1 day ago

Does anyone know any other hashtags other than #FollowFriday that may good to get follow recommendations?

Please let me know so I can search for great posts and add them to the #Recknsense list!

2 days ago

@roguefoam Check the #followfriday hashtag :)

Benjamin Hollon
2 days ago

Look around under the #FollowFriday tag. :)

4 days ago

Thank you #FollowFriday - it's been a rich source of posts for my Recknsense project!(

As always, please tag me or use hashtag #BeFound on any posts you come across with lists of people/accounts to follow on a given topic. In case you don't know, I'm collecting posts that help you find people here on #Mastodon.

Boosts appreciated 😀

@honeymango (the other me on here)

So I missed #FollowFriday but as time is an illusion (lunchtime doubly so) here are some great follow ideas.

@nerdycrab, @islimpycat, @jccpalmer, @Noellers, @Louise5167, @Yourlocalbearman @Sigma, @makemoremusic, @PlaystationPixy, and @LaughingAtChaos

Dr. Jorge Caballero
5 days ago

I know it's late, and no longer #FollowFriday for many, but I just want to say that @maxkennerly is one of my favorite follows— insightful, witty, factual, honest, and engaging. He doesn't post much on here, but his content is gold.

Sean Bala
5 days ago

#FollowFriday - Random Writing and Publications

@rewildingmag - independent magazine dedicated to #Rewilding -#Environment #Nature

@emergencemagazine - multimedia magazine exploring #Ecology #Culture #Spirituality (already boosted but worth boosting twice!)

@fediversereport - for all the happenings across the #Fediverse

@ProPublica - amazing investigative #journalism, very active - #news

Logan Five (aka John)
5 days ago

Happy #followfriday!
Here are some hilarious people you should check out before the apocalypse:

@beaveinflow @ElleGray @geekysteven @UnFitz2 @professorkiosk @AmishSuperModel

I'll put a new list together for after the apocalypse.

5 days ago
I would like to remind about my other channels, where I post more - software of my instance support multiple channels per person so to choose the topic you can subscribe specific (curated) channel. - node9 open culture gallery and server main channel (with all community announcements about the instance/server)  - Tech & biodiversity, research, sustainability - general - forest livinglab channel, my field research projects

here I share just what does not fit elsewhere and sometimes personal things, but you can contact me here via DM

christina d-h
5 days ago

🌼 🦦 Welcome to Mastodon, @biodiversity!

Folks in #California interested in #Biodiversity #ClimateChange topics may wish to follow! 🦋


5 days ago

I'm going to follow @RiversideBryan lead and do a #FollowFriday post...there are so many great folks here, and I want to recommend them all..but instead I'm picking two...

@amyfou and @nicod

Both are awesome. Give their awesomeness a follow. ❤️ :blobcathighfive: :BlobhajTinyHeart: :ratjam:

5 days ago

Is #FollowFriday a thing on Mastodon? If so, I can heartily recommend @thisismyglasgow to all Weegies. They've got a real eye for detail, and make me appreciate my city all over again. #FF

Matt 🌀
5 days ago

I convinced @shivani to sign up to #mastodon so go follow 👀 and I’ll nag her to get apps and an updated profile 😼 #ff #FollowFriday #FridayFollow

Adam P. Knave
5 days ago

So I only recently found out that @Wolven is here. Such a great mind, and he presents his thoughts with clarity and careful thought. Well worth your follow. #FollowFriday

Eldon Phukuile🇿🇦🇨🇦
5 days ago

I have few #fedi friends for #FollowFriday because I screwed up my migration from the previous accounts 🤔🫤 but I am in love with @Nicolesp
5 days ago

#followFriday bedeutet auch, dass morgen ein neuer Blogpost kommt! Ich bin schon wirklich gespannt auf den Ansturm!

Thematisch werden wir uns morgen wieder ganz konkret im Bereich #Smarthome bewegen. Aber wen wundert es? Zu diesem Thema kann man nie genug sagen! 😁

#blogpost #freitag

5 days ago

#FollowFriday time! This week, I'm focusing on #ClimateJustice accounts! If you care about #MotherEarth, follow these accounts for timely news about actions, causes and current events!

"Western Watersheds Project is a non-profit environmental conservation group that works to influence and improve #PublicLands management throughout the western United States in order to protect #NativeSpecies and conserve and restore the habitats they depend on. Our primary focus is on the negative impacts of #LivestockGrazing, including harm to ecological, biological, cultural, historic, archeological, scenic resources, and wilderness values."

"Natural born Hippie, Ökofeministin, Spiritual Punk

"Lentil-crisp-based human, climate collapse Cassandra. London, England. Books, wilderness, gardening, rage against the 6th mass extinction."

"A regular #Nature lover who curates a daily feed of news about the #Environment & #ClimateChange.

"Doing my best to stay informed and raise awareness about environmental crises, climate breakdown, and the rapacious, murderous impact of greedy capitalists and the politicians they own."

"#MMIW #pigoneer #BanKillShelters #BanOctopusFarming #RelistWolves #EndAnimalAg #StopShell #HumanRights #FindNaaruAlive #plantbasedfuture #ActOnSahel #SaveOurSeas #SeeAnimalsAsIndividuals #ProtectOurWildlife #ReleaseIdrisKhattak #HaltTheHelicopters #SaveMollem #BanTrophyHunting #KeepItInTheGround #rewilding #SaveCongoRainforest"

#ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis

Skriver Lein
5 days ago

Der Reiter "Hashtags" der Seite "AKTUELLE TRENDS" auf Mastodon liest sich regelmäßig wie ein Nachmittagsprogramm im Jugendzentrum.

Na, Ihr und Eure aufregenden Leben.












Ihr sammelt bestimmt auch Briefmarken.

Ach, wäre ich doch auch so cool wie Ihr.

Dr. Nancy Wayne ✅
5 days ago

It’s #FollowFriday and here are some of the people I've enjoyed talking to during the past week on #Mastodon (no repeats):

T. Austin Brown @AustinB – Francophile, lawyer, food enthusiast.
MKSinSA @MKSinSA – vegetarian, nature lover, photojournalist, and more
vfranken @vfranken – loves being outdoors, craft beer, slow food, and more

5 days ago

Since it's #FollowFriday, I want to take the opportunity and urge you to subscribe to #Retromation over on #YouTube. He's doing a hell of a job at showcasing various indie titles with his "Let's Try" series!

#Games #GamingNews

PSA Games
5 days ago

#Followfriday time! Follow these awesome people! 😎


Joe Cotellese
5 days ago

Anyone in software Product Management that I should be following here?

#followfriday 🌀
5 days ago

With our Kickstarter going live really soon (8 days!) I spent some time today sprucing up the game's website. now has all the game's socials, a link to the community discord and a link to the demo :)

#followfriday #indiegame #dreamcast #kickstarter

5 days ago

Hi guys!! It's finally Friday again :D
Happy #followfriday for everyone!! I hope you have a very great day
Here as always I leave some people than you have to follow

@DaRevieweD @CrazyRetroGames

5 days ago

#FollowFriday: This is Becas, from Portugal.

I'm mostly here for #videogames! I toot a lot about #gaming, and play all sorts of #games. I also stream on #Twitch so if you like that kind of stuff, come hang!

Personally and professionally, I'm a Social Psychologist, currently finishing his PhD. Very interested in #DataAnalytics. Currently learning #Python and #R

Nelson Chu Pavlosky
5 days ago

In honor of Fridays for Future, I'm plugging people interested in #climateJustice, #solarpunk, and #permacomputing this #FollowFriday:

- @nina_kali_nina - scavenging chips to build #resilient computers
- @mycorrhiza - #degrowth anarchist
- @rra - Did #web design and development for the solar version of Low-tech Magazine's web site, which has been a huge inspiration to me:
- @derek - #climate organizer, maps

Lu Wilson
5 days ago

I love mastodon!!!!!!!!!!!

please help me to find new people to follow for #FollowFriday!

my turn this week: follow @DebMaluk for fricking amazing bird content. I just realised that I didn't actually follow them until now. But enough people were boosting them so I saw a lot of their stuff! 🐦

5 days ago

We have been publishing Japanese Pop Culture related content since May 2015.

We create resources such as:

⭐️ Monthly manga, light novel, and book release lists:

⭐️ Anime & Japanese films coming to US theaters that we update monthly:

⭐️ Where to watch seasonal anime legally:

🌻 Website:

#anime #manga #followfriday

5 days ago

Hi, just reaching out and hoping to connect to some good folks in this group.

Do you know that we no longer have fractional reserve banking and any real sense of the word? Do you know that even the federal reserve is losing money? Details on our site about these and more:

#FollowFriday #FollowBackFriday

🇹 Ti
5 days ago
GivMeCoffee :coffefied:
5 days ago

#Introduction for #FollowFriday since I haven't done one in a while. I'm from #Pittsburgh where I work in IT. Going to #GradSchool for #DataAnalytics. #BrandonSanderson is my favorite author though I love #Tolkien and anything #Fantasy #Sci-Fi as well.

Some interests are #astronomy, #videogames and #movies. I love old/classic movies such as old #monster, #horror, and #sci-fi movies. I'm a #StarWars nerd. Favorite bands are #PinkFloyd #Rush #LedZeppelin and #TalkingHeads to name a few.

This week’s #FollowFriday is for @Curator (of who toots a whole array of useful stuff along with lots of #art boosts. Plus they post regular creative prompts for arty folks to get involved with :blobthumbsup:

6 days ago

It's #FollowFriday, please give some of these artists a look :D

@Myrkky :18only:
@RevvyDrawsSmut :18only:

I should really make FF posts more often, because picking just a few people is hard D8

Pelle Wessman
6 days ago

It's Friday, that means #followfriday:

* @frameworkcomputer – the upgradeable and repairable laptop which yesterday announced lots of new cool module specs and upgrades together with a new 16 inch model. Linux friendly.
* @gamingonlinux – speaking of Linux, Valve is doing some great stuff with the #SteamDeck and #SteamOS, but this site is doing even greater in tracking all gaming on linux
* @hannobraun – building the next-gen code-first CAD-tool #fornjot, useful when modding the above ones

I need to plug for some artist friends of mine on #FollowFriday:

@allisoncandraw has just started a webcomic, a slice-of-life with great art (and a deaf MC)

@dimestorenovel is building a unique fantasy world, though I'm into it mostly for the adorable and precious MC, Natasha

@nickthewright draws bright and expressive characters and has no trouble mimicking various styles

@perseidipity is an OC phenom (especially Pokemon) who comes up with amazing fashion and makes me jealous

Kyle :xcode:
6 days ago

The last time I did a #FollowFriday was over on that bird site.

I need to do them here! Let’s go!

All of these people below share wonderful content about various things that I look forward to seeing everyday. I suggest you check them out and see if they post what you’re interested in and then follow them.


#FollowThemAll #HappyFriday

Greg Pak
6 days ago

#FF #FollowFriday my friend and great writer @melissahungtx, who lost her previous account when masthead dot social went down. Melissa wrote that amazing piece about the Asian Americanness of McDonald's Filet-O-Fish sandwiches that I was talking about a while back. A great follow! #AsianAmerican

Greg Pak
6 days ago

#FF #FollowFriday comics writer @manruss. He's here!

6 days ago

It is fabulous #followfriday and it is about time you stop what you're doing right now, and start following @TodePond who makes fantastically surreal #CreativeCoding adventure videos featuring toads and other mystical creatures!

Bread and Circuses
6 days ago

If you’re looking for great accounts to follow, here are some of my faves! 👏



Pamela Williams Fine Art
6 days ago

🦋Blue Morpho Butterfly🦋Come away to a quiet place
Where birds sing amongst the trees
and Angels spread there wings
Peaceful sounds of nature whisper
amongst the flowers
And words will never sting


#TheArtDistrict #Poetry #SmallPoems #poem #WritingCommunity #PoetryCommunity #Writing #AYearforArt #BuyIntoArt #MastoArt #POTD #Photography #FediGiftShop #smile #followfriday #mentalhealth #butterfly #nature #beauty

Blue morpho butterfly with wings spread sitting on a green leaf with pink bokeh background
Mo Warden 🔝
6 days ago

Yay, it's #FollowFriday again!
If you have a bio and some posts I'm much more likely to follow you so, please, join in!

Nearly the weekend, so here's a favourite shot of mine. This is Fláajökull ("Sloping Glacier") with Vatnajökull behind it, under a canopy of #AuroraBorealis and stars.

I use a longer exposure on my #NorthernLights shots, as it captures more starlight. This is 8 seconds.

Hornafjörður in south-eastern #Iceland.
#DailyPhoto #photography #LandscapePhotography #Landscape #Aurora

A night-time shot, the lowest eighth is filled by dark mountains topped by snow, with a central glacier rippling downwards. Just above, and filling the rest of the bottom third of the photo, are streamers and arcs of aurora in green and yellow. The top two-thirds of the image is filled by dark blue - almost black - sky filled with stars and hints of wispy cloud.
Anders Borch
6 days ago


Retrieving replies is now stable (see the graph).

Now it’s time to start adding new features. Things I intend to add Real Soon Now(tm) are:

* Retrieving latest messages by any accounts that appear in notifications (e.g. new followers)

* Retrieving messages matching followed tags from larger instances.

The first feature will help to inform follow back decisions.

Following tags simply does not work for single user instances. The second feature should fix that.

#FollowFriday #MastoAdmin #ReplyCount #SelfHost

A graph showing number of queued up messages. There are local spikes of approximately 1500 messages every hour, and the queue reaches zero consistently about half an hour after each spike.
6 days ago

This #FollowFriday is dedicated to #WomensHistoryMonth with women historians:

@drhettie — College professor & President of the African American Intellectual History Society

@court — Historian specialized in performance, power & pop culture in early modern Europe

@WESCentenary — History of women in engineering, curated by @politicdormouse

@lmbd1418 — Military historian

@RebeccaSpang — Historian of money, revolutions & restaurants

@drsueoosthuizen — Professor (Em.) of medieval archaeology

2 weeks ago

I'm still not much for the #FollowFriday thing... I know it's Saturday but I haven't slept yet and the day doesn't change until I do... that being said @hacks4pancakes is pretty awesome (also check @pancakescon). @dHeinemann recently schooled me in programming history for a joke I made... and I like when people get all technical about stuff and I learn something, so that was pretty cool.
If acting/film, or writing is your thing then @davidaugust is the person to follow for that!

2 weeks ago

hey I’m ryo! i’m a senior design technologist at PlayStation. i love to experiment with new technology and improve the lives of designers and engineers with tooling. accessibility is key!

Boost and say hi! 👋 #FollowFriday #introduction

Selfie of me in a PlayStation shirt with a circle zodiac constellation design and the PlayStation symbols made out of stars on top. A black PlayStation towel with the colored symbols on it can be seen peeking out behind me.

It's still #FollowFriday, so please follow me if you're a #StarTrek fan! Please boost, and also please boost my pinned thread! I'll be asking that too periodically from now on. Thanks!

Ether Diver
2 weeks ago

Hey hey, it's #FollowFriday! Already following me? Then make sure you are also following these fine folks:

@baymud @elsemusic @romeorucha @AlgoCompSynth @benda

All great #music folks to follow! Talented #musicians who are always up to something interesting, and always into talking about #MakingMusic in an interesting and helpful way.

GameDev Raccoon 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️
2 weeks ago

Happy #FollowFriday, here are some people you should follow and why:

- @comradeferret (pogchamp comrade)
- @werewolfapologist (pogchamp book bear)
- @BreoganHackett, @witch_warren, @seandick (pogchamp #gamedev s)
- @jessiegender (pogchamp youtube documentary person)
- @rkniner, @tilton, & @RayneRaccoon (pogchamp #fursuit ers and raccoons)
- @owashii, @tabitha, & @artemis (pogchamp pup trio)

I probably forgot some people so will make a reply if i remember 🦝 🍻

@kate @godlessmom @calimari @ieatkillerbees

More week 9 of Fab Women #FollowFriday

@InfoSecSherpa - handle is perfect, excellent news roundups on infosec, data privacy with fab accompanying pics

@tiffanycli - law prof, privacy expert, insightful commentary on intersection of law & tech, occasional bad pun + good wordplay

@MsKellyMHayes - organizer, educator, author, abolitionist, host of Truthout’s Movement Memos podcast

@EricaFriedman - if you like Yuri, anime, and manga, a must-follow

Back for week 9 of Fab Women #FollowFriday

@kate - software developer, sharer of useful widgets, fun facts, and excellent advice for simplifying one’s life

@godlessmom - host of Q-Dropped podcast, helping people cope with friends/relatives sucked into the QAnon rabbit hole

@calimari - research chemist, scicomm sharing all you need to know about microplastics, plus awesome nature photos

@ieatkillerbees - insightful one-line observations about the varieties of injustice in the world

Adam Nelson
2 weeks ago

Single-user instances don't get much visibility because of the way ActivityPub works. So for #FollowFriday, here's an eclectic list of solo instances: some tech, some memes, some just interesting and unusual.

* @ayo
* @twizzay
* @cerebrate
* @emerald
* @bob
* @hyde
* @a
* @jaredzimmerman
* @alexelcu
* @CodingItWrong

Pamela Williams Fine Art
2 weeks ago


Known as the "Queen of the Missions", this is the largest of the missions and was almost fully restored to its original design in the 1930s

Digitally painted original #photo

You can find this on prints and various other products here:

#SharePamsArt #POTD #Photography #photographyIsArt #PhotoOfTheDay #DigitalArt #AYearForArt #ArtMatters #Art #smile #TheArtDistrict #mission #sanantonio #texas #church #artist #followfriday

Digitally enhanced photo of the the mission in soft earthy tomes
Edgar Walthert
2 weeks ago

spice up your feed w/ type unrelated stuff

@colossal Art & visual culture
@forma ✷ curated graphic feed

@GIFmodel net artist
@bastianallgeier Kirby CMS

@chriscoyier CodePen
@gr0k web & music
@mcc glitch girl

@room40 label
@shannoncurtis synth pop
@poemproducer AGF

@VPS_Reports anti-fascist journalist
@BlackAzizAnansi fiddling while Rome burns

@waag Amsterdam

2 weeks ago

It’s #FollowFriday and I #FollowBack so #Follow me for a #FridayFollow this #Friday.

If you have an #introduction toot pinned on your #Mastodon profile that you’d like boosted, #comment “IntroBoost” below, and I’ll give you a #boost to help you connect with the community.

If you #FollowMe you can expect #DadJokes, bad #puns, and original #IndieMusic so I look forward to connecting with you, and connecting you to a wider #community.


A herd of American Mastodon by Roman Yevseyev.
2 weeks ago

Edition 3 of the #SameGirlieShortList of ACTUALLY ACTIVE large Mastodon accounts with a legit presence here and important content. Check out those shiny new Newspaper server instances too! Holy Moly!!! 😍

@andrew Andrew Leahey
@DataDrivenMD Dr. Jorge Caballero

#FollowFriday #FF #Mastodon #Law #Medicine #Politics #Tech #InfoSec #Disinformation #Disinfo #Pundits #Journalists #News #Resist

I forgot #FollowFriday but I do what I want so here it is:

@WEATHERISHAPPENING - Blissfully chaotic #weather and activist information from Providence, Rhode Island focusing on New England.


Sean Bala
3 weeks ago

Accounts that make me happy for #FollowFriday :D

@grimethorpeband - brass band from #Yorkshire (over 100 years old) with a very active account - #music

@GurdeepPandher - Punjabi-Canadian in the #Yukon who exudes positivity and joy - #Canada

@TigerBunComics - the cutest #WebComic from #Vancouver based artist. It reminds me so much of my #marriage - #love

@Satori - one of my favorite accounts on Mastadon - a gateway to many other fluffy creatures - #bunny #rabbit #mastobun #rabbitsofmastodon

Tim Chambers
3 weeks ago

Here is a #FollowFriday to these two organizations: that just launched key integrations:

On both - if you have an account with their "legacy" web applications, that also becomes your green verification to your Mastodon bio.

▶️ @medium

➡️ @Flipboard

An honorable mention to Mozilla's in-development server:

And to @Vivaldi on their server work.

Can't wait to see what all of you build, innovate and contribute and impressed with each of your work.

Tomas Ekeli
3 weeks ago

everyone interested in how you really make good software and build teams to do it should follow @allenholub - he's the real deal.

that's my #followfriday

Celia Valdeolmillos
3 weeks ago

Vamos con un #FF tardío, y como ha propuesto @euklidiadas solo de chicas (y en castellano).

- @editora
- @dictatriz
- @empeltada
- @estela
- @martatorredev

Otro día más #followfriday

Sharon Cummings Art
3 weeks ago


Search hashtag #AYearForArt
See some great art and photography!!

FOLLOW those using the hashtag to support independent artists all over the World!

Artists and photographers: JOIN IN in using this hashtag and get more exposure. :) We LOVE supporting other artists!!

#art #artwork #arte #artist #artists #artistsofmastodon #ArtistsOfMastadon #mastoart #fediart #ArtMatters #supportart #supportartists #photography #photographer #photographers #photo #painting #paintings #follow

A Year For Art logo in bright colors by artist Sharon Cummings.  Follow friday suggestion.