So as a little hobby project I'm writing a little bot framework (read: bot, not chat AI) for Signal, sitting on top of the wonderful signal-cli. I'd love to hear what sorts of features people would want, but here's what I have so far:

  • Written in Python 3.11 and fully asyncio.
  • Able to register "personalities" for different contacts/groups.
  • Personalities can register callbacks for:
    • Any message
    • Messages with a prefix (e.g., /help foobar).
    • Messages containing keywords.
    • A cron schedule.
  • Send messages, attachments, images, formatted Messages, etc.

Anyhow, I'd love to hear what else people could make use of! I haven't studied many bot frameworks so I'm not sure what they often provide.

#signal #bots #frameworks

MsDropbear 🌈♀
6 days ago

@mathiasringhof Hello. Tbh, IMO the way #KDE categorises, names & discusses various parts of its "software package infrastructure" is confusing, indeed even baffling, for many potential users. I'll use #ArchLinux as my comparator here, given that Arch keeps up nicely with the KDE release cycle, unlike Debian.

At the moment...

#Arch #KDEPlasma:
- #Plasma = 5.27.5
- #Gear = 23.04.1
- #Frameworks = 5.106.0

Do these Wikipedia articles help you to understand the differences?


So, for instance, if a distro uses old versions of Gear, users will be stuck with old versions of important user-apps like #Dolphin, #Kate, #Konsole. Otoh, with old versions of Frameworks, users are stuck with superseded versions of "behind the scenes" system-tools & libraries like KActivities, KIO, Kirigami. Finally, Plasma itself provides the actual desktop experience. IMO distros really MUST keep up with Plasma, but i sincerely believe that to then fall behind on Gear & Frameworks leaves users with a non-optimal total experience.

MsDropbear 🌈♀
6 days ago

@linuxiac Yes, but *old* #Frameworks & #Gear. Ergo, i continue to NOT see the point of using #KDEPlasma on #Debian .

A rolling DE needs a rolling distro, to enjoy the *full* KDEPlasma UX.

1 week ago

This article aims to comprehensively introduce the Micronaut IOC container, covering its details, capabilities, and use cases.

#micronaut #frameworks #java

Knowledge Zone
1 week ago

An in-depth look at the #Popularity of #Quantum #Computing #Languages and #Frameworks : Misc

How Will Modern #Tech Help Us #Age in Place? : Disc Mag

#ArtificialIntelligence could lead to #Extinction, experts warn : BBC

Check our latest #KnowledgeLinks

MsDropbear 🌈♀
1 week ago

@cryptgoat That IS an unexpected pleasant surprise! What about these critical aspects too [shown below with current available versions in #rolling distros like #ArchLinux, for reference]?

#Gear = 23.04.1
#Frameworks = 5.106.0

Franzi and the Minis
1 week ago

Fertig zusammengebaut.
Beim Hügelriesen müssen noch ein paar Lücken geschlossen werden und beim Beholder fehlt noch eines der Augen - das wird ein magnetisiertes wechselbares Auge 😊

#miniaturepainting #frameworks #TerraMinimaStudio #dnd5e

Eine handgroße Plastikfigur eines Hügelriesen der eine Kuh mit einer Hand an einem Kuhbein hochhält und mit anderer Hand einen Wander/Schlagstock hält.
Eine hühnerei große Plastikfigur eines Betrachters, schwebende Figur aus Dungeons and Dragons mit vielen Tentakelaugen ähnlich Medusa
Franzi and the Minis
1 week ago

Bastelstunde 😀
Der Mann baut gerade einen Hügelriesen zusammen und prompt hab ich Lust bekommen, mitzumachen 😁

Bei meinem Beholder fehlen nur noch gefühlt Hundert Augen 👀

#Badtelstunde #frameworks
#miniaturepainting #dnd5e

Eine halb fertig zusammengebaute Palstikfigur in Form eines barbäuchigen Hügelriesen. Ihm fehlen noch die Hände.
In einer Hand wird eine runde Plastikfigur in Form eines Beholders aus Dungeons and Dragons gehalten, dem die vielen Augententakel fehlen.
MsDropbear 🌈♀
2 weeks ago


>The #kdeplasma default environment is excellent as well

Yes, #KDEPlasma is superb, isn't it! 💜

But why... *why*... why use such a static distro for an essentially rolling DE? Afaict your versions of #Plasma, #Gear, #Frameworks, #Qt must be behind current, meaning you get to enjoy none of the current bugfixes & features. I can never understand such a decision. 😕

From, afaict, your:
Plasma = 5.27.2
Gear = 22.12.3
Frameworks = 5.103

otoh, in #KFedora [#Fedora #KDE] atm:
Plasma = 5.27.5
Gear = 23.04.1
Frameworks = 5.106.0

and in #ArchLinux atm:
Plasma = 5.27.5
Gear = 23.04.1
Frameworks = 5.106.0

So, afaict, atm your #KDE pkg versions are old but not [yet] ancient [compared to prior stable Debians]. However, over time, are you happy that your daily Plasma UX will less & less resemble that for users in other distros which keep up much more actively with the KDE release cycle?

Isn't Debian Stable more suited to comparatively static DEs like Xfce, MATE, Cinnamon? 🤷‍♀️

MsDropbear 🌈♀
3 weeks ago

@oh_that_courtney Nice.

I'm curious though. You're running #KDEPlasma on buntu... so what versions are they for: #Plasma, #Gear, #Frameworks, #Qt, pls?

Scott Nath
3 weeks ago

Hi folks -

Here's an article I wrote breaking down how to locally run a composed Storybook instance that shows components from React, Vue, Preact and Svelte at the same time.


#storybook #frameworks #react #vuejs #svelte

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
4 weeks ago

In 2010, #SteveJobs insightfully compared traditional computers to trucks, saying that most people only need a car (i.e., the #iPad).

Similarly, most #developers now only have to learn how to add units to #frameworks without the overhead of lots of conscious choices. And most businesses only need that.

But some applications will always need more than a #framework and some business logic glue #code. And some businesses will always need truckers.

Grrsly Adams Family Vacation
1 month ago

I appreciate the lack of overt assumption in regards an objects genitalia in my frameworks. @entropealabs

#OSS #Python #Frameworks #database #FOSS #MongoDB #FerretDB

Niels Pflaeging
1 month ago


#SAFe is an enemy of #agile and #agility.

All #agilescaling frameworks are enemies of #agile and #agility.

All #frameworks are enemies of #agile and #agility

Wollt ihr wissen, wie nützlich die frei verfügbaren Architektur- #Frameworks der drei großen #Cloud-Anbieter (#Amazon, #Microsoft und #Google) wirklich sind und wie ihr diese in der Praxis einsetzen könnt? Dieser Artikel in der @informatikaktuell von @alexksbr gibt Antworten: 👉

Why must we define everything into a highly technical or customized frameworks in cyber security? Some things would be great if we can use other areas expert frameworks.

For instance quantifying assessments of source-information (more than the NATO Admirality scale) is well described in Critical Thinking for Strategic Intelligence. 3rd ed.

If cyber security matures to cooperate with other expert areas to find common frameworks we might find collaboration improves.

#frameworks #cybersecurity

Everybody wants to talk about how #React is a waste of time, but what about AngularJS? What about that monumental pile of horseshit that everyone with a compsci degree insisted we use back in 2013? I've had four straight jobs where I was doing #ReactJS, and now everyone's complaining about it, but nobody says anything about that massive waste of time. #JavaScript #transclusion #webDev #frameworks #frontend

David Megginson
2 months ago

@brion Thank you for explaining why éminences grises in tech are so skeptical about building anything important around the newest low-/no-code #frameworks.

It's not (just) because we're old and grumpy and don't want to learn anything new; it's because we've been there too many times and have the scars to prove it.

Niels Pflaeging
2 months ago

So why are there "blanks"?
There should not be blanks, at least not today. The blanks or blind spots may have been okay when the #AgileManifesto was written up. But now? That's just sloppy, irresponsible and greedy - as those "blanks" open the door to all kinds of con schemes.

The good news: Here is #agile without the "blanks", and thus not in need for silly, stupid, destructive #frameworks: It's called #betacodex

My #ArchLinux tower's #KDEPlasma received the #Frameworks 5.105 pkg updates 4 days ago []. My #Fedora 37 #KDEPlasma lappy still hasn't. Given the imminent release of F38 next week, i expect there's no plans now for 5.105 in F37. However i am curious; if the relative timings were different such that F38 was instead still, eg, 5 months away, would F37 have received 5.105, or... is this a good example of fixed-release disadvantage vs rolling, for these fast-cycle Plasma pkgs?

#eli5 (explain to me like I'm 5-years-old) what #WebComponents are and how they're different from #javascript-heavy #frameworks (

Ivan Rodriguez ♠
2 months ago

I just found a very interesting metaframework for #Angular:

#javascript #typescript #FullStack #frameworks

Belatedly applied this batch of #Frameworks 5.105 [& other] updates this evening. There was a #pacnew for #mirrorlist. I ran my usual `sudo -H DIFFPROG=kdiff3 pacdiff` ... alas now `kdiff3` crashes on launch. Had to temporarily change to `meld`. Bugger. Odd though, coz this was not one of the new pkgs; it was last updated 2April.

Damn rolling releases ... heehee 😜

Time to upgrade from #Arch back to #win95, for optimum security & reliability 🤭

Chris J. Karr
2 months ago

@judy2k I switch back and forth between the two as needed. Django for anything complex enough to need a login, Flask for the smaller one-offs, such as putting a web API on top of an existing library. (Did that yesterday for the Detoxify library.)

And if you need something to speak protocols in a real-time and persistent manner, you have Twisted.

#Python #Frameworks

Woohoo, #KDE #Frameworks 5.105 just arrived in #Arch Stable.

Damn rolling releases! 😜

Why are most "frameworks" so f-ing complex and come with such a steep learning curve for people who have been coding since before the advent of them, like when you really needed to know stuff to do things? 😎 🤔 🙄

And the never ending question, where is the breakpoint for efficiency between "doing it all yourself" and using 50-100MB of "framework wonderfulness". Gah!

#programmer #programming #framework #frameworks #coding #devops

You don't need #ReactJS until your webpage changes. That's why it's called "React", it makes the #DOM *react* to changes in application state. If the state never changes, #React is unnecessary. #webDev #frameworks #web #dev #programming #frontend #JavaScript

Ayo Ayco
2 months ago

Web Frameworks meetup this 19th of April. Some cozy time with snacks and talks about the new-ish Frameworks.

I'm going to talk about @astro -- If you're around Amsterdam, come join!

👉 Meetup link:

#webdev #frontend #frameworks #withAstro #meetup #amsterdam

Made Up JavaScript Frameworks
3 months ago

Gaston, the world famous race horse, has just created GastonJS - the world's fastest Javascript framework! With ultra-fast speeds, flexible configs and an organism firebase, GastonJS is definitely the way to go! #GastonJS #Javascript #Frameworks

Stone and Reid of Google gets a big AMEN from me on this one.

> We believe a better way to think about and use frameworks is to focus on their original intention: Solving big-picture problems. Security is fundamentally about risk assessment and appropriate risk management. To accomplish those tasks, leaders must understand what needs to be protected and the context in which that protective work will take place.

#security #frameworks #compliance

My #oS #MicroOS VM happily upgrading to #Plasma 5.27.3 & #Frameworks 5.104.0, thus now joining my #Fedora 37 KDE & Fedora 37 #Kinoite VMs, all running on my already-there #ArchLinux #KDEPlasma Host. Kool!

My #oS #MicroOS VM happily upgrading to #Plasma 5.27.3 & #Frameworks 5.104.0, thus now joining my #Fedora 37 KDE & Fedora 37 #Kinoite VMs, all running on my #ArchLinux #KDEPlasma Host. Kool!
JS Party 🪩
3 months ago

✨ New episode of JS Party! ✨

Dan Abramov & Joe Savona from the React Team join @jerod & @nicknisi for a wide-ranging discussion about React’s place in the frontend ecosystem.

We cover everything from React competing with React, their responses to SPA fatigue and recent criticisms, to Server Components and the future of the framework. #javascript #reactjs #frontend #frameworks


3 months ago

Vamos a ver que es #typescript y sus diferencias con #javascript
Tambien analizamos cuando elegir cada uno

#dev #programacion #analisis #frameworks

AG Connect
3 months ago

Agile ontwikkelt na 20 jaar nog steeds door, net als het aantal #frameworks dat het ondersteunt. Henny Portman schept wat orde in deze enorme hoeveelheid vaak uiteenlopende raamwerken.

JS Party 🪩
3 months ago

Miško Hevery tells @kball about a pretty bonkers Qwik demo he built 👇

#javascript #frontend #qwik #frameworks #html

Electronic Discovery Reference Model: the framework for information governance... ℹ️👇

#EDRM #models #frameworks

Ben Ward
3 months ago

One of the very fun aspects of my New Job is getting to figure out our initial front end architecture from scratch, haven't gotten to do that in some while. But of course the current state of front end is quite overwhelming! We need to build some rich, multi-session applications, and also some embedded UI components for partners to integrate.

What would you build with if you could start from scratch today? Would love to check my assumptions a bit. #Web #WebDev #FrontEnd #Frameworks

Ihr möchtet unterschiedliche Architektur- #Frameworks in der #Cloud für eure Vorhaben unter die 🔎 Lupe nehmen? Dann seid bei dem Workshop von @StefanZoerner und @alexksbr  auf dem #SoftwareArchitectureSummit genau richtig! Wir diskutieren mit euch Gemeinsamkeiten und Unterschiede und üben anhand eines Fallbeispiels, wie ihr die Frameworks zur Bewertung von #Cloud -Lösungen heranziehen könnt.
Mehr Infos zum Workshop 👉

stark@ubuntu:~$ █
3 months ago


Although I have always been aware of #Accessibility, it was always something that I forgot about, or actually forgot to care about.

But through #Mastodon, and how active people here with accessibility, and actually interacting with people with disabilities, I have now only realized the importance of it and how we have restricted people from using internet services, especially #socialmedia.

Can't believe #frameworks and #opensource projects aren't focusing on it more. Even with all of the #standards and #tools that the #W3C has created!

Andrius (Math 4 Wisdom)
3 months ago

What questions could we investigate together? I wrote a long letter to Kirby and Jon at Math 4 Wisdom. How do we empower #teachers who want to pioneer their own curricula? How can we, as individuals, take action to bring #peace to #Russia and #Ukraine? Where does #language leave off and not-language begin? How can I make real to others the language of #wisdom, the language of #cognitive #frameworks, that I have been documenting?

Matthias Ott
3 months ago

“We were told writing apps with an HTML-first, SSR-first, progressively enhanced mindset, using our preferred language/tech stack of choice, was outdated and bad for users.

That was a lie.”

Real talk by @jaredwhite

#SPAs #frameworks #js

It’s fascinating to note the turns HTML/CSS and JS #frameworks took

All abstractions becoming popular at around the same time

But while #HTML / #CSS frameworks peaked after the market had been flooded and the specs accommodated everyone’s wishes

#JS frameworks, fewer in number, ballooned into ecosystems, and sustain themselves by partially self-inflicted complexity

“The burden of proof is on you, frontend framework stans, not the vanilla Web!”—thank you, @jaredwhite

David Megginson
3 months ago

@remotesynth I've noticed that a lot of front-end #frameworks reject #REST then end up full of hacks to replace all the built-in-for-free web features they lost (like the back button, bookmarks, statelessness, ethical #SEO, user-side caching, etc, etc).

I get it if you're emulating a desktop app like a spreadsheet or word processor, but otherwise, why make things so hard on yourself?

JS Party 🪩
4 months ago

🔥 New episode of JS Party!

Amal sits down for a one-on-one with @slightlyoff, Microsoft Partner on the Edge team, and former Web Standards Tech Lead for Chrome, whose recent post, The Market for Lemons, stirred up a BIG conversation in the web development community.

Have we really lost a decade in potential progress? What happened? Where do we go from here? #javascript #frontend #frameworks


4 months ago

This is exactly why I am so happy that I haven’t worked on large websites in the last decade. And it is also why I am becoming less motivated to teach the next generation of digital designers about the web. Because if this is the industry they end up in, there’s no use in educating them.


#web #design #frameworks #javascript

4 months ago

Dave Rupert and Andy Bell got me thinking about web application frameworks.

Here is a rant

#Webdev #JavaScript #Frameworks #OldManShakesFistAtClouds

Interesting article from a few years back. I feel like the concepts in it are especially important and relevant even now, with the continuing and almost constant advancements and changes in the web (and tech in general). The writer goes through a quick history of web development concepts starting from the 1990s (back when I started, as well). She explains since there are always new frameworks and aspects being added to the web, that there is no possible way to learn everything, but that these aspects make for a field with lots of opportunities for people who always love to learn new things.

#webdev #html #css #javascript #frontend #backend #frameworks #webdesign #fullstack #tech #history

Infographic from the article. 'What the average web developer spends time thinking about, 1990-2020'.
Serhii Kulykov
5 months ago

Did you know that #WebComponents and #React can be used together?
There are several #javascript libraries for it, these two look interesting:

- React Shadow: use #ShadowDOM with React easily;
- Remount: use React components as #CustomElements.

Check out the #frameworks recipes page for more:

JS Party 🪩
5 months ago

🙌 New episode of JS Party 🙌

🗣 The rise & fall of JS frameworks

@kball and Chris Ferdinandi dive into the current JavaScript trends towards smaller frameworks, compiled JavaScript, and why Chris believes “this time is different” with regards to developers caring about network speed and reducing JS sent over the wire.

🏷 #javascript #frameworks #reactjs


“Designing In #Systems” on #Flipboard, is my collection of articles related to #SystemicDesign & #SystemsThinking.

No matter what kinds of systems you work with, there's something relevant to you in this week's newest additions, I promise!

Take a peek 👁️ at the highlights:

- #Design as if you care - on #colonialism & norms

- Systems #change #frameworks

- The #Innovation Stack: how to make innovation plans deliver

- How #Nike creates #emotions by design

- #Designing for #technology & the #city

- #Code snippets that changed the #world

- How to frame a #Foresight & #Future #project

- Design means Shaping

- How #Lego used #Agile to #innovate

- #DesignThinking for a more agile team

- Using #storyboards for #narrative driven #organizations

- Design Thinking: you might be doing it wrong

- #ProblemSolving #infrastructure

- #Complexity Thoughts, Issue 5

- The #myth of the #regenerative #BusinessModel

- #Scaffolding for change

- #Exploring the future: 4 ways to combine future #scenarios with causal-loop #diagrams

- Organizational innovation thru design

- Getting started with #ServiceDesign

- #StrategicThinking #bias, part 1

- Learning #Epistemology from Abbott & Costello

Many human hands in a circle on grass with the words, Be the Change.
Amy Lee
5 months ago

I get that browser compatibility is still a problem. But still you get pretty far with Edge. I lean on #CanIUse a lot. #WebDev #CSS #Frameworks

6 months ago

Sometimes I'm really fascinated by #CSS only #frameworks like' Pure, Lucas Larroche's Pico or' #Bulma.

Peter Skaronis :verified:
6 months ago

Since I'm new here and this is a community, I thought I'd introduce myself.

I am originally from Greece and in the past 15 years I've lived in the UK and now Canada in the past year.

I'm working on my Jason Bourne passport collection, Greek, British and Canadian.

I've been tinkering with computers since 1993 when I built my first Intel 286 PC and have been in Cybersecurity since 2011. I've worked for different industries in Greece UK and Canada between perm roles and contracts.

One observation I've made is that we have all these wonderful standards and frameworks but small businesses are unaware of these, don't have the budget to hire a dedicated security person, and don't know where to start. At the same time vendors have entry tax to technologies like SSO and enterprise controls and don't bother for companies between 1-25 users. Not to mention the increase in SOC2 interest for SaaS companies since COVID and the gap they have to close.

I digress, so I started with ISO 27001 and business continuity planning back in 2011 working at the UK Parliament and then moved on to vulnerability management, incident response, cyber engineering setting up EDR, WAF, Microsoft Azure and loads of other stuff, internal audits and now SOC2, PCI-DSS and ISO 27001 readiness for businesses.

On the side I've been working on content to help infosec peeps to get involved with SOC2, PCI and ISO27001 and help companies achieve certification and attestation.

I am creating Notion templates for various engagements I've done in the past and still use, like CIS benchmarks, CIS controls, SOC2, NIST and others including policies, procedures and recurring activities.

A lot of stuff I've seen online talk about the theory of things but not how you actually do the thing.

I'll share more once I have something decent completed.

Let me know if you would be interested.

It's nice to be here. Fresh arrival from the blue bird.

#cybersecurity #standards #frameworks #introduction

Stephen Belovarich
6 months ago

#webcomponents power

The entire experience was built with vanilla #javascript. Individual pages for 4K Blu-ray Disc details score above 95% via lighthouse on performance, #ally, and #seo.

This is because custom elements made #accessibility easy to implement.

Thanks to #lit I could #SSR portions of the app for #SEO.

The #frontend was a breeze to implement because no learning curve from #frameworks. Anyone who knows #html #css and #javascript can #code #webcomponents!

Johan Bové
6 months ago

Wondering if someone made a framework comparison between #JS #frameworks, noting down the level of fun devs have with it and how long it takes to get to a productive level. Guessing #Angular won't be high in the top. On the other hand, looking at enterprise-readiness, and maintainability, it will score probably much better than most younger competitors.

#Question for my #rust friends:

How do you access document object model when working with #frameworks like #yew or #Sycamore.
Or if you have to write #js how simple is inter op.


🔥 FireShip must watch video

#fireShip 's latest video is on the money & highlights all latest trends, confirms alot of my own conclusions about #webdev & popular #languages & #frameworks


Eric Maugendre
7 months ago

So you may avoid writing #pullRequests to #Mastodon if your concern is #safety. #savesTime
We explained above the growing concern of #personalSafety and 👪#communitySafety at #Mastodon. I will propose shortcuts to be discussed below. Mind the very #longThread 🧶

What do you think? 📢
#security #protection 🌱#dataProtection #dataPrivacy #privacy ㊙️​#secrecy #discoverability #content #frameworks #development #programming #coding #ActivityPub #FediGrowth #tech #technology #Fediverse

Michael T. Richter
7 months ago

With the sudden influx of new users, time for another #introduction.

I'm an azure-winged magpie living in #China doing #embedded software development for #PublicGrid monitoring and testing tools. Unlike most of my #ElectronicEngineer colleagues, I am a 100% #software nerd with just enough #hardware smarts to be dangerous. I design embedded #frameworks and #libraries that my colleagues lack the foundations to do create. I chiefly work with the #STM32 line of #MCUs.


Ed Parkes
7 months ago

I'm working on a project for the Open Data Institute about #Responsible #Data #Stewardship. We're interested in the relationship to terminology such as '#DataEthics' (is there a difference?) and whether it's possible to develop #frameworks of #BestPractice.

I realise this is a key area of interest for people here and a live issue more generally. We'd be interested in people's thoughts / opinions and whether there are resources we should be aware of.

Here's more detail

Does anyone know any good #CSS #frameworks (or just standalone #stylesheets) that have a really good physical feeling rather than a flat/stylish one? A while back, I saw this awesome chunky button #styling and I'd love to know what else is out there. #webdev