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I probably spend too long fusing over fonts, but, I can highly recommend Adobe's Source Serif font for your ereader of choice. Clean, clear and beautiful.

#fonts #opensource #book

Macro photo of text on an Amazon kindle ebook
10 hours ago

Say hello to Sam Parrett’s Morning Memories serif and script fonts, which evoke a sense of nostalgia for cherished memories of the past while inspiring hope for creating new moments to treasure: #fonts

Jennifer Samson
18 hours ago

Writers that are self publishing print books, which interior fonts are you into these days? I'm using Caslon 540 LT but open to new ones! #amwriting #selfpublishing #writing #WritingCommunity #writerslife #fonts #bookdesign

1 day ago

wer sich auch an neuen Schriftarten erfreut, schaut sich mal diese tolle Website an:

#TypeDesign #Fonts #typografie

Brian Bình
3 days ago

I now have over 5000 #fonts. I still have about 150 to sort into my collections in Fontbase. I don't know why I bother, because I keep going back to the same handful of favorites anyway. 99.5% never see any use.

I have a sickness.

Absolutely in love with the font I just bought to use in my terminal 😍

Somehow programming feels a little more special while using it ✨

#typography #fonts #programming

Barry Schwartz 🫖
3 days ago

I just added a task to #RosettaCode, so have at it!

Bernstein basis polynomials - Rosetta Code

#Algol60 #algol #python #fonts #bezier

3 days ago
3 days ago

Say hello to Merchant, a dynamic and versatile condensed sans-serif typeface: #fonts

Chris Mayes
4 days ago

I'm giving Intel's new monospaced font a try in IDEA. Seems solid so far. I dig the dramatic curly braces.


A screenshot of a Python function set in the new Intel One Mono font.
4 days ago

I'm experimenting with the different layout configurations available in HTML/CSS by looking at text rendering in Firefox and Chromium. The differences are wild!

We'll forgive them the last 2 rows because the "sideways" is experimental, but the centering mismatch, Firefox omitting some glyphs and Chromium picking glyphs from random fonts… what the hell.

I'm well aware that text rendering is a terrible field to work in but seeing titans fail at it like this surprises me.

#fonts #typography #web

Screenshot of Firefox (left) and Chromium (right) on Linux/X11.

- Value
- Vertical script
- Horizontal (LTR) script
- Horizontal (RTL) script
- Mixed script

- horizontal-tb
- vertical-lr
- vertical-rl
- sideways-lr
- sideways-rl

Texts for each row:
- 我家没有电脑。
- Example text
- מלל ארוך לדוגמא
- 1994年に至っては

Misc observations:
- vertical texts are centered in Chromium
- Firefox is missing glyphs such as 。 or  っ vertically
- Chromium uses different fonts for the Japanese between the kanjis and the kanas
5 days ago

Accidently uninstalled git... Receiving error code #2204 #fonts #git #zsh

Fonts In Use
5 days ago

Staff pick:
Sundown is the second solo studio album by singer #EddieChacon. Design by Justin Sloane, who used his own Notre Ami – an ongoing exploration inspired by the cover lettering of the book Notre ami #LouisJou from 1929. It’s supported by Martin Vácha’s sans serif Greed.

#FontsInUse #Typefaces #Fonts #Typography

Album cover of Eddie Chacon’s Sundown (2023). The square black-and-white portrait in the center by Jack McKain is enclosed by the artist’s name and the title, both set in Notre Ami. The small production credits at the bottom use light caps from Greed for “John Carroll Kirby”.
Single artwork for “Sundown” (March 2023), “Comes and Goes” (November 2022), “Step By Step” (January 2023), and “Holy Hell” (August 2022), all using Greed and Notre Ami
Fonts In Use
5 days ago

Staff pick:
Athanor Akademie is a performing arts academy in Passau, Germany. Manuel Kreuzer designed the new identity, making clever use of the variable features of Snare by In-House International.

#FontsInUse #Typefaces #Fonts #Typography

The logo of Athanor Akademie combines letters of varying height, all sourced from the Snare typeface.
Dick Smiths Fair Go Supporters
6 days ago

THE YEAR IS 2023:-

Developers have yet to realise they can load websites faster by including popular #fonts with #browsers.

Not only that, they can help end the seedy, #massSurveillance business of the #CDN and help our #environment with less bandwidth throughput requirements.

Who knew!?

Maybe someone can include @torproject in this because we think they block us.

#fontLicensing #fontSurveillance #dotCons #torBrowser #librewolf #arkenfox

1 week ago

Introducing Blackpast: the futuristic and modern font for stunning logotypes: #fonts

Chuck Henrich
1 week ago

New article on my website about the Divi WordPress theme and how it handles fonts. Aimed at photographers who are thinking about or have a website, & anyone thinking about Divi.

This stuff matters for photographers or indeed any creatives with a website. You need to make sure that your website is fast & secure. Also make sure whoever builds your site uses the right tools for the job.

#divi #websiteadvice #websitedesign #website #websitecreation #font #fonts

Lauren Herda 🖖
1 week ago

Fun Fact: I made my own version of that “starfleet" font with the outline around it (the one based roughly on Microgramma / Eurostile). I call it “Astrograph." I'll do something else with it eventually, I'm sure. #fonts #typefaces #StarTrek

Fabian Schaar
1 week ago

Neuer Blogeintrag: Heute habe ich ein paar Gedanken zu den Schriftarten auf dem Blog aufgeschrieben. Stichwort: Serifen.

#foss #floss #blog #font #fonts #libreoffice

Jake Beamer
1 week ago

Wow, (over) 30 years of the PDF. I use them daily. From the linked article:

"The concept of PDF - Portable Document Format - actually began with the Camelot Project in 1990. And Camelot itself would be nothing without the very backbone of the idea, PostScript, which started all the way back in 1985, and kickstarted the desktop publishing software revolution.

Back in those days, cross-platform compatibility was a nightmare, which led Dr. John Warnock, co-founder of Adobe, to initiate that project. Its goal was simple in its concept but ambitious in its execution: create a format that would enable anyone to send any document electronically to anyone else, and that person would be able to read and even print it with its formatting perfectly preserved. us jaded computer users nearly at the end of the first quarter of the 21st century, this may sound like nothing to be excited about, but back in the 80s and 90s, which was the personal computer’s infancy, this was a big deal.

...back then, you couldn’t be sure which software someone would be using. You wouldn’t even know which fonts were installed on their machine. If you used one that wasn’t in that other computer’s repertoire, it could at best mess up your document’s formatting. To make matters worse, there was the Mac/Windows divide which was often viewed as a deal-breaker. Many remained convinced a file created on one type of computer could not be opened on another."

#PDF #PDFs #TechHistory #1980s #1990s #Adobe #fonts #DesktopPublishing #Apple #Windows #tech #history #publishing

Red on white 2-color Adobe PDF logo graphic.
1 week ago

Tropica Gardens, a font trio made for creative designs: #fonts

1 week ago

Weird font on GitHub website in Firefox #2004 #firefox #googlechrome #fonts #github

Great app to use this funny characters on your iOS devices | Fonts Pro - App Store
#ios #app #fonts

2 weeks ago

Weird font on github website in firefox #2004 #fonts

Thomas Rigby
2 weeks ago

doing #fonts is hard 😢

2 weeks ago

23.04 : how change font in interface, gnome-shell, window title bar? #fonts #gnomeshell #interface #gnometweaks

! Quite Interesting
2 weeks ago

Chattanooga, Tennessee is the first city in the US to have its own typeface, despite about a third of the population being illiterate.

#Chattanooga #Tennessee #USA #Typefaces #fonts #priorities #facts #QI #NotQI

Retype Foundry
2 weeks ago

We’re glad Julie W. Sørensen & Nina are helping us to complete Guyot Sans on time. #typedesign #typeface #fonts #Guyot

2 weeks ago

How can I add social icons in LibreOffice document? #icons #libreoffice #fonts

Scarlett Fu 🧋
2 weeks ago

This is lovely to see – a Open Font-licensed Cantonese Visual Fonts, accompanied by Jyutping romanization as an aid to learn Cantonese.

#fonts #language

2 weeks ago

Please welcome the newest addition to the Mass-Driver catalogue, MD System Mono!

Designed by @lukecharsley and available today in 10 styles.

System Mono is the monospaced counterpart to our flagship workhorse grotesque, sharing the same vertical metrics as the proportional family — and the same slightly rotated contrast that gives the typeface its warm, analogue character.

#Fonts #Advertisement

An image showing the 10 styles (Regular, Medium, Semibold, Bold and Black weights, plus corresponding italics) of the new MD System Mono typeface family.
Sofía Aritz
2 weeks ago

I used to love #Google #Fonts. Until I realized what it meant for the #privacy of the users.

Since then I've been hosting my own #mirror of the Google Fonts binaries, but I needed a way to easily generate stylesheets that use my mirror from Google Fonts links.

I've hacked together a simple interface that achieves this:

You put the mirror URL, the "link" URL of Google Fonts, and your stylesheet is generated!

A screenshot of the website. It has a centered heading at the top that reads: "Google Fonts Mirror Interface". Under that, there is a centered description that says: "Transform Google Fonts links to a CSS from a Google Fonts binary mirror. Created by Sofía Aritz."

Under the heading, there are two inputs: one for the mirror URL and other for the Google Fonts URL. Under the inputs, there is a button that reads: "Transform". The inputs are on top of each other.

Under the input section, there is a darker section with the generated stylesheet and a button that reads: "Copy code". The stylesheet uses the "font-face" directive to declare the fonts.

The background color of the website is purple and the buttons are pink. The buttons do not have much rounding. The font used in the website is rounded.
Intention - eco web design
2 weeks ago

Spotted this while on a tour of a local private library last week, could have stayed all day!
(Bromley House library in Nottingham btw - well worth a visit)
#typography #fonts #graphicDesign #webDesign

cover of "type: the secret history of letters" book
inside of typography book showing various typefaces
2 weeks ago

Here's the word "bucket," made letter by letter asking for lowercase letters made of wet wood and vines, for the famous Chiyo-ni haiku about the well. #aiart #fonts

AI-generated word "bucket" with wet wood and vines
Hynek Schlawack
2 weeks ago

ngl, I’m all here for companies launching their own programming #fonts: (previously: JetBrains Pro, IBM Plex, …)

The European Network
2 weeks ago

Signs of the times: three graphic design tours of Zürich.

Zürich is a profoundly visual city and its tradition of graphic design goes back hundreds of years, from the colourful signs of the medieval guildhalls to old shopfronts and sophisticated contemporary design.

#Switzerland #Zurich #Design #Typeface #Typefaces #Font #Fonts

He-Bean Bass-
2 weeks ago

"Ligatures" more like ligmatures #fonts #typography

3 weeks ago

fun with #vintage #fonts! can you identify what time period these are from? ^-^

i think the octopus design is my favorite. i guess that's more of a logo than a font, but STILL. it's too gorgeous to pass up. that one is from a book called "early chinese graphics" published by octopus press out of london.

text that says "dennison" in white on a blue background.
text that says "octopus" in white on a blue background. the "octopus" text is a logo design where the letters of the words are the tentacles of an octopus.
text that reads "inheritance" in big capital latters and underneath that, additional text that reads "natural treasures of the united states"
text that reads "with you" in white on a black and gold background.
Fonts In Use
3 weeks ago

Staff pick:
The Future Tense is a sound installation by artist Russell Perkins, presented in Romainville, France. The book about it was designed by Nguyen Gobber, using a combination of Suisse Int’l & Mono and SangBleu Republic by Swiss Typefaces. It was chosen as one of the Most Beautiful Swiss Books.

#FontsInUse #Typefaces #Fonts #Typography

The green cover shows an arch made from four lines of text that repeat the title “The Future Tense” in black capitals from Suisse Int’l.
Spread from the book interior. The bilingual text is arranged in interlocking columns. The ones in Englishhave the shape of a cross and a T, respectively, set in the serifed SangBleu Republic. French text is set in Suisse Int’l. The columns taper towards the bottom. At the top, a line reading “Ode aux possibles” on an arc. Suisse Int’l Mono is used for marginal notes.
3 weeks ago

New: Free trial fonts of all of my typefaces! Simple download, no registration! 🕴

#typography #fonts #design

Animation of “Yay!” in 285 different fonts, white on black
Fonts In Use
3 weeks ago

Staff pick:
Thinking with Your Hands presents the work of Swiss designer #WillyGuhl. The catalog was published on the occasion of the exhibition shown at @museumgestaltung:

Design by Teo Schifferli, using Robert Huber’s LL Prisma Text and the yet unreleased Programme Mono by Maximage.

#FontsInUse #Typefaces #Fonts #Typography

Cover and spine of the catalog, showing organic shapes in a monochrome brownish grey, with grainy texture. The words “Willy Guhl” (center left) and “Thinking with Your Hands” (in three lines at the right) are set in LL Prisma Text. So is the publisher info at the bottom left: Museum für Gestaltung Zürich and Lars Müller Publishers.
Fonts In Use
3 weeks ago

Staff pick:
Event Republic Studio is a female-led boutique event agency in London.

Design by Caramba Agency using Carta Nueva by My-Lan Thuong, FK Screamer by Florian Karsten, and Milieu Grotesque by Timo Gaessner.

#FontsInUse #Typefaces #Fonts #Typography

A mauve envelope with stationery by Event Republic Studio. The name is set in caps from FK Screamer, a bold condensed grotesque. “Event Storytellers” is in Carta Nueva, a light formal script. The ER initials are debossed.
Fonts In Use
3 weeks ago

Staff pick:
Becoming a Body of Text is Alix Stria’s graduation project made at the Sandberg Design Department:

#FontsInUse: Dark Academia (Céline Hurka), Ambiant Sans (Laura Csocsán), Louise (Luna Delabre & Camille Depalle, @velvetyne), and Ovo (Nicole Fally).
#Typefaces #Fonts

Spread from Becoming a Body of Text, a book conceived and designed by Alix Stria, printed in a single purple color. The title on the left reads “An alphabet of gorgeous words not used in this book”, set stacked and staggered, in the ornamental caps of Dark Academia.
Spread from Becoming a Body of Text, a book conceived and designed by Alix Stria, printed in a single purple color. The title on the left reads “A text tuning into flesh and blood”. The text typeface is Ambiant Sans, mixed with the script typeface Louise for emphasis and the words “thoughts → writing → molecules → reading →” in the diagram. The large text on the right is set in the serif Ovo, center-aligned.
Spread from Becoming a Body of Text, a book conceived and designed by Alix Stria, printed in a single purple color. The title on the left reads “Sehnsucht, or: the day I lost reality”, set stacked and staggered in the ornamental caps of Dark Academia. The poem-like text on the right pairs the script typeface Louise for the heading with Ambiant Sans for text.
Barry Schwartz 🫖
3 weeks ago

Alright, you many, many #ATS fanatics. I have a treat for you: four #RosettaCode tasks at once!

#ATSlang #FunctionalProgramming #GraphicsProgramming #Fonts

Sure, one can use SDL2 or whatever to draw lines, and, sure, these figures have "aliasing", but the tasks call for aliased figures. (I already did antialiased lines in ATS for a different task.)

🙃 ɐıunp zsɐɯoʇ :idle:
3 weeks ago

🇵🇱 Motyw mojego bloga ( używa dwóch czcionek - Work Sans i Montserrat. Obie są z #Google #Fonts. Dbając o prywatność Czytelników chciałbym zmienić te czcionki na niezależne od Google. Czy ktoś mógłby podpowiedzieć jakieś alternatywy?

🙃 ɐıunp zsɐɯoʇ :idle:
3 weeks ago

🇬🇧 My blog theme ( uses two fonts - Work Sans and Montserrat. Both of these are #Google #Fonts. Concerned about the privacy of my Readers, I would like to change these fonts to Google-independent fonts. Could anyone suggest any alternatives?

3 weeks ago

Every Jack has his Jill, they say: customized #icons matching different #fonts (to be honest, they are circled arrows)
#typography #UX #UI

Various arrow icons modified to better match their corresponding font family
Ali Riza Esin
4 weeks ago

A @FontsInUse post about the artworks of a music album which I really like, with an inspirational comment from Florian Hardwig.

The comment (also) spotting an error of a Turkish letter which has been bugs me since the first time I’ve seen there, on the cover.


@fhardwig #CoverArt #GraphicDesign #TypeDesign #Fonts

A music album cover titled Gece by Altın Gün
1 month ago

Toujours à la recherche d'une police convenable pour mes cartes... Je n'arrive pas à être satisfait. Ici, nous avons une Avenir LT Std... 🗺️ 🔠

Still looking for a suitable font for my maps... I just can't be satisfied. Here, we have a Avenir LT Std...

#Maps #Mapping #Map #Font #Fonts #QGIS #Carte

Celeste Ryder 🐾 🐀🏳️‍🌈
1 month ago

@Are0h I’m a Bernhard Modern BT bitch. It’s italics is iconic too. Not nearly enough love for it. Heck, most have never even heard of it 😒 #BernhardOrBust #Fonts

Fonts In Use
1 month ago

Happy 125th birthday, #AkzidenzGrotesk! →

We celebrate with one of its most iconic uses, by a die-hard fan, from back when AG was half the age it is now.

#FontsInUse #Typefaces #Fonts #Typography #JosefMüllerBrockmann

Dust jacket for Gestaltungsprobleme des Grafikers (English: The Graphic Artist and his Design Problems, French: Les problèmes d’un artiste graphique), a book written and designed by Josef Müller-Brockmann and published in 1961. The book is in landscape format and the jacket’s color a warm middle grey. The typeface is 48 point Akzidenz-Grotesk halbfett, tightly spaced, with the author’s name in black and the title in white.