53 minutes ago

@mconley I'm especially hyped for the performance improvement and the #fingerprinting prevention of the web audio api.

And they even tackle #font fingerprinting, albeit only in private browsing mode? Please, in the near future, enable it by default 🙀


2 days ago

Just finished Katie Holten's "The Language of Trees: A Rewilding of Literature and Landscape." It's a compilation of reflections on and insight about #trees and (humanity). A wide variety of authors are featured, from scientists to poets to activists to journalists and more. And it has a #font made of trees!

#reading #books #nonfiction

Art Grootfontein
2 days ago

LETRAFLEX Font Waterfall.
Thanks to @mass_driver for his amazing tool for waterfalls!
#retrotypography #font #typeface #technofont #fonts #typematters

2 days ago

Opinion: The #font in vanilla #Gnome's top bar reminds me of Comic Sans and is ugly af. One thing that #Ubuntu gets right.

3 days ago

Buckfast Abbey (Church of St. Mary). Cast bronze font. 1928-1932 by Bernhard Witte of Aachen. A replica of the one in Hildesheim Cathedral, Germany. Photo: 12.08.2023. #Buckfast #Abbey #font #bronze #BernhardWitte

Ondine B.
3 days ago

"To create a font from scratch in English you’ll be looking at around 840 glyphs (a glyph being a single representation of a given letter) to cover all languages based on the Latin alphabet. For #Japanese, as a result of the different writing systems and countless Kanji, you will be looking at 7,000–16,000 glyphs or more. So, creating a new #font in Japanese requires both an organized team effort and a lot more time than its Latin counterparts"
#japan #design #typography

Screenshot of a Japanese website, with a myriad of elements and colors everywhere. It seems polluted compared to websites outside of Japan that use minimalism design frameworks.
Liam Collod (MrLixm)
3 days ago

I am now fighting with the #Qt font system trying to load the TASA #font that we have been recommending me.
I don't know exactly what is going on but it is awfully. Most of the weights are aliased really badly.
Something related to #PySide6, or to font hinting, or maybe to the font otf format itself ....
I am using stylesheets which prevent all the tricks with QFont. And font loading is just `QFontDatabase.addApplicationFont(fileName)`, with no control on how the font is loaded whatsoever ...

3 days ago

Randomly selected image:
EMC_Phase1:fonts/cg/emc-vol08/eddacaps/font.iff #Font #Rectangle #Parallel #Screenshot #Number

Font Rectangle Parallel Screenshot Number
Ellane W
4 days ago

I would like to change the #font my #Mac uses in the Finder to SF Mono. Is this even possible in #MacOS, without breaking something?

Call me Adrian Monk if you must, but I'd smile a happy smile if my uniformly named files lined up *exactly* in neat vertical columns.

5 days ago

Randomly selected image:
EMC_Phase3:fonts/type1/emc-vol81/athletes/font.iff #Organism #Rectangle #Font #Parallel #Illustration #Art #Screenshot #Number #Slope #Writing

Organism Rectangle Font Parallel Illustration Art Screenshot Number Slope Writing
5 days ago

#TfL Freedom of Information release:
Cost of Johnston 100 #Font
"The cost to create Johnston 100 was £52,800 and included the complete redraw of the entire font family for traditional print use and new digital versions."
#London #Transport #FOIA #Urbanism

Die Sache mit dem Winkeralphabet fand ich übrigens so spannend, dass ich mir da mal einen Font draus gebastelt habe.

#Winkeralphabet #Font #Illustration

Illustration von braincolor
Titel: Winkeralphabet
Der Text besteht aus kleinen Strichmännchen, die Flaggen in verschiedene Positionen halten. Jede Position steht für einen anderen Buchstaben. Entschlüsselt man das Winkeralphabet, steht dort folgendes geschrieben:

Moin Mastodon
Ich wollte Euch nur mal meinen grandiosen selbstgebastelten Font zeigen
Liam Collod (MrLixm)
6 days ago

Also if there is any #typography #font enthusiasts that love recommending fonts to people, I have the above application that is currentlyon the overused Roboto font for now but I'm ready to change it early for something better. I'm not very good at picking fonts, usually going for the most popular work to avoid picking something that could look off.

6 days ago

Randomly selected image:
EMC_Phase3:fonts/cg/emc-vol85/hanzikais/font.iff #Rectangle #Font #Parallel #Number #Screenshot

Rectangle Font Parallel Number Screenshot
6 days ago

Randomly selected image:
EMC_Phase1:clipart/iff/animals/insects/-other/clips.iff #Clipart #Pollinator #Insect #Arthropod #White #Butterfly #Organism #MothsAndButterflies #Style #Line #Font

Pollinator Insect Arthropod White Butterfly Organism Moths and butterflies Style Line Font
1 week ago

Randomly selected image:
EMC_Phase3:clipart/iff/sport/weights/weights3.iff #Clipart #Gesture #Elbow #Font #AutoPart #LineArt #Drawing #Hat #Machine #HumanLeg #AutomotiveWheelSystem

Gesture Elbow Font Auto part Line art Drawing Hat Machine Human leg Automotive wheel system
Art Grootfontein
1 week ago
1 week ago

Randomly selected image:
EMC_Phase1:fonts/type1/emc-vol04/nordic/font.iff #Rectangle #Font #Screenshot #Parallel #Number

Rectangle Font Screenshot Parallel Number
1 week ago

Randomly selected image:
EMC_Phase3:images/robots/robots.16/robot19.16 #Font #Symbol #Helmet #Emblem #Advertising #ElectricBlue #PersonalProtectiveEquipment #Metal #Illustration #Art

Font Symbol Helmet Emblem Advertising Electric blue Personal protective equipment Metal Illustration Art
Dmitri Vassilenko
1 week ago

Started using the Atkinson Hyperlegible #font ( as the default in most apps lately. No regrets; would recommend.

Got me to also install the Stylus #Firefox extension ( to update some frequented sites to use it too.

Markus Eisele
1 week ago

B612 is an highly legible open source font family designed and tested to be used on aircraft cockpit screens.
#opensource #font #airbus #b612

1 week ago

Randomly selected image:
EMC_Phase1:fonts/cg/emc-vol23/applepi/font.iff #Rectangle #Font #Parallel #Number #Circle

Rectangle Font Parallel Number Circle
1 week ago

Randomly selected image:
EMC_Phase3:clipart/iff/sport/scuba/diver08.iff #Clipart #Gesture #Art #Font #Drawing #Illustration #FictionalCharacter #Monochrome #Pattern #Stencil #Painting

Gesture Art Font Drawing Illustration Fictional character Monochrome Pattern Stencil Painting
Nicolas Delsaux
1 week ago

Ah ben voilà ! Une version de B612 (dont je parlais hier) avec les ligatures ! #font #opensource #web

1 week ago

Randomly selected image:
EMC_Phase1:clipart/iff/animals/farm/rabbits/rabbit11.iff #Clipart #Font #Tree #Art #TerrestrialAnimal #Illustration #Tail #Graphics #LineArt #Drawing #Logo

Font Tree Art Terrestrial animal Illustration Tail Graphics Line art Drawing Logo
2 weeks ago

Randomly selected image:
EMC_Phase3:clipart/iff/work/tools/wood/plane3.iff #Clipart #MotorVehicle #BicyclePart #AutomotiveDesign #Line #Font #BicycleDrivetrainPart #AutoPart #Tool #AutomotiveExterior #Rim

Motor vehicle Bicycle part Automotive design Line Font Bicycle drivetrain part Auto part Tool Automotive exterior Rim

J'ai encore beaucoup de travail à faire (ponctuation, signes diacritiques, caractères accentués, caractères "étrangers", ligatures communes, ligatures inclusives) mais je peux déjà écrire des trucs biens...
I've still got a lot of work to do (punctuation, diacritical marks, accented characters, 'foreign' characters, common ligatures, french inclusive ligatures) but I can already write some good stuff...

#Typographie #Typo #Font

La phrase "Pelle, nuque, foret les racistes" écrite en capital d'imprimerie dans une police d'écriture vintage avec des courbes, des empattements carrés et un liseré suggérant du volume.
The phrase "Pelle, nuque, foret les racistes" written in capital letters in a vintage font with curves, square serifs and a border suggesting volume.
Viktor Nübel
2 weeks ago

While working on a new #logotype / #wordmark for a client, I am able to experience the benefits of a #variable #font for the first time first hand. Definitely a plus!

#VariableFont 🙂

2 weeks ago

For a new game I'm working on in godot I drew a font in aseprite, how do I export that font into a font file with the exact pixel size and distance between lines and characters?

(maybe boost if you dont know how so someone else might see this pls thx)
#Aseprite #GameDev #IndieDev #GodotEngine #Font #PixelArt

New liked #link: "Free Faces" - This website is a curated collection of typefaces that are available under a variety of free licences somewhere on the interwebs.
#Font #Typography#Otter

A quick detour on my new #Slimbook laptop set-up adventure sent me into the land of the tweak.

• don’t be stupid like me and forget to use `--append` when calling `usermod`
• made my #tty all pretty
• how to disable hibernate (S4)
#GTK apps (esp. #Firefox) to integrate #KDE #Plasma
• enabled spell and grammar checking
• found new #emoji and console #font
• I lost a key (not really)

I just released UnifontEX finally (and I made a logo for it)!

Go have fun!
#opensouce #fontdev #fontdesign #font #unicode #coding #font

@dyani I think it's less a matter of caps or not - people like @fuchsiii would say that abolishing caps would increase readability - but IMHO a matter of #font / #typeface.

#OpenDyslexic and some other fonts really make it easier to identify letters and help people read.

Personally I prefer #monospaced fonts and I could accept either #AllCaps or regular typing as long as it's consistenty used.

2 weeks ago
Aperçu de la police Doumbar
(Image issu du site
Wolfgang Viechtbauer
2 weeks ago

***Font nerd alert**

I am looking for *non-monotype* fonts with tabular figures/numbers where the width of the minus symbol (u2212) exactly matches the width of the en quad (u2000) and the width of numbers. This is the case for example for Calibri/Carlito.

For such a font, these should line up perfectly:

−−−−−−−− 0.11111

(the minus is a u2212 and the spaces are u2000, but not sure if this may get lost when posted here).

#Typography #FontNerd #Font #Fonts

Chuck Taggart, Private Eye
2 weeks ago

Hey typographers and designers! Can I pick your brains for a tattoo idea?

It’s from Isaac Asimov’s classic 1956 short story “The Last Question,” and will be in the form of two tattoos, one on each bicep just above the t-shirt sleeve line.



Question is… what typeface should I use? I was thinking a mid-50s style computer typeface, but it is a story set in the future. I can’t decide!
#typeface #font #typography

Bob the Traveler
2 weeks ago

Swiss typeface designer Adrian Frutiger, who died OTD in 2015, influenced the direction of type design in the second half of the 20th century #font #Linux

Der Amtsleiter i.R.
2 weeks ago


Ich vermute, dass es gar kein #Font ist. Das wird vermutlich ein Grafiker speziell für diesen Zweck entworfen haben. Oder das "H" ist eine Initiale. Aber wie gesagt mir ist auf Anhieb kein Font bekannt der dem Schriftzug gleicht.

Such mal bei Google "Font Schreibschrift" und dann viel Spaß beim suchen 😉

2 weeks ago

Made myself a font out of Warhammer-decals to use in my pictures.
Some of the wider symbols are using two characters, else they would have been too tiny and lose detail.
It's not perfect, but it'll add a bit convenience to my drawing-process.
#Warhammer #Warhammer40k #Font #WH40k #WarhammerCommunity #Decals

Screenshot of a Windows-Font-install-window with a font made of all kinds of Warhammer-faction- and other symbols.

"La sua propensione piuttosto aggressiva alle acquisizioni di tantissime altre aziende del settore ha portato nel tempo molti esperti di tipografia a ritenere che quello dei font sia, sostanzialmente, un monopolio detenuto da Monotype, che grazie alle sue dimensioni definirebbe gran parte delle condizioni di distribuzione e tariffazione del settore."

#font #tipografia #caratteri #scrittura

Isger Thore Janson
2 weeks ago

Liebe Fans schöner Schriften - Kennt hier eine Person diesen #font (oder ähnlichen) und kann mir sagen wo ich ihn für die digitale Nutzung erwerben könnte? Habe allgemein Interesse an Display und Lettering #fonts aus den 20iger, 30iger, 40iger und 50iger Jahren. #typography

Foto eines Schriftzuges "unser Haus"
Tunera Type Foundry
3 weeks ago

Pescante variable in the making. Stay tuned! #typography #pescante #typedesign #variable #font

The words "abricot fossile" written several times with a typeface of different degrees of boldness, from thin to bold. The typeface is made of straight lines, a bit dry.
Maxim Lebedev
3 weeks ago

I need #help finding a #web service I stumbled upon once upon a time.

This service allows you to visually compare and match a user-specified external web #font with a visually similar and system-accessible analog. As a result, it gives a set of values for the #CSS rule 'font-family'.

The goal of the service is to offer native analogs of external fonts to save traffic, simplify layout and reduce dependencies on external CDNs like #Google.

3 weeks ago

Not generally a big fan of the newspaper, but the German FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) has a nice #font.

Seems to be "Golden Sans", which comes surprisingly cheap.

Carl Johnson
4 weeks ago

I'm unreasonably pleased that after holding onto a whole lot of #typefaces that we paid plenty of money for 20+ years back, I have now been able to convert nearly all of them, including PostScript, into the current OpenType format with FontXChange (paid).

Particularly thrilled to get back a collection called Lovecraft that included some wonderful old newspaper headline #fonts. #typeface #font #typography

Example of a font called Headline Modified, appearing like an old newspaper headline font. The text, in all caps, reads "Madman Seizes Cheese Supplies."
Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
4 weeks ago

If I had to pick a #drag #font name for myself it would be Lucinda Grande

Davide Bucci
1 month ago

@textfiles neat! I created recently a font called Art Nouveau 64 for a text adventure game called The Queen’s Footsteps that runs on vintage computers! the game is here: #font #gamedev #indiegame

aburka 🫣
1 month ago

The 7 in this #font is clearly just an upside-down 2 and I'm not on board.

Cooking instructions for pasta: boil 7-10 min
1 month ago

I need help! Does anyone know what this font is? I've lost the original project files for my custom dvd-covers, and I'm trying to recreate them 😅

Not a 100% sure abou this, but It's probably a font that is available by default on most #Linux distros 🤔

#Help #AskFedi #Font #Fonts #Question

Art Grootfontein
1 month ago

My new LETRAFLEX typeface is still on its way…
Stay tuned !

#font #typography #retro

Studio 8502 :verified:
1 month ago

I think it's done. Like, really done. If you can't make an interesting TUI application with this character set and font, I can't help you. Good news for people sick to death of my obsessive hyper focus on getting the font right, anyway -- my brain is satisfied with it. It's legible, it's flexible, it's got decent Latin character support for pan-European languages, it's got a bunch of ASCII art and TUI symbols, it's got maths support. It's everything I wish MS-DOS had back in the day.
#retrocomputing #z80 #cpm #commandline #tui #programming #font

Art Grootfontein
1 month ago

LETRAFLEX font is coming soon…by train !

#font #typography #retro #contemporarytype #retrotype

I found this cool stencil font that looks like the paint is old and about to flake off.
#font #fonts

1 month ago

Someone has started using my weather icon font again, created some years ago. They are hand drawn and meant for use on black and white e-paper screens. I have no idea as to what they are used for now.

#icons #font #iconfont #opensouce #weather #dev #css #eink

Black and white Waveshare e-paper screen showing the weather each hour for the next 12 hours. Weather icon and wind arrow shown per hour.
Tearcell Games
1 month ago

And got multi styles working! Cutting it close on our #uiux , but its at a point now where adding more is easy. Anyone have a good 'dyslexia friendly' font? I'm a bit clueless on that front.

#gamedev #uidesign #indiedev #font #accessibility #WishlistWednesday

A demonstration of the different dialog box styles now in place.

New liked #link: "Cursor.otf beat" - Cursor.otf beta is a font by Lieberman Kiepe Reddemann that allows you to use the MacOS system cursors as a font in your favourite desktop publishing program to imply interaction or events in website sketches.
#Css #Font#Otter

2 months ago

La police d’écriture Bricolage Grotesque, en plus d’être superbe, est maintenant open source 🤩

#Font #BricolageGrotesque #Design #OpenSource

Aperçu de la police Bricolage Grotesque (screenshot de du site web
2 months ago

Here's a Whitmanesque thought for the #font brackets, @sbarolo:

"My favorite symbol would be a good font of type, where the impeccable long-primer rejects nothing... The font is about the same forever. Democratic art results of democratic development, from tinge, true nationality, belief, in the one setting up from it."

Not sure I'm down w/ (or totally understand) that last bit, but there you are. Came across it last night while reading his essay "An Old Man's Rejoinder."

#reading #quotes

Tunera Type Foundry
2 months ago

Fuck Fontesk is an experimental little font designed to bait a website that publishes in-progress font files (pumped from git repos) into releasing a font that insults itself.
#font #freefont

Sam at BLAG
2 months ago

While working on the Mr Masking book, Pupila got him to paint a full character set in his distinctive style.

If anyone is interested in turning this into a functional #typeface for the benefit of his surviving family then please let me know.

Alternatively, you can contact Alfredo at Pupila directly via the email address given on today's post about Mr Masking and his work:

#mrmasking #type #typography #font #signpainting #signwriting #lettering #typedesign

A distinctive hand-lettered block alphabet created using masking tape to create the outlines before filling the exposed areas with paint. The original alphabet has then been photographed and its essential structure digitised to be presented here as flat light grey letters on a white background. Also included are the numerals and some punctuation and special motifs.
2 months ago

Après la Libre Caslon, voici la Libre Caslon Condensed créée par Ertekin Erdin

#Font #OpenSource #LibreCaslon

Aperçu de la police Libre Caslon Condensed : « Libre Caslon Condensed
An open-source condensed serif alternative - created by Ertekin Erdin »
2 months ago


Je ne connaissais pas ces façons de traiter les polices de caractère dans les pages HTML.

Je remarque que quand j’essaye de reproduire l’élément <link> pour lier directement une police préchargée [1] sans passer par un serveur HTTP ça n’aboutit pas.

En revanche les versions CSS marchent très bien. Sûrement histoire de sécurité vu que Firefox 102.13.0esr gère déjà le préchargement des polices [2].



#web #frontend #font

Terence Eden
2 months ago

🆕 blog! “Shakespeare Serif - an experimental font based on the First Folio”

Disclaimer! Work In Progress! See source code. I recently read this wonderful blog post about using 17th Century Dutch fonts on the web. And, because I'm an idiot, I decided to try and build something similar using Shakespeare's first folio as a template. Now, before setting off …

👀 Read more:

#font #python #shakespeare

Collection of letters - each is vertically centred.
Dan Keck
2 months ago

Learned something neat at yesterday's @a11ytalks webinar, presented by Meggan Van Harten.

The province of British Columbia, Canada, commissioned a font named BC Sans, designed to include characters and syllabic glyphs for Indigenous languages in B.C.

A great service of the province government for the people of B.C.

Also, by the way, the font passes the I/l/1 test (the three characters being easily distinguishable)!

#Indigenous #BritishColumbia #Typography #Font

The text "In late 2018," displayed in the BC Sans font. The capital letter I, lowercase letter l, and the number 1 have different designs to make them visually distinct.
Erik Uden 🦣🍑
2 months ago

Fedizens, please present me with your finest, worst, best, funniest, most serious #fonts! I want to enter the font scene and need something crazy.

Hellvetica? Absolutely! That one font where every character is an animal, yessir!

If you think about it more than about any other #font, send it to me. Thanks! #fontfaces

2 months ago

Crispy new #font from #OHnoType, and a crispy new server to make it all load lightning fast.

Check It Out:

#webdev #gottagofast #craftcms #typography