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3 hours ago

@KeithMcNeill The last remaining source of Musk making money off of twitter obviously — besides UAE's possible share in the $44 billion purchase of Jack Dorsey's antisocial medium.

P.S.: Eloon enjoys sunbathing in the flattery of at least half of his twitter followers appearing to be real living humans.

#Mastodon #SocialMedia #LeaveTwitter #Manipulation #Bots #FakeAccounts #Misinformation #Disinformation #AntisocialMedia #MuskSucks #HistrionicBrat #Fraud

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US Justice Department charges two men in Mt. Gox Hack - The Justice Department claims Alexey Bilyuchenko and Aleksandr Ve... - #justicedepartment #alexeybilyuchenko #aleksandrverner #alexandervinnik #mt.gox #btc-e #fraud #hack

jbz :catjam:
5 hours ago

🚨 Binance.US halts dollar deposits, Robinhood delists tokens after SEC crackdown | @Reuters

⎧ The U.S. affiliate of Binance said it was halting dollar deposits, while trading platform Robinhood Markets (HOOD.O) said it was delisting some crypto tokens, after the U.S. securities regulator stepped up its crackdown on the crypto sector ⎭

#Binance #BinanceUS #CryptoCrash #Fraud #SEC

7 hours ago
Anything Interesting
15 hours ago

The Art of Deception: The Story of India's Most Notorious Conman, Natwarlal
He goes by the infamous moniker Mr. Nat... #Conman #Fraud #Natwarlal #TheconmanofIndia

Mat the Wolverine
15 hours ago

So this guy is sending mails to our corpaccountspayable mbox trying for days to carry out a vendor #fraud The real domains are rotarex[.]com and fedsteel[.]com Have originals mails as proof. And as always the Registrar is…

15 hours ago

So this guy is sending mails to our corpaccountspayable mbox trying for days to carry out a vendor #fraud. The real domains are rotarex[.]com and fedsteel[.]com Have originals mails as proof. Can we please shut them down? @Namecheap
@illegalFawn @malwrhunterteam @jayeshmthakur

InterNutter :nb_verify:
16 hours ago

Apparently there's some skeevy folks pushing Ashwagandha as an estrogen alternative to Trans ladies who don't have access to proper HRT.

Don't fall for it. Those are nasty profiteers who also want to poison trans ladies.

I use Ashwagandha as a stress manager, BUT it can apparently
raise testosterone levels and act dangerously in combo with other transition meds.

Warn your friends.

#transrights #warning #psa #medication #fraud

17 hours ago

#Cryptocurrencies #Fraud #regulation #scams #SEC Gary Gensler: Crypto market is like 1920s stock market, full of ‘fraudsters’: In a June 8 speech at the Piper Sandler Global Exchange & Fintech Conference, United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chair Gary Gensler compared the current crypto market to the 1920s U.S. stock market, saying that it is full of “hucksters,” “fraudsters” and “Ponzi schemes.” Just as Congress cleaned up the stock market by…

David Hull 胡大衛
23 hours ago

Happy Indictment Day!

Trump Indicted
Trump Is Charged in Classified Documents Inquiry

#Trump #Indictment #Fraud #Criminal

Dissent Doe :cupofcoffee:
1 day ago

I really hope some criminal defense attorneys blog about the SCOTUS decision in Dubin v. United States (

Does this mean a lot of federal prosecutions of hackers will no longer be tacking on aggravated identity theft charges with two-year mandatory sentences to be served consecutively?

And what happens to all those who have been convicted already and are serving time for those aggravated ID theft charges? Can they now appeal, or...?

Non-lawyerly minds would like to understand.

#IDtheft #fraud #law #SCOTUS

Adam R. Smith (AmericanScream)
1 day ago

It's no coincidence #crypto #exchanges are falling apart. They were never stable and legit in the first place.

If you think self-custody will save you, you're wrong.

#Blockchain itself is a huge #fraud. Share this FREE documentary which exposes it all:

Anything Interesting
1 day ago

The Art of Deception: The Story of India's Most Notorious Conman, Natwarlal
He goes by the infamous moniker Mr. Nat... #Conman #Fraud #Natwarlal #TheconmanofIndia

1 day ago

The 700 Club.
The original TV grift of the GOP Grifting Old People. How Franklin Graham or any fascist "Church" continues to operate in the wake of such a long standing chain of fraud TV evangelists is confounding.

Who do they think they are fooling?


1 day ago

Australia's Commonwealth Bank Will Partially Restrict Payments to Crypto Exchanges - The Australian bank announced on Thursday that will decline "certain payments" to crypto ... - #commonwealthbankofaustralia #australia #policy #fraud #news #bank

2 days ago

I figured it would come to this. Unless I'm able to provide them with more personal information, they won't do anything to resolve the issue.
So, I filed a complaint with the NC Attorney General's office.
Let's see if that motivates them to get their shit together.

#TikTok #Fraud #Privacy

Anything Interesting
2 days ago

The Art of Deception: The Story of India's Most Notorious Conman, Natwarlal
He goes by the infamous moniker Mr. Nat... #Conman #Fraud #Natwarlal #TheconmanofIndia

Kailee ♾️
2 days ago

📢 The #DoJ #DoJCrimDiv sent criminal suspect Donald a formal “target letter,” which is the conventional means of notification by the DoJ. It basically boils down to telling him they intend to charge.

Trump notified that he is the target of an ongoing criminal investigation.

#target #letter #crime #espionage #sedition #SeditiousConspiracy #fraud #money #laundering
#Justice #law #IndictmentsWatch
#criminal #investigation

Frederik Borgesius
2 days ago


‘Saudi scientist tells colleagues, ‘Stop this academic fraud’
Sakhr Alhuthali reveals how foreign researchers are paid by universities to lie about their main affiliation and boost their position on the influential Shanghai Ranking’ #science #academia #fraud

2 days ago

Facebook is even worse than I realized.

Yesterday I spoke with a customer who needed help because her Facebook business page had been hacked. She had an external company handling marketing, and that team had their admin accounts breached.

Everyone except her was locked out, however her account was demoted from admin to some kind of basic user.

I came to learn that she had been speaking with Facebook for A MONTH, and they couldn't do anything about it, even though she was clearly the owner of the account.

The kicker that's really messed up? Facebook was informed that the business page was hacked, and they still continued to run all her credit cards for scam advertisements the hackers put up. They ran her cards till they maxed out for about 2 weeks, before they finally restricted her business page, personal account, and Instagram account.

She had run this page for 13 years, spending $150k per year on advertisements, and Facebook didn't want to help her.

#Facebook #helpdesk #techsupport #hacking #fraud

A Mississauga developer charged a buyer an extra $500K. Now its licence has been pulled | CBC News #HCRA #Developers #HomeBuyers #Permits #Fraud #onpoli

Bob Jamieson
2 days ago

Government Fraud Quadruples on Rishi Sunak’s Watch, New Report Reveals

HMRC contributed enormously to the rise in fraud after the then Chancellor approved tens of billions to be spent on pandemic support schemes
David Hencke
6 June 2023

#fraud #ToryCorruption #politics

3 days ago

Meta’s Zuckerberg grilled by senators over ‘leak’ of LLaMA AI model - The senators weren’t happy with the “seemingly minimal” protectio... - #richardblumenthaljoshhawley #publicpolicy #closesource #opensource #cybercrime #hatecriime #llama #gpt-4 #fraud #crime #bard #leak

3 days ago

SBF upset by criminal trial's late evidence while FTX seeks sale of AI stock - 3.6 million documents have yet to be produced by prosecutors in t... - #sambankman-fried #evidence #trial #court #fraud #sbf #ftx

3 days ago

I received an account confirmation email from TikTok -which I absolutely did not try to create. I unblocked their servers from my private DNS server, clicked the "not me" link and filled out their form.
Today, they get back to me wanting screenshots of my email profile.
Uhh, no. I told them no. Not even after hell freezes over. I don't know how that will be received but if it's badly, what can I do from there? This is beginning to piss me off.

#TikTok #Fraud #Privacy

KBSez ✅
3 days ago

Judge grants request for George Santos’s bond sponsors to be unsealed

A federal judge Tuesday granted media organizations’ requests to unseal the names of the people who cosigned Rep. George Santos’s $500,000 bond in his criminal fraud case.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Anne Shields gave Santos until noon Friday to appeal the ruling, ordering the names to remain under seal in the meantime.

#GeorgeSantos #Fraud #GQP

Custard! 🍮
3 days ago

Chinguen a su madre los de

No les voy a pagar un puto centavo por quitar mi IP de su pinche lista pedorra y güanga de presuntos "spammers" los jodidos abusivos son ustedes, ahora que veo

No porque el bloque de IP en el que estoy sea para sus pinche ojos ciegos peligroso significa que tengan el derecho de extorsionar a la gente, haciendo esto, no son diferentes a los "Spammers de siempre

#Spam #UCEProtect #Fraud #Extortion

A #OneTimeCode is for your use only.
DO NOT share or give the code to anyone.
A legitimate
#Business will NEVER call you to request that code.
If anyone requests that code from you, HANG UP – it’s a scam.

If you are updating your information, accessing your online account or shopping online, Your Bank or other businesses may send you a one time code, via email or SMS text, to verify your identity. Keep this one time code secure, and DO NOT give it out to anyone who calls or messages you.

If you receive a code that you did not request, contact that business right away. There is a chance someone else is trying to use your account. Stay calm, and don’t share the code.

If you, or someone you know, has been a victim of
#fraud, always report it.

#Scammers can be very convincing! They may be impersonating a trusted business (even faking the call display), and claiming they need the one time code so they can investigate or reverse fraud activity. Don’t fall for it.

I know I've already posted about this but it bears repeating, because I'm reading more about it and it's still blowing my mind. Government fraud has QUADRUPLED in four years - from £5.5bn (which I'd say is already pretty fucking bad) to £21 BILLION.
#WTF #WheresOurFuckingMoney #UKPolitics #Fraud

David Colquhoun
3 days ago
4 days ago

@ASvanevik @ColeThereum @Namecheap @pudgypenguins Hi @tucows
Please suspend the fraudulent domain ⚠pudgypenguins­.app

Related to an account take over attack linked with #phishing #fraud.


REAL ✅ pudgypenguins­.com
FAKE ❌ pudgypenguins­.app []

Kailee ♾️
4 days ago

3/ State-sanctioned kidnapping is not a public policy choice, it is immoral and disgusting,” Bonta said in the statement.

#Desantis #kidnapping driver rang the doorbell of the building, telling the group they would be right back, but “the bus pulled away and they never came back”… driver’s cell phone was no longer working’

Human trafficking as an electoral primary strategy.

Small, Pathetic Desantis dumped migrants with no resources again. A repeat crime.

This specific flight was operated by Berry Aviation, an active US defense contractor, according to flight tracking data on FlightRadar24. When reached on the phone, the company declined to comment. Acorn Growth Companies, an aerospace investment firm, which owns Berry Aviation, did not answer calls. #kidnapped #dumped #Criminal #Desantis #human #trafficking #money #laundering #fraud

4 days ago

#Cryptocurrencies #Bitfinex #Business #DepartmentofJustice #Fraud Ex-NFL team owner Reggie Fowler gets 6 years for crypto ‘shadow banking’: Reginald Fowler, a former NFL team owner, has been sentenced to six years of prison for operating as a “shadow bank” to the crypto sector, which involved over $700 million in unregulated transactions over a 10-month timespan in 2018.

The 63-year-old, who was a co-owner of the Minnesota Vikings, was sentenced to a total of 75…

Kailee ♾️
4 days ago

Donald Trump made $82.5 million from his businesses in Ireland and Scotland while serving as president, according to a CREW analysis of his tax returns. All of this revenue came with extraordinary Conflicts of interest, mixing Trump’s personal financial interests. Trump raked in over one billion dollars in income during his four years in office, with up to $160 million in total coming from businesses in foreign countries with interest in U.S. foreign policy. Aberdeen and Turnberry, neither has turned a profit and both have hemorrhaged money from the criminally convicted Trump Organization since their purchase.

#bribes #fraud #corrupt #corruption

The European Network
5 days ago

French Parliament has adopted a bipartisan bill to regulate social media influencers' activities.

With about 150,000 influencers in France, the actions of some have put influencer marketing in line with criticism, from promoting dangerous products to accusations of fraud.

The law prohibits promotion of certain practices –such as cosmetic surgery and therapeutic abstention– and heavily regulates the promotion of several medical devices.

#France #Influencers #Fraud

Andy Aydın-Aitchison
5 days ago

Something I prepared for a summer school, now available #OpenAccess in International Criminal Law Review:

Bringing Together the Criminologies of Atrocity and Serious Economic Crimes

#Criminology #Atrocity #CrimesAgainstHumanity #War Crimes #Genocide #GrandCorruption #Fraud #WhiteCollarCrime

I Like Books
5 days ago

"ERIC is currently the only system that can catch if someone votes in more than one state, which is illegal. And election officials widely agree it helps to identify dead people on voting lists."

#USA #Vote #Fraud

Danny Boling 🌈 ☮️
5 days ago

I'm old enough to remember when Google promised to not be evil. 😒 All I want to know is how much YouTube was paid to make this change, and who paid for it?
#YouTube will stop removing #false claims about 2020 #election #fraud

#Google #FakeNews #trump #Republicans #Cult #ElectionLies #2020Election


Why the far right targeted ERIC, a tool to catch #voter #fraud : NPR

Louisiana became the first state ever to pull out of an obscure bipartisan voting partnership known as the #Electronic #Registration #Information #Center, or ERIC.

#ERIC is currently the only system that can catch if someone votes in more than one state, which is illegal.

Election officials widely agree it helps to identify dead people on voting lists.
But Louisiana was done with it.

"This week I sent a letter to [ERIC], suspending Louisiana's participation in that program," Ardoin said.

Due to a far-right misinformation machine, Ardoin's announcement garnered 15 seconds of applause.

It was the first of many times to come in which Republican officials would turn their back on this tool they once praised, in an effort to score political points with their base

Frederik Borgesius
6 days ago

🤦‍♂️’Hijacked journals mimic legitimate journals by adopting their titles, ISSNs, and other metadata. Usually, hijacked journals mirror legitimate journals without permission from the original journal; at rare times, however, publishers will buy rights to a legitimate journal but continue the publication under considerably less stringent publishing protocols…’
#science #fraud #academia #publishing

John Scott-Railton ☕
1 week ago

NEW: I found 1000s of shady PDFs hosted on .gov websites of states, universities, defense contractors, etc.

It was a clever SEO spam operation, but the access could have been exploited for more nefarious things. 1/

@lorenzofb has the writeup

#cybersecurity #spam #SEO #google #instagram #tiktok #fraud

Diane Bruce
1 week ago

There is a special place in hell for people and companies that don't send a probe email to verify an email signed up anonymously is valid. I am looking at you George Killeen of

#Idiots #Fraud #Email #Spam

1 week ago

The City Gave Her a $1.6 Million Grant Despite Prior Fraud Allegations. Now She’s Under Investigation Again.

Despite a history of #fraud allegations, Rosalina Mavaega was made an #Anchorage city commissioner and given a large grant to support her homeless services charity. Federal investigators are looking into her business dealings.

Our latest with @anchoragedailynews

#Alaska #COVID

2 weeks ago

#India #SocialMedia #scams #fraud

'While cybercrimes are not new to India, a new wave of these crimes is spreading rapidly across the country ... These crimes are pushing many deep into debt, and often, despair. Late last month, a software engineer in the southern city of Hyderabad took his own life after losing more than 1.2 million rupees in a similar scheme, just months after he got married.'

The Trump bucks thing reminds me of the Iraqi Dinar scam that was going around in 2006-2010. Similar story about how a Republican President was going to do something that made worthless novelty coins suddenly valuable; same pool of marks.
#fraud #TrumpBucks

ᴚ uɐᗡ
2 weeks ago

Ask not for whom the Baby Bell tolls.

It tolls for thee, Texas Attorney General & Fraud Ken Paxton.

#BrieBest #KenPaxton #impeach #fraud #gop #criminal #cheeze #CheezeEmAll

Ken Paxton mugshot & Fraud warrants from 2015.

His sneering face has been hit with a slice of American cheese.
jbz :catjam:
2 weeks ago

💸 The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, commingled customer funds with company revenue in 2020 and 2021, in breach of U.S. financial rules that require customer money to be kept separate

#Binance #Crypto #Fraud

Perhaps reflecting our current Govt. #fraud now makes up 40% of all reported crimes in the UK...

and a growing proportion of these fraud cases revolve around the use of #cryptocurrencies....

Yup, #RishiSunak & his gang of thieving, corrupt lying chancers have set an example that many are only too keen to follow.

#Torycorruption has become the model for society

2 weeks ago

#Business #Launches
Generative AI: what you need to know · A guide to learn the basics of generative AI and to spot AI bullshit

“It’s a crash course in AI snake oil.” — Baldur Bjarnason

#AI #ML #LanguageModel #Pitfalls #Dangers #Design #ProductDesign #UxDesign #UiDesign #WebDesign #Development #WebDevelopment #WebDev #Code #Safety #Privacy #Copyright #Plagiarism #Poisoning #Fraud #Abuse #Bias

2 weeks ago

#Cdnpoli #Fraud

His bank called about suspicious credit card activity. It wasn't his bank

Fraudsters steal $13K from Montreal man by posing as bank investigators

A common scam and a common trait of those scammed is an unwillingness to accept responsibility for their own actions and the presumption someone else has to solve their problems.

3 weeks ago

Major #Tory donor investigated over #fraud and #moneylaundering allegations

Leading Tory donor who has given over £220,000 to the party being investigated over allegations of fraud and money laundering

Here we go again. A party riddled with corruption

Chapman's Ice Cream Facebook contest is a scam, company warns | CTV News #chapmans #Fraud #FAcebook #Crime #Meta #cdnpoli @cdnpoli

@brennen @noracodes

I.T.'s funny that #MarkTheVirus is even starting a play into the #fediverse. He seems to be worried about less than 12mil users.

To me _THAT_ says something. Mark's network is know for #fraud and #CSAM, on a large scale, so this dipping the toe into the fediverse is a warning sign that should be easy to block iF his continued business model of fraud and #CSAM tries the E³ playbook made famous by #m
Good thing like #TruthSocial's play into cloning Twitter for an #Oligarch to fleece his followers and monetize his base I believe that #MarkTheVirus's play into the #fediverse is NOT going to go the way he thinks I.T. will go.

3% of this #CrimeIncorporated's business model FSCK's up 110% of his reputation, imo. Check the #10kFilings iF you want more insight into the above.

Cheers. That's my 2¢'s worth. 😅

3 weeks ago

#romance #scams #fraud #catfishing #GigEconomy #loneliness #MentalHealth

/Liam is one of hundreds of freelancers employed all over the world to animate fake profiles and chat with people who have signed up for dating and hookup sites.... Often recruited into 'customer support' or content moderation roles, they found themselves playing roles in sophisticated operations set up to tease subscription money from lonely hearts looking for connections online./

Pratik Patel
3 weeks ago

An investigation reveals how hundreds of freelancers hired as customer service reps catfish users into paying for subscriptions on niche dating and hookup sites.

#Fraud #Romance #sex

IT News
3 weeks ago

Elizabeth Holmes’ no good, very bad day: Bail denied and a bill for $452 million - Enlarge / Elizabeth Holmes (C), founder and former CEO of blood-testing... - #elizabethholmes #biotechnology #siliconvalley #bloodtesting #theranos #balwani #health #policy #fraud

4 weeks ago

So, I didn't want to get into this yesterday, when it was fresh and I was super heated and pissed off.

Someone got into my FREAKING IHOP account, and placed a $72 order, because the app has no verification of card info when making an order, nor does it ask for permission when logging in via a different device or vary different location. It was in Scottsdale, AZ.

Through this process, I discovered changing the password does not log out existing sessions of the app, the only way to *REMOVE* a payment method, is by going to the website and doing it there, it cannot be done via the app. There is no way to actually delete your IHOP account on the app or on the website.

When I got the email yesterday about the order being placed, I immediately tried to call the location the order was through, and it took 10 min to try to actually get a person, since that franchisee, makes it impossible to get in contact with someone in the store. When I did get in contact, the person who answered the phone *WOULD NOT CANCEL THE ORDER*. I got in contact before the order was ready and was picked up, but yet, they still would not cancel it, instead saying "I need to wait for the manager to be able to do anything with that" Like, literally fucking fraud, and they could not cancel the order. I had ever bit of order information and they wouldn't do anything about it.

Despite hating to do it, because their refusal to do anything, I had to call the Scottsdale, AZ PD, and of course, they would do nothing, they said I have to contact my local PD, who would reach out to them if they needed anything.


My bank, being the shit bank it is, will not do anything with any fraud transaction (will not even let me speak to a person about it) until the charge posts, so I can't even get them to close the card and expedite a new card to me. I need to wait until probably tomorrow or Tuesday to start that process. Oh, and fuckin thanks to the bank for not prompting me on this order, cause anytime I've ordered on the IHOP app, it freezes the transaction and asks for my conformation...

All for a $72 fucking order from IHOP 1000 miles away from where I live, in a place I've never been. And literally anyone in any position to actually help prevent the harm, DID FUCK ALL.

At this point, I am completely done with any food chain apps and accounts, because their security is dogshit, their consumer protection is dogshit, and well, frankly, fuck them for not actually doing a god damn thing to protect peoples accounts and info on them.

I am really upset that I'm still stuck at the point at my age that a $72 fraudulent purchase can fuck up our ability to exist. I think we have enough food, and the few bucks left in the bank account to last until payday but... This fucking sucks.

#ihop #fraud #infosec #theft #pancakes #capitalone #poorpeopleproblems

Police non-profit fraud: Investigation into the robocalling scam network that's raised $89M to... raise more money (and pay off its owners)
#robocall #politics #charity #police #fraud #scam #-

Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
1 month ago

A few years ago, as I was walking down Michigan Ave, I got an alert from Panera, telling me my order was ready. The problem? The store sending the alert was in Texas. My cc info had been scraped & sold (bought by a legitimately unsuspecting college student). One way to keep this from happening is to freeze your credit:

#PSA #money #fraud #identityTheft #LifeLesson #DYK #life

Arizona county hires election director who spread false claims about 2020

Cochise County, a border county where two Republican supervisors have pushed for a hand count of ballots and previously refused to certify the 2022 election results, chose to hire Bob Bartelsmeyer, an #elections #director who has #shared social media posts with #debunked election #fraud #claims.

While many election deniers in high-profile races in Arizona and other swing states lost their bids for office last year, there are still people in positions of power, from local officials to statewide officeholders, throughout the US who believe there is widespread fraud that has led to stolen elections, despite a lack of evidence.

Frankie ✅
1 month ago

Santos backed a bill to fight unemployment fraud. Now he’s charged with it.

The charges come during the same week that Republicans are preparing to vote on a measure to combat crime targeting one of the country’s most generous pandemic aid programs

#news #uspol #politics #santos #GeorgeSantos #fraud #Corruption #corruptgop

Learning about Koko the gorilla as a child, my main question was always "if Koko can speak with sign language, how come all the other gorillas don't do it?"

It turns out the answer was:

Koko can't either.

#Language #Science #Fraud #Nature #Nurture

Danie van der Merwe
1 month ago

South Africa getting system for reporting scams and fraud online: But will it work any better than the POPI Legislation?

The Southern African Fraud Prevention Service (SAFPS) is working on a system for South Africans to report scams, secure their personal information, and scan websites for vulnerabilities.

This comes after SAFPS stats revealed there was a 600% increase in in ...continues


#fraud #scams #southafrica #technology

1 month ago

South Africa getting system for reporting scams and fraud online: But will it work any better than the POPI Legislation?

Keyboard with word spam spelled out The Southern African Fraud Prevention Service (SAFPS) is working on a system for South Africans to report scams, secure their personal information, and scan websites for vulnerabilities. This comes after SAFPS stats revealed there was […]

Keyboard with word spam spelled out

We are becoming a country with a major criminality problem;

we already know the #police have difficulties investigating the range of crimes committed against individuals... we now find that #fraud has affected around a fifth of all businesses (but with less than a third feeling it worth reporting to the police)....

so much for #lawandorder then

The #RuleofLaw requires people to think laws will actually be followed & enforced, but in places the UK is becoming lawless!

Chart: Over a fifth of finance & mining business were effected by fraud; proportion of businesses experiencing fraud (%):
Finance & insurance services - 22%
Mining & quarrying - 22%
Wholesale & retail - 19%
Construction - 17%
Real estate - 17%
Information & communications - 15%
Legal services - 12%
Bill Janssen
1 month ago

More honors bestowed on George Santos!

And only four days after his coronation as Charles III!

#Fraud #USCongress

"Santos was unable to participate, however, because he was busy being processed for his 13 counts, including fraudulently claiming $24,000 in Covid unemployment benefits while making a $120,000 salary.

The cherry on top is that Santos himself is one of the co-sponsors of the bill, the Protecting Taxpayers and Victims of Unemployment Fraud Act."

#Santos #fraud #theft #crime #Republicans #LawandOrder

"The co-sponsor of a bill to prevent unemployment fraud was charged with committing unemployment fraud.

On Tuesday, George Santos was indicted on 13 counts related to money laundering, wire fraud, lying to Congress, and public theft of funds.A day later, Republicans began voting on a bill to recoup Covid-19 unemployment benefits from fraudulent claimants."

~ Prem Thakker

#Santos #fraud #theft #crime #Republicans #LawandOrder

Kat ♾️
1 month ago

Dear #media… please take a look at this thread. This is a story. So many seniors are being scammed out of their life savings. Look at the #reporting of scammers defrauding seniors on just this thread.

What is being done to protect them? Seems like a reasonable question deserving of some answers from our lawmakers and law enforcement.

#news #fraud

David Golumbia
1 month ago

"'Banning new business models or technologies undermines American values.' This is why a16z is excited to announce they will be leading the seed round in the new firm, Ransomware4Cheap PyramidCo. Get in on the ground floor! Refer all your friends!" @molly0xfff #bitcoin #a16z #cryptocurrency #fraud

1 month ago

Victims of human trafficking were rescued in Clark, Pampanga, Philippines. They were forced to work 18 hours a day to convince people to invest in cryptocurrencies.

389 Vietnamese
143 Indonesians
129 Filipinos
40 Nepalese
25 Malaysians
7 Burmese
5 Thai
2 Taiwanese

#Philippines #Pampanga #CentralLuzon #Asia #TootSea #HumanTrafficking #Cryptocurrencies #Scam #Fraud #Rescue #Crime #ASEAN #Rappler #Crypto #cryptocurrency

Kailee ♾️
1 month ago

4/ Clarence Thomas disclosed $1,200 in free car tires he received in 2002.

But he didn’t disclose:
- half a million dollar vacations
- trips on private jets, yachts
- a billionaire buying his mother’s home
- $150,000 in tuition payments for his adoptive son

#corrupt #scotus #clarencethomas #fraud #republicanCrime

How the hell can you defend Clarence “Coke Can” Thomas and these #SCOTUSBribes? The ethically bankrupt Clarence, along with sexual predator Brett have destroyed the Supreme Court’s reputation and standing in the world.

#ResignClarenceThomas #InvestigateGinniThomas

Kailee ♾️
1 month ago


Again, Drill down on #Crow and make him an offer he can't refuse: Testify against #Thomas or spend 10 years in a federal prison.

#corrupt #scotus #bribes #fraud #CriminalRepublicans #clarencethomas

Also, #taxfraud

Kailee ♾️
1 month ago

Person with obligation to comply with gift tax law is the donor not the recipient. If it's a bribe done to influence an official act it is income to the recipient and not a gift. Did Crow file forms 702 annually for "gifts" over annual exclusion ranging from 10k to 16k in 2022?

1. Can we stop wondering why Harland Crow was funneling wealth to a SCOTUS justice who was ruling in his favor on every case that reached him? Let's focus on the SCOTUS cases and the payments or gifts and see if they show a pattern that evidences that they were a quid pro quo.

2. Nothing in the Constitution requires Thomas be impeached before he can be charged for bribery. Crow should be teed up for the grand jury once the investigation of his secret payments has been completed and shows any evidence that could support a bribery conviction.

3. Drill down on #Crow and make him an offer he can't refuse: Testify against #Thomas or spend 10 years in a federal prison.

#corrupt #scotus #bribes #fraud #CriminalRepublicans #clarencethomas

I got burned by this guy, David Smillie of #BritishColumbia. #Squamish, BC I believe. Luckily it was a small amount for me, but I've connected to people who claim they've lost over $100,000! Now it looks like he's earned a charge for securities fraud in the amount of $13 million CAD. #EzBTC #BitCoin #CryptoCurrency #fraud

"Crypto trading platform lied to customers and diverted their assets to gambling, BCSC alleges"

Matthew Slowe
1 month ago

City of London Police Commissioner just told #BBCRadio4 listeners to "change your passwords often" to avoid #fraud 🤦🏻

#NCSC says:

Where you do use passwords to access a service, do not enforce regular password changes. Passwords really only need to be changed when you suspect a compromise of the login credentials.

David Golumbia
1 month ago

David Rosenthal (aka DSHR): "To sum up, permissionless #blockchain technology is clever, but the economics of applying it to the real world are stupid for the reasons I published nearly 9 years ago. Centralization in the information ecosystem is a very serious problem, but it is driven by economics, not technology. So attempting to solve it with technology with inherent economies of scale is futile." #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #fraud #decentralization

1 month ago


Pathways' offerings were a short list of unproven, goop-esque wellness fads, mainly IV vitamin treatments, as well as ozone therapies and electro-acuscope therapy (which involves applying low-voltage current to tissue). And Gevorkian made bold medical claims about all of them.

#Fraud #Grift

2 months ago

The son of wrestling’s “Million Dollar Man” may be ready to take up his father’s infamous moniker—but for entirely different reasons.
#News #Fraud #welfare #WWE #TedDibiase #teddibiasejr #MISSISSIPPI

Kailee ♾️
2 months ago

Statement from Smartmatic lawyer Erik Connolly:

“Dominion’s litigation exposed some of the misconduct and damage caused by Fox’s disinformation campaign. Smartmatic will expose the rest.
Smartmatic remains committed to clearing its name, recouping the significant damage done to the company, and holding Fox accountable for undermining democracy"

Fox continually lied and aided the criminal suspect in the insurrection. Fox committed fraud, continually for 2.5 years.

#criminal #fraud #crime #CriminalRepublicans #law #conspiracy #defraud

So, in the last election there were only 6 cases of electoral #fraud (#MattHancock has reluctantly admitted). This from a #voting population of over 45M

You'll be aware of the number of cases of fraud by #Tory MPs (from a population of 355) exceeds this in nominal terms & is vastly larger in proportional terms.

So, let be clear, #voterID is about voter suppression not fraud.

If the #Tories were interested in #democratic fraud they'd put their own house in order.

h/t Roland Hoskins/Bird site

Alan Langford
2 months ago

Once again, my explanation to the "fraud centre"(*) pretending to be Amazon that the $1,400 foreign gift card purchase was for oral sex and my corresponding request that the criminal on the other end make good on the deal was not met with a positive response.

Anything I can do to waste these bugger's time and make their day a little more miserable is fair game.

* A perfectly accurate name BTW, just the reverse of what victims expect

#fraud #phoneScams

Kat ♾️
2 months ago

Would you fall for this? My youngest kiddo thought she was getting a special #kitten. They just stole $550 of her money and then blocked her on #PayPal without providing the kitten. She spent all of yesterday crying over her lost savings. I didn’t know about it until it was too late. Turns out they have similar sites for #puppies, #birds #reptiles -all #scammer sites.

Caveat emptor. Do not buy #pets from unverified online sellers!

#Scam site:

#scams #onlinescams #fraud

2 months ago

"Since at least 1982, he has touted phony credentials and a bogus work history. He claims to have helped solve murder cases that, in reality, he had limited or no involvement with — and even one murder that may not have occurred at all." David Gauvey Herbert for #NewYorkMagazine:

#Longreads #Investigation #Crime #Fraud #Nonfiction #Journalism

Pratik Patel
2 months ago

The Real-World Costs of the Digital Race for #Bitcoin

Bitcoin mines cash in on electricity — by devouring it, selling it, even turning it off — and they cause immense pollution. In many cases, the public pays a price.

#CryptoCurrency #Crypto #Fraud

Bob LeFridge
2 months ago

Post-Brexit, Amazon and similar providers must collect VAT from overseas traders and pay it to HMRC. UNLESS firms register a UK address for VAT – no proof of address required.

Now imagine being poor Dylan Davies when 11,000 Chinese firms used his home address in Cardiff as their VAT address. 11,000 in just six months, followed by debt collectors.

#VAT #Fraud #UK

INFORMATION SECURITY TIP: If you suddenly find that someone out there has submitted your email address to a ton of mailing lists and attempted to register for things using your email address, don't shrug it off. This is potentially serious if it's being done at scale.

Why would someone do this? Assuming it's not just someone harassing you because they don't like you, the main reason someone would do this is to distract you from important email notifications by flooding your inbox with an avalanche of #spam.

If someone gets into your Amazon or eBay account, they can buy a bunch of stuff, but those orders will generate email notifications to tip you off that something is wrong. If your inbox is indecipherable, you might not see that someone is ordering stuff with your credit cards or moving money around.

If this happens to you, watch all of your e-commerce and financial accounts for unusual activity and change your passwords.

#infosec #fraud #security #safety #scam

David Golumbia
2 months ago

the Prince of Darkness is deeply embarrassed that #Bitcoin is doing exactly what anyone who wasn't seduced by its absurd promises (&/or intoxicated on the promises of #fascism) knew and said from the beginning it would do #cryptocurrency #crypto #fraud

#Paris #banks #raided in €100 billion #tax #fraud probe – #DW – 03/28/2023

"In its research, #Correctiv and associated media outlets found that banks, #StockTraders and #lawyers had successfully managed to split #dividends in such a way as to avoid as much as $62.9 billion in taxes across #Europe, with #Germany (ca. $36.2 billion) and #France (ca. $17 billion) being by far the biggest victims."

Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
2 months ago

@black_intellect Which simply means Netanyahu hasn't given up on his shameless attempts to subvert Israel's judiciary & the #RuleOfLaw so he can evade the laws & justice.

Can't be any clearer, what ties brothers in crime Trump & Netanyahu...

Criminal is as criminal does.

#RuleOfLaw #AccountabilityMatters #JusticeMatters #Corruption #Bribery #Fraud #Embezzlement #Sociopathy #Trump #Netanyahu #ObstructionOfJustice #PerversionOfJustice #JudicialReforms #Israel #SupremeCourt #Judiciary

2 months ago

A Scammer Tricked Instagram Into Banning Influencers With Millions of Followers. Then He Made Them Pay to Recover Their Accounts.

OBN, a mysterious fraudster, says he made hundreds of thousands of dollars by exploiting Instagram’s security gaps. He’s eluded Meta and law enforcement, but we followed his trail to Las Vegas.

#Scams #Fraud #Instagram #LasVegas #Influencers #Meta #Facebook #Security #Privacy #Hackers

In a recent #EuropeanUnion investigation into the purity or otherwise of #honey, nearly half of all samples were found to be adulterated with non-honey sweetening agents or various sorts; which points to significant #fraud against customers.

Ha, you might say; thank god we left #Europe & their double-dealing food manufacturers... sadly, of the ten samples from UK makers, all (100%) were adulterated, making the fraud endemic (on this evidence).

Luckily #Brexit has allowed us to relax oversight!

David Golumbia
3 months ago

#Coinbase: "having to comply with the same laws & regulations that all legitimate securities trading firms do would put us out of business."

which is basically an admission that their current business model is illegal.

#crypto #cryptocurrency #fraud #bitcoin $COIN

@mattblaze @tom @pluralistic you'd be surprised how vital such a role is to keep #accounting #fraud in check with external #auditing and/or criminal investigations...

Doesn't sound interesting at first but it's basically the white-collar equivalent to a coroner...

3 months ago

Adam Klasfeld:

"‘That’s written in stone’: Judge rejects #Trump’s pleas to delay trial in $250 million #fraud case" ["...$250 million lawsuit accusing Trump, his adult children and his business of fraud."]

Judge clarifies his earlier remarks that the case will go to trial in October "come hell or high water." #legal

Terence Eden
3 months ago

🆕 blog! “Who can tell you what to do with your money?”

There's an incredibly distressing story in the BBC about a vulnerable elderly man who was conned out of his life savings. Fraud victim gets surprise £153,000 refund despite rules BBC News In the story, the heartless bank refused to refund the fraud victim due to an absurd technicality - the money was sent to…

👀 Read more:

#banking #fraud #money #scam

A tiny lego Storm Trooper eats a chocolate coin.
Frankie ✅
3 months ago

Florida surgeon general fudged data for dubious COVID analysis, tipster says

The state closed the investigation, leaving more questions than answers.

#news #florida #covid #COVID19 #fraud #denialism