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🌱📚 Tackling food insecurity starts with nutrition education. Know your food deserts from swamps, and grow a garden in a pot! Hydrate with H2O to thrive. #healthyeating #nutrition #foodsecurity #eatclean #sustainableliving #cleaneatingrecipes

RT by @EU_EESC: 📢#COP28 starts today!

🌍As an input to the #ClimateNegotiations, @EU_EESC adopted two specific contributions on implementing #ClimateAction.

These are on:
👨‍🌾#FoodSecurity & #Agriculture

🧐You can find them here!


[2023-11-30 10:51 UTC]

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Global News BC: Bugs in your brownies? University students dish it out in Great UBC Bug Bake Off #globalnews #britishcolumbia #news #UniversityOfBritishColumbia #FoodSecurity #Science #Bugs #UBC

Met Office
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Can UK food producers rise to the challenge of a changing climate?

We spoke to @ADASGroup to understand the biggest problems within agriculture in our latest #WeatherSnap #Climate special on #FoodSecurity

Listen here 🎧

🕐 28/11 15:15

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Successful #pollination➡️fertilization➡️#seed production➡️#FoodSecurity.
Guo et al. find out how SD-RLK28 positively regulates #pollen hydration on dry #stigmas in #Arabidopsis in this #JIPB #OpenAccess paper.
#PlantSci #CropSci #agriculture #PlantScience #botany

Panel of morphological images and charts illustrating that pollen coat protein PCP-Bβ in Arabidopsis regulates pollen hydration and that the S-domain receptor-like kinase SD-RLK28 functions as a PCP-Bβ receptor in the stigma, positively regulating pollen hydration independent of reactive oxygen species levels in stigmas.
Mark A. Rayner
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Food banks are not a viable long-term solution for our food security problems, but they're the best stop gap we have at the moment, and they need help!

For this Tuesday, please consider doubling your gift to your local or national food bank charities.

Here's Canada's:

#foodbanks #givingtuesday #charity #food #foodsecurity

Infographic: This giving Tuesday, more famileis than ever are facing hunger. 
Icon with fork: Over 18% of peope in Canada are living with food insecurity.
Icon of shopping basket: There were 1.9 million visitors to food banks in March 2023 alone. 
Icon of two stick figures of kids: 600,000 visits in one month were made by children

Source: hungercount 2023
Pauline von Hellermann
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I also saw this yesterday, btw: research on the potentials for food riots breaking out in the UK in the next few decades. I haven't read it yet and don't yet quite know what to make of it, but sharing now already in case anyone else here is interested. #ClimateCrisis #Polycrisis #Food #FoodRiots #FoodSecurity #CostOfLivingCrisis #FutureScenarios

EU Transport
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RT by @Transport_EU: On the first anniversary of the #GrainFromUkraine Initiative, we reiterate the Commission's unwavering support to 🇺🇦 & our efforts towards ensuring global #FoodSecurity. #StandWithUkraine 🧵⤵️


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Pesticide lobby and right-wingers sabotage pesticide reduction law. Calamity for farmers, citizens, environment.

#agroecology #FoodSecurity #FoodSovereignty

Generations of gardeners regenerating the soil of sovereignty in Moose Cree First Nation: An account of community and research collaboration

Michael Robidoux
Keira A. Loukes
Emalee A. Vandermale
Tegan J. Keil
Janice Cindy Gaudet

#Indigenous #FirstNation #FoodSecurity #FoodSovereignty #Gardening #FoodSustainability #CommunityBased #ParticipatoryResearch #Resurgence #ActionResearch


1 week ago

E a Comissão Europeia vai aprovar, por mais uma década, a utilização agrícola do glifosato.
#agroecology #FoodSecurity #FoodSovereignty

Met Office
1 week ago

With #CountrysideCOP taking place this week, @dougmcneall and @PeteFalloon discuss the importance of rural areas being part of the climate change conversation in our #WeatherSnap #Climate special on #FoodSecurity

🕐 21/11 13:30

Pay It Forward 👇🏾

🗣️ If you are more fortunate than others, build a longer table not a taller fence. 🫶🏽

#quotes #hunger #payitforward #FoodSecurity #CommunitySupport #FoodInsecurity #teamwork

Alan Rycroft 🇨🇦
1 week ago

British Columbia avian flu cases rise rapidly in unprecedented, deadly outbreak

Farm biosecurity measures that worked in past outbreaks don't seem to be working as well this time. It's unclear why

#avian #flu #outbreak #birds #biosecurity #FoodSecurity

... General Alert. Opening weekend of deer season. Show More. Close Alert ... Strike Out Hunger Food Drive. (Courtesy: Midwest Warriors Fastpitch) · Food ...#environment #sports #FoodSecurity #Hunger #Appleton #Wisconsin #Softball #FastpitchSoftball #WLUK-TV #SinclairBroadcastGroup
Youth softball players aim to 'Strike Out Hunger' with food drive
2 weeks ago

Oh, and donate to your local food banks.
#food #foodsecurity #MutualAidRequest #mutualaid

Alexander J. Stein
2 weeks ago

Royal Society: Evidence-led #regulation could help UK tackle #foodsecurity and #climatechange, to realise the benefits of #GMOs for human #health, #agriculture and the #environment as they are no more risky than other crops: #GMO #plantbreeding #foodsafety

Alexander J. Stein
2 weeks ago

Halve #foodwaste & loss in Europe's food #supplychains = save of 8% GHG #emissions caused by food consumption, save 6% of crop areas, 6% #grazing land for #livestock, 7% water consumption, 14% embodied energy, and help ensure #foodsecurity in the world:

Marvin the Martian 🇺🇦
2 weeks ago

GREAT News for Ukraine
by #JakeBroe

#Putin seeks victory in #Avdiivka to brag in the end-of-the-year press conference.

US House takes two weeks off. #Zelenskyy advisor optimistic for new aid for Ukraine.

Ukraine continues to export grain contributing to global #foodsecurity despite the war.

🇺🇸 🇺🇦
Jake Broe is a US Air Force veteran covering the Russian war in #Ukraine several times a week since February 2022.


RT by @EFCA_EU: #EMD2024 is calling!
The call for workshops in Svendborg 🇩🇰 is now open: apply by 8 December ✍️.
Wanted proposals on:
🍽️ #FoodSecurity
⚓️ Maritime #security
🌊 Blue #Energy
💡 Innovation, observation, blue skills, #MSP
🤝 Maritime Cooperation
Apply here👉!nFgMhw


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2 weeks ago

Next week {Today, NOv 16}, a committee will vote a proposal by the European Commission to extend for a 10 more years the use of the herbicide #glyphosate in the European Union. Will they get away with it?

CEO's researcher and campaigner João Camargo explains the tactics used to promote the worlds most used #herbicides and what it the problem with it.
#agroecology #FoodSovereignty #FoodSecurity

Global Crop Diversity Summit held 14 November 2023 in Berlin, Germany

"Stakeholders from around the world gathered to reflect on the current state and future role of agrifood systems in the face interlinked global challenges such as the climate crisis, biodiversity loss, food insecurity, malnutrition, and conflicts. Discussions centered on the role of gene banks, including seed banks, in preserving and restoring crop diversity, with participants reflecting on pathways towards enhanced international cooperation for gene banks and their sustainable funding."

#FoodSecurity #CropDiversity #GeneBanks #SeedBanks #ClimateCrisis #BiodiversityLoss

Zeb King 🇨🇦
2 weeks ago

News from Toronto, Canada

"Grocery Tracker Update: The Seasons Of Our Chives" - Amy Cunningham, The Hoser, November 14, 2023

"While we found some price variation in produce which could reflect the changing seasons, the picture ... [leaves] the impression that how we grow food and how we price it may not be as connected as we thought."

#news #cdnpoli #onPoli #foodsecurity 

Like this publication? Invite them to Masodon:

Philip N Cohen
2 weeks ago

US SNAP food support individual benefits, 2019-2023. The good news is real benefits are up 19%.
#foodsecurity #poverty

RT by @Food_EU: At the ⁦@AnimalTaskFrc⁩ Seminar this morning Claire Bury from ⁦@Food_EU⁩ says:
« The objectives of #EUFarm2Fork have not gone away, but with #FoodSecurity back on the table we need further discussion on how best to make the changes needed »


[2023-11-15 08:35 UTC]

Met Office
2 weeks ago

💬 “Critically there are things we can do within agriculture and the broader food system to reduce emissions & adapt to cope with changes in extreme weather”

Hear more from @PeteFalloon with @dougmcneall in our #WeatherSnap #Climate special on #FoodSecurity 👇


🕐 14/11 13:00

2 weeks ago

"Large parts of Iraq, Iran and Syria have been gripped by an intense drought for years … pushing millions of people into food insecurity. …

In a world without climate change, the dry period would not have even been severe enough to be called a drought, the study notes."

#Iran #Iraq #Syria #Drought #FoodSecurity #ClimateCrisis

3 weeks ago

🦊Foxtail #millet🌾is a vital drought-resistant crop and is important for #FoodSecurity in many parts of the world. Explore key insights into the role of m6A reader SiYTH1 in #drought tolerance.
#JIPB #PlantSci #stomata #gene #mRNA #ROS #PlantScience #Botany

Morphological images and stomatal number percentage data for mock, drought, and 100uM ABA foxtail millet samples overexpressing or knocked out for the m6A reader SiYTH1.
John Colagioia
3 weeks ago

Letting low-income Americans buy groceries online in 2020 with SNAP benefits decreased the share of people without enough food

Buying groceries online makes life easier for anyone who has trouble purchasing food in person, including people with disabilities, those with limited transportation access or those living in remote locations.

#SNAP #FoodSecurity #SafetyNet

Fingers tap on a keyboard, with clip art grocery carts floating around
B's Junior Gardeners
3 weeks ago

Springdale Elementary students had a blast trying new foods from their gardens as we finish out the growing season with a fall harvest party!

Passion fruit grown in the gardens of Heritage Hill Elementary were shared as a dessert with our Springdale Elementary friends, as were a couple pots of carrots and potatoes.

Fun was had and food was eaten!

#Education #Gardening #volunteer #STEM #Science #SchoolGardens #Harvest #FoodSecurity

Students eat salads and drink mint tea at a table in their playground during the garden session. Two students have finished and are skipping off to play in the background.
Students dump out large pots to find potatoes and carrots in the foreground, while students in the background harvest green beans and lettuce from the beds.
School children shuffle through the dirt they dumped out from a pot to locate all the baby carrots and potatoes they can. One child has a handful of carrots already. One student is shocked and has their mouth wide open as they show off what they found
Four empty school garden beds set ready for winter crops after the fall harvest session. Trees in their fall foliage are in the background
J blue
3 weeks ago

Really sorry, I haven’t had time to send off the seeds yet for the food security project. Still to do is deseeding 100 persimmons - a long sticky ordeal.

The packets will be sent off within two weeks. Bro is visiting, still deep winter garden prep (fixing up raised beds and autumn planting, up-potting dozens of trees, cleaning out sunroom and garage), selling plants and the theatre project which is coming along.

So tired 😴😴😴

#gardening #foodsecurity #ClimateChangeGardening

Alexander J. Stein
3 weeks ago

FAO: While most hidden costs of #foodsystems are linked to unhealthy #diets, addressing #poverty & #undernourishment remains a priority in low-income countries: #foodsecurity #nutrition (5/n)

This may enter food-conspiracy land but... in the past did a "regular" bag of tater tots not cover an entire cookie sheet*? What is the word for "same bag, less stuff"?
#inflation #fooddeflation #pricegouging #profitmargins #affordability #foodsecurity

*OK, I have eaten four already because I am hungry and they are soooo good. 😋 But still.

A brown cookie sheet sits atop  glass top range Spread across the sheet are dozens of roughly 2in long tubular frozen potato things that are very delicious.
4 weeks ago

Jharkhand food security violation: Ration anomalies revealed at public hearing

Villagers were made to do biometrics (thumb impression) but given food grains in less amount than specified after the biometrics, says social activist.

#jharkhand #WestSinghbhum #NFSA #FoodSecurity #aadhaar #biometrics #UIDAI #india

Rabi'a Elizabeth
4 weeks ago

I just saw a suggestion to reuse shrimp shells, after you make stock, to add them to compost or work them into your soil! High mineral content, apparently. Genius!

You’d have to bury them well in soil, though. Stinky otherwise.

#Gardening #Fertilizer #Compost #Sustainability #FoodSecurity


Morpheus Being
1 month ago

#Water #FoodSecurity

Water availability—the difference between precipitation and evaporation—is expected to decrease in many regions of the world because climate change has modified the water cycle, more water will be abstracted by the growing population, and water pollution will continue to limit clean water (1). Estimates of changes in water availability are uncertain at continental and global scales because measurements of precipitation and evaporation tend to be indirect or only locally representative (2). On page 579 of this issue, Zhang et al. (3) report a study that combines streamflow observations of large river basins of the world with terrestrial precipitation data and satellite measurements of evaporation and water storage to show that water availability in the Southern Hemisphere has substantially decreased from 2001 to 2020. With their approach, the authors have improved the reliability of water availability estimates, which could help improve long-term water management.

1 month ago

Access to food in Gaza: The desolate intersection of genocide and food inaccessibility by UAWC-Via Campesina in Spanish

Acceso a los alimentos en Gaza: La desoladora intersección entre el genocidio y la inaccesibilidad a los alimentos

#FoodSecurity #FoodSovereignty #genocide

You should probably read this if you live in the Pacific Northwest of Canada/USA. The Columbia River Treaty between the USA and Canada is currently set to expire in 2024 and is being renegotiated in light of #climatechange #extremeweather #drought #salmon #agriculture #foodsecurity #housing

#bcpoli #CanPoli #USPoli #WashingtonState #Oregon #ColumbiaRiver

J blue
1 month ago

Went #hiking today and went to my favorite American persimmon tree and it’s dying! 😭 The bark is falling off, the main trunk is broken near the top, and the fruits are really tiny! It might just be old judging by the size of its trunk.

The other wild tree had loads so I finished collecting seeds for the food security project. But I will need to ask if ppl still want the Diospyros seeds.

#rewilding #NativePlants #permaculture #gardening #ClimateDiary #climatechangegardening

A hand holding up a bunch of native persimmon fruits. They are round, gentle pinkish orange color and are larger than grapes. The tops to the fruit look like star of anise spice. The background is grass. 

Last year the fruits were 2.5 times the size of what is pictured.
A picture of a thick trunk showing that a large section of bark is peeled away. There is a bit of virginiana creeper and greenbrier growing up the trunk but not suffocating it.
A paper bag of American persimmon fruits from the other tree. There are around 40-60 fruits of various stages of ripeness. All were collected from the ground so some of the fruit are almost blue. I collected everything I could find. There is also a large twig of wild sumac near the top of the bundle of fruit.
Rewilding Magazine
1 month ago

A new model of upland #farming at Pentwyn is beginning; if viable vegetable production can be married to a rewilded land of birdsong and butterflies, it could prove influential across #Britain and beyond.

At the very least, it confounds the standard critique of rewilding.

“We wanted to say we’ve provided an opportunity for someone to access the land,” says Hitchcock, “and create something that should genuinely benefit local people.”

#rewilding #foodsecurity

This is the Brexit Keir Starmer wants to continue against the will of the majority of people voting for him next year.
'Democracy' yeah?

#Brexit #UKPOL #FoodSecurity

Low-welfare eggs from caged hens 
 imported to UK in 'staggering' numbers 
 Exclusive: Concerns grow that post-Brexit trade deals could lead to 
 further decline in quality as battery farm eggs are reintroduced
T Chu 朱
1 month ago

YouTube started auto playing this vid on me and I got sucked into the first few minutes. On one hand, yes, very cool. On the other hand, look at how dependent our food system is on fossil fuels.

60% of food grown in Ontario is wasted. The worldwide number is similar from my understanding. And don't @ me with people starving in so and so a place. Making more food in rich countries isn't going to fix that.

If we don't transition, the wall will hit super hard when we no longer have the ability to farm without incredibly high fossil fuel inputs.


not ch1c
1 month ago

Did an inventory of what’s in the nursery beds today and.. I have 47 trees to dig and plant this fall??

#climate #FoodSecurity #FoodAnarchy #resilience #trees #plants

Petra van Cronenburg
2 months ago
2 months ago

#Germany’s Ministry of Economic Cooperation (#BMZ) announced the suspension of all development #aid for the #Palestinian territories while the funds are being “comprehensively examined.”

The BMZ, committed ~$130M in bilateral development cooperation for Palestinian territories this yr & next. It includes #development co-op, #water supply & #waste disposal, #desalination plants, vocational #training, #job creation for young people & #FoodSecurity.

#Israel #Palestine #Hamas #geopolitics #war

Janet Foggie
2 months ago

4/4 When Rishi Sunak talks about #FoodSecurity being in conflict with solar panels he is deliberately trying to conflate the problems we face. To carefully choose locations for solar panels can also be a good part of a mixed agrarian system. The #FoodShortages are almost entirely down to #Brexit which he does not want to face. When land like ours holds water like this that is a #GoodThing having #SolarPanels on a drier part of the site helps both food security and #Emissions #Flooding

SubtleBlade ⚔️
2 months ago
2 months ago


If anyone is in the Ann Arbor area, Food Gatherers is a fantastic charity that will make the most of your cash or food donation.

They also have many opportunities to volunteer like in the warehouse or kitchen, so if you want to feel more connected to your charitable donation that's an option.

#Charity #FoodBanks #FoodDrives #Volunteering #FoodSecurity #Poverty

T. Thorn Coyle 🖤
2 months ago

US: Glad to see people finding a way to circumvent the ridiculous SNAP food rules. They’ve never made sense to me.

#FoodSecurity #welfare

2 months ago

The contribution of earthworms to the world’s grain harvest matches that of Russia, amounting to 140 millions of tonnes of food a year, which would make earthworms the fourth largest global producer if they were a country.
If an average loaf of bread is made up of 15 slices, this means one per loaf depends on worms’ activity to be produced.
#Earthworms #Grain #Legumes #Soil #Environment #Agriculture #Food #FoodSecurity #RegenerativeFarming

MountainWitch ⛤:flag_bisexual:
2 months ago

I was just watching a homesteading channel as they were building a root cellar. They did many things wrong including un-braced earth bag wall construction, excavation too close to the water table, no venting, and awkward roof access.

If you are building a large underground space with potential to collapse from lateral earth pressure, be sure that you are using an engineered plan made for your area and type of soil. Over-build rather than under-build in any case. As it turns out, a later video showed that their root cellar failed, luckily no one was hurt.

Any vegetables that are fermenting or rotting produce carbon dioxide that displaces any oxygen. That can be a swift way to die. All root cellars and storage rooms for food must have 2 vents, one high and one low so that the air will flow between them. In my root cellar, the door is ground level with the floor of the cellar. I always open the door wide before stepping in even though I have properly placed vents. Less importantly, but also a consideration is that ripening fruit or vegetables give off ethylene gas that can cause other foods to ripen rapidly and spoil.

Make sure your stair access is wide and stable as you will be carrying potentially heavy loads in and out of your root cellar. Always think through how you will use a structure, and put into place anything that will increase safety under various conditions such as inclement weather.

The other thing they did wrong was double stacking canned jars. Home canned food should never be double stacked because if a seal fails, a jar on top might hold the failed seal in place or even make a false seal. If you must double stack because of lack of space, put a put of cardboard over the bottom jars and only put lighter smaller jars on top of the cardboard. Always remove the rings after the lid is sealed and the jars have cooled. Leaving the rings on can also hide a failed seal.

#Homesteading #GetPrepared #FoodSecurity #FoodPreservation #Harvest

J blue
2 months ago

#ClimateChangeGardening #ClimateDiary #ClimateChange #FoodSecurity #Gardening #permaculture #NativePlants #food #cooking #foraging #organic #sustainability #hurricane #Tropicalstorm


This thread is about plants that I tried this year and won’t try again next year as well as ones that did really well.

East coast North America, zone 8/9, rainfall 120cm.

*Updated with pics

A very dark pink to red Jamaican cherry being held over a very green citrus leaf (red pomelo). Both the berry and citrus leaf are covered in water droplets bc it was raining.
Looks like a pic taken from outer space. Bright yellow, petals frame the pic and the circle around a center that is dark maroon. There is a fuzzy staminal column that ends with a dark fuzzy stigma bordered with brilliant yellow anthers. The stigma is so dark red it is almost black. 

The flower is a Nkruma Tenten okra.
A purple curry leaf berry surrounded by native physalis still in yellow, papery, husks, katuk leaves, and huazontle leaves.
On a wooden cutting board is an assortment of leaves, peas, seed pods, cucumbers, radish, peppers and flowers.
J blue
2 months ago

This is your seasonal reminder that all acorns are edible. Some need processing, others do not.

In October, I will do a thread on Southern Live Oak, Quercus virginiana. These don’t need processing but do need to be steamed in their shells to remove the nut. Last year, house moths ate most of mine so they need to be well-sealed and frozen after shelling.

#foraging #NativePlants #gardening #jardin #cooking #FoodPorn #trees #arbol #acorns #plants @plants #FoodSecurity #Permaculture

Black plate, white roundish square plate turned so the ends pointing to each side of the pic. Vegetables are arranged in an organized colorful cluster on the plate.  On the left are steamed dashi-infused daylily roots that look like dark yellow bowling pins and are pointing to the left of the plate. Flecks of culantro is sprinkled on top. Next are steamed dashi-infused thin slices of carrots with thin slices of ginger laying on top. Next are near black noodle squares of live oak acorn noodles with black sesame seeds and to the right are daylily leaves curled into ribbons. Above and below are rosebud flowers.
Colorful sprigs of herbs and greens arranged artfully on a black speckled plate. In the middle is a broiled rectangle of tofu with acorn dengaku paste. 

Acorn dengaku with yuzu zest aromatic. Adapted from “dengaku.” Tsuji 192. 

Garden veg: Mexican tarragon (reserved), Okinawa spinach, red Hopi amaranth, summer savory, willow oak acorns, yuzu zest
Black background, black plate with darker black speckles. An upside down pyramid of 6 caramel colored mini acorn pancakes with a red paste dollop on top each pancake. A green sauce is drizzled overtop the pancakes in diagonal lines. Three camelia flowers adorn the plate to the left, too and right. 

Mini acorn okonomiyaki with madhatter/queen of minalco tomatillo/strawberry and yuzu sauce, sissoo-ezu and yuzu zest. Adapted from “Okonomiyaki.“ Sakai, p.261. 

Garden veg: camellia flower (not eaten) madhatter, queen of minalco tomatillo, sissoo, strawberry (Ozark beauty, maybe), willow oak acorns, yuzu (not my tree)
Black speckled plate on black background. Willow oak Acorn soba noodles are arranged vertically on the plate with a few curved on the right towards the left for dramatic effect. A sprig of moringa and borage flower lays on top of the noodles. A pink candy stripe camelia is on the top right. 

Acorn soba. Adapted from “soba,” Sakai, p.81. 

Garden veg: borage flower, camellia (not eaten), moringa, willow oak acorns
Louise Locock
2 months ago

Heart-breaking to hear UK fruit farmers saying they're making a loss and may have to give up. A whole Bramley orchard being dug up to save money. This country urgently needs to get its head round the importance of #FoodSecurity. #Countryfile

Russia-Ukraine Daily News
2 months ago

🇺🇦 A second cargo vessel, the Aroyat, has left the #Ukrainian Black Sea port of Chornomorsk after loading grain, an industry source said on Friday.

The bulk carriers Resilient Africa and Aroyat arrived in #Ukraine on Saturday and were due to depart after loading almost 20,000 tonnes of wheat for #Africa and #Asia

Resilient Africa left Ukraine on Tuesday with 3,000 metric tons of wheat on board.


Kathy CW
2 months ago

Wet-hot extremes will cover a larger area and be more severe than dry-hot extremes.


#ClimateChange #ClimateChaos #ClimateBreakdown #FoodSecurity #ClimateCrisis

J blue
2 months ago

FREE SEEDS for native edible plants; eastern North America, zones 9-6

I’m near my goal of sending tree seeds to at least 20 people this fall and I still have many seeds left.

Besides the ones stated below, also added
Celtis occidentalis
Passiflora lutea
Passiflora incarnata (limited and only to zone 7)

#gardening #rewilding #NativePlants #FoodSecurity #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateDiary #permaculture

From: @jblue

J blue
3 months ago

I am just a person, gazing into a phone, asking pocket friends on mastodon if they would like to grow edible native plants.

#ClimateChangeGardening #gardening #NativePlants #rewilding #foraging @plants #plants #trees #food #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateDiary #FoodSecurity #permaculture

From: @jblue

Addendum 1 cont'd

* 39% respondents feel economic issues impact their mental health
* suicide ideation among Canadians experiencing financial challenges alarmingly high
* 41% reporting having thought about suicide 2022-2023
* inflation affecting Canadians: 24% report going into debt as result

#Canada #suicide #ideation #mhrc #MentalHealth #economy #inflation #profiteering #CorporateGreed #DefundCorporations #HumanRights #AffordableHousing #FoodSecurity #socialism

J blue
3 months ago


Eastern North America, zones 9-6

for easy native edible pest resistant plants whose crop is not sensitive to freak seasonal weather.

Asimina triloba
Boehmeria cylindrica
Diospyros virginiana
Physalis grisea

Please read whole thread and all the AltText.
#FoodSecurity #NativePlants #rewilding #ClimateChangeGardening #gardening

4 large Asimina triloba “pawpaw” fruits hanging in a cluster off a tree. The background is a forest landscape. 

I have the most seeds of this plant and it is the most pest resistant. It has a natural pesticide in its leaves, bark, roots, seeds and trace amounts in the skin of the fruit. It is the only plant that the zebra swallowtail caterpillars feed so if you do see a caterpillar, leave it alone bc destruction of these trees has decimated this butterfly’s population. 

The skin peels away easily like paper and you can eat it like a burrito. Or you can just cut it in half and spoon out the fruit. The seeds are very large and woody and slide away easily from the fruit.
Little yellow berries of Physalis grisea, sliced in half in a blue bowl with vibrant green sissoo leaves. There is a pale white dressing on the salad. 

When physalis berries’ husks turn papery or fall off the stem, the berries might still be a little green. They will ripen to bright yellow on the counter. Leave the husks on until ready to eat.
Boehmeria cylindrica leaves. The leaves are lanceolate with serrated edges. It is a leafy green that tastes spinach-y. This grows in shade or mostly shade. The plant is host to many beautiful butterflies but produces enough leaves to share.
Sorry for this underwhelming pic. The background is blue sky and the pic shows high-up branches of the American persimmon with hundreds of fruit still hanging on its branches. This is the tree I collect fruit from and this pic was taken in late October last year after the leaves had mostly fallen for the season. Frost does not hurt persimmon harvest. Some people say the fruit is better after a frost but our frosts are very late (December).
J blue
3 months ago

Collected around 15 pounds of pawpaws for the seed dispersal project this fall. Really hope a lot of people take seeds bc there will be loads.

If you haven’t eaten one, the texture is smooth and custardy when ripe and it tastes like banana with a bit of vanilla.

#FoodSecurity #NativePlants #rewilding #ClimateChangeGardening #gardening #fruit

Four large pawpaws hang from a tree branch in a cluster in the center of the photo. The background is trees and leaves.
J blue
3 months ago


It might be really helpful if we started and contributed to a specific hashtag (something like) #ClimateChangeGardening to chronicle how garden veg/fruit are not coping with the changing seasons and offer substitutions. A lot of people are having major issues with asparagus bc of sudden hot temps in spring but there are others. We can find solutions together. ❤️

#gardening #jardin #plants #plantas #vegetablegardening #ClimateChange #FoodSecurity #ClimateCrisis

A pic of a round purple eggplant surrounded by green leaves.
MountainWitch ⛤:flag_bisexual:
3 months ago

My garden is just on the verge of spewing pounds and pounds and pounds of cooking apples, pears and plums. It's almost sinister.. The kitchen is going to be canning chaos in a week or two. Love autumn..

#gardening #GardeningMagic #FoodPreservation #Harvest #homesteading #FoodSecurity

Italian prune plums
Pears on the vine
Green apples almost ready to pick
Jo Rhodes
4 months ago

From #TheTimes - photo of an article on #heatwave and #drought affecting food crops and how that is likely to lead to UK food shortages and rising costs. #ClimateChange #CropFailure #FoodSecurity #Inflation

Headline from The Times on 15th August 2023 reads 'Mediterranean heatwave risks adding billions to cost of food' above a picture of a man gesturing towards the camera while holding a fire hose. Another man is to the left in the image facing a fire burning on the ground and directing hose at the flames. Large trees are on fire in the background. Article basically say UK is buggered as they import so much food from countries around the Med like Spain and Greece who have been badly affected by drought and fires. Final paragraph has a quote from Gareth Redmond-King 'It's sobering to realise just how much we rely on imports from parts of the world most at risk from the changing climate. The heat we've seen in Europe this summer would be all but impossible without climate change. These impacts will worsen as we continue to burn fossil fuels and emit greenhouse gases, leaving the UK facing a future of more shortages and increasing costs.'

Across #China, land is be re-purposed, or returned, to #agriculture to deal with China's fears around a lack of #foodsecurity.

Of course, this is being done be directive & has disrupted many local/regional economies by the swift shift in land use.

But perhaps more interesting is the political driver behind such moves;

is China preparing for sanctions against it medium-term?

Is it a response to the #climatecrisis in its food #supplychain or a recognition of a forthcoming #shipping crisis?


It's so bad!! Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada:

1 month ago 1 doz large eggs + 1 lb NoName butter $7.87 CDN
yesterday: $9.08
$1.21 increase 🤬
Loblaws Is Crushing Canadians With High Food Prices, While Raking in Enormous Profits

#inflation #FoodSecurity #profiteering #NoName #Loblaws #Canada #Vancouver #FoodStaples #capitalism

4 months ago

I want to have fruit and veg that are bred for taste and nutrition, rather than shelf-life or attractiveness. I'm sick of eating tomatoes that look great but taste like polystyrene. #FoodSecurity

4 months ago

8: Food sovereignty is only possible alongside Indigenous sovereignty.

9: We need to stop thinking in terms of immediate cost, and start thinking in terms of long-term value and resilience.

10: We can make a better world where nobody has to go hungry. We just need to do the mahi.

#FoodSecurity #KaiSecurity

4 months ago

Here are some of my thoughts on #FoodSecurity:

1: Access to food is a human right.

2: Food-shaming and fat-shaming are wrong.

3: We need to stop viewing food as a commodity. It's a necessity.

4: There are no food shortages. The problem is access and distribution.

5: There need to be more community-based food-sharing initiatives (co-ops, crop swaps, etc).

6: Soil health and soil regeneration is of paramount importance.

7: Food security is inextricably linked to climate change.


4 months ago

Backyard fruit trees update.

We've harvested from all of our apple, yellow plum & Asian pear trees 3 times already. More fruits are ripening for more harvests. Our peach tree has been harvested 3 times already. We have about 3-4 harvests left for that tree, this year.

#FruitTrees #GrowFoodNotLawns #GrowItEatIt #FoodSecurity #Wsanec #Saanich #VictoriaBC #yyj #vanisle #VancouverIsland #PNW #PacificNorthwest #FoodGrower #LekwungenTerritory #zone8

Asian pears in tree.
Yellow plums in tree.
Unidentified apples in tree.

Walking into the bustling food pantry to drop off this week's harvest had me weeping as I drove away.

As I'm giving the harvest and itemizing it for the staff, a woman asks for two of the bags of green beans being loaded into the fridge and all the food, minus one squash, from last week are gone.

Many times you may not be aware of your impact on a community.

Today I got to see.

#volunteer #donate #community #food #FoodSecurity #gardening #gardener

A yellow mesh bag full of red onions waits to be donated to the local food pantry
4 months ago

Aug 7

Your Last Cup Of Coffee | Big disasters make the news. The smaller ones may strike closer to home.

4 min video

A short essay on the meaning of climate change

#climatechange #FoodSecurity #coffee #chocolate

Bruce Mirken
4 months ago

Recent data shows the number of Americans without enough to eat has risen by *over one third*. Meanwhile, #Republicans have declared war on free school lunches. #hunger #FoodSecurity