Garry Eves
9 hours ago

Writing Sun 28 May Leonardo Momento Zero Grande and Dominant Industry Winter Wood

Todays tools

Leonardo Momento Zero Grande {Steel Medium} + Dominant Industry Winter Wood

#edc #fountainpen #fountainpens #penoftheday #dailypen #LeonardoMomentoZeroGrande #Leonardo #DominantIndustry #DominantIndustryWinterWood

11 hours ago

Nibbage #fountainpen

Closeup of nib
Garry Eves
1 day ago

Writing Sat 27 May Visconti Van Gogh and Diamine Aqua Lagoon

What are you writing with today?

Visconti Van Gogh {Steel Broad} + Diamine Aqua Lagoon

#edc #fountainpen #fountainpens #penoftheday #dailypen #ViscontiVanGogh #Visconti #Diamine #DiamineAquaLagoon

Tammy Garrison
1 day ago

Thank you, #FountainPen fandom! Wonderful suggestions!

Tammy Garrison
2 days ago

New to #FountainPen world. I had a fountain pen I used for a bit and then put in the cup (point down) for a while. I took it out and the cartridge had dried up. I changed cartridges, but it still won't write. Any thoughts? #FountainPens

Pere Farrando
2 days ago

I finally tried it: a B nib (from a Pilot Plumix) on a Pilot Kaküno. The swap was easy. Let’s see how it pairs with Stone Grey #ink by #Faber_Castell. #fountainpen

Got a fountain pen and I’ve become a sketching fool. I love how it feels running across the paper.

I reprised a quick sketch (sorta) from a few months ago at lunchtime today.

Hashtags: #sketching #sketch #UrbanSketching #FountainPen

Pen & ink sketch of a phone, a pot of flowers, a restaurant buzzer, and a sketchbook and pen on top of a picnic table. The sketchbook shows the same scene. And the sketchbook in that sketch shows part of the same scene …. A note on the sketch says “waiting for lunch at The Barn.”
Pencil sketch of items on top of a picnic table: sunglasses, a phone, a restaurant buzzer. The note says “waiting for lunch at The Barn, HMB”
Garry Eves
2 days ago

Writing Fri 26 May Sailor Pro Gear Slim and Diamine Marine

What are you writing with today?

Sailor Pro Gear Slim {Gold 14kt Broad} + Diamine Marine

#edc #fountainpen #fountainpens #penoftheday #dailypen #SailorProGearSlim #Sailor #Diamine #DiamineMarine

3 days ago

Time to switch it up. Ohto Rook (M) w/Noodlers Polar Bear Brown. My backup for the weekend


Fountain pen and ink
Allysse Riordan
3 days ago

Currently inked fountain pens 🖋️
A bit of a change after a long period of the same. I'm enjoying this overall colour combination.

What inks do you have in your pens?

#FountainPen #FountainPens #BelieveInPens

A list of inks in used in my fountain pens. The list reads:
Sailor Yurameku Kyokkou
Diamine Jingle Berry
Pure Pens Cletic Blue
Pure Pens Llanberis Slate
Diamine Ancient Copper
Pure Pens Beddgelert
Diamine Aurora Borealis
3 days ago

#fountainpen #ink It was a struggle to decide but I made it! This pen is very light, but the grip is a little ridged and not super comfortable for me. But I didn't give it a fair chance and just drew this in my lap in a sketchbook without a table in poor light. The nib didn't clog or blot despite some light abuse and flow was pretty much to my taste, and it rose well to the vagaries of changing direction during drawing. The purple sheen on the barrel is very attractive but hard to photograph in a hurry. Maybe later - it's what attracted me to the pen in the first place.

A hand drawn ouroboros in J Herbin's Violette Pensee' Ink encircles the words, also written non too neatly in the same ink "Diplomat Extrafine Magnum J Herbin ink Rhodia Paper Violette Pense'e " It's initialed AS and dated May 25th 2023. The pen is laying beneath the drawing and is blue with a purple sheen at the right angle, and the small bottle of herbin ink is also present.
duskbunnie draws
3 days ago

Hopefully some new fountain pen inks will be arriving and I’m very excited! #fountainpen #inks

3 days ago

#fountainpen I have just received a package from Goulet.

I now have two new pens. But each can only have one ink at a time. I have a lot of inks. Which ones? Which ones?

And I've never used a Diplomat or a Coglin before...

Garry Eves
3 days ago

Writing Thu 25 May TWSBI Draco and Diamine Mulled Wine

Todays pen and ink

TWSBI Draco {Steel Broad} + Diamine Mulled Wine

#edc #fountainpen #fountainpens #penoftheday #dailypen #TWSBIDraco #TWSBI #Diamine #DiamineMulledWine

3 days ago

今blogに書いているスウェーデン旅行記のためにテキトーに描いていたFIKAまわりのこと。記憶だよりで描いてるのでなんかアヤシイ。#coffee #fountainpen #travelersnotebook #コーヒー #万年筆 #トラベラーズノート #photography

Some sketches of coffee and sweets during travel in Sweden.

Sketch about coffee and sweets in Sweden
Space Hobo Actual
4 days ago

Finally plucked out a #Lamy Vista Demonstrator #fountainpen to fill up and take notes, as my new #Kaweco Steel Sport is in the next room. I'd bought this thing in a grumpy mood when I realised I'd misplaced my old AL-Sport during lockdown.

I had forgotten how horribly SCRATCHY that standard M nib is. I may have just worn the one I started with smooth, and abused the tines apart to make it write wetter at some point, but holy cats that's not a great experience.

I want to compare against a #Pilot Metropolitan at some point, but they simply aren't for sale in Europe. ← No really: their UK Web site doesn't even mention the Met, and only shows you disposables.

4 days ago

#coffee #fountainpen #今日の抜書き #コーヒー #万年筆 #photography

Just finishes Agatha Christie, The Murder at the Vicarage. My favorite quote is "Its awfully easy to appear silly, Mr Clement. It's one of the easiest things in the world."

Quotations from The Murder at the Vicarage by Agatha Christie
Garry Eves
4 days ago

Writing Wed 24 May Nahvalur Nautilus and Pure Pens Peoples Charter

What are you writing with today?

Nahvalur Nautilus {Extra-broad} + Pure Pens Peoples Charter

#edc #fountainpen #fountainpens #penoftheday #dailypen #NahvalurNautilus #Nahvalur #PurePens #PurePensPeoplesCharter

4 days ago

My Diamine ink full bottle has arrived ❤️ When I was in Toronto in March, I visited WonderPens and looked for the ink but they were sold out and I’ve been waiting for this. It’s a beautiful dark purple and I loved it when I tried the sample. Added one more bottle to my collection!


A bottle of fountain pen ink and it’s box with an open notebook page with a fountain pen laid on top of it. On the page it says “Diamine Eclipse “
3 bottles of fountain pen ink with 3 boxes for them behind each bottle. Behind the bottles are a watercolour painting of a hummingbird, a postcard with Dalai Lama’s face and next to it is a glass bottle with snapdragon flowers.
Garry Eves
5 days ago

The latest Fountain Pen First Impressions video is now available.

In this video I am comparing:

The Jinhao 100 Centennial with Kobe No 60 Foreign Museum Mint ink

The Kaigelu 316a with Kobe No 60 Foreign Museum Mint ink.

Which pen will come out on top?

#fountainpen #penreview #unboxing #firstimpression #Jinhao #Jinhao100 #JinhaoCentennial #KobeNo60ForeignMuseumMint #KobeForeignMuseumMint #KobeNo60 #Kobe60 #Kobe #Kaigelu316a #Kaigelu316

Garry Eves
5 days ago

Writing Tue 23 May Pilot Custom 823 and Dominant Industry Lungo

Todays writing tools

Pilot Custom 823 {Gold 14kt Broad} + Dominant Industry Lungo

#edc #fountainpen #fountainpens #penoftheday #dailypen #PilotCustom823 #Pilot #DominantIndustry #DominantIndustryLungo

Garry Eves
6 days ago

Writing Mon 22 May Just Turnings Enceladus and Robert Oster Tranquility

Todays tools

Just Turnings Enceladus {Steel Jowo Broad} + Robert Oster Tranquility

#edc #fountainpen #fountainpens #penoftheday #dailypen #JustTurningsEnceladus #JustTurnings #RobertOster #RobertOsterTranquility

Just how cool is the laser engraving on this #fountainpen nib? #fountainpens. The pen is a Karas INK V2. Very nice pens.

1 week ago

#コーヒー #万年筆 #朝顔 #coffee #fountainpen #photography

Morning glory come out in recent hot days. I am not good with thin out the seedlings.

Iced coffee and sprout of morning glory
If anyone is looking to buy a really nice,
#retractable, #celluloid #fountainpen, there is a limited edition #Stipula Iris Green with a T-Flex Titanium nib [B] being sold super cheap here:

1 week ago

Also playing with my new Benu Scepter #fountainpen that came in today’s mail from my gorgeous sister. Miss her all the time, but feeling loved. ☺️

Garry Eves
1 week ago

Writing Sat 20 May Diplomat Aero and Pure Pens St Georges Cross

Todays writing tools

Diplomat Aero {Steel Broad} + Pure Pens St Georges Cross

#edc #fountainpen #fountainpens #penoftheday #dailypen #DiplomatAero #Diplomat #PurePens #PurePensStGeorgesCross

Aleen (she/her)
1 week ago

So if anyone ordered an Iridescent Purple Mark One from Studio Neat but has decided they don't want it, please let me know. Things were too nebulous for me to pre-order before the move and I'm having serious FOMO. #FountainPen #FountainPens

The EDC in use today. A Spiderco Salt, a Jinhao X159, a Kaweco Supra, a Gravitas Pocket Dropper and a Karas INK V2. #fountainpens #fountainpen

Caro S.
1 week ago

My #fountainpen suddenly stopped working. 🥴

1 week ago

曇りの日の光もこの季節は嫌いじゃない。湿気は苦手だけど。#coffee #コーヒー #fountainpen #万年筆 #photography

In this season, light of cloudiness is not so bad. I do not happy about its humidity though.

Iced coffee Pelikan with old nib and Rectangle Alter
David Bowman
1 week ago

Just refilled my old Lamy 2000 with Diamine "Ancient Copper". Great fountain pen for writing, but you definitely need to learn it's "sweet spot" #FountainPen

1 week ago

Dummy me! I inked up the Laban, but forgot to bring it. Oh well.

#writing #fountainpen

1 week ago

Time to switch it up. Laban Expression Jade Green (M) w/ Robert Oster Peppermint.

pen and ink
1 week ago

I'm a fountain pen geek, and that's a well known thing. But one thing that I'm doing right now has required a number of signatures.

I inked up a TWSBI Diamond 580 ALR (teal!) 1.1mm stub with my beloved Pelikan Blue Black...

And wow does that make signing my name really lovely.

#FountainPen #ink #TWSBI #Signature

1 week ago

#fountainpen So do folks have any thoughts on what's the best waterproof black ink to use so you can use watercolour ink over it afterwards - and how do you stop it clogging your pen?

2 weeks ago

I’ve been wanting this Sailor Pro Gear Slim colorway for a while and now I have it 😍

#FountainPen #FountainPens

Tyler W. Weaver
2 weeks ago

Think I've found my new beloved pen: the 250 medium-nib Kaweco Original: #FountainPen #implements

Black fountain pen with a steel nib on white paper.
2 weeks ago

#ink sketch of a city street #FountainPen

An ink sketch of a city street with brick buildings
Allysse Riordan
2 weeks ago

New pen day 😁🖋️
I got myself a Lamy Aion so I could use the nib from my Lx again. After months of use, it became clear the Lamy triangular grip is not for me. The nib though I enjoy lot. So I got a new home for it.
#FountainPen #FountainPens #BelieveInPens

A capped dark green fountain pen in lavender leaves in the sun.
A close up of a black Lamy fountain pen nib against a backdrop of lavender leaves in the sun.
2 weeks ago

Anyone with a recommendation for a #fountainpen? I've been considering getting one and just completed my self-imposed two-month test run with a disposable Pilot Varsity with satisfactory results. Here's what I'm looking for:

Something fairly slim, say 11mm barrel or less
Vacuum/plunger fill, piston would be a reasonable alternative
Flexible nib would be a plus

So far I think my best option might be a used Conklin Nozac Vest Pocket or perhaps a Sheaffer Balance Slender. I don't mind a little DIY effort, but if it'd take expensive specialised tools to maintain an old pen, then maybe I'm better off looking at newer models. What #fountainpens can the Fediverse recommend?

Just finished up this lovely pen.

model: Zephyr
material: Primary Manipulation #1
clip: Exclamation in 24k Gold Plate
nib: JoWo #6
tuned by: Mark Bacas
size: Large

This is a commissioned order. If you want to know more about how to commission a pen, please send me a DM, see my homepage or contact me by email.

#penturning #fountainpen #penaddict #custompen #ink #Füllhalter #Füller #Füllfederhalter #estilográfica #styloplume

Colorful Zephyr pen model, capped, in maker’s hand, against a green grass background.
Colorful Zephyr pen model, uncapped, in maker’s hand, against a green grass background.
Vivienne Dunstan
3 weeks ago

Treating myself to #journalling time using my LSW Mind Cards #Journal prompt cards. Today’s random draw was “What does success mean to you?” I wrote a lot! Using my #Lamy 2000 fine nib pen with #Diamine Chocolate Brown #ink in an old #Rhodia goal book that I’ve used for many purposes over the years. Will not manage to write every day - I am extremely #ill now with my #neuro disease. But going to enjoy the writing bursts I get. With random prompts. #journaling #stationery #fountainPen #Lamy2000

An open paper journal with a black fountain pen resting on it. The right page is filled with handwriting. On the left page rests a box of prompt cards called Mind Cards Journal Edition Daily Prompt Cards to Encourage Self Reflection.
3 weeks ago

#始まりの英文書写《No.73》 白鯨 
先日インド人の友人に物を送ることがあって、英文の手紙を同封したのですが、お嬢さんが手書きのお手紙をみたのが初めてだったのか、ディズニーランドからスクロール(魔法の巻物)が届いたと大喜びだったらしい。#万年筆 #コーヒー #coffee #fountainpen #handwriting #photography

Moby Dick; Or, The Whale
by Herman Melville

Some days ago, I sent some stuff to my Indian friend living in Japan. In that time I put a letter to say thank you, in cursive style.
His thank thank you mail said me his daughter of kindergarten age
really excited about the letter as "Magic Scroll from Disneyland!"

#始まりの英文書写《No.73》  白鯨 
Klaudia (aka jinxx)
3 weeks ago

Hat irgendwer mitbekommen, was für ein Füller das vorhin war, mit dem Charles unterschrieben hat? Das sah nah einem sehr hübschen Schreibgerät aus ... Sorry, Berufskrankheit. ;D #Autorenleben #writerslife #indieauthor #Fountainpen #Füllfeder

3 weeks ago

Lol. I am not very good at sketching. These 2 were parked on the same street this morning. #Watercolor #SketchBook #FountainPen

A fountain pen sketch of a white and a black land rover suv. Loose watercolor wash
Georgette Tan
3 weeks ago

You have until May 15 to indicate interest for #PelikanHub 2023! They're doing registrations differently this year, so you have to literally sign up twice.

Our long-time Hub Master is passing the baton to me this year. While I'm not the massive #FountainPen nerd that most of them are, I can run an event. Should be fun!

3 weeks ago

この季節になると柏餅が美味しそうでいろんなところのを食べてみるのだけど、今季ヒットは東京駅で買った寛永堂さんの(高いけど。食べ物日記に書くつもりで袋だけ取ってある)。今朝のは川越亀屋さんの。小さ目だけどなかなかおいしい。#コーヒー #トラベラーズ ノート #万年筆 #coffee #fountainpen #travelersnotebook #photography #canon

Today is Japanese national holiday, Children's Day (mainly for boys). Traditionally, Kashiwa-mochi, rice cake wrapped by an oak leaf is special sweets for the day. In the west part of Japan OAK does not grow naturally, so Chimaki (rice cake wrapped by bamboo leaf) is the sweets of the day.

Kashiwa-mochi (Rice cake wrapped by Oak leaf) with coffee

Hey #FountainPen Mastodon! What's your favorite "document" ink? I need something a bit water resistant.

3 weeks ago

Still waiting for any word on my #fountainpen order from Is it just taking a long time to ship? Did it ship with no notice to me?

Josh Finnie
3 weeks ago

I have been really loving my Diamine inks for my #fountainpen... it is about time that I clean my amazing Majohn C4. I cannot decide between refilling it with Oxford Blue or try Writer's Blood or try something entirely different!

Any suggestions, it's a eyedropper pen with a huge ink reservoir so I have to use it for a while...

4 weeks ago

今シーズン初コーヒーゼリー。 夕方には食べられるかなあ。#コーヒー はまだホットのままで。
#fountainpen #coffee #万年筆 #トラベラーズノート #travelersnotebook

The first coffee jelly this season!
Make coffee, put some sugar and jelly powder then in fridge!

The first coffee jelly in this season
4 weeks ago

Hey #FountainPen / #FountainPens friends. I have a Visconti Opera Master with a scratchy nib. I could try smoothing it myself, but I have no experience and it’s a $900 pen so I’m not about to give it my first try lol. I was thinking of sending it to The Nibsmith but it looks like they aren’t taking orders at the moment. Anyone know of any place that would offer a service such as smoothing a scratchy nib? (FWIW I live in the Twin Cities and there’s one place I’m going to check out here this week)

Julia Bausenhardt
1 month ago

Just published a new blog post: How I use fountain pens with colored inks for sketching.

I like fountain pens so much more for sketching than fineliners, the lines are so expressive and they're refillable (Take this, Big Pen).
I use the fountain pens with waterproof inks so I can paint over my linework - yes, that's possible, too. Fountain pens are just amazing drawing tools. <3

#sketching #FountainPen

A rainbow colored selection of fountain pens.
James E. Turner
1 month ago

@melanie I think you've identified the source! Oh to be a #fountainpen influencer, lol

(Also, was not aware of this podcast, but love the name The Stationery Cafe and will check it out. Thanks!)

Honestly the best fountain pen writing paper I know is 32lbs HP high quality printing paper. Just fricking smooth, 0 feathering, 0 bleed through.


Hmmm, my mental health feels mostly fine from the flawed perception I have from within it.


I almost spent a lot of money I don't have right now on a thing¹ I have plenty of and don't
need any more of².


Is my mind chasing that delicious spike of dopamine because it's a little off or is this just normal temptation?

The situation requires monitoring. Also, I resisted so maybe I shouldn't get too much anxiety about it. But I do feel that tingling weakness. Ugh.

¹ If you guessed a
#FountainPen, you guessed correctly.

² Please pardon both of the dangling prepositions.

State of The Collection: Retractable Edition

Please pardon, as always, my truly awful photographs.

From left to right:
- Visconti Pininfarina CarbonGraphite Icon 85 Blue
- Stipula da Vinci - Mars Black & Rose Gold
- Pilot Vanishing Point - Raden Stripes
- Lamy Dialog CC - Dark Blue
- Pilot Fermo - Dark Green
- Platinum Curidas - Graphite Smoke
- Majohn/Moonman A1 - Piano Black Clipless
- Majohn/Moonman A1 - Green with Clip #FountainPens #FountainPen #RetractableFountainPen #RetractableFountainPens

Christian Tietze
1 month ago

@chrisaldrich The alt text is missing the fountain pen's name.

I'm calling #fountainPen #Police 🚨

2 months ago

Lately I have been having fun writing with all my pens. So I wrote a blog post about pens 🤓


a photo of seven fountain pens and two ballpoints, lined up neatly
2 months ago

Habe heute neu wasserfeste Tinte für meinen Füller erhalten 😎 und mich dann (eigentlich zu vielen) Kritzeln in das #aquarell des #CuratorPrompts147 verleiten lassen …
#sketch #ink #fountainpen #sketchbook #watercolor #CuratorPrompts #MastoArt

Eine Strassse mit einem Eckhaus links im Vordergrund. Fassade ist ockerfarbig und verschmutzt. Viele Leitungen sind mit zwei Elektromasten auf der rechten Strassenseite verbunden.
WelshPixie, ShadowFigure
2 months ago

Oh no, my TWSBI did a blob! Bad TWSBI!

Oh well, at least it's a sparkly blob

(The letters are Van Dieman's Underwater: Bioluminescence , and the border is Van Dieman's Night: Shooting Star )

#Calligraphy #Ink #FountainPen

Close up of blue ink calligraphy and border. There's an ink blop in the border that's blue with gold sparkles.
2 months ago

Early in 2023, I stood up an instance off my main domain to check out Mastodon and see if the rumors were true: did it really feel like early Twitter and the short lived ADN?

The answer is yes, it most certainly does, so I while I wanted to continue to engage and meet people,my domain kinda sucked and I never gave a proper #introduction.

I solved the domain issue, so figured I'd take care of the other with a proper first post.

My name is Kevan and I'm kind of from all over the US, but I've been in #Chicago since 2007.

I moved here for college and never left. I came to study #theater and #film with the idea I'd #write and perform on #SNL.

None of those things panned out: I wound up with a degree in #philosophy and #economics and found my way into tech with #engineering (#js, #python) and #ProductManagement.

I thought for a long time I'd wind up in #politics, but my stint running #product at BallotReady during the 2020 election—while the thing I'm most proud of professionally—broke me of that fantasy.

I'm current the VP of Product for a commerce focused #startup. Fortunately, I work from home because this #MechanicalKeyboard is loud AF.

#Travel, #photography, #cooking, listening to #music on #vinyl, reading #ComicBooks and writing on fancy paper with a #FountainPen (mostly #SpokenWord and #FreeVerse #poetry) are my hobbies. And I try to spend as much of my time with Toby, my #goldendoodle (#DogsOfMastodon) as I can.

L dot Mastodon
2 months ago

@quintessence I use and find people through #FountainPen and #FountainPens!

Mirre :mastocheck:
3 months ago

Question to fellow #fountainpen enjoyers!
Do you have a favorite brand? Like youre fine w other brands but theres always a bit of a preference if its by a certain brand?
For me i always gravitate towards platinum pens and its purely because of the cap seal mechanism - i forget if i have inked up a pen or not and platinum pens dont dry out that fast so i can always trust my platinum to write whenever i grab the nearest pen i can see.

WelshPixie, ShadowFigure
3 months ago

Proper ink test now, used my pens over the size guides to do neater calligraphy then checked them under direct sunlight.

They're all Van Diemen's inks -

#FountainPen #Ink

"Van Diemen's Bioluminescent" written at the top in ink that's dark blue with a bright blue shimmer, and 'Van Diemen's Night ~ Shooting Star" written at the bottom in dark teal ink with a bright gold shimmer, and a few stars drawn around.
"Mandarin Duck Breast" written in vivid dark blue ink with a bronze shimmer
"Van Diemen's Inks
Underwater ~ Royal Starfish" written at the top in smaller text, and "Royal Starfish" written larger underneath, in ink that's deep purple with a green shimmer
The three bits of paper from the previous images aligned side by side in neutral lighting showing their non-direct-sunlight colours.
WelshPixie, ShadowFigure
3 months ago

There. Next up is seeing if I can erase the pencil, but not before it's dried for seventeen hours first XD

Pen is a TWSBI Diamond 580 Iris, ink is Van Dieman's Mandarin Duck Breast. In the angled view you can see the reddish sheen and the bits of bronze shimmer catching the light.

#MastoArt #Mandala #FountainPen

Angled view of a line art mandala drawn with dark blue ink that has a red sheen and bronze shimmer
Top down view of a blue ink line art mandala with the fountain pen resting on the paper next to it
3 months ago

new sketchbook materials 🧡✨
with the new year came my new and sudden love for saffron orange??

this lovely Leuchtturm 120g journal was perfect with the saffron orange TWSBI Eco #fountainpen, which is now inked with Sailor’s Shikiori Kinmokusei. i know it’s a lot but this color just makes me so happy 🥹

Picture of a saffron orange Leuchtturm1917 notebook against a wood background. Next to it is an uncapped TWSBI saffron orange fountain pen, and a bottle of Sailor Shikiori’s ink in Kinmokusei, which is a lovely saffron orange color as well.
4 months ago

Tried to do a more loose style #FountainPen sketch last night. #Watercolor #UrbanSketch #LineAndWash

Line and wash watercolor sketch of a corner of a city street with 2 vehicles parked
4 months ago

@xgebi my office buys crappy pens, so I bring a nice one of my own. #FountainPen

fountain pen and watercolours, simple little one 🥺🔥

Yes I'm PhD in little guys with goggles

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #watercolours #fountainPen

Watercolour illustration in red/pink and orange of a little teen with big baggy clothing, a big red coat dropping from his shoulders. He wears a hat with goggles and is standing with 3 calm iguanas. They all have a little flame floating over them
4 months ago

Here is my updated #introduction :
I’m Yukari, Japanese living in Canada for 24+ years. I’m a #japanese #CulturalConsultant working in #film & TV. I’m also a #writer, #interpreter , #Podcaster and #watercolour artist. #brenebrown fan running weekly Brene Brown Book Club. Passionate about changing #culture . I’m really into #fountainpen too!
#自己紹介 です。#カナダ 在住。TVや #映画 の日本文化コンサルタント、#ライター#通訳 をやってます。「はみだし系ライフの歩きかた」という #ポッドキャスト も配信中。#万年筆 好き。水彩画もやります。#ブレネーブラウン が好きで #ブッククラブ も主宰中。日本の #Shame 文化を変えたい人。

4 months ago

Dominant Industry makes some lovely inks, but I'm scared of sparkle inks. It's kind of unclear if these can be used in a steel nib pen or not. Is it fine as long as you wash it out after? What say you fountain pen fans?

#fountainpens #fountainpen #ink

January is coming to an end and I didn't draw much except for this little art challenge for the Resolution Art discord. The goal was to work on environements and set design which is one of my art goals for this year!

#NewYearsResolutionArt #MastoArt #fountainPen

fountain pen drawing of 2 poly pocket cases
fountain pen drawing of piles up crates and boxes
infographic for Resolution Art Chalenege with text reading:
#NewYearResolutionArt Evironment Track
Week 1: Interior: boxes, fruits, toys, tools, desk, room
Week 2: exterior, Trees, Garden, Mountain, Vehicles, Buildings, City

(omiting weeks 3 and week 4 as i didn't go that far)
fountain pen drawing of a fruit shop stall at the back of a minivan
Ancient Slime Ruins
4 months ago

Hey there #FountainPen, #Paper, and #IndexCard nerds - anyone have any recommendations on fountain pen-friendly index cards?

I have 3 packs of Daiso index cards I'm clinging to because they're amazing quality and very cheap. Unfortunately when they restock they don't always carry the same quality and I live several states away from the closest store.

Levenger index cards seem nice but they're so expensive.

I was doing pretty good at not buying any new #fountainpens, but the the stress at work came and added:

1. Platinum Curidas
2. Majohn A1
3. Jinhao 80
4. Majohn A1 clipless
5. Majohn C4


#fountainpen #penaddict #stationery

4 months ago

Any of you #fountainpen fans try this monic nib yet? I'm confused. It's not made of gold... But I guess it is handmade and handground...titanium is very durable.
(The Good Blue has titanium nibs, a I think it's a harder material to make a good nib from than gold or steel.)

You can buy it as ultem pocket pen. But, it's "medium-broad" which has caused me to pull the breaks. too fat!

What do you think? #pens, #fountainpens

photo of a black fountain pen with silver colored titanium "monic" nib.
Close up of monic nibs showing schon logo.
Elizabeth Fitzgerald
4 months ago

Today's #3GoodThings

1. My dad was in town today and I got to see him for a bit.

2. Lots of support as I work on a job application.

3. Goulet Pens' instructional videos, without which I'd never be able to reassemble my damn TWSBY #fountainpen


#NewPenDay! Actually, I received it yesterday. I cleaned it out, inked it up with Diamine Golden Brown, & tested it out. It was horrible. Turns out, that ink isn't for this particular feed & nib. They couldn't keep up or something & kept running dry. I was really distraught because I thought it was the pen & I find this material to be so pretty. Then I remembered that I had similar struggles with that ink in a different pen. I cleaned it out again & tried a reliable, known good, go-to ink (Pelikan 4001 Brilliant Black) with much greater success. It's unfortunate that I can't match it up with the Diamine ink because the combination would have been perfect. I'm going to give Pelikan 4001 Brilliant Brown a try at some point because I really want a brown ink in this pen. Turquoise would also be a good choice but I already have too many blue & green inks.

Diamine Golden Brown is the only ink I've ever had problems like this with.

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#NewInkDay from Pen Gallery Malaysia.

Sorry, I'm at work so I can't do proper swatches or writing samples at the moment. Best I can do is some smudges on a sheet of Rhodia.

Sailor Yurameku Byakuya
Diamine Golden Brown
Diamine Manggis
Diamine Tropical Glow

#FountainPen #FountainPens


Schon DSGN Pocket Six - Dexter
EF Jowo #6 nib

I've got a Goulet Pens cart full of dark red or red brown ink samples so I can find the perfect matchy-matchy ink for it. Contenders so far are Diamine Oxblood, Diamine Red Dragon, Private Reserve Vampire Red, and Sailor Manyo Ume.

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My fiancé is a big #Pokémon geek and loves #Squirtle in particular. He does not care about #FountainPens no matter how much I've tried to #penable him.

For my next attempt, I have ordered the Squirtle Lamy Safari
#fountainpen for him which should arrive by this birthday. Though I doubt it, maybe this'll finally ignite his interest in

I recognize that getting someone a gift based more on your own interests than theirs is bad form, but he loves Squirtle so much that I could get him anything Squirtle themed and he'd like it.

I have decided not to buy any #FountainPens for the rest of the YEAR. I'll give myself an exception for this one rarely available #FountainPen I really want but that's it.

Wish me luck,!

New pen day! And new pen accessory day!

#fountainpen is a Woodshed Pen Co #41. They have ceased production of new #fountainpens and marked down their remaining inventory so I thought I'd grab one. I still need to buy a JoWo #6 nib for it.

The pen stand is a
#GalenLeather ToolComb. #NPD #NewPenDay

New Pen Day! Pilot Vanishing Point Raden Stripes <EF>
It is hard to do this pen's beauty justice with still photos.
#newpenday #fountainpen #fountainpens

New #pen day!

I treated myself to a
#LAMY Dialog CC. Was it a stupid amount of money for a broke person who rarely writes to spend on a writing instrument? Absolutely. Do I regret it? You betcha! Did it keep the darkness at bay for most of an afternoon? Yup!

#FountainPen #FountainPens #NewPenDay

Heck yeah! I won an auction for a Pink Kaweco Ice Sport (the last I needed for my collection of #Kaweco Ice Sports in highlighter colors) while at a #Tool concert with two of my favorite people. What a night!

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