Jody Still Writes
2 days ago

Seen on a walk on a dreary winter evening... #FoundArt

Wedged into the top of a wooden post: a round stone painting blue with a crescent moon with face and the words, "Always kiss me goodnight, I love you to the moon and back"

Found art is the best art.

Had to go to the plumbing supply market to get some parts to fix a leaky faucet and found this little guy at one of the stalls ❤️🤖

#sculpture #FoundArt #Robot

Sculpture of a tiny robot made out of pipes and connectors, sitting on the counter of a plumbing supply store
Murdo Eason
3 months ago

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#FoundArt #cityscape

Side of a refuse skip. Elements of original paintwork in blue/turquoise, pink and white. Surface is heavily scored and scuffed, some of which has rusted over, creating energetic, abstract lines.

Went to take out my cardboard recycling and found this... did I uncover an accidental art installation or did someone just get out of a mermaid phase?
(porcelain doesn't go in cardboard recycling)
#photography #foundart #mermaid

Mermaid doll found in cardboard recycling
Porcelain statuette of mermaid and smaller mermaid found in recycling held against a cinder block wall
Mermaid doll seated on dumpster looking up and away
Mermaid doll seated on dumpster
Murdo Eason
4 months ago

metal box
dreams of silver birch

#FoundArt #Rust

Small hut type building made of corrugated iron. Indents on the surface have rusted red. Peaks of the silver surface waves are in process of rusting and resemble the trunks of silver birch.

I like to photograph abandoned shoes I find around the place. I always wonder what the story is that led to this shoe just sitting here.

#photography #foundart

An abandoned black dress shoe sitting on pavement next to an open pipe with a plant growing out of it.
Kent Brewster
5 months ago

Driftwood huts at dusk, Lydgate Beach. #kauai #art #foundart

Several driftwood constructions resembling tents dot the beach. Everything has a cool blue light, and the ocean and clouds are spectacular.
6 months ago


This made a lovely mess in the refrigerator.
#iphoneography #IED #ShittyArt #FoundArt

An empty Diet Coke pop can that had exploded in the overloaded fridge.  The entire top came off intact and there is a vertical gash through the length of the can body.
Chris Price
10 months ago



Label 228, March 2016


#foundPoetry #foundArt

The poem transcribed in the post is printed on a US Postal Service label that's been cut in half. 

Above it is another sticker that looks like a photographic interpretation of The Scream only with their elbows raised; it's also a black and white and from the waist up. 

I don't know if the two items are related or not. The rest of the surface is painted concrete with random graffiti.
A close-up of the poem. It was typed on a typewriter in all caps. Looking closely, the weave of the inked ribbon is visible in the letters. The variation across  individual letter strikes is fascinating. A few lighter marks suggest kerning corrections were made along the way.