3 hours ago

vi avviso che non amo le liste di attesa
ma verrò lo stesso a farvi visita, grazie

Lycill Shiriki-Elysian
1 day ago

Hey #followers :)
i made a little update on my #Angel
new hair that fits much better (Stealthic, Cinema)
and different underwear (Ricielli Angel Sleepwear)
#SecondLife #SecondLifeFashion #NFSW

Böckli 平凡札記
4 days ago

Hello #followers
This account will be deleted by the end of this month due to the closing of the instance. If you were not automatically moved to my new account, please follow me at
There are a few of you, for some reasons, I could not even send follow request. Hope you will see this post in time. Thank you for following.

#FediVerse #Mastodon

4 days ago

Since #Elon #Musk took over #Twitter, it has become a platform for spreading #climate #misinformation and denying climate #change. #Studies show that climate denialist websites and actors have gained more followers while climate #experts have lost #followers. The changes to the algorithm have boosted #rightwing content.

#DanniiMinogue lost #followers after announcing #LGBTQ+ #dating #show, and she couldn’t care less.

While we’re absolutely obsessed with #BBCThree’s new #LGBTQ+ #dating #show #IKissedABoy.

It seems that not everyone shared the same #love when it was announced that #pop #princess #DanniiMinogue would be playing #matchmaker to a group of #gay #men #lookingforlove.

#Women #Transgender #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #UK #Entertainment #TV #Representation #Culture

Martin E. Dodge
1 week ago

Read: Followers on Medium are a mystery. -Martin ponders the mystery of gaining followers on Medium while stats for Views and Reads remain unchanged and suggests remedies.
#Medium #Writing #Followers

A green-dot-filled notification bell is surrounded by 0 value stats except 1234 followers on Medium and a search bar asking why.
Boiling Steam
1 week ago

We just passed 3,8k Followers on Mastodon/Fediverse! Thanks everyone, see you at 4k!
#mastodon #fediverse #followers

1 week ago

@knova I went through my follow list and removed those who hadn't been active for the last two months. After, I started looking for new people to follow. I figure I'll do this every 3-4 months until users I follow stabilize more.

#followers #PurgeInactiveAccounts

Neurodivergent BC :ir: :audhd:
1 week ago

Thank you everyone for 100 #followers! Hope one day one of these #decentralized platforms will become a viable alternative to #Facebook and #Twitter for me, wether it be #Mastodon or #Bluesky or whatever is the one that becomes the deaf to standard.

Do people still play that stupid game on #Medium? You know, the one where they follow you in the hopes that you'll follow them back? Then they say that you don't follow them back, and they dump you.

I'm not sure why I should follow such people. If you do follow them, they can still dump you. If you do follow them and they don't dump you, I very much doubt that they are *readers*.


#WritersOfMedium #followers #follow #followback #readers

Matthew Graybosch
3 weeks ago

#introduction for new #followers

I'm a #writer, #musician, #techie, and #metalhead.

I play (poorly) #viola, #bassguitar, and #piano.

My current #WIP is SPIRAL ARCHITECT, serialized on my website.

My #fiction is available under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 at

I'm not a cishet neurotypical WASP, but I've a lifetime of experience in faking it.

I like #UNIX and #Emacs, but my preferences are not prescriptions.

I block bigots, spammers, and trolls on sight. #MyFeedMyRules

The Footy Club Admin
3 weeks ago

#PostReach: Your post will reach everyone on your local server and all your #followers. It will also appear on the #federated #timeline of the server of your follower. If an actor #boosts your post then everyone on the actors server and the followers of that actor will also see the post.

#Server #reach: Your #instance will know about its members including who their following and who follows them, plus who in turn they’re following and who follows them. These are known #accounts.

3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago

Accounts with lots of followers are, on average, not worth following

why ?

to get lots of folllowers, you need to toot a lot
which means that fact checking will be poor

Not exactly sure what "lots" means, but I would guess >5,000

#followers #followfriday #mastodon #QualityToots

3 weeks ago

#Mastodon #Followers #Happy #Fediverse

I just looked briefly at the list of people I follow (so that's people who have requested to follow me, natch) and I am so happy to have as many as I do, and to know that 99.9% of them are "in my bubble" of people who have the same feelings do about politics, animals, nature, science, reading, etc etc.

It's so nice here! 😀 😎 :ablobwave:

Novetat a #followers, ara deixa de seguir als usuaris que ja no et segueixen (va bé per mantenir el llistat de seguits al dia).

Si l'usuari que ja no et segueix ja no existeix també t'ho diu.


Novetat de followers, programa Python que fa seguiment dels usuaris que et segueixen, tant locals com remots.
Ara deixa de seguir als que ja no et segueixen.

I don't know how many people realize this, but among my #followers on #Medium I do not have any #family. Nor do I have #friends that knew me prior to the start of my stint on Medium.

I know that some people get to "carry" their followers around. Or, to put it differently, the followers follow them across platforms.

Not for me.

Every single follower I have on Medium read my stuff and decided to follow. They did not follow me from another platform I was on.

#WritersOfMastodon #writers

Ten :verifiedtrans:
1 month ago

Hello to all of my new #followers that discovered me through my recent joke post.

I am a #transgender woman and I frequently post the following things:

* Jokes (duh)
* Selfies
* Transgender related topics
* Rants and vents about my mental health and other things about my daily life
* Promoting my Twitch & YouTube (although I try not to be spammy with it!)
* Indie Gaming Stuff
* Retro Gaming Stuff

If any of that bothers you, feel free to unfollow me -- I won't be offended or upset if you do!

Have a wonderful day!

Petra van Cronenburg
1 month ago

#Fediverse: It's not important how many #followers you have! Don't look at #numbers!

BUT! For new followers, #Mastodon shows now the #follower numbers instead of the profile description prominently (browser version). Such a deterioration, @Gargron !

I always read your descriptions and content before #following. I follow if you have 10 or 100,000 followers IF I'm interested.
But now we are downgraded to a name with follower numbers. Before the change, I saw personalities. (App seems still ok)

Peter Platt
1 month ago

Just wanted to share this, it's nothing remarkable but I found it rather fascinating.
I joined #Twitter in October 2014 and I currently #follow 126 accounts and have 108 #followers.
I joined #Mastodon in November 2022 and I currently follow 140 accounts and have 121 followers.
Similar numbers, but in a much different timeframe. I don't know if it's anything special, as I said, other than maybe showing how much more interactive it is here. Mastodon is definitely a keeper for me.

HireSocial Influencer Jobs
1 month ago

How To Get Instagram Followers Fast
#Instagram #Followers #Fast
Instagram is another of the many social networking sites operating out on the web today. It...

read more: (#7981)
#articles #InfluencerJob #HiringNow

Trader One
1 month ago

#swimsuit - #brutal #idol #weapon to gain #followers

Lot of idol girls follow her to learn new tricks daily.

1 month ago

I wish everyone (#followers and non-followers) a #goodnight #nsfw #nude #teenboy #gay

Luca Sironi
1 month ago
#comesefosseantani #bot #followers

ma questi bot su mastodon, per chi ci hanno preso ?
Le migliaia di pugnalate interiori ?

"I am a very shy person who tries to emerge from the bottom where the thousand inner stabs and the sense of contempt suffered in times past and the sense of abandonment"
1 month ago

While I'm not a very active "tooter" I read daily, retoot and favor posts, reply too. I had several people following me, without a bio or anything in their profile, so decided to activate the confirmation feature. I hope isn't consider a lack of courtesy. Have a great evening.


Fascinating conversation on the subject of the importance of building online #communities, and how it's quite different to building an #audience or #socialMedia #followers.

I really hope that #fediverse will facilitate building and nurturing of many small and tight online communities.

#buildInPublic #podcast

1 month ago

I made a #tool for #mastodon!

Some people have great taste, so mastodon-follows is a little tool that allows you to generate a HTML file from information about the people others follow, so you can quickly work out who to follow too. The major advantage over just viewing their page is the detail info, and the one-click links.

It's command line, and needs PHP. For now it solved my problem, I may improve that later!

Check out

#mastodontips #follows #followers #php #cli

Echo Penn
1 month ago

Hello minions...I mean followers :blobaww: For some of you who don't know, I am an animator on YouTube. I currently have 3 story time animated videos published and I am working on a 4th. The 4th vid will be my longest one.

Clink on the link below and check out some of my work :ablobsmile:

#YouTube #story #storytime #storytimeanimation #animator #animation #video #video #channel #minion #followers #followfriday

1 month ago

I have a #Mastodon account and posted text there. I gain some #followers. Now I want to post some photos, so I am using #Pixelfed. Do I need to create a new account and get new followers? I thought that part of the #FediverseProtocol / idea was that I "own" the followers and could take them with me. My feed could be text, photos, videos, blog posts, or anything. Some apps might only show the short text posts, while others might only show the videos. But it’s one single account in multiple apps.

Tucker Teague
2 months ago

I joined #Mastodon last fall. At first, like most, I wasn't sure how it all worked, how to get followers, who to follow, etc. But it was fun & I just kept showing up. Then I posted a post ( that has got 4.7K boosts and 12K likes. 😲 And I started getting tons of #followers. But now things have slowed down. I still get way more #engagement than I ever got on the birdsite, but I think a lot of my followers from back then were just checking out this site & are not active. 😕

2 months ago

I've found out how to know which pelvic floor muscles are involved in "Mama Squats," also learned it's not called "duck walking." "Mama Squats" is the proper term.

"Yoga gives us the lesson to cure what is fatal to be endured and to endure what you cannot cure." -– ♾️BKS Iyengar Swami Vivekananda •International Day of Yoga•

🔹 @NaturaArtisMagistra #mastodon #fediverse needs #followers

EZ Lorenz Imagery 📸
2 months ago

For #TBT / my new #Followers

One of my most memorable captures of Mt Rainier/ Tahoma on a tranquil morning with a soothing glow. You could hear the silence…

A GREETING CARD could also serve as a FRAMABLE small ART-PRINT with much less investment or available in a set as well, while supporting independent Photographers: 💝

#Prints #Photograph #WallArt #FediGiftShop #AYearForArt #Gifts #Seattle #PNW

Mount Rainier towering over Lake Washington at daybreak in pink glow. Taken by EZ Lorenz Imagery in Washington state

Si vols saber el total d'usuaris locals i remots que et segueixen, qui ha deixat de fer-ho i les variacions de tot plegat, pots instal·lar en la teva màquina o servidor Linux o en la teva #Raspberry de casa, el programari #followers:

No hi ha cap app o programa que et digui qui ha deixat de seguir-te. followers sí que ho fa 😉

#seguidors #Python

El meu codi #followers funciona de maravella.
Em notifica puntualment cada 3 hores les variacions en els meus seguidors.

#seguidors #followers

captura de pantalla del tut de #followers

He programat #followers cada 6 hores. Cada sis hores rebo una menció privada que em diu l'evolució dels meus seguidors (locals i remots) i qui ha deixat de seguir-me si és el cas.

#seguidors #seguiment

Novetat per el project #followers! ara també et mostra quins usuaris t'han deixat de seguir.

No cal que digui quins nous seguidors tens perquè #Mastodon ja ho notifica però no ho fa quan algú ens deixa de seguir. El codi de #followers sí que ja ho fa 😉

#seguidors #seguiment

Captura projecte #followers, ara amb la novetat que et diu quins usuaris t'han deixat de seguir.
Rasta™ OLD
2 months ago

This is probably a good way to remove following bots? Most of the people I've talked to, I've followed, but there's a large group of followers that found some reason to follow me?

Well, if you'd like to keep doing it, you'll adjust follows to this final resting spot.. MSTDN.CA

Further posts and replies, are located there. Remember?

#Change #Instance #Update #Followers #Follow #New #Alt4You #AltText

Be Alert!
(we need more lerts)

Aquest és l'aspecte de la menció privada que rebo de #followers, diu el total de seguidors que tinc, quants son locals i quants d'altres servidors. També mostra la variació entre parèntesis.
Per ara només és text però vull afegir -hi gràfiques.

resultats del programa followers, seguidors locals i remots,

Ahir vaig alliberar el nou projecte #followers però no comptava tots els seguidors. Vaig decidir que ja depuraria el codi per trobar el motiu.
Aquesta matinada he tingut una inspiració programàtica, de sobte i sense pensar-hi he decidit que no cal cercar i desar el nom d'usuari (per exemple spla) i el compte (per exemple Només el compte ja és suficient.
He modificat el codi ara mateix, segons aquesta inspiració i voilà, codi més ràpid i ja compta tots els seguidors! 😀

Estic pensant que potser seria útil fer un programa #Python que et notifiqui amb un missatge directe qualsevol variació en la teva pròpia llista de seguidors.
Podria ser interessant per qui li agradi entendre perquè de vegades puja i de vegades baixa.

#seguidors #followers

Wow, there are almost 400 people following me now. That's crazy! :blobcatfearful: I've only been here for about 2 months.

I was active on Twitter for years and had about 300 followers.

I've also had more and better conversations on Mastodon, in a fraction of the time.

I still post similar things as I did there: be kind, be gay/do crime, value your privacy and data, don't get pwned, fuck capitalism, here's a kitten picture.

But instead of getting a few likes, I get perspectives and interesting conversations with all sorts of people.

I like it here. 💜

And just so this post has some content of value, here is a AI-generated kitten, a "Be Gay Do Crime" meme, and a link to some recent cyber-crime stories (

I think that just about covers my typical topics 😉


#Followers #BeKind #TwitterMigration #LGBT #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #Tech #Privacy #Data #DataPrivacy #FuckCapitalism #Kittens

A picture of an adorable kitten in loaf-form. Generated by an AI.
A skeleton holding a banner that says "Be Gay Do Crime!".
2 months ago

I would like to compile a sort of to-follow list of folks who want to be followed by the kind of people who follow me. A lot of the time, people don't want to impose, so I want to ask this explicitly so if anyone who reads me is looking for who else will be interesting, there won't be a question. So if you're into nerdy creatives, and want more of us following you, opt in with a reply. It doesn't have to be long. Could be a smile, an intro, some inviting words, whatever.
#Follow #Followers

A photo of come cornbread in a heart shaped baking pan. One of my tastiest works. :-)

Good #Monday my lovely #mastodon #people .
howdy to all my #dmvcommunty #dmv #virginiana #maryland and #washingtondc peeps!!!!

#birthday #weekend rounding up with today being my birthday!

Give me a birthday gift by following me on my new business this year. We have two store opening and many ways to follow.
I am selling anything today I just want #followers. That all……
#IG FB page
and many more later this year. Bookmark or follow us on our open road

Patrick Stewart
3 months ago

Hey @writers and #followers, my latest article is out! Want to know more more about #Taoism or the #tao, where they came from, or the very basic concepts? Then take a read below!

Boosts are always appreciated! I was pretty nervous #writing this!

#writer #writers #writers

C.L. Irwin :verified:
3 months ago

To New Followers: Hello and thank you for following me. If you're new here, welcome to Mastodon! Feel free to say hello and chat so we can get to know each other better. I'm friendly and don't bite (well, provided you treat me nicely🤣). When you have a moment, please answer the polls pinned to the top of my profile. Hint: For some polls, logic and deductive reasoning may help you narrow down the choices.😉 The polls are meant to be a fun icebreaker, so enjoy!

#hello #welcome #followers

Roni Laukkarinen
3 months ago

"Why did you follow me?", you might wonder.

A reminder: I follow everyone. It's different here in the Fediverse, there is no recommendations or algorithms. I follow everyone and then unfollow if the content ends up being not for me.

I curate people to lists like "Web developers" and "Finnish people". I like my home feed like a busy street, I can always check what's happening there, in my own terms. #Mastodon #Fediverse #Following #Followers

Patrick Stewart
3 months ago

Hey #mastodon #followers my new article was #published today! This is the first time I've ever had an online or physical publication think my writing was worth anything! I'm beyond excited.

New Writers Welcome is a #Medium publication that accepts new Medium writers and posts them under their bannor to help not only increase their readers but the new writers too!

You can read my article below. In it, I describe why I post my daily #morning #mantra #sunrise #photos.

As always, if you like what I wrote, please see consider becoming a patron by subscribing to my #Patreon or just buy me a coffee.

#writers #writer #author #authorsofmastodon #NewWritersWelcome

Grimethorpe Colliery Band 🎺
3 months ago

Wow, 2k followers, that was quicker than expected! 🥳

We're rather loving Mastodon, with all the fantastically random posts, positive photos, poems, boosts and #hashtags.

It already feels like one big family, and it seems engagement is growing all the time, so that's exciting for the future.

A big #Hello and #TootToot to all you new friends, give us a hello, wave or #joke! 👋🎺🎶

#Thankyou #Followers #BrassBand #Music #Musician #ClassicalMusic #Barnsley #Yorkshire #England #Toot #Toots #Tooting

Patrick Stewart
3 months ago

Hey #followers, it’s been a while since I wrote, but I’m back with a new story. I wish these were happy times, but I received a comment about my “Why I Quit #Christianity” article yesterday so I felt the need to better explain the final nail in the coffin.

So here is…

Why I Quit Christianity - Part 2: How Matt Chandler and the Village #Church Helped Kill #God

If you enjoy my writing or want to support me you can find my #Patreon or Buy Me a #Coffee links in my Linktree!


#writing #writer #blogger #medium #church #god #jesus #story @writers @writing

Patrick Stewart
3 months ago

Alright, here is what I'm thinking. When I reach 1000 #followers I'm going to need to stop #automatically following everyone who follows me. I know we are supposed to but at some point I just can't keep up.

My home feed is so busy that if I follow you and you're not #posting really often I'm probably not seeing your post unless I get really lucky. I'm on here a lot but not THAT much. I try to interact with everyone I can, especially new members and I'll do my best to keep that up.

Anyone else have to do this?

Marcus Fihlon
3 months ago

My conclusion after four months of #Mastodon: If you value having as many #followers as possible, stay on #Twitter. If you want to be read, stay on Mastodon.

Despite significantly fewer followers, the interaction rate is much higher. Even though I follow fewer people, the information content is significantly higher.

I feel more informed. I ❤️ Mastodon for the truly time sorted and unfiltered #timeline and for the control over my data!

Sharon Cummings Art
3 months ago

Find ART Friday!!

Fill your feed with art, not just bad news.


We appreciate ALL support!

SEARCH THESE great hashtags: #AYearForArt

#followfriday #followbackfriday #follow #followers #art #arte #artwork #artist #artists #colorfulart #mastodonart #supportartists #ArtistsOfMastodon

A colorful typographical art piece spelling ART encouraging viewers to "Feed On Art Not News" by artist Sharon Cummings.

@taste totally agree. And I've found the #followers and #followed to be of a much higher standard than on the #ShitSite

Marlene Breitenstein Art
3 months ago

🤩 Today I topped 200 #followers. Thank you! It took 6.5 weeks, with 44 posts of my work. That alone blows every other social platform out of the water, without taking interactions into account. But numbers, schmumbers; what's really great is you folks are REAL and our interactions much more meaningful.

🎨 Took this photo today, driving home from Munich. The clouds were on the ground for over 2 hours of #mist opportunity. (Or not missed.😉)

#BreitensteinArt #photography #art #Germany #AYearForArt

Photo of two tall pine trees in a soft peach-colored mist, with greenish-gray foliage in the foreground, and a low bank of barely visible trees in back.
Ed Worrell
3 months ago

Only 4 more to 100 #Followers • Please don’t make me beg…

Patrick Stewart
4 months ago

Hey all my #mastodon #followers, it's that time again...

NEW #WRITING IS LIVE - The House of My Father By Patrick Stewart

This is the true story of my #relationship with my #father & what caused us to not see each other in 20 #years. I poured my #soul into this piece so please take some time to read it. It would mean so much to me (sad violin #music

And always, don't forget to #BOOST

Audio soon!

Help support my work:

@writers @writing

4 months ago

Made 10 #candles, got some #tips and new #followers, thanks a lot for all the kind #comments and #support, WILL COME BACK #TOMORROW 8 AM #Berlin time

#webcam #webcammodel #weirdpeople #weirdart #waxplay #handmade #bdsm #bdsmporn #bdsmart #fetishart

My assistant is squeezing my tit while I'm taking a picture of our waxplay candles in progress
Robin Patterson
4 months ago

@Wolven People tend to attract more #followers if they create more #hashtags in their #profiles. Potential followers examine and even #follow hashtags; it's how #Mastodon searches. (|:-)

Patrick Stewart
4 months ago

Hello my fellow @writers and #followers. It's that time again for...

A NEW THOUGHT ESSAY - My Relationship with #Christianity & Why I Quit

Please #boost if you enjoy it!

I hope you enjoy this one as it was VERY personal and difficult to put into words. Emotions were real and I had to take breaks while recalling many of these events throughout my life.

If you want to support me and my writing or mastodon instance, please visit my Linktree

Cliff Wade :novaLauncher:
4 months ago

I just want to say THANK YOU to all 1,300+ of you that have followed me as of today.

I had no idea I had broken this mark and it's a crazy number to see in such a short period of time of being here (2 months).

I hope you all find the content that I post and boost to be interesting and beneficial to you in some way.

If you have anything you'd like to see me post about, just let me know and I'll try my best!

#ThankYou #ThirteenHundredFollowers #MindBlown #Followers #AwesomePeople

Image that says thank you 1300 followers and has some gold confetti around it.

Tip to the new #twitterrefugees:

#favourite (aka #favorite aka #like) doesn't work the same way as in #twitter.

There are no algorithms that automatically show the liked #toot to your connections (I don't like the word #followers)

You'll actually have to tap/click on #boost (aka #retweet) a post that you like so that your connections will see it.


Veirling | #MMIWG
5 months ago

Really thankful for all the followers I've gotten here. I love to follow back. Sometimes I'm reluctant if people haven't put anything in their bio and/or haven't at least established a history of boosting/liking masto posts.

Also, I try really hard not to sh1tpost on here. At the same time, I will critique media and dunk on fascists or their enablers. I also will critique some people's fave politicians if I feel they aren't serving the public interest.

#Followers #Mastodon #Thankfulness

Sir Rochard 'Dock' Bunson
5 months ago

Can we please change #Followers to #Boosters?

Please #vote and #boost 😉


#Fediverse #Mastodon #Feditips #poll

When I get to 666 #followers , can I pull up the draw-bridge??

Dave Mackey
5 months ago

If the number of my #followers ever surpasses the number I'm following, assume I've died. 😂

Tim Carmody
5 months ago

I’ve got about 25 followers to get to a total of 3000, so I’ll make the same offer I made to followers 2000 and 2500: my 3000th follower can ask me anything, and I’ll do my best to answer (quickly if it’s a silly question or one I have a good answer to, a little bit more slowly if it’s something I need to research).

Feeling blessed and honored to have so many people interested in things I post! #meta #followers #ama

What we could try, is every person we respond to on #JoinIn or who responds to us, good them. That way we get our numbers of #followers up and all of them have demonstrated a bit of care simply by being here in #JoinIn . Not a single #devoiced #journalist so far.

5 months ago

Am I the only person who #blocks other people who have a lot of #followers ?

Barry Schwartz 🫖
5 months ago

If someone wants a lot of #followers, HOW IS THAT ANY OF YOUR BUSINESS?

Do you know what sucks? People who get into other people's business.

Petra van Cronenburg
5 months ago

I'm switching my account to *follow requests* for a while and currently only accept #followers with a completed profile. I have had to block some several times now because of #bots and extremely dubious types (those "militaries" who only follow women). #Twittermigration seems to bring not only the good ones.

Natalia Jagielska
5 months ago

Almost 500 new #followers !

Sharing the #artwork that got most interactions on #Twitter way back then

#paleoart #dinosaurs #extinction

apologies to new #followers, if I do not #follow back immediately - I currently keep a self-imposed #digitaldetox program ...

I still review & test my various #socialmedia spaces (!), this account (& others) and various #onlineidentity profiles in Q1 & Q2 of 2023.

Out of Exile_IDR - § Voice ®™️
5 months ago

Ivory Tower Profiles - Community Engagement and Conversations:

I just happened across an interesting post.  It seems to be from one of those type of accounts that many complain about.  I’m just the messenger delivering the opinions that I have gathered in countless conversations on the subject but, I’m guessing I still may get flack.  This is not a complaint about this person, follow backs, or follower count, only what I have heard others talking about.

This person, a journalist, is asking for help getting twitter followers to follow here.  The profile already has 106k followers but, only follows 246.  I did the math. That's just under .25 %, less than 1 (one) % of their following.  One of the bio tags on this persons profile is writing about “internet culture”.  I can’t help but wonder how this person can accurately report on a culture they do not seem to engage with 99.75% of it’s members. 

As one said, in one of many discussions,  it seems arrogant to not hear the voice and opinion of those that follow you.  Many I’ve heard tend to agree and again, I’m just the messenger.

The most recent posts from this profile seem to be only about this person and twitter.  I can't find an introduction or a “Hello Fediverse, just concern for follower acquisition and self.

Even an article on why their Twitter account was suspended.  No engagement or conversation with the nearly 19,746  followers this user is reqesting assistance from, to collect more followers here.

When I want the news, I turn it on and can’t recall Lloyd Robertson or Katie Couric seeking out my attention or assistance.  Today, they would probably be focused on gun violence or the plight of Ukraine, rather than the potential of lost adoration.

Two days ago was another such thread refering to another such “user".  The subject account had 20k followers and only one toot was ever posted.  This “user" follows zero of their 20k followers (That’s 0%). Many conversations, and several opinions cite how some big accounts arrogantly expect people to flock but, never engage or acknowledge with those that follow. 

Another post several weeks ago was actually directed at another journalist, scathing them for the same lack of engagement.  I understand the busyness of facing a deadline but, engaging a few is not that hard.  Take a scroll down your follwers list on a Sunday morning and favor,  boost or DM "hello" to a few.  Its really not that time consuming and the people you get to know, are often amazing.

Me?  I follow and reach out.  If they follow great, if not, I don't really care.  I'm about quality, not quantification.  If I find those I follow seem self absorbed or clog up my feed with irrelevance, I mute or unfollow the source.

The common theme echoing is this:  Mastodon is not a corporation but, is our community.  To be part of any community one generally first must engage.  Those who do not, are often viewed as outsiders with no regard for it’s members.  Think of it like this:  You patronize a shop regularly and the merchant gladly accepts your money. When you see this person on the street, they do not even nod politely, seeming only to avoid you;  would you still shop at that persons business?

What’s your opinion on this? I’d  like to know, as long as you remember, don’t shoot the messenger.  The concern of many is that ivory tower users like this, will turn our community into Twitter 2.hole.  A people driven algorithm of elitist exclusion. Again, we are not a target market, we are community of persons.

[After finishing this, I looked at the profile of the individual with the 20k to zero following. I noticed 3k more followers but, now the person follows two.  One of the followed is the other profile with 106k noted above.]

"Engaging handshake" Artwork below by John Hain:

Buy him a cup?

Don't forget the ALT text.

#community #engagement #interaction #involvement #gratitude #GivingBack #followers #following #mastodon #birdsite #exclusion #aloof #elite #IvoryTower #outsider #opinions #twitter

Image is this artist’s rendering of the many things a handshake can represent.  The foundation of the two hand clasping is a blending of multiple colors. From left to right each color intertwines as shifting shades of blue gives way to purples then mauves and ending with reds.

The countless words that cover this union of hands include, but are not limited to:

Welcome, communicate, connect, relate to, respect, bridge, help out, regard, appreciate, diversity  accommodate, join with, reach out and possibly, the word engage.

Art by John Hain.