaijasaariaho #vilmajää #finnishmusic #opera #folkmusic

4 days ago

My folky plans this week
Tonight - Morris dance out
Thursday - Morris practice
Saturday - Morris at St Neots Folk Festival
Sunday - play for Balfolk dancing at CamFrench

Good thing I had a restful weekend not entirely taken up by in-laws anniversary celebrations, have done loads of music practice and it isn’t about a year since I covered for our main musician at Morris, eh? Oops… but that’s why we have practice on Thursday!

#FolkLife #MorrisDancing #FolkMusic #Melodeon #TradMusic #BalFolk

Dan Carkner
4 days ago

I'm heading to Ottawa tomorrow for the first time in about 5 years and I'm happy to see that the excellent #klezmer band Mamaliga has a stop off their east coast tour while I'm there. Avant Garde Bar, June 10, 8pm.

fb event:

tour listings:
#FolkMusic #Ottawa #fiddle #accordion

Wren Birdie (she/her)
4 days ago

Good morning gays!

Here's a really nice tune for ya from the wonderful husband and wife duo Watchouse (formerly Mandolin Orange) as we start off our first full week of #PrideMonth

Perhaps it *was* Adam and Steve after all.

🎶 Our Father loves us
All ways.🎶

#FolkMusic #LGBT

Mark Tillotson
4 days ago

He’s the man who never returned

The Kingston Trio - M.T.A.

#Folk #FolkMusic #Music

Paula Kirman
4 days ago

The Carrot Community Arts Coffeehouse is another place where you can find my CDs. Here's "The Crow." I dropped off copies of "Corners" last week. Support local coffeehouses and local artists!
#yeg #yegdt #yegmusic #yegarts #singer #songwriter #musician #FolkMusic #AcousticMusic #WomenMusicians #EdmontonMusic

Mark Cantrell
4 days ago

Here's the latest piece on my new author Substack, Tome of an Obscure Scribbler.

A Bradford housing provider is fronting a venture to preserve and promote a centuries-old folk music tradition rooted in Bangladesh and India's West Bengal region.

#culture #folkmusic #heritage #Yorkshire #housing

J.M.Hart (rowjimmy) :stealie:
5 days ago

Missed it on Saturday but marking the 1 year anniversary of my second album, “Slips, Trips, & Falls”.

Thanks forever to the many collaborators who helped me get this “solo” album out into the world.

#musodon #songwriter #folk #folkmusic

A photo of the front of my cd, “Slips, Trips, & Falls”. The black ink on white illustration is by my friend “Shanski” and depicts a few little scenes that may reference the songs.
Photo of the rear of my cd, “Slips, Trips, & Falls”. My name, the album title, and an image of myself adorn the thing, all in black & white.

All of the song titles are there too.
Rí Rua
5 days ago

Really enjoyed listening to this version of Foggy Dew on my travels this morning.

The Foggy Dew | Daoiri Farrell

#BandcampFriday #TradMusic #FolkMusic #IrishMusic #Ireland

RLM Art Studio
5 days ago

Ricardo Levins Morales poster catalog: p160, "The Fiddler" (1986)

This poster design of a man playing a fiddle is from a piece of straw inlay from Belarus. It’s a 14×22" screenprint – one of RLM's earliest.

Available for purchase here:

#MastoArt #Artwork #FolkMusic #Fiddle

An intricate illustrated poster of a person playing a fiddle. Modeled after a piece of straw inlay in a Belarussian style, its golden-red color against a black and cream background gives the fiddler a scarecrow-type look. Decorative birds and plants are next to the fiddler, with more decorative shapes in a woodcut-style around the edges.
6 days ago

We're planning a #Pride episode @accordionnoir (broadcast weekly on #Vancouver's #CoopRadio) 🏳️‍🌈 🪗

Do you know #LGBTQ #squeezebox artists we should reach out to who would like to be played on our show? ⚧️

#EDM #Classical #Norteno #Punk #CountryMusic #Cumbia #FolkMusic #Trad #Metal #LatinMusic #ExperimentalMusic #HipHop 🎧🎶

We've got a lot, but it would be nice to have a wide cultural mix 🌍

Do please pass this on 🙏🏼

Graffiti wall-art of an accordion with a rainbow bellows. The rest of the wall behind it is a blue and white cloudy sky.
Dan Carkner
6 days ago

Here's an online #klezmer event tomorrow which is bound to be excellent.
5pm #Philadelphia time, marking the launch of an edited book of the Hoffman klezmer dynasty's repertoire. With Susan Watts, a trumpeter and member of that family, leading the affair.
#FolkMusic #OnlineEvents #JewishMusic

Every Show Joe (Joe Maier)
6 days ago

Tonight is the night! Already laid down once today to ensure my energy will get me through the night for this one! Hopefully I see everyone there! Even if it's after GBH or any other awesome local show you might be going to tonight. Let's make turning 40 a night to remember! #everyshowjoe #birthdayshow #yuccataproom #thedarkhearts #reasonunknown #abetterproblem #therebelset #punk #punkrock #garagerock #surfrock #indierock #folkmusic

Dan Carkner
6 days ago

Her first album Fidl (1997) is on YouTube and various places. It was one of the albums that launched the trend of string band, "early music" klezmer alongside groups such as Khevrisa, Budowitz, Brave Old World, etc.
#klezmer #Fiddle #violin #FolkMusic

Dan Carkner
6 days ago

Alicia Svigals, former of the #Klezmatics and one of the top violinists of the #Klezmer Revival, is doing a kickerstarter to make a new album of Jewish #Fiddle music to follow her 1997 classic 'Fidl'. I contributed a bit and looking forward to hearing it one day!
#FolkMusic #Kickstarter #FiddleMusic #JewishMusic

6 days ago

It's Gypsies, Romanies, and Travellers History Month. I'll be singing traditional songs by GRT people, about English Romany and Scottish Traveller history, to various groups of people. And I'll be listening especially carefully to othered people.

#GRT #GRTHistory #FolkSong #FolkMusic #antiracism #racism

Paula Kirman
6 days ago

If you're in Little Italy in the McCauley neighbourhood, Paper Birch Books is a must-visit. Not only do they have an incredible selection of books, but they also carry items from local writers, including songwriters, including me! You can find my new CD "Corners" on the shelf. They also still have copies of "The Crow."
#yeg #yegmusic #yegmusician #folkmusic #yegdt #McCauley #bookstores #indiemusic #yegwriter #singer #songwriter #womenmusicians

Mark Tillotson
1 week ago

“She got a mango in the garden
Sweet as can be
She got a mango in the garden
Full of mystery
She got a mango in the garden
From the original tree
She got a mango in the garden
Shares it with me”

Bruce Cockburn - Mango

#Folk #FolkMusic #Music

Dan Carkner
1 week ago

The #klezmer scene has never been extremely focused on scores, preferring to learn by ear, so these copyright scores haven't attracted a lot of interest. In theory they were all intended to be filed away in advance of a recording session, but some sessions were canceled or never happened, so unheard compositions are still sitting in the LOC. A few of them are digitized but many aren't, and so I have been working with someone local to DC to try and locate and scan more. #FolkMusic #MusicResearch

Yeah, I'm gonna keep posting this song until EVERYONE has the #DugaliDagali possessing them as I do:

#ChveneburebiAndLelaNakeuri #ErtiNakhvit #Georgia #Georgian #FolkMusic

1 week ago
Lankum — False Lankum
Center of the Universe
1 week ago

Today we release our album of #electronicnorwegianfolkmusic on Heilo Records as an LP and stream! Artwork by Julia Stenberg Mastered by Christian Obermayer Releaseparty at Kruttverket june 9th! Hope you like it! #folkmusic #mouthharp #jewsharp #hardingfele #hardingfeleertøft #acid #synths #fmsynthesis #microtonal #springar #norskfolkemusikk

RLM Art Studio
1 week ago

Ricardo Levins Morales posters: p130, Woody Guthrie (1979)

A poster of Woody Guthrie’s words. A philosophy of integrity from a North American folk hero. Ricardo says of this one, "This was my first poster because it summarized what I wanted to do. I looked for the quote in small-town bookstores while hitchhiking and copied it down once I found it. I didn’t think anyone would want a poster that wordy. Boy, was I wrong!"

15x22" print available here:

#MastoArt #FolkMusic

A large screen printed poster on a bright blue background, with Woody Guthrie, a white man with short hair and clean shaven in a long sleeve buttoned shirt facing the camera while crouching down, in the lower right. Against the blue background, in white hand printed letters, is a very lengthy quote from him:  It begins, “I hate a song that makes you think that you are not any good. I hate a song that makes you think that you are just born to lose. Bound to lose. No good to nobody. No good for nothing. Because you are too old or too young or too fat or too slim or too ugly or too this or too that. Songs that run you down or poke fun at you on account of your bad luck or hard travelling. I am out to fight those songs to my very last breath of air and my last drop of blood. I am out to sing songs that will prove to you that this is your world and that if it has hit you pretty hard and knocked you for a dozen loops, no matter what color, what size you are, how you are built..."
Rupert Curwen
1 week ago

Haar by Lauren MacColl is out today, and it's really good.

Haar means sea mist, and the album is inspired by stories from the firths of the eastern Scottish Highlands. "Haar - to me - is a reminder that after the mist, always comes light."

#folk #folkmusic #scotland

Barnet Boy 🎸🇮🇹
1 week ago

#GoodMorning fair folk of Mastodon. This morning, a folk/protest song written by Leon Rosselson, The World Turned Upside Down:

Ironically St George's Hill (in Weybridge, #Surrey, UK) mentioned in the song is now a private gated community.


1 week ago

This Chris Foster album is, to my old ears, bloody marvelous and the recordings of “The World Turned Upside Down” and “Unicorns” are wonderful. Great singer and a very fine guitarist. #traditionalmusic #folkmusic #folk

The cover of Chris Foster’s “All Things in Common” album shown in a streaming app, playing a sing called “The World Turned Upside Down”. Leon Rosselson’s song that describes Gerard Winstanley and the events at St. George’s Hill in 1649. A great performance of a great song.
1 week ago

I also have a chapter that was a lot of fun to write about the #FolkMusic revival in the United States

Where young people were finding players of older traditions, and digging up ancient recordings, some of them as many as 20 years old!

Because the technological gap between recordings made in 1936 and 1956 was monumental

And the cultural gap, across the Depression and WWII was vast

So young folkies in the fifties saw these old 78rpm records like artifacts from the grave

1 week ago


Apparently if you tune in to Radio 2 at 0640 tomorrow you can listen to Jane Moulder, who edits “Chanter” - the Bagpipe Society magazine, talking about this year’s Blowout (annual festival/get together of English & European bagpipes, over in Leicestershire).

(I must try to get to it some year, and for more than the three hours I managed once before!)

#Bagpipes #Cornemuse #FolkMusic #Folk #EnglishBagpipes #BorderPipes #LowlandPipes

1 week ago

@Jyoti @Twoclownseating
Somewhat relatedly, from nearby Circassians

I’ve been listening to a lot from the Ored label on #bandcamp. They do regional #ethnomusicology and charming field recordings

And have something epic like @Lankum going on with their central group #Jrpjej

#drone #folkMusic #accordion #trad #experimentalMusic

I am fucking obsessed with this song now, thanks to #TrioMandili

I wish I could understand #Georgian

Gonna track down every extant version!

#Chveneburebi #LelaNakeuri #FolkMusic #DugliDagli #DugaliDagali


Oh, don't worry, I'm firmly careening down that #Georgian #FolkMusic rabbithole:

It's that time of day you need to let some #Georgian #FolkMusic into your life, you knowwsss you do:

#TrioMandili #DigglyDaggly #Kakhuri

RLM Art Studio
1 week ago

Since we've just recently started up on Mastodon, we thought it might be fun to run through Ricardo's whole catalog from start to finish. With 5+ decades worth, this may take a while... lets see how it goes!

Starting in 1978: this poster honors Chilean folk singer Violetta Parra. "Yo no tomo la guitarra por conseguir un aplauso. Yo canto la diferencia que hay de lo cierto a lo falso. De lo contrario no canto."

Available here:

#MastoArt #Arte #Artwork #Chile #FolkMusic

A one-color red screenprint style poster, showing a woman (Violetta Parra) with long hair facing forward slightly off center playing the guitar, with a thoughtful expression. Above her and to the left is a quote in small block lettering, in both English and Spanish: "I do not play the guitar for applause. I sing the difference that there is between what is true and what is false; otherwise I do not sing. Violetta Parra, Chilean folk singer."
Michele Banks
2 weeks ago

Little Shop of Science comes to the Washington #Folk Festival June 3-4 at Glen Echo Park #sciart #folkmusic

Poster for Glen Echo folk festival with many pictures of performers
2 weeks ago

Just discovered 'The Alehouse Sessions' on BBC iPlayer - A 17th century pub music show. Could a TV programme be anymore up my street!?

#Folk #FolkMusic #TV

So far this record has raised about $50 for the Rainbow Railroad

It's not much, but it's a start!

The RRR is a nonprofit that helps at-risk LGBTQIA+ people escape state-sponsored violence

As you can imagine, their services are more in demand that ever

If I ever do a "revisited" when I'm not fighting cancer, I'll make sure each of you gets a download code

#FolkMusic #lgbtqia #IndieFolk #Trans

2 weeks ago

#FolkMusic picks of the day:

➡️ @Phil - Melodeon & smallpipe player, performs with inclusive morris dancers in England

➡️ @MalcolmMacWatt - Scottish singer-songwriter performing Americana, folk, acoustic, roots music

➡️ @jvw - Singer-songwriter creating ballads, vignettes & multipart circle songs

➡️ @monviolon - Libre sheet music & recordings, mainly folk and traditional (in English & Italian)

➡️ @helenbellmusic - Singer-songwriter mixing prog, folk & pop

➡️ @merle - French folk electronica

Malcolm MacWatt
2 weeks ago

#Backstage with the wonderful #GretchenPeters for the last night of her farewell tour. A packed Cadogan Hall was treated to an emotionally charged set marking 25 years of performing in the UK. The show was sublime!
Gretchen sang on my album 'Settler'

#americana #folkmusic #singersongwriter #music #legend #songwriter #folk #rootsmusic #scottish #scottishartist #singer #celticmusic #folksinger #musician #songs #bonny

Daniel Carkner
2 weeks ago

Essentially all his albums from the past decade can be streamed & bought on bandcamp -
I think Kosher Style is the best, for a full brassy & jazzy 1960s sound with tight arrangements.
Many albums he made during COVID too basically while at home & not touring.
#klezmer #bandcamp #FolkMusic #JewishMusic

Daniel Carkner
2 weeks ago

A rare modern #klezmer #Wikipedia biography I've written today since it was a shame he wasn't on there at all despite being mentioned on many articles. Check out his many albums, he really is a gifted clarinetist, composer & arranger.
#clarinet #FolkMusic #JewishMusic

Onion Honey
2 weeks ago

And if you find yourself with nothing to do in the Southern Ontario area, you could even come to the release show 😉 #folkMusic #folk #americana #banjo #liveMusic

I posted my introduction some time ago, but failed to pin it, so here goes again.
I'm a #t1 #diabetic retired #programmer writing mainly in #assembler #bal #sql #pascal and other languages.
Things I like now are #diskworld #folkmusic #art #dorset.

Tim Mocarski
2 weeks ago

Imagine the path of modern music if Elvis had pursued his true musical passions. Pete Seeger definitely would have invited him to the #NewportFolkFestival. #Music #folk #folkmusic #banjo

2 weeks ago

Today in Labor History May 23, 2008: Labor folk singer and IWW member U. Utah Phillips (1935-2008) died.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #IWW #UtahPhillips #FolkMusic

colorblind cowboy 😷
3 weeks ago

Benedict Cumberbatch to play Pete Seeger in upcoming Bob Dylan biopic — and the resemblance is uncanny. Still, why can't we just have a Pete Seeger biopic? Probably because Seeger was just an amazing musician with a pretty boring life, but — to my ears — a more moving performer.


On the left, a man with a high forehead, short cropped hair and a long, pointy nose, mouth slightly open (Cumberbatch). On the right, the same description but with a guitar or banjo, and in black and white (Seeger).

I'm thinking of adding another track to the No Spoons Sessions post release, "The Ballad of Rte 192" Northern Mainers -- and anyone living in rugged terrain with early snow -- may relate

I may even warm up and rehearse it first! Does that still count as "no spoons?" I'll give it a free pass

I'll send a note to anyone who's already purchased

#FolkMusic #Folk #Americana #SingerSongwriter

3 weeks ago

I went to the library the other day, and it occurred to me that "Trip to the Library" would be a good title for a tune. As there doesn't seem to be one, I thought I should rectify that so here it is. It's not a great tune, but I think it works.
.abc notation in the alt-text
I guess it is sort of a slow #polka: basically, it is a #morris tune.
#Folk #FolkMusic #Trad #Tradmusic

Sheet music of "Trip to the Library"
In ABC notation it goes like this:
T:Trip to the Library
C:Phil Howard
G/G/B A/A/c | ecAF | G/G/B G/G/B |DFAc | 
G/G/B F/F/A | ecAF | G/G/B A/A/c/c/ | g/d/ B G2 :|
d/d/f d/d/f | g/f/e/d/ ^c c | d/d/f d/d/f | g/f/e/d/ ^c e |
d/d/f e/e/g |  g/f/e/d/ B B | G/G/B A/A/c/c/ | g/d/ B G2 :|
3 weeks ago

Musical Interlude: I loved this song as a kid, and it's been running through my head lately. I remember a b/w stop motion film of it we saw in class...but have been unable to track it down. But this is nice, too.

"Mr. Frog Went A-Courting," performed by Derek Lamb, animation by Evelyn Lambart, from the National Film Board of Canada.

#MusicalInterlude #FrogWentCourtin #FolkMusic #NationalFilmBoardOfCanada

3 weeks ago

“Super Subtle Folk Song”
“And while the fire is burning, let’s make a bunch more gasoline” ⛽️

Lyrics on #AccordionBandcamp ❤️‍🔥🪗
#climateChange #FolkMusic #Vancouver #WiseHall #Accordion

colorblind cowboy 😷
3 weeks ago

I wanna make a T-shirt that says, “John Henry Was Right.”

I’ve always loved this folk song, but in a time when “AI” (large language modeling) is replacing real writers — who are faster and better — I feel it more and more.

“Gonna die with that hammer in my hand, oh, lord”

#AI #FolkMusic #writing

Sci-Fi Girl
4 weeks ago

Here's a #song for #MothersDay! 💖 (Sorry its a little late. 🙃)

(What other tags do we use for #music here? 🤔 )

#Folk #FolkMusic #IndieFolk #AlelaDiane

#DJ5ciFiGirl #5ciFiGirl

Daniel Carkner
1 month ago

Someone added a 1931 photo of Aladár Rácz to his EN Wikipedia article, I'd never seen it before. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen any photo of him from before he was already quite old and frail. One of my musical heroes and inspirations, a true elegant soul ! I went and followed the sourcing to this site and found these other 2 photos; the site asks to credit the photo donor Ádám Bósze. #cimbalom #FolkMusic #Hungary #magyar #RomaPeople

Black and white photo of two musicians posing at their instruments, wearing European folk costumes; the man is facing his cimbalom and the woman is facing a piano
black and white portrait of a clean-shaven man in a suit, it's handwritten in white at the bottom Aladar Racz
A black and white photo of a man and woman in European folk costumes; the man is sitting behind a cimbalom with his sticks ready to play it, the woman is leaning over the top of the cimbalom.
Teresa 👩🏼‍🦯
1 month ago

I'm now listening to Backporch Music on WUNC #FolkMusic #AppalachianfolkMusic #Americana

Teresa 👩🏼‍🦯
1 month ago

I just finished this novel, The Little Country by Charles de Lint. It’s wonderful. And there are fiddle tunes in the back. I should get my Braille music primer out, or find recordings of them. I can make out the time signature, but that is all. #FolkMusic #Fantasy #Folklore #Braillemusic

Teresa 👩🏼‍🦯
1 month ago

If anyone knows of any livestreamed Mayday Morris dancing, let me know. I wish I could teleport myself to Berkeley and watch the Berkeley Morris at sunrise at Tilden Park. #MorrisDancing #Mayday #FolkMusic #Pagan

Teresa 👩🏼‍🦯
1 month ago

One of my favorite songs ever, written by Fred Small and first performed in 1983. 1983, folks. #FolkieFriday #FolkMusic #LGBTQIA2+

Pinned evergreen Bandcamp post

Hey friends, come take a listen to my brand new folk EP

"The No Spoons Sessions"

All sales donated to

(boosts mightily appreciated)

#Folk #FolkMusic #Folkie #Americana #Bandcamp

Steven Arntson
2 months ago

It's my 50th birthday today. I'm releasing an album of new music: "The False Voice is tunes for concertina and falsetto singer. Melodies set against instrumental drones and varied textures conjure a hopeful spirit and thoughts of the forest and its creatures in the westernmost region of Washington State, USA."

#music #folkMusic #falsetto #classicalMusic #musicTheory #concertina #accordion #singing #relax #washingtonState #kitsap

Piers Cawley
2 months ago

My friend Fay Hield is doing some research on accessing folk music in England and she's running a survey at the moment. Please check it out.

#FolkMusic #AccessFolk #FolkSong

2 months ago


I am in the process of being diagnosed with #ADHD and am struggling with this realisation.

Fairness is important to me, as is knowledge, teaching, learning, equality and the preservation of nature.

Other things I like: boats / boating, #rpg / #ttrpg, documenting my watching #NicolasCage films, #GreekHistory and #RomanHistory and weird history / hauntology, being near water, everything from #AmbientMusic and #Folkmusic to #StonerRock and #DeathMetal, and so on and so forth...

Geoff Berner
2 months ago

People, I'm listening to Rae Spoon's upcoming album right now. It is a masterpiece. You are going to be blown away. It's so good. I envy you your upcoming discovery. #music #transrights #disability #disco #folkmusic #countrymusic #gold #platinum

Substandard Nerd
2 months ago

This Bandcamp Friday I recommend 'Almost A Sunset' by Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman.

Wonderful modern folk music.

#BandcampFriday #Folk #FolkMusic

The End - Fiction Podcasts
2 months ago

/14 Here’s another new or recently discovered Audio Fiction account you should follow and encourage to post more on #Mastodon!

🙂 @teachermike72 - Mike Messner

a #teacher living in California with my wife and son. I am a #podcaster whose show focuses on #gordonlightfoot and I also produce an #audiodrama based on a WWII series written by a friend of mine. I'm a fan of the #49ers, #Stanford, the #SJSharks and #folkmusic.

[cont. ⤵️]

#AudioDrama #FictionPodcast #RadioPlay #AudioFiction #RadioTheater #RadioTheatre #podcast #FollowFriday #FictionFriday

Piers Cawley
2 months ago

@leigh most if my #FolkMusic friends haven't moved, I'm afraid. For a lot of them, Twitter's algorithm and the need to promote gigs and music releases make that an understandable choice, at least in the short term.

Casey Watts! (he/him) 🌈🫧
3 months ago
3 months ago

@great78 @internetarchive @brewsterkahle
Some high quality #accordion recordings in this batch of the #great78project!

Search “accordion” in the link from the previous post

Or for a late #StPatricksDay treat here’s the great Jerry O’Brien 🪗 doing “Cookoo’s Nest Reel”

On the label named after Ellen O’Bryne DeWitt, who founded the Irish music recording industry
In 1920s New York City☘️
#IrishTrad #FolkMusic

Margaret Sefton
3 months ago

I'm looking over the manuscript of Cowboy Jamboree's themed anthology "Traveling through Townes." The volume contains stories, poetry, and essays reflecting the spirit of Townes Van Zandt. An essay of mine will be published there. If you are not familiar with TVZ, or even if you are, you may enjoy listening to this album. I'll post again when copies are available in mid-April---Townes's birthday.

#TownesVanZandt #WritingCommunity #Essay #AmericanFolk #FolkMusic