@m0bi13 @ftdl Wydaje mi się, że operowanie konkretnymi kwotami (zebranymi i tymi które są potrzebne) może lepiej przekonać ludzi niż... no właśnie brak konkretów.
Mnie osobiście bardzo odpowiada coś takiego jak na #fosstodon czyli aktualizowane raz na miesiąc zestawienie poniesionych kosztów i aktualny stan wpłat: . Dodatkowo tam jeszcze można zobaczyć jaka kwota wpływa przez wpłaty cykliczne czyli (+/-) jaki procent budżetu jest w miarę stabilny.
3 days ago

does anyone have a #fosstodon #invite link to DM me? I miss that instance 🥲

#linux #foss #floss

4 days ago

The new #Fosstodon mobile web UI from the #Mastodon update is nice.

1 week ago

Now that #Fosstodon has updated to #Mastodon 4.2, I made my public posts #searchable! If you're comfortable doing so, I encourage you to as well. It will make finding your posts via the search function much easier.

nosh :fosstodon: (ʘ‿ʘ)
1 week ago

Yaay Search Enabled 👏🏽

This is huge people!

Space Karen should eat his heart out, thanks to him mastodon is better than ever. 😂

Just enabled search on my public toots in the settings on Fosstodon.


How to include your public toots in search results.
Shawn Hooper (he/him)
1 week ago

Every time I open #fosstodon media fails to load. A hard refresh on the page fixes it. This is consistently repeatable:

1. Closing the browser or rebooting does nothing
2. Clearing cookies/local storage on the fosstodon domain doesn't resolve it.

How do you fix this permanently?

Justine Smithies
1 week ago

Is it just me or am I not the only person seeing the number of re toots or likes on posts unless I click on the post to view it ??
#Mastodon #Fosstodon

Aaron Rainbolt
2 weeks ago

@fosstodon I get the new invite-only changes, but as someone who just recently joined via the signup form, this makes me feel like an unwelcome intruder on the instance. It would have been nice to have known in advance that this server wasn't so happy with it's speed of growth.

Keeping a server private or only allowing it to be open to a very small group makes sense and is good. Opening a server up to everyone and then closing it down later leaves bad feelings.


2 weeks ago

@cryptpad Having kind and friendly neighbours always makes life way more happy, fun, better overall. We like it here 🥰 #Fosstodon #libresoftware

Happy you like the new releases. They carry huge improvements, even 5.0.2 vs. 5.0 is a change worth updating immediately.

w0rmh0le Live!
2 weeks ago

We're live, come join us!

Nvidia GPU Encoding Test

#fosstodon #gaming #programming #music

Live stream preview
2 weeks ago

You're an open-source project on Fosstodon (or anywhere else) and need a boost?

Tell us! :)
#opensource #fosstodon

2 weeks ago

Is it silly that I seriously considered changing to another Mastodon server just to get access to additional #emojos? 🙈 Drooling for the options in #wikisworld and #fosstodon (though I'd probably go way overboard with them anyway). Btw, hat tip to for the excellent emojo browsing service!

2 weeks ago

#developers on #Fosstodon and the FediVerse:
I use #meshcentral as my production RMM in my IT small biz.

The issue's pattern: you have a #cloudflare DNS service routing traffic to your Meshcentral instance, often behind an #nginx reverse proxy. The main website works, but the remote connections start failing half the time. Now they always fail at a 0 sec timeout.

It seems caused by a change in cloudflare likely with #websockets but possibly #ssl certs?
Thoughts on this?

Nicd (EN)
3 weeks ago Welcome to our life. Whenever someone says that machine translation is good enough nowadays (thinking of the recent #Fosstodon debacle), I sigh internally.

w0rmh0le Live!
3 weeks ago

We're live, come join us!

Learn Functional Programming with Elixir | Nightride FM - Horrorsynth

#fosstodon #gaming #programming #music

Live stream preview

#Fosstodon recently had the whole English-only drama and now it has become an invite-only exclusive club, which not only feels very non-inclusive but also reminds me too much of #bluesky. I feel like it's time I moved to a different instance. Any recommendations? Is a good choice?

3 weeks ago

While I was busy playing digital nomad, I completely missed that #Fosstodon has gone Invite Only:

How do we feel about that? 🤔

Steven Braun
3 weeks ago

I don’t really see how #fosstodon going invite only is in line with the FOSS mentality.

Hey guys, if anyone wants an invite to #fosstodon, I can do that for you (I think. I'd have to figure it out)

📣 We're leaving Twitter for Mastodon's Fosstodon instance! Why?

🤔 Elon Musk's Twitter takeover & ethical concerns.
🌐 Mastodon's decentralized, open-source nature aligns with our values.

#Mastodon #Fosstodon #GoodbyeTwitter

Goodbye, Twitter. Hello, Mastodon! 🐘

An illustration showing a person going out of a door, in purple background.
4 weeks ago

#Fosstodon users - if you step outside fosstodon - have a bit of a bad reputation in fediverse for being typical techy-know-it-alls lacking social skills. I'm not saying that's true, but it's true it's a perception/experience.

I recognise the arguments for going #inviteOnly are complex, but closing the borders seems to imply some level of satisfaction with the group itself.

Are we the best versions of ourselves here? Do we have enough representation to help us grow in a healthy direction?

Tram 日本 🐈
4 weeks ago

I have #migrated my profile to #famichiki instance since I'll be returning to #japan in the future and it aligns more closely with what I like talking about. @mike and @kev over at #fosstodon are great admins. Thanks for all the fish!

As for #introduction I lived in #nagoya for 5 years on company assignment and returned right before #COVID started.

My experience in #nagoya is probably a bit different than you #tokyo folks. Excited to be here to talk about it!!
#日本 #名古屋

William McCormick
4 weeks ago

Well now I see that #Fosstodon is now invite only. Cool I like it here. I have not been very active but started to look at it more when the other socials started to get strange. (i am just going to leave it at that)

I was skeptical when @matt was talking about it a few years back but now I could see the #fediverse working for real. I want to get more active here but I keep forgetting about it.

Anyway See you guys in a few, I need to work on a vlog post (that i keep neglecting as well.)

🕹️ jbz
4 weeks ago

"The reason is to slow its growth and avoid becoming a huge server"

#fediverse #fosstodon

Sure Jan...
Abdujabbar Bozdar
4 weeks ago

After 90 days at #Fosstodon, I feel lucky that I joined this #community on right time. Let's have a #tech #talk. 👍 :linux: :armbian: :technologist_m:

Jimmy Hoke :tardis:
4 weeks ago

#Fosstodon is now invite only.

Personally, I think this a great idea. It seems like a great way to keep the community from getting toxic. It basically "eternal-September-proofs" it.

4 weeks ago

#Fosstodon is now invite only. I think that's okay.

Nemo_bis 🌈
4 weeks ago

"We don't want to be the biggest instance"



4 weeks ago

@XeroLinux @greypilgrim @fosstodon If this link is an acceptable use for an invite, I would be very surprised.


4 weeks ago

@kev @fosstodon You're wanting Fosstodon to grow 'via recommendations', yet asking users to invite their 'friends'. Hopefully all users will consider if their friends would be useful contributors to Fosstodon, before inviting them.


Janne Moren
4 weeks ago

#Fosstodon , the instance I'm on, is now invite only. The reason is to slow its growth and avoid becoming a huge server.

This is good! The point of the #Fediverse is to have lots of different instances, after all, not a couple of giant ones.

And yes, huge instance == huge problems. Problems with moderation, with funding, and with culture. Stay a reasonable size and it's still all manageable for a small team.

1 month ago

Hello! I've moved the official #CodeStats account from #Fosstodon to my self hosted instance All of the followers should have been migrated automatically.

The website still lists the old account, I will change that soon. For now you can follow the chain of trust since the website lists the old account and the old account redirects to this one. So you can trust you are getting 100% authentic Code::Stats posts. :)

1 month ago

There have been some reports of problems uploading images to #Fosstodon when using #Qutebrowser. Is anybody else experiencing this?

Horst Thieme
1 month ago

Setze mal wieder einen der #Raspberry Pi 400 neu auf. Dieses Mal mit #Ubuntu. Empfehlung ist #MATE als Desktop. Oder wie seht Ihr das?

#pi400 #linux #desktop #foss #fosstodon


Despite the English-only policy being removed, I don't see a lot of multilingual posts anyway, I wonder why? #Fosstodon

Why do you not do it? Feel free to share other reasons.

Hélio Costa
1 month ago

Oh! There was a whole thing with #Fosstodon that I missed for being absent from social media

Rui Malheiro
1 month ago

@gotofritz of course #Portuguese is a #colonial language, there's no denying that and I'm quite aware of that.

However, I learned from the mistakes (and evils) of my ancestors and I'm quite determined to do my best to not allow that piece of #history to be repeated.

(Oh, nice. Another block from a #fosstodon user when mentioning #colonialist behavior . Looks like #TechLGBT is on target here.)


Es una grande estupidez que la gente de #fosstodon pretenda tener una comunidad internacional al rededor del software libre y de código abierto que sólo hable el idioma que el administrador entiende.

Creo que eso es apenas la punta del iceberg. Y algunos preocupados por threads.

1 month ago

Glad to see #Fosstodon throwing out the English-only rule and extending the #moderation team! Now please make the abusive behavior past and present right too!

I'm not looking back though as
I'm already on my way through the fediverse, hopping servers just for the fun of it :-)

Martijn Faassen
1 month ago

The recent discussion on the #Fosstodon "only English" moderation policy (since changed) has left me with some thoughts.

People speaking different languages don't join instances randomly. If they did, it would be pretty easy to have a situation that's difficult to moderate. People do not only sort into instances by interest, but also language ability and a range of other things.

#mastodon #fediverse


1 month ago

Well, this is confirmed.

This is one of the reasons why I was never against the English-only policy. Most people I follow are from #Fosstodon, and now, if they would want to write in a foreign language, I have no way to hide these posts, no matter the language.

New post editor in Tusky, the Mastodon client for Android. I am logged in from my other account on a German-speaking instance. The post is marked as being in German and contains German text saying: “Don’t pay attention to this post, I am testing stuff out…”
Back on Fosstodon, these are the settings for the languages displayed in “Public timelines”. The only language checked is English; German is definitely not checked.
In my “Home” feed on Mastodon, I still see the German post from the other account, even though it is written in a language I chose to not have being displayed to me.
Robin Lovelace
1 month ago

I'm super stoked about the recent #Fosstodon announcement. Ideal recruitment opportunity and have bigged it up on the other site. Let's see if it generates an influx of new users + donations 🤞 Huge credit to @kev + team for being democratic and asking the community. Happy to moderate in En a Es, when I get more time!

Tim 🎮
1 month ago

I've spent long enough mulling over whether to stay on #Fosstodon - now it's time to decide where to go.

Can anyone suggest a server to fit my interests? I'm an inclusive Aussie maker of #3dprinting, #Arduino, #FOSS and of course #retrogaming stuff and would love to find a new place to share the things I make or collect. My pinned posts are typical of what I do.

Boosts would be appreciated. I also couldn't find a good tag for this - maybe #suggestaserver could be a thing?