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What? Huh? I doubt it.

According to Gizmodo Australia, Apple TV and Paramount + may soon come as a bundled pair.

Is it perhaps only in Australia? That will never happen here.

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4 days ago

@montag : it's pretty gripping, although not high brow television. It has a conspiracy vibe to it, and the first season asks more questions than it answers, but it's got some thrilling moments too ! If you can see it, it's not a bad investment, although I wouldn't say it's worth the investment on its own.
Apple TV+ has *tons* of science-fiction, like #ForAllMankind, #Severance, #HelloTomorrow, #See or #Invasion (on top of #Silo and #Foundation which you've mentioned).

4 days ago

Hm, ich habe gerade herausgefunden das es offensichtlich eine #Serie gibt, die auf der #SF Romanreihe #Silo von Hugh Howey beruht. Leider nicht auf einem der Streamingdienste die ich schon abonniert habe. Hat das schon irgendjemand gesehen und ist es sehenwert? Außerdem gibt es auf Apple TV+ noch #Foundation, wollte ich auch gerne mal sehen.

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6 days ago

To add to the beauty and neatness of it all...

We only need 4 operations to represent any computable algorithm. 4 symbols.

Biology needs only 4 symbols to encode any organism.

We can *directly* encode our programs in DNA. If we ever get to a point of trying to bootstrap a programming language on top of wetware, this seems like a straightforward direction.

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1 week ago

What is still more beautiful about the definition of lambda calculus shown in is that by employing prefix notation and explicit operators (in particular for application), we get rid of the notions of implicit operator precedence, no parentheses are needed to disambiguate anything -- it's all there in the definition. More simplicity and beauty. Less to explain to students.

#lambdacalculus #axioms #foundation #computing #computerscience #primitive #mathematics #simple

1 week ago

It is also quite beautiful how "constructing" indices using revelation and reference is similar to constructing natural numbers and also similar to constructing Church numerals. Everything seems to nicely line up on multiple levels. A certain self-similarity, a fractal structure of the whole thing is revealed.

This lining up and this structure is beautiful, elegant.

#lambdacalculus #axioms #foundation #computing #computerscience #primitive #mathematics #simple

1 week ago


The cool thing about reducing lambda calculus to 4 primitive operations and not using variable names or indices is that lambda calculus was supposed to be a system to describe the _foundations_ of computing/mathematics.

Starting with an infinite supply of arbitrary names or natural numbers always felt like cheating to me. The foundation should be as simple as possible.

#lambdacalculus #axioms #foundation #computing #computerscience #primitive

Chris Offner
1 week ago

If your ML model does not preserve all human knowledge, forming a repository of scientific, historical, and cultural information intended to shorten the period of chaos and decline following the predicted fall of the Galactic Empire, please don't call it a Foundation model.

#DeepLearning #MachineLearning #AI #Foundation #FoundationModel

Christine Hennig
1 week ago

#NFDI4DS lecture series mit Marco Jahn von der #Eclipse #foundation über #Open #source #Software, #Lizenzmodelle, beste Praxis, #Community Prozesse, die #Geschichte freier Software und vieles mehr...

Sketchnote des Vortrags von Marco Jahn
1 week ago

Just finished watching Season 2 of #Foundation. A bit uneven but built to a satisfying climax, even though the Gaal and Salvor storyline felt like a whole lot of filler.

1 week ago

Harry Seldons psychohistorie bestaat nu al. #foundation

1 week ago

First settlers were the BAPTISTE families, hence the name of the island. On the mainland, they also owned land, far back from the shore. We also went there, to check for signs of graves, of the relatives who contacted me and asked. We're good that way, I'll do the legwork to help them find their genealogical roots. I do my own genealogy.

Explaining why this field exists, there were likely grazing animals once. Cows or sheep.

#History #Foundation #Settlers #WildIslands #Exploring #Hiking

Square and flat rocks crumbling from an ancient foundation of the homes of first settlers long ago.
The first settlers cleared the field, the old foundation in the distance is just in front of the modern cabin today. 

My wife is at the bottom right, paused to look at something while I snapped some photos and looked for that deer.
very old decaying lumber, used to cover a big well pit. It's not protecting it now, give it a wide berth. Without the wood giving it away, you can fall into a well in places like this, long since forgotten, unmarked and grown over
I used to hunt deer. I can track them too. There's signs of him everywhere near the open clearing or field.  More scat (deer poop)
Kurt Battisti
1 week ago

Gemessen an der Größe des Landes verfügt #Österreich über ein erfreulich breites Spektrum an #BIM-Ausbildungsanbietern. #Foundation, #Coordination und #Management. Alles verfügbar.

(Flawed) Anarchist ⚑
1 week ago

Who are we?

We are the product of & descendants of all those who either eliminated others violently (or) collaborated/made deals with those who did that extermination (or) those with power considered *not worth their attention* i.e the tiny few who somehow escaped being pulled into this system of organised domination.

We all live under systems of organised domination (State, Capitalism, …). No system of domination would allow a rebel/s who can actually threaten its existence to survive (actual threat not barely effective "free speech" — shouting into the wind, get tired & go home — kind of "threat").


Dr. Kirsten D. Dzwiza
2 weeks ago

❓ Do you know private Foundations or Organisations supporting Research and Knowledge Exchange concerning Occultism and (ancient) Magic? ❓

I've been looking online but couldn't find any and can't belive it.

I don't mean funding research at a University but research at other non-profits.

👃 I would be very thankful for any help and links. 👃

#archaeology #occultism #foundation #nonprofit #research #egypt

A poster with a black background and red text asking:
Do you know any Foundations or Institutes supporting Research and
Knowledge Exchange concerning Ancient Magic?
2 weeks ago

Revisiting #Asimov

#Foundation seems to pre-date the contemporary use of the term by as much as 70 years so - Why are they called "Black Swan Events" and not Mules?


2 weeks ago

Revisiting #Asimov on the 70th-80th anniversary of #Foundation

For some reason, my mental image of every character keeps being Leslie Nielsen from "Forbidden Planet"


2 weeks ago

A controversial ranking of select #ScienceFiction series. Remember, this is just my opinion. I am not an authority figure. I understand there will be wild disagreement.

Best #SciFi series, ranked:
1.) #BattlestarGalactica (reboot/revisioning)
2.) #Babylon5
3.) #StarTrek (all series combined)
4.) #TheOrville
5.) #Foundation
6.) #ForAllMankind
7.) #StarWars (all movies and series combined; more opera than scifi)

That is just off the top of my head, without giving it much thought.

Neil Blevins
2 weeks ago

Several good art books showing up in the same week #foundation #artbook #scifi

Paul Levinson
2 weeks ago

audio podcast: @CoraBuhlert and @seldoncrisis join me for an in-depth, free-wheeling discussion of the second season of #Foundation

2 weeks ago

Mam darmowe 3 miesiące Apple+ po zakupie nowego maca, więc nadrabiam w końcu "Fundację" i całkiem fajna, chociaż oczywiście bardzo luźno adaptuje książki (ale ich się nie da sfilmować wprost). Szczerze mówiąc to estetyka Imperium jest dla mnie bardziej diunowa niż ten ascetyzm "Diuny" Villeneuve'a.

Swoją drogą to 3 sezon mieli częściowo kręcić we Wrocławiu, ale chyba wstrzymali ze względu na tegoroczny strajk, trzeba będzie wypatrywać w przyszłym roku.


Malaysia Public Transport
2 weeks ago

Malaysia Rail Link (#MRL) clarified that the East Coast Rail Link (#ECRL) #passenger #train will travel at a maximum speed of 160km/h, dismissing claims from recent media reports suggesting that it could more than double its #speed to 351km/h.

The entire #rail #infrastructure, including #foundation works, rail #track, #railway #signalling system, and #rollingstock, had been specifically developed based on a design speed of less than 200km/h.

Read more:


Artist impression of ECRL passenger train running on its track. / Image is from the article linked.
Danny Boling 🌈 ☮️
3 weeks ago

The Mozilla Foundation tested 25 #car brands for #data #privacy and #security.


"Every car brand we looked at collects more #PersonalData than necessary and uses that #information for a reason other than to operate your #vehicle and manage their #relationship with you."

📢 If you drive an old car, KEEP IT. 🚘
It’s Official: #Cars Are the Worst #Product Category We Have Ever Reviewed for Privacy — #Mozilla #Foundation


(screenshot from the article)

Some not-so-fun facts about these rankings: 

+ Tesla is only the second product we have ever reviewed to receive all of our privacy “dings.” (The first was an AI chatbot we reviewed earlier this year.) What set them apart was earning the “untrustworthy AI” ding. The brand’s AI-powered autopilot was reportedly involved in 17 deaths and 736 crashes and is currently the subject of multiple government investigations.

+ Nissan earned its second-to-last spot for collecting some of the creepiest categories of data we have ever seen. It’s worth reading the review in full, but you should know it includes your “sexual activity.” Not to be out done, Kia also mentions they can collect information about your “sex life” in their privacy policy. Oh, and six car companies say they can collect your “genetic information” or “genetic characteristics.” Yes, reading car privacy policies is a scary endeavor.

+ None of the car brands use language that meets Mozilla’s privacy standard about sharing information with the government or law enforcement, but Hyundai goes above and beyond. In their privacy policy, it says they will comply with “lawful requests, whether formal or informal.” That’s a serious red flag.
3 weeks ago

To whoever wrote the #AppleTV #Foundation show:



Yeah, thought so.

Truth be told, the second season is even more atrociously written than the first one. Have you no respect for original work?

Fine. Write your own story. Don’t just steal the name from original work. You already built a mostly different world. Call it Game Of Space Stuff and be done with it.

Ricardo Harvin
3 weeks ago

Finished the season and it gets a little better, but it's still not good.

The world building and underlying story are excellent but, just like with #Silo, this second season of #Foundation wastes too much on adding unnecessary action #movie elements and cliches, presumably to interest the immature viewers.

Maybe it's an #AppleTV requirement for their expensive #SciFi / #fantasy shows (I stopped watching #ForAllMankind after the "shootout" 🫤)

And they ruined #Gaal and #Salvor: Strong to weak.

Ricardo Harvin
3 weeks ago

#Foundation season 2, on #AppleTV, is terrible so far, 3 episodes in.

The writing is lazy and in mostly a completely different tone than season 1, and every episode has had at least one ridiculous, unnecessary, and "impossible" scene.

And the number of "fucks" in the dialogue is already many times more than all of the first season. And I'm a major "fuck" proponent.

This is like the first Star Wars, really bad writing and unoriginal story saved only by amazing visuals.

Really disappointing.

3 weeks ago

Foundation – Staffel 2
Das man sich dafür entschieden hat viele der Identifikationsfiguren aus der ersten Staffel weiter zu nutzen dürfte verständlich sein. Das Ganze wurde dann geschickt mit dem aktuellen Stand der Technik vermischt und ein paar Ideen aus anderen Sci-Fi Geschichten zusammen gewürfelt. Dabei bleibt der Grundgedanke in vielen Belangen bestehen: Das man mittels "Psychohist
#TVSerien #Foundation #IsaacAsimov

The Spaceshipper 🚀
3 weeks ago

Foundation (2021): Trantor's Star Bridge terminal, art by Paul Chadeisson
#scifi #tvshow #foundation #conceptart #chadeisson #appletv

Ricardo Harvin
3 weeks ago

I had started a few shows, and a rewatch of #Foundation season 1, on #AppleTV when I decided to boycott all #AMPTP #streamers in #strike solidarity.

I'm almost done with #TheCrowdedRoom, which I like a lot, and the second episode of #DropsOfGod improved on the first and has an unexpected jaw-dropping moment of casual cruelty that elevates an otherwise tropey scene.

Foundation seems better because now I have a better understanding of it all. And it looks phenomenal on my 4K #Sony.

Paul Levinson
4 weeks ago

Here, as promised, is the in-depth, free-wheeling discussion @CoraBuhlert @seldoncrisis and I had yesterday about the 2nd season of #Foundation

Wind (Vējš)
4 weeks ago

Got time to catch up with season 2 of #Foundation . I am left speechless. Last 2 episode were just ... something.
#SciFi #TV

Paul Levinson
4 weeks ago

I reconvened @seldoncrisis (aka Joel McKinnon) &
@CoraBuhlert to talk about 2nd season of #Foundation but we got sidetracked (thanks to Joel's great question) into a convo about #TheBeatles "Now and Then". Here it is (& tomorrow I'll post Foundation convo)

Alan Kotok
4 weeks ago

Life Science Incubator Gains $100M in Start-Up Funds

A new-business accelerator program, begun earlier this year to advance and commercialize biomedical research discoveries from academic labs, is receiving a $100 million founding grant.

#News #Press #Science #Business #Finance #Investment #VentureCapital #StartUp #Entrepreneurs #Biotechnology #LifeSciences #Grant #Foundation #Baltimore

monorail times
4 weeks ago

The phrase “Ugh that Day was awful" can be used in a couple different ways if you are watching #Foundation on #AppleTVPlus

Oli Mould
1 month ago

Finished Apple's #Foundation and it was surprisingly engaging and tense. It's difficult to get scale across in these formats, but they did that really well both narratively and cinematographically. Empire's malevolence was great, and while the acting was a bit ropey at times, it had some really emotional moments. Recommended if you're a big #scifi nut.

(I've not read the books fyi)

1 month ago

@eibhear @matrix join the foundation office room and you'll see discussions on how to improve it and how to stop this from happening in the future with other projects element donate :)

Seve_py :vim: :python:
1 month ago

Which of these CSS frameworks do you like the least? 🤔
1. Bootstrap
2. Foundation
3. Bulma
4. Tailwind CSS
5. Materialize
#CSS #Bootstrap #Foundation #Bulma #TailwindCSS #Materialize

The Spaceshipper 🚀
1 month ago

Journey to Foundation (VR game, 2023): Imperial dropship, art by Sam Leung
#foundation #VR #game #scifi #spaceship #conceptart

1 month ago

Mad timing. We have been binge watching the final few episodes of #Foundation (it’s so good!) and just as the last episode finished, right before the credits rolled (just before 1am), we have a huge storm and a power cut.

It couldn’t have been more perfect, especially if you’ve seen the episode and the last scene!

1 month ago


To me, this amounts to an attack:

I have much respect for #Wikipedia as a project and as a community. And about the #Wikimedia #Foundation, I doubt those veiled accusations against it are substantiated.

/cc @admitsWrongIfProven

Hank G ☑️
1 month ago
I had guessed that Asimov came up with the plot element of "psychohistory" before the development of chaos theory. Asimov started using it back in the 1940s with chaos theory emerging in a concrete form 10-20 years later. He still stuck with it. He sort of analogizes/rationalizes that it as the impossibility of being able to predict the motion of one gas molecule versus the overall motion of a volume of gas. I think that might be some retconning in later years on his part. #IsaacAsimov #foundation #FoundationSeries #scifi

CNCF rules require projects to be "vendor neutral". What does that actually mean, and what do you have to do? We've written a guide:

#kubernetes #cncf #foundation

The Spaceshipper 🚀
2 months ago

Foundation (Season 2, 2023): Wreck of an autonomous mining machine on Oona's World, art by Wayne Haag
#scifi #foundation #appletvplus #seldon #robot

Two people at the foot of a huge abandoned mining machine, on a desert planet, with the Beggar's Lament in the distance.
Hari Seldon & Gaal Dornick walking near a huge abandoned mining machine, on a desert planet.

Kulvinder Ghir is absolutely amazing in the second season of Foundation.


2 months ago

"It's feeding growth Hober. The development stage that all successful civilizations go through. Although some never escape it. The church will fall away with time, and by replaced by... another mechanism."

Hari Seldon, #Foundation, s02e04

#TV #SciFi #growth #deGrowth #civilization #religion

Oli Mould
2 months ago

Managed to get Apple TV for 6 months for free, so going to try and fulfil my #scifi fix and binge watch #Foundation and #Invasion, alongside rewatching Gattaca and Contact.

2 months ago

Here are my rankings for 2023 genre TV shows social media says are great or terrible:

#Foundation season 2: A+++
#Silo: A+
#MrsDavis: A
#StrangeNewWorld season 2: A
#Picard season 3: A
#TheLastOfUs: A
#Ahsoka: B
#WheelOfTime season 2: C+

I can't remember what else I watched that is "genre."

Ricard Torres
2 months ago

Late to the party but I've finally managed to finish Season 1 of Foundation, as IMDB puts it the "complex saga of humans scattered on planets throughout the galaxy all living under the rule of the Galactic Empire."

It has been a roller coaster with some episodes being very boring episodes and others stunning.

I wanted to see more of The Empire, and enjoyed very much the previous episodes about the DNA alterations.

Have you watched it?

#AppleTV #TVSeries #Foundation

Foundation series poster showcasing one of the main characters
2 months ago

I’ve been enjoying very much the last season of Foundation. Good to have a bit of time for myself to catch up !

#AppleTVPlus #Foundation

Die Kulturpessimist*innen
2 months ago

🌟Neue Folge🌟
„Love itself is inconsequential when measured against the scale of the galaxy.”
…or is it? 🤔 In #KPS080 sprechen wir über die 2. Staffel des SciFi-Epos #Foundation – über Quantenverschränkung, The Two Harrys, Bauchnäbel & die Macht des Individuums:

Sharepic auf grauem Grund. „Kulturpessimist*innen“ in regenbogenfarbenen Streifen oben. Dann unten: KPS80: Foundation S2. Ein stilisierter „Vault“ aus Foundation ist im Zentrum in lila eingefärbt.
Simon 🌻
2 months ago

Season two finale of #Foundation was rather fantastic. Overall, the whole season was very good, really enjoyed it. #AppleTVPlus #tvshow

2 months ago

I have just watched the final episode of #Foundation series two. An excellent series which keeps on getting better and better. Hopefully we will get some news on an third series soon. #scifi #sciencefiction

2 months ago

Foundation's second season is even better than the first one!


2 months ago

The Prime Radiant, which appears in the AppleTV's #Foundation since season one, only appears in Asimov"s books on Foundation Edge, which takes place after the initial trilogy.

Mike Smith
2 months ago
David Nelson
2 months ago

The song “Tenderness” by General Public was just playing and I kept hearing it as “Terminus”. 😂 #Foundation

2 months ago

I only read 2 to 3 #Asimov books, but that was way back when I was in my mid-teens. I don't remember what I read, but nothing about the show seems familiar at all, so it is most likely I didn't read #Foundation. Once this show has completed, I will then read Asimov's Foundation. Naturally, I do expect the book series, or collection, to be even better than the show. I do, however, want to see how the show ends first. #IsaacAsimov

Kayla Iacovino
2 months ago

Tellum from #Foundation is the evil version of the grandma from Moana.


(Also I just googled it, and it’s the same actress, Rachel House!)

The character Pellum Bond from the TV series Foundation
The grandma character from Disney’s Moana
Steve Portigal
2 months ago

"It's a step into chaos, another symptom of void-fucked entropy" #Foundation #Season2

Oliver Schafeld
2 months ago

So I thought that imperial robot #Demerzel's name was a play on

I noticed it sounds just like German "Dämmerzelle" (as an English speaker might pronounce it). A poetic invention literally meaning "twilight cell". Very fitting if you think of how she enters into emperor Kleon's service in the tv adaptation, 2nd season.

Little did I know that there's actually a poem using that very word…

#foundation #scifi #poetry #tv #asimov #appletv

The Spaceshipper 🚀
2 months ago

Foundation started 2 years ago on AppleTV.

Season 2 ended last week, and we probably won't see season 3 until 2025.
#foundation #scifi #appletvplus #spaceship

I wish I felt like I could watch #Foundation.

I don’t want my head cannon to change though. Anyone else feel like that with adaptations?

For instance I am going through and #reading the last of #theExpanse #books and I now read the characters in the voices of the actors from the show instead of my original interpretation of the characters.

It’s not bad but I’m not having the same engrossing experience I did when I read the first books years before the show came out.

Oliver Schafeld
3 months ago

I just finished reading Asimov's "Foundation" trilogy.

Surprisingly, I don't think there have been any spoilers in the books for the first two TV seasons.

They've changed so much... I got an idea from the book about who might form the "Second Foundation" in the series, though.
But that has actually just increased my curiosity for Season 3. 🤓🖖

#Asimov #Foundation #tv #books #scifi

kim karma
3 months ago

Watched Season 2 finale of #Foundation on #AppleTv last night and it did not disappoint. Loved this show from the visuals to all the amazing performances (always a Jared Harris stan).👏 👏 👏

Carlo Zottmann
3 months ago

Laura Birn killed it in season 2 of #Foundation

Joel at Seldon Crisis
3 months ago

I'm a big believer in podcast accessibility and that every podcast should provide free, high quality transcripts for those who need them or just prefer to read. I've finally achieved 100% coverage for #SeldonCrisis, my podcast exploring Isaac #Asimov's #Foundation series.

I've just added a Transcripts page to my website with links to to an Active Transcript web page to read and/or listen, or download a PDF or MS Word version for each episode.

Mike McHargue
3 months ago

I've been watching #Foundation on #AppleTV since is started. I like it, including the very slow burn first season.

But, the last to episodes of this season were WILD. I can't recall a TV show making such a sudden migration into such great storytelling late in its second season.

The series is officially underrated at this point. Very much worth a watch.

Simon McGarr
3 months ago

I have dodged all the big bits of Peak TV. Lost, Sopranos, Game of Thrones- none of them grabbed me.

So I am now aware that if I tell you that #Foundation on Apple TV is uncommonly good, you have no reason to believe me.

But it really is.

3 months ago

Well, that was some fine character drama. Poor Brother Dusk, although he really was a clever bastard in the end. Poor Demerzel. Great payoff with Brother Day. Another big time skip. Now to wait for season three, but at least we’ll get the fourth season on For All Mankind in a couple of months…

3 months ago

Wow season 2 of #Foundation was a+ really good.

Carlo Zottmann
3 months ago

Man, I love Lee Pace as Imperator Cletus. #Foundation

3 months ago

Wow. The latest #Foundation episode did not go as I expected, so intense -- and there's still the finale to come!

Mark Maguire
3 months ago

Foundation this week had Orla O'Rourke as Empress Winnoset II and Doireann May White as an ensign. #Foundation #DoireannMayWhite #OrlaORourke #IrishActors #Mastodaoine

Young Cleon off screen says ”Yes  Mother?”  Empress asks “What are you doing?” with a concerned expression on her face.
Young Ensign on a spaceship deck turning to a commander saying “Imperial switchbacks.”