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Hey, I'm Johto. Coming to this instance in search of a place here in the #Fediverse.

I'm a huge Linux enthusiast and massive nerd from the Midwest. I play / watch anything that catches my eye.

I play drums and write music, as well as love photography! I will be posting some pics of mine and lyrics / drum takes.

I'm here to just vibe with good people, really. I'll often just say what's on my mind and joke around aha. Don't take what I have to say too seriously.

Mostly posting about #VideoGames #Gaming #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #WWE #AEW #Linux #LinuxGaming #Android #FOSS #RockMusic #Metal #Photography #Nature

Looking forward to meeting some of y'all! 💞

Gif of the Video Game Pokemon Black and White, with the main character standing still in the flowery fields.
François 🇺🇦
4 hours ago

CLAP: The New Audio Plug-in Standard
Bitwig and u-he have released in June 2022 CLAP ("CLever Audio Plug-in API"), the new open standard for audio plug-ins and hosts.

update December 2022:

See supporting software:

#audio #music #musicproduction

Dave Lane 🇳🇿
5 hours ago

@alix both NZ education & health sectors have been divided, conquered, & exploited by foreign proprietary IT vendors. If those sectors banded together & created an *NZ-wide* set of specs, with relevant open standards (surely we could collaborate with other countries who've already made progress on these) for sector IT systems. *All* the software in both domains should be #FOSS & seen as 'digital infrastructure', with dev funded by gov'ts with local dev shops competing to offer related services.

Egberto Fuentes
5 hours ago


He batallado un rato con las nuevas características y me estoy demorando en "agarrarle la onda" a Godot 4. 😓

Por lo pronto estoy explorando el sistema de temas. 🙂

#FOSS #gamedev #indiedev #godotengine

Captura de pantalla el programa Godot 4, muestra la edición de temas para interfaces de usuario.
Jimi Viita-aho
6 hours ago

@hackernews I feel like trying to fix algorithm addiction by avoiding current technology is like trying to lose weight by avoiding food. To my experience, choosing platforms with sensible/healthy algorithms will cure the feeling of addiction

#FOSS platforms are built to actual needs and therefore the developer doesn’t have as strong incentive to use psychological tactics agaisnt the user

With this unproven logic it would make sense to include FOSS in health education

6 hours ago

#Android #Kotlin #FOSS

Would anyone be interested in helping us setup and publish a Kotlin dependency?

Our audio player depends on a library called react-native-track-player, and RNTP depends on a library called KotlinAudio.

We run into problems where we often see PRs created that would fix issues in Podverse, but we have to wait until the RNTP team merges and publishes a new version of KotlinAudio and RNTP.

Ideally we could maintain our own fork, but no one on our team has Kotlin experience

Dave Lane 🇳🇿
7 hours ago

@alex I'm generally offended by the fact that our gov't has allowed a dependence on proprietary MSFT technologies. It's seriously compromised our national sovereignty ( It's negligent governance. Also, if our gov't (as by far NZ's largest IT 'customer') invested in #FOSS options (like NextCloud+OnlyOffice) they'd probably save $ and create a better suited (non-colonising) solution for Aotearoa. If other gov'ts did similar, it'd be the end of US megatech. @alix

7 hours ago

Sonoj Convention 2023 has opened registration!
If you're into FOSS and making noise - that's a great event to meet like-minded people, learn new tools, make friends and memories that last decades :)

I've attended 3 Sonoj events in the past, and - if my health wasn't what it currently is - I'd be going to this one as well.

Entry is free, but registration is needed (limited space).
Where? Cologne, Germany!

#Sonoj #SonojConvention #Sonoj2023 #FOSS #Audio #MusicProduction

8 hours ago

This is what the web application for GifMaker looks like.

Soon a docker container will be ready for you to deploy easily.

#web #coding #python #docker #redis #flask #react #programming #foss #freesoftware #logiciellibre #opensource

Dave Lane 🇳🇿
8 hours ago

@alix the weird thing is that gov't has, from the start, snubbed all the locally-owned, on-shore, commercial cloud initiatives (at least one of them fully open standards-compliant & #FOSS), choosing, instead (at every opportunity so far as I can see) to use foreign-owned, off-shore, proprietary, non-standard solutions that cost the same or more than the domestic options. That does not make sense. The only explanations I can see: ignorance, lobbying, #CPTPPA, or corruption. @jeremy_pm

8 hours ago

Any good recommendations for #FOSS for #task management?

Linux News: arch linux installer gets initial swapfile prototype updated sway profile and more #news #FOSS #linux

Linux News: kdes plasma mobile gets ported to kde frameworks 6 and qt 6 #news #FOSS #linux

Laura M Castro
12 hours ago

In the upcoming months I will be editing a #book, "#OpenSource Horizons", which will address four main topics:
(1) #OpenScience
(2) #PublicAdministration
(3) #SMEs
(4) #Diversity and #gender-perspective

If you have something to say about the challenges and opportunities ahead in #FOSS in any of these areas, and would like to contribute a chapter, get in touch!

Boosts for reach very much appreciated!

Anyone know of any #FOSS #Podcast clients? Specifically ones that supports timestamps? I'm using an iPhone, so PWAs and iOS apps are okay.

I recently cancelled my Spotify subscription, and as a result, need a new Podcast app. The default iOS one doesn't support timestamps and I'm hesitant to sign up to proprietary ones.

If I can't find anything, I'll probably go with Podbay, even if it seems like it's proprietary :/

Linux News: system76 announces new gazelle linux laptop with a 13th gen intel cpu 64gb ram #news #FOSS #linux

14 hours ago

@alexl just curious what your thoughts are on alternatives to #obsidian ? I am trying to find a #FOSS but can’t really find one.

FOSS Surveys
14 hours ago

Would you describe yourself more as a beginner, advanced or professional in the field of #Linux and #foss ?

Boost for more range📶

#survey #poll #polls

Linux News: qt creator 10 open source ide released with llvm 16 support cmake improvements #news #FOSS #linux

15 hours ago

Hey #fosstodon community, I'm looking for a #foss solution for #patchmanagement on a wide variety of devices (Windows, Linux, iOS, MacOS, Android) that makes sense at the scale of small businesses, anyone have any suggestions?

15 hours ago

Kennt ihr Firmen/Freelancer die organisatorische Workflows aus dem Bereich der Software-Entwicklung anderen "nicht-Software" Firmen/Organisationen beibringen? #FOSS #Agile

16 hours ago

TAGN; ThinkingAboutGoodNews,
a cool find, an organized list of #FLOSS, at least in spirit, software and service #alternatives to #bigCorp sites and services.

#software #FOSS #progressive

Patrick Trocki
16 hours ago

Happy @GrapheneOS user :)

Fav #foss @fdroidorg apps:

Aurora Store ( #anonymous Google Play store)
Element (messenger)
ImagePipe (removes metadata from images)
LibreTube (YT client)
Loop Habit Tracker (learn habits)
Mullvad VPN
Orbot (TOR proxy)
OsmAnd~ (navigation)
SimpleLogin (email aliases)
Super Retro Mega Wars (games)
Transportr (public transport)
Tutanota (email)
UntrackMe (remove tracking from links)
Grometrical Weather

Do u have recommendations?
#privacy #security

Apereo Foundation
16 hours ago

Something for #HigherEd to think about?

French Ministry of #Education publishes Digital Strategy recommending various #FOSS applications for use by #teachers for #OnlineLearning. This move is motivated by sovereignty, security, freedom, and community, which shows how much progress has been made in the understanding of #OpenSource, compared to older discussions that focussed on the budgetary benefits.

#OSS #EdTech #OpenEdTech #ELearning #HIgherEducation

Linux News: blender 3 5 released with new sculpting feature light sampling and more #news #FOSS #linux

Apereo Foundation
17 hours ago

Something for #HigherEd to think about?

Dutch Minister for Digitalisation announced the creation of a national #OpenSource Programme Office (#OSPO) to look at technical issues and also cultural and organizational issues of #FOSS, specifically highlighting a need to change the culture of closedness that currently exists in public administrations, despite civil servants’ best efforts.

#EdTech #Educause #EdTechChat #DigitalTransformation

17 hours ago

I hope this tweet will bring a lot of people on the fediverse. #foss #fediverse #mastodon #misskey #decentralization #twitter

17 hours ago

I wonder if people can engage in this #4opens process (#4opens is a completely obverse “social” restating of the #FOSS development process, with the adding back of #openprocess which we have lost with the use of encrypted chat over the last ten years).

Rocky Carr
19 hours ago

FOSStastic apps are everywhere! Here are some of the cool projects I’ve come across during my journey into #Linux and #OpenSource software. Please #support your favorite projects!

Next up: Upscayl - A free and open source AI image upscaler.

I tried it on a couple of blurry old family photos, and the results are just FANTASTIC!

#FOSS #fosstodon

Jae 🐧 🎮
19 hours ago

The beauty of #FOSS for me is like, if something isn't it for ya, that's almost a good thing! Finding and discovering software *should* and can be fun.

EXE hunting is silly. Popping open discover on #KDE and finding my favorite solution for my current problem? That. Is. Titties. #Linux #OpenSource

Il Prof. Angelo Raffele Meo ( ha scritto una lettera al Governo per raccomandare l'utilizzo di software libero nelle scuole italiane, anche ricorrendo ai fondi del #PNRR

Si chiede di rinunciare all'utilizzo di software proprietario dei #GAFAM a favore di soluzioni #opensource

La lettera può essere sottoscritta da chiunque e si trova qui:


22 hours ago

​:mogus:​ #linux #foss #mogus

Download open published books using API.

OpenBooksDownloader uses the API to help users download any open published book that is available on the website. After downloading a book, users can add tags to it and sort it properly. Downloaded books are saved inside the download directory on the user's phone and can be accessed from there, or opened from the app with their favorite PDF reader.

Download :

#foss #android #OpenSource

23 hours ago

There's a few videographers whose published works I tend to keep somewhat abreast of.

Rob Braxman is one, Brodie Robertson another, and this kewl little intro to I2P from @RTP is a brief, enjoyable and easy to digest tour of the #I2P namespace and network with simple onboarding for n00bs too.,-free-anonymous:9

Oh... There's a common denominator amongst these three video producers...

They're all on #LBRY, or #Odyssee, of you prefer - same difference 😎

#tallship #privacy #FOSS


1 day ago

I just ordered our new weather station. It's the Ecowitt GW1101, with also 4 soil moisture sensors (1 for glasshouse, 1 for vege garden, and 2 for our citrus trees in pots), and 1 PM2.5 air quality sensor. Hubby is already planning our data capture set up.

#weatherstation #FOSS

Jo Alchin
1 day ago
#Elon keeps ensuring the growth of the #Fediverse. #Mastodon sign-ups spike again. #FOSS #socialmedia
For the past 6 hours, there's been 2,000+ Mastodon account creations per hour.
This hasn't happened since December 2022.
# predicted that
Elon Musk's new Twitter Blue policies would result in another Mastodon migration, and it looks like he's right.
Once Twitter effectively becomes "pay to play", Mastodon suddenly becomes more appealing.
Tyrone Slothrop
1 day ago

Welchen Text-Editor will mensch denn heute unter macOS nutzen?

Ich will damit hauptsächlich Notizen und Texte in Markdown erstellen, aber nicht programmieren.

Eine Markdown Preview-Funktion wäre nett. Da gibt’s doch bestimmt was in #FOSS.

Was könnt ihr mir empfehlen?

Jae 🐧 🎮
1 day ago

#Introduction - #Pinned

Hey, I'm Johto. Coming to this instance in search of a fresh start here in the #Fediverse. Looking for a new social life in this digital world we share.

I'm a huge Linux enthusiast and massive nerd from the Midwest. I play / watch anything that catches my eye. I live to have fun and as comfy as possible

I'm here to just vibe with good people, really. I'll often just say what's on my mind and joke around aha. Don't take what I have to say too seriously.

Mostly posting about #VideoGames #Gaming #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #WWE #AEW #Linux #LinuxGaming #Android #FOSS

Looking forward to meeting some of y'all! 💞

Boiling Steam
1 day ago
1 day ago

Ubuntu Cinnamon Joins the Official Flavor Family

Are you looking for a fresh take on the Ubuntu desktop? The final piece in the Ubuntu mosaic has been added, and Cinnamon is now an official flavor.

#linux #opensource #foss #ubuntu

Devin Prater
1 day ago

My greatest contribution to #OpenSource so far has been trying to follow the #documentation, failing, and then fixing the documentation. #FOSS #docs #rtfm

Open Source JobHub
1 day ago

From the #OSJobHub Blog: Google Summer of Code 2023 applications are due April 4. Apply and contribute to open source projects like @libreoffice #DjangoSoftwareFoundation and more #GSoC #OpenSource #projects #developer #FOSS #intern #SummerOfCode #Google

close-up image of the left side of a computer keyboard with colorful keys
Peter Kraume :typo3:
1 day ago

🗳️ I have just made my choice for the TYPO3 Association Board and BCC Elections 2023 ✅

2 days ago

[Full-time] Innovation Engagement Specialist - Eastern and Southern Africa Hub- REMOTE at Humanitarian OpenStreetMaps Team (HOT) #fossjobs #GetFediHired #foss

Jack C.
2 days ago

It feels like every day I get comfier with #Manjaro and #KDE as my operating system setup of choice. I see posts about issues with #Windows 11 and have absolutely no desire to go back. I've even dipped a toe into making my own packages to automate installation of binaries that aren't in the AUR. It might not be as widespread as it should be, but for me #linux on the desktop is here to stay.

#opensource #operatingsystem #foss #archlinux

2 days ago

Bitte auch gegenüber Nicht-Autoritären Staaten prüfen!
Denn staatliche Haltungen ändert sich durchaus mal schnell.
Im Übrigens sind auch die USA zum Teil autoritär - und sei es nur bei der Durchsetzung ihrer Gesetze auch auf anderen Staatsgebieten: #cloudact
Und von den USA beziehen wir 90%(!!!) unserer IT. Daher auch mal bei "Freunden" kritisch prüfen. Und dann entsprechend handeln!
#foss #europa #IT #homemade

Collabora Office
2 days ago

We've seen many great talks at the first part of the Technical Day at the #COOLdays.

Join the stream for more Lighning Talks on #CollaboraOnline 📹

#cool_dev #opensource #foss

2 days ago

Vanilla OS Announces Major Shift, Moving from Ubuntu to Debian

Vanilla OS is shaking things up with a move from Ubuntu to Debian Sid. Learn what led the developers to make this decision.

#linux #opensource #foss #ubuntu #debian #vanillaos

2 days ago

Exciting news! 📣 #OpenAndroidInstaller v0.4.2-beta is out with support for #OnePlus One (bacon) and many improvements and fixes! Thank you @MagicLike for your contribution! Check out the release notes for more details. #Android #LineageOS #customROM #foss

Preparation screen of the OpenAndroidInstaller version 0.4.2-beta.

@leigh That seems accurate and in-line with what I see, mostly about #security and #FOSS peeps. Although, #infosec peeps I was following on the other site, who had 6 figures number of followers seem to have a hard time interacting over here. Public figure syndrome? :thinking_fire:​

Roni Laukkarinen
2 days ago

I use Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS and Linux. I use GUI and command line. I have quit Twitter and Facebook, although I have dummy accounts there.

I use Telegram, Signal and IRC instead of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

I protect myself from tracking with VPN, AdGuard, Portmaster, hblock, NextDNS and HTTPS filtering. I use ungoogled and libre software as much as I can.

In today's Internet the awareness is the key. You know you're being used and tracked so do something about it. But I myself am not willing to stop using a product just because it's for-profit, has evil corporate behind it. If it's beneficial to me I'm going to exploit the hell out of it in my benefit. I'm not here to make a change, I'm here to live. For now.

Some people just want to see the world burn. I'm something in between.

#WalledGardens #Tracking #Internet #Thoughts #OpenSource #FOSS #FLOSS #Products #Apps #Software

Elliot hacker from the TV show Mr. Robot, portrayed by Rami Malek. A pale man with hoodie, a computer store badge in the chest with the text "Mr. Robot".
Leigh Honeywell
2 days ago

Of the folks I interacted with on the bird site, I'm noticing these migration patterns:

* #security peeps have mostly moved over here, primarily to and a few to hachyderm or self-hosting
* dev & #FOSS folks have migrated en masse, primarily to hachyderm and self-hosting
* science fiction friends have mostly made the jump
* journalists are a mix - lots of folks cross-posting and lots still posting "write-only" over there, but lots still engaging too
* my #LGBTQ peeps are active in both places
* disability advocacy friends are still over there; a few #ADHD peeps are over here
* DEI type folks have depressingly mostly not moved here, but to LinkedIn
* founders & VCs have almost entirely _not_ moved
* housing/urbanist types mostly haven't moved, especially Canadians

Curious how that lines up with what others are seeing, especially among groups I haven't listed (those happen to be the groups I personally interact with – curious about your personal equivalents!)

#twittermigration #fediverse

Jan C. Borchardt 🦆
3 days ago

@preya @miri64 @lontrachen and lastly – and I can not stress this enough – if you really think "Nextcloud is the single most important #FOSS project", then one of the most important contributions one can do to open source is to stay friendly no matter what. A quickly posted funny meme hurts contributors more than you think, and it does not motivate people whatsoever to fix things, but leads to the opposite. FOSS has enough to do fighting against the GAMAMs, no infighting needed. Thanks ❤️

💡 This week would be a perfect week to #GiveUpGitHub.

☣️ #GitHub is the #Twitter of software development, creators of the most enticing proprietary walled garden ever made for #FOSS developers.

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource #EUOpenSource #FOSDEM

GitHub "Octocat" mascot holding a bag with a "$" sign, and the other hand crushing blue words "USER RIGHTS".

Here's another curious poll... :blobthinkingsmirk: Experienced Linux users! Which advance distro do you use on a daily basis? :linux: (sorry for having a bit too much hashtags)

#linux #archlinux #gentoo #voidlinux #distro #poll #endeavouros #guix #slackware #nixos #foss #redhat #debian #rhel

Boris Vulikh
4 days ago

Docker are no longer sunsetting the Free Team plan.
Sound like outstanding news for #foss

4 days ago

We just moved all our container images from #DockerHub to #GHCR. Thanks to Docker Hub for supporting us all these years for free, but #FOSS need strong and reliable partners. More details at'

My #Introduction is long overdue :BlobCatMelt:

I'm Asahi 95, I have 95 in my name cause it refers to Windows 95 :windows: (idk the reason why I chose it tho :blobcatderpy: )

I'm a #Linux/ #FOSS/ #Fediverse advocate and I'm also conscious of #privacy too

Learning how to code so I can contribute to FOSS

I joined the Fediverse because I wanted to get away from centralised services 🔒

That's pretty much it about me, I'm looking forward to interact with more people on the Fediverse and beyond!

TheEvilSkeleton :silverblue:
5 days ago

New article! "How to Propose Features to GNOME"

After 2-3 months of research, I can finally rest :)

#GNOME #FOSS #Linux #GNU #OpenSource #Features

Alex Standiford :wordpress:
6 days ago

I want to make Underpin something that I can share with others better, and something that others feel comfortable with using. And that starts with taking ownership of the code, stabilizing it, and documenting it.

#php #Underpin #WordPress #openSource #foss

6 days ago

@jancborchardt @miri64 @lontrachen See this older toot for more examples ( Let me repeat this again: Nextcloud is the single most important #FOSS project – it NEEDS to be good, stable, fast, reliable but currently it's none of these. PLEASE for the whole community, get your priorities straight and start an initiative to focus on long-standing bugs for a couple of months, before you add new features.

@aral @EU_Commission

#Github is an important one that's missing on the #Microsoft entry.

Looks so deceptively open to the naive eye, but is a huge trap of walled garden lock-in, esp. with all the stuff that's being added right now to this all-pervasive platform.

#FreeYourCode or otherwise #GiveUpGithub I'd say to all the many governmental institutions in the #EU that are considering it in their - well-meant - efforts to move towards #FOSS. Before the next problem is at your doorstep.

Rodion Borisov
6 days ago

Here's my favorite talk on #CreativeFreedomSummit - "Freelancing with Free Software" by @ryangorley!

It's about doing #freelance works as a #FOSS agency and why they, and you as well, don't need proprietary packages when there are #libre alternatives without imposing a risk of development and support lock-in. Answering top audience questions.

@Krita @blender @GIMP @inkscape @penpot @kdenlive @darktable @nextcloud @cloudron @freehive #Scribus #Syncthing #FLOSS #VideoEditing

6 days ago

A great privacy-friendly alternative to #SmallPDF and #AdobeScan is this "Pdf Doc Scan" it has no internet access and only 2 permissions (one by itself), it's free and works perfectly. No limits. No account needed. #privacy #datasecurity #foss #android

#ChatGPT conversation histories leaked:

Can you guess who or what does Sam Altman from #OpenAI blame for it?

"A bug in an open source library."

Yup. #FLOSS is great for #OpenAI as a way to build on somebody else's code, and as a way to train their models on somebody else's code. But as soon as shit hits the fan, it *will* get thrown under the bus.

Wanna *bet* it's not an #AGPL library? SV hypercapitalists keep away from those!

#FOSS #InfoSec

Fiona Krakenbürger
1 week ago

Good news in #FOSS anyone?

Our application platform is now open! 🚀

We welcome subsmissions from projects that seek support for Open Source Infrastructure in the public interest.

Would you like to see support for a specific library, developer tool or any other critical open source component? Please let us know!

TheEvilSkeleton :silverblue:
1 week ago

First release of Tuba, a GTK4+libadwaita client for Mastodon (formerly known as Tooth) by @GeopJr!

They're also publishing it on Flathub:

#GNOME #libadwaita #GTK #FOSS #release
1 week ago


And how many clever #Startups did we see that loudly claimed they'd soon launch the Killer #SocialMedia platform?

Only to bitterly fail after a while.

#Fediverse went super slowly in how it emerged. It took years. But these years were needed to get a great #culture between fedizens around the world come about.

All the while #FOSS principles and values drove software development, and with no monetary incentives, the human side was kept within focus while doing so. We're human-scale.

#FOSS community is so focused on tech concerns, that it often loses sight of non-technical objectives. #Fediverse is a perfect example.

Ask yourself: What's the key defining quality leading to success of our fedi?

Well, no. Though they're important, it isn't #ActivityPub or #Mastodon.

👉 "It's the #Culture, stupid!"

All our #grassroots efforts to slowly get where we currently are, created favorable conditions for true #Social to emerge.

And NOW we must protect that!

Tim Erickson, @stpaultim
1 week ago

If you would like to build a website with an opensource CMS that is more powerful than #Wordpress and easier to use than #Drupal, consider participating in Backdrop LIVE this Friday.

Our Backdrop for Beginners series of sessions will cover the basics of working with Backdrop CMS.

* Content Types and Fields
* Views
* Layouts

Cost = Any sized donation to project.

#BackdropCMS #FOSS #CMS

Yarmo 🕊
1 week ago

Releasing #FediWax 😎

Make #fediverse threads easier to read!


Needed a small break from the usual work so decided to make a small side project today — learned a fair bit of typescript in the process.

My fediverse usage has greatly diminished due the sheer numbers of replies making interesting conversations difficult to read. Hopefully this helps a bit with this 😊

Made for desktop, works pretty well on phone

Enjoy! #foss

Endless OS Foundation
1 week ago

You’ve probably heard that GNOME 44 is out, but did you know many talented folks from the Endless OS Foundation helped make it happen? Read all about it in Will’s latest blog post:

Standout mentions:
• GNOME Software performance improvements 🚀
• Background apps in GNOME Shell 👻
• Improved password screen in initial setup 🔑

Read the blog for more!


1 week ago

Ich glaube, wenn mein neuer kleiner Heimserver fertig ist, dann werde ich einen eigenen Mailserver aufsetzen.

Nur um auch sagen zu können „Macht es einfach nicht selbst, es macht keinen Spaß“.

Bitte in einem Wort: Was ist eure lieblings-selfhostig-mailserver-software?

#mail #mailserver #opensource #foss #floss #selfhosting #hosting

FOSS Governance Collection
1 week ago

So, what #FOSS projects, languages, communities, or non-profits should we follow?