If you like sushi, what's your favorite thing to order? #Food

🌽 Today is #WorldFoodSecurityDay🍊

It's crucial to adopt sustainable methods for food production as our global population continues to grow.

Nano-pesticides may have the potential to increase #food production but are they environmentally🌱 safe?



Copernicus EU
1 hour ago

RT @SfEP: 🌽 Today is #WorldFoodSecurityDay🍊

It's crucial to adopt sustainable methods for food production as our global population continues to grow.

Nano-pesticides may have the potential to increase #food production but are they environmentally🌱 safe?



2 hours ago

Grow food, not tobacco

Tobacco farming takes up millions of hectares of land that can be used to grow beans, grain, and vegetables. In addition, tobacco farmers are trapped in a cycle of debt due to unfair contracts with the tobacco industry.

#NoTobacco #NoSmoking #Industry #Food #Farming #Agriculture #Health #WorldHealthOrganization

Crowbar Jones
4 hours ago

An onion usually has between 8 to 13 layers, but this number depends on its species, whether it is a hybrid or not, the photoperiod, and the temperature in which it grows.

#food #foodfacts #delexicon #onions

An onion usually has between 8 to 13 layers, but this number depends on its species, whether it is a hybrid or not, the photoperiod, and the temperature in which it grows.
Shine F.
4 hours ago

Diamond Hotel's cheesy ube ensaymada always hits the spot.

#AsianFood #food #TootSEA

An ensaymada on a green plate. Ensaymada is a sweet pastry in the Philippines. In the backgroud are a stack of books with a laptop on top. There is also a mug of coffee.
Just another rakyat
6 hours ago

This was from a couple of days ago, a chinese/Indian food court in Gerik, Perak, Malaysia. There’s a Malay food court right beside it. #MalaysianFood #MakanApaToday #Food

A large and dark food court with metal plates as roof and many stalls selling Malaysian Chinese food. There are many round tables with customers having their breakfast.
A bowl of vermicelli in clear soup and with pork, meatballs and offal.
Miro Collas
6 hours ago

In Nordic Countries, Pine Foods Have Evergreen Appeal - Gastro Obscura

"What was once famine food is now fine dining. "

#Food #Scandinavia

stephaniepixie 🏳️‍🌈
7 hours ago

As a sweet snack I used to have toast with honey and ground cinnamon but my new favourite thing is using allspice instead of cinnamon.
The predominant scent of allspice to me is cinnamon and cloves and it’s such a comforting aroma. And delicious 😋

#Food #Snacks

:ablobcatattentionreverse: Mastodonians! :ablobcatattention:

My family needs a little money to get us through one more week. We are low on funds due to an unforeseen medical expense last month and have been struggling to recover from it. :blobcatsweats: Need money for groceries and kitty food.

Here is my ko-fi. Donations go straight to our PayPal. Every little bit helps! If you can’t donate, please boost this post :rainbow_heart:

#Mastodon #USA #tuesday #food

Alo Japan
7 hours ago
This is not a quality post sorry but is this lotus root cooked before it’s frozen?
Steffani Cameron
8 hours ago


So I made fresh ciabatta today. 😊

Just san Marzano tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and a garlicky basil oil I made in the mortar and pestle with some good olive oil and just a bit of Calabrian chili crunch.

Highly recommend a good olive oil muddled with salt and basil on your next tomato sandwich!

If you’re using bacon for a bacon/tomato sandwich, muddle the basil in some mayo and get happy. #cooking #food #sourdough

A ciabatta on a panini press with with slices of tomato topped with melty thick fresh mozza with some specks of basil, and a crunchy grill-marked top
8 hours ago

I made a #Taco #Bowl. 'Tis tasty.

TVP taco "meat" and refried beans topped with vegan cheese. A pile of lettuce and rice, and lime salt on top.


#Food #Essen #Vegan #VeganFood @vegan @peakyvegans

Lettuce, rice, refried beans, and taco "meat" made from textured vegetable protein are in a greenish-blue bowl on top of a checkered green and white napkin.
8 hours ago

Dinner tonight: shrimp & crabstick fried rice with duck egg, broccoli, bok choy and home made hot sauce. Plus: cherry tomatoes and cucumber on the side for extra veg. #food

8 hours ago

UK: #Lobsters, #octopus and #crabs recognised as sentient beings. (note: I suspect Octopus are smarter than many people I see on reality TV) #sentient #food

Pseudo Nym
8 hours ago

Wondering what would be seen by our grandkids as totally bonkers, that we take for granted today, like we feel about smoking, or leaded gas, or casual default homophobia of our parents and grandparents generations.

May have come up with one.

UK just extended the "sentient" label to octopus, crab, and lobster.

I wonder if our grandkids will be horrified that we ate sentient beings?

"Grandpa, how could you?" "But they are so delicious!"


Drew Naylor
8 hours ago

Is it weird to like eating burned #cookies, like chocolate chip ones?


8 hours ago

Association for the Study of Food and Society Racial Justice Research and Pedagogy Fellowships @ASFS_org #foodanthropology #food #culture

8 hours ago

Dinner! Air Fryer Mediterranean Chicken and Grilled Halloumi with Fresh Bruschetta. 😋 So delicious. #cravings #dinner #tuesday #food #foodie

As the description states,on a white plate.
Nick Schonning
8 hours ago

The avocados still weren't ripe, so i made them watch me eat my alternate dinner. The leftover pizza was tasty dipped in the ramen #food

Countertop with 5 unrip avocados in the background. In the foreground a large bowl of spicy ramen with eggs and pork loin. A small plate of leftover pizza sits on the right

Lemony Parmesan shrimp salad! (forgot to sprinkle the parm on top)

Super good! Glad I got these giant bistro bowls, they're lovely for plating and filling salads need a lot of space

#hellofresh #food #meat #salad #cooking #Homecooking

9 hours ago

Had shrimp gyoza for dinner because they can be cooked/heated through in the microwave. Some days (ie summer) just require food prep on easy mode.

What are things you like to eat that don’t require much effort to prepare? I’m always open to ideas.

#food #MealPrep #cooking #NotCooking #NotCookingTonight

Ed Acosta
10 hours ago

Join me as I bite into Roy Rogers' legendary Gold Rush Chicken Sandwich! It's been a hot minute since I last ate at Roy’s. So it’s time to savor that crispy chicken patty, smoky bacon, melted cheese, and mouthwatering honey. Let's dive into this flavor-packed delight together and let's embark on a delicious journey!#GoldRushChickenSandwich #RoyRogers #FoodReview #TasteTest #FoodieDelight #review #food #foodoftheday #newportnews #hamptonroads #virginia #filipino #gamer

Someone reported this toot to comment “please CW your food posts.”

I use hashtags like #food in this example as a filtering option for people in this regard. It’s more flexible, and until CW have the ability to exclude categories I see it as the most considerate.

Rather than see my obfuscated toot labeled “Wendy’s food” with a blurry image, you don’t see anything at all if you mute the hashtag #food. You won’t even see this toot discussing the topic of food.

Anthony Eichberger
10 hours ago

My book review of Tembi Locke's "From Scratch" -- a memoir of an incredible cross-cultural interracial love story, and the lives that have been touched by it:

#Books #Food #Family
#Memoir #Italy #Memoirs
#Italian #Cuisine #Culture

Comfort #food. 🤓🥤🍟

#NYC #Photography

A photograph of a Wendy’s chocolate frosty and fries. The seat across the table is empty. Outside of a windows are apartment buildings along Eighth Avenue in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan. It is early evening time. No people are in the scene, unless you count the picture of Wendy on the frosty.
Alo Japan
11 hours ago

Should we go dark from the June 12 through the 14th in protest of reddit imposing huge feeds on API access?

#food #japanesefood

Should we go dark from the June 12 through the 14th in protest of reddit imposing huge feeds on API access?
Gocha :prami:
12 hours ago
White Smoke BBQ :verified:
12 hours ago

Figured I would prep a brisket flat for tomorrow since we're going to get a break in the rain.
#Food #BBQ #Cooking

Chuck Taggart, Private Eye
12 hours ago

Ooo, I can’t wait to make this! Off to my favorite Italian grocery for some guanciale. Rigatoni alla zozzona! #food #ItalianFood

Sharing good Moments
12 hours ago

living as a #nomad does not mean to nourish us with boring and bland #food like noodlesoup, canned beans or nasa-food...
We take pride in cooking delicious, healthy and visually nice dishes on our single pot stove 🤩 😋 💚
#glutenfree and #vegan

Florian Zandt
12 hours ago

Japanische Crepes, ne? Einfach geil. #food

13 hours ago

#cooking #food


This got a little out of control, but I wasn't sure of my frens' experience or confidence levels. For experienced marmaladers, the last page has the basic recipe.

The full version was too unwieldy to post as text, or to screenshot and alt-text, so here's a pdf for everyone to enjoy. The link expires in 30 days.

NADJA :rainbowcheck:​
15 hours ago

Dinner was had 🥗 #food

Salad bowl with fried tofu, croutons and roasted chickpeas
15 hours ago

Which soup would you choose?
#Poll #Polls #Food

hawaiianeye797 (Craig F)
16 hours ago
Andrew Knighton
17 hours ago


In the Kitchen: Essays on Food and Life, from Daunt Books (no editor credited, which seems weird) - A range of food writers explore what cuisine, kitchens, even specific appliances mean to them. Some of the essays are gentle autobiography & reflections on the joy of cooking & eating. Others are spikier, tackling issues of identity, race, gender, & class through the medium of food. Read if you want to think more deeply about what & how you eat.

#Books #Bookstodon #Food

Martin Jones
19 hours ago

UK no longer following EU guides on cutting safe levels of BPA plastic containers.
As a result, the safe level of BPA in plastic containers in the UK is now 20,000 times higher than in Europe. #bpa #pollution #food #eu #cancer #brexit

19 hours ago


nowadays you're not only not allowed to kill #animals for #food, you can't even chop #trees to build chairs?

how about burning it? people have been using #fire for thousands of years for/to

- warmth
- cook
- generate light
- build tools
- entertainment
- repelling wild animals
- drive away insects

this bent over #victim mentallity really is destructive and #misanthropic.

Pielmieni factory.

Schwiemu calls it "Polish fast food".

#Food #Lithuania #Poland #Cooking

A kitchen table. On it is a metal tray with dusted with flour and halfway covered in freshly assembled Pielmienie, which are little filled dough pockets that are boiled in water later. Or they can be frozen.
Janet Dane
21 hours ago

The Holland Marsh. Where our veggies come from in season. #food #veg #farmland #ontario

A small glimpse of a big marsh with workers tending to green rows of veggies.

My in-laws, true connoisseurs of Ipoh bean sprout chicken, took me to this hidden bean sprout chicken rice spot in a local kopitiam that remains undiscovered by tourists.

“Better come early around 5.30pm to avoid the long queue”, they said.

#MakanApaToday #Food #MalaysianFood

A huge plate of steamed chicken that looks extremely tender, a plate of chicken innards, and a plate of fat crunchy bean sprouts.

Its no surprise, but latest figures indicate, rises in #consumer spending lag inflation, while #food #inflation is now the key driver of our ongoing inflationary situation.

This means that as we are spending more on food & do not have the income (or available savings) to match price rises, so spending in other areas (discretionary spending) is starring to fall.

#Tories failure to deal with food inflation & to deal with general inflation only via #interestrates is making recession inevitable!

1 day ago

Fully stacked vegetarian okonomiyaki! 😋

#vegetarian #japan #food

Jim Wald
1 day ago

I've been too busy, so: time to catch up on some June historical anniversaries and the like.

But first, our June calendar page

Festive #food of the season from:

Calendrier Gastronomique: Histories de cuisine et cuisine de l’histoire par Marius Dutrey, dessins par Pierre Camin (Londres: Frederick Muller, 1938) #88/250 copies

bird on branch contemplates the cherries hanging from it, and nearby, blackberries (?) and strawberries

Corail ou carmin, c’est la fraise que tu cueilles; 
Elle croit, légion, sous les lobes des feuilles ; 
Prends un large panier pour que tu la recueilles. 

Les cerises déja, sont comme des rubis Juteux, sous ’il percant des merles ébaubis, 
Pillards insoucieux de tous les alibis. 

Bient6t les abricots dorés feront I’auméne 
De leur chair savoureuse aux allures d’or jaune; 
Le curé du village en réve au cours d’un prone. 

La péche qui parait pétrie en du vermeil, 
Sanguine ou non, en elle, a caché du soleil 
Qu’elle métamorphose en sucre sans pareil. 

Ryan Peters
1 day ago

Tell me your favorite snack/trail mix and where I can buy it!

#food #snacks #hungry

1 day ago

The sublime pleasure of a good California taco truck


1 day ago

And finally - these are non ferments - with the surfeit of #Thai peppers in start pic

1 made more of the nam pla priik (with 10 🌶️) aand
2 (with 20 🌶️) thick sweet hot #chili #sauce - really excited about this one based on how it tastes as I put it in jars. Just put garlic - 5 or 6 cloves with the Chile in blender, coarse process and into hot liquid with sugar, salt - see alt text

#Food #Cooking #HotSauce


A thickened hot sauce in a pot - looks orange with red bits and chili seeds and white bits of chopped garlic
Thick hot sauce in mason jars
Thai sweet chili sauce (non fermented) in mason jars

Garlic 40 g
Thai chilies  20 = 48 g
chopped blended together, add to 
Vinegar + rice wine vinegar 75+45 = 120 mL = ½ Cup
Water 250 mL (1+ cup)
165 g sugar
3 g salt
Tapioca starch 2 tsp in water slurry added to pot after boil and cool a bit
1 day ago

Dinner! Basa Coconut Curry
With Basmati Rice & Crispy
Shallots. 😋 #dinner #food #foodie #monday

Basa Coconut Curry On Basmati Rice with carrots,zucchini and crispy shallots on a white plate.
1 day ago

Next the scotch bonnets got done 2 ways (see atltext)
1 was just a small batch to make up for my earlier botch batch (due to yeast :( ) with mango that Iet go too long*
Set up a jar this time with glass weight on top - will let it go a week
2 was bulk (¾) of the scotch bonnets - with plenty pineapple I had (and whatever juice seeped out) - put it in a bag & vacuumed - with space for it to expand. We'll see how it goes.

#Food #Fermentation #Cooking


Mason jar with chopped ingredients and juice with glass weight to submerge

Scotch bonnet 25 g
Mango 175 g
Red bell pepper 40 g
Mango juice =130 g
Total = 370 g
Salt = 2% 7.5 g
Pieces of pineapple, red scotch bonnets, few thin slices of red onion, and a bit of red bell pepper in a metal bowl
In a foodsaver vacuum bag pieces of 
Scotch bonnet 85 g
Pineapple 400 g
Red onion 35 g
Red bell pepper 120 g. (1 = 160 g)
Garlic powder 2 g
Celery seed 2 g
Yellow mustard seeds 2 g
Salt = 22g 
Pineapple juice from the pineapple pieces - approx 30 mL
Álvaro Ramírez
2 days ago

#travel #food #sardinia I can’t stop eating these either! Whether eating in or out. I bought a ginormous pack at the supermarket. It won’t make the end of the trip.

2 days ago

#RedHuckleberries have long been eaten by many #BritishColumbia coastal #FirstNations peoples. Sometimes wooden combs are used to rake the berries off the branches. The berries can be eaten fresh, or mashed, dried, and then made into cakes for winter use. Gargle infusion of leaves and bark are effective to soothe a sore throat. Red huckleberries are a good source of #VitaminC and are considered an anti-aging #food and can be made into a dietary #supplement .

#IndigenousFoods #NativePlants

Steffani Cameron
2 days ago

The tortillas I made yesterday have been wonderful as huevos rancheros today. This is 2 tortillas sandwiching some refried pinto beans and topped with sharp cheddar.

I crisp each layer in a bit of butter, bring them together while I fry up two eggs (add water and a lid for the ‘basted egg’ version I use here).

That’s homemade salsa AND homemade Greek yogurt on the side. The secret ingredients in my salsa are jalapeño pickle brine and MSG.

#food #cooking #breakfast

2 days ago

Which coffee flavor would you prefer?
#Poll #Polls #Coffee #Food

Jasmine Mangalaseril 🧁
2 days ago

Things many of us already knew about the impacts of ultra-processed foods on physical health, but I'd like to see more on how it impacts our mental health. A friend got off aspartame and his memory issues decreased. Also seeing someone else's mental alacrity improve once they started eating more scratch-cooked food.

#Health #Food #UltraProcessedFood

Jake Beamer
2 days ago

I make lunch for my wife every day since she's the only one who currently commutes. Today I've dubbed this place The Salad Area™

#salad #salads #food #veggies #broccoli #cucumber #cucumbers #GreenPepper #GreenPeppers #arugula #carrots #carrot #vegetables

A cutting board on a stovetop with broccoli, a green pepper, a cucumber, carrots, and a partially prepared salad.
Jack of all trades
2 days ago

"With parts of China experiencing record high temperatures and heavy rains, reports of farm animals and crops suffering from extreme weather patterns are dominating headlines in the country, raising concerns about food security in the world’s second largest economy."

#china #climateChange #food

2 days ago

Pancake mola! I’ve also thought about flatbread mola, but I don’t know if that would have been as delicious.

Find it as a stickeron my shop!

#pancake #fish #food #Krita

Digital art of a pancake in the shape of an ocean sunfish with a dab of butter and syrup on it.
Steffani Cameron
2 days ago

Big cooking day today. It’s ended with me doing some air fryer chicken and veg. Roasted spring potatoes and Greek salad.

But I tried something new for the chicken — tried twice-cooking it kinda like they do for fried chicken.

I took it out when about 145° internally and let it rest for 20-30 minutes before putting it back to finish cooking it. It was very moist but the skin was crunchier and stayed on a bit better.

It was brined 24 hours in buttermilk and a •head• of garlic. #cooking #food

A large leg quarter in crispy fryer breading, 9 roasted 1” nugget potatoes, and a white bowl of Greek salad, all on a white plate.
Soh Kam Yung
3 days ago

Various laksa of Malaysia in my home town: yummy. 🙂

"[I[t would be a dream come true for an aficionado if the laksa from every state is made available in one place.

That’s exactly what the two-day ‘Laksa Kuale Festival’ at the Kuala Kangsar Arena here which begins today offers, bringing together unique flavours of laksa from 10 states"

#Malaysia #Food #Laksa

Steffani Cameron
3 days ago

I made some pasta tonight. I fucked up the ricotta sauce by forgetting to purée it, but the pasta is bangin’.

People are so intimidated by pasta, but it’s actually easy once you commit to kneading it for 20-25 minutes & you get the hydration right.

Some Italian granny pastamaking videos will sort you out!

But once you have the hang of it, you can make a HUGE batch & freeze it in portions. I make 10 at once. It thaws in an hour & rolls out in under 10 minutes. #cooking #food #pasta

A bowl of pasta — fettuccini — with a sauce that has ricotta chunks all through it because I’m the chucklehead who forgot to puree it, but the pasta is beautiful
khthoniaa :pinkmoon:
4 days ago

Are you from Massachusetts and looking to eat healthier, eat more sustainably, eat locally, spend less money on produce, and/or support your local community? is an interactive website that allows you to find local farms, farm stands, farmer's markets, and community supported agriculture programs in the MA area! And many of the programs are SNAP/HIP-eligible or offer sliding-scale pricing!

#Massachusetts #MA #Mass #Farming #CommunitySupportedAgriculture #Farming #FarmersMarket #Sustainability #Organic #Solarpunk #Food

Natasha Jay :mastodon:
4 days ago

* *Trans Experiences: The story of the Kiwi, being misgendered, and of chicken pies **

A week ago I was misgendered in a local butcher's shop buying a pie. This is so rare now! The bloke was a Kiwi who knew me pre-transition and hasn't seen me in ~3 years. I was called "mate", likely from prior voice familiarity. I didn't confront on the spot as I sensed a pure accident, a slip

My first reaction? Ouch! Of course was I don't want to go back there

I mull it over, as is my wont

I decide I WILL go back this morning, pre-armed with my ferociously femme glasses and a withering pre-prepared line in mind

I walk in

He sees me and immediately says "Hello, young lady". He is over-polite

He knows he got it wrong before. I know it too 💜

I accept his undoubted "lady", smile back pleasantly at the more dubious "young"

And by going back, I reclaim that space, lose not a drop of trans agency or my pride :Fire_Trans: I will be myself, neither weak nor meek

Plus, they *do* make cracking pies 🤔

#Trans #Musings #Food

A picture of a chicken pie, golder after cooking, in a striped pot sitting on a wooden table
4 days ago

Es ist wahr: ich habe veganen Merchandise. 😎


Eine Packung veganer Würste namens "Vegane Wurzerl Klassik" liegen auf einem Holztisch.
Steffani Cameron
4 days ago

Tonight’s #pizza is a simple one — realized I have garlic confit in the fridge so it’s semi-roasted tomato, garlic confit, garlic olive oil, salt, rosemary, and cheese.

I’ll make it again for sure! #cooking #food

I popped the sliced tomatoes in the oven while it preheated, for 10-15 min, to semi-dry them.

(Garlic confit is just garlic you slow cook in olive oil and then you save both in a sterile jar. The oil is fantastic too. Highly recommend — particularly with fresh garlic this fall.)

5 days ago

Happy Donut Day to all my friends in the U.S.

Yes, there is a day.

Here's a photo of the African Israeli donut that is a bit less well known than the sufganiya, but in my opinion, tastier. It's called sfinj pronounced "sfinge" like "hinge" with a "sf" instead.

#Donut #DonutDay #NationalDonutDay #DoughNut #FunHolidays #Food

Sfinj, African Israeli donut. It used to be a mainly Moroccan thing here, but spread throughout the Mizrahi and African communities. It's basically a light but chewy yeast risen dough, fried preferably in coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, or ghee. What goes on it depends where you're from. It can vary between orange or rose syrup, cinnamon and sugar,  silan (date syrup), or sesame sugar.
Sfinj, African Israeli donut. It used to be a mainly Moroccan thing here, but spread throughout the Mizrahi and African communities. It's basically a light but chewy yeast risen dough, fried preferably in coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, or ghee. What goes on it depends where you're from. It can vary between orange or rose syrup, cinnamon and sugar,  silan (date syrup), or sesame sugar.
6 days ago

Which sandwich would you choose?
#Poll #Polls #Food #Sandwich #Sandwiches

Just another rakyat
6 days ago

The famous Peter’s pork noodles at Moneys Corner, a hidden food court at Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur. (For some reason all our good food courts tend to be very well hidden)

Best eaten with lots of chopped Birds Eye chilies!

#Food #MalaysianFood #MakanApaToday

A bowl of noodles in clear soup, with a raw egg, minced and sliced pork, offal, vegetables and a sprinkling of lard cracklings.
The chaotic environment of a Malaysian food court, with around 20-30 stalls selling various food and rows of tables that are packed with office workers enjoying their lunch.
Sara Vicca
1 week ago

7 of the 8 #Earth system boundaries have been crossed, putting human livelihoods for current & future generations at risk. Nothing less than a #just global #transformation is required to ensure human well-being. Such transformations must be systemic across #energy, #food, #urban and other sectors, addressing the economic, technological, political and other drivers of Earth system change.


Flipboard News Desk
1 week ago

Child labor is not uncommon in the food industry and the agricultural sector — some estimates indicate that there are as many as half a million kids aged 8 to 17 working in farm jobs.

Eater took a look at the history of children working in America, why some lawmakers want to relax the laws now, and what child labor means for the food industry and society.

#History #Food #FoodHistory #ChildLabor #Agriculture

Lower East Side - Houston Street at Orchard Street

The line for Russ & Daughters is only to the end of the block. Happened to get lucky. Lol.


#NYC #Food #Photography

A photograph of the front entrance to Russ & Daughters with a line of people down to the end of the block waiting for them to open at 8am.
1 week ago

The wife and I decided to order Five Guys Burger and Fries for lunch today.

As always, food was exceptionally good. The amount of fries you see here is only about 1/5th of the full amount you get with a large fry order. It's seriously insane how many fries they give you.

#Burgers #FiveGuysBurgers #Food #FoodPorn #Fries

Photo I took of the two burgers and some of the fries I had from Five Guys Burgers and Fries for lunch today.
Tanguy Fardet
1 week ago

I was discussing #food related #environmentalImpacts with other people this afternoon and the question of the role of #transport came up, to which I replied with utter confidence that it was a very small fraction of the total #GHG #emissions.

Then I got home and thought that it had been a while and I did not remember how small it was (5%, 10% ?). So I looked it up.
Well it turns out people [1] say it's 20% now, what happened O_o?

[1]: 10.1038/s43016-022-00531-w

#agriculture #environment


Randy Resnick
1 week ago

Salads and dressings?
I love several of these recipes but my favorite is the sesame dressing:

#Cooking #Food #Japanese

Randy Resnick
1 week ago

Yesterday I whipped up some sauce for the salmon:
1/2 cup mango, clove of garlic (I'd like more but she'd like less), a slice of red onion, some lime juice, some olive oil and a little maple syrup. Ginger would be good, too. Mango is really good with some spice for fish or chicken.
#Food #Foodie #Cooking #Cuisine #Sauce