Noel J Penaflor
5 hours ago

Oldest known photo of a tornado, taken about 20 miles Southwest of Howard, South Dakota. (August 28th, 1884).

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Oldest known photo of a tornado, taken about 20 miles Southwest of Howard, South Dakota. (August 28th, 1884).
Noel J Penaflor
3 days ago
Nelson Mandela sparring with professional boxer Jerry Moloi, Soweto, 1957.
4 days ago
A closeup view of a white hybrid tea rose named 'Pope John Paul II' at dusk, with surrounding foliage so dark it looks black, or at least like Charleston Green - a green so dark it appears black.

SoHo - Mercer Street

👀 Read the #AltText

#NYC #Photography #FotoMontag #PhotoMonday

A photograph of Mercer Street in SoHo. It is near sunset. Along the sidewalk is a parked bicycle. Mine. There is a storefront along the sidewalk that has a blue heart piece of artwork that is nicely styled. There are dark toned brick apartment buildings on either side of the street. The cobble stone street only has one other person on it besides me. Their name is Chris. I loved him, and he is in the scene on a bicycle speeding off away from me. That is the last time I saw him.
Noel J Penaflor
4 days ago
George Harrison of the Beatles taking a selfie at the Taj Mahal in 1966.
Deb Oppermann
4 days ago

The tall beautiful bearded Iris named after the Greek Goddess who rode rainbows, comes in many magical colors. This Iris in burgundy,pink, yellow and purple is stunning in the spring garden!
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Close up of the beard and center of the Iris flower with green background
4 days ago

From my wife’s garden #FotoMontag

Close up of large sunflower head with slightly drooping petals and garden in the background
4 days ago

#photography #FotoMontag #PhotoMonday 
Rainy Monday Sunset
#AltText here cause the program is acting up and I can’t put it on the photo. A soft, coral sunset over the Rocky Mountains viewed from a rainy street with diffused stoplights and taillights and the reflection of both in the hood of my vehicle. Layers of coral and red and green like a parfait.

Eric von Jordan
4 days ago

Eisenbahnromantik jwd.
#bahn #chemindefer #Fotomontag

Mike Smale
4 days ago

Since it's rainy and cold here for the foreseeable future despite being June, here is something warm for #PhotoMonday instead.


#FotoMontag #Photography #MastoArt #Summer #Lilies

Macro image of a smaller yellow lily with violet rings.
Lime Bar
4 days ago

#photography #FotoMontag #PhotoMonday

Sunset over Scissortail Park in Oklahoma City yesterday.

sun setting with hues of gold and orange and blue, with yellow flower field in the foreground and two yellow lamposts looking like flying saucers
David Schoppik
4 days ago
A woman browses her phone while her two dogs wait patiently in front of a storefront labeled “SLIPPERS”
4 days ago

Abendlicher Walk. #fotomontag

Eine einzelne Hütte auf einem weitläufigen Feld. Links und rechts steht jeweils ein Baum.
Lars Fiedler
4 days ago

Saturday was a real moonday. I would like to share one take out of the complete nightly moon safari I did here, on this very photo Monday. Well, before I take the trouble to put more flat jokes and puns here - voilà.

#moon #fullmoon #nature #beauty #mood #FotoMontag #photomonday #paperg

:nikon: :darktable:

The nearly black and white landscape format take shows the full moon. The upper half of the moon covers two thirds of the picture. The lower half of the moon is covered by a cloud that is all black. The background is also black, some vague clouds can be guessed and put a kind of softly shining framing to the moon.

AI disclaimer: Using my work, its meta data, written or derived description to create media with or train AI based systems is prohibited.
4 days ago

An annoyed Muscovy at Lake Lily, Maitland FL #FotoMontag #BirdsOfMastodon

A black and whit duck with red mask coloring standing in profile on a slope near a sidewalk
Theo the Rone :anxde:
4 days ago



Michael Brandtner
4 days ago
Maria-Magdalenen-Kirche Elmschenhagen in der Abendsonne
Museumshafen Kiel in der Abendsonne
Hörnbrücke im Gegenlicht
4 days ago

A peaceful scene in the early morning at an empty Topsail Beach, NC in the offseason. The rods' owner wasn't around, leaving these lines to roil around in the ocean

Sony NEX-6, SELP18105G@93mm, 1/800, f/11, 2020

#FotoMontag #PhotoMonday #Photography

Three fishing rods with cast lines have been dug into the sand of an empty beach; the owner is nowhere in sight. Early morning light permeates the scene
Timothy Andrew
4 days ago

I finally took a picture where the #kaleidoscope filter worked splendidly :)

Robin’s nest in an Arborvitae evergreen tree in my suburb.


#PhotoMonday #FotoMontag #DogWalkPhotos
#MastoArt #Monochrome #Nature #Photography

Black and white vertical photo. The robin’s nest is made off light-toned straw, sits directly center frame, and the kaleidoscope filter creates an interesting even pattern making the image symmetrical from all angles. The evergreen arborvitae branches flow towards the hypnotic center nest from all angles surrounding the frame.
4 days ago

" Die Ferienwohnung auf Rädern verschafft viel Unabhängigkeit und Mobilität"
"Genießen Sie Ihren Urlaub so frei und spontan wie nie zuvor"
"Als exklusiv ausgestatteter Offroader Freiheit ohne Kompromisse"
Zitate aus Werbungen für Wohnmobile immer Freiheit Freiheit Freiheit und so sieht das dann aus.
#Fotomontag #Castellane #Urlaub #Freiheit

knapp zwanzig Wohnmobile eng aneinander geparkt, diagonal durchs Bild führend

almost twenty motorhomes parked closely together, diagonally leading through the picture
Timothy Andrew
4 days ago

Photo I took of the Beer Depot Liquor store downtown #AnnArbor, #Michigan in July 2016.

#PhotoMonday #FotoMontag
#MastoArt #Americana #Photography

landscape color photo of the Beer Depot Liquor store I took from on top of the parking garage across the street. It's a one story, red brick building. The store sign is white font on red with a yellow outline. There are various other signs like a red neon open sign, and a rusty coca cola sign. Another says "Here since 1941.
4 days ago

Neulich bei uns im Garten 😁

#blindschleiche #Hobbyfotografie #natur #Fotomontag

Eine Blindschleiche liegt im Schatten an einer Mauer
Tobias Glawe
4 days ago

Und es ist wider #FotoMontag :artcamsilv:
#portrait #sunset #photography #PhotoMonday

Aurin Azadî
4 days ago

Zum #FotoMontag volle Kanne Gegenlicht am Rhein in Düsseldorf, 4. Juni 2023, Canon EOS 750D. Ich stand dafür gestern Abend auf der Rheinkniebrücke.

Die Kamera blickt von einem erhöhten Standpunkt aus der Länge nach über einen Fluß, der an dieser Stelle eine umgekehrte S-Kurve macht. Auf der rechten Seite ragen Stege aus Sand und Steinen ins Wasser (ich weiß nicht, wie die Dinger heißen). Die Sonne steht halb rechts und schickt einen fast weißen Streifen über den Fluß. Der Himmel ist orange-rot. Etwas weiter weg stehen zwei höhere Gebäude.
Paul G's Photos
4 days ago

The Pepperpot - Portreath, Cornwall

One of my favourite subjects from our recent trip, I loved it's simplicity and the colour contrast against the blue sky.

I took a lot of photos of this little hilltop building .


A white painted circular building contrasts against a perfect blue sky background. The foreground is out of focus purple flowers.
Derek van Vliet
4 days ago

riding bikes every day until i can’t for some reason, day 1015

#Cycling #BikeTooter #Photography #PhotoMonday #FotoMontag

a photo of a red BMC Roadmachine road bike laying on a limestone gravel trail. there is lush wild greenery on both sides of the trail. the sky is hazy white / gray.
4 days ago

Something for the #Mohntag

Beautiful red poppies, blue cornflowers and nearly ready to harvest wheat - another version of my favourite poppy field where I spent half a day last year, photographed using a miniature effect.

#AYearForArt #BuyIntoArt #photography #poppy #FotoMontag #PhotoMonday #FediGiftShop #MastoArt #nature #flowers #ArtBooster #art #FlowerPhotography #prints #JoyfulJune #Florespondence #FlowersOfMastodon

In the lower part of the image you can see many red poppies in full bloom with blue cornflowers in between them. In the upper part there is a yellow wheat field. The middle part is in focus while the rest is blurry.

Thrift is blessing. Branch closed.

Mosaic at former bank, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh.

#Edinburgh #FotoMontag #Scotland #PhotoMonday

former bank entrance with mosaic above door, Edinburgh

📷 "Welcome" April 1, 2023.

Mom bought this engraved metal plate at a yard sale some years ago—I was with her. Was it 50¢? Meant to be tacked up next to the front door but never was.

I found the plaque sticking half-out of a green trash bag at the head of the driveway in a pile of other junk.

#rurnt #junk #photography #FotoMontag #FediversalPictures

inverted color shot of a metal plate with "Welcome" engraved in the middle. It encircled by depictions of flowers, a butterfly and a hummingbird.
5 days ago
Foreground is foam on a sandy beach, with the ocean waves in the background.
helder simao
5 days ago

Mercado dos Lavradores - Funchal, Madeira

#FotoMontag #PhotoMonday #Photography #Fujifilm #Madeira #Portugal

BW of the counter at the fish market. The tail end of some black scabbardfish is hanging from the counter.
BW picture of a huge piece of fish (Tuna?), that is being cut down to filets of various sizes. On the right, a pair of hands holding a cleaver.
Photo of the fruit benches and it's various colours, on a busy morning with lots of customers.
Photo of yellow and red dragon fruits, with other colorful fruits in the background.
5 days ago

Es ist wieder #FotoMontag

Dieses Mal mit lieben Grüßen vom Getreidefeld 🤗

#Fotografie #Photography #Natur #PhotoMonday

Getreideähren im Fokus. Dahinter in der Unschärfe das gesamte Feld. Zusätzlich rechts in der Unschärfe ein roter Fleck, der auf einen Mohn deuten lässt.
Marvin Johanning
5 days ago

I saw what I believe to be a Beautiful Demoiselle — that's their actual name! They are, indeed, quite beautiful and, as far as I know, they're a type of dragonfly.

#photography #photo #photos #Fotomontag #Photomonday #nature #naturephotography #dragonfly

A photo of a Beautiful Demoiselle, a small dragonfly with a blue-greenish body. It is standing on a leaf.
Marina Kraus
5 days ago

Good morning and happy #PhotoMonday!

#FotoMontag #HappyMonday

Green herbaceous plants photographed with a macro lens. One of the towering stems is sharp, while the others around it are gently blurred.
5 days ago

Grün. Gelb. Blau. - Green. Yellow. Blue.

#Fotomontag #Photomonday #Natur #nature #Naturephotography #Landwirtschaft

An einer Feldecke treffen drei verschieden bepflanzte Felder zusammen, im Vordergrund ist ein Dreieck entstanden. Die Farben sind grün, gelb und der Himmel ist blau, mit leichten Schleierwolken. 

Three differently planted fields meet at a field corner, a triangle has been created in the foreground. The colours are green, yellow and the sky is blue, with light veil clouds.
Noel J. Penaflor
1 week ago

Helmet with a built-in communication device so that the riders can communicate with each other. Circa 1960s.

#histodons #histodon #history #60s #historical #photography #photo #Photomonday #photographie #Fotomontag #foto #pic #pics #picture #pictures #fotos #fotografie #helmet

Helmet with a built-in communication device so that the riders can communicate with each other. Circa 1960s.

Morning, y'all!

Mom would have responded, "Well, good afterNOON, Eddie," except she'd have used my given name, the one she and Dad gave me—after Dad's brother.

"Eddie" is a nom-de-guerre.

📷 Same shot, different day. The southeastern sky @ 12:33 PM.

#streetphotography #FotoMontag #PhotoMonday #Photography #fotographie #Sky #clouds #FediversalPictures

the sky from the back porch at midday blue sky half-covered in cotton-ball clouds. a line of tree tops forms a right-triangle from bottom left to top right of the picture.

Downtown Brooklyn - DeKalb Avenue at Fleet Street

#NYC #Photography #Architecture #FotoMontag #PhotoMonday

A noir photograph of a skyscraper in downtown Brooklyn that is currently under construction. No people are in the scene.
2 weeks ago

I can't believe I almost forgot to post this polished blue and gray and black banded agate slice I polished for #MineralMonday
#Fotomontag #PhotoMonday #RockTumbling #Agate #Hobbies

If you'd like more information, I talk about it a bit on Medium here:

Or feel free to comment or ask questions right here--

A flat slice of triangular shaped highly polished Agate displays a banded fortification pattern in shades of blue, cream, gray, and black. Polished and photographed by Peachfront.
Thomas Gerdes
2 weeks ago

#WallClock at Staatsbibliothek Unter den Linden

#FotoMontag #PhotoMonday #photography #fotografie

Wall Clock in Staatsbibliothek Unter den Linden
Leilah Lilienruh
2 weeks ago

Back from my recent Italy road trip. The weeks went by far too quickly... as always. Here some impressions from Camogli, which I visit every time I'm in Italy.

#FotoMontag #fotografie #photography #Italy #riviera_di_levante

Timothy Andrew
2 weeks ago

Photo I took January 9, 2003 at 10:53 AM

The soon to be demolished Tiger Stadium, #Detroit, #Michigan

🖤 🤍

#PhotoMonday #FotoMontag
#MastoArt #MonochromeMonday #Monochrome #Baseball

Landscape Orientation photo of the old tiger stadium in the Corktown area of Detroit. The stadium had been somewhat abandoned for a while at this point. The stadium lights are top center frame and the tigers logo is lower left. The foreground is a trash filled parking lot with fences and electrical poles. The sky looks stormy.
GuettisKnippse :darktable:
2 weeks ago

#guettisknippse hat Zweifel...
𝐒𝐮𝐬𝐩𝐢𝐜𝐢𝐨𝐧 - Der morgige Tag sagte, er sei ein Dienstag. Aber Paul Pinguinsky schien dieser Tag eher ein Montag zu sein. Verkleidet vielleicht, aber ein Montag!
Tomorrow said it was a Tuesday. But to Paul Penguinsky, that day seemed more like a Monday. Disguised, perhaps, but a Monday!
#blackandwhite #monday #darktable #Fotomontag

Ein Pinguin steht irgendwo und schaut nach rechts. Das eine Auge, das zu sehen ist, scheint halb zugekniffen, und so bekommt der Pinguin einen zweifelnden Gesichtsausdruck. Er scheint den Montag zu sehen, wo doch morgen Dienstag sein soll...
A penguin is standing somewhere and looking to the right. The one eye that can be seen seems half-closed, and so the penguin gets a doubtful expression on his face. He seems to be looking at Monday, when tomorrow is supposed to be Tuesday...
2 weeks ago
Foto aus einem Mohn/Getreidefeld in Richtung blauer Himmel fotografiert
2 weeks ago

Reclaimed by the sea at the Elizabethan Gardens, Fort Raleigh, Manteo, NC.

#fotomontag #PhotoMonday #outerbanks #NorthCarolina #Climate

Foreground is sandy beach. Background the sea. In the water are old pilings, and close to shore, two tall brick posts from a former gateway, now eroded by the rising sea.
Bryan Hansel
2 weeks ago

Sunrise over the Blue Ridge Mountains

#photography #Fotomontag #BlueRidge #NorthCarolina #NC

The sun rising over a ridge line covered with green trees. Mountains fade into the distance.
2 weeks ago

Zum #FotoMontag gibt es natürlich wieder ein Landschaftsfoto. Es war eine wunderbare Wanderung, die Lust auf mehr macht.

#Fotografie #Photography #PhotoMonday #Wandern

Blick über eine grüne Alm mit Almhütte auf der linken Seite auf einen Gebirgszug. In den Rinnen liegt teilweise noch Schnee. Am Himmel sind Wolken.

Chelsea, Manhattan - Seventh Avenue at West 26th Street

#NYC #Photography #FotoMontag #PhotoMonday

A photograph of the street scene along Seventh Avenue at West 26th Street in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. People are walking, and standing on the sidewalk. Cars are driving, and one person is on an electric scooter. There is a Chipotle restaurant on Seventh Avenue, and multiple skyscrapers of various eras.
GuettisKnippse :darktable:
3 weeks ago

Guten Abend, Fedinauten!
Das Licht draußen verspricht Gewitter, die Wolken versprechen Regen. Beide haben ihre Versprechen bis jetzt nicht gehalten...
Es wird langsam dunkel. Zeit, zur Ruhe zu kommen.
Aus dem #AltBildContainer für den #FotoMontag - Ein Blick über die Flensburger Förde...

Im Vordergrund Beschläge, an denen Boote festgemacht werden können. Im Hintergrund verschwinden die Häuser entlang der Hafenlinie im Bokeh. Einige Lichter sind vor den Häusern zu erkennen.
3 weeks ago

Filled up the watering can and this guy popped out of the spout.

#PhotoMonday #FotoMontag #frogs #BackyardWildlife #photography

Close up color photo shot with macro lens and shallow depth of field of a small green frog sitting on the edge of a watering can.
3 weeks ago

Pics from Schreiner's iris gardens yesterday. #FotoMontag #PhotoMonday

Bearded iris blossoms with cream and dark purple petals and bright orange beards.
Bearded iris blossoms with ruffle petals in palest pink and blue.
A single bearded iris blossoms with very bright red-orange petals and beards.
A group of bearded iris blossoms with light orange and purple petals and bright orange beards.
3 weeks ago

100+ Year Old Victorian Prosthetic Hand
#PhotoMonday #Fotomontag #steampunk #technology

Victorian prosthetic hand made completely of metal with articulated finger joints. Looks like something out of a Ghibli film
3 weeks ago

Ich wünsche einen guten Start in eine hoffentlich angenehme Woche!
A new week- let‘s jump right in!


Blick aus einem Kornfeld in Richtung Himmel
4 weeks ago

Info-Toot zum #FotoMontag

Meine Motivation: fotografische Weiterentwicklung.

Genaue Beschreibung:

Kann jeder mitmachen?
Ja, hier mit Hashtag #FotoMontag bzw. #PhotoMonday und/oder auf deinem Blog.

Gibt es Regeln?
1) Zeige Montags ein neues Foto
2) Ein fotografischer Anspruch sollte erkennbar sein
3) Bildbeschreibung muss dem Foto hinzugefügt werden

Ich teile die Fotos auch, aber nur, wenn die Regeln eingehalten worden sind.

Mosaic-Bild eines kompletten Jahres FotoMontag
4 weeks ago

Info-Toot for #FotoMontag / #PhotoMonday

My motivation for this project is continuous improvement in photography.

Detailed project description (German):

Can everyone join?
Of course, just use #FotoMontag and/or #PhotoMonday or blog about it.

1) Show a new picture on Monday!
2) Photographic aspirations should be recognizable.
3) Add a media description to your photo.

I boost photos which observes the given rules.

Mosaic image of one year FotoMontag