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BC Govt News: Province tackles climate change by reducing single-use plastics in tree planting #Forests

Peter Riley
2 days ago

“Importantly, our results show that logged forest can recover so long as it is not converted to agricultural uses like #palmoil plantation. They also emphasise the need to conserve #biodiversity within undisturbed #forests, so that we can restore it in areas that have already been logged.”

#Malaysia #Sabah #MaluaForestReserve

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"Romania is home to one of the largest and most important old-growth forests left in the world. Its Carpathian mountain chain, which wraps like a seat belt across the country’s middle and upper shoulder, hosts at least half of Europe’s remaining old growth outside Scandinavia and around 70 percent of the continent’s virgin forest.


There’s one obvious, notable beneficiary of this situation: Ikea. The company is now the largest individual consumer of wood in the world, its appetite growing by two million trees a year. According to some estimates, it sources up to 10 percent of its wood from the relatively small country of Romania, and has long enjoyed relationships with mills and manufacturers in the region."

#nature #logging #forests #capitalism

'Contrasting sap flow characteristics between #pioneer and late-#successional #tree species in secondary tropical montane #forests of Eastern Himalaya, India'

#SapFlow #ForestEcology #Ecohydrology #PlantWaterRelations

George Steffanos
3 days ago

Halfway through summer sunset, Scoville Reservoir, Wolcott, Connecticut. August 4, 2019, 8:22 PM. The day is done, but half of Astronomical summer still lies ahead.

#hiking #photography #landscapephotography #hikingadventures #nature #Connecticut #trails #lake #lakes #forests #forest #summertime #summer #August #sunset #sunsets #sunsetcaptures #sunsetphotography

In the deepening twilight of post sunset, we are standing beside a large lake, looking over a tangled thicket of leafy plants and wildflowers. Both this shore and the wooded far shore are mostly silhouetted in the fading light. Beneath a pale blue gray sky, the lingering gold and orange of the sunset tint the horizon and are mirrored on the slightly rippled water below.
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“There’s a line by [the poet] WH Auden written 70 years ago. He says: ‘A culture is no better than its woods.’ Well, we have not looked after our woods well. This is part of the broader war on nature.” #forests #conservation #nature #culture

Alexander J. Stein
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EU: A shift in #diets is key for #health & climate change. #Livestock causes more GHG #emissions than the world’s cars & trucks. #Meat production (esp. #beef) drives #climatechange by emitting #methane & converting tropical #forests for feed production:

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BC Govt News: Remaining fish population protection orders end #Forests

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A two-decade-old experiment in the tropical rainforest of Sabah, Malaysian Borneo, is beginning to reveal that human-assisted restoration of logged forests can increase the speed of an ecosystem’s recovery.

The researchers also found that planting a diverse suite of seedlings, instead of only one species, led in just one decade to greater biomass and forest complexity.

By Jeremy Hance

#News #Conservation #Environment #Forests #Rainforest #Ecosystem

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(Stefan voice) This story has everything!
-big ol trees
-promises and broken trust
-local librarian doin their thing
-sports team identifying w Bad News Bears
-elected calling their operation “smelly”
-off-record negotiations
-climate impacts
-fed legislation but uh oh a gov shutdown?

#forests #climateaction #landuse #greenspace #grassroots #forestrestoration #seattle #airport

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In Eurasian #boreal #forests, #fires are typically surface fires. This contrast with the American boreal forest where crown fires are dominant.

Here a pine mire burnt in 2008 & one burnt in 2008 + 2023, southern Sweden, #fireUrisk meeting, #RISEfr

@ecology @wildfirescience @nature

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BC Govt News: Water restrictions rescinded in Koksilah, Tsolum rivers on Vancouver Island #Forests

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While more trees are important for biodiversity: unless coupled with broad energy diversity/efficiency, they are no more than kindle/fuel for future wildfires and release of carbon.

#StitchedInkMedia #Biodiversity #Politics #Trees #Nature #Science #Climate #ClimateChange #Environment #Renewables #EV #EnergyEfficiency #BillGates #Forests

Rewilding Magazine
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“If you want to restore this, like, ‘primordial’ forest, don’t you also want to restore our relationship with that forest?” he asked.

“Like — what’s your relationship to a transgenic chestnut?”

#trees #foodways #restoration #forests #reciprocity #ecology

Hanson Oak :verified:
1 week ago

In this short (4 min) episode, I dive deep into my library to discover an old journal that chronicled the horrifying last days of a man moving through the deep woods in #Mississippi long ago.

Some creatures are better left alone.

#horror #horrorhub #sunday #history #truestory #nature #horrorfam #horrorart #audiodrama #podcasts #books #science #introduction #fear #photography #forests

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Aha! There you go - #hiking the #NationalForest pathway (Part one of...5?ish).

Enjoy the video trek with me.

Caution: Contains alpacas!

#youtube #leicestershire #walking #countryside #forests

Julian Schrader
2 weeks ago

📣 New Paper:
Remotely sensed tree height and density explain global gliding vertebrate richness

After a night spot lighting for gliders in Australia's amazing tall euc forests we wondered whether glider prefer tall and widely spaced trees and forests in general. Here is the answer :)

#ecology #eucalyptus #forests #tree #conservation #australia

2 weeks ago

After nearly 200 years without a confirmed sighting, a rare Brazilian tree species called the Pernambuco holly has been found in northeastern Brazil.

The team located four trees, two male and two female, in a forest fragment near a sugarcane plantation in the metropolitan region of the city of Recife.

by Liz Kimbrough

#News #Conservation #Environment #Brazil #Plants #EndangeredSpecies #Forests

Robin Applegarth
2 weeks ago

It’s #WorldGratitudeDay! What are you grateful to have in your life?

I’m grateful for #family and #OldGrowth #redwood #forests to walk in. 🌲💚 #naturephotography #nature

Old growth coastal redwood trunk with green branch in a forest, Photo by R Applegarth
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2 weeks ago
The Japan Times
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BC Govt News: Joint statement on deaths of wildfire fighters during travel home #Forests

Greg W.
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Why Healthy #Forests Mean Fewer #Pandemic

COVID-19, SARS, and Ebola—three infectious diseases that spread across national borders since 2002—share one thing in common: They were transmitted to humans from wild animals living in tropical forests, which are losing more than 100 trees per second due to rampant, unsustainable deforestation. It is also important to note that cutting down trees negatively impacts not only biodiversity and human health but the climate:

Primo Natura
2 weeks ago

"Replanting logged tropical forests with a diverse mixture of seedlings can help them regrow more quickly than allowing trees to regenerate naturally, a study has shown."

#Trees #Forests #Environment #Study

Suzanne Rent
2 weeks ago

Today's Morning File by @philmoscovitch includes his interview with Donna Crossland and Nance Ackerman about the new documentary, In the Quiet and the Dark. It's about the people trying to save eastern hemlocks from total devastation.

A very good read.

#NovaScotia #Hemlocks #forests #NanceAckerman #DonnaCrossland

Kai Rüsberg :mastodon:
2 weeks ago

I need your help on the topic of #forests
I am looking for local groups or scientists to explain the state and change of the #forest.
Namely in South #England and Gothenburg/#Göteborg.
Any idea?

2 weeks ago

The overlooked contribution of #trees outside #forests to tree cover and woody #biomass across #Europe

2 weeks ago

New #Forests International Journal on the Biology, Biotechnology, and Management of Afforestation and Reforestation Influence of herbaceous ground cover on forest restoration of eastern US #coal surface #mines
Lots of reforestation papers here!:

Mikko Tuomi
2 weeks ago

For ecologists, tropical #rainforests hold many enigmas.

A single hectare can contain hundreds of #tree #species, far more than in #forests closer to the poles.

Somehow these species coexist in such dizzying abundance that tropical forests can feel like botanical gardens, where every plant is something new.

Because tree seedlings don’t grow as well when close to their parents, more tree species can be packed into high-diversity tropical forests.

#ecology #biology

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BC Govt News: Minister’s statement on National Forest Week #Forests

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#Forests renew themselves naturally. There has been very little #research into how exactly this happens – until now. Researchers at #ETH Zurich and @WSL_research have set themselves the task of solving this puzzle:
*#Competition between trees is one of the driving forces in the natural regeneration of forests - water scarcity intensifies competition.
*In #mixed forests, there is interaction between the different regeneration strategies of the different #tree species

Interesting preprint:

Tree diversity increases forest temperature buffering

"Species richness strengthened the attenuation of hot and of cold macroclimate air temperatures, with the cooling effect being more pronounced"

#microclimate #forests #ecopubs

Global warming is increasing the frequency and intensity of climate extremes. Forests may buffer such extreme events by creating their own microclimate below their canopy via cooling hot and insulating against cold macroclimate air temperatures. This buffering capacity of forests may be increased by tree diversity and may itself maintain forest functioning and biodiversity. However, despite its relevance for many ecosystem processes, the effect of tree diversity on temperature buffering is largely unexplored. Here, we show that tree species richness consistently increases forest temperature buffering across daily, monthly, and annual scales over six years. This finding is based on data from a large-scale tree diversity experiment covering a species richness gradient of 1 to 24 tree species. We found that species richness strengthened both components of forest temperature buffering: the attenuation of hot and of cold macroclimate air temperatures, with the cooling effect being more pronounced. The buffering effect of tree species richness was mediated by canopy density and structural diversity, assessed as leaf area index and stand structural complexity index, respectively. Safeguarding and planting diverse forests may thus mitigate negative effects of global warming and climate extremes on ecosystem functions and communities below the tree canopy.
3 weeks ago

Coalition For The Poudre River Watershed [Northern Colorado]
-- <-- link to their page
-- <-- web map
“CPRW partners with landowners, government agencies, water utilities, and non-profits to collaboratively address some of the most challenging issues facing our watershed. Together, we identify the biggest problems, use science and expert input to prioritize where our projects will have the most impact and then together, we implement actions on the ground that will protect our rivers, communities, and water supply…”
#GIS #spatial #mapping #webmap #watershed #ecosystem #communityengagement #PoudreRiver #Colorado #NoCo #water #hydrology #volunteer #erosion #wildlife #rivers #forests #communityoutreach #wildfire #fire #CameronPeakFire #recovery #mitigation #ecosystemrestoration #ecosystembuilding #waterresources #waterresourcemanagement #watersupply

Elokapina – XR Finland
3 weeks ago


Join #Elokapina - #ExtinctionRebellion #Finland's Forest Rebellion. Forest Rebellion starts 15.9., and continues to October and November.

From our webpage you'll find info about participation and trainings. Please join. You are needed!

#Climate #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #Forests #CarbonSinks #Biodiversity #Nature


Grateful Dread
3 weeks ago
Lukas VF Novak
3 weeks ago

When lush deciduous #forests covered the #Arctic paper:

"The forests existed due to the conditions in the #Eocene—a combination of a greenhouse #climate and almost twice the level of #CarbonDioxide in the #atmosphere as there is today. However, the same extreme light conditions prevailed in these regions of high latitude—permanent darkness for months on end in winter and a sun that never set in summer"

Well preserved fossil leaf
Lukas VF Novak
3 weeks ago

#Warming trends will likely result in major disturbances of networks of forest #fungi

#ClimateChange–induced stress disrupts #ectomycorrhizal interaction networks at the boreal–temperate ecotone

"composition of ectomycorrhizal #fungal species changes dramatically with climate change. Specifically ... a shift from species common in mature #forests w/ high #biomass #mycelium towards low biomass species found in highly disturbed #ecosystems."

Amanita muscaria, an example of an ectomycorrhizal fungus
Petra van Cronenburg
4 weeks ago

One of the #nativePlants that I have missed for 2 yrs: Polygonatum odoratum, Salomon's seal
On the Red List with "least concern", it was quite common as a wayside plant in #forests on the foothills of the Northern #Vosges and in #gardens. This plant likes warmth and drier soils and should be adaptable. I observe that it retreats higher and higher up the mountains, in my garden it disappears with the spring heat: it has become too dry. #climatecrisis #drought #biodiversity

The Japan Times
4 weeks ago

Corporations relying on carbon credits to support their green claims now face "robust and credible” proof that the vast majority of such securities aren’t fit for purpose, according to a study. #environment #resources #carbon #emissions #forests

4 weeks ago

I did some visualizations for a presentation on the topic of forest disturbances and ALS data. Combining two of my favourite R packages, *lidR* and *rayrender*.

#rstats #lidar #forests #lidR #rayrender

Top canopy view of beech stand rendered from ALS data
Below canopy view of beech stand with detected deadwood rendered from ALS data
Ariel Kroon
1 month ago

Sustainable Waterloo Region Microforest Program is looking for new places to #plant #microforests. "With increasing support, we are on the lookout for land to plant on in Spring and Fall of 2024."

They're specifically looking for: -Min 50msq; Non-developable & unused; Access to a water source; Relatively flat; At least 3m away from roadways; Pref areas that are mown/grown grasses or soil

@waterlooregion #trees #forests #land #sustainability

1 month ago

Extreme El Niño Can "Switch Off" South America’s Forest Carbon Sink

Tropical #forests can help to mellow the impact of #ClimateChange by acting as a #carbon sink, sucking up more carbon from the atmosphere than they pump out. However, new research has suggested that a powerful #ElNiño event managed to "switch off" this ability in the forests in #SouthAmerica, which raises some worrying possibilities for the future.

#ClimateScience #ClimateCrisis

The landscape of Cocora Valley at Salento, among the coffee zone of Colombia.
Michael Cervieri
1 month ago

monitoring tree die-offs:

"Even people who are really knowledgeable and who have a lot of experience out in the field were surprised to see how fast these forests were going down the drain."

#trees #forests #climate #ecology #science

1 month ago

Dead #trees around the world are shocking scientists. #Forests once deemed #resilient are suffering surprising die-offs. To predict the fate of the world’s #woods in the face of #climatechange, researchers need to understand how trees die. #dought #ClimateCrisis #insects #weather #heat #water

A new tool in the fight to save the planet?

Many democracies do, in theory, guarantee their citizens the #right to clean #air, #water, #farmland, #forests and other #natural #resources.

The idea of getting #judges to enforce this guarantee in more places is not unreasonable. Governments would merely be held to promises they’ve already made.

The Montana ruling, for instance, rests on an explicit promise in the state’s constitution

(And a 6th-century Roman doctrine.)

1 month ago

Fading forests
The Amazon, the Congo or Australia – it's the same story

"Many ecologists say that the selective logging permitted by the Forest Code is often not sustainable. That’s because the trees that are removed are generally slow-growing species with dense wood, whereas the species that grow back have less-dense wood, so they absorb less carbon in the same space. And few companies follow the requirements for selective logging, such as limiting road construction or the number of trees cut...About 90% of selective logging in the Amazon is estimated as illegal, and therefore doesn’t follow any of these procedures."
#forests #logging #roads #degradation #deforestation #CarbonEmissions #climate

Robin Applegarth
1 month ago

A fairy ring of young #redwoods surrounding a larger stump.
#forests #mendocinocoast #california

Ring of young redwood trees
The Japan Times
1 month ago

Major Japanese paper manufacturers are developing a new wood fiber material that could help promote decarbonization and reduce the use of plastics. #business #forests #renewables #tech #carparts

The Japan Times
1 month ago

In Syria's north, a spike in illegal logging due to 12 years of conflict along with the effects of climate change have eroded what was once a lush forest to dispersed trees and decimated trunks. #worldnews #society #syria #forests #environment #climatechange #poverty

Rewilding Magazine
1 month ago

“I don’t believe we have the right to control nature. We work with it from a place of responsibility, respect and reciprocity.

"This means that every time we do something in the forest, we ask, ‘What is in the best interest of animals, plants, soil, water, air and humans?’

"Humans are in that circle, but we are just one of the spokes in the wheel.”

#forestry #forests #wildfires #biodiversity #california #

1 month ago

A Paris Agreement for nature?

Sydney will be the host for the first Global N a t u r e P o s i t i v e Summit in early October 2024. It is is concerned with the financialisation of biodiversity ecosystems.

"The “Nature Positive” agenda promotes the financialisation of nature – that there is a monetary value to nature, that this dollar figure could define all that nature means to us, and that we can start trading plots of nature like tokens and feeding into an ecosystem service that only benefits some people, in particular economies."

“The decision makers for all of this would be the exact same industry players and politicians who are destroying nature for profit now. Nature Positive” would be a bag of tricks for them to d i s t r a c t, d e f e r , and o b s c u r e their h a r m for n a t u r e : “destroying your forest is okay, because we’re not destroying someone else’s.” This is not only greenwashing, it is dangerous."

"The Global Biodiversity Framework agreed to by 196 countries at the United Nations biodiversity conference last year was described as the ‘Paris agreement for nature’. It set a target of US$200 billion per year of funding to be spent on nature repair by 2030...The Summit will highlight how clear and consistent rules will enable businesses to invest in and measure projects that repair nature."
“Turning the tide like this, from nature destruction to nature repair, will require a mighty global effort, Plibersek said."

#biodiversity #destruction #nature #Sydney #greenwashing #spin #forests #StopLogging #NativeForest #NSW #NaturePositive #EcosystemService #ecosystems #CashCow #extinction #biodiversity #BusinessAsUsual

1 month ago

Rivers in the Sky: How Deforestation Is Affecting Global Water Cycles

"The water that a single tree transpires daily has a cooling effect equivalent to two domestic air conditioners for a day."

"Forests moderate local climate by keeping their local environments cool. They do this partly by shading the land, but also by releasing moisture from their leaves. This process, called transpiration, requires energy, which is extracted from the surrounding air, thus cooling it. A single tree can transpire hundreds of liters of water in a day. Each hundred liters has a cooling effect equivalent to two domestic air conditioners for a day..."
#Forests #deforestation #logging #Australia #NSW #BellingenLogging #GNKP #trees #biodiversity #climate #Droughts #bushfires #risks

1 month ago

Minister told that beef producers aren’t a deforestation risk

"The Wilderness Society found that beef production was linked to 66 per cent of land clearing in Queensland in 2019-20 in areas where 342 federally listed threatened species were known or likely to live."

"The European Parliament has imposed tough environmental rules on imports that focus on stopping land clearing and forest loss in the countries that supply it with agricultural goods."

“Australia is one of the world’s deforestation hot spots,” Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek

"Australia is a signatory to the Glasgow leaders’ Declaration on Forests and Land Use and is committed to halting forest loss by 2030."

How the Glasgow Declaration on Forests can help keep alive the 1.5 °C target
#trade #trust #EU #Australia #savannah #forests #thinning #deforestation #logging #biodiversity #climate #meat #beef #WordGames #denial

NEW TRAIL GUIDE: Mount Donyan (東眼山)

This beautiful trail in Taoyuan’s Fuxing District takes you up to the summit of Mount Dongyan via some incredibly pretty forest footpaths.


🧭 A little under 4km.

🕒 2½ to 3½ hours. I spent a little over three hours on this trail, but stopped quite a lot to enjoy the quiet.

🚶‍♀️3/10 difficulty level for regular Taiwan hiker. Some elevation gain, but getting to the park will be the biggest hurdle for most people.

🚶‍♀️4-5/10 difficulty level for a new Taiwan hiker. For elevation gain, uneven (sometimes slippery surfaces), and the challenge of making your way to the park.

⛰ Almost 300 metres.

💦 I was fine with just 0.5L on a cool autumn day. There’s a hot and cold water dispenser at the starting/ending point of the trail, so it’s easy to top up is if you run out.

☀️ This walk is shaded more or less from start to finish.

☎️ Mobile coverage here is pretty clear the whole way.

🥰 As well being able to tick one of the Xiao Bai Yue off of your list, this is a lovely walk in its own right. Even if you don’t get to enjoy the view at the top, the forest scenery is top-class.

🧣It’s worth noting that due to its elevation, the weather in the park is generally quite a bit cooler than the weather in the cities. Check the local forecast before you go and plan accordingly.

📄 No permit required, but there is an entry fee to visit the park.

🚌This route is accessible by public transport. (Details included in the full blog.)

#Taiwan #Hiking #nature #forests #Travel #ForestBathing #台灣 #walking

Palm Oil Detectives
1 month ago

#News: Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) study finds #palmoil will cause 2.5 million hectares loss of #Indian #forests by 2030. Also that oil palm does not store as much #carbon as forests, which raises concerns about #climatechange #Boycottpalmoil

Pictured: Dhole. #News: Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) study finds #palmoil will cause 2.5 million hectares loss of #Indian #forests by 2030. Also that oil palm does not store as much #carbon as forests, which raises concerns about #climatechange #Boycottpalmoil
#News: Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) study finds #palmoil will cause 2.5 million hectares loss of #Indian #forests by 2030. Also that oil palm does not store as much #carbon as forests, which raises concerns about #climatechange #Boycottpalmoil
Pictured: Leopard #News: Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) study finds #palmoil will cause 2.5 million hectares loss of #Indian #forests by 2030. Also that oil palm does not store as much #carbon as forests, which raises concerns about #climatechange #Boycottpalmoil
Pictured: Pygmy Hog #News: Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) study finds #palmoil will cause 2.5 million hectares loss of #Indian #forests by 2030. Also that oil palm does not store as much #carbon as forests, which raises concerns about #climatechange #Boycottpalmoil
1 month ago

Tropical forests could become so hot that some kinds of leaves will no longer be able to conduct photosynthesis, study

“If we adopt a do-nothing response to climate change and tropical forest air temperatures increase by greater than 4C, there could be massive leaf death, possible tree mortality and species turnover across all tropical forests."

"At least 50% of global CO2 exchange occurs through forest canopies, which act as key regulators of our climate."
#FossilFuels #climate #heatwaves #forests #TropicalForest #biodiversity

Dezene Huber 🌻
1 month ago

The result of massive #fire seasons over the past few decades is that #Canada’s #forests now release extreme amounts of #CO2.

What used to be important carbon sinks are now carbon sources and part of a dangerous #feedback loop.

#ClimateChange #wildfire #CarbonDioxide


A bar graph showing CO2 release from Canada’s forests over the past few decades. 2023 exhibits extreme CO2 source behaviour.
1 month ago

Made a little map / infographic thingy about Scotland's forest parks.

Made with a little #QGIS and a whole lot of #Inkscape

#maps #infographic #scotland #forests #cartography #mapmaking

An infographic / map showing Scotland's forest parks with a short snippet of text about each...

Queen Elizabeth Forest Park
Area: 197km2
Established in 1953, the year of Queen Elizabeth's coronation, the forest park is located within the boundaries of the larger Trossachs and Loch  Lomond National Park, one of Scotland's most popular destinations.

Argyll Forest Park
Area: 212km2
Established in 1935 as the UK's first forest park, it includes the infamous 'Rest and Be Thankful' mountain pass, the 'Arrochar Alps' and Benmore Botanic Gardens.

Galloway Forest Park
Area: 774km2
Scotland's largest forest park is an internationally recognised 'Dark Sky Park' popular with stargazers.  Other attractions include the scenic Glen Trool area.

Tweed Valley Forest Park
Area: 64km2
Scotland's newest forest park, established in 2002, includes Glentress, an award winning mountain biking centre. The park also includes many iron age fort settlements.

Tay Forest Park
Area: 194km2
Located in Highland Perthshire, between the popular tourist towns of Pitlochry, Dunkeld and Aberfeldy, the park is home to the 'Queen's View', one of the most iconic viewpoints in Scotland.

Glenmore Forest Park
Area: 36km2
The northernmost park includes ancient Caledonian pine forests, established after the last ice age, and Loch Morlich with its famous sandy beaches and mountain backdrop.
George Steffanos
2 months ago

🧵 1/3
40 years ago today: The highlight of my day occurred when I brilliantly attempted to cross a bog bridge at full speed in the rain. Bog bridges are wooden walkways built across muddy areas to prevent heavy hiker traffic from tearing up fragile wetlands. This one was constructed of split tree trunks with the flat side up.

⬇️ Thread in comments

#backpacking #hiking #outdoors #landscapephotography #Massachusetts #nature #forests #mountains #AppalachianTrail #adventure #trails #hikingtrails

It is raining. We are crossing a swampy area with water grasses, moss and shrubs growing from ground covered with several inches of standing water on low wooden bog bridges. The swamp is surrounded by the tree trunks of a dry land forest.
2 months ago

Insect-eating bats prefer cocoa farms that retain large, old-growth trees that mimic the natural forest conditions.

New research found higher abundance and diversity of bats on farms with 65% or greater shade cover — still common on cocoa farms in places like Cameroon, but rare in major cocoa-producing areas of Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire.

by Sean Mowbray

#News #Conservation #Environment #Wildlife #Forests

Euan Mason
2 months ago

@JulianOliver Yeah. Fossil fuels have allowed us to destroy our #forests and #ecosystems while delaying the consequences. Non-fossil-powered civilisations would have long since fallen. There are so many historical examples.

The importance of our forests and soils.
“In the face of the twin crises of climate change and biodiversity collapse, we need forests that are resilient and diverse. Soil organisms are critical allies in this endeavour.”
#Forests #Soils #Canada #ClimateChange #Environment

George Steffanos
2 months ago

🧵 1/5
40 years ago today: The southern portion of the Taconic Mountain Range is basically two parallel chains separated by a high central valley. The Appalachian Trail follows the eastern fork. In Connecticut, this consists of a high, wooded plateau called Mount Riga, with the rocky crag of Lions Head rising from its southernmost tip.

⬇️ Thread in comments

#backpacking #hiking #outdoors #landscapephotography #Connecticut #nature #forests #mountains #AppalachianTrail #adventure #trails

We are standing atop cliffs of reddish gray rock looking down into a sun-drenched valley hundreds of feet below. The valley floor is relatively flat, although wooded hills bisect it to our right and others rise in the distance along the entire horizon. Most of the valley floor is wooded, too, but there are several green fields, some houses and a small pond visible. The sky is bright and clear, but rather whitewashed along the horizon, which is the only portion of the sky visible in the photo.
Flipboard Science Desk
2 months ago

America’s forests, excluding Alaska, will start releasing more carbon than they store by 2070, a new report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture states. Science Alert tells us how planting new forests could help, and why that won't be so easy.
#Science #ClimateChange #Forests #Trees

2 months ago

Humans need healthy #forests

Supporting natural #ecosystems is an important tool in the arsenal of strategies we will need to combat #ClimateChange. But land ecosystems will never be able to absorb the quantity of carbon released by fossil fuel burning. Rather than be lulled into false complacency by tree planting schemes, we need to cut off emissions at their source and search for additional strategies to remove the carbon that has already accumulated in the atmosphere.

Pinky Floyd
2 months ago

The #Brazilian president, Luiz Inácio Lula da #Silva, has told developed countries to put their money where their mouth is when it comes to protecting the world’s remaining tropical #forests, as major rainforest nations demanded hundreds of #billions of dollars of climate financing and a greater role in how those resources are spent.
2 months ago

According to a draft contract seen by Mongabay, Liberia may sign away the rights to nearly 10% of its total land mass to a United Arab Emirates-based firm for carbon offset development.

The firm is owned by Ahmed Dalmook Al Maktoum, the youngest member of Dubai’s royal family and an investor in energy projects across Africa and the Middle East.

By Ashoka Mukpo

#News #Conservation #Environment #Carbon #ClimateChange #Forests

T. R. Shankar Raman
2 months ago

Dark days ahead for #India's #forests and natural areas as the Central Government moves ahead with amending the Forest #Conservation Act by brazenly weakening its provisions. This will spur enormous damage and destruction and leave vast tracts with no protection. #MastIndia #MastodonIndia

2 months ago

Cameroon’s government is again planning to open a portion of Ebo Forest to logging, despite its status as a refuge for numerous endangered species including gorillas and chimpanzees.

A local leader of the Indigenous Banen community, who have a claim to the territory they were expelled from in the 1950s and 60s, says most Munen are opposed to the move.

By Leocadia Bongben

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Christopher Kyba
2 months ago

My @GFZ colleague @benjaminbrede is also now on Mastodon! Follow him if you're interested in #RemoteSensing of #Forests.

George Steffanos
2 months ago

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40 years ago today: There were some great viewpoints along the trail, but at the cost of some memorably nasty rocks. The descent from Bake Oven Knob into the adjacent gap, where Bake Oven Knob Shelter was located, crossed an old slide covered with loose stones whose sliding days were obviously not yet over.

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We are standing at an outlook along the long flat crest of a mountain looking towards a similar wooded mountain a few miles away. The wooded slopes of our mountain run down towards a valley between the two mountains. The flattish valley floor is mostly green and golden brown farm fields, with a few narrow strips of forest as wind breaks and a handful of visible farm buildings. Through a gap in the other mountain on the left of our picture, we can just make out a similar farming valley in the hazy distance with another line of mountains beyond. The sky is bright and sunny, but very hazy and whitewashed.